Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 10, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 10, 1948
Page 2
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Poge Two 1 ii i_ • • •• ?Car Buyers r'Wicked for "^Gadgets' HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS wast. T)oh't waste time. Today, get a bottle ] Rep. W. Kingslnnd Macy. R., N. Y.. I in announcing that his House sub*•- it'ce on qu stionnblc trade Mil qui s \ r-ral dealers' IK n !!„"- 1 i i i this month. IIP itoi it ported that "ni' i<- lo P about $300 i i 1 "- n ri nrc forced ' SI43 worth of unor- -out "luh as radios, s In it spray wind».., ( stun it -5 were based :i study of automobile sales \ViMnn 'to i D. C. Ml in tlf ' hi reason lo •vj) i i onrlj jon.s envererl _ j* olil in < a of Wash- fci&fej '»( p nt itive of those in f n i II I'D i iii;lioiit thc» < ounti M i rl - .. .. loi h c' ' d. "pi oject- i in; on tin In >s on i i itional basis, it is esiirnnlerl that durint! the Ifirsl seven months of JD-I.'I. the Report Wednesday, November TO, 1948 i.Cfllled rheumatic .dervnhied trade-ins, an;!, in r lumbago. You'll'lion thereto, has probably for the.help you get. lover 32riO.flfiO.Onn for extras they Continued From Page One cisions ahead on administration personnel and legislation. _ 3'- ••prVnt Truman is on vacation in Florida. While House aides at Key West were puzzled by a Mos cow report that President Truman might net to liiKsia to talk with i Prime Minister Stalin. (The presi- i dent has said repeatedly he will not | leave the United States again for such a rneo.ling.> , Or. H. V. I'A-atl of Australia, 'President, of the U. N. assembly, land many other dr-legate.s' are reported keenly, interested in any ,thing leading to a Truman-Stalin 'view th;il direct talks between per sonal envoys of the two men would n highly useful purpose, if the thrinselvcs cannot get. to- f **** t3*m.v.*v*a AUA nic . iit..i|.; y\i\A j^ut.. .3 Purchase price of first bottle back if f not satisfied. For temporary relief of , Accompanying constipation, take St. Jgoscph 2223 Laxative Pills, not want.' 1 Macy raid his subcommittee's investifiat'ons disclosed that: AKIioiiRh trade-ins customarily MMWE UBIG QUIET FAH ;v.-crt 'si a loss, ,dny al an jcent. [ Tr.-)rlc'-in.-;.havc i by dealers on .jlcasl "S300. • Now buyers don't |the accessories they lake with the car. " ij ,!'" j-iui.s at least another week. He mu jis to accept an honnrarv degree from London University' Nov" 1R i"|i l P 1 ' ol '' r 'l'l.v will do so in absentia. j This will allow him lo forego m,-tl-- a speech at a lime when the they arc being sold to average profit "of 43 psr P-IV rlmW-cl ,'• ." s ' H ' L '<n ai a nine when the in', £''^j-artvisabilily of an American-Rus want half of 'Automatic" frmui" 1 Suspended Gas Healers space, cut installs- 5* •fpf'** *~ i,iuv> „ ai'« v -vt *i." fltion, maintenance and f us]'costs in *' factories, warehouses, offices, and £: stoj-cs. Thc big, quiet fan and f\ efficient heat exchanger make Rcz- I; nof hc-atari-'tttps'for economy and || comfort, ,:>:Find : .out today how "l Roznors r place heat! where and ; wh'en it's needed. > - Heating Phone 259 B, • he sairi. "was established bv the manufacturers on a sufficiently high percentage in relation to list price to compensate them for thc used car loss they normally sustained in prewar markets. "In addition to this," M-icy went on, "since they receive a percentage discount, the new car delaers' profits have been materially increased by the fact thai Ihe 'basic price of automobiles i ' ' ' "" si.-in meeting may well have eomr uiuliM- study. been nn-lpi-vilnprJ . Dc / onsc Secretary Forrcstal ar br.ui unJpivj ucd nvct , in Pai . is and js (;x od IQ 1)1 'H have a long and frank talk- tonight -... Marshall. British delegation officials said •ivately they fell something may shaping 1115 between Washing- 1 they ex act before Mr eark in Tr imn 1040 ' ' ' I \iilv Bread Continued From Page One Iper cent above prewar. L UK.: uuaii; of the house in Iho New Look al least RO j and so on, caused a lot of beads of IT'S J4Mp;T ( 9-SHINE VVITH Compromise Is Continued- From Page One dent Truman's whole civil rights program. Sen. John L. McClellan, D., Ark., said in an interview that it wns "reasonable to assume" efforts would be made for mi.se "in the hope of Senate filibuster" and getting "as much party unity as possible." Any compromise? to have a chance of being accepted by a majority of Southern senators,'he said families to postpone replenishing their own wardrobes, says Mi- Heath in a recent article' As a result many retailers' inventories have been piling up on thc racks since Jirie. Mr Heath OLiotcs lower prices in many articles of haberdashery, and calls attention to a straight price cut of a) per cent on men's suits by one clothing chain. These, he says are probably clearance sales rather than real price slashes. But thev -- arc slill a result of supply exceed- r a cornpro-| mg demand. avoiding^ ; We don't say these examples give the whole answer to why prices have stayed up or why they will some clay come down. But we do pass them along to counteract the. notion, fostered by this year's i ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK j National Stockyards, 111., Nov, 10 \~ (/P) — Hogs 7,500: barrows and 1 gilts 2:5 to mostly 50 lower than average Tuesday weights under 200 Ibs holding up best: sows 75 lo 1.00 'lower; majority good and choice 130-270 Ibs 23.25 moderate numbers 130-230 Ibs topped at 23.50- good sows '100 Ibs down 20.502200- 'Over 400 Ibs HI.00-2.50: stags 10.0;. Cattle ,'!.50 calves 1.000: open iing trade slow on steers: few meri- , iu;n kinds 24.7,'i-2il.. ; 50: heifers and .mixed yearlings also opening about steady majority common and me- 20.00-25.00: cows very slow'; deals about steady at late decline with com muu anci medium beef cows 17 0010.00: canncrs and cutters 130010.50; bulls firm: medium and good 21.50-22.75 odd head 2300 cutler and common 17.00-2l'6o- v.enlers unchanged; good and , choice 28.00-35.50: common and 'medium 18.00-27.00. Sheep 1.5CO; market bearish do- .spile light run; generally 25 to 50 ; lower than yesterday on lambs and ^•"arhngs: no change on aged sheep: strictly good and choice wooled lambs scarce; tew lots 25 52-> xO early packer top 25.00- one packer bidding only 24.75; some medium nd good Texas clipped lambs No 2 skins 22.00; load medi- .urn and Good yearling wethers No 2 skins 22.75; most fat ewes 7.00^ POULTARY AND PRODUC E Chicago. Nov. 10 M 1 }.—Butter nor r'v,' S: ", cceipts 40 °.493 prices un- Eggs unsettled; receipts 7342- prices two cents a dozen lower to two ceants higher: U. S. extras 70 peel and p a 05 60-69 pel. a 58-60- dirlies 38-41: balance unchanged ' Live poullry: Fowl firm, balance slondy 1-eccicl.s 23 trucks: prices vnchrngcd: FO Bwholosale mark e): You-i" torn turkeys 44: voung hen turkerys 54 FOB wholesale m-r'-el. Hope Star Sfor of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. c - E - Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretary-Treasurer al Ihe Star buildino 212-214 Souih Walnut Street, Hop- Ark. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher P?)uf .M. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmcr, Mech. 5upt. Jess M. Davis, A-'vcrtising Manager Entered ai second class matter at 111. Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under thi Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press (NtA)—-Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Edgar Kennedy, Movie Comedian, Succumbs San Fernando, Calif., Nov. 10 —«P)— Edgar "Slowburn" Kennedy was to have joined his old movie pals as the .honored guesl at a testimonial dinner lonighl. Bui he will not be present. The veteran comedian, 58, died yesterday of cancer of the throat. Born in Monterey, Calif., Kennedy was a light-heavyweight boxer' '' no "West expected until Mack Sennett signed him as ! llll ' ( ' :: v-'ould be from :«) one of the original Keystone Kops ' P'oi's fhf f'H'ce.-ist said. For thc past 18 years ho had! 1101 'l mlc Kllt;!l low leadings been thc star of RKO's "Average jexpccted tomorrow. Man" comedies,/,^t^erios of short' comic films. Previously-,-, i he had done a stint.in vaudeville, directed comics Chai3l l V&"tfl;'asr] > 'and Laurel and Hardy in films and appeared | in about 500 photoplays himself. By United Press Continued cold weather and frosts were predicted for most of Arkansas tonight. to tempera de• and were No rainfall or snow was report'..d last niv;ht, following showers over the state yesterday and snow flurries in several noiih-cenlral Arkansas cities. Mip.li ar.d low temperatures yes Shelby County Banker Dies at Age of 59 Subscription Rofes: (Always Payable Ir Advance): By city carrier per week 20< cor month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller ant Larayette counties, $4.50 cer year; else where $8.50. National Advertising Representative — * -Kansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenr, •'"nek Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich igan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madisci Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W Gram Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 31<! Terminal Blda New Orleans, 722 Union St Member of thfc Associated Press: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively tt 'he use for repuhlirotion of all the loca lews printed in this newspaper, as well o 'ill AP news dispatches. Memphis. Nvo. 10 —(/P) Lytle... McKee, 50, head of a major firm?, bearing his name and member of the Shelby County Election commission died here Inst night at Baptist hospital. He was a former president of the Memphis-cotton Exchange 'and !he Memphis County Club. He had served tin the commission for about ?() years. MeKee had been a director of Union Planters National Bank and Trust Company here, of thc Fourth •uid First banks, incorporated of Nashville, Tenli., and the Mer-Ai chants and Planters Brink of Wcst T " Memphis, Ark. He. attended Vandcrbilt Univer- in 1307-00. leaving after his .Sll^V 111 JiV'.'(-Uy. !l (.(VJll^ CCLCJ Ilia second year to enter the cotton bus- Youth Hod Nothing to Do iness. His; widow and four vive. children sur from the would have to eliminate the Fair' campaign speeches 'thai " hiah S??™ ent Praaicc Commission | pri^s are the sole respdnsibili'ty legislation. He said he opposed anti-poll tax and anti-lynching legislation on grounds they "encroached on States rights." Otherwise, he said, they in themselves are not so bad "But. to me," McClellan added, the !• EPC is indefensible, in prin- I ciplc and. .in .practice." osy of Congress, the President, profit- hungry industrialisls, or the exorbitant demands of unions Maybe they all are partly to blame. But it looks as if the law of supply and demand was still working, too. Bufflehead ducks nre small, like leal, and are knuwn as "bultei-- balls" because they are so fat. IT'S REALLY GREAT TO ENJOY "I OR£,£HAPP SOOTHES SMARTING- Quick relief with Don't go on suffering from painful, dry, cracked lips- reach for Mentholatmn. Ix-el fast-acting Mentholatum's famous combination of menthol, camphor ;</icl other ingredients' soothe tender lip skin, revive dried-out skin cells, help them retain needed moisture. Soon smarting pain leaves, lips feel smoother-it's a pleasure to smile again. In tubes and jars— 75 v'sizes. You're In to Di Spun Rayon Plaid dressy 'enough for dating, with kn abundant skirt, and sleeves fit to be tied with a bow. . . , Blue, aqua or grey in junior sizes 9 ro 15, aud a wee price that's WAY DOWN UK UK 8.98 We Give Eagle Ijt Tne Ltodirig Departnic-nt Start HOPE NASHVILLE Key West, Fla., Nov. 10 —(/P)— Senator Alben W. Barklcy's arrival at President Truman's Southern vacation retreat stirred renewed speculation today of imporlam decisions ahead. The only word lhal came from temporary White House heurl- ouarters, however, had to do with . the weather and open-neck Irish ' linen sports shirts. • From all that was told officially I the lop running team of 1918 had nothing more on their minds than a romp at the beach and a snooze in the sun.. And Leslie L. Biffle, the director GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Nov. 10 ~- (/P) — Grains orened lower today and never were able to make up the lost ground. Profit-taking, lark of new buying and worry over the effects ol a wild-cat strike among dock workers in thc east caused the sell-off. g Dealings were very active as the m.T-.kr-i headed downward. Traders said Ihe slump was not unexpected in view of Ihcmarket's strength Since election day. Cash corn prices eased a bit with futures but offerings of cash prain on a J to- arrivc basis continued small ' Wheat closed 13-8 2 18 lower December $2.31 3-4, corn was 1 38 1 34 lower, December $1.42 1-8 — 1-4, Dates were 78 — 1 18 lower, December 80 1-2 — 5-8, rye was 2 to 2 12 lower, December SI 79 12 soybeans were 12 — 2 1-4 'lower' November $2.58 14 — 1-2 and lard was 7 to 25 cents a hundred pounds •lower, November $18.70 Spot wheat headed lower with' the futures today 'basis steady- ror ceipts six cars. Corn was lower- basis unchanged to a cent less' bookings 35,000 .bushels; receipts 416 cars. Oats were lower; basis steady; receipts 15 cars. Soybeans receipts were 39 cars. NEW YORK COTTON New York, Nov. 10 — f/P) — Cotton futures moved lower today on hedging and liquidation. The decline was attributed partly to tech- meal reasons following recent sharp advances in the market An unfavorable forecast on October cotton consumption induced some selling, along with liquidation in nearby December which af- tectocl the rest of the i Losses extended to almost $1 later NEW YORK STOCKS Neaw York Nov. 10 —kP) —A late rally faltered in the final few minutes of trading in "an cratic stock market today. Athe closing bell gains and losses were thoroughly scrambled. Changes wither way were mostly a point or less. Late demand lifted many issues which had fallen to ne wlows for the year or more. Turnover was at a rate which would top 2,000,000 shares. Among the gainers were Bethlehem Stell, Yourigstown Sheet, Gen- ereral Motors, Chrysler, U.' S. Rubber, Montgomery Ward, Bath Iron Works, J. C. Penney, U. S. Gyp- soin, International Paper. Central R. R. of N. J.. Santa Fo. Southern Plate, ' Gulf Oil. <N J), and United torday and last night included' Ar kaclelphia 5:1 and 2H, Batesville GG and ,":;! Oamd.'ji fil and 3f), Fort (Smith 51 and 112. Gilbert 44 and 21 H'irrir.oii •'! I and 27. Litlle Rock CO and ;.'.';. N':'wp<irl 50 and 81, Ozarkjdamp chill over an area .._ 50 and 27. Pine Bluff (13 and 32 Rockies lo the Appalachian moun- and Texarkann 45 and 31. Itains today. In nortli-centrnl Arkansas, Mel-1 Meanwhile, a small tropical hur- bourne had one inch of snow on the j ric'ano moved up the Atlantic and ground this morning rind a lolal Ihrcalened Ihe North Carolina I since yesterday of .1(3 of an inch of coast. Strongest winds were esti Spin and snow. Batosville .60 of an mrted at 75 miles an hour, inch and U. S. Lock No. 3 above Temperatures along the cast .51) of an inch. coast are generally above normal The fnrccjisi rail, d fm- fair skies |but thc mass of cool air west of thc and continued cold today and to'Appalachians was expected to p'Bhl. fair and not so cold Tnurs- move into that section tonight, day. The mercury was below freezing Uardanelle w.-is thc coldest place over most of the Midwest and ._ „ in the stale thi.s morning when the Rocky Mountain states early to- at Fayotlc- |mercury dipped to 2(i degrees from dpy. Craig. Colo., reported .a low v'ith a sui- yesterday's maximuori of 45. In a jof 11 above. Rain fell from the depdloel; for second were Harrison ]Groat. Lakes southward to the East and O;:ark with 27 degrees. New-jgulf. Some light snow fell in many poil and Texarkan rend their I section ever Ihe Dakolas. Montana, Michigan and Minnesota. Texarkana, Nov. 10 —CUP) ""-• Texas and Arkansas police invest-1 Batesvillc igalors were disposed today to dis-' '' count the possible connection of 17- year-old H. B. Tennison with the 1046 phantom murders here. The body of the University of Arkansas freshman was found in his boarding house room ville last Friday long with cide note claiming that he killed 'three of the five victims. ! But Col. Homer Garrison, direc-.- — i tor of the Texas Department of Mhermomenters at 31. Little Rod- Public Safety, said yesterday at iEates-.'Jlle. For). Smith and Pine Austin that Tennison's fingerprints did not match those taken at the scenes of the slayings. . Following this development, : Sheriffs Bill Presslcy of Bowie .county, Tex., and W. E. Davis of Miller county, Ark., issued a joint j -..-.-» statement in which they virtually jfi rol " lcl :1K il fc' 1 eliminated Tennison's possible irn-l plication in the case. I They said Tennison had never been a suspect before his death. | "Since that time a detailed investigation has been made of all his stalemenls and a study of all notes left by him," thc statement Bluff at .'12. and Black Rock at 34 degrees. Light to heavy snowfalls were re- rorUv! yesterday at Siloam Springs rT arrison. Mr.uiilain Homo and F:\yeitevilie, but most of it was dis;:olved bv the rain-soked , C-IH w; 1 Chicago I snow and nrir over Nation Nov. 10 — f,T'> — Rain, temperatures put a i P: '' ;ific ' 1 Sf landarcl Oil Al i' Lincs Superior Oil of California dropped 10 points to 155 at onn time .-••ncl Skclly Oil posted an 8-point loss at 107 at the outside. i Others under pressure most of I the dnv included Catr-rpillar iTrsc- lor, Glenn Martin, National Dis- sillers, Coca)Cola. American Telephone, Kennecott Copper, Westing- .house Electric, Union Pacific, Atlantic Coast Line, and Pacific Western Oil. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans. Nov. 10 — <JP) — Cotton futures rallied in late trading here today on trade buying and pro-holiday short covering to recover most of their earlier losses Closing prices were steady, five cents to 05 cents a bale lower. Dec high 31.43 — low 31.32 — close 31.40 Men high 31.45 — low 31.35 — close 31.45 jMa.v high 31.28 — low 31.17 —close 31.27 Jlv high 30.38 — low 30.20 — close 30.37 . • . . Oct high 28.G5 — low 23.52 — close 28.62-03 "His fingerprints do notlcricler v.-h . — any of the unknown prints, jthe suicid- |3nd all guns to which had had ac-!js not icess do not match with any of the i Cor sc jbullets known to have been used."'in tin The sheriffs were referring to ballistics test results revealed by Lieut. Alan Templcton of thc Arkansas State Police yesterday. Templeton said it was established that bullets from two, 22 rifles owned by two of Tennison's brothers do not match those used in the slaying of Virgil Starks. The sheriffs also pointed to a statement of Tennison's 16-year- old iriend, Charles. Freeman of Texarkana, as eliminating all pos- j sible connection of the student with .Starks' death. Freeman told officers he was with Tennison on night Starks was killed. Countv For grain, hay. livestock and machinery. Straight si'dewalls. 40'. 32' and 20' widths. -ary of the Senate, talke-j only of lishing. LilUe ;:u-ivi'd wilh' Bai-kloy on a navy plane yeslorday afternoon I Hcporiers, trying lo learn about, 'ivipcnding cabinet and other acl- .niuislrative changes, Ju-.ind l!an-., ley no help, and'" DilTh.- even less , so. "I just came down fur a rest " s;;/d L'arkloy. 'Tin not talking poli- ities." I but no one doubted thai the ' course . of future- administration i legislative proposals will be | charted be-fore he lea\'e.s Florid;) within "a week or so." Senator J. Howard MeGrath, Democratic national chainnaii, is expected tomorrow. No one doubts that he and the president will talk over Ihe make- I up of the cabinet thai will take 'over in January. Barkley and Biffle will be brought into these consultations. I The air was thick with rumors, but empty of official substanliation -Ihe president is known, however, to be conci-ntraling primarily on finding a new Undersecretary of i Stale to replace Robert A. l.ovett, | who will step (ml .soon. Secondarily ' there's the problem of deciding upon a new Secretary of Defense when James V. i-'orreslal moves cut. i Work on the state of the union I message to the new Congress will ! require a lot of work when Mr. Tru- iman ivtinns to Washington. --- cotton export nuthori- jiuons u-h.'ch would cover the pur- '.•iNr; of cotton. " ";' n t". a bale lower than" the nrc- "Hiis close. ",'i i 1 ^' 1 ; V-' ln - ltnv ;!1 '^ - last .•1.4.-1 unch *j Hah 31.47 - low 31,30 _ last .U.4/ MIH-h «"v bi^h 31.29 — low 31.18 — l as t U.L'f, uiif-h ll.v high ?0.40 -- low 30.27 — h s t 30.3(i off i! -i iet hi£?h 2,'1.71 — low 2H.5(i — last 2».C;s-(J5 off 9-11 -<;•!• high 2f!.52 — low 2il.40 — last £K.-il! olf fl Middliim spot 31.95N unehaiu-ed N-nominal. •' to Return to Cuba . Pressley and Davis concluded they were of the opinion that the statements left by Tennison "were made at a time when the boy was in ill health and was in a despond- "H that he thai he when Martin said. Cridor declared, however, that he had never had "'much faith" in the notes. But he said he wa.s satisfied that the note Tennison wrote in which he claimed he was responsible- for the three murders was the last one written before his death. Another note in which Tennison asked finders to disregard all oth- the j ers was written previously. Crider contended. . The sheriff said the fountain pen used in the note containing thc admissions had been purchased only a few days before the message was dated. TEXARKANA 1310 W. 7th Phone 3-8830 One of these Steel-Aluminum Buildings being erected for Harry Shiver in Hope. Drive by and see it. Cincinnati Nov. 9 —!.fl— A $3 COO a week engagement will ;ako Salira back lo Cuba although she doesn't know just how soon. Sittira. whose real name ; s Patricia Schmidt, is the Toledo, O., dancer who served 18 months of a l:>yo-'--s?ntcnr:o 'c" lh« faf>> shoot -US of John Lester Mee, Chicago '-wyer, .-board his yachl in Havana harbor. She was pardoned a snonlh ;>go and last week- resumed her dancing career with an engagement at the Latin Quarter in nearby Campbell County, Kentucky. "I'm certainly anxious' to go back," Satira said as she explained nor booking agent is making Cuban arrangements. is placed at thc top of maps not for any special reason but simply because the custom has been followed for hundreds of years. U. S. Officers Told I to Turn Down | Red Investigations Frankfurt, Germany. Nov. 10 . 'i-- American army officers have |ili::closi-d they \\vre ordered ID [urn Idov.'n iiu'iialions to the Kussians' i :iiioivei-s;iry jiarly lu-re last Sunday. Oi.ly thr.H- American:; six-ciall.v '.iialcil by hi;;h army ciiMnuaiui ri'i'Diillt'd ID atlL-nd the par!'.', i b\ Ihe Snviel military nii.s- •\<> Ju'-ri' on (lie Mist aninvVr.-.j.r.v. ;' tlu- ('.jii-nuinist revoluiiuii in i- lhi\'e ]jjriniued lo atti-ud .'i.'iV'.' as.sif.njiii,-nt.s in \\-ineh tla-y . lr\.-iuu.-;nly deal directly v.itli KIIS. ~ :iin military rci)rsi.-nt;i'tivc-; ' la-re. ; Cii'ii. Lucius 1). Clay aud Sir Hri.V'i Hii'-x-i'tiiui!. Ajjierican ai:;.i 1 Umish inilitary governors, did n-n 1 : lt-.-n;i i!!!.' Sovic-l CflebraliuM in .•-"•• i !j;i. 'J hey .',1','it subi/rdiiu-.tcs to i' i'.v.-vm llii-ii). Composer HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured composer, Dr. Richard S His nationality 14 Controversial 15 Indolent 16 Immerses 17 Daybreak 19 Lichen 20 Mimic 21 Save 23 Groove M Toward i5 Thus 26 Part of "be" 28 Pronoun .'9 Decree 31 Planted J3 Beverage M Pedal digit 35 Deputy 37 Natural fat 10 Negative reply li Tellurium (.symbol) 2 Concerning 3 Sun god 4 Marble 6 Dullards 1 Fabulous bird 2 Brain passage 4 South European 5 Military helper 6 Color 8 Sneerer 0 Oozed 1 Eternal VERTICAL 1 Staid 2 Three-legged stand 3 Mature 4 Donkey 5 Note in Guide's scale C Lateral part J 7 Saurel 2 8 Departed 2 9 Diminutive 2 suffix 2 10 Edge 3 1 Anchor 3 12 Take for 3 granted 3 13 Made a snug 3 home 3 I H It to ^m" 'i /*->miyji,tf,iri 35 40 Hf bi it. V> M •rit" 3 >\ : ;?: SO 3J %S^ N5 ¥ 'Vjs'- ib HI 5':*' >& 6S 5 sHJi ^ 11 4b t-fc 5K* 5'J AnMWer to Previous A V I D UI t- 6 T_ N U M. 0 H O R if H S E 1 "D b H : -- S M T e c A T E i£ R M E %. A S, T =! B> < D A 5 R U \~P?MORE WSTER § s D E - O N 1 M E ' T Y M i N B tm O f- J =• = D Puzzle L. A E N E R pr n E 1 E; U A ;•'", A U G U R ^1' 1 V C A h s si f\ B! - T j — £J ^La^ le J1A I s > E J(S 8 Us 45 Lived 1 Turned 47 Employed 2 Rulers 48 New Latin 5 Odor (ab.) 7 European elk 49 Hand-raised ) Follower go Level 2 Moist 51 Be borne 5 Capers 53 xear 5 Tufted beard 55 Trouble 3 Eats away 57 Compass point 3 Snakes 59 Road (ab.) ) n if |u i i •J *p* $ / jr- x ff ua t R—^*»*fi 1 1 I W 3?~ r e 1 it il 2£ S3M| I 60 2.1. 31 34 31 42 ^ f^->i 6) IU I 1 * * 27 Sc^ •as?- 1 Si II i3 SH5 32 m 5 12 ?4 13 IP •0 M 8 •I 1 Ask for it either -way . . . both trade-murks menu the same tiling. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY Or IHE COCA-COIA COMPANY BY HOPE CO C A CO: A b O T T L I N G CO Second end L j & 1948, Ihe Cccc-Cola Company

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