Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 8, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 8, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, November 8, 1948 Prescott News Tuesday,' November 9 LadicF" Auxiliary of \hc Central Baptist-church will m»e: at 3 p in. Sunbeams of First Baptist church will meet at 3:15. There will be a Deacons meeting at the church at 7 p.m."" Wednesday, November 10 Prescott Musical Coterie will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton at 3 o'clock. • There will be choir practice at Central 'Baptist church at 7 with Bible Study at 8. ' Presbyterian choir will have practice, at the church at 7:15 p.m. A Teachers and Officers meeting will be held at First Baptist church . at 7 p.m. A business meeting will be held'at 7:45 with choir practice at 8:30 p.m. Methodist choir will practice at 7:30 p.m. at the church. Coaches Roy Cook and Jack Mor- Hsoii have announced changes in the football game schedule, due to the meeting of the Arkansas Education in Little Rock the latter part of the week. The game scheduled for Friday night at Cummings Field with Ashdown, has been moved to Wednesday night. The Wolves will meet Asndown on the home lield and this will be the Wolves' homecoming .game, The Junior Cubs were to jneet Arkadelphia Juniors at Arkadelphia Wednesday night and this game has been moved to Tuesday night. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Yanccy of Prescott. Mrs. Mark .lustiss and Mrs. Robert Blakoly spent Thursday in Little Hock. Dr. and Mrs. Jack Hnrroll and Mrs. H. II. Nolcn and Miss Lois Nolcn motored to Little Hock on Thursday. Dr. and Mrs. Harrcll remained to spend the weekend. Mi.ss Hazel Mallock was the guest of Miss Opal Daniel in Hope on Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Barr and Mrs. John Atkins of Willisville spent Thursday in Prescott. Mrs. Charlie Jones. Mrs. Leonard Tobin arid son Bobby of Camden and Col. J. L. Autroy and Mrs. Autrcy formerly of Washington, D.C. who are enroute to Japan were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Hardey and Mrs. Josephine Carrington on Thursday. Dr. Glenn Hairston and Mrs. Hairslon motored to Little Rock Thursday to spend the weekend. Jim Thomas, student at Hendrix College. Conway spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas. The Jennie Carr Pittman Union, W.C.T.U. met Thursday, November 4 at the home of Mrs. John W. Teeter. Her co-hostesses were Mrs. J. B. Hesterly and Mrs. B. H. Scott. The spacious Teeter 'home was beautifuly decorated with fall flowers. A song and prayer opened the meeting. Mrs. Jack Cooper, vice president, conducted the business session. A letter of resignation from the president, Mrs. D. S. Jordan, was regretfully accepted. Reports of the State Convention were given by Mrs. Sam O. Logan and Mrs. Wat W. White Sr. Mrs. White told of the gifts and recognition accorded Mrs. Logan in honor of her twenty-five years of service as a state officer. The union welcomed Mrs. W. R. Burks and Mrs. Blain G. Hays as new members. Visitors were Mrs. E. D. Galloway, Mrs. Claude Hirst, Washington, D.C. and Mrs. J. R. Sangster, Jacksonville, Ark. International Peace, program theme, was aranged by Mrs. Theo Elgin. Her devotional reading was Genesis 13th chapter describing : Abraham's plans for peace between him and Lot. Mrs. Joe R. .Hamilton talked on the United Nations as an instrument for world peace. A Crusade Biographical sketch • by Mrs. Annie T. Witten- rnyer, was given by Mrs. Electra Wells. The program closed with prayer.' The hostesses assisted by Mrs. 3. V. McMahen and Mrs. C. A. Wynn served angel flu'l cake and coffee to thirty-two members. Among those from Prescott who attended the Hope-Little Rock football game in Hope Friday night were: Harley Cox, Miss Sue Martin, Mi.ss Marguerite Avery, Miss Betty Avery, Miss Frances Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Hansel Herring, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dalrymplc, Miss Rachel Nolen, Charlie Thompkins, Henry Moore, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McRae, Don Cavanah, Dick Bright, Roy Duke, Dr. and Mrs. C. P. Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Powell Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pittman, Mr. and Mrs. George Christopher, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pittman, Jeff | rights. GOP Closes Shattered Ranks By JACK BELL Washington. Nov. f! —f/I'i — Republicans closed ther -shattered ranks today for a two-year fight in Congress against ,n certain effort bv President Truman to modernize the New Deal. Mr. Truman returns to Washington and a welcome-home celebration tomorrow the hottest article in American politics, as the result of his upset victory over Gov. Thomas If,. Dewey. He will be ofi Sunday for a two! week breathing spell at Key West, Fla. When he comes back, it \yi)i be time to shape up the legislative program which ho promised last night will be based on the Democratic party platform. Mr. Truman told a home-town victory celebration in Independence, Mo., he wants every citizen to help him carry out his "tremendous responsibility for the peace and welfare of the world." "I am going to do the very best I can to carry out that Democratic platform as I promsicd to do in my speeches around the country," he said. That is a largo order. Besides efforts toward winning a lasting peace, the platform pledged such things at home as (1) curbs on "Republican inflation," (2) "Comprehensive" housing legislation and (3) Tax reduction "whenever it is possible to do so without unbalancing the nation's economy." The platform also called for (1) repeal of the Taft-Hartley Act. (2) a 75-cent an hour minimum wage to replace the present 40-cent figure, (3) extension of social security coverage, ( a national health program, (5') federal aid to education (G) a farm price support program (7) repeal of the oleo taxes, and (8) strengthening of civil Livingston, Mrs. Lera Johnson, Duncan McRae, Mrs. Watson Buchanan and son Clyde, Mr. and Mrs. Uucl Chamberlain, C. McBrayer, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Phillips, Clyde Hesterly, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dewoody and Irl Hubbard. PROCLAMATION BY THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME: WHEREAS, on November 10, 7775, a Corps of Marines was created by a resolution of the Continental Congress, and on November 10, 1948, the Unite:' Sla/cs Marine Corps will observe the 17) rd Anniversary of its founding; anil, WHEREAS, thousands of sons from our State have served their country and their Corps with high honor and distinction, and thousands still serve to maintain the peace; and, WHEREAS, the record of the Marine Corps is one which will bear comparison with that, of the most famous military organizations in world's history, am! whose name and traditions have come to signify all that is highest in military efficiency and soldierly virtue; and, WHEREAS, it is appropriate that our citizens commemorate this occasion by a special expression of our appreciation of the contributions of this valiant Corps whose traditions arc deeply entrenched in the soil of America, and pay honor and tribute to the valiant men of this State and Nation who so heroically served their country, and those who still serve; NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ben Lancy, Governor of the State of Arkansas, proclaim the week of November 7-1), 1948, as MARINE CORPS WEEK in Arkansas, and nrgc that the people of Arkansas observe this anniversary in public recognition of the sacrifices and'of the meritorious services rendered to our country by an organization as old as the Nation, the United States Marine Corps. It is further urged that in recognition of this anniversary, the flag of the United States be prominently displayed on November 10. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto signed my name officially and caused the Seal of Stale to be affixed hereto at Little Rock, Arkansas, Presidentto New U. S. President Will Take a Rest in Florida Key West. Fla., Nov. 8 — i/I'i — Harry S. Truman shed the cares of state today to frolic in the Florida sunshine. of His Gravest Problems By DEWITT MACKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst this the .D., 1948. Forever Yvonne Adam Gulhrio, Jr., student at the University of Arkansas. Fayelle.- villc. spenl the week end wilh his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Guthric. Mr. and Mrs. James Hoover o£ Rosston announce Ihe birth of a son, David on Octobcf 28 at Cora Donncll Hospital. e A change in prevailing winds was - J A"' Masonic meeting of the Royal Arch Masons was ,'ield on Wednesday evening at Ihe Masonic Hall. Sixteen members from the Texarkana Lodge assisted in the work of exalting a class of three who were George E. Tanner, M. C. ; Woosley Sr. and George Teat Sr, and cpnfererd the Royal Arch DeGree of Masonry. Refreshments were served. 'Mrs: Thomas Dewoody entertain- Blamed for Smog Deaths By PAUL F. Donora, Pa., ELLIS Nov. 8 —• CUP')- 3lamed today for day "death smog' causing a five- over this Mon- ed at her house Thursday afternoon with a bridge party. At the conclusion of the games Mrs. J. Leland Lavender was given a pink and blue shower. A delicious dessert course was served to: Mrs. Joe Wray, Mrs. Ralph Haynie, Mrs. Allen Gee Jr., Mrs. Cecil Grant Jr., Mrs. J. D. Morgan, Mrs. J. Leland Lavender (were and Mrs. Norman Whitaker Jr. ongahela V'a 1 1 e y community where 19 persons lost their lives. The incident, one investigalor said, might well have happened in Brooklyn, in Northern New Jersey or in Los Angeles, which also have smogs. It happened here because Donora is locked in a pocket o£ the industrialized river valley with mountain ridges on all sides of Ihe lown. Usually, il was explained, prevailing winds blow across the valley at this point and prevent fog, or smog, from developing for Elect ion-chasloncd Republicans won'l oppose all of Ihose. In fact, Dewcy was for some of them. Bui if Ihe Republicans were maimed by Ihe one-man gang activities of Mr. Truman in Tuesday's voting, they weren't dismembered. A lot of them won't be back in Congress. Bui the Republican leadership there will remain the same, with Rep. Joseph W. Martin, Jr. (Mass) bossing the House minority and Senator Robert A. Taft (Ohio) continuing lo run Ihinr's tiro* 1 " much on Ihe Republican side in Ihe Senale. Tafl shrugged off Ihe cleclion results wilh Ihe observation lhat Ihey proved it is almost impossible "to put an administration out of office at the very peak of a prosperity boom." Martin and Taft will not have much trouble working up opposition to Mr. Truman's proposals. Most of the 42 Republicans left in the Senale and Ihe 174 remaining in the House arc used lo vpling against the Truman administration. And there aren't many new faces among the Republicans. Taft and Martin arc likely to figure that the battered GOP's best chance for a comeback in 1950 rests wilh Making Mr. Truman look bad on his campaign prom- scs. The president made the Republi can-controlled 80th Congress -the lop issue in his campaign, calling it lhat "awful" "second worst" and "Idiot" Congress. Now his party has control by an apparent 260 to 174 margin ove the Republicans in the House (There is one minor party membei and a certain 54 to 42 edge in the Dean W. C. Ferguson lias announced that Miss Dorothy Yancey has been chosen as one of the six Juniors and ten Seniors selected by the faculty of Arkansas Stale Teachers College, Conway as "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges for the year 1948-49, The choice was made on the basis of contribution to campus life and the student's potential worth as citizens after graduation. Miss Yancey is the long periods of time. Just a week ago fog began set- lling in Ihe " pocket" bul there were no prevailing winds that day. The fog settled more and more. Smoke and fumes from the tall chimneys of the American Steel and Wire Co., and particularly the company's zinc smelting plant, trapped under the Hanket thai settled tighter and tighter upon the Donora pocket, For five days there were no prevailing winds. Residents of this community began noticing a sweet tasle in their throats. They coughed. They became ill. At least 19 died. As investigations ncared completion today, the mystery began to clear. II was learned thai a State Department of Health report tomorrow will say that the smog contained chemicals, perhaps some sulphur dioxide, but not enough Senate. Southern Democrats who never boon too_. enthusiastic have abou Planned Army AitNtvvr to I'revloun Puczlo HORIZONTAL 1,0 Pictured chief planner of Israel's army, the late - —— 12 Contrive 13 Wakens 15 Kind of bomb 16 Rim 18 Narrate 19 He formerly practiced 20 Laud 22 Observe 23 East Indies (ab.) 24 Parent 25 Niton (symbol) 27 Compass point 28 Repose 30 Doctrine 32 Poem 33 Feminine suffix 34 Persian coin 36 Intimidated 39 Atop 40 French article 41 Comparative suffix 42 Behold! 43 United 45 Restraint 50 Owns 51 Partner 53 Remainder 54 Be fond 55 Warehouse 57 Gets up 59 Lacquer €0 Level* VERTICAL 1 Minor part 2 Attest 3 Vigor 4 ExisU 5 Horned ruminant 6 Wise men 7 War god 8 Artificial language 9 Sliced 10 Employs G a o A N 1 o N 1 i\ ii. IA T H R A M. s. s B T N D ?*•' D 1 &, N E T ; v ; W M 5. S '.-I 1 L t_ K E A "A 1 N £ •-Y • :•-: 0 W A '&•*• N E F B T T A G P( r i R ti E =t S T NNI )WE o M e A p A M s .L s T A N O R E -v<. ••"V A R $ M B e. D -V't A R a o R &•'>. D S p a. o i N K M A T i<;[ A A U u_ M A S F N A C I 1 S A_ p S T R ( = S some of his policies will bo bacl in the saddle as chairmen of many of the important committees. Atomic Production Threatens U. S. Uranium Supply Chicago, Kov. !) —(:?)— A research Scientist asserted today thai America's rale of atomic bomb production threatens to exhaust this country's entire uranium reserves in 30 years. The rate of bomb production, he (old a group session of the American Petroleum Institute is "a reason for pessimism" in considering the future of atomic power for industrial use. Eugene Avers, chief chemist of the Gulf Research and Development Company. Pittsburgh, .said the world supply of recoverable uranium "is believed to be about 10 limes as great as thai in the United Stales." Thorium, another fissionable element that might produce industrial power, is present i'i about similar quantity, h" added. '" Modern Electric Cookery Is Demonstrated Modern olcclric cookery wa. demonslrated at the cooking schoo held in the school lunch room it Blevins Tuesday, October 26, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. The dcrnonstra tion was given by Mrs. Voncillc Williams. Home Economist, South western Gas and Electric Com pany, Texarkana, before a grou; of 75 men and women. How to preserve minerals vitamins in vegetables was dem onstralcd on one of the lales push button eleclric ranges showi through the courtesy of Hamm Tir & Appliance Company, Hope. , The groat military victory of the Ihe .president of the United Chinese Communists in Manchuria started a vacation at this represents a disaster for Nationa- in the com-, hsi china, and by that some token slrengtheris the hand of Moeow in iis world revolution for the spread Stales started a aval submarine base any of a small group of While ouse cronies among whom he ould relax and. for the time being, orgcl some of the problems of his ffice. For Ihe moment, his .main con- rn was to: 1 — Bask in the sunshine in col-1 rful trunks. 2 — Walk in comparative priva- y around the submarine naval asp where he is spending his fifth eriod of rest. The gray-haired chief executive doptcd a costume which he has ;orn on previous visits here — .,,.,,.,1 ,.i| v nf ght tan slacks, a sports shirt and^ds. may bo the rest of a wo-tonc shoes, for his walks — nd swim trunks for his visits to he beach. Many d e c i s ions involving hanges in his administration may be made before Mr. Truman re- urns to Washington two weeks rom now. But for the present, he ; in no hurry to act. Authoritative sources said the resident is pleased with most of nis cabinet and their support dur- ng the campaign. It is known that he is looking round for a new secretary of de- 'ense to replace James V. Forrestal. when the latter steps out. and. so the official story goes, he will lot press Robert A. Lovctt to stay on as undersecretary of State. Folks around the president arc peculating whether he will 0 v Mon C. Wallgren of of th'. 1 Red ism. This means lhat America, because of her special interest in maintaining the independence of China, is faced with another ] major crisis in the Orient. He who is chosen for the presidency of the United Stales in today's election will, it strikes me, find this one of the gravest of his early problems in the foreign field. Observers in China say that the Chinese Communists. with the their embattled land (ChituO. They nc. lonj'er appear so confident as they once were that Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's government can revive its powers of leadership and put an end to the disastrous civil war wilh the Communists." Over the past weekend the United States approved Sj,(JOO,()u() worth of arms purchases by Nationalist China. Shipment of ammunition and equipment of many kinds has been speeded up b(£i cause of the collapse in Manchuria. Some Washington officials believe that American help will be important in the defense of Norlh China, which is expeelcd lo come under heavy attack by next spring from Ihe Communists installed in Manchuria. President Chiang 'Kai-shek — tired and harra:-;secl but still full of determination— y e s t e r day dt- run immediate Leiisil'y the Mukclen in expected to over-l c | arcd in Nankins that China'must Manchuria in the ••right on." Said he: list China and certainly would future. This would in threat against Nationa- hold vic- ;i;i a base which might domi-i wneinci ending the Orient, wilh its population grounds lor any opti lore than lialf the people of the matter ol doubt. If a "We have had reverses in thc& ^orlhcast. (Manchuria; but the ICommunisls are not yet in a po- 1 silion to directly menace North I China.'' Whether Chiang has real optimism is a any event the position is precarious. American authorities in China have ordered !all U. S. nationals in North China I to get ready to evacuate their . j . ~. , . "-• ,^iuinjavj .LXCUS ait; n ptCCC Oif ,on stale to an important post. Moscow c i oth . lf the Chinese Co. (Vallgren, a former member of the out. the possibility of a Heel lory sweeping Ihe nation. A' Communist China would give : Russia a base which might clomi-: nalc of more globe. China alone has within its borders some 500,000,000. "But." prolests someone, "the Chinese Communists are not Russian brand of Reds. Thev «.^, A»rarians' " • i'hcre has been some specula ^Buncombe. Don't let anybody lion _whether a coalition govcn£ tell you that. I had this ian"' story handed me by one the top Chinese Communists Chungking in 1943. A thorough me thai ;lrc !homes. There "Agrar- of in in- mem of Nationalists and Communists could succeed. As a mailer of fact Ihe Reds themselves were debating this before their success in Manchuria. However, one sus- will name vestij-ation convinced me thai the 111 Manchuria. However, one sus- )f Washing- Ichincsc Reds are a piece off the Peels that they will have lost their riant posl. Moscow cloth. If the Chinese Com- interest in the subject, in view of Senate and of the Truman investi- _ating committee, is one of the chief executive's most intimate 'fiends. He was defeated for re-election although Mr. Truman carried the state. Wallgren, if he is interested, can be assured of an important post under the president. Wallgren is expected to join the president here before Mr. Truman returns to the capital. Vice President-elect Barkley and Leslie L. rector of the Senator munisls take over in China, that will mean Russia has taken over. their latest military victory. In any event the cold fact is that; :my other idcolog Small wonder thai my colleague communism cannot bo made to John M. Highlowcr reports from mix with :ir Washington: "Officials show deep I concern over military political, and economic reports from the Howard .McGrath, chairman of the Democratic national committee 1 , is also coming about midweek. There likely will be lengthy discussions before the vacation is controversies within the party in the South, but failed to rob Mr. Truman either of nomination or j election. Albcn W. j This will embrace also: Biffle, di-1 A new plea for the Taft-Ellendcr- J. Howard , Wagner housing bill as originally proposed. of at leat'l 75 over on the slale of Ihe union mes- | controls. A minimum wage cents an hour. Repeal of the Taft-Harllcy Act. Authorily for rationing and price sage Mr. Truman will send Congress in January. Wilhout question it will embrace a new demand for civil righls measures which stirred Federal aid A national to education, health program eluding compulsory prepayment of medical costs. Creomulsioii relieves promptly because it goes rij'Jit to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like tiie way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back.8 for Coughs, Chest Colds.Bronchitis In Paris, they held a "Miss Forever Amber" contest, and here's the winner, Yvonne Menard. She's 20, likss steaks, rare, and is 5 feet G inches tall. She didn't say whether she'd read the book. (Photo by NEA-Acme staff correspondent Rene Henry.) New Senator considered dangerous (o y.Vi'-?,guished Service . in World War II 26 Singing voice 11 Moon goddess 29 Eternity 12 Valleys 31 He once was 14 Frozen rain in charge of 17 Deposit . . York account (ab.) 20 Covered wall?. 21 Lures City prisons 34 Condemns 35 Native 24 He won the 37 Puds up 38 Medical amounts 44 English school 46 Press 47 Stagger 48 Plural suffix 49 Asterisk 50 Stockings 52 Age 54 Underworld fiod 56 Part of "be" 58 Sun god to bo health. The report, it was said, may give the steel company a "clean bill," but may suggest changes before the xinc plant is put back into operation. One chemist pointed out that prolonged exposure to polluted air is more dangerous than periodic er- p(i.siire. evc'i) though the concentration of poison may be more during the brief period. In the ease of Donora. it was pointed out. the smug went around the cioek for five days. Only those already ill were i-:eri- ously'affi.'cU-d. Of tiie 1!) who died. one already was dyinu of e.'tneer. of heart disease and the others of another nf tuberculosis, several i of heart disease auci the others nf | chronic bronchial asthma. A health I board ul'lieial .said thai perhaps "as mauy as five" may have died during tiie period, siiioi; or no. This same official pointed to Ihe low ir.ni talit.v rate in Donora anil said "undertakers here are complaining of not having enough eases to stay in business." The town of 13,000 persons li.is three undertaking establishments. pokesman or the .steel corn- I .said thai "e\vr> thiiU', will! iif" to prevent I'u'ure "death ' Sir.ujiS." bul pointed out that per- i sons sintering iroin heart ailments • Mid broiiu'hal distrnbanees in olh- • t-i 1 ai'eiiS v.heiv low lyin^ t\i|4S !\eep dust and siiu.ke panicles fioin the i upja-r Li t n losphe re are made ill. ; MU'h a ! on{.' % -l i i in- smo;; mn'lu have i the Some ol'tVei on asthmatics in ! i Jo: o.Alyn. Los Angeles, or the in- I jdiisti'iid ;u'e;ts ( ^t North Jer.s MIC taki. ... The new Mrs. Vera C. Bushfield, widow of Sen. Harlan J. Uuslilkld of South Dakota, has been appointed by Gov. George T. Mickclson to iil) her lati? husband's uiiex- pired term. Term ends Dec. 30. Low-slung, sleek . . in any car. and under its graceful bonnet one of the hiiihcst compression engines A b ' HAS YC'J FOS* IRELiiF Prove lo yourself what effective relief you can get now with this fine medicine. You'll be so happy with the help you'll get. so act now, buy C-2223. If you suffer from muscular aches due to exercise or exposure (often called rheumatic pain) or muscular lumbago, dojj'l wait, get C-2223. Purchase'price of first bottle back if not satisfied. For temporary relief of accompanying constipation, take St. Joseph 2-23 Laxative Pills. The Beauty and Distinction of Custom Car Styling Tiie l-RAZER Manhattan ... Tha I'ridc of Willow Run. . It purrs quietly . . . but put your foot down on the accelerator and zoom up the passing lane as your powerful new l-'ni/er engine v.ith its dual manifold goes into action and your speedometer needle snaps to attention. 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