Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 6, 1948
Page 2
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Pago Two HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Social ana P , November 6, 1948 ersona Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M Monday, November 6 Th-- V, prevail Guild of the First Sl'-'h v! sf Church will meet in •the hoi' - of Miss Elsie Weisenher- sOi 3..11 fay. November I! at l:?,n p.m. All members are urged to nl- tond. Monday. November 8 The Circles of the Women's Aux- JlMrj, of (ho First Presbyterian cbi'jch will meet Monday ns fol- 3 \6\ Circle- 1. chairman. Mrs.-. Ben rtfeKar- homo of Mrs. C. C. McNeil! . t I 30 j» m. Citelo ?, chairman, Mrs. C. W. Tiiptev, home of Mrs. Finlcy Ward vr hn-,tr=^,'Miss Lucy Hannah. 2::-;0 p. in. Cm.li?' 3j. chairman, Mrs. Jack Lcv<\ home of Mrs. Kendall Lem- lev I. 3fl p.m. C'-Tie 4. chairman, Mrs. James Millri. homo of Mfs. R. E. Jack- ten, 7 10 p.m. Monday, November 8 Tl > I Hies' Auxiliary of the Gar- icH M< morinl Baplist .church will in \ i Monday, November SI at two c'ciu> k Mrs, Wade Warren, president .innounccd. church. Monday al 3:30 p.m. Mrs. Frank Hider will be the leader cf the program. ' There will be -\ Cnbinel meeting in Fellowship Hall of the First Christian church Monday at 3:30 p.m. All Circles of the W.S.C.S. of the ins,) Methodist church will meet at UK- church iiv^a Union .Service, Mo'uii.y al 8 o'clock at.which time MSK JR E; Jackson will speak on "Koir.,1 ' Tuesc'-ny, November 0 The Mope Iris Garden Club will meet. Tuesday afternoon at 2:'M in the home of Mrs. Owen Nix, 512 Soufh Bonner. with Mrs. Lahroy | Spates erj-hoKloSH. Mrs. I'aul Haley will be in charge of the program. Tuesday, November 9 j The Ladies' Auxiliary of Unity Missionary Baptist church will I meet Tuesday at 2 p.m. Mrs. J. j U. (Jordan is president. Wilson-Mammons Engagement Announced Mr. rind Mrs. Charles Walker Wilson, Columbus, Arkansas, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter Elizabeth Younger to Foy Haydon Ilammons, Jr., son of Coach and Mrs. Foy Hayden Ilammons, Hope. Arkansas. The wedding is to take place at First Presbyter- inn Church. Hope, on December 29, 1!)<1H. Th< V/omcn's Missionary Society ci Fust I/aptist church will meet at the. church for a Royal Service Progiam Monday.. Circle No. f> will hj\c charge of the nlcellng. 1} Sunbeams of the First Bap- list 'huich will meet Monday, at 4 p m Ihc Junior R.A.'s and . Junior G A '•, of First Baplist church will jju-et Monday at ,5 p.m. Coming and Gomq The. Women's Council of First Chustmn church will meet in the fellowship' Hall to sew for the Ba- zaai, on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Welsh of Mplvcrn arrived Friday afternoon for a week-end visit with their daughter, Mrs. Foy Mammons, Mr. Mammons and family. Among the Hope fans motoring to Little Rock Saturday to see the Arkansas-Rice game are: Mr. and Mrs. Max Cox, Mr., and Mrs. Robert Breslcr, Mr. and Mrs. Foy Hammons, and Mrs. Hammons' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Welsh of Malvern, Miss Ruth McLain, Saner Davis, Miss Effic Hyatt, George Frazier and Richard Stanford. There will be the regular monthly b JMne&s and missionary meeting of the Women's Coiuicil in Fellowship Hall of the First Christian SUN. - MON. - TUES. PATRIC KNOWUS Miss Ellen Jane Glaze, of Henderson State Teachers, Adkadcl- phia arrived Friday afternoon for a week-end visit with her sister, Mrs. Paul If. Jones, and Mr. Jones here and to see the Hope-Little Rock game. Possibility Continued From Page One and comic magazine fan. She was sure her brother knew nothing about firearms and said he could not drive a ear two years ago. She said "Doodic." (that was Mrs. T crimson's pet name for her son) "seemed to grow up over nipht." Despite his height, he weighed but 130 pounds. He was graduated from Texarkana, Ark., high school last .spring and played trombone; in the band] That was his chief school activity. At the university, where he studied business administration. Tennison was not widely known or active on the campus. Do I y Bread Continued From Page One tern governments have doubtless considered. That problem i.s how to build up a strong and safe defense and still not impoverish I he Irce world by squamlering vital goods and money on an unnecessarily big war machine. One immediate way to tackle this problem, we believe, is for the representatives of free governments in Paris to stop trying to match Mr. Vishinsky in ins'uJI.'and vituperation, thus perhaps nlaying into his hands. Another is for the heads of those free governmeiUs to strive even harder to counter Russian provocations with calmness as well as firmness. Baby Sitter Service De Luxe Midc','.esbrough, Eng. —M>) — Can't go to the movies'.' No babysitter? That's no problem here. The movie-house will provide one, deliver her in a taxi and then drive you to the show. When it's over, they'll take you home and pick up the sitter. A Middlesbrough movio-house has hired 3IJ girl sitters and is footing the bill for the first week. Richard Stanford returned Friday from Fayettevillc where he- has been visiting his brother, Mr. and ,Mrs. J. P. Stanford. Mrs. Lora Jones of Los Angeles, Calif, is vistiing relatives and friends here. Billy Ramsey of Arkansas State Teachers College. Conway is spending the week-end with his mother,'Mrs. W. M. T.amscy. Raymond Bright of Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway, was Friday guest of his mother, Mrs. Mary Bright and attended the Hope-Little Rock game here last night. Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Hamrn left Saturday morning for a business trip to Detroit, Michigan. Miss Betty Ann Benson, Miss Lyn Dickens of Texarkana. Merrill Edward McCloughan and Glen Walker, all of Hendrix College, Conway, attended the Hope-Little Rock game here Friday night. They returned lo Little Rock Saturday morning where they will attend 'the Arkansas-Rice game. W. D. "Dub" Oliver of Texarkana visited friends in Hope Friday and attended the Hope-Little Rock game Friday night. Miss Mary Wilson of Dallas arrived Friday for a week-end visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wilson. Miss Nancy Hill of Texarkana is the week-end Huesl of her mother, Mrs. Clyde Hill. Mr. and Mrs. U. A. Gentry of Little Rock and Gray Gentry of Texarkana attended the Hope- Little Rock game here Friday night. Asoeiate Juslice E. F. McFarldin, Mrs. McFaddin and daughter, Mar Sue of Lillle Rock, former Hone residents, arrived Friday after- noon to visit Mr. and Mrs. Ross R. Gillespie and to witness the Hope- Little Rock game. Joe Ferguson, Robert Lcake. Wallace Russell Kaufman and Fady Kelly of Little Rock were Friday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Kelly and witnessed the Hope Bobcat and Little Rock Tiger game. Top Radio Programs New York. Nov. n — (VP.i — Listening tonight: NBC — 7 Hollywood Theater; 7:: J ,0 Truth or Consequences; 8:30 Judy Canova; !) Dennis Day 9:30 Gran Ole Opry. CBS — (i:;iO Vaughn Monroe Show; 7 Sing it Again; fl Winner Take All; 8:,'tO It Pays To Be Ignorant 9:30 Military Ball. ABC --- (J:30 Damons Jury Trials 7:30 Amazing Malone !! Gang Busters; !!:.';() What's My Name; 9 Whi;-. Quiz. MBS — 7 Twenty Questions; 7:30 Life Begins at !!0 Ji'.DO Guy Lombardo Music; f) Chicago Theater Magic Flute)" Sunday forums: MBS — 10;30 a. m. .Reviewing stand "Southern Europe." CBS — 11:30 People's Platform, ed "US Foreign Policy." NBC —12:;:-ifl p. tn. Chicago Roundtable "Union Printers and Tart-Hartley Law." NBC — 1: 30 University Theato Other: NBC — 1: 30 University Theater "Arrowsmith:' ' 4 Jane Pickens Show; 5:30 Ozzie and Harriot; 0 Jack Benny 7 Charlie McCarthy 7:30 Fred Allen: (1 Merry Go Round D Gary Moore Quiz 10:30 Ft. Bliss Tex.. 100th. Anniversary, ec. Roy' CBS — 12:30 Tell Tt Again; 2 N. Y. Philharmonic; 3:30 Skyway to Stars. Bernard Baruch Guest; 5 jRay Milland in Family Time; G:30 Amos and Andy 7:30 Philip Harlowe Adventure: !i Jessica Tandy (in "Accent on Youth;" 9 Lum and JAbner. ABC — 0:30 a. m. Southernairos; 2:13 p. m. Future of America; 4 Quiet Please Drama; 5:30 Greatest Story (i Go For The House quiz' 7 Stop the Music; H:30 Pat O'Brien in "Criminal Code." MBS — .1 Air Force Program 2:30 Juvenile Jury; 3 House of Mystery; 4:30 Quick as a Flash; 5-30 Nick Carter 7 Mediation Board; 8 Secret Mission; 9 Voices of Strings. Hospital Notes Josephine Mr. and Mrs. George Bright, Hope, announce the arrival of a son on Nov. 5. 1D48. l\<r. and Mrs. James Rowte. Hope, announce the arrival of a daughter on Nov. G, JU48. Admitted: Mrs. James Rowc, Hope. Mrs. Zona Green, Hope. Discharged: James Murphy, Washington. Branch Admitted: Mrs. V. A. Stewart, Nacocloches, Texas. Mrs. Dean Browning, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Ruby Wilson, Washington. A. J. Kent, Patmos. Vernon Pate Rt, 2, Hope. Birth Control in Massachusetts Boston, Nov. 3 — CUP) — Birth control remained illegal in Massachusetts today after voters rejected a referendum attempt to change the state's (59-year-old statute on "chastity, morality, decency and good order." Returns from 1,204 of the state's 1,879 precincts showed a 045,059 to 507,130 vote against an amendment which would have permitted qualified physicians to prescribe contraception for married women when necessary to safeguard life or health. The Catholic church officially opposed the referendum on grounds that artificial contraception violates moral law. BY WILLIAM IRISH Copyriglil by William Irish—Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY ... Slje Carried the Strangest of Secret n the Silence Charles Biekfcrd • Agues Mooceliead THE STORY Time, 1880 Place, New Orleans Louis Durancl, 37, a well-to-do bachelor, has been corresponding with Miss Julia Russell, whom he has never seen. He has proposed marriage and she has accepted. According to her picture, Miss Russell is dark-haired, strong- featured and no longer young. Durancl roes down to the clock to | meet the boat that is to bring her ! from St. Louis. He is clumfoundecl 1 ' when nn exquisite young blond i creature introduces herself as Julia. She explains her little deceit by saying she didn't want him to fall for just a pretty face. Dinand is enchanted with her and they are married. Cetrnin things puzzle him, however, during their first days together. Julia drinks coffee, although her letters had said she despised coffee. And' her complexion alternates mysteriously between flush and pallor. Also, she shows no interest in the canary bird she troubled to bring with her. VIII Her trunk was recalled to his mind one day by Ihe very act. of his own sitting on il. H was no longer recognizable at sight lor a trunk, it had a gaily printed .slip cover over it to disguise it. and stood there over against the wall. It was Sunday, and though they did not go lo church, they neve'r failed, in common with all other good eitizen.s, lo dross up in their Sunday finest and take their Sunday morning promenade. He was wailing for her to be ready, and had sal down upon this nondescript, surface without looking to see what it was. She was slowed, at the last moment, by difficulties. • "1 wore this last week, remember? They'll see it again." She discarded it. "And this —I don't know about this" She curled her lip .slightly. "I'm not very well taken with it!" She discarded it as well. "That looks attractive," he of- ! fered cheerfully, pointing al ran-I ilom. j She shrugged off his ignorance. \ "But thi.s is a weekday dress, not a Sunday one." He wondered privately, and with a soundless little chuckle, how one told Hie first from the second, bu; retrained irom asking her. .She sat down no 1 ,'. 1 , still further ik laying their start. "1 don't kimw what I'll do. I haven't a thing fit to be seen in." This, taken iu conjunction with the fact that the 'as aiix-ady littered with struck him as so funny could no longer control but burst out laughing, is he did ho, .- wiiug b;s ai m agaiii.il the surface he ,•, a: ^ on. in a clap i >f en :: ii j;^ i>. it suddenly struck him as well, opened it since her arrival. "What about this?" he asked And then stood up and stripped tbja cover off. The initialed "J.H.," just below the lock in blood-red paint, stood out conspicuously. "Haven't you anydiin" in here? 1 should think you would a nun it this size." She was suddenly looking, with Jit almost taut scrutiny, at'one 01 the dresses, holding it. upraised Oc-iore her. "Oh. no." she said. "Nothing Oiil.v rags." 'How is it I've neve'- seen you " : ir;.'i KV You never have, have you?" She continued to peer at this thing in her hands. "No," she said "1 never have." "Why not?" he persisted. "Why haven't you?" But with no intent whatever, simply to have an answer. This time she took note of the question. "I —I can't," she said somewhat unsurely. She seemed to inlelicl no further explanation, at least unsolicited so he asked her: "Why?" She waited a moment: "It's the - key. Us- ah, missing. I haven't got it. I lost it on the boat " :ij.':i>eii l)Ui:.k fuel-., A.-id ;.;! ihel niuniLiil, he lii'sl reali.-eU ih.:' ; it ;\iis her trunk he wa.-, -.!!!:> : upuii The ol K- she had bi 01- ..'.hi '• H'uin St. J.oliis. She ii.'id n-.'\..r, ! She had come over to (he trunk while she has speaking, and was rather hastily trying lo rearrange the slip cover over it. "Why didn't you tell me?" he protested heartily, thinking merely he was doing her a service. "I'll have i\ locksmith come in and make you a new one. H won't taia any time al all. Wait a minute let me look at it—" lie drew the slip cover partly biiek again, while she aimo-u seemed to be trying to hold it in place in opposition. Again the vivid "J.R," peered forth,'~bul only momentarily. He thumbed the pear-shaped brass plaque. "Thai should he i:'sy enough. It's a fairly simple type of lock." 'Ihe slip cover, in her own hands swept across it like a curtain a moment later, boltiing out lock and initials alike. "I'll go oui and fetch one in right now," he offered, anil started :orlh>vith for the dour. "He r aji take the impression, and have the J" 1 ' done by the time we return Irum uur—" "You can't." she called afier Imn with unexpected harshne.ss of \eiee. that mi.ulit simply have been line to Ihe tact of her having u, r.u.M- il slightly to reach hmi" "Why not?" he asked. She let her breath out audibly. "It's Sunday." lie tuiiieii in the doorway and "- >:ii '.e .-lowly back again. 1'rus- ti'Mi-u. "'I hat'.-; true." lie admitted 1 lolgnt." "1 i"ti too. tor a momect," .'-he • ••.'il. ,\i:il ;:g;:in exhaled deeply. -'•: .,! way thai, ilnr.igh il was proh- ; ' ! -,' no loiM'e th;!ii ,ni expre.;^i(.ui .<! ;:::,':ny;j!KV al the dekiy. might ;i ;; in.'.-' i;;i\e bieu mistaken ?o: un- .UJi-i'.iljK- ivhii. so mialeac!iiu;ly like ii did it .sound. (To Be Co.'itiuuedy Monday, November 8 Presbyterian Woman's Federation will meet Monday at the church at 9 a.m. to make draperies lor the dining room. Lunch will be served at the noon hour. There will be a Bible study in the afternoon. W.S.C.S. of the Methodist church will have its business meeting at the church at 2:30 o'clock. Circles of the W.M.S. of the Baptist church will meet at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 10 The Prescott Musical Coterie will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton at 3 p.m. J. A. Cole, District chairman, has announced an annual District Scout meeting will be held at the Prescott Primary School on Monday evening. Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout: troops from Emmet and Prescott are making plans to • be well represented. The O.E.S. met Monday night at 7:30 at the Masonic Hall for a stated meeting. Mrs. Paul Buchanan read the minutes. After the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Mrs. N. N. Daniel offered prayer. The '37 Contract Club met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. George Christopher. Lovely arrangements of bronze chrysanthemums and Marigolds made an attractive background for the fcan- tables of players. The hostess served a delicious dessert course to club members, Mrs. Ralph Gordon, Mrs. Archie Johnson, Mrs. Duncan McRae, Jr., Mrs. Hansel Herring, Mrs. Clifton Arnold, Mrs. Jack Harrell, Mrs. Art Rcgnier, Mrs. Paul Buchanan, Mrs. Powel Morgan, Mrs. John Pittman, Mrs. Tom Cruse, Mrs. Frank Gilbert and to club guests Mrs. O. G. Hirst, Mrs. Mark Justiss, Mrs. F. G. Brummett, Mrs. Vernon Buchanan and to a tea guest, Mrs. Harold Parker. Members of the Baptist Training Union and their guests enjoyed a wciner roast Tuesday night at the home of Jackie Cooper. Mrs. H. H. McKcnzie was hostess to the Wednesday Bridge Club at her home Wednesday afternoon. A delectable salad course was served by Mrs. McKenzie to club members: Mrs. Dallas Atkins, Mrs. Saxon Regan, Mrs. Allen Gee Sr., Mrs. T. R. Logan, Mrs. Harold Lewis, Mrs. Gus McCaskill and to guests, Mrs. Edward Bryson and Mrs. Al Williams. News of the Churches UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST Elder Howard White, Pastor Unity's Gospel Hour—3 a m. Sunday School—10 a.m. A. A. Massey, Superintendent. Morning worship—11 a .m County Jail Service—1:30'p.m. Baptist Training Course— 0:30 p.m. Evening Worship—7:30 p.m. Ladies' Auxiliary— 2 p.m. Tuesday. Mrs. J. B. Jordan, president. Prayer Service and Bible Study Wednesday—7:30. Teacher's meeting, Thursday — 7 p.m. A Baptismal Service will follow the Evening Services. "I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord." Psm. 122:1. The W.F.M.S. met at the Naza- rone church Monday evening, with twenty members present. The following officers were elected for the year: president, Mrs. F. N. Rhodes. 1st vice-president, Mrs. Pearl Hart; 2nd vice-pj-esident, Mrs. ' Neely Hart; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Virginia Orr; Superintendent of. study, Mrs. Joe Tyson; Superintendent of Publicity, Mrs. E. B. 'Johnson; pr«yei> and fasting chair-, man, Mrs. Nora White; Superintendent of other Sheep, Mrs. Jack Lowe. The Wesleyan Service Guild met Tuesday night in the home of Mrs. Myrtle Greeson with Mrs. Sam Taylor White Jr. co-hostess. Mrs. Charles Thomas gave a very interesting discussion on "Spiritual Life i'j Korea." New officers were elected. Mrs. Bill Gist will take the ofifce of president January 1. The following officers will take office in May: Vice-president, Mrs. Lelia Hays; recording secretary, Mrs. Ruth Lindblad; treasurer, Mrs. Christine McMahan; promotion secretary, Mrs. Lera Johnson; local treasurer Miss Florence Gurley; Chairman ucation, Mrs. Joe Smith; Spirit World Brotherhood Missionary Ed- LUe, Mrs. John Eagle; Leisure Time, Mrs. Lorene Foster; reporter, Mrs. Hess Gordon; Christian Social Relation and Church activities, Miss Hax.el Matlock. The next meeting will be a Christmas meeting in the home of Mrs. Chas. Thomas with Mrs. Myrtle Greeson in charge of program. Visitors were Miss Jeanette Gardiner and Mrs. J. B. Hesterly. M/Sgt. Wayne Loomis and Mrs. Loomis of Langley Field, Virginia are guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Loomis. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Bryson, Miss Betty Babb and Mr. and Mrs. Saxon Regan attended the Kiwanis Minstrel and Revue in Little Rock Monday night. R. T. Murry, president of Prescott Chamber of Commerce and J. A. Craig Jr., manager, are attending the Arkansas Association of Commercial Organization Executive meeting in Little Rock today. Prescott friends of Howard Terry will regret to learn that he is critically ill at his home in Conway. Mrs. O. S. Carter of Couch, Texas has been a recent guest of Mrs. S. H. McMahen. Mrs. Randolph Hamby spent Wednesday in Fulton as the guest of her sisters. Mrs. Ernest Jameson has returned from Houston, Texas where she was the guest of relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ingrain are visiting in Clinton, Indiana as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Don Hew- lilt and family. Mr. ^ and Mrs. Clyde Cox of Longvit'v, Texas wore the guests of Mr. ami Mrs. H. E. Dorris. Monday. Mrs. 11. D. Bullock has recently returned from Sherman, Texas where she was the guest of Mrs. Lucy Porter. Mr. and Mrs. Hervey Bemis left Friday for Dallas. Texas where they will be the guests of their Cu'Ughter, Mrs. Robert Duke and Mr. Duke. Their son Jimmy Bemis who is a student al Texas A & M al College Station will also spend thu weekend as their guest. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 321 N. Main H. Paul Holdridge, Pastor The church where every one is welcome extends a cordial invitation to attend our services today and throughout the entire week Mr. Guy E. Basye, Sunday School superintendent, invites you to our Sunday School which is completely departmentalized with competent teachers for every class and every age. Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Radio Bible Class—10 a.m. H. Paul Holdridge, teacher. Morning worship—11 a.m. Sermon by the pastor. ' The Gospel Hour over Radio Station KXAR—1 p.m. ' Choir rehearsal—4:30 p.m. Christ Ambassadors—6:15 p.m. Junior Christ Ambassadors and choir rehearsal —6:15 p.m. Evangelistic Service —7:30 p.m. Sermon by the pastor. Wednesday, Prayer and Bible Study—7:30 p.m. Friday, Prayer meeting — 7:30 p.m. Plan now to attend the Thanksgiving Revival at the Tabernacle beginning Sunday, November 14 and through to the 28th. You are invited and welcome to hear Rev E. R. Black of Forrest Cty, Arkansas who will be our evangelist during these two weeks. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN SCO East Second Street Stephen Cook, Pastor Nancy Deal, Director of Education Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Jim Miller, Supt. Morning worship —10-55 Sermon: "The High Cost of Discipleship". Anthem: "How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me, O Lord". Soloist—Mrs. Earl Powell. A nursery is provided during the morning worship. There will be no vesper or young people's meetings tonight. Members are urged to go to Magnolia to hear Col. Roy LcCra'w speak on the Presbyterian Program of Progress. The meeting will begin at 8 p.m. in the auditorium of Magnolia A. & M. College. Choir practice, Tuesday —7 p.m. Midweek worship, Wednesday. — 7 p.m. The film Queen Esther will be shpwn. All members and their 'friends are invited. A church home for those away from home and a welcome to all. DOROTHY DiX s GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST North Ferguson Street Elbert Osteen, Pastor Rock of Ages Broadcast from the Church Auditorium, 9 to 0:30 a.m. Sunday School— 1 Oa.m. Grady Hairston, Supt. Morning worship broadcast from the Church Auditorium—11 B.T.C.—6:45 p.m. Evening Worship—7:30. Monday, Auxiliary—2 p.m. Mrs. Wade Warren, president. Wednesday, Teacher's meeting— 7 p.m. Prayer service at 7:30. You are invited to worship with us. What is the greatest fault of women? Jealousy. When you ana- '.vzc the trouble, 1 ; of women, you almost invariably find thai jealousy is al, Ihe bottom of them. It begins wilh sex jealousy, of course, for the average woman think:,' that she has a monopoly on any man she fancies, and that he is a double-dyed criminal if he so much as glances al another petticoat. Apparently women never think of a man as just a hitman being who enjoys looking at a pretty girl, talking to a clever one or renewing a friendship with a girl he went, to school with but who has no nefarious designs upon her. And certainly when a man gets engaged to a girl, or marries her, he never dreams that, she thinks that she has bought him, body and soul. But it happens. And lo this column come a never-ending stream of tear-.sofiden letters of girls who write that their hearts are broken mid that they never will know a happy moment again because they saw their fiances talking to an- I other girl. Or because their Tom. [ Dick or Harry just, kept looking at, a pretty blonde. Or because their Boy Friend took another girl home from a party. These simple acts of courtesy the girls regard as deadly insults and proof that their Boy Friends are trifling with them, instead of naming the wedding day. Weeping Woman We hear a great deal about unhappy marriages, and all of us have women friends who weep on our shoulders while they sob out a story of how they ;u-e neglected by their spouses, though the poor husbands may have commuted no greater offense than having re/id the newspaper instead of talking to them. But when you come clown to brass tacks, what most of these disgruntled wives are suffering from is just a bad case of jealousy", They can't boar it that their husbands have any interests outside of them, andjhal snakes them blind and dumb" to the fact that. the quickest and surest way of losing a husband i.s by keeping too tight a rein on him. " I Another class of women who suf-- fer untold tortures of r.iealousy are | mothers who run their own and their children's lives by their fierce determination to 'be first with their youngsters. They leach the babes in the cradle that only Mother loves them. They refuse to let the father have anything to do with rearing the children! They will not let their adolescent boys and girls have any of the pleasures and liberties that belong to their age. And when their adult children defy them and marry, they starl a campaign of faultfinding against the unfortunate bride or bridegroom, if it were not for mothers' jealousy, there would be no molher-in-law problem. Another pitiful illustration of the unhappines that vvomcyi bring upon i themselves by their jealousy is i that it turns the milk of human kindness in them into clabber. We see women who have comfortable homes, who have devoted husbands and nice children —all the basic materials that go into the making of b; so everything that is worth having life. What a pity! Hope Star Stor of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January J8, 7929 by PublishoH overy vftekday afternoon STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E, Palmer, President Alex. H. Woshburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star buildinn 212-214 South Walnut Street, . . . Hope, Ark. ,. : Alex. H.' Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. JoMij Managing Editor •- .'. Geo'rgc W. Hosmpir, Mechi-Supt, ! Joss M., Davis, A J vertistng' Manager Entered a-s second class matter ot the Past Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated .,Press.;-; (fMEAl—Means Newspaper Ehterprisa Association/ • Subscription Rates: (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier per woiik 20c per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LoFavelte counties, $4.50 per year; elso- where $8.50. Notional Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn., Sterick Bulldina; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avenue; Now York Citv, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg.; New Orleans. 722 Union St. Member of the Associated Press: Th( Associated Press Is entitled exclusively tc the use for republication of all the toca' -news printed in this newspaper, as well a* ill AP news dispatches. FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth and Ferguson Rev. T. F. Ford, Pastor Sunday School—9:45 a.m. Morning Worship—11. Young Peoples Service — 0'3Q p.m. Evangelistic Service—7:30 p m Tuesday, 2 p.m.—Ladies Pravor meeting. Thursday, 7:30 p.m. — Choir practice. Friday, 7:30 p.m.—Bible Study. FIRST BAPTIST Corner Third & Main Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor J. E. Birkhead, Music Director 9:30 a.m.—Sunday School, H. E. Thrash, Superintendent. 10:50 a.m.— Morning worship with the message by the pastor. 0:30 p.m.— Training Union, Vance Smiley, Director. 7:30 p.m.—Evening worship with the message by the pastor. Monday: 2:30 p.m.—-Woman's Missionary Society will meet at the church for a Royal Service Program. Circle No. 5 will have charge. 4 p.m.—Sunbeams meet at the church. 5 p.m.—Junior G.A.'s meet al (Released by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) I of Op* Law Very M&ich in Doubt 1 . Little Rock. Nov. r> —(./?>-- Fate of a proposal lo limit local option liquor elections lo general election days remains very ,'Tiueh -in doubt. Initiated Act No. L> trails by 1951 voles with returns from more than j _ .",011 precincts in Tuesday's general | c -ral election still to be tabulaled. By EDWIN P. . JORDAN, M.D. Written for NEA Service Some diseases arc more common in some climates than in others. For example, fewer people suffer from sinus infections and from .rheumatic fever in tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world than in the stormier region:; farther north. Moving from one climate to another Irequently results either in an improvement or worsening of the particular conditions. This is perhaps particularly true for Ihe diseases involving the nose, throat, and lungs, that, is, the breathing or respiratory system. Tho question often comes up whether a pei-son with such diseases should move to a warmer climate. This is always difficult to answer. Although fewer cases of some diseases .start in warm climate, not ?11 people get beller when they move lo such an area. Try the Area First Some sinus sufferers improve in parts of the southwest, like Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona, whereas others may actually become worse in those regions. Southern California and Florida are also popular areas. These places, too, do not offer a certain cure. About all that one can say in advance is that the person who conlemplales a change of climate should pick one and then try it for several months to see whether the results will be good or bad. Just why a chance of climate that is present in northern regions. Also there are likely to be fewer storms, and storms seem to "be hard for some human bodies to take. A few medical authorities are inclined to place great emphasis on climate and weather in relation to disease. Although there is no complete agreement on this matter, the future surely offers many opportunities for research on the relationship between c 1 i m a t e, weather and various kinds of diseases. QUESTION: What epsy and can it be cured? ANSWER; The exact causes epil- cause is the church; Junior R.A.'s meet at the church. Wednesday. 7:15 p.m.—Fellowship .flour. The midweek worship for the whole family. treatments. Furlher information can be obtained from the National Association lo Control Epilepsy, Inc., Tl East G7th Street, New York 21, N Y On ier below '/.era. Mars, midday heat in summer is between 10 and 20 degrees turned to her home in Dallas, Te.xas Wednesday. Friends of Mayor C. D. Ward will regret to learn that he is ill at his home. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hirst of Washington, D. C. are visiiing relatives and friends in Button and Prescott. Mr. Hirst is a former superintendent of the Pre.seott Schools. Mrs, Robert Taylor and children of BatesviHe are guests of Mayor and Mrs. C. D. Ward. Mrs. George liaynie of Little Rock has been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Haynie. FIRST METHODIST West Second nt Pine Rev. J. E. Cooper, Pastor Church School —i):.J5 a.m. Morning worship and Communion Service—Id:50. Sermon therne- "Why Do I Pray?" by Pastor. Wesley Club and Youth Groups will nu'cl at (i::-!0 p.m. Evening worship—7: lf>. Sermon theme: "How to Be a Good Member of the Church" by Pastor. Monday at 3 all circles of the W.S.C.S. will meet, at the church ill a union service, at, which time Mrs. R. E. Jackson will speak on "Korea." Tuesday at 10 a.m a District Stewards Preseoit. Wednesday at 7:15 p.m.—Choir practice at the church. there will meeting Dr. W. O. Arnold and Mrs. Arnold have returned to Temple. Tex:is utter a visit with Dr. Arnold's mother, Mrs. C. P. Arnold. FIRST CHRISTIAN North Main at West Avenue B Win. P. Hal-degree, Minister 9:-J5 — .Sunday .School. Wo have classes for all ages. Wo cordially invite you 10 attend one of our class e s . Jl): 50— -Morning worship, munion. a:ul Sermon. The music will be ;ui .-iiitheni choir. "Chris! Giveth Peace". (i.'OO—Tiie Junior and Senior CYF will meet for a social hour and refreshments. (i:HO— GiMup meetings and lesson for the Junior ami Senior CYF. 7: 3D — Evi'iiing worship. Comir.un- son. and Sermon. The special music bo by I'M- choir. "Sunlight" will give tile third ill C'um- special by the It's for the listeners who know the enchantment of sweet and lilting music that Guy Lombarcfo has be. gun his new Saturday night series with his famed retinue on Mutual, 8:30 to 9:00, Tom Logan has returned from a business trip to Memphis, Tenh. j The M''ni.-;lcr | a sei-i.-s o, : i iiouk of ]\i'\'v tilth (.'hnp'u'f Mr. and Mrs. Fred Waters of Prescott announce the birth of a son. Ruble Samuel, on October 20. at the Cora Donnell hospital. is baxed on the The fourth and i ii.-i hook will be j discussed in this sermon. Monday: 1—-The members of the Women's, Council will meet in Fellowship j Hall in sew for the Bazaar. I -There will be the regular Miss Lillie Butcher who has been the guest of her mother, Mrs. Thad Butcher and other relatives re- Cora Donnell Hospital notes: Admitted: Mrs. Joe L. Reid, Gurdon: Mrs. Lelia McCain. Pivscoii: Miss Sarah Frances Dewuutlv Prescott; Mrs. Otto Hallowny. Rot'ston; Mayor Curtis D. Ward, Prescott; William H. Delaney. Delight; J. A. Stark, Delight; William L. Gordon, Prescott. month mi;'.ini; of 41 in l'\ 1! >\vshio Rider will 'IK p/i'-'.i :•.!n, nu c! illy \\\ I'\ ! 1 icn ;be I 1 :.hill (.' the heads iif e nt:J u! lie. ;s and missionary Women's Council lall. Mrs. Frank i'ne leader of the will be a Cabinet, •llov.-shin Hall. The i ill!.-; group includes the different di part- chin ch. Thursday, 7:SO--Chuir rehearsal. I. •/A

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