Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 5, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 5, 1948
Page 6
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Friday/ November 5, 1948 BLONDIE HOPE STAR, HO PE,, ARK A NS AS Page Seven WILLVOU PLEASE ANSWER THE PHONE,DEAR?, I'M BUSY TRIMMING A HAT By Chick Young SIDK GLANCES CARNIVAL By Dick Turner COPR. 1948 BY NEA SER1ICF..INC. T. M. RED. U. S. PAT. OFF. "What happened to her last boy friend? I mean the who didn't have such an awful appetite!" ona "And now to start with a basic point in the modern kitchen—the fuse-box!" FRECKLES AND HIS FPJENDS Bv BJossei FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberget COPB.. j_M8 BV N£A SCIWICe. INC. T. M. M8. U. S. PAT, arp. THAT WAS TERIFF/) WMy^ \ DON'T BE MODEST THANJKS A LOT, GALS- / J THAMIC j HILDA .' I THINK. n & m-- : . US? /^OLi'RE BEING SWaL / BUT— "" • S SPORTS ABOUT A TWIRP SEASON) i ^/ lr~z-rtifri "But you said nothing was too good for your gutsts! POPEYE AMD' UNTIL THE BOYS T£)LD ME TWIRP ' ^ w& 'IHf, WOMAN, IS REQUESTED rq RAy<. i TMou&Hr TWE PARTY WAS ON MB.' iswT THAT A SCREAM? Thimble Theatti TO rpopeye, BUT- LAST .LOOK LUMMOX, VOU CAWT DO IT.'O —- —- •M . ; '91.-.. Ki. c IVjiuin 8|njic.ilc, Inf.,_ VCoilil liflin'rcicrvcil. . • OUT OUR WAY /A P>i \t~tr. ' r** r .-/-v*,\L \,* r r^v^i * *. \ . ( KICK 0,\i / B'lilNE S / / SIMS ^ HEADED TOeETyTDLD HOW HARD SO IT'LL LOOK LIKE I WORK.' J\ IT DONE.' j~\ IT WAS FOR HIM TO BG6ER OUT THIS <*lr\ PHOTO/ . THE BIG SHOT By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE cun-r',^ 0 ov ~ M ESABf/'Oiviuv A r^oRoivj COULD ffHpa SI.JRE. -r-i 1 ,^L|S VooR. ^ Jl M6ui\5DeR6TAMD/— SEE- |,WJORD ? SOUNr3s,| FlLlED (.MITK MY SECRET W MAV8& IT'LL LIRE At<s EA&V 5/V POWDER, IT WILL Dl6SOLME,\> DO AWAY , TO GET A, ^ AMD CLEftrOSE ALL. ///\M\TH SHftMlNS, STAINS FRON\triE TEETH f > TOO, BY 1Y SURE-FIR& K y/ReWOMIML. CrtEM\CAU ^^ x -THE CHEEKS/ .ACTIONS.' i ( /V>|iC-i •'U With Maior Hoople ^ ; -^px\ ^(-,.y /£' 02ARK IKE By Roy Gottd r//f/w rf/?/?o«s -OOA'f ^/VO'CA' /4«4//) _ ' Uf US WILDCATS, 6*0f ...AN' TIME -^ SIAff V . *— ' BOOT THIS KICKOFP WHERE O7ARK IKE CANT LAY A FINGER ON IT/ ?^: VIC FLINT LATERUL?... NOtVALL AH GOTTA DO IS GALLOP WA'STY YAftfrSf THAT'S THE STORY. YOU LOVE HER BUT MINK SHE'S TWO-Tlft\ING YOU. SHE THE -r<s. _ , AME IN £!-;.« PRfPOSKROtlS' By Michael O'Molley & Ralph Lane f CODDLES, MY LAD. IF THIS MEDDLER KEEPS IT UP, YOU'LL . BE OUT EXACTLY $150,000. WASH TUBES EW^ WHILE, NEAR THE VILLAG-E OF G/XDSWOLD LOCATED THE RUIN. SCROOBtf WITHOUT ATTR\CTIMG AMV ATTENTION . WOW WE'LL WWT Bl Leslie Turner IT SHOULDN'T.. \MORTO FIND WHERE ROLAKJD TAKE LONG TO \ SEALED HIS BOX 1(0 WE' AMMUKE'S COTTAGE jt^r^I^THEallf" ' IN (WkO^WOLD, / ,i i; ."ij"i HENRY WHAT IRKS ME IS T P£i^H^PS IT^ THE TIME AMD WORRY \ UKU.V YOU DlDl IT COST US BECAUSE ... It THREW I'CONFUSED.THEiNPME / .SMEATH OFF REffGIE-WlTH'" MY ARE KILLIN'ME- DOC I PONALD Dl'CK By Corf .'.ndcrsort USED UMBRELLAS FER_SALE p. A I'M- DUE ANY M'IM'IT LJNCA DONALD, VDU WENT TO SCHOOL. AND GOT A GOOD EDUCATION, ,7 ->=£ DIDN'T VQU? ^.^(yoU BET.' i i«".WiiiDi«iirrioj u -.i,ini - DID IT TEACW VOL) TO THINK. ATHINS OUT AND., Get. i i WE ., RIGHT , (ANSWE^?j Walt Disney \-OGK,&uz...y<yu CCULD HSLF-UZ } ^ ^ BEND THIS TREE P^VN IF YOU'P // H*.' NOW ^.'.^.yPJti^l.ANlAPP V^UE^ WEIL^T , SOMEWHERE; OKAY, MEN-- ^^: 1 BOO rs By V. T. Hamiin - J^ v « ,, ofg. i»*»8yiJC< BtBv)gjr^>rtc. T/M/ggp' u k PUT, OFF. tiy '£dgur Martin. BUGS BUNNY SORt 1 , SLVt W^rtoOT Ht<R \<KiOVi\W& \^ , O? COUR<=>t «. P? „, , coup's.! "\ r*^ ^L PEVUNI/i-'S COMMA GIVE ME WV SECOND DANCIN' LESSC^ TOC5AV .' 11- J- ^ ^X -^' -M—^ ••ipft' i \ ./ti/'f^' fc ? V ' ^f Mp- ^r 1 " !t *' ?M

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