The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT , Largely Self-Taughl, He Reads Hebrew,. Knows Advanced Cliemislvy By NEA Scrvlfe AUSTIN, Tex.—Hearing their 9lh birthdays, most schoolboys arc having, (heir duds help them out with their problems. Hut Mm tin Gross- iiinn Ettltnger, ncarlng a, Ims shown Ills father a few things. And )il.s lather's a college professor! Martin's only in lils jlilni year of school, nut H happens lo be hlul) school, and If he keeps on progressing the way he has, lie'll be entering college in short jinnt-s. This raniij'knble lad w)>o could recite the nlphabei, when oilier tols his ase Were, snylng "Da D.i," who can speak and "write Hebrew and nt the age of 1 was mimed president of Ihc astronomy chin of his junior high school, has been proclaimed one of America's true prodigies. Cmihl Head at 2 Son of Dr. 11. .). EUllnfrrr, prn- fr-sjor of pure mathematics al tile University of Texas, Martin stirred comment, loin; before he reached Hie age of -I. Al 1 year nmt\D months lie could repeat the English alphabet. Ab a he wns reading simple sentences. By tile time he was 3 he could bound every state in the union. His parents were nmazcd, for neither of them had •taught Win (his font. They found he had Instructed linscl! with the help of n large world g\nbc in his father's study. Martin wok piano lessons tov a few years, but music had no great appeal for him except hi theory. The. music which he did like was of a classical nature. Quite often he plays recorded selections from the Niilcrncker Suite, or music of similar' character. Astronomer at 7 " 'Still 4, Marlfii discovered nn nr- nstionomy nml gcogrnphy. no fio- rriiirpd Lhiot'sh his own cnclenvors. an excellent knowledge of llic henv- cnly bodies, and at the age of 1 was unanimously chosen iiri'slden; of the nslrouoiny club or Ills junior for knowledge Eighl-\car-olJ Martin Llllm&cr of Austin, Tex., is a remarkable menial liroilisii lo Hie ivoilj al /urge, hut lo his 'lag, Nemton Soctala, J/IOHVI licrc wllli liiin. MmIm'i jinl a +:n:ll lint. Ami tliat loolball foil's Ihut A/uflin'i inlertilt '/ all (tcath'niic. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1934 mm Record Enlry List in Pro- Demonstration Club News Notes otherwise have been saved. The conirmmlty | 3 highly appreciative of the work of Mrs, cleve Neal, the supervisor, whose efforts nave been ip a large degree rcspon- shelves In The regular monthly meeting of the Cartnl Home Demonstration Club was held at the home of Mrs. C, L. Houston iviotidny afternoon. (lie county mv i-iuu prt'biuecr at In*; business ""'"^ uL-njuiiauiiiiuii agent., will be ""• - ll!l1 -MI^- ^J? meeting nnd discussions 'from the l ;ros(; " L Everyone Is invited. Those llc <! Mr. Sexton's u bi.t, Mo.— Early several clialrm'en were very Inter- ° |llan to bc l»' cs «nt during tlic Mrs - B - B - S?>:ton, at entries In the pstliiB. Tlic fall gardens being tils- ll '" c!l llm "' sl 'onlcl arrange Tor Eldred tcivls was fair, Octobsj 10 cussed by one of the new members lll «lf own lunch. I dishing, okln.. by t heavier than fair Mrs. A. Roper'. She emphasized the — father. ted nnd probably importance of nlnnlimr « 1^11 r,m._ I.em' cm\i /-i.,i. AI—i.. 1 nnd Mrs, o. R. neclford were visitors. The subject of the demonstration was Balanced Meals i'.nil Miss Corn Lee Colemnn, Comity Home Demonstration ' A»enl envc u drmonstralion on Balanced' - Complete Menus and followed 'i a demonstration on cookery. 'lie program concluded about 5:30 and n complete meal was «cn'- cd consisting of: fried cliieken mid -' ' trnvy, fruit, salad, hot rolls W °' 1 !! t "' cslI " B r " cL «''?>"!«•''• «"<! son, I.evl, Jr., iin.l Cirnc Thursday until Monay. I rf>.l,li>|[F 'I'll.i Lir) r.liifw, i I ,,i,,(,. !„(•< nr i f. .. f, ,„. . _ J . . . Martin's reading, The machine j Lewis left Tiu'.'iday for Cape "cii'r- sliows that when Martin finishes |iir<]enu, where i,cvl, jr., will undergo mi operation for ndcnoids. The Rev. E .P. Crocker i.s hold- In'.! a revival inectiiig at. Kinsfolk:! Rldiie. Mrs. Cora Ileno, of llaytl, sjicnl Tuesday with Mrs. P. C. Hall. Mrs, J. a. Dye and Miss Eunice Hodge .spent Tuesday In Sleelc. one line, Jin eyes, relunili:;; to lln left, take in the second line, tliousjh rending backwards, anil he Is then leady for Ihc third llncl As an out-ol-'scbool enjoyment Marlin reads the talcs of the Old Testament in Hebrew. He also writes and ti|ieaks Hebrew. Martin follows closely till progress in aviation, became Ills present ambition demands thru lie be- omne an aviator. Anolhcr outside academic Interest, Is chemistry. Or. KltlhiBCr was greatly sin-prised to licnr lib young son nsl: him ivhcth- fr he knew the contact process for the production or sulphuric acid, nr. EHllngcr did not know. Tlion Martin wrolc down tire entire procedure, all In equations, Curious Or. EttliiiBcr checked with n ehciii- 1sU'y text and found the bov's work correct in every way. I'arenls Unusually Apt May, shoppw day. high school Martin's thirst was,not limited to any particular activity. At 7, he had worked thru one of his father's freshman mathematics lexis used in the university and had read his mother's textbook high school physiology. '.Today his mathematics leachc compares Martin's recitation In class with a ialpjite<3 performnnce. The lad speaks so clenriy and works so rapidly nnd accurately when at the board that the class wants tfi applaud his work. Mostly Self-Taught "We have never pushed or encouraged him In (he least." comment Dr. and Mrs. Etlllnger. "Martin is practically self-tauchl. Hlr knowledge, his mental development, have come from the stimulus of his'own desire and interest. We wanted -his growth to be as nat- ural'as thai of nny other boy." However, Martin's mental growth lias teen far mik«l Ivora natural. When 5, he entered a .private school in Austin for the firsl three grades.. There he finished in two years with ail A marks. He was -permitted to skip tlie grammar grades'nnd try his hand in junior high school. Another year and Marlin had completed the two- year course. Always the grades were A's. or A-plnses. Now, near- Ins his ninth birthday—It comes J3ct. S—he is enrolled in Aiuslin 'senior high school, taking plane geometry, - •• • Latin nation tin's record Is nc exception. Mrs, Bllllnger led her high school class at Fort Worth Texas, entered (he University o.' Texas al the age of It), and wa; a Phi Beta Kappa graduate with -is free A's nnd 1C D's. Dr. Eltlliiger is a Phi nsta Kappa graduate of Washington University in SI. Louis Later he won his Master's and Ph. D. degrees from Harvard. Austin scliool officials suggested that (he child prodigy be slowed! up In his sulft e<l'iicailuual flight I'"or nt tha pnscnl rate, Martin will bo ready for college entrance examinations at 10. others predlc! flint- he will 1« a ph. D. beforii he's: wearing long pants! Mr. and Mis. V. D. llnlnllton movc<l Tuesday from Oak nidge, to the Jackson farm, one mile of Number Eight. i Mrs. A. Lawliorn is sick at her home jjenr Here, Driver Grove ••• Mr. and Mrs. Mack Colter, of Mr, nnd Mrs. A. Y. Ilncknha and Ynrbro. were guests Sunday of Mr. children, accompanied by Misses!nnd Mrs. Frank Keisler Flora fiea Kclrsey, find Mary Itiith In Kcnnett Satur- nitil (tlHI ... 1'conlcs, of Half Mpnn, spent Saturday night with C.' P. Springer. Mr.' and Mrs. Alex Daniels Imi'e moved to Blylhcvillc. t ' Mrs, H. D. Sliancy felt and children, of IlnlJ Moon, Air. and Mrs. John 'I'oland and James Taylor, of ! Varbro were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Springer Sunday. any Pcmlscol den to have supplementary vcgc- Wednesday. October 10, the first -"'^ An °"' Cr new "' cm " c d:iy of the fair, lias been designated as the day in vwlcli lo enter cxliibits and .place them on (display. The (jalcs will oi>en that morning at,G a.m., and all e.xhlbils must be on display |,y the next morning at 9 a.m., as Judging of exhibits will begin promptly at 10 o'clock Thursday morning. George W. Gray, general manager of use fair, who will be superintendent of the speed ring, announces llmi 25 horses have already been entered. It Is expected more' tlian DO liorees «•!» j wrt jd- Ime In the various races. Both running mid harness races will, be featured each afternoon wllli the exception of Wednesday Ihc opening day, which lias been designated 1'cmiscot Comity School Children's Oiy. On this day there will be no gate admission and all school children arc invited to visit the fair as guests of the American Legion. During the atternoon of Children's Bay. a special program of free acts infiudin '•-'-• Miss Mabel Hamlet has been In a hospital al Memphis for a week. Mrs. Mae Walker entertained Saturday evening in honor of the I thirteenth birthdays of her daugh-' ' 10 5' elll| w ™ c c Is multiplying tcr, Florence, and tbe toiler's, or slx tlmtts as f" 51 "s ' ll(! fiiond. Mary O'Kmic. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rccder, of Oklalioma, spenl last Tluirsday as. Riicsts of Mr. llccdcr's sister, Mrs. ncjiarlment of Justice flics now white, according to n world survey of population growth. . , . Howard O'Kanc. The Rccders nro 'contain more lhan •I,4CO,COO linger- moving to Louisiana. Thurman I prints, the largest and bcsl ITnger- Rccilcr left with them. print collection in the world, V. D. Hamilton,; What is perhaps the only pigeon Mr. and u ^ tj /ILll . lKI Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Harrow, and j ]Jo.WlVnMcT'in-Ill T. B, and J. U Hamilton attended operated between the 1'rimltlve W0rl " Allsa _ balancing, tumbling, tl«ht wire, walking nnd other feats, will be held before the grandstand, f ptmy show wilt also be held. Sol's Liberty Shows will appear on the midway. Sol's shows have seven rides, 15 shows nnd 40 concessions. Thursday has been designated as ISleelc-Ifiiytt Day, Hrlday is Ca- riHhersvlllo Day, and'Saturday will be tbe American Legion nnd County Day. On each of the days, special programs will be given, both in t<hc Horse mclng events and free grandstand acts. Each of the days, the gates will open at (i a.m., closing late in the evening after the midsvay crowds have departed. The grandstand will open nt 12:30 each afternoon for the races and tic free grandstand Uaptlsl association JiKhthouso nnd the British ni'aiii- l ! P"enim, nnd will o Or«ig,fn r the • ' mcellng near Jackson. Tcnn, from t land. Rend Cowi-ier News want Ads. English, German, and He's No Sissy Aside from Martin's scholastic excellence, what kind ol boy is he? Hlssy? Not a bit. He ntnys, quarrels and fights, and romps like am normal bay. He had a half dozen fights at a camp one summer lo convince the boys he was not a sissy. He had been called that because he was always reading when not busy with camp routine. Athletic? Very. Horseback ridinf „„ nnd swimming are two of his fa ua vorite'sjioTts. Mattty.has the ap pearancc of a boy of "12. He is feet 7 inches and weighs 09 pound: That's a huskier build than his dai had at the same age—and Eltlinge rcnior is C feet 3 inches, weighiiip 240 pounds. Martin's principal hobbies an reading and organic chemistry. Tli lad'has-acquired, through conslan. reading, a marvelous vocbulary, aiici his diction might be tbe envy of college students. Playing' with his toy boat onr day, be shouted. "Oh,'look, it almost capsized." Then there was the time when one of his teachers gave problem: for n two-week period. Martin mis : understood the. lesson to be a dalls one. After class lie approached Ihc teacher and asked, "Don't you tliinl you gave «s an extraordinary assignment?" With the use'of a scientific eye measuring machine at his high school, Martin's reading rate w.v recorded as an avergc speed of 1601 words minute— a Jracllon over 25 words a secoiidl In a burst ol speed Martin once 'rated 2100 words a __ hiinulc. "The Talisman," a book re nulring the average high school stu dent two weeks to read, was read by Martin In a little more than ; three hours. And, as alHajs, thr . book report was perfect. - .The eye-measurlnj machine re tiraygadocio Johnnie McCiec went to Mcm- phls Monday to undergo an operation. He was accompanied by Frank Grtnstend nnd Leve Dcnton, The Rev. A. u. Sadlicr, of Steelc, Isitcd friends here Monday. Mrs. Bertie Dye had ns -he,r dln- icr 'gnr-sis Sunday Mr. and Mrs, I. D. Lung nnd son, Wlllnrd, Mr. nil Mrs. Robert Green, nnd Mr. uirt Mrs. V3cck Uye and children. 'Ir. and Mrs. E. ,\. Long, of Car- itliersville siwnt Sunday afternoon vith her. • _Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Ncece and Wr. nnd Mrs. Luther Gartner spent Tuesday in Memphis. Miss Lorn Lous returned from visit (o Memphis Sunday. Misses Madeline Dodd, of Slecte, iml Lcona Ilalley, spenl Sunday vith is.s Eunice Dye. Miss Verncll Brvnnt spent Sal- irday nighl with Miss Bethel By—s. Miss Roberta Dcnton spenl Pit- lay nljhi in Steele. Miss Jcwclle Hntlcy, who spent he summer In St. Louis, rcturnctl liomc Fridny. Mrs. Joe Parks. Mrs. Don Parks. .;nd Mrs. Gordon Nccce, shopped in KL'iiiictt- Saturday. Mrs. p. c. Holt ami daughter, Normn. r.ud son. .Billy. si>ent the week enn In Hayli. : Miss Flora Br-a Klersey spenl Ihc i week end with Miss Sylvia Huckn- one Oak Clul> Jlecls The Lone Oak Home Dcmonslra- Monsieur Dalthaxard. French rui- .1011 club met Monday with 14 ,ser print expert. Mates thai there member's present. Miss Cora Lec'.l'i one chance In 1,000,000,000,000- Colcmun spoke on storing fruil 1 000,000,000.100.000000000,000,000 for winter and canning meat. She' 100,000,000,000,000,000 000 that two kitchen. So far this year 9,050 cans or food have been canned In the kitch™. W. Uaxley which were d scored for the meal and little cakes with tea were served. The meal was .served in the (lining room which was made more Inviting by fnll flowers, roses predominating. Mrs. Ethel Bedford leu n short discussion on the necessity of canning of all of tlic surplus fall vegetables and also test- Ing the canning equipment before the Meat cunning procedure begins. Frazier Kitchen Canning with (in cans at the Fra- zter canning kitchen began June 12 and since that date members of the Iceal club have signed up for 5,000 cans. In addition about 1 000 glass jars have been filled. This canning has been done for 6 families and the work Is not yet complete as there are still many tilings to can. Plans ire under way for cnlarg-- S and Improving the kitchen, which has been the means of drawing the community together in a social way as well as preserving for the winter foods that., could not for ONE WEEK •""^^^^^^^^^^^•••••O* ROXY Friday £ Saturday Matinee' 1 '* N'ight—10c - 25c f^r ;. -. :,-'-../.• ; -Vt', " /). IV. Hf\CKCL presents A WEST£SN TORNADO/ beginning • . . . NEXT MONDAY A Special Factory Showing of the New AJl-Enamel Majestic Range will be. held in ihis storo next week. A man from tbe fac- i lory will belli ntlendance to show this new triumph in cooking efficiency, and explain its many interestmg details. Wo specially Invite you to come and see for yourself howcompleiclytheprob- Icin of efficient, convenient home cooWne has been solved in Coal nrj Wood Ranges. It is easy lo haveabf.iuliful,cool nnd modern kitchen without changing over to expensive fuels. T/;e NEW ALL-ENAMEL IN IVORV. APPLE GRIiKN, GRAY, WHITE OR BI.UE Mr. and Mrs. a. H. Dodd, of •leele, spent Sunday with Mr. and Raymond Long spent Saturday Mrs. j. u Dy( , night with Minard Pfeffer, of Stcelo. George Byars spent Tuesday in •"ering on business. Bert Skinner attended lo busl- ess in Hayli Saturday. I'M. and Mis, Lcvi Qinglnclietm- MORSE &.KIRSHNER ABSTRACTS | Otty & Farm Froiwrtles. Special Title Sen-Ice Give Us-Ymir Order for COAL - delivery cost Is the lowest. Wo Inudlo Red Ash. Monla- Vftllo, Ark. Smokeless. New River, Manchester, Zciglcr, Kentucky nnd Dcdustcd Diickwhcat for stokers GAY & BILLINGS Phone 76 No matter what fuel you use, the same nmoiint of hcnt is always necessary to cook or bake. Cool, clean cooldng is never n mailer of the fuel, but of the Range. Tlic New Majestic uses the good old reliable fuels that •-•verybody is accustomed to, but it uses them •.vith a new efficiency. It holds Uic /leaf rn- s/r/e, around the cooking compartments, instead of wasting it outside, in the room. With i( you obtain the utmost in cooking Jiul baking ability, together with real fuel economy and a cool, comfortable kitchen to work in. Results like these have been sou"ht for years in coal ranges, but have only "recently been obtained. Makes a Cool, Chan Kitchen Every woman knows how an ordinary range ^icats up a kitchen, especially in summer, .irM how uncomfortable it is to work under such conditions. Yet this is all unnecessary. With a M>- jestic there is all the difference in the world. T>.c , licat is concentrated on Ilic work; the room is comparatively cool: the cleanliness nnil the convfn- Icncc anil practical features of this modern aiJ to good housekeeping arc equal to those in any range of any type—And you have with it a beautiful Kitchen, loo—for the new Majestic is a handsome creation of bright enamel color and gleaming nickel—as easy 1 to keep clean as it is wonderful to work with. "Pay-as-you-use-il" You can get one of these modern hi^h-cfficicncy Ranges for your home so easily! By special arrangement with the Majestic factory we are able to offer a most attractive "p^y-as-you-use-it" plan. Just a little down; the balance spread over many months. No interest, no carrying charges, no advance in price! Come in, this Next Week, and let the demonstrator from the factory show you bow this beautiful New Majestic will lighten your work, and how easily you can obtain onel ' FRKK-Next Week only —while the special Majcstie Demonstration is going on — a full set of these heavily nickeled copper cooking. utensils will be given to every purclirv«cr of s New Majestic Range | A Demon i,\ • ouble for full pantry scores of homes. Huffman Canning Club Mr. ami MIS.' Floyd Cushlng, Okla,, arc visiting here. James Darnell, of Becb;, visited his cousin, jack Hill,'Monday Willie Priiitt, of liecbs, 1 3 ' vl j lt . IIIR Junior Maxwell for a few <iavs Mr, and Mrs. E. M. McDo>iiui vifllej U) nlyflieville IMoiiday m'jiu, Sam Walker and children vlsiti>rj Mr. Walker's son. Ray Walker, at Rnsa, last w «ck. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Sexton visited Mr Sexton's parenla, Mr., and Mre. E. B. S?>:ton, Sunday. called back to the illness of his instruction In culling!fingerprint'!; may'be alike. lickeii'j. Mrs. FJiith Davis gavei report on fall gardening. Mrs ' iby Hodge reported on home Improvement work. Plans were made put a concrete floor In the HEAL Protection Phono 101 CLANK-WILSON AGENCY General Insurance "We Pay All losses With a Pmlle" James JJ. Clark - Mker Wilson Last Time Today Milt. 2:30, 10-2f,c Nile fi:45—I0-35c PAUL LUKAS in 'AFFAIRS OF A GENTLEMAN' c CARTOON - -TKAVELOGUB SUNDAY -- MONDAY .SKPTEMBKR 29lh AND 30lh ...;.' Matinee & Night —Continuous Showing Vaudeville After Each and Every Sow e DON . ._ GLORIA NICK STUART XrKlrity SOS On-t^tritttMly VfJlS Cartoon and Serial 'Rin Tin Tin, Jr., in "Wolf Dog" Sunday - Monday MAT. and Nile—lOc - 25c HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Blytheville, Ark. ^ - ' f 3 Short Subjects— Rubinoff and His Orchestra Mcrric Melodies Musical Short The Season's Greatest Array of Stage Personalities STARRING (The Little Masslro) Lee Le Verne and His Music Featuring "Footlight Personalities" With SAM DE DEMEL America's Foremost Bugler—I,ate Star of Weaver Brothers. ADRIA COOPER Europe's Sensational GIRL IN GOLD in the Dance nf Hit"GOLDEN GODDESS" TUDOR CAMERON KKO and OUPHRUM Headline Comedian Redman Sisters (Blondes) A Clever Sint'insr and Bancinir Team BILLY GRYDER Vocalist Rxtrand'narv LOLA LAMOND Vocalist of Hlne Son" Dazzling Sta-sre Settings Gorgeous Costumes Gay Music Hilarious Comedy This i.s our lyrisJ Sf;iirc Offering fhis Season.—DON'T MISS IT. SATURDAY, SEPT. 29th , With the Picture Program "I UKE IT THAT WAY" With (!loriii Sluarl and Ri»fci- Pryor Adm. Halince 10 ft 3(lc; Nile 1f. & 30e i^liiHIffBiiihii n i u i lit! SUNDAY, SEPT. 30th iMATINEK ANM) NITE—CONTINUOUS SHOWING All the above Artists in an entirely different Stayc Show with Different Costumes and Settings Wilh (he Picture "LOVE TIME" With Pal Pallet-son, Nils Aslhor, Herbert .Mundin and Hurry Green SPKCIAI, PATHE NEWS KEE1, Exclusive I'icitires nf the "Dtonnc Quintuple Is" Comedy—"Thom Thar Hills" With I.aiu-e! & Hardy PARAMOUNT NEWS ' VAUnEVIl,I,E AITEU EACH P1CTCIU3 PROGRAM Admission:—Matinee and Night ISc and 40c

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