The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1934
Page 7
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>v^ FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER, 28, ; 1934 (AHK.); COUK1KK NEffS J?AGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale (icr line lor consecutive lusertlijiis:' \ \ \ ; •: I ; -' • '' i '-• (Five average words to.u line) , One lime iier line lOo Two time* ])cr lino per day ..,08c Three limes per line per Uny.. 06o Six times'uer line per day ,, 05c UtuiUi.rple per Hue —..... 60c Minimum charge 50c :-.":'i • Ads 'ordered 'for tliree or six times tmd stopped before expiration will be charged for Hie number of times the ad appeared and aUustment of .bill made. ,• All Classified Advertising, copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must ue accompanied by cash. Hales may be easily 'computed, from above table. No rcspouslBlllty will • be < laken for more Hum one incorrect Insertion" of any classified ad, Advertising .nrncrcd for Irregular insertions, lake the one time rale. ^ PHILLIPS USED CARS " '23 I'ONTIAC COACH 5 S9 '3d GRAHAM PAIGE SEDAN ? US '31 CHEVROLET COUPE .. $M5 '33 FORD V-8 TUDOR SEDAN 5115 '33 CHEVROLET COACH .... $410 '31 FOKI) V-8 COUPE §195 TRUCKS and 'TRAILERS '32 CHEVROLET TRUCK. 157 Inch \Vhecl base, Dual Wheels, Closed Cab '. $315 Feeds,-Seeds "'ALWAYS -AHBAD' DKST I"PEP—CHEAPEST f'KICES OLiersl Store Co. Alfalfa and all khidi of future •8««l. s«d Kye, Wh«t, Tur( 0;its, Ked Rusl 1'ruof O»is, Turnip Seed.. Mustard, Ki]», Kile. AH varletlej Radishes &. SpInicK. BEST PRICES OBERST STORE CO. Help Wanted Goal & Wood YOUNG MAN AS SALESMAN, with some ijxpcrleucc in dry cowls and alines. WE131)Umrs. 109 W. Mutn. VVANTOjY >m~Tr>Tinwmuiient ,, employment (o scvcnil men In- ;Urcsted in grocery work, Wrlle giving age and experience. KRO- OEE ..GROCERY & • BAKING COMPANY, A'Uentton II. H Halford, Memphis, Tcnri. Save Your Money SEEDS, ALIj KINDS Of FEEDS AND FLOUR BOUGHT IN CAH LOAD LOTS. J. F. Livingston WHOLESALE & RETAIL Real Estate Let Your Rent Pay For A Home We have 1', homes to be sold for CASH OR TERMS From $500 to $3,000 All are.priced at less than half lot llieli 1 present replacement costs. This offer will last but a short, time. ACT NOWI " PHONE 12 '30 G. M. C. TRUCK S18G •20 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Runs Good 5 98 KIN GUAM TUAILEH. Dual Wheels, New KublKr $Z23 NABOBS TRAILER $38 PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL !l O'CLOCK Kestaurants I!es( Oysters & Kivcr Cat FisU Chicken Jiinners Every Day •Jiminie O'brien • 11)5 b. Second Business Directory COLD WEATHER COMING! BEST PRICES ON STOVES, PIPES, TAPERS AND TEE JOINTS, DAMPERS, SCUTTLES, (SHOVELS, ETC. OBERST STORE CO. AUTO GLASS AHK-itIO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc AMBULANCE COI'l'EK WEATHER STHIPI'ING Saves fuel al small cost, Arkmo Lumber Co. ' WALL I'ATER IT'S BARGAIN TIME AGAIN • ii our Wall Paper (lept. AH 1934 patterns must go. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. LAND FOR SALE •10 acres, right at, Blytlievlllc on eravel road. Nice residence with electric .lights, barn, garage, fruit, shade. $3,<!0fl - - EASY TERMS Was offered (4,000 3 months ago FOR SALE 0 Room DUPLEX. Rents ul $15 mouth. TRICE 5750. 550 Cash, $12.50 mouth Thomas Laud Co. JF YOU WANT A SMALL HOME LOOK AT THESE No. 1—A 5 room house, lot size 50 by 140 II..on -paved street, water connections, no plumbing in house. $550.00, $175 cosh, balance like paying rent. No. 2.—A 5 room, lot 375-i feet y 140, waler connections, price $450.00, 5150 cash,' balance like rent. No. 3—5 room house,, same ns No. 2. All three in same block near Highway 61. Houses can not be built for twice the. money. W. M. Burns Grand Leader, Bldg. Phone 212 -i ., Suburban Home & Acreage. Most, choice. Right in Blytlic- ville. $15 per month house rent, payable monlhl y and $10 |)er acre for land.. Good lease, call Courier News. Farms for Sale! Terms Reasonable ETHEL B. THOMPSON, Carulhersville, Mo. FOR SALE 40 aero Ozarh farm near town, small frame house, bam, running water, hair cleared. Price S315 5100 cash, Balance terms J. C. CHAPIN Manila, Ark. Agents Wanted World's largest, mo st progressive gasoline pump manufacturer offers exclusive territory, marvelous new pumps, full line service station equipment. Straight commission. A real sales opportunity. Wayne company. 353 Madison Ave., Memphis Tenn. Good NEGRO COOK. Must be nenl & clean. Mrs. mil. Apply ,,fter « P.M. 401 S. Lake. , 27-ck-31 We have nn opening in our service department for a battery man. Apply to Mr. Little, Shouse-Llllle Chevrolet Co. Repairing Parks Bios. Coal Co. I'HONK <JTI I'-OU "Ili-l.o Alahiimn" • nyiil Kentucky" A CMSAN COAI, - LOW IMHCKl) My foal Js isl lu .)( | h ,( j 7 rf at you ttlillr. MJI up jioiv. JOHN I1UCIIANAN - I'HONl! 107 Ladles 311OE REPAIRING & DYB1NQ done by experts. Reasonable. E. E. Ralcliff, Across from Ilubbanl Hdw Co. We put DANCING TAPS on shoes & also do cxiwrt shoe repairing PROGRfSSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 s. Second Faetory Authorized FH1GIDAIRB SKRVICK Factory Trained Mcciuu**. Day 67—1'hone—NteM 3W E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 Main Si. W. J. KNOX Having hmde all kinds of siloes for ABNORMAL feet, cin repair shoes to collect ABNORMAL feet. Personal PEKMANENT.S When science makes them beta we will give our purl. BAKRKTT'S BEAUTY SHOI' 606 North Sth - - Telephone 530 WASHINGS' Neatly Done! Mrs Vance, 1616 Short'wamul, corner 17lh street. :' 31n'kfl-3ll Hardin-Barron Coal Co. AT HTUKNUIiKG'S GIN 1'HONK 1IC Avitoiiiotive All khuLs iialnt . and .body •. work none, Cheaiwsl prices. JOHN HKAKN liiuiiell Aulo Kales Co, IHE. ALABAMA. IIUfJK ClililiK, KENTUCKY COALS 'WE SATISFY OUll CUSTOMEUS' CEUTH'IiSD SA1WHA COAL Moru ffe;it 1'cr Pound No Advance In I'rlic E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. I'honc 100 '. Hoc Us Aliciiit Your Cowl Blythevillc Gin Co. "Uiuliant Aliibaniii" "Preniiuin KcnUicky" CALL 2H HES'l' COAI, FOR MONEY "Acme Alabiiinn" "Black JKoyal Kentucky" N. W. Trantham Coal Co. 1'llONE OG1 J. BEN CLUNE BATTERY SERVICE We iwliurga, rotiiiltil nil makes. Geurrntois .Ss Sim-lore llepiilrni. Al Tom w. Jackwm's SUllou ASH & SECOND ^riiimi! H — lltslilrure JJJ7-H 1 . WE SUM, CIIBAPEU 1 OUU STOCK. IS COMPLETE MIICHANIOS 1 S\J1TI,U:S Ulil'LACEMUNT PARTS, TIKES, TUB1C3 &. ACCKSSOlilEa Free Service <• Hubbard Hardware Co. AutmiKillvu l)c|>l. I'Jiuno 416 J^'or Sale 'ANTIQUE WALNUT bed »wf „,«, '. scr, HcntqnablQ. Kxcclleiil coudi- Hoi). Ciill.DSO. IKTonilMloiicil oJcclrlc rcfrlgcnitors. (!»od cotiilillon.-Hiniccwtiil oper- llmi aiMUAN'J'PJEl). Slzw, frotn fi cubic fcol food slur- ago s|>aco |o 18 cubic f«l. You may ECO tliew nulls today K. B. (!Kt SALKS <!(>. N N 101 Main SI, ALLK V~(M)i' " 'loll .of -UALIN'O WlliiToii West Miljn. ; Owner iimy Inivo for this nil. cull for _Waiile<l To Buy Clued" Second lUmd :_ Position Wanted ! lm AN OMINOUS Schools . rcBB BHOllTHAND, Twoiltlclh E '""""- u"2 i uurncllc, I'hono B24-W. 5 [;ood milch COWS. U. M. HIM al Citimlng Jhielory. 28-pk-i! l-'llliuu .slatioti, -i room liouse .and 1 lots on highway 18 lor $1500 isli, 5 room house with bath, good .irace and outhouse «l JMO W. Ash, S1500 cash. Phone 121. 21cklO-l OOKI PIANO In fii-st'class comlltlou. ^Will sell ;;he»|). Phouc 86. 21-ck'-4 Green j!j while enamel coal or wood STOVE. Perfect, condition. Call Oiiu good second hand WAGON. MAT!US OIN, Yarbro, Ark. M-ck-30 Good REMINGTON TypemUtra imcl other nitlclcs. E. Sladmlller, llfi E. Vine. 25u kZO T 1 ,^, H*PPf NEC TO~YM' BOOVCUABD7 THEY RE ALL BATTEBEP AN' SCARRED / J^'«j^i5»K« Br HaWtt* Two MUN'S SUITS CHEAP. Size IlH. Good condition. Call 930. lA FIXTURES bclongliiB to the Glencoc Cafe, for sale cheap. Fart c.-isli, balance on monthly ixiy- meiils. John Thompson, Glencoo I Hold. 21,, AW, TWtV TPIEO TO PUT ON AN' TAKE SOME BOM PS Of FA TH QUEEN'S SIR.' H.6B6.S FOR YUH COMPLIMENrS, A • PRESENT" IT'S TH' QUEEN'S Of YOUR WEPOI GARB -BOY!HOWDV, A1NT IT A . WHAT'S THIS \ K? ) ^^N By Marti* ", *~""^'w%m^ Wanted COMB TO OBERST STORE CO. For all Hardware & Feed. \Ve EpccliilUc on : " HAKKES5. Modernize your country home with' H Dnnlng WATER system, f40 UP. I1UBUAUD 11DW. CO. e-ck-10-6 —^Lowest Prices— SEE US FOR Farm Implements of all Kinds COTTON SACK3 WINCHESTER SHOTGUN SHELLS All Varielics Fall Pasture Seeds PAUfBYRUM Opposite Old Postoflice Phone 252 Call 115 ft osiTfor Fat for rtcmou- slrations of Sludchakcr, Tcrrn- planr, Hudson, \Vill» * Austin cars. Taken-(Jp -J Jiave taken up one red cow, 6 f yrs. old. car tag p 12305 U. S I Ten\i. 1931 and calf, 4 mo. qld at my place at' Huffman. Sleele Pee WANTED! Black Walnut Logs We are in the market for ulack walnut logs delivered to our mill at Trumnnii. Arkansas, subject to our insiwction under tlic rules adopted by the American Walnut Manufacturers Ar>sodalton. We do not have a man on llie road. Write us for sireclfications and prices. Poinsell Lumber & Mfg. Company TBUMANN, ARKANSAS CASH paid for USED CLOTHING <!t SHOES lo ship west. H. LEIGHTON, 321 E. MAIN. For Rent FurilLshcd BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Hardln. 1017 W. Walnut, call 103, 1-ck-ti UIGHT IN HOOT WOTTA WAU.OPIM P "•» »v M» srnyi«_i«c. T. M._njo y. s. PAT. ort SE'ITIJNG AN OM) SCOU1?! VAS.THE OWNER ' siE ''' BlJi>D ' E ' MA ^ E BIG MILLION-JOFTHSVERV .' VRA1LROAD-? S IP VOLl ARE -. "THIS VERY^ RAILROAD! AND I WISH To HWE A BRftKEMAN FIRED. SALESMAN SAM WHERE HOWDV / OFFICER ' UP/ ( THOUGH^ AT HIH M THE OTHER ROQMl' TflKE WOOFV'S PLflCEj WASN'T FEEUN' 50fiOOP,SOI HAD HIM PUTOM A AW eocvjrow 's BEAT' HoH,DAD:'TAu!coME OK'. OUTSIDE;.. Hirnv i B006HT A CAR. ^$£&'£.&Ktei8X-.#&&t?$: GOSH, FRECKLES, E OMLY ^i/ pop, AL sumj Y>J MOW SHE CLIMBS THIS HILL...THEN WE'LL TURN .ABOUND AND I'LL DEMONSTRATE THE BRAKES' US.., IT'S ALL HIS ANO SHE WONT <SUTE IT, IXL H».vE TO ASK ^ifcU TO GET C WALK UP' THIS'HILL'" PASSED WERE GCTUG ~IHE IV! I V/AY. 1 HIHE...I WAUT YOU ALL TO 60 «3R A RIDE v/mi us.'! GET OUT AHO FOR US AT THE TOP,'/ .^^S^ i^ra~~r^ }

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