Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1948
Page 3
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f* ' ? Thursday, November 11, 1948 ~t HOPS STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS taw Social ana I < social ana i ersona Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P rthursday, November 11 Troubles", the second of a series •jf_The Business and Professional i of discussion on Psychology flvomen's Club will have their reg- j the School Age Child. ulsr 'dinner meeting at. the Barlow Hotel, Thursday evening at 1 o'clock. All members arc urged to be present. As this is the birthday month of the club. Miss Beryl Henry will be in charge of the piogi'am on "Public Affairs." | luncheon was served to i members and l\v. > cue.';'?. 'Hariv Whitworlh -ind IMv:-. Darnell of Columbus. Mrs. Graves then invit r-hti'itfir to her hiini,-. Co,- lh< business meetin;:'. and iiro.yrp Creed and Ritual conciurted Hegent. Mrs. Ch H. H. Bodcaw Club Meets In Nashville, Arkansas lr , November 15 The Fidelis Sunday School Class -of the First Baptist church will have •, its regular monthly business jmeeting and Thanksgiving party, HJT/mclay, November 15 nt th-' church at 7:30 p.m. Hostesses will be Mrs. E. I. Morrison, Mrs. Inez Staats and Mrs. Herbert Dodson. Tuesday, November 16 The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Tuesday Evans, Jr., 202 South Gracly with Mrs. 'James Pilkinton. Mr.s, Fred Robertson, Mrs. W. O. Beene. Mrs. Alvin, Robertson, Mrs. Mary Hamm, and Mrs. Evans, hostesses. of pnct the Chaplain, of Fulton, opened or which Mrs. II." chairmen of to report on Mrs. A. W. Hale entertained the I '^^ ; ' U11 ,, U |-,| u Bodcaw Club. Tuesday. November i 1,-eTsurer 'io'- 9 at h--r home at 411 South Main j f , md Street in Nashville. , In tin The Club is composed of women j M|. K K'li who attended the Bodcaw Acad- r , ;l ' ( 'j emy in Bodcaw, Ark. during the presidency ot A. N. llollis and have kc])t in touch with each other throughout the years. A butl'et luncheon was served to la member's and two guests. Dr. A. Wilson .Hale and Sam Atkinson, father of the hostess. During the business session, led by Mrs. Elberl Mac of Hope, the Teachers Seek DOROTHY DIX Per Cent ay Do Women Dress For Men? Dear Miss Dix: Will you please j . . . , fettle an argument which has been ! wile is only too pleased to p,i> i goins on in our familv for quite ! out his money tor household cxpen- , some time? The question is this: ! ses and to keop Do the majority of women .lor other women or to please TheDoctor Says: By EDWIN P, JORDAN, Written for NEA Service M.D, dross nvn'.' My husband thinks thai women don't :;ive a rap about what men think nbout their clolhos. that il is their .sister women for \vhnm .they <lo)l themselves Up. But my Association ] mo !hpr and I hold' a different opin- its Ic-.gisla-•] j on . We ihink'that ..women use the In. you think fires soy C.UACK Answer: 1 do not think that tbere is any oilier problem that is more i ciilfiL-'ull to solve than how to get 1 married women back again into ' their homes, where they are need- Mrs, as Pr Fink-; 111 V, > all due 1 U id and the Sl.noo.000 crpn-j state. tho dr.to given ,-ti Mrs. Cl lor the In tho iar by P.T.A. will meet Tuesday, "November Hi at the school. The Executive Board will meet at 3 o'clock. Paisley P.T.A. Holds November Meeting ' The Paisley P.T.A. met in the school auditorium. Wednesday afternoon. November 10. During the business session,' committee chairmen . gave • excellent reports. In the room count of the highest percentage of mothers present. Mrs. SUirroughs' room received the prize. Mrs. C. F. Ha worth, program chairman for tho afternoon presented Mrs. F. J. Burroughs and her fifth grade pupils in a talented . play entitled "Indian Moccasin". : Mrfe. Denver Dickinson, study course 'chairman, gave a very in- teresljing discussion on "Lesson Sutton in Hope. This was the first time two of j cnail ., n . ln the members had seen'each other | Hov ,. u ,, c ',, Mlu ,,,^ in fifty years. Most of the members | which 1 -,, ;1 . a .-. .,j ,jv are now. living-in or near Hope. I discussion of int'.M ' in the possession Searey and 'Mrs. Lcwisvillo. Mrs. ,1. ton. Mrs. I'Aorol- Mrs. R. !.,. !-V'iS! City, Mrs. Kink'V GI.U' Ilayni Stewardship Program Held at First Baptist Church The Young People's Mission Aux- iliarys of the First Baptist church presented a Stewardship Program during the .Fellowship Hour, Wed- . _ nc-sday evening at tho church. Miss , and Mrs. Dick Walkm; Betty "Martin and Miss Mary Ethel I • ' -• Perkins, Y.VV'.A. members, present- i ed a very interesting devotional, i Two vocal selections were sung by ! the-Y.W.A..trio. Misses Marietta: Downs; : Mai-y Ellin Downs and I Betty Porter. Miss Beth Sassor j sang a solo accompanied by Mrs. j Hendrix Spragihs. Forty members of the R.A.'s. G.A.'s and Sunbeams presented the program. The R.A.'s gave a play "Timothy's Tithe", as this week is R.A. Focus Week. Rook. Nor: 11. — (UP> -is, teachers made a bid tor r cent, increase' 1 in salaries lit were cautioned 1o move y in carrying out the wishes people as exnr-'ssed in the general election representative eonncil'-of the. -,:is Kduca'ion "fi a I'oport of ,.->.iritf<---. <-;il!i>ig for the in-' pretty clothes,'as' whistle 'bait, -lo - in average teacher pay. \ r.Uract men. -What do you think .'mirnftee also urged a raise about it" '--• -•- , , , ---- "- ... MUS II 'jobs during the war and. to th... . T .",,,,''u '''Mopriso, found out that they had Answer: I am straddled on the , '. 1)K , y di(1 not ,., unv tlu , y le.iin.'. Uolh allegations are correct. ' s \ ;, ott an a ln: ,t tliey could The average woman is indifferent [,,„„,,,.,,,,1 f ;ll ,ta.stic salaries, to the opinion ol any man about ; , r , K v li;ul hoen napl)v rin d con- clolhos unless he be a man nulli- i {•,„,„,( in ( iu-ir small homes, but ner or in the dress trade. What she ! nm ,-' ,| r ,t u,,. v -ar is over they are is looking for is a confection tliat in()l ' wi ' nh U) KO b;lok to 'their :i No-.-. 2." he -said, "the peo-| will turn her dearest friend green i ( . )W nmti , u , •]•),(, y find housework a cie:l. -uid the way they acted j with envy and make her eyes t , )u . rc tor \vhich'they have no taste. r-o-:si>toiit wilh ilicir professed I bulge out. jThcv arc bored for lack of oxcito- ' in the importance of educa-j Likewise, although the great ma- • ,\ ncl ln ev do not want to give ! jority of men are not too clothes-| „,, ,,,',, ' • • - -• ••;T ; eld pointed out that the ]v-:d sponsored the school ".lidalion act and the amend- I i-omovin" the coil'm* on [,l (';>:••"•. Both proposals wore ov,'d overwhelm inglv by th course, can is;i(<!tati,-'ii , [ an nnuunl ,., r ,., u , ., . 1-; .• nnual report to the cotin- i-'A President Cecil Shuffield warned that the edu- ssuir.in-.: a great re- be ed. They have tasted blood and i spread from person to person as they can't go back to cambric tea. I can so many of the- germ diseases. 'Minr.sands of women who were | \\ someitmes follows other strep- 1 young, strong and enthused with | tococcus diseases such as scarlet j i patriotism enlisted for all sorts of j fever. 11 Erysipelas early in life. often where a small wound or <^ scratch h.is been present. TftiS be- 5 comes reddened and swollen and ^ within a clay or two spYP^fls ttf * the surrounding .irea It spreads t outward leaving a sharp "line between the normal and diseased skin. • • In the usual ease, ana particularly if the patient is hbt in poor The cause of the disease known | physical condition, erysipelas may .is erysipelas is a streptococcus j c jf." ar up in about a week even very much like Che germ which j without treatment, Complications produces "blood poisoning." Ery- ii suc j, ns meningitis, inflamrrtatioi! sipelas. however, affects the skin i O f t, n p kidneys, and even blood poisoning, however, arc not uncommon. Since the sulfa dttigS have become available and penicillin as well, the outlook l\as boon greatly improved. Eithei one of these preparations shortens . the course of the disease oS fine i in particular. It and is frequently high fever. This disease, of starts suddenly associated with 'fid nl he I . . . • * • ^' . . 1 I I it- I I I i\ I H.I II ti- ' Vlw » I*"- > ' " " ' ~ "• ,->- - ~ jority ol men are not too clothes- i u . envelopes and just be fnllUOl/O'l- 11-lfMT (ill fell' t 1 I t I V I * . '' ,1 .._!.- " r l utl> ; wives and mothers again. li,<e whenu And lh . u is wny there are so jv:,,.,,i: mi.- Mj.vmt:. /i uOiiicly «i r I | divorces and so many delin- w:th_a lot of pretty I rocks can snap ;> chiUll . cn . For do! ' ' ' :i<;r lingers in Miss America s face .J ; Xll ,. Umc job . amesticity is t\ co; K-cUo: i be sent to the D.A.'i. massee, and Kale U was assemolecl aiU-'i' Hay nes co::ducted thiv and adjourned the- ITI conscious, they fall for ruffles and gay colors like before Ihe scythe. A horn I w'" I IK my day. for the average man i never distinguishes between a girl's interpreta- 1 glad rags and the girl herself. She of the vote looks good to him and he doesn't Is thn.t the know that what lie has fallen in ! i":; n( [" is ^.4 years old and has been :•< pi- of Ar'-.ansas want, better I love with is the latest Pans model, j niaiTic j three times. He flirts with, riiicational opportunities for their ; not the girl in it. | t-vc.ry girl he sees and comes home! •!->,•-ii : n .-i UKU they believe the •• v " rs .-.!••• canuble ol' doing this is most frequent specially during the first two years. It becomes more frequent again in the older years of life. Generalized weakness resulting from poor nourishment, Bright's disease involving the kidneys, and chronic alcoholism are also known to favor its development. May Affect Face, Head The most common form of the disease involves the skin of the face and head. Chills and other signs of u suddenly rising fever are characteristic. The skin is usu- allv involved first in one spot-- Although erysipelas has not entirely disappeared, it is certainly les frequent now in most parts of the world than in the past and when it does develop it can be treated more promptly and motC successfully. QUESTION: What is the cause o£ slimy sediment in the urine? , ANSWER: Just what this means is hard to say. The urine should be examined under the microscope and by chemical tests and then It should be possible to give an explanation of this' 'curious condition. •ii t h a isonaoi :^ made ."lies. . Dear Dorothy Dix: I have been i married for nine months and am j going to have a baby. My husband is 24 years Coming and out that the not auto- I Mrs. Vv. 11. BIV..--.IKT. Haynos. Mrs. Wilson. Jewell, Mrs. Garner. I Bowden atto-ndi'.-rl tlv: i ! W.M.U. meeting in St i day. nc.inted I'doolod v i ho. job. our responsibility to t , .._. . -t. ;.-, (•'-"'{"•'••• of action which will j ;\t it ever since, ; on!:' fit the n-"'cds of the chil- j solace to them i n In 11 .-;!-'<-' will command th? | tudes of. life. No matter what n<-"-t of the people whom wo I I." V e v V Creators' Plan \ alter 'midnight wilh lipstick all The love of clothes evidently j OVCT i-,j s K birt. and lips. Me never was part of the Creator's plan • ,,;jve.s me a penny and fusses ii ior women, for the first thing tho | j even buy a bar of candy. First \Vcman did was lo make her- What, do you suggest that I do? self a dress. It was the great orig- ! UNHAPPY WIFE inal pin-up and the sex has been | Answer: It is too late to make and it has been a I an y suggestion that will be of any in all the vicissi- I j lc [p lo you just now. But after else happens. women have, as the French say. "toujours la toilette." Forget your ape! Thousands are peppy at 70 Try pepplns up" with Ostrcs. Contains tonlo for wer.fc rundown Icollng duo solely to bocly'n lack ot Iron which -many mm nml n-nnien ciill "olt!" 'I'rv Cfltroi.Tolilc Talileta [or irep. yomiRcr (cpllhp;. this very dny. Noiy "get flCQUQtutetl" Blzo on/y COc, At all, drug stores everywhere-— : in Hope, at Cox Drug lospital Notes John Cain Chapter, D.A.R. Holds Meeting Wednesday John Cain Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 10 when Mrs. R. M. Briant, Mrs. O. A. Graves, and Mrs. Ralph Burton of LewisviHc wsre hostesses for the \ j u |i a Chester I do not be- wives spoil Branch Discharged: Old a. Cecil Foster. S:v luncheon at the Barlow Hotel. The long table placed in the main din- j ing room held handsome arrange- ' ments of chrysanthemums in antique containers, and a delicious 'THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" Tfciis smart Cobbler Handbag in neat over-arm style as shown, and dyed to mbtch City life colors of COBBLERS sl-p>es. It has the good look . . . the lopk of good taste irv'size., simplicity, inequality leather an'd workmanship. As shown in TOWN BROWN Other COBBLER BAGS in Red and black to match shoes Admitted: kana. Clubs Hinton On Monday c-venin 1 :; NV.vorntn'r Hinton Hor.-i'e 'D,?irioi;f.^r:iiifin C'n met in the horiv- 'of'. M'.'.s. Lerti Smith. The c'levuiion.-..! w:is led 'u the hostess. We repented til .' i-o'".i b th prayer. Singint secretary and u^asiy.i sent so Mr*. EfM -BiV.i- secretary. • RoU'» cuIr^l reading of t h e i.y i-Mjlj o£ approved as 1'^'ad"; \ 1' port. Olrl ;i!>d no'v. ;: decided to wait 11111;! meetii comin to be donated 10 isiho;-'. \V; December to elect 'j!*Jic??l'.'.!:'J'or ijv year. Our lucky !.>ox taikr" present 1 so *:!••? rrgorl the school leaders to r-.---.-_-d \vith pr.Uonce pnd under- : •-'" nrl'-'ip' in reorganizing the •'i.' h :;-'s sc:]'iool dislricls. e 7 o:- -"'-':1. t!io feaehcrs violate tiii"' confidence of the people in Ihe ;•-!•• of '!i" unlimited taxing power •K!\-i'ii in iho '.Tcno-al election. "K:.'uoat:oii in Arkansas has won " ,-.-:rf;it.v victory." ho declared. ""•m oi;;- work bns only begun." In approving the drive t'> obtain l;i'b'v srl'-M'ics. the council recog- ni/eil liiat the cost of living has in\i-\-i ••!"'] .-'iiproximate-ly the same | • aini-unt .since the 1947 legislature | !.i n--i.;'d teachers' pay. j The on'v discussion of the en-j tiro legislative committee report i 'T-IIV.:' this morning when one dele':;."'i':- attempted lo tad-: a rccom- 'incndation for building aid onto a , ... , ! =iM.g,'. s tion for passage of federal I Miss Middlebrook i IK'" for t"Tehc' v r I State Classroom Teachers As- j ''rhV amendment was defeated j sociation. ! "i'tr-r several scokesmen declared! The results of the election will ;.-,,„. :. ,-,,-;„;,. ki ii t i, o entire fed- Probably be known about Dec. lo. .11^.1,1. KIII me enine lea This afternoon the convention was eases, | pj n g habit offers an awful warning _• war. it lias been | that should make any girl stop, that they are still ] oo | ; ;in d listen before she marries Dear Dorothy Dix: lieye that working their husbands. In at least since the the wives' fault working. They became so independent during the war and earned such good money that they hate to give up their jobs. Many bus- I bands have pleaded with their wives to return to domesticity, but they refuse. Any man who really loves his the baby is born and when your heel of a husband deserts you and the child, as he is sure to do, do try to use some common sense in planning your future life. Surely a man' who has the wite-swap- (Released by The Bell Inc.) Syndicate, HEADS HISTORICAL GROUP Russellville, Nov. 11 —iUP) — ~ —: —:~ r"V-77T : S T i.Ianies S. Long of Russellville to- Charles F. Allen of Little Rock, ; , hoadod Ulc Arkansas Valley renominatcd for treasurer; Mrs. | Hi s to ,. it . a ] Association. Other pcr- Ann Chandler of Little Rock, clirec- lnanellt omc ers chosen yesterday tor trom oth district Dr R K. l aro Frod Gl . oom {i rst vice-presi- 'ayettcvillc director fromj d( , nt; Ml . g J[)hn Pa ,, 0] socond vice- district. Snow is now vice pres-: |p , cside , U: M rs. Floyd Henry, scc- is president of Vetarv; and N. U. Bell, treasurer. to break up — FEATURE!-. 2:00 - 3:53 - 5:3:1: -iiiSf:- 3:31 PKlh This smart COBBLER style as shown is Fashion Important . . . Crepe soled Ghillie Oxford . . . luscious comfort in butter-soft, full grain NAPA glove-tanned leather. Comes in JAVA BROWN Widths AAAA to B, Sizes 5 to 10. "Where Good Shoes are Fitted Correctly' p 4 /*$ <**f%-y ( 1 ;=r-'.^" j -• <t; v -, *!&;'§'$ "-?/&•&"• '}ii'j\f- ife^£j^£.'- " ^^•M:-- r----i aid proposal. The legislative committee also , r^cr.mmoiKied that the state teach- . , . , . ers retirement law be amended to I sc ™™\, {o "^. i, :C] .,,.,..-,, benefils to those receiv- Icss than S75 monthly. her r e c ornmcndations ined: state law requiring birth cer- ,es for admission to.the first A reouircmcnt providing that f' a i i e s for county school super: --f!-s be enual to those allowed 'ar'hers \vit.h the same training r.d lhat county boards of educa- ion be allov. od to supplement this the state commissioner of ion be made u state employe llr.-n a state official. Such a move would circumvent the present $:""•.000 constitutional limit on salaries or s'aH 1 officials. in othi.'r action today, tho council nr.miiTitcd Sil-'s Snow of Crossett -\Ti-.s Pearl Middlebrook of Lit- Rnck for president of the AEA. final choice to succeed Shuf•i ar, he-id of the organization j u,, : -, v , ( i,, )- jy members through i ballot. | o' ri cr'i-;; nominated inchid- I -sell C'-inei- of Texarkana I : .-s Ocie Tlh-ins of Harliivn i ,- p.-'-.c,-,i,->ni : Mrs. Claire a' North Little Hock, re- for recordiiig secretary; NO SPECIAL TRAIN i j Little Rock, Nov. 1 1—(/P)—Thur jman Penn, passenger agent, says ithe Rock Island lines has aban- Idcnod plans lo operate a special Gov-elcct Sid McMath will be the train to Fayelteville for the Uni- crsity of Arkansas homecoming and Arkansas-SMU football game. into smaller meetings, the first general ! principal speaker at tonight's meeting. BY WILLIAM IRISH Copyright by V/itliom Irish—Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. THE STORY "I should like to arrange," said Time, 1880 Place, New Orleans I Diirand. "for my wife to have Kill Louis Durand, 37, a well-to-do I use of my acount here, along with bachelor, has been corresponding myself." with Miss Julia Russell, whom he has never seen. He has proposes- marriage and she has accepted. According to her picture, Miss Russell is dark-haired, strong- featured and no longer young. Durand goes down to the clock to j to, a joint account, meet the boat that is to bring her | paled in by both." from St. Louis. He is dumfoundecl | when an exquisite young hlonc! I creature introduces herself aa j Julia. She explains her little deceit by saying she didn't want him 'to fall for just a pretty face.. Durand is enchanted- with her and they are married. Certain things i puzzle him, however, during their WhoeliiiRton on Oe- pi'-st days together. Among them 2 p.m. Our demon- ' ' s t' 16 fact Julia has never opened "Oh, really," she murmured disclaimingly, lipping her hand. "He insists—" "Quite simple," said Simms. '•We merely change the account from a single one, as it now stands, to be partici- Hc sought out papers on his desk, "And lo do that all .isk you both tor selected two. I have to do . . o-finins-hing a piece 1 ' her trunk. Wo will make plans i key. When tmas program at this ' her sister ourned by saying oif i writing, he in C.'reed. iJelicious'refresh I her letter She says she lost the a letter arrives from chiding her with not insists she reply, takes to mail himself. Julia M'l veil by the hosto; saaKBSiKc.uBsw »"W •\ y i" LAST DAY m i a i a r/-< f a H k 1 " K -iS k Si aejIr.iaiitiarS&a^Ma.-ra FEATURES 2:00 - 4:08 - 5:4-1 - 7:45 - i says she dislikes having to ask j him for money every times she goes shopping, wonders if he could not ararnge a joijit bank account. Indulgently, he tells her to meet him at the bank at 11. 9:38 x"V3 ~> B P ^ '^•' «-, •&?& e..:h m ^-i u.«» ,.,,., &§ j$K\?&m f+m vc ry-^-m^^mf^ 'M ^m^il^ij ^f FAMILV SHOE STORE 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Fostei Phone 1100 ti •MB v-(?RN!:;ST CAKi"OON RiOT! XII She allowed him to precede her to ihe bank, as was her womanly prerogative. But once he had arrived, she kept him wailing no more than the fractional part of a minute. In fact so precipitately did she enter, on his very hoi'ls, that it could almost have been thought she had been waiting at j to spare it some nearby vantage point simply | attention, to allow him first entry before i The post mark starting forward in turn. She accosted him before ho had little more than cleared the vestibule. "Louis." she said, placing her hand confidentially atop his wrist lo detain him a moment, and drawing him a step aside. "I have been thinking about this since you left the house, i am imi sure 1- I want you Ii; do Iliis alter all. You may-think rr.e one of those 'presuming wives who --Had wo 'not better let tilings Ix- as they are 7'' He. patter! her arresting wrist. your signatures, just once each. You on this I'uthori/.ation card. And you, my dear, on this blank form card, just as a record of your signature, so that it will be known to us and wo may honor it." Durand was already signing, torehe.-Kl im-licied. .Simms edged forward another papi-r tentatively, asked him: "Did you wish this on both accounts, i hi. 1 savin:.',.-; as well as the checking, or merely the. one?" "H may as well lie both alike, and have dune wilh it, while we're about it." IJurand answered un- hesilalingly. "Lou." :;he protested, but v "" silenced her with his hand. Simms was already offering her the inked pen for her convenience. 'the letter was on bis desk when he leturned lo tin; office from his noonday irn-a). Twice he started to open it, and twice was interrupted. Heit up. finally, and prepared moment of his full I, Julia. "Not ' "anoth said wilh fine rnasciilin iiy. "I want it so." '•ife \yas, iiov.' £jire that :was : his own'/ had-.been •vtry ince-ptioijl. " V , She dc-ferro'd to his i Durand said M. 1 . Sin.nis to good friend of Air. Simms sa inclination. "1 donbl that, or vi d--!avod tliis for Tlity ciiU-ivJ j sealed them.-els t- li;.-' to i;C-r chair was St. Louis Whether .spurre.d by that i or not, ho recoyni'/.erl the liand- | writing, from the time before. | From her sister again. I But this time there could be no i mistake. 11 was addressed to him 1 fliri-clly. Intentionally so. "Louis : IJurand. Ksi|." To bo delivered hero, at his place.- of busines. He slit il along the top with a letter opener and plucked it out 01 its covering, pu//.U.-d. He swung ; himsell sideward in ins chair and j gave il his attention. { 11 dried ink on paper can be ! said to scream, il screamer! up al \ him. ' Mr. Durand! I cnn ttand this no longer! I j I i''aniand that you give roe an ex- ' i planatirjn! I demand that you i I ejive me word of my sister with- j ; out delay! : I am writing to you direct as a last resource. If you da not inform me immediately of my sister's whereabouts, satisfy me that she is safe and sound, and have her corntnunicate with me herself at once to confirm this, and to enlighten me as to the cause of this itrancje silence, I shall go to : the police and seek redress of them. I nave in my hand a letter, in answer to the ons I last sent her, purporting to be from her, and i i sicned by her name. It is not '• fiom my sitter. It is written by someone else. It is in the hand. writing of a stranger — an un.' ' known person — i (.To Be Continued) BLACK RED BROWN . . WINE . . .COFFEE . . . GREEN and GREY. FEATHERS and RIBBON TRIM. PERFECT FOR SUITS COATS or DRESSES. Some Sequin Trims. 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