Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 1, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1938
Page 5
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1, 1938 Sf Alt, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE FIVE i^^^, ^^^^ ^m ^g .^^^ ' i .'••••* •••-••- J •• - • - •- • - ~ ••'• --- ..—..... - T—.._. ..-. i , _ I, i ,,,1111, ""••• m _ m ±^ uii _^ t i> LUL 1 ">• .•""*""•'__.... ._ : " i i '-.•~r" J '.T:::" 1 jrt T 4'4:'!! | *'.i ® rea * Fall Campaign Is Opened by Motion Picture Producers [ Films Feature the Autumn Trade .picture Industry Is Baro- jpVnetcr to Prosperity of !| ' the Nation || Ninety-four productions, covering j|,c feature pictures of nine movie ^•jmpanics for August. September ami •'f'.-Jtobor, arc listed in the first nll- | \dustry fall announcement ever is- I'etl from Hollywood. The unnouticG- | cut is made today in connection will) j c Motion Pictures' Greatest Year iwjj mpaign, sponsored by all branches f^Xf/'nc industry, to stimulate bu.sinc.ss. i 'iS'The industry feels that, inasinuch !?; motion pictures are a barometer to i|iospcrity, the success of its drive si; bound to be bcncmiciiil to the na- ji,m at lurRp, leading to an upswing in aij.siness, bringing more jobs nnrl j|>'*Ming more money into general cir- jfilalinn. '{'Comprehensive prepanitions have j|' en made, according to the announce- i If [cut, to insure the quality of pro- j •,.lj iction living up to advance notices i i.^^l justifying cainpnign claims. The I i H|i'ality and success of such pro-re- i I;, isc pictures us "Alexander's Rag- I |i_nc Band," "Algiers," "Marie An-| il'melte," 'Four Daughters," 'Mother! if irey's Chickens," "The Texans," i J' .cttcr of Introduction" and "Barefoot , if •/," do in fact indioatc. the produc- i '''i s feel, that the season of 1938-39 will 5 'Motion Fictincs' Circate.st Year." I A HciJIh.v Trend J Attention i;' al.vo called to certain .' iticeable trends in the fall product .^lich, it is felt, reflect « healthy > action on the part of the studios to ; c public dciiVriiid for varied and irj- |'ij': lligent entertaininent. There is a .; iticeable absence of cynical "reiil- 'j 11," and a return to wholesome and ,V ton homely roimnlic themes. There !•... fewer crime i-U:tm vs and those on :, e list indicate a more serious, j; ciological approach to the theme. ; i ! cturcs like "Dead End" and "Crime • ; ;:hool" have ;et a new motif which ; carried^ out in such productions as ' 'Joys' Town." "Gangster's Boy" and ; Vuvcnile Court." 1 ' This greater dignity in presentation ; •,'lors all types of motion pictures. ,-usical camedies and musical drama ; •:. loven are listed in all) will have '• ; ore story and less spectacle. There i :> .ll be greater credibility, the pro; ; icers as-sure us, in the treatment of ''CO—and a marked absence of the ^ ' fly hits girl" cycle. Of the il-l productions, eight arc irn well-known Broadway plays, in- '.iting that the .stage is still a major , uicc for Hollywood materials. Ten j 'ric.s are based on popular novels, 20 magazine stoiie.s, and the balance iguials. ' Hie fall program commands the scr- ! es of leading writers and directors, •luded among the writers arc Fan- 3 Hurst, Robert Riskin. George S. lufman, Moss Hart,' Jerome Chod->v, Laurence diallings. Samuel j cwack, Bella Spcwack, IJugh Wiley, 11 ion Orlli, Emerson Hough, Proton iifics, Forrest Davis. Manuel Scff, dley Nichols, Paul Yawitv., Morris skmd, J. I'. McEvoy, Gene Markey, mnally Johnson, Diinion Runyon', 'ing Seasar, John Howard Lawson' i N Bchrinan, I. A. R. Wylie, A. E. e , i Mason. Lajos Biro, F, High Hcr- ' ' t II. Bedford Jones, John Wexlcy, | ,1 ilip Wylie, Teas Slcsinger and others. ,u Noted Directors \ lie directors include Frank Capra, I ^exandcr Hall, Edward Selgwick, |,!,nle.s Kcnyon, Kdward Martin. 5 'hen Duvivicr, Norman Taurog,|Ki ir j i\\n, Elliot Nugent, Louis tf'Jnp, nry Hathaway, Kurt Ncufnann! , 'slty Huggles. Frank Lloyd, Rowel V. Lee, Mark f.andrieh, Edward Clme, Bon Sloloff. David Howard, M k Conway. William A. Scitcr', •eph Santley, Irving Cumniings! ogory Raloff, erb-jrt Lced, Alfred |! iker, Henry King, Roy Del Ruth, | Icolm St. Clair, David Butler, -Nor- J n Foster. Allen Dwan, John Crom- S 11, Norman /,. McLeod, H. C. Pcrtler t' :hard Wallace, Zoltan KoixU, Wil- j n Wcllrnim, C. B. DeMllle and * crs. i 'he pictures in the order of their i .ise are: , -lother Carey's Chickens, RKO. t 'he Chaser, Metro. • 'he Amazing Dr. Clitterhou.se, WB. 'rofcssor Beware, Para. iltlo Miss Broadway, Fox. larefool Boy, Mono, Jgiers, UA. he Crowd Hoar;, 1 , Metro. uiteway, Fox. ulldog Drummonrl in Africa, Para. •otter of Introduction, Univ. m From the City, RKO Ir. Chump, WB. ich Man, Poor Girl, Metro. -eep Smiling, Fox. he Texans, Paia. he Missing Gucsl, i'niv. S nntod Desert. 11KO. acket Buslers, \VB. He Gladiator. Col. lock-Heads, Metro. .lexander's Ragtime Band, Fox ive Me a Sailor, Paru. mashing the Rackets, RKO. Ktlie Antoinette, Metro. ark Rupture, Univ. peed to Burn, Fox. pawn of the North, Para. reakiiif, the Ice, RKO. oy Meets Girl, V/t'j. ! nder the Big Tup. Mono. , Am the Law, C'ol. luce Love," Has Nancy, Metro. I 1> Lucky Slur, Fox. ing You Sinners, Para. icshman Year, Univ. arefree, RKO. our's a Crowd, WB ilcty In Numbers. Fox. i Old Mexico. Para. he Comet, Univ. ,he Affairs of Annabel, RKO. oys' Town. Metro. .^ccreUs of an Actress. WB. he Lady Objects, C'ol. :.'.ivenile Court. C'ol. ) oad to Reno, Univ. ''Sold that Co-Ed, J'ox. '^uns o.f the Lijgior, Para. ,| anger Code, J{K'U. ^oo Hot to Handle. Metro. I he Valley of the/Giants, WB. •f rums, UA. / Listen ttarllng, Metro. Lnst Express, Univ. Time Out for Dinner, Fox. Campus Confessions, Parn. Fugitives for a Night, KKO. Four Daughters, WB. Wanter By the Police, Mono. , '» i> i Mr. Wong, Detective, Mono. Girls' School, Col. You Can't Tnke It With You, Col. Submarine Patrol, Fox. Boom Service, RKO. Youth Takes a Fling, Univ. Stabclmatcs, Metro. Garden of the Moon, WB, Crime Takes n Holiday, Col. The Young In Hcnrt, UA. Vacation From Love, Metro. Touchdown, Army, Para. Meet the Girls, Fox. Mr. Doodle Kicks Off, RKO. Swing That Cheer, Univ. BroHdwny Musketeers. WB. There Goes My Henri, UA. That Certain Age, Uriiv. The'Great Waltz, Metro. Arkansas Traveler, Para. Straight, Place and Show, Fox. The Sisters,' W.B. . . The Cowboy and the Lady, UA. Mysterious Mr. Moto, Fox. Mysterious Rider, Para. Young Dr. Kildare, Metro. King of Alcatraz, Para. The Mad Miss'Manton,.RKO.. Girls on Probation, WB. Sweethearts, Metro. Suez, Fox. Brother Rat, WB. ; Thoroughbred, Col, Men With Wings, Para. All the ninety-four pictures in this list are included in the "Movie Quiz" J250.000 contest'which starts in m&vlng picture houses all over the United States and Canada on Thursday, Sejv- tember 1, and will continue until December 31st. The rules of the contest are contained in booklets which may be obtained at any moving picture theater. THE AVERAGE SPEAKS HIS IE- I .TS HARD for a fellow like me who thinks apple r' pie is one of nature's greatest gifts to man to believe that there are folks who honestly don't like it at all. On the other hand, I can't abide liver and bacon — though I know it's highly regarded by many. We all have our likes and our dislikes. We're all different — thanks be! A dull world it would be if we weren't. That's why I say that the most remarkable thing about motion pictures is that they hit such a high average of pleasure-giving. , Take any individual picture and you'll find that most people who see it will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Not all, naturally. For example, I think a certain star is tops — while, to hear the way my next-door neighbor goes on about her, you'd think she wasn't good enough to be an "extra". Or my wife sees a picture during the afternoon and raves about it at dinner. Maybe son and I take it in that evening — and come home feeling that M other i* losing her judgment. And there you are. It's the apple pic situation all over again. But, taking them all together, I figure that the "movies" give more pleasure to more people at a lot less cost than most anything the mind of man was ever responsible for — and have done the human race more downright good than all the medicines concocted since creation. And I'll say this: The times when I've been disappointed in a picture have been a lot fewer than the other times when I've gone to sec one I wasn't especially excited about in advance and been mighty glad I did. Sure, I criticize the pictures. I pay my money and that's my right. As a matter of fact, I kind of figure that $ 250,000.00 5,4O4 CASH PRIZES LIST OF PRIZES! 10 of $1,000 «Kfa, $10,000 40 of *500 we* . 20,000 40 of $250 well • 10,000 300of$100each, 30,000 5,000 of $10 each, 50,000 1st Prize . , .$50,000 2nd Prize. , , 25,000 2 of $10,000 each, 20,000 5 of $5,000 each, 25,000 5 of $2,000 each, 10,000 5,404 TOTAL $250,000 FREE! FREE! AT YOUR FAVORITE THEATRE! Hurry I Hurry! Beautiful 32-Pagt Book For a Limited Time Only! fKEE—you' copy of.this 32-I'xc Motie Quiz Coateii Booklet tit »our farorue Ihetue—contains complete information about the 1250.000 Moyic Quiz Cash Pnzc Ciwuest PLUS all the news of forthcoming hits—pictures of you/favorite siarj—a contest entry blank.Jiutask for it—ITS FREE—and rou're on ypnr way to one of the J.404 caih prizes locating $250.000. Get >o*r,cow today—atyourlocal theatre. it's the criticism of.average folks like me that's largely responsible for the pictures getting better and better all the time. . . * * * * Through the years the motion picture has given its public countless hours of entertainment, countless hours of escape from harsh reality. It has taken millions away from trouble and sorrow, lightening their burdens .- ;. \. ' and brightening their lives... making the world a better, happier place to live in. It has grown — from "cowboys and Indians" to dramatizations of the works of the world's greatest authors ... from temperamental flickers to technical perfection... from infancy to an intelligent maturity. ,Toj?rpvide the finest array of productions ever released the Motion Picture Industry has mobilized all its skill, all .its imagination, all. its resources to'provide the greatest array of productions ever released. . Great stories splendidly produced ... love-filled romance, stirring drama, gay adventure, hilarious comedy, tuneful musicals — star-studded casts filled with your favorites and new faces, new talents, for which the world has been searched. One after another these great pictures are coming to your favorite theatre. Entertainment, relaxation, freedom from care are: yours in overflowing measure, brought to you by the supreme efforts of the Motion Picture Industry to make this fall season one y^ou will never forget. Watch for these new season's pictures at your favorite theatre: MTTI.E MISS ]11IOAI>\TAY Sliirlcy Temple, George Nturphy MOTIIKn CAKKV'S TIIK'-KENS Aimc Shirley, Ruby Kcolcr, James Ellison I'ltOKESSOU HKWA11K llaiold Lloyd. Phyllis Welch TIIK AMAXING I)H. <:i.n'l'EJUIOUSE lulward G. Hobin&oii, Claire Trevor TIIK CHASKR Dennis p'Keefc, Ann Murriss, Lewis Stune IURKFOOT BOY Jackie Moran, Mnrcia M:ic Jones AI.CIKUS Charles litiycr, llcdy I-iMair, Si^rid (jnric i'I.LDOC DII1IMMOM) IN AKItl(.\ Jolm Howard, Jtenlhcr Angel, H. U. \\ainci 1 Do:f Amechc, Ailcen \VlK-Uui I'M fltOM TIIK OTY Joe Pcnnur, Hichard Lane. Ixjrraini- Kruegi-r 1-K'ITKK OK INTItOlH CTION AdulphcMunjou, Andri-.t l.tuds, Ed^'tr Ik-t^i-n TIIK <:itOWI) KOAKS ( Hobcr I Taylor, Maun'cn o'Su!hv:ui Mil. Clll'MI 1 Johnny l>avis, lujla l^ane. 1'cnny Sm^lL-ton KKICI' SMII.l.N'i; Jane \Viihcrs, Gloria .Siu;n t I'.MNTKIJ I1KSEKT George O'Urien, Larainc John.-ion RICH MAN— l'<M)lt Cllll. Koucrl Young, Lew Ayn:-, Kuth Husscy THK MISSINC r.lTKST Paul Kelly, ConLiiancc M'XIIC TIIK TKXANS Joan Bennett, Randolph Scott, May Robaon RACKKT HI!STKHS I (umphrey Uogart, George Brent TIIK CI.ADIATOU Joe E. Drown, June Travis ALEXANDER'S UACTIME BANO Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, Don Ameche BI.OCK.IIKAnS Stan l.aurcl and Oliver Hardy GIVK ME A SAILOR Martha Kayc. Bob Hope, Belly Grablc S.M\SHIN<: THE RACKETS Chi'ilcr Morris, Frances Mercer, Rila Johnson nilKAKINO THE ICE Booby Bicen, Charles Kugglcs JJAHK HAITDUK African Jungle Feature MARIE ANTOINETTE Nornia Shuirer, Tyrone Power SI'AWN OK THK NORTH George Haft, Henry Fonda, Dorothy Lamour SI'KEI) TO IHlliN Michael Whalcn, Lynn Bari HOY MEETS Gilt I. J:imi'sCagney. 1'at O'BriiMi, Marie Wilson l'M>EK THE BIG TOP Anne Nagel, Marjorie Main, Grunt Richaids «:\:IE|''REE l''red Asiaire. Ginger Rogers rouics A CROWD Knol I-'lynn, Olivia de Havilland N YEAR i Dunbar, Willian: T.vnuisan I AM THK I.AV KdwardG.R.obinson.JohnBeal.WendjBairie MY UICKY STAR Sonja 1 lenie, Richard GIMWI SING YOU SINNERS Bing Crosby, Fred MacMurray, Ellen Drew THREE LOVES HAS NXNC.Y Janet Gaynor, Robert Montgomery BOYS TOWN Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooncy IN OLD MEXICO William Boyd. Russell Haydcn, George Hayes SAFETY IN NUMBERS The Jones F:.mily. Jed Prouty, Shirley Dearw THE AFFAIRS OF ANNABEL Jack Oakie. Lucille Ball THE COMET Wm. Gargan, Joy Hodges, Andy Devine SECRETS OF AN ACTRESS Kay Francis, George Brent, Ian Hunlcr THE LADY OBJECTS Lanny Ross, Gloria Stuart JUVENILE GjjUUT 1'aul Kelly, Rita Hayworth, I'rankic Darro HOLD THAT <:O-EI) John Barrymorc, George Murphy RENEGADE ItA^^ER George O'Brien, Rita Hayworlh SONS OF THE LEGION Lynnc Overman. Evelyn Kcycs THE ItOAD TO RENO Randolph Scou. Hope Hampton TOO HOT TO HANDLE Clark <;able, Myrna Loy, Walter Connolly . VALLEY OF THE GIANTS Charles Bickford, Oairc Trevor, Jack LtRitt DRUMS Sabu, Raymond Masscy, Valerie Hobsom CAMPUS CONFESSIONS Hank Luisctti, Betty Grablc FUGITIVES FOR A NIGHT Frank Albcrtson, Eleanor Lynn LISTEN DARLING Freddie Bartholomew. Judy Garland THE LAST EXPRESS Kent Taylor, Dorothea Kent, Barbara Hitt TIME OUT FOR MURDER Gloria Stuart, Michael Whalcn FOUR DAUGHTERS Claude Rains, Pribdll.-i, Rosemary, Lola Lao* WANTED BY THE POLICE Frankie Darro GIRLS' SCHOOL Anne Shirley, Nan Grey KING Of ALCATRAZ Gail Patrick, Lloyd Nolam J. Carrol Nabk MR. WONG, DETECTIVE Boris Karloff YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore ROOM SERVICE The Marx Brothers, Lucille Ball STABLEMATES ' Wallace Beery, Mickey Rooncy SUBMARINE PATROL Richard Greene, Nancy Kelly, George Bifucraft YOUTH TAKES A Fl.JISG Andrea Leeds, Joel McCtea, Dorothea KoM This advertising is sponsored by the leading Motion Picture Exhibitors, Distributors ant/ I'rothtccrs of the United States and Canada. Ytur opinions, criticisms or suggestions about motion pictures u-ill be genuinely appreciated, kindly address them to Motion Picture Industry Campaign, P. 0. liox 4)0, General Post Office, New York City. MOTION PICTURES AR YOUR

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