Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 6, 1948
Page 3
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Saturday, November 6, 1948 BLCNDIE SUPPER MADE MS SLEEPY--I'LL TAKE A NAP FOP A • FEW MINUTSS nr DAG WOOD, IT'S , > ELEVEN O'CLOCK- TIME TO GET UP AND GO TO ^KJDPE STAR,, HOPE, ARKANSAS - - ~ : "'••'•*• ~J —7—: rr~-r- j , _, i ..... . ,,.«. . —-. By Chick Youn? WOMDEf? WHY IT 1^ I GANI'T SLEEP N:GHTS Page Three, By Roy Goffo INTO TENTH ROW/ MAM BETWEEN } _ AND I MID- Y?y PAY J FIELD/ X ^ AE, V"" ,A$e2-\ ,• '/*& ... j air*' ,, '"•• SCUSE FELLUHS GOTTA RUSH ALONG C4jV OZARH STAY IN BOUNDS AND % -SCORE? SIDE GLANCES By Galbraifh CARNIVAL COPR. 1310 BY NEA SERV1CC, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF By Dick Turner VIC FLINT COPR. 1548 BY NBA SEftVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 'FLINT, I UKE \ WE CAM AIL DRIVE OUT TO \OUR THIS IDEA MORE^HOUSP IM MVTAD. no Arvuco i MORE AND MORE OF SET- TINS TOGETHER WITH MY WIFE TO TALK OVER OUR MISUNDERSTANDINGS. , .£=• D^\ HOUSE IM MY CAR, DR.ACCHER.'. WAIT AND I'll BRING IT AROUND J .FROM THE PARKING LOT. °SPlW QUIET ;v MEMBER, VERA' PLAYING AROUND/BUT MAYBE ByJWicliaei O'Maliey & Ralph Lane WASH TUBBS MRS. ARCHER WON'T BE EXPECTING ANYBODY 1 IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON. WE'LL CATCM HER UNAWARES. YES, THIS IS THE AMlD's DAY OFF. VERA 15 SURE TO BE HOME TAKING IITILE CHRIS, OUR SON COPB. 1M8WNEA sYnvicr.juc. T. M/REC. u. s. PAT. OFF MYOMY HOPE.IS'... . HER DRUNKEN BROTHER PICKED TODAY TO GIVE HER ANOTHER OF HIS, EMERGENCY ALMOST ISOLATED OLD | : VILLAGE-OF vGADSWOLD- RIGAtQON MW.UKE WELL, YE <LE LAME HENilY El Leslie Turner NO CABS -Y BUT I'M TOO ESClt ED TO OR BUSSES! \ MISS THIS LAST LAP OP \T'&QU\TEIN K ODE.sEM2cHrEft.sY.'' WALK WITH / ^~ —-.~-- THKT-IXNKLEi / ^^®. '< -. PEWNV !•' BUT BLAtBS,,, THAT'S WOT THE E ROLAMD' STOPPED fc>tt "If prices keep going up, I'll have to be making $100,000 a year to send him to college—I'd better ask the boss for a raise right now!" "There goes our boy, walking out on his first campaign i promise! He promised if. elected to pick up the check for, \ the victory cele'brationJ" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS O -j»=% —\?= * ' ~#s&*<58f»<0'•> By Blosser MAVBE THEY'LL WET XNIOW WE'RE SUPPOSED To PAY DURING TWIRP SEASON, BUT OUR. I HUBBAfJD'S / BUT" YOU KNOW IWIRP TASSELS— / cJf BOARD/., y THE RULES ' MOTHER.- / DOES YOU,6IRLS, DONALD DUCK By Cart Anderson "it's the waiter's son carrying the ball again!" POPEYE Yes—i TCXD M3U 1 WAS SORT OF A .RELATIVE/-THE". . PARTY'S OM ME/ 6y Walt Disney <5> !' ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin OLJW2SIOE. WtS, LUW.(VOX'S P/£t.i> ' SOAL IM THE TMlEO PUARTEB UWS 60CO-—AM? tiEf3E'S THE 4'^ QuvrreR" OMT OUR WAY » I\/P'> f^./ /-^-N V ti(/A ^ OH, SHE'S JUST \ MOVED INTO THIS NEIGHBORHOOD? / WELL, WE CAM -P HELP YOU QUT \ BY (vAAKlMt; VOU ) LOOK BETTER.' A By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE Thimble Theater /HEk-* ' DIDN 1 ) / s OSOP ^^ ^ '•** y '' Ti.fl. IP-IS.'Ki.^'r eJ i,i, K SynJ.Vjio, Inr., \V 0 ,|J ,,- £frli f(lau j VES, THIS'LL MAKE VOL) LOOli MORE WIFTY AND A LITTLE MORE IMTELLIGE-MT LCOWKl'-IM If, n- ••- 'S*K;»tra. JUST BE VOURSELVES.' I'P LIKE HER TO SEE ME IN A LITTLE BETTER CO^\PAMV THAN THAT/ BEAUTY HELPo cof ,, MD> With AWRI6HT. . VOU C3UYS &O PRY 6U2 DLJT/v. TH' BPJU'SH.' TH' / I?E5T c 3 ? VC"U GET ' ANOTHER LINE ON ) s- THAT TREE,' WE ' ,. , <50Tr* GET ) , ' ,' ' ' i THIS PINO5AUE !'/>•• ' ' Tl^^P BUILT' "ffi?A)^ r^'Vi. 1 ^:^t? BOOTS ', » //•* OONi'T EGAD.' IMMESTORS VJltt TO BDV-me HOOPL6 DENTAL 80MB/MV TOOTH WILL E^D THKT SI-MOWTH VMALL- S ,NCE 'E Bei TRIPTCJ-W6D6MTIST AMDJM PAPER f SPRlMS EOT -THE -rooTrtBRusrt .^p^ ^ MV I SCPIMP^S TO SH^LL X POO M, M BOV A S A CHPiPS STOCI4. --^^ 4*.*^ , - tJ i^ii Jws^yjp^iran^K^uasatWL^. BUGS BUNNY yVtA'f'iKvicE, IMC. TfTi-t uta i/?Y PAI. c?f -^"fc^ By Edgar Martin Wr-VV. , \'O "VD ff W.5O CrtWi&t VS AO MV -f\Vt. (3OOO Ol^X O7 TV\t 'O^t^S WWVfc. XOU VKV. Mt V-OR V5, SO MUCH ft VOE\L\<1 ! Vy&tV[ ? "S S0<? TO PW ONi , V\ '.«\&W [I MOW \ —i cf^en'. .. - - , DOC.' >A /GOT MV SEAT.' I'i-L SHOW VA O SVWA.T'

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