Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 15, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1896
Page 2
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I CROW OUT-TALKS PARROT. i A talking match between a crow nnd a parrot was tbe novel entertainment enjoyed by residents on North Morgan 'street. Rusliville. William' Toe, the jeweler, has u tamo crow that is giCtod ' with A' limited knowledge of. the \ Queen's English. The few words It knows, however, it can rattle oil with surprisliiK'nccurncy. It can say "Hello 'Bill!" "How's the weather?" "Fine day, boys!" "When do we chew?" and one or two other expressions with such distinctness that -the crow is a favorite in the neighborhood. The other (lay a vender of parrots came past Mr. Toe's He stopped inside and Mr. Toe offered $25 for a parrot tlmt could talk ns well as the crow. The parrot vender put up a. small wager Hurt ho had H bird that could out-talk Mr. Foe's crow. The neighbors were called in us judges, and Instructed thmt clearness, distinctness and accuracy of expression wore to be considered, .together with extent of vocabulary. The parrot bad a half-dozen set phrases, nimong others, 'Tolly wants' 1C to 1," and "Oli, see my new shoes!" which It ..repeated in its bost form. But the crow completely overshadowed the parrot when it made its little speech. The judges were unanimous In favor of the cro/w, and It was the general opinion tlia-t lie had with ease defeated the gaudy parrot. BL'CKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The Best Salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Prize 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F, Kecs- MARRIED WOMAN'S LAW. Under the act called "The Married Woman's Law," passed by Congress at its last session, a marired woman of the District of Columbia may bargain, sell or convey her real and pers'onal property and may enter Into r. contract In the same manner ancl to the same extent as a innrrlert man may in relation to his property. She may also carry on any trade, business or occupation by herself and with others, and her earnings from her business or from her labor or service are her own property. The husband Js not liable for the wife's debts contracted before marriage, and the sole right of tee mother as one of the natural guardians of her children is fully recognized. ToeorTes of cure may be discussed at length by physicians, bnt the sufferers want quick relief; nnd One Minute Oongh Core will glvt It to them. A safe cure for children. It is "the only harmless remedy that .produces Immediate raitlts."—Jno. M. Johnston. GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE. Playing Cards. Send 12 cents in stamps to John Sebastian, Gen'l Pass. Agent C. R. I. & P. R'y, Chicago, tor the slickest pack of playing cards yon ever handled, and on receipt of such remittance for one or more packs they will be seat you postpaid. Orders containing GO cents in stamps or postal note for same amount will secure 5 packs by express, charges paid. 1 If you have'ever seen a little child in the agony of summer complaint, you caii realize the danger of the trouble and. appreciate the value of Instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWltf s Cottc & Cholera Cure For dysentery and diarrhoea It Is a reliable remedy. We could not afford to recommend this as a cure unless It were a cure.—Jno. M. JohMton. WILL NOT SUCCEED. . The South Bend Times, (Dem.) says: The attempt to force Arthur Sewall off tlio Bryan ticket Is confined to Tom Watson and some of his extreme followers. It will not succeed. There Is no power lodged in any committee .to take Sewall off the ticket. He was duly nominated by the Chicago convention, has been officially notified of his selection, and accepted the nomination. The only manner In which Mr. Sewall can be taken off the ticket is by his own direction-^by his resignation. That is not nil probable. If he should come off, however,.there Is no probability of Tom Watson taking his place. Watson would not be at all acceptable to Democrats. SENT IT TO HIS MOTHER IN GERMANY. Mr. Jacob -Esbensen, who is ID the employ of tbe Chicago Lumber Co., at DCS Molnes, Iowa, says: "I have Just sent some medicine back to my motber In tbe old country, that I know from personal use to bo the best medicine In the world for rheumatism, having useci it In my. family for several years. It 'j called Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It always does the work." 50 cent Dot- tles for sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. ^ R ICH RED BLOOD 's the loon- dation of good health. That ia why Hood's Sarssparilla, the One True Blood Purifier, gives HEALTH. VENEZUELAN TRADE. Hanufacturers to Open an Exhibition Warehouse in Caracas. N As a p.irt of its plans for practical work in the extension of the foreign trade of 'Uio United States, the National Association of Manufacturers Is now preparing 'to establish an exhibition warehouse In Caracas, Venezuela, for the display and sole of American product* of various kinds.. Circular of Information, No. 10, which has jiist been issued i>y the association, gives the details of this enterprise and presents a. large amount of Interesting information about the trade of Ven- GKUl.'l. A concession granted to the Association hy the Venezuelan government creates particularly favorable conditions for the establishment of such a sample warehouse, inasmuch as goods •entered for exhibit wjl be admitted free of duty, the customs dues to be paid only in case of actual sale.' The Him of the Association is to stimulate trade between the United Stales and Venezuela, by familiarizing the merchants of Venezuela with the American products which they can purchase to advantage. This Is the object of the proposed exhibition warehouse, which is designed solely for the display of actual American merchandise to Venezuelan buyers. To carry out this plan it is proposed to lease a large building in the city of Caracas, which is admirably adapted by location and otherwise for the purpose of this exhibition. Samples of American manufactured products salable in Venezuela will be placed in this building, and the exhibition will be placed under competent management, solely under the. control and direction of the National Association of Manufacturers, The general nslstants, each of whom will be familiar with several branches of business, and well informed concerning the requirements of •the Venezuelan trade and the business methods of that country. It will bo the duty of the manager and his assistants to show the goods in the sample warehouse and give full information to intending purchasers, and also to visit business houses in Caracas and elsewhere in Venezuela for the purpose of creating trade. •ft is not intended that this exhibition warehouse shall be a source of profit to fthe association. It is only desired tlwvt the proceeds of the exhibition shall be sufficient to cover the cost of maintenance. It Is estimated that an entrance fee of $100 from each exhibitor, and a charge of $1.50 per annum per square foot of space used for exhibits will yield enough to cover, or nearly cover, the running espouses of the warehouse. The minimum charge for space has been fixed at $55 per annum. This, with the entrance fee, make the minimum charge for any exhibit ?125 per annum, in addition to thu costs of transportation from the United States to the warehouse in Caracas. The entrance fee and the charge for space nsed for exhibits constitute all the charges which will be Imposed upon exhibitors by the Association. All the services of-the manager and his assistants will be rendered without additional cost, and it will be the duty of the attaches of the exhibition to pro,mote 'the interests of exhibitors in every manner possible. Each exhibitor will practically have at this small cost a trained salesman to look after his Interests. Commenting upon the opportunities for American trade in Venezuela, President Theodore C, Seach says in the circular above quoted: "From close investigations, It is believed that the American prices of hardware will compare favorably with the English. Tho German prices are low, but there Is no comparison between the German and American goods, so far, as quality is concerned, and Venezuelan merchants in hardware appreciate this. "Furniture of a poor quality is mostly made In the country, but It Is extremely expensive. • The batter quality of furniture all comes from France, a"S well as all household decorations aud furnishings. This Is undoubtedly a splendid opportunity for the introduction of American furniture. "In wearing apparel, sucfo as shoes, hats and clothing, there is no market except for the very best qualities, as the duties arc assessed on gross weights and th'e cheaper grades cannot compete with those .manufactured in Venezuela. "No leather is manufactured in the' country, except a very poor quality, and as most of the shoes now selling in Venezuela are made In the country, there is a very satisfactory market for the sole of .manufactured leather, uppers and shoe findings. "If Venezuela should become better. acquainted with the,merits of American machinery and labor-saving appliances, there would be no question that a good trade might be found tlhere, but •samples of this line of goods must be shown there before they can be sold,, as the Spanish-American 'can seldom form any comprehensive Idea of the merits of a piece of machinery from printed matter. '.-••• , . °. "The machinery used on the coffee and cocoa plantations comes mostly from England aod .Holland. It is believed, 'however, that this class of.ma- chinery is very heavy fui& cumbersome as compared with thait 'of the United States. 'iu brief, it is the question of the merchants of Venezuela that the following amides might be.Iniportcd from the United Sta.tes with profit in'addi- tion to those that arc now' going in, viz: American building material, hardware, common'- glassware,' cutlery, fciucltifi wire, mining and sugar machinery, agricultural Implements, carriages, cars, steam engines, lumber, cotton goods, certain kinds of wenring apparel, and all kinds* of articles'for home furnishing and decoration, carpet-?, curtains, rugs nnd novelties." ,WHAT -WALTER WjEJIiLMAN SA\'S Hunttagton Herald: Walter Wellinau the well-known correspondent of the Cluicngo Tiimes-Herald, himself a Dem- crat, says'that Indiana is certain to be carried for McKmley. He writes as follows from 'Washington: "Indfana seems to be sate for McKinley. Wh'.lii nt Indianapolis I'ast week the writer made some inquiries as to the state of the campaign, nnd discovered Hint if Bryan carries Indiana next November, both the Republican and Democratic State committees will bo greatly surprised. The confidence of the Republican committee in their own campaign Is not very good evidence this early in rlio battle, bnt the tolerably well-kept secret of an expectation on the part of t<he silver campaign mnnngers that the light is going aga.inst them must be accepted as highly siffUlflcanr. While I am not, of course, permitted to vise any names, I am well satisfied that the men who are malting Mr. Bryan's c;un- paigin in the Hoosier State know the buttle Is going against them, and admit it among themselves, lu fact, their anxiety Is ivs to their State ticket," In a recent letter to "the manufacturers Mr. W. F. Benjamin, editor of the Spectator, Rushford, N. Y., says: "It may be a pleasure to you to know the high esteem In which Chamberlain's medicines are held by the people of your own States, where they must be best known. An aunt of mine, who resides at Dexter, Iowa, was about to visit me a few years since, and before leaving home wrote me, asking If they were sold here, stating if they were not she would bring a quantity with her, ns she did not like to be without them." The medicines referred to are Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, famous for Its cures of colds and croup: Chamberlain's Pain Balm for rheumatism, lame back, pains In the side and chest, and Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di- arrhoea Remedy for bowel complaints. These cedlclnes have been in constant use in Iowa for about a quarter of ,a century. The people have learned that they are articles of great worth and merit, and unequaled- by any other. They are for sale here by B, F. Kees- llng, druggist. , THE BAGGAGE PUG. Washington Post: A young lady with a pug dog tied up in a shawl scrap attracted considerable attention on a Metropolitan' car from Georgetown the other day. The pug was wrapped in a small rug to protect lilin from the straps, and seemed quite contented to be carried In this new fashion, which left fois Head and legs free. The cou : duator glanced Inquiringly at the bundle of dog as the young lady tendered her fare with this explanation: "You see, I'm going away on the train.and I want to take Punch with me. They would put lilm away off in the >ba;ggage dnr If he were free, so I carry iTim" In my shawl strap. 'He's baggage ibis way, and they can't object to liiim to a .passenger ear. Why, I. have a f Send who can-led her pet png all over Europe that way." The whole system Is Drained afld undermined by Indolent nlcera aod open notes. DeWltf8 Witch Haefl Salve speedily heals them. It » Hie beet .pile cure known,—Jno. M. Johnston David Pfindler, an aged resident of Shclbyville, dropped dead at his home .in that city, aged 70 years. A VALUABLE PRESCRIPTION. Editor Morrison, of Worthlngton, Ind. "Sun" writes: "You have a valuable prescription to Electric Bitters, and I can cheerfully recommend It for constipation and sick headache and as a/general system tonic it >has no equal." •Mrs. Annie Stehle 2C25 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago, was all run down, could not eat nor digest food, had a backache -which never left 'her and felt tired <amd weary, but islx bottles of. Electric Bitters restored"uer health and renewed her strength. Prices-ISO cents and $1.00. Get a bottle at B. F. Kees- llng's drug store. 'The-intense itching ond.BinMting bid dent to eczema, tetter, «lt-rh«um, nnd othei diseases of the skin •* instantly; allayed by applying Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment: Many very bad cases have been permanently.^^ cured -. by iL: 'It::is :eqURlly efficient'for itching pile* and.a favonlerem- edy for eore nippiee; chauped uand«, chil- ; blfline, irost bitai, and, chronic »ore eyes... ~Fpr,«ale byidruggiitii «t.25 cents ^tr box. . IfrjDr. (idr'B (JwdttJon P»trfers, t%y are io«t what a hone needs -uton in bod eondi- ' a. Toritvblo«>dpuri&-audTerma"oge. •NATURAL .FAT Getting Fat .is Only a Question of Eating Proper 'Food. Thin people who wanit. to get fat should cat proper food and digest It. . it. . "• That is the only naturn) way, 'The trouble with mosf'tli'ln people Is that they suffer from Indigestion. They don't digest their food.. They don't get enough nourishment. They Vire slowlj- being starved.' They arc poisoned by the products of fermented and putrid food. Shaker Digestive Cordial,'a gentle, natural, vegetable 1 , digestive, attacks the food .lu .your stomach just like the digestive .-juices, and turns It into healthful nourishment. It helps your stomach naturally. It makes thin 'dyspeptics fat. It. makes poisonous blood pure. It tones up and cures the stomach. Nothing will cure iurligestiou like Shaker Digestive Cordial,, because nothing else goes so naturally about it. This is why Jt has been so successful in relieving nausea, vomiting, diz- Jilncss;, wojilmess, bad taste, fever, flatulence, constipation, loss of. appetite, headache, neuralgia, rheumatism, eta... by curing the disorder which causes the symptoms. A few doses will prove its value, but. you won't get fat on one bottle. All druggists. Ten cents for a trial bottle. Write for book on Food aid Fat to The Shakers, 30 Rcade Street, Now York. ANOTHER OCCUPATION. A line of enjoyment to which women JKive not ns yet given much attention is that of window dressing for merchants. This has now not only become an art but a business. It would seem that women, as they are accustomed to not only dressing themselves but their homes, should have the taste and the Judgment for this, as well as for such tilings as the drawing of booths at fai'rs arid of baru-lik-e halls for receptions* 1)oUl of Avlllch they ' do and do well. Chicago has a lady window dresser, Miss Alld'a Ayer, who has no especial draining for such work, nor indeed, for any other, having been reared in affluence. But the failure of. her father, first in business and soon after in health, put her upon her uncultivated resources and she has chosen this line of work, and has, It is said, become one of the most successful at the business. Many a day's work IB lost'by sick headache caused by indigestion and stomach troubles. DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the most effectual pill for overcoming such difflcultles.~-Jno. M. Johnston. Burglars entered the home of Charles Schlundt, of. Michigan City during the absence of the family, and after going through everything in the house, carried away $392,70 belonging to th« Plait Deutsche Guilde, a benefit association, and which had been placed with. Mr. Schlundt as treasurer. The money had been placed in a tin box and covered over with clothing. They also took a watch and some other articles belonging to Schlundt. NOTHING WR.BCKS THE CONSTITUTION. More effectually than fever and agni-. That nerve destroying malady, when onco It takes firm root, subverts every function, exhausts the physical energies, impoverishes the blood and clouds the in'erital faculties. No effectual re- sistnuce can be offered to its destructive career by the use of the pernicious drug quinine. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters will, however, be found all sufficient either for its eradictiou or prevention. Those conditions of the system, such -as a bilious, constipated habit, or lack of vitality, which are favorable to the contraction of the disease, are speedily reformed by this pure and efficient alternative nnd iuvigorant, which not only regulates" the system. but gives a healthful impulse to the various organs, whose activity is the best guaranty of health. Thoroughness of-action is the chief characteristic of this lending specific and preventive which is eminently adapted for family use. CHATTANOOGA EXCURSION. Very Low Rates Via Pennsylvania Short Lines. Exceptional low rate round trip tickets to Chattanooga will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines Thursday and Friday, Sept. 170- and 18th," account the naniversary of the Battle of Chickamauga. From Logansport the excursion rate will be only $10.10 open to all. Tickets will be good returning leaving Chattanooga not later than Sept 21st For particular information, concerning time of trains and other detiJls, please apply to ,7. A. McCullough, Ticket Agent, Logansport, Ind. INDIANA STATE FAIR EXCUR- . SIGN Via Pennsylvania Lines, Sept. 14th to 19th.—Low round trip tickets to Indianapolis will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines for Indiana State Fair; return coupons valid Sept. 20th, Inclusive. AN AUGUSTA FORECAST. A Sunday special from Augusta, Me., says: If the weather Is fair tomorrow. Hon: Llewellyn- Powers, Republican will 'be elected Governor of Maine by •over 30,000 majority, with a strong, possibility that the figures wdll be near- or 40,000. At lea'st that is what the prophets of both parties who have been figuring the vote for the last three weeks declare. Not In twenty years has the Pine. Tree State seen such a vigorous can- TOSS, with so much interest manifested. During the last three weeks it is estimated that over 700 speeches have been delivered iu all sections of the State by orators of local and National fame in behalf of both parties. Tons of campaign documents have been distributed. '• The Democratic managers declare if the Republican'.majority falls below 20,000 it will be a Democratic victory. The Governor 1s the only State officer elected 'by the people In Maine, .all otuers toeing chosen by the Legislature. The canfiltotes on the official ballot wiW be Hon. Llewellyn Powers, of Houlton, Republican; Hon. Melviu P. Frank, of Portland, Democratic; .tm- mi S. Ladd, of Calais, Prohibition; and Luther C. Batemafl, of Auburn, Populist, The naime of William Henry Clifford, of Portland, the nominee of the gold Democrats, is riot on the ticket, and those who wish, to vote for him must wniite.his name on the ballot. The -.four-year-old daughter of Lee Stevens, residing in Marion, fell into a manhole and was badly bruised. The child will recover. Don't trifle away time when yno 'lave cholera mprbus or diarrhoea. Fight them in the beginning with DeWltt'* Colic & Cholera; Cure. You don't .have to wait for results. Tbey are instantaneous and It leaves tne bowels in healthy condltion.-Jne. M. Johnston. Jacob A. Latshaw, aged 37. years, residing in Dalenville, was found dead in bed,-death resulting from hypertrophy of the heart : i|ck, w» g»«.ber CMWrta, WM.» dhlld, the cried "or CfMUrlM. ! iheo the became Wtm, »h* chmir.to Cwtorto. THE IDEAL PANACEA. James L. Francis, alderman, Chicago says: "I regard Dr. King's Now % Discovery as an-Ideal Panacea for coughs, colds nnd lung complaints, having used it in my family for the last five years to the exclusion of physician's prescriptions or other preparations." iRev. John Burgus, Keokuk, Iowa, •writes: "I have been a minister of the Methodist Episcopal chifrch for '50 years or more, and have never found anything so beneficial or that gave me such speedy, relief as Dr. King's New Discovery.'? Try this Ideal Cough Remedy PLOW. Trial bottles free at B. F. Keesling's drug store. Dr. .T. L. Benson, a practicing physician in Noblesville for over fifty years and: having served as surgeon during the war, is dead,.aged 79 years. .Potoon Ivy, Insect bites, bnitocs, '»caWs;"bi>rn8, are quickly cured by De- Wltfs Witch Haael Salve, the grett pile M. Johnston, Mrs. Rebecca Ryerson, of Piercetou, Kosclusko county, died-at the borne of Ira J. Ryerson, in that city aged S3 years. Five children are left to mourn her death! From all accounts Chamberlain's. Cough Remedy is a Godsend to the afflicted. There is no advertisement about this; we feel just like saying it Tne Democrat, Carrol ton, Ky. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. Miss Cora Belle Field and Mr. Garlaud A r nn Ness Crosky of Valparaiso were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents iu the presence o'f about 200 guests. , '"Boy8 will be boys," but you can't afford to lose any of them. Be ready (or the green apple season by having DeWJtt's Colic A Cholera Cure in tbe -$eA-.1 no. M. Johnston. Mr. J. Q Hamilton of Laporte has purchased the Cuuxmings nouse, more • commonly known as the Depot Hotel. Mr. Curtimlngs, former owner of the hotel, will retire from that business for the present. , It tloesn • matter much wb«*her stek headache, billousnces. Indigestion and cpnsMpation, are ; caused by neglect or by unavoidable circnoistaiices;, De- Wltt'B Little Early Risers will ppoedHy care them alL-Jno. M. Johnston. L. Rodgcrs & Sbc, carriage dealers and manufacturers, .of New Castle,, nave made.on.assignment Induced by the uuo of coca, opiate or narcotic compotmda Is bad, decidedly bad. Tbey undermine health ftpd shatter the constitution and the' patient Is steadily glowing into a worse condition — often reuniting in the terrible slavery and misery of the cocaine and opium habit. Sleep induced by the use of Hood's Sarsaparilla does not perhaps come »s quickjy, but It cornea more eurely and moio permanently through nature's great restoring and rejuvenating channel—purified, vitalized and enriched blood. This feeds the nervee with life-giving energy and builds up the system and constitution from the very foundation of all health «nd llfer-tbe blood—pure, rich, red blood. Sarsaparilla Is the 6ncTrue Blood Furifler. All druggists, .,- •_., rk-ii cure liver Ills, easy to take, HOOfl SHlllSeasytooperate. 45c«nts. REV. S. P. KLOTZ, PASTOR U. B. CHURCH. , lud., Sept. 8,1808. Pcpotn Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:—I have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or sour rtomach. I have tried different reme- <le» without much benefit Finally 1 Sought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pep«in and found that It benefitted me. I *m convinced that It will do what It >• recommended when taken according M directions. I bare taken nearly one ttottle and feel like a different person. S. P. KLOTZ. For Mle by B. F. Keesllng. Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO, CWIOEJ DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO, CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAILWAY AT «T. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and continuing •ntll about Sept. 30th tne Bteanaeri ot thJi line will make two trip* each WAJ tally between St. Joteph and Chicago, •b tbe following fcbednle: •Leave St Joeepb e.t 430 p. m. an* 10:80 p. m., daUj) Including Sunday.. Leave'Chicago at:9:30 iu m. and 11:80 p. m., daily, Including; Sunday.. Extra. kripf on Saturday.. leave! St. Joseph »t la: m, end leave Chicago at 2 p. m. gunning-time acromi lake 4 noun. Trt-weekly Bteamera to Uflwanke?,, leaving St. Joseph Monday, Wednesday and Friday eyeiuugs. Tbe equipment-6t thto line Include* tbc tide wheel steamers City of Chicago tod City of Milwaukee (the.l*rgert.;ana •nest wart of Detroit), and tbe newly, ralit propeller City of Loulirllle. Service flrjit-«lMS. OonnectlpM wIth : *M. Tandalla "tains. Tickets on sale at all faadalla Line stattow. Chicago.dock Oot of Wabash avenue. J. H. GRAHAM, Pre»., Benton Harbor, Mich. B e Trade fg FOR THE BLOOD, .'. NERVES, tlVER —AND— KIDNEYS. 4 B. B. B. B. cured me of a bad case' of La Grippe and Lung Trouble, EDWARD L. PEKDJXE, 1122 E. Jackson St., Muheie, Indiana. • ' 3 B B B are purely vegetable .But up in capsules, sixty in a box. Thirty days' treatment in a box. Price $1 per box, or six for f5. Manufactured by H. C. BRAQO, ', Cqnnersvllle, Ind. j For sale by all druggists.^ ____ ,WH1 Zarlng has been appointed deputy State oil inspector for the Evans- vllle district, replacing Charles Viele. B. F. KVB8UNG. Dragfbrt. Only Core For Bnkh, ; of : , , •nff«r«d'for ye«i with U«ed to hmve great (tiotreM »no belching.? I tHedrerorTthing I oould hew bfc Wat nbthirig titlpvf »• UUI took BrMilim Bmhn, and on« W cent bottle fared Bte completely."

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