Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS A Thursday, November 11, 1948 fit- < Mexican Workers Held on Narcotic Charges Joncsbovo, Nov. 10.— i/T> — Two Mexicans were en route here t<>- Ri~y :;rom Luxora,. Ark., whore they, wore a.-resled loj 1 allegedly Soiling marijuana cigarettes lor $1 apiece. 'Deputy U. S. Commissioner Clara Browder said the pair, Frank Garcia.- in. and Mclchor Rodriguez, 19, would be arraigned hero on a complaint signed by Hai'ley Anderson, Lilllu HOCK, agent 01 the U. S. Narcotics Bureau. They we're arrested Nciv. 5 in Luxora. ews The regular monthly moot'tis of j the 1?.T.A. has been postponed r.n-' ; til Tuesday, November 10 m 7:.',(> : «'ii'-ii K'tfber's Night will l.'-j olisi'r- , vcd. . Monday, November 15 I U.K.fc. will meet M.jii (in./ irj'hi j at 7:30 at Masonic Hall. Miss I.ois Nolen and Miss Hazel Matlock spent the weekend in Texarkana as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Bomar. ! Tuesday, November 10 Rose Garden Club will moot at 2:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. ; Bob Reynolds with Mrs. Saxon Ke• gan and Mrs. Vernon Buchanan co- 1 hostesses. Medical Board ive License Kosminsky , » * -w IS,' 1 ' J**'*j.' : . yys Sfti ,_ Sock, Nov 10 —tiFi — An Ivho has filed American citizenship papers is entitled to a li\- cense tiom the Arkansas medical Tlij> was tlie opinion of the at- ^tojnc^y gcufr.il s ofiflco yesterday in implying to a icquc&l by Dr. L. J. .KosminB'ty oi Texaikan.i, secretary of the bonrd D«"'Kominsky had asked spcci- -••"•"•• icgaidinfi the board's right Prescott Garden Club will meet at 2:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Watson White Jr. Mrs. Warren Cummings. Mrs. Vernon Fore and Mrs. Wren Scott will be co-hostesses. Mrs. J. B. Hesterly will present the program. The Junior Department of the First Baptist church enjoyed a wciiicr roast Monday evening'at the home of Mrs. Jack Cooper. A variety of games were also enjoyed by the thirty present. Officers and teachers present were: Mrs. Leroy jto iss-ue a license to a Canadian I who has declared his intention to seek American citizenship. 1 f <r %' V 'MEALS, TASTE BETTER m^f^^fi.\- IX^^Sws^ •A/HFN YOU SERVK RIBBON AT YOUK GROCERSand • Phillips, sui;orintendent: Miss Jcari- ette Gardiner. Mrs. George Hun!. Mis. Frank Williams, Thomas Bu- (-•haiian. Mrs. Hotly Butler and Mr;-;. Sidney Looinis. i Members of the Victory Home ; Demonstration Club met, Friday. Nov. .'i lor a 1'jncheon meeting in the home of Mrs. Nat Woosley. 'J hanU.x£>iv!ii:< moli.'s were carried out in ilif lovely table decorations and fall i lowers throughout the house. A pot ku:k luncheon was followed | by business meeting. Mrs. D. W. Durham, president, presided. Officers were elected as follows: I president. Mrs. D. W. Durham, rc- I elected; vice-president. Mrs. N. N. Daniel; secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Nat Woosley, re-elected. New local j leaders were appointed for the clif- i ferenl phases of the Extension 1 work carried on in the club. j Miss Rachel Nolen demonstrated i Christmas candy inakiiu;. i The Chamber of Commerce en- I tcrtained the Presidents, Officers ! and members of the Executive (Committees of the P.T.A. Chapters I of Nevada County at a luncheon I given in thoir honor in the La-.v- j son Hotel on Monday, November 8. ' The purpose of the luncheon was to acquaint them with the coming Nevada County Day program which will be given in Little Hock. Friday. November 2(i before the membership of the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Comire'-ce. Plans for the program were presented before the group and each P.T.A. Chapter was asked lo serve as a j part of a county attendance committee and was furnished with the I identification tags which Nevada Countians will wear on that date. Each P.T.A. president was also given an Attendance list on which she will record the names of those attending from her community. Attending this luncheon were the following: Mrs. Lee Waters. Mrs. H. C. Martin. Mrs. C. T. Rollings of WillisviUe. Mrs. Orvillo O'Keefc. Mrs. Joe Smyth. Mr:;. Lee Jarvis of Hosslon, Mrs. Thunnan May. Mrs. Vance Beasley of Lancburg, Mrs. Homer Purtle, Mrs. Jaci- Pankcy, Mrs. Scott Ross. Mrs. Odir ) lion o! Emmet, Mrs. Howeli Herring. M-s. Debna Whitlcn. J. T 'Ukinson of Bodcaw, Mr;;. W. 1 iIi'l:mEn ol Waterloo. Mrs. .Inch '.:oo.)er. Mrs. L. E. Lemmcrhiri Mi s. Hansel Ilerrin;;, and Mrs. Gene Hale of Pro-scot I. Also at lending war, Mrs. Don Cnvanah o' I the Picayune Printim: Company, j Mrs. Richard Bra-lit" and J. A. j Craig, Jr.. of the Prescott Cham ber of Commerce. ! Miss Fuyc Loomis and Miss Mattie .lean Atkins attended the i 13 & PW district meeting j n Pine i Bluff Saturday and Sunday, i Mrs. Sidney Loomis spent Uu' ! weekend in Pine Bluff as the house guest ol. Mrs. W. N. Munn. Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Gordon have relumed from Roanoke. Ala. where they were the guests of M.S. Gordon's parents, Mr, and Mrs. John S. Slt'clge. . ' . Mrs. Goorgc Christopher and son, George Hamilton are visiting her mother, Mrs. T. L, Bennett in Florence. Alabama. ' ' Treaty With Military Alliance of Europe Will Be Welcomed Doris Dickinson of Little Rock spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. .Sam Dickinson. Rev. Ira D. Crewdon, Stale Secretary of the Christian church of LillJe Rock and Mrs. Ruth Maledon of Little Rock were guests of Ihe First Christian church Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kitchens and daughter Ella Mae have returned lo their home in Camdcn after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams and Shelba Joan Will- John McCarncy. Orin Ellsworth. Sidney Parker Davis, Ed Barger and Rev. W. G. Bensberg attended the Ouachila Presbyterian Rally at Hot Springs on Monday night. Colonel Roy LcCraw presented the Presbyterian Program of Progress. Mr. and Mrs. Hervey Bemis have returned from Dallas. Texas where they have been visiting their daughter, Mrs. Robert Duke and Mr. Duke. I By DEWITT MACKENZIE j AP Foreign Affairs Analyst ' Ever since the founding of our i country the term "alliance" has been abohorrenl to the average American because it has been ac- j copied, gc'hcirally as connoting a i-military treaty and: so as being an finstrunnent ;6f war. | However, it strikes'". rnV there will I be a feeling-of relief 'ftt the word ifroro' Washington that! President j Truman:; is 'expected to' order the j,State Department .within a few I days lo go ahead with', negotiations for a military alliance treaty with western'-Europe.. , The Atlantic,, which shielded us in our isolation, has now shrunk to the sixe of a millpond. And we know from lough experience thai the major quarrels of the old world involve us. Moreover, with our atomic age education we now understand that while alliances may be instruments of aggression, they also •may be powerful weapons of defense. As a mailer of regrettable hindsight we realize thai an alliance between the United States [and the western European powers most likely would have prevented both world wars. \ of the panes. Loose putty should be cleared away and be replaced with new putty or glazing compound. Paint should be applied over Ihe new putty. j Twice Germany struck !h roil ah [vulnerable little Belgium because .Berlin gambled on the fact that ;Amcrica wasn't bound by alliance 'to resist this aggression. Twice there was a frightful slaughter and destruction and economic disloca- |tion which might have been averted, or at least rendered less scn- ious, had America been pledged to ;hcln resist the aggression and had she been prepared for the emergency. So now a project is actively under way to form an alliance which will join the United Stales and Canada lo the countries of west Europe, using the recently formed western European union as a nucleus. This union comprises Britain, France, Belgium. The Netherlands and Luxembourg. It is expected that several other I countries will be included, among jlhem Iceland and Portugal, I But that isn't all. The project I contemplates not only helping [these countries get on their feet j economically through the Marshall iPlan, but a program of military I assistance is under consideration. I As a matter or fact the United 'Stales already has got the military aid under way. Reliable sources in Frankfurt Germany, stale thai America already has armed three French divisions with $5,000,000 worth of military equipment, this being part of the plan See Renewal of Excess Profits Tax on Industry WashintJlqrv, Nov. 11 (/P) In.- dustries which arc raising prices and boosting profits are inviting a revival of the excess profits lax. Rep. Crawford (R-Mich) said lo- day. "I think the administralion will be forced into u position where it will have to reinstate the tax,",; Crawford told a reporter. ' President Truman twice asked the Republican-controlled 80th Con-; gress for such a levy to replace the wartime tax repealed in 1946J Each time the lawmakers rejected his idea. . ; Since the election there have been conflicting Democralic.V^rc- ports us to whether Mr. Truman might revive the suggestion in his January state of the union message, i Europe's for restoring western j military strength. j It is notable that all Ihis is [being clone in Ihe open. Indeed, j yesterday U. S. Delegate John Foster Dulles, speaking in the United Nations political committee in Paris, notified .Russia in unequivocal terms that America "intends to be strong because our strength is not for ourselves alone." He added thai the United States has stopped disarming. He could have said with equal truth thai Britain has done likewse. This projected alliance is in no sense an invitation to combat. It is purely defensive. Dulles emphasized our peacc-mindcdncss when he branded as "vicious falsehoods" Russia's charges that America plans aggression. Such an alliance is th? safest insurance Ihe Western nations could have aginst aggression. The cold war will continue, for Moscow never will cease in its world revolution for the spread of commu- ism until circumstances force it to quit. But Russia isn't likely to launch a military attack against western j Europe if a powerful alliance 'guards the ramparts. 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