Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 30, 1938 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 30, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX With the Hempstead Home Agent Melva Bullington Adequate Lighting Hempstead county farm families who have wired their homes for electricity have found it saves expense and trouble, and is far more satisfactory, to provide for adequate lighting at the first. Among adequate lighted homes is the Lee Garland home in the Allen Home Demonstration club and the Garland Darwin home of Oakland community. A 25-watt globe dangling on the cnrl »f a 3-foot drop cord in the middle of the room is not as good as a mantle type kerosene or gasoline Igiht as far as general lighting is concerned; neither is it good for close work, Mrs. Ida A. Fenlon, extension economist, household management. University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, de- Believe It Or Nor Mr. Rllcy Huddlcstoii, a painter, with 36 years experience, covered 16 squares with ONE GALLON of BENJAMIN MOORE'S "MORO PAKE" Sold By McRae Hardware Co. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS clarte. The hand lamp may be placed on a table where the light will fall upon the books, sewing, or daily paper and the family may gather around and perform their tasks with less eyestraln than is possible with a globe hanging in mid-air in the middle of the room. Syestrain, nervousness, headaches, and inaccurate work are results of too little light. At least 2 rooms should be adequately lighted, the living room or the room where the children study and the par- jnts read, and the kitchen, Mrs. Fenton advises, pointing out that close vision 3nd concenration arc needed in both of these rooms. An adequate number ol outlets should be installed when the wiring is done and the proper type of fixture and size bulb should be chosen that these rooms may be properly lighted. Good planning will take into consideration the use of electricity to produce a higher quality product or one at less cost on the farm and thus make it pay its own way, the specialist adds. Better butter is an example of such a product. Proper chilling and scouring of the cream and storing of the butter until it is sold should produce more eggs during periods of high prices. An electric iron speeds up the weekly task and it is performed with less tatigue, releasing both time and energy for another task. A water pump does the same thing: it pumps merrily on while one wilks the cows or washes dishes, the specialist points out. Long Live the Redwood WASHINGTON. — l/P.i - California's famous redwood trees grow to be 2.000 years old. They reach a maximum height of 364 feet and the trunks grow- to a 20 foot diameter. The National park service says they once grew in many parts of the world, but are now found only in California. Tuesday, Augaiil 30, 1938 Amid Shell-Splinters Sons of Nippon Advance REGISTERED POINTER PUPS FOR SALE 12 Weeks Old Sire—"Handsome Big Boy" Dam—"Seaview Jake's Dot" Bret) from .some of the finest field trial and shooting dog stock in America. Entire litter has been enrolled. Registration papers furnished with each pup. Sec or write Archie W. Johnson, Prescott, Arkansas, for further in- Silhouetted against the smoke and debris of a bursting Chinese shell, this Japanese machine-gun crew moves up' into Kiukiang, which Eell only a few hours after this picture wag made. With this success, the reinforced drive on Hankow again rolled irresistibly forward. Hope Chamber of (Continued from Page One) formation and copy of seven generation pedigree. ••-•-•iV.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V«V.V.V.VmV.' 000 has been allocated to this project by WPA officials, with the promise of more when necessary. Other Activities In addition to the above, the Chamber of Commerce has assisted in many other activities. It has circulated petitions for the Workmen's Compensation Act. securing more than 600 signatures, and for cm act to exempt new idustries and additions to industries already located in Arkansas from tax. It worked for and assisted in securing the retention of Camp Alton, which had already been ordered aban- doned. It sponsored two attractive road signs on the Broadway of America, advertising Hope and its most famous product. It petitioned for and secured a hearing for 85 farmers on the organization of a Soil Conservation District to include farm lands in Hempstead, couragement, which have made possible the completion of so many splendid things in the accomplishment of which we feel proud to have had a part. Receipts Membership Dues S3.254.10 City of Hope 2,300.00 Trade Day Receipts 2,217,80 Total Receipts ... Disbursements Operating Expense Court house removal Rest room . . Trade Day disbursements Balance in bank—Aug. 1 . .57,771.90 ..S3.103.71 ... 2.213.16 . 205.91 .. 2,217.80 ... 31.32 Nevada and LaFnyetto counties. It has assisted in the promotion of a program for more and better live stock in Hempstead county, by working with the District Chairman, W. Kendall Lemley and the County Chairman, M. S. Bates, for the promotion of an Arkansas Live Stock Show Association in Little Rock this fall. It has been active in programs for Better Homes. Hope Boys Band and many other civic causes. It has distributed several hundred booklets advertising Hope to interested rarties in every section of the United States. Conclusion Considering the fact that this is the first year of this organization, that it got away to a late start, and that its budget was much smaller than it I should be for a town of this size, we j feel that it has been a fairly good I record. Attached hereto is a state- , | mcnt of receipts and disbursements, j dicatcd in a message to Governor ! We feel that every citizen of hope 1 Johnston that he would support Smith, has bcnefitted from the activities of I He charged the governor had opposed ' this organization and should give in j a resolution in the 1932 state convcn- proportion to his menus in supporting | lion endorsing President Roosevelt and it during the coming year. | had "swung onto Ihe administration" We wish to thank the City Council! only after observing the president's tor its generosity in giving us the use! personal popularity, ot one of the nicest rooms in the city i . McAdoo has three rival candidates hall for an office, free gas, water am! for his seat in the senate: John W. G-Man Hoover Has (Continued from Page One) ling a kidnaper is set up BO yards away, a fair distance for pistol shooting. The G-man, pretending he Is battling a kidnaper, bln/.es away five times with the gun in his right hand and another five with it in his left, loading in between. Then begins Ihc charge. The G-mnn rushes 10 yards nl a time, firing sometimes lying flat on his stomach, sometimes sitlinjj or kneeling. In nil he shnots 50 times, half with his left hand and half with his right. The last 10 shots arc fired from the hip at 30 feet. All of this shootiiiK and loading must be completed in fiMj minutes Most G- men do it in 6 minutes. (The kidnaper is supposed to stand there.I The score is based on what part of the body the bullets hit. Any G-mnn get- tine under 80 points better start practicing. In a fight with gangsters, n miss is as good as a monument. his recent trip to the coa.st. Students of politics awaited the South Carolina results as an indication of how successfully Mr. Roosevelt's "purge" is going. The rcurns will be studied for signs of how the neighboring state of Georgia will vote on the re-election of Senator Walter F. George, who is actively opposed by the president. The South Carolina balloting will serve as a preliminary, too, to the election two weeks hence in Maryland, where Mr. Roosevelt has arranged to make a speech supporting the Senate candidacy of Representative David J. Lewis against the incumbent Senator Millnrd E. Tydings. Ttvo King Pins of Labor Day 'iS* While the community and nation call a halt In business nnd Industry] for Labor day, labor forces themselves watch the two lenders of "enemy" camps, William Green (left), head of the American Federation of Labor, and John Lewis, president of the Committee for Industrial Organlxatlon. Total Disbursements 57,771.90 Respectfully submitted Board of Directors, Hope Chamber of Commerce By B. L. Kaufman, President Attest: K. P. Bowen, Secretary 2 New Deal Tests (Continued from Page One) Robots with electric eyes are now taking the place of human observers in making traffic counts on highways. MALARIA Speedy Relief of Chills and Fever When your teeth arc chatterinR with chills and your body burning'with malaria' fever, you want timely and reliable relief! Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is the medicine you want to take for Malaria. This is no new-fangled or untried preparation, but a treatment of considerable merit. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic contains tasteless quinidine and iron. It relieves the chills and fever due to Malaria and also tends to build you up. This is the double effect you want. The very next time you feel Malarial I chills and fever coming on, get a bottle | of Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Start taking it immediately and it will soon ! fix you up. | All drug stores sell Grove's Tasteless ' Chill Tonic—DO.cents and $1.00. The ': latter is the more economical size. These victims of Communist-phobia advertise Communism. It cannot grow without advertising.—President Marsh of Uoslun University. If the youth of the world docs not want war. then there won't be war. —Mayor LuGunrdia of New York. ASH BOLTS Want cutters and (nicks In handle small polo ash limhcr In 19 inch bolts from slump |o factory yard. Apply to; Hope Heading Co. I'lioiu' 215 Hope, Arkansas ARKANSAS | MOTOR 'COACHES SERVING ARK.-IA MO.-TENH-TEX Travel in greatest comfort through this territory in our Arkansas Motor Coaches. They offer you newest busses, fastest schedules, LOWEST KAKES. Your own local agent will iir- raiiRc your trip and tickets to any point in the United Stales or Canada. To: FROM HOPE . c t. Louis lint Springs Vexarluma . Dallas Memphis Little Rock Sprliigliill S7..M 51.70 .fi.) 1.25 .. . .1.70 2.25 1.95 Phone 363 For Schedule Information Bus DEPOT In Diamond Cafe A cleaner cooking service that extends throughout every phase of meal preparation Gas fuel utilized through a modern Universal Gas Range offers the cleanest cooking service obtainable. In all divisions of cookery—top burner, oven and broiling—the Universal makes food preparation not only simple and certain but also eliminates to a great extent ibe laborious cleaning chorea associated with cooking on an outmoded appliance. lights, also for iLs very generous contribution to every cause for which we have asked their help. We wish also to thank the members of the Chamber of Commerce and many other citizens of Hope for the loyal support and en- Preston, who calls himself "no rubber stamp," Sheridan Downey, advocate of the Townscnd plan, and James W. Mcllcn an avowed opponent of the administration. The president made plain his preference for McAdoo on QneSNAPSUOT CUIL LABOR DAY Liberal Trade-in Allowance Small Down Payment Convenient Terms Simmer-Save Burner gives controlled boiling heat ut "click o f valve." Eliminates pot watching. Precision Oven — gives positive control of temperature* plu-> even, uniform heat distribution. In-A-Drawer Broiler with Savory Smokeless Broiler Grid — makci possible smoke -free, i p a 11 e rless broiling. UNIVERSAL GAS RANGE With its Advanced Devices Gives these Definite Advantages, All of which Contribute to a Cooking Service that Promotes Greater Cleanliness 1. No dirty walls and curtains. 2. No dirt-laden steam. 3. No boil-overs. 4. Pots and pans remain spic and span. 5. Food does not stick to bottom of utensil. 6. Non- clog burners. 7. Smoke-free, spatlerless broiling. 8. Range easy to clean. 1938 PENNEY'S YEAR MORE OF PENNEY? FEAf Back to School UNIVERSAL GIVES YOU CHUItH ClUNLIIUSS LHUItH COMrOHl • BH1ER HtSULIS Ml A UK AUAPIABIIIIT bklAUN LUNVLNIlNCt • liRlAllR ICONOMT LOUJUAN* CM CO, Shoot 'holiday fun "on the wing." Don't let subjects pose—and you will get gay, lively snapshots. f ADOR DAY week-end ia the last *—' hi:; niilrlnor holiday of summer, b'or most, of us, il menus a trip, a week-end camp, or oilier special )aimt—and plenty of picture!!, to remind us of summer fun during the coming winter months. la your camera ready? And have yon made, your Labor Duy phi us with a view to picture chances? That's always a snort idea when you're planning an excursion- keep the camera in mind, and select, a tour route, or holiday spot, that you know Is full of pietun: opportunities. The more, fun and activity you can pack into the week-cm!, the more snapshot, nhanc.e.s you'll have. Wherever something is going on, your camera, should be ready for action. A roasting-far picnic, an amusement-park lour, a fishing trip, a. mountain hike- all these an; chuck- full of picture material if you just keep your eyes open and your camera ready. On a picnic, picl ure your crowd setting the lablc and eating—don't wait until they get through. At the pool, or the iitMijh, picture them swimming and diving, or enjoying some other beach sport — not posed on shore. Watch your exposures, aud keep them "in st€-p" with the prevailing light. Along -:h;:dy dreams, there, is very littlo light, so you must use a large lens opening and a :;lo\v shutter speed. But. on the beach, or when 81x99 Nation Wide SHEETS 69c SO Square—Fust Color Rondo PRINT 15c 39-inch Waslialile Sorority CREPE 49c 54-in All Wool Dress Woolens $j.49 •Id-inch Unbleached Honor Domestic yd 1Qc Children's School DRESSES e? 98c Children's School SHOES $198 Children's 2 to 8 Playsuits 49c MICH Yards Novelty Curtain SCRIM .IQc Ladies New Bemberg GLOVES 49c Ladies Heavy Satin SLIPS 98c fishing offshore, light is bright and intense—and exposures of 1/60 geci ond at Ml, f.16, and sometimes eveo 1.22 are correct. When in doubt about exposure, err on the 'full" aide. Correct, exposure is best, but an overexposed film will usually yield a belter print tban an underexposed film. Good modern films, especially the "chrome" type, have enough latitude to take care o( reasonable errors m judging exposure. So, here's luck. Tt, looks like a great week-end, and I hope you keep your camera as'busy as mine will be. John van Guilder 22x24 Heavy Novelty BATH At- TOWELS, ea. L JC Growing Girls School Oxfords $2.98 LADIES FALL GLEN-ROW DRESSES 14 to 42 S2.98 Just Received NEW Man Tailored SUITS For Ladies $990 UVa-4/V LADIES NEW FALL SPORT COATS 17.50 CHILDREN'S Sunny Tucker DE LUXE DRESSES 2 to 16 S1.98 GENTRY Made-to-Measure SUITS FOR MEN SAVE AT PENNEY'S Men's Novelty Fall PflliTS $298 500 Now Ka.--t Color DHKSS SHIRTS ea MEN'S NEW FALL HATS $2-98 Men's Sport or Dress $3.98 IHKN'S AM, WOOL TOU'NCI.AI) Men's Fast C'l lur 'IVwiicrnft SHIRTS $149 *. t*UMEUMHMM(UaMKrCtt**MM«UJMMIMMBJnn Men's No. 718 Dress 25c pi- Men's Novelty Fall Sweaters $2.98 Boy's Novelty School PANTS $198 Boy's True Blue School SHIRTS ?9c 8 oz. Grade A Cotton DUCK yd 18s Men's Novelty Leather Jackets $9.90 Men's All Leather BELTS PENNEY COMPANY, i n c o i p Q r a t e d ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFFICE IWHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVESl ,s (i

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