Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 1, 1938 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1938
Page 8
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>'- HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ' ^ £ JIL . j, _.„•,,_. I- . Thursday, September i, 1938 Here's How Make Thin Soup Hearty It's• Inexpensive to Use Quaker Oats for Thickening How to Make e Thin Soup Hearty .Has the family been welcoming your soup with zest? Have the men in your family been saying: "Now that's what I call real soup!" Do you want them to? Then heed this advice from a cooking expert- Use Quaker or Mother's Oats (or thickening. It's inexpensive. It adds extra food value. It enhances flavor. It makes a hearty soup that men love. And it's another chance to supply your family with Thiamin (Vitamin B), which everybody needs continuously i for best health. | Oats, you know, are nature's richest economical source of this wonder- Backs Up Hull's Plea for Peace FRIDAY & SATURDAY SPECIALS 100 Pounds COARSE SALT OC* 125 Pounds (K)C IFINE 29c SUGAR, Godchaux's 10 Lbs 46c MATCHES 0 Boxer llfC LARD HILLBILLY ; MUSTARD Quart lOc 4 Pounds 43c:| 8 Pounds, 83c J PURE HONEY Quart ....... RED POTATOES 10 Pounds For 30C:i •m^aa^mm ji ifcl CRACKERS 2 ^ 15c PURE COFFEE $ ? , L Mr S L Lbs, £vu :• SHORTS 1 IKi.R.BRAN When Pastures Burn Out Feed PURINA BULKY LAS I Furnishes Milk Making Materials. Builds I Flesh. Makes Cows Drink More Water. \ Up Low Taste Ration. - 1 Good Peps. ALL KINDS OF FEED Feeders "Supply Co. The Hope Star Is Across the Street Th Store With the Checker Board Sign CURB SERVICE recipe, clip and use this one:— Quaker's Vegetable Soup (Serves 8) ,2 Ib. soup bone (',& bone, '/<> meat) 2 tablespoons fat 2 quarts water 4 teaspoons salt '/4 teaspoon pepper 2 cups canned tomatoes 1 cup cubed carrots '/i cup chopped onion Vicup chopped celery \k cup Quick Quaker Oats or 1 cup Regular Quaker Oats. ^Remove part of meat from cracked soup bone, cut into cubes and brown lightly in hot fat. Place meat, soup bone, water, salt and pepper in soup kettle. Cover tightly and simmer approximately 2 hours. Cool, strain,' and chill sufficiently so that excess far may be skimmed off. There should be B'/i cups of stock. Return stock to kettle and add vegetables. Bring to boil, then add Quaker Oats slowly. Cover and simmer approximately M> lour, or until vegetables arc tender. Soup meat used in making the stock may be cut in small pieces and added. Serve with finely chopped parsley, if desired. Movie Scrapbook COLD FOODS FOR SUMMER MENU SUCCESS As if to add an exclamation point to Secretary cf State Hull's most recent appeal for world peace, the U. S. S. Lang, newest torpedo boat destroyer of the navy, is shown here as it slid gracefully down the ways at Kearney, N. J. She is named for Seaman John Lang, who served gallantly aboard Hie U. S. S. Wasp in the War of 1U12. vul health substance that is so important to good digestion and steady nerves. Quaker cr Mother's Oats also supply proteins for firm muscle and these body-building minerals, iron in-I phosphorus. So put Quaker or oMther's Oats in your soup and win the reputation for making the kind of soup men love i'o be sure you have the best possible Get next winter's heating equipment Vou'll save money Here's an opportunity to provide your horr>3 with plenty of that clean, fast, efficient, economical heat—so essential to health and comfort during the cold v/inter months—by taking advantage of our annual sale. OUR FALL SALE CQUipmcni of KRS unusual CeMekient Regardless of your heating needs, we have the type of equipment to take care of the job, efficiently and economically. Our experienced heating engineers will he glad to make a survey of your home or place of business and assist you in every way in selecting the correct heating appliances for your individual and specific requirements. Included in this sale are all types of nationally famous brands of heating equipment: liMPIRE FLOOR FURNACES HUMPHREY RAD1ANTF1RES HOMESTEAD LOGS EMPIRE CIRCULATORS HUMPHREY UNIT HEATERS Each is built to give complete satisfaction and is a leader in its particular field, taking cure of any and every heating job. Don't pass up thi» opportunityl Now is the time to install modern heating equipment in your home and insure your family of more comfort this winter for less cost. See the display at our office today. CAS CO, The rich iron ore deposits of nolh- ern Miclmgnn were discovered by William Burt, n sureyor, when his compass needle began to spin violently. More limn 100,000 applications for new inventions and devices pour, into the United States Patent Office each year, BANANAS Pound 5c LEMONS Dozen ... 19c YAMS, Fancy Red Velvet—3 Lbs 10c CELERY Stalk 10c| LETTUCE Head 7c Sunshine Biscuit Co. HYDE PARK Assorted English Cookies—Lb 25c BLUE BONNET SALAD DRESSING ! 29c LIBBY'S FRUIT COCTAIL No. 1 Can 15c FLOUR 48 !•.: 99c ORGHUM NEW CROP Gallon 55c LIBBY'S PEARS No. 2'/ 2 Can 20c JIREQ'OF APPEARING IN A SERIES OF FLOP PUAV/~ON ©Al«S STRANGE SXCIV4NG-53 SUPS \VjfH C OLD FOODS —really and intentionally cold—whet the appetite on these humid Augxist days, and make complete "beforehand" meal preparations poanible. Cold meals can be as simple or as elaborate as you please. They respond so readily to ingenuity in serving, that evisn a modest menu assumes the appearance and the flavor of a feast. A delightful meal is this one, which practices the ancient art of warm weather menu psychology by using ice, the King of Cold, to decorate, to refresh, and to lend a touch of the unexpected: Frozen Fruit Cocktail Tomato Blossom Salad Cold Moat Poppy Seed Crescents Iced Tea Lime Sherbet SPARKLING BEVERAGES Drinks which are "icy to the tongue" are the mainstay of sum BOLOGNA 121 1He SLICED Pound By the Stick Pound ". mer refreshments. Perhaps because It's so easily made, and certainly because of its delicate flavor and cooling effect, iced tea heads the list of favorites. Properly made, iced tea is clear, unclouded, amber- colored. Tea made normal strength and quickly cooled remains sparkling and beautifully clear. The secret, of course, is to chill It rapidly by pouring it over a generous quantity of ice. If you have a modern ice refrigerator, you can have .as many crystal-clear cubes as you want In just a fow minutes time. Merely place the handy cuber on the cake of ice in the refrigerator and in 3 to 5 minutes you'll have sparkling, taste-free cubes. Your ice service' man will supply you with cubes already cut, if you're serving iced beverages for a large party. SAUSAGE 2 UK 25c 4 to 6 Ibs. Average—Lb. DRY SALT Lb. BACON TALL KORN Pound IOWAN A Pound .. .. 25c 33c STEAK NATIVE CHUCK, Ib. 15c Beef or Pork LOAF—Lb. HOME BAKED 65c Lb. Phone 2GG Gro. & Market Free Delivery Won't Barter Firewater By BILL POUTER and GEORGE SCARBO Paul Guilfoylc, a hit in "Winterscl," had previously declined a part in the siagc play, and also in "Deri End" . . . both were smash hits . . . he's married to Kathleen Mulquccn, musical comedy actress . . . seldom smiles in pictures . . . usually plays the part of ;a weakling or a gangster ... in his latest picture, "Sky Giant," he is both a hero and a comic . . . likes to work in the garden of his Westwood home . . . not the athletic type . . . but he's an expert at miniature golf ... a candid camera bug , . . he was 36 July 14 . . . has one son, Anthony. BULL RUN, Va.—(/!')—A modern trader has set up shop on a famous spot where Indians once .swapped furs and skins for firearms and urcwatcr. J. T. Richards has re-established the Bull Run trading post here, and announces he is ready to trade any and everything with any and all comes— except firewater. The Indians believed the soul left the body through the mouth and that an Indian who died of strangulation would cut off forever from the happy hunting grounds . Nation Learns of Vital Health Benefit YOURS IN DAILY QUAKER OATS BREAKFAST HpHE world is now hearing the dra- X matic news of a food element that nourishes nerves and affects almost every bodily function. It is now known that Thiamin (Vitamin. BI), as this food for nerves is called, is essential to perfect health but cannot be stored by the body. A daily oatmeal breakfast does supply it—actually the richest thrifty source! So give your family the daily benefit of vital Thiarnin—found in extra-flavorful Quaker Oats, Saves time, money. And excel- TO THINK SUCH A DELICIOUS BREAKFAST CONTAINS THAT NERVE NOURISHING FOOD THIAMIN* COOKIES Spice Squares Marshmallow Puffs Harvest Creams Lemons Crisps—Lb. CRACKERS 12c WESCO SODA 2 Pound Box N. B. C. LORNA DOONES—Pkg. lOc POTTED MEAT 10 25c VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 15c MACKEREL V:;,,,,, 3, 1 ;;- 25c PICKLES 25c SALAD DRESSING "'^' 22c SOUR or DILL 2 Quart Jars Embassy Quart 22c lent in muscle-building proteins, minerals, food-energy. Order a package of delicious Quaker Oats from your grocer today. QUAKER OATS AMERICA'S ALL YEAR 'ROUND BREAKFAST FOOD TRY OUR HARD ROLLS Blue Ribbon Bread X. ; ^Ute8eS!MHjCtM*HWf«KJ. &r«»4{3$*ISi!«4«4$>C**£f«fttf •><«!»S ^ll**«B5U "BBrAff* CttY BAKERY -^r- ttor . «-« BREAM '*->•** **•**• 8nlAp At Your Grocer and City Bakery Pork & Beans Cuntry Club 6 — 1'6 oz. Cans SUGAR & CREAMER With Purchase of WESCO TEA— Vt Lb Toial COUNTRY CLUB Small, Half or Whole SALT MEAT Cut From Best Grade, Lb. CHUM SALMON Embassy Mustard, Qt. PENN RAD OIL 2 Gal. Can With Sun Glasses Can $1-05 1 AVONDALE COUNTRY CLUB FLOUR CREAM MEAL VEGETABLE COMPOUND 48 95c Lb. $i.39 Bag I — 24: 37c Pound ggj DIXIE OLEO Carton Pound Carton 20c Seedless or Red GRAPES, lb. Sunkist Oranges, Doz. 5c •OTP* v,«M 12c Fresh Cauliflower Hd. 12c Fresh Italian Prunes Lug 99c, or 2 Doz. 15c BOLOGNA, Fresh Sliced—Lb 12'/ 2 c PIG EARS, FEET or NECK BONES—Lb 8 l/3c LAMB SHOULDER ROAST .b15c ROUND OR LOIN STEAK 29c Grocery Prices Good pri-Sat-Mons, Sept. 2-3-5 Produce and Meat Prices Subject to Cluuilft,. With Market K. J. Caplinger, Market Mgr. KROGER Cecil W. Dennl^ Gro. Mgr. ACCEPT THIS AMAZING GUAiANTSI _^_ BUY any ftrojer Item, LIKE tl •: well or.better, OR return unused If31 portion in original container end we will replace U FRJWS with «!*• *° y tttat brand we >eU of the woe item, resardlcif of pnc* \

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