Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 31, 1938
Page 4
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PAOfi FOUR "the More You Hell the Quicker Yoa Sell" RATES .One .time—2c word, minimum 30c '.Sfaee 'tfatts--3ttc wotfl, into. 50c I'Bbt ttanes-Cc word, minimum 90c •On* month (26 times)—18c word, minimum $2.70 Kates are for continuous inser- •ttonsonlx? •In making word count, disregard classification name such as "For Rent," "For Sale," etc.—this is free. But each initial or name, or com- .plete telephone number, counts as .a .full word. For example: FOR RENT—Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage, close in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, 30c tor one time; at 3ftc word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill. PHONE 768 flOFl STAR, HOHi ARKANSAS Services Offered •Ideal Furniture Store has just received Big Lr,t of Living Room Suites, .Rugs, etc. Bimember we sell cheaper. ^ S-26U) For bale FOR SALE—Baby buggy and inner spring mattress. Practically new. 203 -East Ave. C. 29-3tc :FOR SALE—Ice Cold Melons. Last Crop. 10-15 and 20 cents. Community Ice .& Produce Co. 29-3tc FOR SALE—Good used Piano^ .Bargain for cash. Mrs. John Wellborn, 603 West Third. Phone 467. 29-3tp FOR SALE—Two nice brick veneer residences and a beautiful lot 140 by 140 feet, room for two or three buildings. Close in, cheap. Call 66 or 284. 31-3tp. Notice NOTICE—Ideal Furniture Store has moved to corner of Walnut and 2nd ' Street where we can serve our customers better. We appreciate and solicit your business. Remember, -we buy, sell and trade. Buy here and save money- ^ 23-12tp. NOTICE — S2JO Permanent. S1.50: SSjfl Permanents, S2.00. Eugene Permanents S3.00. All work quaranteed. White Way Beauty Shop. Phone 119 119 West Front street. 29-3tc _ 'NOTICE—Local money to loan on improved farm lands and city property; low interest rates; quick action. Harry J. Lemley, Hope, Arkansas. _________ ZS-Gtc Sep 5, 3tc NOTICE—Frances Barham Graham announces the re-opening of her Dance Studio at the Hotel Barlow. Special courses given on Tap. Ballet, Ballroom. Classes beginning September 10th. For appointment call 374J. NOTICE TO THE TAXPAYERS The Equalization Board is now in session at Washington, for the purpose of making adjustments in the assessed value of property. If you have an adjustment, in the value of your prooerty, that you want made please see this Board on or before the first Saturday next preceding the third Monday in September. This is the proper time to attend to this. FRANK RIDER, County and Probate Judge. Aug. 26-29-31. STORIES , IN STAMPS Sf. Peter—Choserr Rock of rHis Church JJXTREMELY poor and tm- learned was Peter, the fisherman of Bethsaida in Galilee. But Peter was alive with the zest of living, keen to the problems of his fellowmen, a good neighbor | and withal deeply religious. So he was called from his nets one | day to become an apostle of the Lord. Thereby was launched one of the greatest, careers of the church. For Peter became in time the very center and the principle of the church, the head and prince of the apostles, the foremost teacher of the Lord's truth. Me filled the vacant apostolic throne, admitted Jews by the thousands into the fold, opened the church to the gentiles in the person of Cornelius, founded, and for a time ruled the church at Antioch sent Mark to found a church nt Alexandria. Ten years after his ascension, St. Peter went to Rome, then center of the great Roman empire, ihere, amidst the grandeur of all us temporal powers, he established his Chair, and for the succeeding 25 years labored unceasingly with the help of St Paul to build up the vast Roman Church. Peter was crucified at last, by order of Nero, and buried on "the Vatican hill. But 260 years later the open triumph of the church climaxed his lifework. The first Christian emperor laid aside his robes of state to turn the soil for the foundation of St. Peter's Church. Shown here is the heroic statue of St. Peter from the Basilica. This is one of the eight airmail values Just released by t**e Vatican depicting symbols of the church. •• (Copyright. IMS, NBA Btrvice, Jnc.y Today's Answer to CRANIUM CRACKER Question on Page One The men were together. They had walked around the out- ficle of three lots, each 50x100 feet, which lay two adjoining facing the street where they were at first. The third law behind the lot where Mr. Hill walked, and faced the next street back, where the two men now stood, at the corner of this lot. Making a drawing of the lots described will assist you in visualizing the. situation. Wanted WANTED—Two 550 gallon Gas Tanks, also two pumps. Must be in first class condition. No junk wanted. And above all a bargain. Jim Reed, Hope, Ark. 29-3tp FOR RENT FOR RENT—Three room furnished apartment with private bath. 203 East Ave. C. 30-3tp FOR SALE—Copies of Hope Star's $1,700 Centennial edition giving complete authentic history of 20 South>west Arkansas towns. Buy now. Sup ply is limited. Bound copies, 50 cents -add 12 cents if desired to be mailed Unbound copies, 25 cents—add 6 cents of you want it mailed. 3-tf-d: MICROBE HUNTER * HORIZONTAL 1, 7 Man who Isolated the tuberculosis germ. 11 Merchant. 12 Previous. 13 Breakfast food. 14 Biscuit. 16 Obtains. 18 Unit. 20 Always. 22 To analyze grammatically 24 To free. 25 Large cupboard. 30 Sweet potato. 31 Mother. 32 To intervene. 34 You. 35 Part of eye. 36 To halt. 38 Pertaining to a node. 40 Edge of skirt. 42 Fan palm. 44 Pig sty. 45 Earth ends. 47 To scold constantly. 48 Afternoon Answer to Previous Puzzle 19 His meal. 49 Rumanian coin. 50 Child. 52 Affirmative. 54 Measure of area. 55 Prophet. 56 Sound of sorrow, 58 Negative. 59 He was a physician and a (pi.) VERTICAL 1 Right. 2 Native metal. 3 Bulging loosely. 4 Pair of saws. 5 To slumber. 6 Transposed. 7 Swedish coin. SOil store. 9 Mountain pass. 10 Hour. 12 Thing owned 15 He was a native , 17 Classifies. tuberculosis was unsuccessful. 21 By way of. 23 To utter. 25 Shrub yielding indigo. 26 Pronoun. 27 Bay window 28 Provided 29 Thing. 32 Persia. 33 Pertaining to the dawn. 35 Though'.. 37 To entveat. 39 Musical drama. 40 Mohammedan nymph. 41 Iron. 43 Deputy. 45 Nobleman. 46 Song for one voice. 48 Small flap. 49 Sheltered place. 51 Label. 53 Call for help. 55 Street. 57 Tone "B." Wednesday, August 31, 1938 OUR BOARDING HOUSE With .... MAJOR HOPPLE OUT OUR By J, R. WILLIAMS IT WOULDN'T TAKfe A, OUY Ok) A LADDfeR TO ™ SEE THAT TH' NUMBER OWE MAN (S AS AS A PEfPETSTRlAM CROSSING MAIM .THEY MUST HAVE USED £TLUBS FOR BATS AT H/S BASE BALL -STAN of BUT, DARLING, 1 ONLY ^WAk^ TO ONE O« THEM FOB. SOL). PLEASE/ LAND ISLANDS TO LOOK APTER YOUR POLO *s, WHO VVAWTS TO see AFBMD TO GO IW AWD PAY MV FISH BILL - HE'S LIABLE: TO &IVE. THE BABV A HEKRIWCr MOW'S THAT OR O SE THE IR TH' MAJOR MADE A HOME RUM, MINUS HIS HAT AMD COAT SLIGHT CASE OX: 1g38 BYNEASigRVIc _e-si By EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES He's Not Backward BOOOTS ,K«.<aox.wooo PTUr*3 ALLEY OOP and Found By V. T. HAMLIN 8V GOLLV, I SAV--WHERE IS OOP, ANVWA.V ? ( OOP' HEY, LOOK -•:I'VE: cm iMrt »i AA f IVE FOUND T IM I .. WELL BEING AT THAT LIMB? ASH TUBES HAPPV! vsGwA HAS A t>ATE WITH VJEB8\E_WEARLV EVERY WIGHT. By ROY CRANE IT'S ABOUT TME FOR HER GET A BREAK. SHE'S BE1EN A LOT ABOUT BILLS LATELY, 50 \MTE.RtSTEO \VJ FOR OTHER PEOPLE, 6EE, I ALMOST FOR GOT IAVSELF. BEFORE C^ROL LEFT, I SVWORE I'D PO SOVAETHIWG TO MAKE HER PROUD OF >AE. OH, VWHAT A f LOP I'VE THERE! ALL SHE WEEDED WAS A BREAK. 8\u< WOT EVEN A JOB! M.REC. U. 5. PAT. OfF ris.EA,isjL£,,3 AINU HIS FRIENDS Freck Is Cautious By MERRILL BLOSSER I'VE HAD A SWELL- TIME ,,JUNE , BUT CRESCENr UAKE IS QU1TE A KINOSTOM — AND YOU LIVE (N KlNk55ToNl I Jusr SAW PORKY WALKINS TOWARD MY CABIN- AMD X DON'T WANT A QOOD LOOKING QUY LIKE HIM, MEET- INS A GOOD LOOKING LIKE YOOJ BUT JUST A FEW MINUTBS AQO YOU SAID YOU WANTED "To SIT HERE IN TME SUN; . HE IS—»AND WANT HIM TO CONTINUE TO BE ! AND BESIDES, J DON'T WANT "rbU FALLIW0 FOR ANVBODY J, CANT UCK! COME ON- JUNE, YOUR FRIENDS GO FOR A LITTLE WALK' Precious Cargo I /.xr. • | MYRA NORTH. SPECIAL NURSE LElARLV WEXT . MDEK1IWG Ak) EXCITED GROUP GATHEB.S AROUMD WHITEY WEAVER AS HE TELLS OF HIS WITH THE 6AWDIT ASJD THEM, BEFORE I KMEW IT THIS BLACK PIGATE WAS SWOOPItO<3 DOWM ON OUR. TAIU.SPOUTIKJei BULLETS LIKE AKJ ARMV ATTACK PLAME ... IT'S A MICACLE MO OME WAS KILLED I - - n n _____ . fjy Ray Thompson and Charles Coll DO VOL) SUPPOSE -oc'Ci, SKILL HAD AKjyTHIWOj TO WITH THE MIRACLE,WHITEV? If 7HE OFFICE, WELL, WHiTEV, PO VOU WAMT TO LAV OVER. TO- MIGHT AKJD SORT OF CATCH VOLJR BPJEATH? SAV - THEV WOM'T PULL THE SAME 6A6 TWO MI6HTS 5TEAIGHT. WHAT5 UP? WE'VE BOOKED A VERV SPECIAL. PASSEKJGER OM THE COAST PLAME. ..I TRIED TO DISSUADE HER. BUT SHE IUSISTS OK)" GOIMa TOWIGHT- -THlVeiS MID ALL,' IT'S LOVIE LAVERE,THE MOVIE STAR-/ 8-31_£C22_123e BY NEA srtvicc. inc. .T.

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