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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 15
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 15

Louisville, Kentucky
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SECTION 1 THE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, Y. WEDNESDAY MORNING, IS '4 ZaSu Pitts Flutters Into Audience's Heart Tony Martin Discharged By Navy. Ordered to Report to Draft Board Child Welfare Worker Picked For Henderson Louisvillian to Tackle Delinquency Problem die smoodusatisfying difference ofdus noble 7 YEAR 0LD American whiskey A Hi s- it ings at the end of the hearing here. Navy regulations provide that failure to announce innocence at the end of such a hearing indicates a finding of guilt. There is no record of any charges ever having been placed against witnesses in the Aroff case, however. Martin enlisted in the Navy last winter when he faced imminent induction in the Army. After fie was classified 1-A by the draft board, Aroff wrote to the board and asked it to delay induction of the singer. Martin enlisted as a chief specialist when Aroff twice failed in attempts to get him a commission. "Two Courses Open." At Hollywood. A. H. Pier, a member of Martin's draft board, said two courses could be taken regarding the singer's release. The Navy can notify the board of Martin's detachment from the service; or Martin can do so himself when he appears, as he was quoted as saying he intended to do Immediately. Another question arose over what effect, it any, his release would have on a government income tax claim of $24,753.23 against the actor. The lien was filed last September, but Internal Revenue Collector Nat Rogan said it would not be pressed while Martin was in the service. Rogan was unavailable for comment today. I The actor is the former husband of Alice Faye, now married to orchestra leader Phil Harris. Order Specifies 'Unfitness' San Francisco, Dec. 1 (if) Tony Martin, former radio finger and more recently a chief specialist in the Navy, has been discharged lor "unfitness," the 12th Naval District said today. He was ordered to report to his draft board. The order was effective yes-terJiy noon. The Navy said Martin, a principal witness" in the recent court-martial of Lieut. Com. Maurice N. Aroff here, was notified of the action while on Treasure Island, and that he told naval officials he vuld report to his draft board in Beverly Hills immediately. He was quoted as saying he did not to walk around in civilian clothes." DUrharre "Not Dishonorable." The Navy said the order was "not a dishonorable discharge and does not carry any degradation." It was issoed by the Bureau of (Navy) Personnel in Washington. Those whi saw Martin leave thf post said he was in tears. Naval officials said Martin, vho had been in charge of staging shows at the Treasure Island base ir San Francisco Bay, twice applied for sea duty. A --off, who, a Navy spokesman in Washington recently said, had j3fcsj toSirit mind. She goes to the big city to take over the inheritance, with her sister, of their brother whom they always supposed owned an art gallery. Rogues gallery would have been more appropriate for he ran a detective agency. The legacy also included the request that the sisters continue to operate the business. Now Miss Pitts, as Lutie Beagle, is forced to make a quick decision when a murder is committed in a theatrical boarding house and the call for help goes to her brother's agency. So she finds herself a detective with an anxious client on her list the very first thing. Her introduction to crime is a headless corpse and from then on Lutie is busy trying to solve the case, which of course she does. Only Characters Confused. There is really not so much in "Her First Murder" to confuse the playgoer as there is to confuse Miss Lutie and her associates but there is a profusion of characters all more or less lay figures of the claptrap drama. There was not much finesse in the acting although Miss Pitts' company included many who have had vast experience in the theater of a better day. But it was Miss Pitts the audience came to see and I am sure all were satisfied, if not with the play, with the star, who is Just as funny on the stage as on the screen and therefore no disappointment to her ever loving public. bjha Tinea, 1 EVERSHARP, Skij liner fti Magic FmJ prevents Hooding or leakinq! FREE Name Enfraved Id Gold KENTUCKY PEN SHOP 316 W. Chestnut Opp. Lea. Gat A Elee. Co. Authorised Eversharp Sales Service NOtmPEMNY LLMl 7 But Her Play Is Not the Best "HER FIRST MURDER" A new comedy by Ma. Robert Prcsnel from a novel by Torry Chanslor, Directed by Marion Gering and presented last night in Memorial Auditorium uith this cast: Alexander St. John St. Clair Beyfield Joseph Bynam Oliver Thorndike Wilson Paul Joseph Caskev Chris Richard Taber Amanda Beagle Merle Maddern Lutie Beagle ZaSu Pitts Professor Sesame John Parrish Mrs. La Velle Ann Mason Hester Gale Osna Palmer Rafaelo Tito Vuolo Lotto Frank Milton Kellly George Spaulding Inspertor Moore Alfred Webster Dan Clark William Challee BY BOYD MARTIN. It is very doubtful if "Her First Murder" in which Miss Pitts appeared last night in Memorial Auditorium, making her debut here as a stage actress, will go down in theatrical history as an example of what a murder mystery play should be, but it is just as entertaining as more pretentious ones we have seen. If it is a little fluttery in its progress through threa acts the audience last evening didn't seem to mind, for Miss Pitts was on the stage most of the time. Obviously it was Miss Pitts the audience came to see and apparently they were not disappointed. Miss Pitts, like the play, fluttered a great deal, too; waved her fascinating hands about in vague geometrical designs which definitely described bewilderment and she cut a few capers with a hoofer and got entangled with a plain-clothes man while trying to beat him to a telephone call. She' stared at her vis-a-vis in that innocent and absorbing way she has and completely baffled the guilty as well as the innocent while sending her audience in unabashed waves of laughter which denoted entire approval. Stie's Spinster, of Course. Miss Pitts played a prim New England spinster of inquisitive 1,300 Trucks Still Lack Sinking Fund Permits Approximately 1,300 trucks in Louisville still do not have the required Sinking Fund licenses, Phil Millet, secretary of the fund, said yesterday. A recent order to the police to arrest drivers of vehicles which are not displaying the required sticker on the windshield, has led to purchase pf the licenses by about 300 truck and taxicab owners within the last few days, Millet said. No arrests have been made thus far. FOR YOU FOR US Friday Is Set for Hearing For Pineville City Clerk Pineville, Dec. 1 (AP) A hearing on four charges against City Clerk Odell Collett was set yesterday by the City Council for Friday night after the Court of Appeals ruled that the council could not summarily remove the in a mm TONY MARTIN been discharged from the service, was charged with accepting a $950 automobile from Martin as a gift for "facilitating" Martin's enlistment. The commander was a naval procurement officer. Witnesses Not Accused. Aroff was accused also of accepting smaller gifts from others who became ensigns and telling untruths when questioned by naval officials. The six man court martial made no announcement of find charged with selling whisky on Sunday and operating a machine in which money could be won or lost, and Councilman Clarence Hili and Lee Arthur Brown were charged with operating a game of chance and permitting garnr ing. Brown was listed as Hill's employe. All defendants waived examining trial and were held to the February grand jury at a hearing before Judge Pro-tem D. M. Bingham yesterday. The Council voted to remove Collett after the slaying of Mason in October, but the appellate court held he could not be dismissed after being elected to a two-year term without a formal hearing. U. K. Offers Courses In Ski-ing Language Lexington, Dec. 1 The University of Kentucky will offer courses in the Russian language during the winter and spring quarters, it was announced today. The courses, open to upperclassmen, also will be available to trainees at the Lex ington Signal Depot. MATURED TO 7-YEAR PERFECTION A SUPERB AMERICAN WHISKEY lUDunn Oil CMtllll illtltNt I0UII0 WHISHT Mil VHISIIT II Malt Oil Htll 11INNEIM SltlllllNt COMMIT INC lOttltTIWI. clerk without a hearing. The council yesterday passed a resolution charging Collett: 1. Wrongfully refused to perform clerical duties for the board of supervisors. 2. Absented himself from a council session June 1, taking records from the chamber and causing confusion and delay. Indicted In Killing. 3. That he is under indictment in connection with the kill ing of John Mason, night police chief. 4. That he has shown antagonistic attitude toward Mayor J. M. Brooks, City Judge Robert Vanbever, and other officials and that his actions have disrupted orderly processes of government. As a result of these charges. Collett swore out warrants against the city judge and two council members. The warrant against Vanbever charged him with embezzlement of city funds while serving as tax collector last year, alleging that the audit of O. V. Stacy showed a shortage of $421.01, which later was turned in. Councilman V. E. Cooper was It's Thrifty to Use Classified Ads PROFIT ftlT SALE! Frankfort, Dec. 1 OP) Appointment of L. Mitchell Thompson as child welfare worker for Henderson County to aid in the increased juvenile delinquency problem there was announced late today. State Welfare Commissioner W. A. Frost said Thompson, who came from Louisville, had been doing similar work in Harlan and Bell Counties and would work under a program he was eager to see established in many counties with state and county officials co-operating. A three-member board will be appointed by Miss Elizabeth Fike, head of the department's child welfare division, as soon as nominations are received from the Henderson County judge and school superintendent, the commissioner added. These two officials will be ex-officio members of the group, which will act in an advisory capacity in aiding the child welfare worker. Board of Six Planned. In addition, the plans call for a six-member board to be named by the county judge. It will aid him in juvenile problems. Commissioner Frost said jxive-nile delinquency had increased in Henderson and other counties, due partly to breaking up of families as parents go into defense industries. He also blamed the influence of nearby Army camps, and low standards of living. Under the program the state and county join in paying a child welfare worker. The State Welfare Department is aiding in this way in Warren County, Commissioner Frost said, and also in a number of districts made up of two or more counties. He declared the single county unit was preferred, however. Jefferson County has its own child welfare setup. Johnson Names 5 Commissioners For Deaf School Frankfort, Dec. 1 (H Five men were appointed members of the Board of Commissioners of the Kentucky School for the Deaf at Danville by Gov. Keen Johnson today. Walter S. Dunn, Danville, wag named to fill the unexpired term of Morte Fox, Danville, ending June 12, 1944. Fox resigned because of ill health. Four others were named for terms ending June 12, 1946, to fill unexpired terms: Lester Jeeter, Hustonville, vice J. Fleece Robinson, Danville; J. T. Ingram, Harrodsburg, vice Robert Salter, Danville; Robert H. Bright, Danville, vice Banks Hudson, Danville, and Earl Browning, Danville, to succeed himself. Three other members of the board hold over until 1944. u.UJ(K,'."!".l.J clutch' wastes I Streetcar Badly Mangles Man's Legs Crossing Market at 21st at 6:15 p.m. yesterday, George Carr, 49, of 217 S. 21st, walked into the side of a truck and was knocked under an approaching streetcar, police reported last night. He suffered severe injuries to both legs when the wheels rolled over them before operator Paul J. Tarrance, 22, of 736 W. Market, could halt the streetcar, police said. His right leg was amputated below the knee at General Hospital last night, his left ankle is so badly mangled amputation may be necessary, and he suffered face lacerations, hospital authorities said. He was reported in critical condition early today. Man Knocked Down. Rufus L. Hamilton, 39, of 431 S. 1st, was in the same hospital with injuries suffered when he was knocked down crossing Jefferson near 5th at 7:30 p.m. yesterday. He was arrested on a charge of drunkenness on a highway. Erratic driving caused the arrest of John J. Size, 54, of 1370 S. 3d, on drunken driving charges, according to police who also arrested Earl Thomas 41, of 1026 Winkler, on the same charges after his car overturned at 28th and Gaulbert at 4:45 p.m. Bssl fn). jiofin fn) I HERESHOVm that 'SiiPf LLi Rationed INCLUDING ALL Getting the most from every drop of gasoline depends on two things careful driving and proper care of your car. And the latter is vitally important because all your careful driving may be nullified if your car is not in top condition. Listed below are the essential points to consider for peak economy. Why not have us check them for you? Our Cadillac-trained mechanics are naturally best qualified to help you get from your car all the long mileage and fine economy built into it. COMPLETE SERVICE FOR HERE'S THE "BUY" OF A LIFETIME! Creata table settings you've admired in your favorits magazines. Mix the colors and display your own individuality. 8 gorgeous Hollywood colors: 42 THESE ESSENTIAL SERVICES AVALON BLUE CATALINA GREEN BEVERLY BLUE PICO TURQUOISE 5. CHECK CHOKE ADJUSTMENTImproper adjustment can waste much gas. 6 CHECK VALVES-Leaky valves use up extra gas. 7. CHECK COOLING SYSTEM-Proper engine temperature is essential to economy. 8. CHECK BRAKES-Dragging brakes waste power. 9. CHECK TIRE INFLATION Soft tires make cars harder to move. 1. CHECK LUBRICATION Incorrect or insufficient engine and chassis lubrication causes waste of power and gasoline. 2. CHECK ELECTRICAL SYSTEM-Incorrect spark setting, loose connections, low battery, offset efficiency and economy. 3. CHECK SPARK PLUGS-Worn or dirty plugs can waste one gallon in 10. 4. CHECK CARBURETOR-Dirt and water in carburetor affects combustion. You get the entirt 123-pc. Matched Ensemble complete service for 8 Dinner ware. Classware and Cutlery all at this unbelievably low price. And best of all. AT NO EXTRA COST, you get a matching 2-pc. Salad Set which you can use separately as Serving Platter and Vegetable Bowl. HEBE'S WHAT TOO GET: SI-PIECE 3VPIECE DINNER WARE SET CUTLERY SET Dinner Platea Kniree Soup Plaice 8 Tea Speeaa ft Bread Batter Plate! Forks ft Cnps II Saaeera Soap Spoene II rt Platea (All Cetlerr et SmIb. 1 Creamer lera Steel with colored 1 Safer Bowl A Cover Cetello 40-PIECE OLASSWARK SET 1 0. TEST CLUTCH-A slipping power. Hirbball Gtas Fralt Juice 'Glasses Slppers Stirrers Water Taasblers COME IN AND START SAVING Small Carrying r. Charge for Term i Jt I i Incorporated 315 West Market St. Shortage of Manpower Delivery Facilities And Merchandise Make Early Christmas Shopping A Necessity This Year STANDARD AUTO COMPANY 728-30 S. Fourth St. Louisville, Ky.

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