The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 29, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 29, 1934 (Continued from Page One) insist on trimming the corners. ,"We have every reason to expect that the rural areas will cut down their relief burden tills, winter. Orders have gone out lo cut pff relief to Ihe able-bodied In sections where it Is known that workers are really needed, as in the cotton and tobacco regions." Against Hopkins' hopes may be ciled Ihe recent figures given oul by President William Green, of the American Federation of Labor Green reported an increase in unemployment for August ol 40,000, giving the tolal unemployed as 10,834,050, and asserted that he saw no indication of any permanent improvement this fall. WHOLE ANSWER IS JOliS Hopkins, though intensely in- - tercsted personally in social secur- shows how Holes in Timber Hid Ransom Hoard BLYTHEVg,LE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Markets New York Cotton NHW YOliK, Sept, ',!!), till') — Cotton closed slcndy. open iiluh tow close The carpenter's ingenuity was exhibited by Urmia llaimlmann in mntm,, M,<< for «MO of the I.indhei.h ranson, money found in his ,ara B e In lion*" N y. ,,,« close,,,, plcUne - Uy'iegislaTior^rcis ^^ a'ulomat'^a! on^t^lTC I", I, 0 "* !"'?" " ll ° °" C °' '" C K1 "'™ """*'*' Ti>C " Ulc 25 «" lto S3':' Etde Ills tab Irnlnv I s ™'W nl «l i" the slot nt left, made by Joining three auger holes. '> - ' M|I: Die garage for nearly n week before (inding the caciie. .--.u.. as traders bought contracts to H* p,| tY s Hl i ( | cotviwl fur the week end. After a slow start, which saw opening bids immml the previous closing levels, the market :;nw a .small rally whk-h ;«>( prices lip us much (13 13 points tor distant months. open hlj'Ji low c-loie ° c < i»-m 12-iu mo mi i; Eide his Job today. ""' I "1'here Is only one final answer to this relief problem," he says flatly. "That's re-employment, jobs. recovery program, night here our job Isn't to speculate about the unemployed, but to feed them when they need it. And lhat's what we're going to do. "There isn't the slightest chance of relief building itself up to a point where it will be attractive to stay on II instead of working.-' Federal relief money isn't a bottomless pit, you know. "Even If we had the money, Iti wouldn't be desirable to do H, nnd I haven't any intention of trying" I BELIEF COST CLIMBS ( yel the cost, of maintaining the relief rolls is rising. It now aver-i ages aboiit $2:i a month a family up 20 per cent from a year ago'' That's partly because of the rising cost ol food and other relief ne-! cessilies, partly because of greater, amounts spent for work relief (about 1,000,000 are on work relief today). •'Hopkins explodes at a question on this: "Of course work relief is .more-expensive than direct relief" he says. "We use it because It's the decent way to take care of the j unemployed, because it's better in every way. "And you're Just 100 p«r cent! wrong if you think people prefer' to sit buck on direct repel rather Ihon work for Ihe sanie income People will rush for a chance to work for Iho same wages they uet ' on direct relief." THEY MUST BE FED Private re-employment, and the arrival of security measures, such •IBS old-age pensions, unemployment ' insurance, sickness and accident insurance, shorter hours at the same pay, and a measured public works program—those are the only things which will prevent relief rolls from continuing to rise. But Hopkins' only share in those is :through his membership on the committee which Is drawing up the social security program for .Congress this winter. Until they arrive, the relief burden remains on the slim shoulders of^ Harry Hopkins, who says: Our job here is not to moralize about the unemployed, but to feed 'em." Police had searched Beach Revels Kidnaper Grammatical Errors "Polite Mistakes" ST. LOUIS (UP)-Grammatical errors, according ot an adult education bulletin published by Washington University, hvac come into such common usage Ihat they even can be termed "polite mistakes" The bulletin listed common errors as "The reason is because" "It ts me," "Who did you say?' • " - Scot I Score's Two ToucJi- clowns As Schwartz's Men Win Friday Luxora high school defeated Wilson high school ID to G in n fool- ball (jamc yesterday aflcrnoon. Luxora pushed across three touchdowns in the lirst half hut failed to score In thc second half alter Coach Herbert Schwartz scut Ills second stringers into the game. Wilson counted Its touchdown In the last half. Scott, and Scale- scored touchdowns tor Linvn with Scott, gel- ting two. The latter was the i-nn- ning star of the game, pulling off two runs for about 50 ynrds each neither resulting directly in a score. , 7,, ,., ' position financially a Jn the summer of 1932, white the international hunt for the kidnapers •""* u >«» they were of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr., was at its height, Bruno Hauptmann '""""•'""" '" ' "' ' . . w ,nd,ce<Mor extortion in hnnsef at Hunlcrs i stand . . jneclion with the crime, was enjoying as this snapshot from hi, al- •'Those W'^d "DuTlar^y ?"»* at ""'"- *">'«'• "cw'W, as this snnpVho ' ™ , ? ! '°X 'nTprok of ,„ p *>' - H 5lUnVS - HiS ""WV "°rtner in the boisterous Anita'S lor t^nYse™, mo'S n.i . , ,~ rr~ • Lutzeiiberg. - of this year as taken from thn uaKota Indians nave iwnrri* «ni.m(n,,,i ._ .... .... "New Deal" Dance WANBLEE, S. D. (UP)-Ind.lnns on the Pine Ridge reservation arc ^gyrating around the camp fire In a new dance which they call the "New Deal." • BucX-s and squaws, In brilliant costumes and colors, devised' the dance as a variation of customary Sioux rituals, it is something nkln to • Ihe old siotix "rabbit dance" but the braves maintain it is thc Toduy'S ITW'Admiral, Lord Nelsoii born- lTg9=Coi£ress es- •fcablislies a. regular army wifclr jnaxununi stren^n of 84O men .. in Cuba edi with. WilliiiiiH.Tan: as "Papa Biiig! We're Crooners, Too!"'' LU DEFECTS ,19105 ErJsel Ford Announces Symphony Concert Series! n. Ford, president ol the Ford Motor company, has announced a new series of Sunday evening broadcasts over Ihc Columbia const-to-coast network beginning on October 7 and continuing ihrough thc fall and winter. These weekly, one-hour programs, running from 8 lo 9 p.m., Eastern Standard lime, will feature ducted by Victor , ord scries of more than 150 two- hour concerts played at Ford Sym phony Gardens in Ihc 1931 Century of Progress, Chicago, non Ihc enthusiastic acclaim of millions. In Ihc new Ford scries, llie or- chcslra will be supported by a chorus ol Iwenty-foiu- mixed voices and a notable array of i-uest stars, both singers nnd instrumentalists. Thc program will be broadcast from Orchestra Hall here Pontiac Dealers Profits Show Substantial Gain PONTIAC, Mich.-i'ontiac dealers found themselves in a better position financially at the end of July than they were a year ai-o according ( 0 ,\. w _ L Cil j ]|(|| (/( ^_' cral sales manager of thc Pontiac Motor company. "The net profits of ail Pontia Jai Ma Mu July I'J'JO 1247 1855 I2SH 125(i IMG 121-1' 1271) 123,5 12-17 Spots closMl steady m )a70, iiji'is. Vew Orleunx Colton fan. Mar. >y July . 12-13 mil 12-12 - 12-17 1205 12-I1 . 1250 1272 1255 . I'm 1277 J26I) Spols closed al 1281, up I'l. w. I-;. HK'imoNn * co's Al'TliKNOON COTTON UJTOiH NRVV ORLKANS, Sc|)l, ii!).—Wi'i'k cuil covcrini; Induced by Llie im- vi hi of rainy weather in inanv purls of the belt mill the desire in even up positions bufor; the president's radio address lotnor- iow nluhl rallied thu i-ulton mnr- kt-l today nfler n week of sl-acy decline. First prices U'jre u few points down on tiic wcuk enbles iiiiikliiB new lows lor tin; move, and it-Helling levels mom than SH per enlc tcJciw the psuk prices of AU- B''.it 9, bul oirerlnjj.s were lluht "nil the mnrkel rallied easily .on small Iniyinij. CoHvlili'rabie confusion still exist.-, uver th5 sale of Kovernmenl- owneii collon on October :t .UK! this continues to restrict activity. I here were report.* »f . inrnWu Inquiry iroin some domc-sli-; mm* during the day, but sptmmii: circles abroad were imlllfcrcnt ar-d sentiment was described as eloainy. Liverpool reported a specia meetly of the spinners fctoutioi — -I-••..•._ LO 1%-iiLi HIIUII -••• i laivoUJN Uil Y nail liten called for October 3, lo ''"'Ice were asked in consider ratlonnllmllon of H,, "" " '~ ' Lancashire Industry and thai u sovcrniirait might bo asked for Imancial assistance to scrap 15 000,000 excess spindles. An English estimate placed (he otal consumption of American rot- ton for ihc season at only H ooo- 000 bales. Scattered rains fell over thc beii and Indications pointed lo shower; In most sections at the stiu-t ami the close of next week Daylight savings time ends u'. midnight tomorrow nnd on Monday' the colton markets will open at 0 a.m. ami close at 2 p.m. central standard time. On Saturday's the ctee will be at n a in GETS FflCJS ON FATIGUE lives Sluclies of Modem Ccr Comfort if sojui) one, .Hlwivlng you (in 1 lihologrupli reproduced above, tokl von nun Out ronlrapllun opci-nlwL :".' x :™,'' w " 1cl ' "'"' of •«'««! Hut there Is no ealch, wo nit isnned. 'I'lie (mt'f-r iijip.iruliis, sug fMniii alt sorts of Ihlnus from .mum- torture lo electrocution, h ""' «r a number of Insirumcnlf, "-'I'd In flndlnj; Eclenllllcnlly iiccii- ",'m. , Rllswm "> Iho illation. Which DHL, O f: .several aiitomo Dili's ol dlircrenl rniikivi cniises li-jb I'uiialum'nt to nerves anil muscle sis and experiment.; curried on the apparatus pictured hcie "'"I with other devices, have ten, 8«»i|: on lor i],,, gre,,!,.,- .,nrt of a '""" imder supervision of (he fa - physiologist, Dr, Andrew II "van of Chicago, whose latest In vrstieatiom of Ihc nature mid vat '.Uons of automobile ilrlvhifj fa- Ibjno will Miorliy ap 1H ;ar In prim it. Is learned In Ihls connection -ii.'it a prominent automobile manufacturer, whose product receiral nan riiilniis In Dr. Uy H n' s tests m.r° l H U) • lllvll| Be some comforl '"'I fwtigiic fncLs litllc known even o motor enr enulneers. The facts ''I'irh will {shortly become com- IKJII knowlcdiM are .v.ild to p, OV c a.iwl lit what respects one IIIIKB or typo ol automobile is m:rc comroriablc limn others, The hehneled yaiing- mm, ln n, c .iniira Is u member of l)r nvairi "'"n-f'itlKUc" lest' crew The n i •''inc to which he | s co'mu-eicd hi '^'?,.^",'. s " »»""- »t™«ll- limit Dus- with ( iu )j T( . el| CITY Ur F ,,, n , ' ~ for PAGE THREE "Auto-Fatigue" Test in Operation Hit hehnetcd jount, mini seen hcie Is nucleiyiliy the postmM (li-iulinm lest which formed; part of thc mueh-dlscusscd "auto fatigue'' researches Just concluded .by Dr. Andrew II, Hyan, of Chicago. Though In operation, this steadiness meter with delicate piecl- slon, rcKtslcrhii! the 'sllulilcst, body sway with the aid of finduntcd IhrMmJccf'sll^d''^!' 1 '^. 10 ' 11 " 01 '' 1 '° thli1 VV ° lBhtS " L °"° Cn " l>11Cl l ° •hilly tcsl-s »- 0 ,-c mmle-ot.e nl Hie lKi;tnnln|. of'tlie'tr.^-!,.!^ te'st'dilv^ ' '' " l l " C Cul1cl " 5l °"- 'li>c Increase in •- iccoided In Ihc ilay's , 1 test denoted the amount of bodily unsteadiness piodnccd In the Mt'k'lllo Now l.oi-aleil u( Southeast Onrlier Wiilnul a n <] Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU "ON EBWAHlis. - 1'roprlcJor »ll makr* »f rebuilt TyiicwrKcrx, *ddln e Jlluchlin'i and CalruLitors lt(:]i:ilrlii|;— 1'afls—Hlljlnms I'lnme 71 NEW YOKK. Sept. 20. (IJP)TO- flay's stock market session wa-; one of the liBhlesl In more tlmji ten years. I'litc changes were miiuler- esting and volume small. ' A. T. anil T Anticonda Copper Delh. Bicel Ill I--1 . II S-B . 28 5-8 Cilics Service .. t-'oca Cola '.'. Gen. Am. Tank , Gen. Electric Gen. Motors Tnl. Harvester 'Montgomery Wnrd N. Y. Centra! .... Packard Phillips Pet. . Radio '.'.'.'. Simmons Beds Standard of N. j. " Texas Co, U. S. Slrel . U- S. Smelting ...'.' . 33 1-2 . 18 5-8 . 20 :i-l . 30 . '27 1-1 . 22 :t-i - - 3 7-t) . IS 1-2 .. 0 .. 9 5-il . n i-?. 22 1-2 .1.1 7-8 115 3-8 records submitted to the factory are approximately ten per cci ahead ot the same period of 1933 said Mr. Oilpin. "This year Wfj hen per cent of our dealers are making Dec « proht ns compared with 782 per - cent a year ago. — "The increased profit showing of our dealers is all the more torn-! mendnblc when it Is taken into consideration that fixed expenses notably payrolls, as set, up by ~U\c NRA code arc higher this ycai than last. There has been Dealer attention lo the details of business management with 'Hie result. Hint Pontiac dealers arc controlling || K lr businesses ralher than JettinV th« business control them." Stove Pipe Hal Displayed Wheat opefr high low close 1041-8 1017-8 100 1-1 101 ' 1027-8 1M.1-J 1023-8 1023-1 . MO. -An old stovepipe hat of the era when Graver Cleveland was running for president, is on display «ere. The hat, gray m color! Is larger at the top than at Ihe bottom. Courier News Want Ads, ..[„,,. .. - -- — •-««.••.!», i-imiip mlig Crosby, right, practices his crooning nt the age of two months while win brother. Dennis Michael Crosby, !ooks ns , f hc vvoul( , ^ | be a lawyer. The new sons of the pop,,,*,- Hollywood star and hii Dixie ixc, lip the scales above nine pounds. TEXAi FIRE CHIEF JOYNIvR & BONIFIELD TEXACO PRODUCTS Prisoner Asked for Extra Day in Jail SUNBURY, Pa. IUP) - Eudolf IBtihlcr, Inmate at Norlheastern 'Penitentiary, will spend an mra rfay in prison at his own request Burner's original sentence was for one year In a county Jail. He asked for thc erlra day In order that his sentence would commit mm to the federal, penitentiary Instead. Use Shibloy's Won- tier and 01,1 Trail FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. •NSUKANCB DEPT. A Brand New SEASON '-" ' •'. f SEPTEMBER marks the opening of-a brand-new season in this business of running one's life. Back home—bade to work—back to school. Time to Lake stock of most everything, isn't it? What's needed foil-he house, for the children, for yourself? , ., At least a dozen spending decisions to be made very soon. How about choosing a school for the youngsters? (It's not too late even now.) And school equipment, too—pen-and-pencil set, typewriter? Then don't forget new linens and towels for the house—and bathroom supplies, of course. Perhaps the pantry wants restocking. And you are going to redecorate at least ONE room, aren't you? Whatever your needs, the advertising pages of this newspaper will help you decide WISELY and spend WISELY. You can depend on advertised -roods- and services ... . for if they didn't represent pretty worth-whil cvalues, the sponsors couldn't keep-on advertising and selling! Read all the sales'messages in this newspaper.. They have something worthwhile, to say to yon.

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