Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 12, 1948
Page 4
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Reynerson, Phone 28 Nights, 300-W City Hall. 4-lmo Fair By Weaibrook Pegler Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate. ANYONE KNOWING THE whereabouts of a while porch swing removed Halloween Night from 015 East 2nd street, please call 200. n-3t Lost KEYHOLDER WITH ABOUT 12 keys. Name on holder. J. S. Lipc, "The Coloson Man" Phone 850. 12-3t ONE AND ONE-HALF YEAR OLD bird dog setter. White with tan ear. Liberal reward. Charles Bryan, Phone 1111 or 1086. 12-31 BLONDE COCKER SPANIEL female pup, eight to ten months old. Answers to name "Cindy". Reward. Phone 1212-M. Donald Moore. 12-31 Key West, Fla., Nov. 12 —f/P) — President Truman today directed defense and Veterans Administra- toin authorities to make a full investigation into alleged delays in the payment of veterans disability and death benefits. He asked Secretary of Defense Forrestal and Veterans Administrator Carl R. Gray to report specifically on reported delay in compensation the widow of an army civilian employe — a veteran — killed in a Paris plane crash last Jan. C. Eben Aycrs, assistant presidential press secretary, said Mr. Truman ordered them . to recommend steps to prevent other such delays. Meanwhile, three members of the president's top Democratic command interrupted their conferences with the chief executive to fly to Havana. Senator Alben W. Barkley, vice presidjcnt-elect; Democratic National Chairman J. Howard McGrath and Leslie L. Biffie, director of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee, said they would be gone but a few hours. A column by Jerry Klutz in the Washington (D. C.) Post prompted the inquiry ordered by the president. Klutz reported that: Mrs. Power, the mother of three children received her husband's final pay check only last week and didn't get his retirement deductions from Civil Service until a few days ago. The army still owes Mrs. Power for official travel of her husband 14 months ago. It took the army weeks to give her a correct certificate of her husband's death em which tei file , claims, three incorrect ones having been issued. The Veterans Administration still hasn't paid her $10,000 National Life Insurance policy held b.v her husband nor ruled o'n a petition filed for disability for losing Ihe hearing of his right ear while the army. . McGrath flew here from Washington yesterday to step up the pace of discussions looking to a re- organr/.alion of the administration. He would not comment on what recommendations he had in mind, but told importers he believed the president would forgive the "venial" sin.s by Democratic officials u they were not the "mortal" sins that "kill the soul." At the same time, other sources close to the president said there won lit be numerous changes in top level jobs, in addition to some in the cabinet, as the aftermath of the presidential election campaign They agreed with McGrath that Mr. Irumari is not in a vindictive mood, but saiel that lie was well aware from where his siroiu'est support came. lieu is known te be pleased with the: eii'orts of Secretary of Labor J'obin. Attorney General Clark .Secretary of the Treasury Snyiler, Secretary of Agriculture " Bra'nnan and Postmaster General Donaldson. Furthermore. lu> wants Secretary of State Marshall to remain in that post as long as he is willing to stay on the job. His warm personal friendship ami admiration for the general may result in keeping There has been nn ignoble note of humility in most of the staled comment of the American press on the recent solemn referendum. The editorial remarks of the Hearst publications are an honorable exception and -although Mr. Howard of the Scripps-f Toward group seemed to be cheering the conqueror, I lir.tem-d closely and what he really said was something about suckers reproducing their kind. There may be others who have stood to their convictions, but on the whole there has been a tendency to throw in with President Tru- mnn with a frightened and trite observation that the people have spoken and that the people can't be wrong. There is a distinct impression that these election returns, by stimulating Mr. Truman's spirits and self-confidence, have also enlarged and fortified his character and broadened his education and .wisdom. Obviously, they have done no such things. They couldn't, and only poltroons ar sordid mercenaries who hope to propitiate the president and escape punishment for acting the part of Americans in campaign time would entertain this absurd proposition. Mr. Truman is the same man today that ho was the day before election, a more ingratiating man by far than Governor Dewey, a fighter who doesn't care if he docs tear his pants and get his glasses dusted and doesnt mind rolling among the gobboons; a man so truly of the people that he figures out what would fool him if he were in their place and uses it to fool them. The idea that a man who so recently would play a pliant part in the inner villainies of an urban machine, which will live in history as a great corruption, could suddenly become a spiritual crusader for the right, cannot: bear intelligent inspection. The people eagerly accepted this purely political show of consecration to' humanity and that, of itself, is a commentary on their ability to make reasoned decision in such matters. The fact is, as Norman Thomas put it. that neither Mr. Truman nor Mr. Dewey discussed the issues. As to whether Dewey should 'have come down off his toes and ilugged with the president, I am not a bigot. As matters turned out, TO had nothing to lose by fighting head-to-head, but in 1944 he let Roosevelt pull him into a slugging match with his speech to the toss- pots at the teamsters dinner, and lost the decision. I thought he did very well at the infighting that time but should have gouged old Moosojaw with dirty cracks about the family graft and the hereditary Roosevelt opium fortune. If a man is going to fight rough he shouldn't restrain himself. But Mr. Dewey suffers from propriety, the curse of all superior people, and saved his dirtiest licks. During this campaign I read several speeches of both men. It is true that the president sounded like a split-week imitator of Milton Bc-rle in a low-ceiling joint in Newport, Ky., with his witty cracks and comical expressions, but Dewey wasn't oven funny. His speech about Communists was souffle almost all the way and his actual remedies were not original and too briefly stated. On top of that meager performance he repeated the same material in Boston while the president was sashaying up and clown and, as the saying goes in the night clubs, slaying them with humor. Both men pretended to discuss Palestine, which will be fateful in the future of this independent western republic and already lays terrible burdens and responsibilities upon us. Israel is our ware! and protege. But enslaved Poland, a nation with a history, only recently robbed of her integrity by consent of the United Stales, is forgotten, ;>s an isolationist might plausibly argue that she could be. We do not know what proportion of the immigrants to Israel ever had any religion at all, but we do know that many of them are absolute atheists and Communists, claiming refuge from "religious" persecution. And anyone who has tried to consider the merits of the Arab case or even the true- interests of our own country has been damned out of hand as a Na/.i. Truman and D;-w'ey ignored every fad of this problem, deliberately shunning intelligent discussion becuu.se both meii knew that I "the people" couldn't be trusted to (consider it without passion. The nominees were right, and there I remind you, is proof thai when Ihe people speak, as we are solemnly told they did at ihe polls, they often speak apalling clap-trap. In a -very short time we are sure to hear thai Ihe people by their vole for Mr. Truman endorsed in advance whatever course he might take in pursuit of his statement in New York in the closing hours that he alone makes American foreign policy. Those who have believed Dot ledernl intrusion in (he police problems of llu- slates is wrong, thai the poll-tax is a domestic problem ii'.r ouch stale, that socialism is a blight on progress anil a curse on humanity are not nece.ssaril -.- wrt)i:s.' because "fie people" voted, as Mr. Truman put ii. "against the- 75 cent lamb-chop." The people have made ghastly mistakes before. \Ve have still to jlearn how grievous this one was, hut wnoi-ver oppo.-vd Mr. Truman imust still, in hont'slv ami rouraiu 1 . | maintain that the people- booted another one-. Friday, November 12, 1948 Quachita Slightly Favored Tonight Against A&M By The Associated Press The rebounding Ounehita Tigers lay their record of six victories, two .defeats and two bowl bids on the line against the porky Arkansas A. and M. Boll Weevils in the toioMncell obalo If net ptostlncnce Arkansas Intercollegiate Confer enee's top football contest at Mon- ticclio tomorrow (Saturday) nigh. Ouachita has won five straight after a shaky start and handed the front-running Arkansas Tech Wonder Bovs Iheir only seback. But in the Weevils, the Tisers face an outfit that spotted Tech ?,0 points in he first half and wound up on the short, end of a 20-13 count. Tech. in front by a fraction with five wins and one loss meets Henderson at Arkadelphia this (Friday) afternoon. And Magnolia A. and M., in second just a stop ahead of the weevils, plays college of the Ozarks at Magnolia Sarlurday night. Hendrix observes homecoming m a game with Arkansas College at Conway tomorrow. Arkansas State Teachers plays Piltsburg, Kas., Teachers tonight, and Arkansas State plays Northwest Louisiana at Nachitochos Saturday. Veterans: Do You Want This? Triple A Group Extended to All Sports Now York, Nov. 12 —OP) ~ Sliding down from the top of the foot- jbnll pealt with another hatful of forecasts. ; Northwestern at Notre Dame: A year ago the Northwestern sophomores were the only team to score I more than once on the Irish. They I punched over three touchdowns. I They likelv will do it again this 'time but Notre Dame will get four, at least. Notre Darnc. Army at Penn: The Quakers have been minus a consistent attack all season. There's nothing in .the records to indicate that they (have found it now. I Indiana at Michigan: Wolverine reserves have practiced all week. Even they should be able to handle the Hopsiers. Michigan. Washington at California: Coach Lynn Waldorf of the unbeaten [Californians expects either Fullback Jackie Jensen or Halfback Jack Swaner to have a good day. If both do, 'twill be murder. CaU- Ij'ornia. Southern Methodist at Arkansas: Doak Walker gives the Mustangs the edge oven if Clyde Scott plays for Arkansas. Southern Methodist. North Carolina vs. Maryland: North Carolina. Princeton at Yale: Princeton. Alabama at Georgia Tech: The loss to Tennessee last week has awakened the Engineers. Georgia Tech. Dartmouth at Cornell: Cornell. Baylor at Tulanc: Eddie Price, Tulanc fullback, should riddle the (Baylor line. Tulanc. j Temple at Penn State: Penn {State. Mississippi vs. Tennessee: Tennessee seems to grow stronger week by week. Tennessee. Clemson vs. Wake Forest: Bobby Gage to be the difference. Clemson. Nebraska at Oklahoma: Buddy Bun-us is labelled the best line-' man in the area. He plays for the Sooners. Oklahoma. Skipping over the rest in a hurry: Friday: Oregon over UCLA, Villanova over Geori;e1own, Missouri Valley over William Jewell. Saturday: East: Columbia over Navy. Boston College over William &' Marv South: Duke over George Washington. Georgia over Auburn. Kentucky over Florida, Mississippi Stole over Louisiana State, North Carolina State' over Duquesnc. Midwest: Illinois over Ohio State. Minnesota ovi'i- Iowa, Drake over New (Mexico. Kansas over Kansas Stale |Michigan State over Iowa State! •Missouri over Colorado, Miami tOhioi over Wichita, Purdue over Pittsburgh. South Carolina over Tulsa, Wisconsin over Maniuetto, Dayton over Oklahoma City, Western Michigan over Washington (Mo i. Southwest: Ari/ona over Texas Mines, Hice _eiver Texas A. & M., Texas over 'Texas Christian. Far West: Soulhcrn California over Wash- ing-tun. Stanford over Montana. Sunday: Detroil over St. Louis. Little Rock. Nov. 12 — (7P) — Arkansas' six large high schools have been removed from all ath- . letic title competition with their (smaller brethren. The Arkansas Athletic Association which earlier this year sanc- tioncel a Big Six conference or Triple A classification for Little Hock, North Little Rock, Pine B'.uff, Fort Smith, Hot Springs and El Dorado in football, yesterday extended the classification to include all schoolboy sports. This means separate basketball .ournaments and track meets will 3e hold for these schools. The AAA also rejected proposals o lower the present high school eligibility age .limit, 21. and junior ligh school age limit, 17. and adopted national high school rules "or all Arkansas prep school sports. Otlher actions included: Elimination of the javelin throw and addition of the 540-yard relay .o track and field moots; prohibition of transfer of junior high, athletes from one school to another in the same town: a requirement that decision on football playoff arrangements be made within 48 hours: permission for high School athletics to receive awards lot to exceed S2.50 in val-2 from non-scholastic sources. Virgil Blossom, Fayeltcville, was elected to a second term as president and G. A. Stubblefield, El Dorado, was re-elected to the executive committee for a four- year term. Any veteran who wants this can try his hand at winning it just by writing a letter. The alligator, that is. M'liss McCIure, Hollywood starlet, got it from a Florida fan, but she lives in a hotel where no pets are allowed. So she'll give it to the veteran who writes the sincerest and "cutest" letter on why he'd like it. Her address is 1026 North Vine St., Hollywood 28, Calif. By Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr.. 12 — i.T) — The New York, Nov. I fact that Dan Topping has hung a "For Sale" sign on the Newark Bears emphasizes that everything isn't rosy in minor league baseball despite a record attendance of nearly 43,000,000 for 58 laagues during the past season. . . .The late Judge W. G. Bramham issued a stern warning to club owners some years ago that they'd bolter cut out the reckless spending. . Maybe the Bears haven't been too reckless, considering present-day baseball salaries, but they haven't made money or produced enough major league ball players to justify the expense. . . .And when you get down to class "C" or "D" "the problem is even more acute. . . . The farm operators are beginning to drop out and the independents can't come back when it costs around $50,000 a season to operate a Class "D" club and they can't raise ticket prices above the 50-75 cent level because" that would just send the customers to the movies. Sports Before Your Eyes who Babe Didrickson Zaharias, took a couple of lickings at golf this summer, has given up such things as sportsmen's shows and skiing to concentrate on her golf game. . . .Chances are she'll pp- pear in a i'ew exhibitions with Sammy Snead and Byron Nelson during the winter. . . '.Yale's Hci- man Hickman and Princeton's Charley Caldwcll, rival coaches to the Big Three title game Saturday, were born only 25 miles apart, in ^he Johnson City and Bristol, jTcnn., respectively. . . . BROADCASTING SYSTEM By CARL Little Rock, No'v: 12 — (/P) — Arkansas' Razorbacks could redeem themselves by upsetting Southern Methodist tomorrow. But this forecaster, with a season record of 74 per cent correct, will disregard hunches and string along (and End of the Line Georgia Tech bar, landed one of the South's prep football ori7.es, (Halfback Billy Joe Ehrharl," who ! scored :;Kfi points in four years .Nashville-, Tenn. . . .American Le- jfiion junior baseball helped to de- ivelop 243 of last season's major |league players, including 17 of the j world champion Indians and 18 of .the Braves. . . .After the Oklahoma j football team .scored four touchdowns against the wind to lead Missouri :-;. r i-7, an excitable ! announcer exclaimed: "And the Sooner:; have the wind.", course, thr-v won in a broexe FLOOR SANDING & FINISHING All work Guaranteed. PHONE 89 A. Z. TURNER FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Anphalt Tile • Rubber Tile ROY ALLISON Phone 280 | Marshall at \vork despite the sec- I rotary'* iii-sin.' to ;;o jm,, his !on;.;1 ilel'i.-rre-el I elireir.e.-n!. i Tlu- two will t;ilk it over when j Marshall in-y| n-iun::; jn,m Paris it-) n-vii-w llv,- international pit-i t'.in- with the p> e-siden'. Musi of tin- oUior members of llie e-abiiu-t aiv under tin- in Dein- oi-ratic cii cle.s. | Secretary of Ix-fe-nsi- Forrest;;! ;-'iid Undei'Kccivlary of State Lovcli are expected to step out soon. Oiu 1 source unusually close to ihe prcsirit-ul. bin UiniiiotabK- by nan-.said the president was beini' asked to drop Si'c'-eUuv of Commerce Sawyer and Secretai v of Air .Svni- im;ton. Criticism also has bVi-n voiced afiaiiibl Secretary of Int'-r- ioi 1 Kru::. Football o. By The Associated Press M idwest: Einporia State 72 St. Benedicts Kansas State Frosh fl Nebraska Frosh 7. University of Tulsa Frosh 47 Wichita Frosh 0. Southwest: Hardiu-Sinimons 28 West Texas State 6'. Far West: Nevada M Fresno State- 7. ARK HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL By The Associated Press • Crossett (i: F.tidora 0. Le-wisville :i2: Amity 0. Newport lid Walnut " Ridge 0. Nashville- ;ii': Arkadelphia 0. Doarmott -11: Hamburg 7 Beebe 11!; Bald Knob (j. Faiiviow :>:> Bearden 0. Mornlton L':i: Catholic High 0. liauxiie- o-l; F.nglanel C. GilU-tt 71: .Marvel (I. Cameled .'i) F'ordyce 7. By The Associated Press Indiana v.s. .Michigan — MBS ; 1J:I,") |j. ni. CST from Ann Arbor. I Norilnvestt-rn v.s. Notre Dame — NBC-ABC l:i:i from South Ik->id li'd. I Football roundup — CBS !::•() jlhree-hour broadcast in whi.-h up- |'ivarei.s of 2;> games will be cov- |.-red, cmkl'dding detailed i.voovis |JVom such contests as Nerinwe-st- 'eni and Notre Darno, North Carolina, Maryland and Minnesota ;,ud Iowa. The earliest use of the phrase "alinighty dollar" is attributed lo Washington Irving, in Iti37. with the dope Doak) to say they won't do it. Arkansas will .be . fired up because it'll be homecoming at Fayetteville and because the Porkers were so flat, against Ricep last week. Wet weather, which is predicted, probably would hurt aerial-minded SMU.' more than the Razorbacks. Even so the Mustangs have more than Doak Walker and that's too much. Arkansas Tech over Henderson — The going gets cu.little, but not much easier fortherWonder Boys. Ouachita over A'rfc/ A. & M. — Those Tigers get , better every week. And after all, what other team has accepted two bowl bids? Hendrix over Arkansas College— The Warriors will win for their homecoming tribute to Coach Ivan I Grove, j Pittsburgh. Knns., over Stale Teachers— We flipped a coin. Magnolia A. & M. over Ozarks — The Muloriders are striving to gain at least a tie for the AIC crown. Arkansas State over Northwest at;Louisiana — Another flip of the coin. Rice to spank Texas A. & M. — Aggie Coach Harry Slitelcr said he was going to hold back nothing. Why should he? Or didn't the Owls convince him as well as they elid Arkansas? Texas over Texas Christian — The Longhorns are rolling now, now I but this is no safe bet. .Of jone in which the Fro; (spring an upset. i Tulnnc to nip Baylor—the Bears' Ihonovmoon is over. Little Rock over Pine Bluff — Once again this is the fern of Ar kansas high school football. The Tigers have more carats (;:nd a pretty fair passing attack). Fort Smith over North Little Rock for no good reason except that the Northsiders have a habit of being hot one week, cold the next. Thev were more than warm Athens, Nov. 12 -— (V) — Premier in t >' in ' T Blytheville last week. Thcmistoklcs Sophoulis handed the JI °P e over Smackovcr — Their resignation of his coalition Greek iwrioct record spoiled by Little government to King Paul today.| Rock a week ago, the Bobcats The king accepted it. ! iu ' c ready to sew up the district 7 Sophoulis said the king would I AA tlt]L 'summon Foreign Minister Constan-1 Trying on the others Cor size tin Tsaldaris, leader of " list party, tej the palace the cabinet crisis before asking any leader or group to form a new I'ayetteville. Jonlin. Mo., over government. | Kpringdale. Van Buren over Siloam Sophoulis' coalition Liberal-Pop-1^"V in S s ,-, Bcnionville over Joy, in Weather permitting one of the largest crowds ever to sec a Negro football game here is expected to turn out Saturday night at 8 o'clock to see Philander'Smith and Campbell. Mississippi Colleges play. Philander boasts 9" ex-Verger Tigers on its squad including Ralph (Palmore) Palmer, who earned a lot of respect from all Hope football fans when he plunged and kicked for the local Negro eleven last season. Other ex-Tigers likely to see action are Amos Black, Ernest Haney, George Loin's, Frank Noble Lee Stuart, Elijah Taylor. Except for a freak ruling by the Negro Athletic Commission last season the Tigers would have been slate champs as they defeated every potent team they played. radio This is the s love to ier s the Popu-' J ' :l Dorado to beat Texarkana. to discuss iRussellville to run Hot Springs' leisuig streak to eieht, Rogers over Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 12 —(JI— E. H. Crump says he would welcome a special election testing the city government his political organization supports. Crump replied last night to a veiled threat, by one of his opponents, Robert Taylor, that a special election would be called to change the mayor-commission government to a city manager form unless demands of a police committee are met. The white-thatched politico said: "Let them come on with their city manager business. We will help them get up names (on a petition) for election. "Let there be no delay. Have the election on Jan. 10—two months off. allowing plenty or time in present the question to the people." Crump also took cognizance of the part. Mayor James J. Pleasants, Jr., has played in the con, troversy with the police and their I supporters. He dared his opponents I to "try lo oust or disbar Jim Pleosants. We welcome thai." | The next regular city election is Jin the spring of 1951. i If Crump's opponents pick up ithe challenge, it will be the first itest of their .strength in Cfinnf-ction 'with the city government. They have formed a political Iroup, the !cil.i/.ens committee, on their own Ipart. I The committee backed Sen.-elect Erics Kefauvcr and Gov.-elect Gordon Browning' in their sur*ossful | primary campaign. Taylor was i Browning's Shelby county mana- jgcr. i Meanwhile, shortly after Crump's statement was issued, Pleasents and a committee representing clis- gruniled police conferred until 1: 30 a. m. today at the mayor's home. There was no indication of what progress was made. I The meeting was arranged after the attorneys for the police. Lucius E. Burch, Jr., and Robert Tillman, decided to step out of the eft'orls of negotiation. Pleasants had refused to talk to the officers when the attorneys were present. He said they were allied with forces hostile to the; city administration and the E. 11. Crump political organization. The police are seeking an "ade- Friday p.m., Nov. 12 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M 6:00 Bobcat Pen Rally fi:l. r ) News. Five Star Edit^n 6:25 Today in Sports 6:30 Henry J. Taylor—M 0:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:00 Great Scenes from Greai Plays—M 7:30 Bobcat Preview 7:415 Football game: Hope vs Smackover B:00 Gabriel Heattcr—M • 8:55 Bill Henry, News—M 10:00 All the News—M 10: IS Dance Orch.—M 10:30 Henry Jerome's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M H:00 Sign Off Saturday a.m., Nov. 13 5:57 Sign On R;00 Hillbilly Hocdown 6:15 Hillbilly Hoedown 6:30 News, First Edition 6:40 Arkansas Plowboys 0:55 Market Reports 7:00 Melody Boys 7:30 The Devotional Hour 7:45 Musical Clock 7:55 News, Coffee Cup Edition 8:00 Sunrise Serenade 8:30 Sunrise Serenade 3:45 O/ark Valley Folks—M 9:00 Ozark Valley 'Folks—M 9:30 Bill Harrington—M 9:45 Blue Barron Presents—M 10:00 Hormel Girls Corps—M 10:3(1 Riders of the Purple Snge 11:00 Campus Salute—M 11:30 Trio Time Saturday p.m., Nov. 13 12:00 News, Home Edition 12:10 Market. Time 12:15 Farm Agent 12:30 Polka Interlude 12:35 Farm Fair 12:45 Football game: Indiana vs j Michigan—M i 1:45 Football game: Ark. vs. SMU—M 4:30 Proudly We Hail—M 5:00 Take a Number—M 5:30 True or False—M 6:00 News, 5-Slar Final 6:15 Week, in Sports 6:30 Robert Hurleigh—M 6:45 Mel Allen, Sportscast—M 7:00 Twenty Questions—M 7:30 Leave it to the Girls—M 7:55 Silver Strings 8:00 Gabriel Heatter—M. 8:15 Lanny Ross—M 8:30 Meet the Boss 9:00 Chicago Theatre of Air—M 10:00 Accent on Youth 10:15 Club Rendezvous 10:30 Eddy Duchin's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual Reports the News 11:00 Sign Off Top Radio Programs New York, Nov. 12 —(/P)— Listening tonight (Friday) ; NBC—"7 Paul LaValle band, program to include ''The 48 States March" b.v Kent Cooper; 8 Eddie Cantor; 8:30 Reel Skellon; 9 Life of Rilcy 9:30 Coach Frank Leahy of Notre Dame and Bill Stern. CBS—6:30 Club Crosby; 7:30 Mr. and Jane Ace; 8 Ingri'd Bergman in "Camille," .0:30 Spike Jones revue, i, ABC—(i:30 Lone Rarger; 7 The Fat Man; 7:30 This is FBI: 8 Break the Bank: 9 Boxing Kid Gavilan, vs Tony Pelone. : •• MBS—7 Brian Ahearne in " A Tale of Tv.-ei Cities" 7:30 Leave It to the Girls. Saturday Programs: NBC—8:30 a. m. Coffee- in Washington: 11:30 Frank Men-Swell Dram.-]. CBS— 3:30 a. m. Romance Drama; 12 Noon County Fair Quiz. ABC—!i a. in. Shoppers Special; 11:30 American Farmer. MBS—H:4.-> a. m. Ozark Valley Folkss 11 Campus Salute. quate" civil service system for all cily emoloyos, higher pay and improved working conditions. A formal pet! I ion stilling these de- mancrs, is pending before the city commission. ulist cabinet had been in power sirce Sept. 7, l'J-17. Tsaldaris still is at the United Nations session in Paris. Sophoulis cable-d him hut uigbt, asking him to return, but so far there has been no indication of when Tsal- daris would arrive. The outgoing premier said the king's summons of Tsaldaris followed parliamentary procedure since! be is leader of the largest party. Technically the king is free to call on anyone to form a cabinet since the government die! not fall on a vote of >ie) confidence. Polilical observers expect the king also will call leaders of other parlies for consultations. Sophoulis resigned under pros-: Atlantic sure from Sophocles Veni/elos. ; Cam.den. deputy loader of his own liberal ' H:ivncs, :,' party. i \Vw Venixe'los charged the govern-! 1-45 3--!, menl in 14 months had failed to • Freddie suppress i In.- Communist rebellion ;tl. and lacked ihe confidence of the : Greek people. ; By United Okla., Batesville over Jonesboro, Conwav over Searcy. Blytbeville to whin Brinklev, Helena over Osceo- l-'i. Paraaould over Hurnbolt. Tenn,, Clarksville over Grecnv.-ood. Waldron to beat Mena for the 4A bunting. Malvern over Be>nlnn. Catholic Hiuh over Subiaco, Magnet Cove over Deaf School, Forrest City over Elaine, Stuttgart over Mariann;i. Df.Queen over Gurelon. Uaynes- viile. La., to trip Magnolia. Warren over Lake Village. Reduce congestion, . ._, open nose. >- ^Jiist put AS" a drops in nosti-ils. You breathe easier right away. Soothe sore; throat, relieve cough. . So pleas- vfcf ant tasting. PENETRd COUGH SYRUP . 103, John !_«<?»• E*y The Associated Press City — Gene Jon. N. J. outpointed I'* 1 !!. Los Angeles, o. Yoi-k — Angelo Moi'ganti. New Yoik. outpointed Laison. 138 1-4. St. Louis, Press Stone Anchors Fall River, Mass. — Aitie l.e- r,,,, ,.,.., . . . 'vine. JliS. Brooklyn. N. Y.. knocked i,,,\ L " f !cl , ei ". anchors were [out \Villip Hedgemond, 168, New- Jaige atones, batiki-is full of stones, l-u-k N J (ll sacks filled with sand, or logs 'Philadelphia - Eddip Giosa. 138 r.u v 1 '''f 'li ' P , aCC ° r ' !g l ° 1|K> Philadelphia, outpointed Ike Jenk- I I-.!-.e.>,lopod,a Bntanmca. | ins U6 N Y k g _ PLAN TO BUILD YOURS BEVERLY HILLS We have a good selection of choice lots available now — Don't wait Buy Today — All utilities will be furnished and the cost included in the price of the lot — Phone 221

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