Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 9, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 9, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six Three Trainmen Injured Near Fort Smifh Fort Smith, Nov. 8 — !/!*> —Three Missouri Pacific freight train crewmen were injured Sunday night When a coal tnino cave-in under Snorkel Subs Could Handle U. S. Fleet Judgment Awarded in Fataf Wreck Near Hope Little Rock, Nov. 8 — (JP> —The Arkansas Supreme Court affirmed one Galanci Circuit court award Ja 11 i i, v.nv*\o rtt /IMA, /AIK.. Derailed .the 13 cars and engine of their train. men, Arthritis ««fortlng help or pains of Rheumatism, Arthritis, jimbago. Sciatica, or Neuralgia try ^ 1 " t ,'? roush thc b!ooa - First doS , - s o Bll °J latln 8 Pn'n so you can , e and sleep more comfortably. P«t Remind at druggist today. Quick, com- mislictlon or money back guaranteed. i Nfld., Nov. 8 —(UP) -„..- snorkel equipped submarines theorcctically have .sunk or -••' —'-cl .in entire United States inflect of 100 warships mclud- Duncan, nav"3' announced today. Vice 'Admiral IX B. commanding the navy's ft ^,,^ 0 . postwar maneuvers in the strategic North Atlantic, said the speedy snorkel submarines, 'called " gup- ples" had far outclassed the navy's wartime anti-submarine devices. by a train. A/firmed was a $1(5,000 judgment for Mary Huth Dennis, whose husband, Fred G. Dennis, died in the flaming wreckage of his truck near Hope, Feb. 13, HM7, after a collision with an East Texas Motor rue - I'UCK. "Snorkel submarines in actual We'll get it ready for Winter with .. 1. Complete Chassis Lubrication 2. Change Oil—5 Quarts 3. Spray Springs 4. Change Rear Axle and Transmission Lubricant 5. Refill Shock Absorbers 6. Inflate Tires 7. Check Water in Battery 8. Flush Radiator 9. Repack Front Wheels combat would have cither sunk or seriously defeated our task force before they could make an Argentina beachhead." Vice Admiral Duncan said. "They have far greater speed underwarcr than old types and the now breather tube makes it possible for them (o re main submerged indefinitely." Roar admiral Jarncs Fife, commander of Atlantic fleet submarines who defended Argentina, was quick to point out that only eight guppics held the fleet back in yesterday's maneuvers in which more than 30,000 men, 500 airplanes and some 100 ships took part. 'Two hundred guppics could sweep the United States Merchant Marine from the seas," Fife said. He further pointed out that the of North Little Rock, were brought to a Fort Smith hospital where they were reported in good condition Monday. Engineer William Rogers said to be also from North Little Rock was taken to Little Rock aboard a Fort Smith bound passenger train forced to turn around at the wreck. G. truck, INSURANCE POLICY FOR OLDER AGES AT ONLY! CENT A DAY THIS PROTECTION COSTS ONLY 1 CENT A DAY • We now have a limited accident policy for men and women a»cs G r 3 NC ° STS ONL ^ ONE half-owner of Dennis' given $3,COO damages. The only objection to he verdict was on the question of negligence. The supreme court opinion cited much of the testimony and added: "It cannot be said there was no substantial evidence in support of xxx the contention that the East .Texas driver negligence caused the H OPE S T A R . HOPE, A R K A N S AS Prescott News Tuesday, November 9, 1948 Wednesday, November 10 Prcscott Musical Cotcrio will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton at 3 Harrell, Dr. Glenn Hairslon and ™ rs - Hairston, Norman Whitaker Sr., Martin Guthrie, Mr. and Mrs. Fran JS Gill) erl, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan McRae Jr., and Mr. and Mrs -- — LU " "icivae jr., and There will be choir practice at Gcorge Christopher. Central Baptist church at 7 with' Bible Study at 8. Presbyterian choir will havo practice at the church at 7:15 p.m. A Teachers and Officers mcetinp will be held at First Baptist church at 7 p.m. A business meetine will be held at 7:45 with choir practice at 8:30 p.m. l injury and damage, within contemplation." A $~>,2~M award to Vcrnon C. Fryc, 10, was reversed and remanded for new trial because of legal The boy was riding on a truck driven by his mother, May 29, 1946. As the truck approached a crossing near Hot Springs, a train was observed. Mrs. Fryc testified she first, applied the brakes but then decided she could beat the train, and did. The boy fell on the tracks a few feet in front of the locomotive and was killed. The supreme court opinion said the verdict was not excessive but upheld the railroads's alicgatio'ns of trial court error on several points and remanded the case for w trial. Suit Filled fro Force Yofe for Mr. Truman Mobile. Ala., Nov. 8 -(/PI- State Senator Joseph N. Langan today filed suit in Mobile Circuit court Presidential elector Ger- Methodist choir will practice at 7:30 p.m. at the church. Prescott Curley Wolves will meet Ashdown on the local Cummins field at 8 o'clock. This will be the Wolves' Homecoming game. Prcscott Kiwanis Club will sponsor "Laync" the master magician in a performance at the Park Elementary school at 8 o'clock Pro coeds will be used for youth acti- Thursday, November 11 The '47 Bridge Club will meet Thursday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Clarence Clark at 2:30. The Tuberculosis Christmas Seal Bond drive will be headed again this year by TE. Logan. Duncan McRac Jr. and Ernest Hcsterly are assisting Mr. Logan in the drive which opened last week. This drive is for those who desire to give ?5 and more for the cause and should not be confused with- the Christmas Seal Sale which begins the last week in November The service rendered each year in this work benefits Nevada covnty as a whole. Programs, films, teaching material, literature, X-rays transportation to hospitals and the patients' needs on entering the hospital are a few of the items which Mrs. John A. Davis, Mrs. Joe R H"imillon, Mrs. W. R. Burks and Mrs. J. B. Hesterly, attended World Community Day services in Hope £nclay It is sponsored by the Council of Church Women. U. S. Nor Likely fo Back British Plan in Palestine Paris Nov. 8 — (/?, — An authoritative delegation source said today the United States probably will not back a British plan that would order Israeli forces to withdraw D n i° w !y won Positions in north- Palestine. Britain asked the United Nations - Council last Thursday to Adam Guthrie Jr., student at the University of Arkansas spent the w/ckend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Guthrie Sr rr ? • B ' akel y has returned to Hcndrix College, Conway after B weekend visit with his father, P. M. Blakely, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Avcry had as their weekend guest their son, Charles, student at Hcndrix College. • ,u° P'' cscoU Band participated '" th f. Homecoming activities at Ouachita College, Arkadelphia on Saturday night. SEE YOUR FORD DEALER Hope Auto Co. 220 W. Second St. Hope, Ark. Phone 277-299 CENT Since it is very difficult for persons of those higher ages to obtain accident protection, we want to send you one of these policies FOR YOUR INSPECTION, without any obligation to buy— it will be sent direct to you by mail, and no one will call on you about it. When' you receive this Postal policy, you can see what it pays and exactly what for, and for how long. Let the policy itself tell you the facts . . . then decide! This policy for ages 05 to 85 was developed when we found that many men and women, of those ages wanted this type of accident insurance. MORE THAN 50,000 OF POLICIES ARE SEND NO MONEY NOW. Just write us your name, age and address—the name, address and relationship of your beneficiary — and we will mail the policy direct to you — no obligation — you bo the judge — when you arc satisfied then send us $3.65 to put the policy in force for twelve full months. Postal Life & Casualty Insurance Co 2G51 Postal Life Building, Kansas City 2, Mo. l\rt r- V <-^v-iui \jrur- fi ten aiu a lew Oi llie Items WhlCh McCorvc y to vote for Pres- bond buyers will help to provide umnn (through their purchase of these Folsom had bonds. Transportation is provided 1 _.._,_ . . Truman. C-o. James . ^. ^ U10U1U ni , a asked a Federal court order at Montgomery Friday restraining McCorvey and Alabama's 10 other Democratic electors from voting far anyone bi.f Truman. Langan's suit asked the court to require McCorvey to show cause why lit should not vote for the suc- C£indiciatc If McCorvey fails to do so, Langan asked the court to order him to cast his electoral college vote conlcmp™"' ° r bC punishcd f?r McCorvcy is chairman of the state Democratic executive committee. Langan was an Alabama iruman leader during the presidential campaign. Americans spend two and one- nan times as much for tobacco as they spend for physicians' Russians have nearly 200 of this type submarine, having captured the base were the Germans developed and built the snorkel breathing tubes. However, Duncan revealed that the navy has new anti-submarine devices "on the way" which will defeat the snorkel submarine. He added that these new devices were r.lready out of the experimental stage and that all that remained to be done was to to equip the fleet ee with them and train personnel in •Adv. their use. HORSE BARN Buildings are available in 50 ft. and 40 ft. widths, lengths in any multiple of 20 ft. Also in 20 ft. and 32 ft. widths, lengths any multiple of 12 ft. Get complete information today. only for those unable to provide il for themselves. Inasmuch as those workers are busy men it will save them a great deal of time if each contributor will contact any of these solicitors for their contributions. The Nevada County Health unit, Nevada County Medical Society and Tuberculosis Association expresses gratitude to all who helped in anyway during the mobile X-ray clinic. There were 1267 persons X-rayed from Tuesday, October 26 through Thursday, October 28. Among those from Prescott'who attended the Arkansas-Rice football game in Little Rock Saturday were: Mr: and Mrs. Tom Logan Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Craig, Jr., Mr' and Mrs, R. T. Murry, Dr. O G Hirst and Mrs. Hirst, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. McKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bryson, Mr. and Mrs. C. H lompkms, Mr. and Mrs. J D Regan, Mr. and Mrs, P. s ™ k r?V, vers has returned to A & M College, Magnolia after , spending the weekend with mother, Mrs. B.- C. Stivers. his , p at Fore, student at University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr and Mrs. Vernori Fore. . Mrs. Lee Montgomery, teacher in Bodcaw School spent the weekend in Prescot Two cub scout packs are located Jn Hope. Pack 3, sponsored by a group of parents and led by cub master Frank Horton. Pack 90 is sponsored by First Baptist Church Among those from Prescott who attended the Prescott-DeQueen football game in DeQueen Friday night were: the band, cheerleaders, 1 Miss Rita McCaskill, Mr. and Mrs J. E. Smith and daughter, Claud-' ettc, G. C. Berry,, Mrs, Charlie Thomas, Jim Thomas, Emma Jane Stockton. Charles Avery, Mr Burley, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Danner, Mrs. Leonard Hart, Mrs. Joe Tyson, Miss Iva Tyson, Mary Agnes i --" "•? "anum wauter Troop Avery Jean Munn, Bobby Lois °* ll ?e First Presbyterian Church Box. Foy Box, Granville Johnson Hnno ''" '"^ '"' T; ""-•" Wendel Brown, Phil Murphy and Charles Brown. ursay o extend its order for the withdrawal « ,.„ n i ?" a Arab forcos in South,?H n stl r c s Nc S° v dcsci 't 1° include all of Palestine. • The council's order on the Negev front strikes mainly at the forces ot Israel, which have advanced to seize key points along the supply routes to desert settlements The only other big gains by Israeli forces recently have been on the north Galilee front. The cource emphasized that no final decision has been made oon whether the United States will support the British resolution He add ed however, that the American delegation was unlikely to support a blanket extension of the principles laid down in the Negev order He said American support of the resolution for withdrawal of Jewish troops on the Nogev front was based on a complete report of the situation from the U. N.'S act g Palestine mediator, Dr. Ralph J Bunche. Britain pressed for a council counc meeting today, but at mid-day Change of Venue Sought in Trial of Alledged Rapist Fort Smith, Nov. 9 — (/p) -— A change ol venue from Sebastian county may be asked for Albert Edward Griffin, 30-year-old navy veteran ciiaiged with kidnapping and raping his step daughter, age six. Defense Attorney Hugh Bland (old reporleis lue.sday ne v, ^..i considering asking the'transfer to Scott county because the demise considers it impossible to obtain a fair trial in the court ol original jurisdiction. Giifl'in was bound over to the .February term of the Sebastian jCircuit Court at a preliminary hearing today. The hearing had been recessed several days to permit the state to brinf; to Fort Smith a Muskogec, OKla.. cab cMve.r who drove the accused man and the child from Muskogee to Tulsa. Deputy Prosecutor James Tnlcn- sohn, who will assume the office of prosecutor before the February term of circuit court, said he will ask tin: death penalty .for Griffir, . _. . 9 ' Only one-third of U. S. motor travel is at. night, but three of every five traffic dvalhs occur during hours of darkness. other nab acts faster in Mr. and Mrs. Pat Combs of I< ayetteville spent the weekend with Mrs. Combs' parents, Mr, and Mrs. C. D. McSwain. Miss Nona Kathryn Eagle, student at Hcndrix College, Conway spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Eagle. Harley Cox has returned to Fayetteville to resume his studies at the University of Arkansas after a visit with his parents, Mr. and Ernest;. Cox. Mr. and Mrs. Reese McDougald swuooi is iea oy Howard Pritchard announce the'birth of a son, Oscar -Troop 90 of the First Baptist (jrady on October 31. " v " 1 — u -' TT .•_..,, _'. -" — --~>. ---"t-'Li.3L v-uui un i u "L ln lhe P r Pcess of replacing :ub Master Bill Keltner. Air Scout Squadron 62 is spon- •-"• 4 u y Hope Kiwanis Club and Harrold Walker. Troop 58 r - r irst Presbyterian Church of Hope is led by Jimmy Miller and John Bagley. Troop' 59 of the Presbyterian church of Washington is led by Frank Simmons and Jimmy Troop 62, sponsored by the Century Bible class, First "Methodist Church, Hope, i.s led by Clyde Coffee and Dewey Babcr. Troop 65 of Fulton is led by Chester Anderson. Troop 68 is sponsored by the Palmos Public School. Troop 7G of the C9himbus Lodge is led by Lee D Hicks. Troop 77 sponsored by the American Legion post at Blevins is led by Leo Willard. Troop 82 sponsored by Guernsey School is led by Jay Whitney and Elmer Anderson. Troop 83 of Spring Hill school is led by Howard Pritchard toi r«licva coughs-aching muscles! Mr .and Mrs. W. H. Durbin an- . . b " of on America Greets Strangers With Friendliness-Perhaps That Is the Reason for Our Success By 'DeWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst Did you ever have .„ overpow- to me «?_e_scenes holds in world affirs. of your childhood after long years of absence? Well, I did,, and. that's what I tm.m m /IB B ! » * ^^3rp&^[ FUMH SALIS MB SERVICE Product of BUTLER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Li 60' WIDE BOWSTRING TRUSS 6UIIDINGS ALSO AVAILABLE i'iiliTi> i W'G D"I s T *«a u t "] For Information Coll Or Write 1310 W. 7th Street Texarkana Phone 3-8830 See one of these Steel-Aluminum buildings being erected for Harry W. Shiver in Hope. You're invited h> drive by and inspect this building. was doing when I played hookey from this column the last fortnight of October. I went back to my native Vermont to try to renew acquaintance which had been largely severed for a generation — a dar ing adventure and one I approached with a mixture of eagerness and of fear that I should fail in my cjuest. And just what, you ask, has this to do with the "foreign affairs" I which I am supposed to analyze? Well, that's a lair question and I plead guilty to straying a bit. However, the dictionary says "for eiyn" means, among other things, "irrelevant," and so I venture to go ahead with my story. And if you will come along, I suspect we may find a moral which will justify the aberration. I'm not quite sure what impelled me to make this trip, but I felt that I had to gel back to the old days among the mountains and lakes where my dad was a Methodist clergyman in various par ishes. I have the uncomfortable feeling that my missus called the turn when sho remarked: "Mac, this is a sign we are getting on in years. When folks ac quire gray hairs they begin to think about their .youth." Well — maybe. Anyway, the upshot of it all was that I finally piled into my car and wandered off on my own, since my lady was otherwise engaged. Thus it was that finlly I crossed Lake Champlain on the ferry from the New York side, and arrived in Northern Vermont amidst u burst of Indian summer which surely had been prepared for the "prodi eal. A glorious bla/.e ot color filled the countryside — an amazing medley of gold and browns and reds and yellows and greens. It looked as though Cod had been painting a variegated picture and had dropped his paJelte upside- down. That was an auspicious welcome, and !l w.is followed by a warmth of greeting throughout' my tour of tne state. We haven't space to go I 'Mln all my reunions, but among jtliem was one with Charles K. jC.rane, the Green Mountain philosopher who daily broadcasts his nev. s and views to Vermonters. J lien there was Fred Peters, who abandoned newspaper v.'urk. to grow apples on South Hero Island in C'hamplain -— with vast Mjccess 1 was privileged to be a yuest in the homes of both these old friends ;<nci_ their charming wives. Well, as 1 renewed acquaintance v, nh Vermont and her people I was struck by the discovery thai while ;she had kept step with progress, ;she hadn't changed greatly physi- jeally ur in her attitude 'tuwaYds | life during the past generation. jShe is the same kindly, upright .runtributed greatly to the welfare of our country and helped build it But to get back to our muttons, I decided that the proper place for a fellow to start reenactment of boyhood days was at his birthplace and so in due course I arrived in the sweet village of West Burke, among the 'hills of Northern Vermont. I didn't know anyone there, but the little church to which jny father had been attached still plays its part in the life of the community, as it has for scores of years. And you don't need to know people to encounter friendliness in Vermont — or in any other state of our grand union, as my experience has shown me. church of Hope, is led by Floyd Osborn and Ansley Gilbert. •Negro troops located in Hempstead District are Troop 111, Hope led by Booker T. Murry. Troop 112, led by F. E. Smith; troop 115, Blevins, led by Benny Mitchell; troop 113, Clow, led by Robert C Gamble; Troop 120, Washington, led by Robert C. Mone; and troop 121, Fulton, led by Frank Turner. J. Arvil Hickman, Field Scout Executive, makes his home in Hope and serves Hempstead, Lafayette, Nevada and Howard boy scout districts. Wife of Arkansas Planter Dies in Jonier Jonier. Nov. 9 (/P) . Ila .Frank Mae Lanier, 57, widow ol .L-IUU^ Lanier, widely known East Arkansas planter, died at her home her early today. A native of Searcy, Ark., Mrs Lanier had reside ' past 14 years. for the Survivors include a daughter Mrs. R. P. Ford, Jonier postmistress, and two sons, Fred and Louis Lanier, both of Jonier. There is a baby born every W seconds in the United States. ays ha.-. Ostrich' Frames a Face This Season Tv: and unbeatably becoming . . . the soft look of ostrich plumes circling our litfle open crown bonnet of good-looking rayon bagherra clolh. And that low Penney price is easy on the budget, tooI.YoiTll find it. in your, best colors, Take that "grand crinkle- resisting fabric, rayon gabardine . . . dye it iu deep, wonderful colors... tailor it carefully in easy- wearing dressmaker styles ... it adds up to day-in, day-out favorites'you'll live in. And when you (ind all that at a tiny price like this . . . you've got real PENNEY VALUE! Sizes 12-20... 9-15. PAY CASH K, 1 <(. if A •* *v * j 11 I' V'OU SAVE!'

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