Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 12, 1948
Page 5
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Friday", November 12, 1948 HO PEST A ft , ; R 0 P.S., V AJUC.A.M S A S ; Page BLONDIE vChJck A SANDWICH CAN MAVE A PERSONALITY, «JU5T LIKE PEOPLE NOW FOR THAT ECSTASY "THE-SHEER DELIGHT OP THE FIRST BITE G-llC ^OUMC\. SIDE GLANCES Bv Galbraith CARNIVAL 11-12. f .1948 DY NE* SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEC. U..S^f><v' OFF.. 'Do you think we ought to invite a few dull people to make the interesting ones stand otit?" By Dick Turner COPR. 1948 BY UEA SERVICE, INCTTTM. RED. U. 3. PAT.'Off "I believe junior is getting something out of that business administration course! Just listen to the business-like way he asks for an advance on next month's allowance! 1 ! FRECKLES ANB> HIS FRIENDS By Blossei * HAVE A MOT BANJO ON THE 5IDE- "A plumber's bill for $20, an electrician's bill for $10 and a carpenter's bill for $22—"or fixing the things you fixed!", - W/CI-L, HAVE FUN I BUT TRAWING- P'JLES / WMM, WHAT GOES DM . IM nc GOOD THING THE COACH CAN'T see NOW.': HE THIMKS FAMIMB AMD FOOTBALL^.6o TOGETHER LIKE BREAD AND VVATER / . - '. _ ^~™^-rfj «)E NeeDj> DIZZY " TJ i\^-\ \ / *^'fa* *•» / • " LOOK// A SUCCESSFUL ) y - lOOP-TME-LOOP PASS//)•«__-i _ . . _ -i -—"*-! — j " 1 ^ 11-12. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE ..WHICH IM TURM AUTOMATICALLY LUBRICATE STH' <SEAR UMITS v AMD~AM'--UH i VPH ^ s —/ £S(X™> . © JS. TH' (SUV IS LISTEMIW AN 1 TRY I Si' TO EAT A WORMY APPLE.TDO.' WATCH TH' BULL JUMP , . ALL OVER g/N--, HIM.' I YOU DOM'T KNOW PEOPLE YOU'LL FIMD TH 1 BULL O' TH 1 WOODS WATCH I M' FOR. TH' WORM, TOO, IM A MlMUTE. ^—?K "\ With Major Hoople O^ARK IKE' MY 1NPALLIBLE FORMULA FOR PREDICTING FOOT BALL, SCORES IS REALLY QUITE SIMPLE... .-. i TAKEII THE NUMBER 4 POINTS THE I TEAM MADE J IN ITS PREVIOUS GAME... By Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lane ...MULTIPLY THIS THE SIZE OF THEIR WATER-BOY'S THEN DIVIDE DY THE PREVAILING 1 PRICE OP : A BUSHEL ^ « VIC FLINT I v Roy CinrTf THIS JOINT SURE GOT ITS SHARE WHEN THE CHROMIUM PtrtTE WAS BEING PASSED AROUND. DO YOU THINK MY WIPE COULD REALLY BE WMAT A FOR Mt IF SHE 15.' ILLLLLL. IL-LLLLLL .LL.LL.LI -LL.LL.I. LL-L BUT I CAN'T STAY HERE. I HAVE TO GET MO/We TO MYfMBY. WON'T ONE OF «X) HELP ME GET WINDY TO HIS APART/WENT ? YOUVE SEEN YOUR BROTHER LIKE- THIS BEFORE.YOU CAN'T MOVE HIM YET. WHY DON'T OU RELAX? OOPft. 19«> BY NEAS , ! 'ASH TMBBS Bl Les«'ie Turner SWELL.'ME.WMUKE 1 . FEOfA W6REi ROLAND WJD I TOOIc. THE LEFT LWJE TO ^ CEWETERV THEN TURNED RIG-HT TO— WEUTY MINUTES THRU A, OF TWISTING- OUT T'OROS & RUIN) WHERE I SAW ANOTHER STRONGER. SNOOPIN' . TODkYl WILT'S THftT? BLtoSS.-VT MIGHT BESNEMTH... WINDING UP HIS SEIMSCH!! 4-43 '-»^iT?5 a' rf CAN'T P.IGK. IT—• !)OT \ VOID OM> MISTER. 1 , IP sa WITH SUCCESS SO CLOSE! 1VOU WM TO t>IG.ME^fe SLtLL DIG IT OUT tONiGHTVONE .O'THEM RUiMSi ^jJb^-^J ' c J->r ISA eoiM 1 TOO'. IT'S WE ItSliSSFl "^V V JOB TO SEE THEY •^.^y.V'^Kv;^^--^ v.«iJA x \ WM'T t*^**."V/IGI\I '• vl r^-C) w «J&" HENRY By Cart .Miderson DONALD DUCK Sy Walt Disney ^ C3Hi •' I rv oof T&y^x&z I CAN LP EXPLAININ ,» •• — ta-t^*^K I H'5 (\7 EAP)(7 EJEF^RE TjV REJJOININS GUZ 'i\V AN' TH' GANiS.' '•' *"!,¥• (,V/' OH. CM'. I C «f SAVE MYSEL M LC>T CF EXr fff IF I DUCK «Y EAPK7 EJEF A p?rwi// w-' } m W&S&& y$M-&£L OOP! MY SOSH, SVE THCU3HT TH' SINGIN' H^P //-/>. Oil SVA5HF.P-UP.' THACT ON TH 1 SKULL FETCHEP'IM CONE'IH IN. By V. T. Hamiiin KID MO? OF MEAN \ TH' V . . YOU'RE /\ HEPO/ iQ^^V ^r-o "* f" NVELU.HrHj-'EH.' I, tfit 1 - rt c ~>f "Vn* -tj"* *^lrj tj^ \ GUv-^** C"V EtK-V t?i-LV^ ' V w _vO J , \J- . ~ Ai 'O.i "- \ L.I ^ CTC7V *.l^»lil/ ? i BOOTS £GAt>,MORTHA/ MEET PARTNER. It^TH& \f MR. HOOPLE DEMTAL SOMB/// 'ROLL\MELL !&££&EM-JZ%?2^ 1%%?^ GLftDTO BATiONi <---^-^-^-' —- ^MR. KOLLVOELL IS OF OUR FAR- T^^ MftMEY0L)$D\DH£ THE ftD OUT GOOD, IF X ERD T LOOKlM OLi'VS SOT IT RlGUT, 'iK*l MR. ,,-,3.— t-_- 2 By Edg«r Martin -vf^ ^1 "* Cat's. 1MB 8f MA S£^ BUGS BUNNY A.N' I BS^'NS S'A A < f>ft£S£NT FS» VA, ) —, aiKTHOM'.' r--' A POLKA oor ris.' ATTNVACT.Vc .' __ ' ^ ^ - .' i^l'l ^ } * '.' fe'\'. V s l-Q^"- tV/.V, 1 /: ,»° . « ?,v •:' *. It

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