The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 29, 1934
Page 1
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Ife Served by it* \fff United Pre»» Blythevllto D«l]y New* BlytheviUe Ccurter MJMtoippl V»n« y LeiMtw BiyiiwviUe Her.w •Uy ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, SKITKMBBIl 29, 1984 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CBN»' Relief Directo jUr'ges Communities To I Back Housing Program] yd stiii REJECT Rfpnirr Good,RulesF.R. ILJLUI " LrUIU GETJ Mil i HELP W [fill Hany Hopkins Answers Riddle of Increasing Relief Rolls .;? . ••- BY WILLIS 'I'lfOKNTON NBA Sen ice Stall Corrtsumdent WASHINGTON, Sept, 29.-Morc people. working,, ana ' ye t moreVpco- pic on relief' Employment roll? PIIQ relief lolls, ilsing together! "Howl is it possible? " Haiij Hupklm, the slender, Intense man nlio is spending more money mid feeding more people on iclief than perhaps any man in history, slowly lights one of Ills frequent cigars. He gets up from his small, plain wooden desk in the almost barren office, and stalks to the window witli its beautiful view of tlie Po- fumric, the Washington Monument, and the clustered trees of Wellington. He often docs tins when pondering tlie answer to a knotty question "I can sec how that would confuse people," he admits, turning from, the. window. But they're really separate things; employment nnd iclief, and they have little diiectly to do with each other— at least at ajiy given moment. • KESOURCES GIVE OUT , "You see,, only about half the unemployed ire on relief rolls at all. The /number on relief depends not so much on, the number of the unemployed as it does on Ihe -percentage of those unemployed, whose resources are utterly exhausted and who must ask relief. jou hive 10 million un WASHINGTON, K;pt, 29. (UP) —Federal ISiusliig Administrator James Mollcti' mjjcd communities • today to "get Jjclilnd" Pr.'stdent I Itcor^velfii home, repair program. I "Every home owner should go- 1 , through his house irom cellar to| attic, outside and inside, and see! made al ivliut repair:; should lliis time," '•' Molten speech:! . ' "Siicecas of ihe program." he said,: "is bound not only to tiene- fit the building and durable goons industries but alsb to put new life inlo practically every Hue of business in the linked States." SIE 'ens' TUX I September Collections in $100,000 Above a Year.'Ago "'' cmpioycrf Suppo'i five "miihon are . LJ7 7 LL K °CK Sept 29 (UP>on rtlhfr One million "get lobs'!}" rf crease , ot , *«»OM In gaso lilt at She same time the last-re- K, collecll °"s . during self SOllrrp': nf tii-n miiiiX.. ~*». •.-'.' ternDcr sources of two: million others give out, their savings accounts, insurance loans, and the like. Then you have unemplojment reduced to nine million, and relief rolls Increased from five million to seven, at the same time.,. 1 '. "And that re-employment of a million people doesn't necessarily take n million people off relief As n matter of fact, the first to be employed are generally the last to have been laid off, that is, those who have been out of work for the shoi'tesl time. "Many or vhese people may not have been unemployed long enough to nave gone on relief at nil. INCREASE IN ROTH LISTS "Something like this is what has been happening. The Increase in the number of jobs is genuine enough. But the percentage of im- „ . ^- ..... 0 . ...^ .i^.tuau lu T , . ~ ;- '"^ "".f" ••>& ervce, tlie nunibcr of jobs is genuine ' as bee " nn "«iinced by c I, . ,,r ..., Berlin, manager of employed who find themselves finally reduced to asking public relief hits continued to increase. "Now it's including in greater numbers the 'white-collar' people whose savings and resources are at last being- exhausted." You look about the room. It seems incredible that from this barren oflice, utterly without ornament, and from this small plain wooden desk go forth the means of existence for 3,830,000 American families, almost 13 per cent of all our people. Even iho walls are bare except for a couple of large maps of the country, one showing drouth counties, one showing the location of EeJMieip and co-operative projects. DROUTH is I10UY BLOW -Hopkins .ponders sloivly another qiicsiion. Then he answers, delibcr- "tely, after a slow puff of his cig- . "I* 0 - 'don'l think we're going o have 5.000,000 families on relief winter. Of course, your guess as mine on that l«iuVl been for the ..„ as . riB ". t '' 11 M' '" ccllairt wc »vc a lighter relief burden this winter Han last. Even now, it may be lew than last winter if you con- J«er lhai a large number of (hose who benefuted fro,,, CWA last year would have been on relief rolls " Good evidence of l^t lies in the act that wllell CWA " was dcmobll- Prompt1j ' May, 1934, r ™ - ay, , of 4700000 families. This had been decreasing early in die summer, tot when the drouth added 1,000,«» cases in 18 states, all hope of tlif r'u reilUCi ^ lhe rdlef this fall vanished STATES CARRY 'SHARE But the drouth is over »l Hopkf,* 'The emerBe '' th °" 8h the Th ,it H ° n ln badly - hlt « rc!ls The situation is still grave, but I feel less discouraged about it than 1 did. a few weeks ago. "The states are beginning to carry their fair share of the burden in better style. And the more they have to carry their own burdens, the more local sentiment will (Continued, on page Three) over the 'correspond)!!" month a jeir ago »as sho»n lo- da> m iccords at lhe commissioner of revenue's office. CoJIefirans during the month just closing amounted, to $731,922 as J 'with $630,331 in Septem- . '• - . c " e '«* revenue. Increased »*« September, 1933, .with colle cted, nnd toll ' "^" $21 ' M0 .>»h C. L. Berlin Acquires Unique Cleaning Plant Acquisition of the Blythevill- unit- of Unique Cleaning Service, the local • o-- "• k*Ji, imiui branch, who will operate the plant located at 411 West Main,' now n locally owned institution, as Unimie Cleaning- Service, beginning Monday. Mr. Berlin c «mc here in May to assume management of the local branch of the corporation a subsidiary of the Memphis Steam Laundry. A man of wide experience in the operation ot cleaning establishments, Mr. Berlin had supervised equipping of Unique plants nt Helena, Jonesboro and Pine Bluff and had acted as general manager of the plant system. Rev. Alfred Carpenter Will Preach Toinorrow Returning from western Europe and the Holy Land , after comparing conditions there with conditions here, the new Baptist pastor, the Rev. Alfred Carpenter, will use ns his sermon subject Sunday morning "The First* Essential " At. the night service he will bring to light some mysteries surrounding the crucifixion nnd interpret them I in the light of present religious^ Shif'is Million Dollars of Assessed Valuation to Public Service Company NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 28. (UP) -Currying out hl s campaign prom- tee to "shave the wealth," Senator Hitcy P. Long, through his stats tax commission, lodny offered New Orleans taxpayers a reduction of more Ihan a million dollars In tax assessments. Today was the deadline for payment of IS34 taxes and the lax commission's annoinicsment cause'! a great stir in Ihe cily. Tnxpay-rs were notified by mail to pnv the reduced assessments. Totnl reductions amounted to,$1,038,000. "Do not worry about depleting the city treasury," the; letter stated, "because we have raised tlie assessment r on the, New Orleans Public Service company about $1,000 COO nboCe th° city assessment figures t • I The tax Deductions were nisi.' i\ the ituts/ commission urid?r a new [defile., hip law pnssc<l by the recent special session, of the leg- ishture ' First Queen of May! Question Wdrnan ;'at \ Ncsv York Today; 1W Others Meld ill Chicago NEW.YOUK, Sepl. 20.IUI') — Lindbergh kidnap InvcsUsutors nrraiijtlng to '(iueslloii iinolter woman reported to have liilkcd hys- toileally of "kidnaping and inuv- di-r," ndvnnced so rapidly todtiy Hint it S'lVs nnnounccd, the lihl of Hriino;;-;!?;; Hauptmaiiii on e\- .tortloii cinli-jies mlchl bealn aboiit October 10. DIst. Ally/ Samuel Foley's an- nouiiLTmciit' of progress camci s-horlly bnfore 11 was disclosed Hint ja woman known us "Mar.v" would lis questioned at Foley's office, probably late today. In connection with reports Unit she neled nnd talked ..sirnngcly' niter Haii]il- iminn'.s arrest. Tlie woman, who If not uiidci anv suspicion, nccordlnu lo olfl- cliils, will be questioned on tin- same bnsls ns many other persons In (he hope ihnl site may offci new Information In the case. She first was heard of a few days before Ilauplmann's arrest when she appeared at a New Jei- scy beauty parlor and had her hair dyed from black lo auburn. She babbled about kldnaulngs and later was observed by officials \\\\n did not believe she was a psychopathic case. ff advance notie be the most for Ihnt'honot in Mihinukec |S is of -iny hflp Miss Dorothy White nbme, should WOH, May q ,, 01! ,i cf 1915 - sVs nll( , n[lj , ,„„,' JJ in Milwaukee *,, ( , K bcvflnd .doubt' the flht In-ii/a to be selects for the'May'day erown. Forgery Suspect Claims Relationship to Garner LOS YANGELES, Cal., Sept. 20., (UP).^Miss Lois Sterling, 29,'who I claims she is the niece of Vice-' president John.N. Garner, was arrested tociay on suspicion of forgery.. She \vas locked in the police station cell Mock by detectives who accused l)er of passing fictitious checks aggregating $1,000. The detectives asserted Jhni Mi^ c~t i- • "•'pnH.U jv]]i^>.—kj(ivivuiisj ineir uav out Sterlings claims, ol relationship u> 1 city jail, 'liobeil Mais ind the vice-presitJeiit are iiiilhentie but ! ' offer .substantiation. I wo Gangsieis Escape at Richmond Afte'i Wounding Tincc Peisons RICHMOND, Va., Sept. 23. (Ui-) mcmbws of the notorious - gang under dcilh icn- lences here, commandeered n' U S Itruck near the jail nmt es- WASHIMGTON, Sept. 29. .(UP) leaped 'tadaj -Vicc-pn;sldcnt John N. Garner| The bandits shot Ihiec men In hns no niece by the name of Lois their brea 1 for freedom ™ Sterling, his office «U today. Miss man w. A 7«,( ,1 o ,o,,.h M " Jos3phme Sterling, a secretary to chest, was tin vice-president, Ls ' ington now. New Air Marksi conditions Traffic Violator Fined For Transporting Liquor W. L. Hnrper H-.IS fi ne d $100 on aplca of guilty to a chnrge of transporting liquor but $75 O f Iho nnd was suspended by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham yesterday. Harper wa spicked up by n state patrolman on a charge of traffic violation, lhe officer Inadvertently! discovering the n qt , or )n lhe back of Harper's car. He was fined five dollars on the traffic charge. Others paying two dollar fines for traffc violations Included T. J crump, Bernice Thomas and "John Doc," lhe latter a motorist whose name an ollicer Inking lhe money said he failed to remember. J. F. Province was fined $25 on charge of violating the city heallh ordinance. Three fines of $10 were assessed (or public drunkenness. Her Goal • i .- .-•. -"•.vii iu a nuspiinl Wash-1 where he underwent an emergency operation and , vn s give,, „ blood transfusion. The mall (ruck was abandoned by. Ihe . fleeing prisoners In the casern Mcli .O" of Hie city where they entered a ( private car. Officials believe the break had been prearranged and con- I federates on the outside assisted Accompanied liy her jiilol-lms- band, ncnnio Howard, Maxine Howard, alinve, pretty old blond, will li.imlle Hie controls on lior s|icnl Mi«Iii ncrosj Hie country from llmbnnk, Calif., (o New Ynrfc. In an attempt lo !>re;ik llwno' Turner's cast-west Iraiuicoullneulal mark of 10 hour«, 2 mluules, nu.l (o set a new record lor Hie reluni .flight. __l'ilot Oonlon Israel also will.tuYconipany ttia. Howard, Vols Open Final Season Under Coach Bob Neyland KNOXVILLE, Tcnn., Sept 29 (UP)—University of Tennessee Volunteers opened their last football season under Ihe coaching of Mnj. Hobert Neyland against Centre collcae here today. Word came today that Major Neylniirt, detailed here by the \r-r department for 10 years. n -ill be transferred to Panama January 9. Soviet Plane Factory Making Swift Ships MOSCOW ("ul^I-An ultra-fast IjaKcngcr plane rivaling In speed .nose used in America and. western Europe is being constructed by the Moscow Aviation Institute It is an all-steel, low-wing monoplane with collapsible landing gent. H win have a speed of 320 kilometers per hour and will be equipped for night and blind flying, J Wealth? Pooh! He Likes Truck Asks Little Rock Hotels to. Comply With NRA;Code LITTLE ROCK, Sept.,2D. (UP) — Ftiml.-effdrls to Vw&.fi' promlsV'of compliance^with the 'NRA rcstnu- rant and hotel code from the management of the Marlon hole) heii: nnd the Majestic hotel \ tit : Hot Springs was scheduled Ihls; afternoon by .1. J. Harrison, slate compliance- lutmlnfstrntof. , At n hearing here Mondnv before Ihe NRA compliance hoard II. G. Manning, manager'of "the two hotels, advised thai he.was not pay- Ing and could not pay code wages .or comply with working hour rc|j- itlntlons. . The recommendation ol the com- rllancc board hns been expected dally and indications were lliat strliiBcnt mensincs will be taken If efforts lo -ret a promise of compliance fall. Suffers Serious Injury in Automobile Accident Miss Ruby Ncnl, sustained serious 104 , Injuries when .a car In which she was riding struck n parked car on Highway. 01 lust night. Miss Nenl, with J. J. Bryant, Bill Malln and Miss Uuth Blythc was returning from Caruthersvlllc. Mo., afler attending n boat dance there. , According lo reports slic accident was unavoidable, Malln, driver of ihc'cnr, haviiif! been unable lo see the parked machine, which hnd ' "J'lio New Devil 11,13 (Ken cx- (emleil to ill x« |i,i( h \ n ^ nei t!.vaiii|)h> of I'reslilent Itcmsc- *olt. RrlnriiniK lo Ilio Mlillo HoiiBO fiom li[« Hj,| 0 ]i nl1l vacation, tlio president lioliiiv rclntti'eil Ills pun a mi nnd maijfl It plidi Hint IIP Inlcuili-d to continue »caili'ln It. ns M c t h o ci isl Temperance Board Tolls of Allegecj. Yuleticlc Hilai ity , ?~ A1 LAN! 1C CI1Y, N J, Sept. 29 (UP)—\ bond ol tempetnncc re- poit thai President and M.S., Uooswlt Vl an example" for Ameika's joulh ullli n hilarious Lcei pniiy nt the While House created a liimuKous conlioveisy^today i nt the Methodist Fplwopal chinch . (.onfutncc foi New Jersey » I << Aftci nn hQ.n s lilttn deoate, uluilng which timo the While Him-a , Iwiiod n denial of Ihe leirait' the confeionce i ejected the boirri'a niulhiKi and several delegate, se- \ciclj crltlcl?ed the board tlmir- man the llcv L ]j Hand l Kens Slacked In Hall ,' 'the icpoil was lead by the Rev .Mi llnnd o^ It huils Die whole nifife-iip' lof « true citizen' Ui G statcnwnC I1 end 'to und In bold hetidlnies. ' ,| Peci rioods. White House' n1a (then lo^read The White H(,^3« •Wit n Chrhlnias dance for lhe \onnaci mcnibeis of the Roosevelt fninliy The ,!„((,], r lon t hall l«i" piled with ket!<i of brci ns the* |dniKeis dinnk lo 1 sallety of "(he |l(oose\ellian bc\emge In the con- lUvlnlllv of the occasion all form." 1 ,'. llc ?, WCH1 . tllH ™» oiciboird mid , ^ere 6lto\sn nbo>e, >g long as tlio I'lUmllv iclgncd 'Ihe kegs weather days not. i>)lf(l m " lcl 'aWes ami covered J with tablecloths and tapped so tint all could imbibe ficcly such Is the exatiiple which the chief cvpcutlic and the fhst lady set' ioi the youth ot the nation ,What do the irulv Christian parents and' 1)0)1)1)5 UliJlk?" 1 | v-t'un't'Kcral! Soqr«- . . '1 he ncv ^fr. Hand lold lhe i United Pi ess he could not remem- , :. J b<;i "ic ctnct source of the pur- ranrl Snnrlic iRpt'irfl •Slin«i'""' (!( ' nuolatlon as the corifeienco p, naiKb .f; 61 ' 1 ™ 5ltlm ,temperance boaid had woiked over Clearance-r rb e ra m s " m|ich mn 'ciini gathered from r^l,_. n' ......;! newspapers, religious; masnplnes Ickcs Cdarges ''& • ATLANTA,' On.,..'Sept.' 20. (UP)— PWA'... Adnilnjstraior ' jltnrolil L | Ickes today cracked'down on land 'linrks nnd iinscrupuloiis politics !U the. dedication oi'Uvo inree tulcinl slum' cl projects,'' .'spapers, religious and speccbes, , 'lhe bonid's icport declared that epenl 1ms made dlics out of drug slorcs, bnirooms out of grocery •stoic nnd bni molds out of waitresses and. clcite. Th" liquor business has become legal but It has not . nnd never •'nu.,1 ^iL-.ii.iiiue projects, : ic^ni uin. n, nas not .nnd never ' Ickes unleashed'' a tongue Inshlng '"" liecome legitimate, ' the report at. enemies of recovery such as sal<1 lie hns seldom delivered befoie Blllcrly he referred to real es- !nte ,S(>ccnlalors who have scrlous- y retarded the government's $150,'.00,000 housing and Blum clearance "In search for our sites," ho said, "we literally have to go on .iptocs through the various cities holding our brcnllis and hoping against hope that we will be nblc lo take nn option or buy the property desired or at least start condemnation proceedings before these precious speculators know what we arc about." Legion to Meet Monday There will be tin important nieet- --— )»<>»vv< • iuiik.ii[iiv:, .wmuii nuu ° LJUU oason |iost, Atncrlcaii no lights, •'accor'dliig to' reports. | Legion, at thee armory Monday I Miss Nenl uv-is brought to tlicj n| B ht ' ll wns (innoiuiced lodtiy by iBIythcvllle hospllal. Physiclnns I c -' J - ut t-'Cr post commander, feared nn Injury of the pelvis. Other occupants of lhe car sustained minor bruises. '. Judge Warned Woman Six Divorces Too Many ST. LOUIS (UP) _ When Mrs Grace Thomson DieMibach obtained n divorce from her slxlh husband, Judge Hobcrt J Kirkwood told her: "Next lime, be sure gel you love One of iho mosl ' plutocratic lii-inccs of Uio Ovicnl la Ills liilhcOmt this little .son of liin ARI Ivlian worries not a! nil nhoi:l \renllli'<t bauMcs. Tlio liny dump (rntk wliicli he holds by a slving la (juita cimujiii to itcep him cnutetitcil, ni lio gaxes Inquiringly about at liis parents' chateau at Aix-!-:s- Bain.s, Fi'anco. Bishop John B. Morris Has Audience With Pope VATICAN CITY. Sepl. 23 (UP) —The Pope loday received In audience Bishop John B. Morris, ot Ullle Rock, Ark. He gave Bishop Morris host boxes of tortoise shell. ' Drouth Callle Returned BARRO.V, WIs. i UP) — Dlrron County drouth cattle are returning home after a summer vacation in northern counties. Recent rains have revived pasture lands to the extent, lhal- Ih eimmlgrnllon was ordered, Caruthersville Depositors Restrained in Liquidation JEFFERSON CITy. Mo.—The Stale Supreme Court Friday granted a temporary writ of prohibition returnable Oct. 8, to prevent Circuit Judge John E. Duncan cf Pcmifcol county from ruithorivlng n committee of deposllors of tne defunct Bunk of Caruthersvlllc. at Caruthcrsvllle. to liquidate Hie tn- slitiillon. O. H. Mobcrly, state finance commissioner who appealed for lhe writ, pointed out that the depart-' mcnt of nuance hud statutory power to liquidate all defunct state banks, and that It would be Illegal for this-work lo he done by ch- po?itor committees. " / The bank, which was placed on a restricted withdrawal bnsls March 25. 1033, was closed Feb. 27, 1D31. At the time of l(s closinj (here wns $35,707 in deposits In the bank. The committee which Tie deposllors named lo liquidate the bank was composed ot J. H. Mo Farlanei, C. F. Blokcr, J. D. Hurtman, James.R. Moore'nnd Chnrli-s G. Ross. Soup. Heiress : rl ~' to Marry Soon' tirlj Mnkts itt n \*\ ^ £j WASHINGTON, Sept. 29 (UP)— Stephen T Early, White House scr> rclniy, in n formal statement" today denied n icporl piesenlcd by the New Jeney Methodist board that President nud Mrs Roosevelt had uHeii an hlltirlous beer party at the executive mansion. 'The report Is so olniously un- liue Early sold, "Hint it could not lie eidicr decently or officially recognized" t Ai lhe same time It was indicated that the White House was,siir^ prised that nn officer 'of the, church would spread such a* r'g- porl and at the same time adrnlt he could noi ruiiunuer me source of his quotation. * ' The pnrlv referred to took place In the'White House the Saturday before last New Year's. Sweden's Only Siamese ., Twins Are Dead STOCKHOLM (UP) _ Sweden's first Siamese twins In living memory have just died. The twins, both of whom were soys, were connected .by the stom- ich «hlch made iny operation to separata them Impossible. Only one of them took nourishment of any sort. Both died five weeks after their birth. Their mother was a 29-year- old woman. PLYMOUTH ° Oi.irlolia K. Dorranco of Radnor, j Pa., (a)iova) lieiress to lhe Into l ^°" 1 ' !<lnff ' a "'illioii?. will soon eir™ youngest ot four ststcr*, Three New Textbooks Chosen by State Board L1TTVJ1 RC.VT., Ark.-A sub- . rlanllal reduction in the price of textbooks for public schools wiis. obtained by the state textbook com- mlssin yesterday ns the present geography was readopted for one year an dthrec other books rore adopted for six years. WEATHER Arkansas-Parity cloudy In welt portion, probably showers. In south- \ east portion tonight. Sunday unsettled, cooler in cast nnd north ixirtions Memphis and vicinity — Probably showers and cooler lonlghl Sunday cloudy and cooler »»•'

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