Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1948 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1948
Page 8
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Page Eight HOPE STAR, HOPE. A-fc KANSAS' BRAND Ott*'?* m <"no p -So n H"!v£y ii w iP* f.Hif I' •V<" i» fil^ lit A .•s<<» • •.•//•/r>'-i. -^A ft ~-, > vtf ,><je ufflfl i\vv\v. ruert Burns THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS It Takes a Lotta Horse Sense for a Man to Stay in the Running —Anytime the the "Did you notice that chubby brunette girl they were saddling up as we en mo in.' "Oh. you mean Jane Doe, the ord gathered at Upside lone with the pretty brown eyes?" • fashiorinble now hum- 1 "Isn't that just like a filly — BY HAL BOYLE New York — W —- It was year 2248, and horses ruled earth. A g;iy herd Downs, the man racing park. They were there to watch a picked field of people compete on a fast track in the biggest race of the season. The horses sat in the stands, wearing sun glasses. Gallopiii!? past the clubhouse, a society reporter with her pencil in'her teeth hurriedly scribbled an item and tossed it to her copy pony to trot back to the office. It read: .,,.,,,., 4 , ,,„„ ,„, . . ,.,, . ., , . . the first gelding ever to win 1,000, Happiest fil y at the track to- ODO bales of timothy - and that day was .Sandy Lady. wearing ct , rt ainly is hay. a new mink blanket from Pans. ! .. But thc racc j s a tossup. Tell Her seatmate, as usual was tall vou wnat rn do . if Janc Doe wjns dark and handsome War Fever, owner of the biggest stable of racing humans in history. He wore a diamond-studded collar." But Sandy Lady really wasn't happy at all.'She was having a lover's quarrel with her beau — Big War Fever. "I simple won't marry you until you settle down and quit sowing your wild oats," she said tearfully, shaking her blonde rriane out of her judging a racing human by its eyes," laughed War Fever. "Anyway, she's supposed to be the fa.St- cst thing on two legs. She's racing my prize man, Richard Roe." "Where do they find anybody to think up such odd names for people?" murmured Sandy Lady. "Never mind (hat," said War Fever. Here's the deal. If my Richard Roc comes in first he'll be GE Ordered to Withdraw CIO From A-Plants Washington, Nov. 3 —fUP)—The Atomic Energy Commission today ordered General Electric to withdraw recognition of the CIO United Electrical workers in all the company's secret atomic projects. .Commission Chairman David E. Lilenthal said union officers apparently have no intention of purging themselves of charges of Com- rriunistist "affiliation or association." The union's officers have refused to file non-Communist affidavits under the Taft-Hartley law. Thc union has filed an injunction suit in federal court seeking to prevent blacklisting of the union in atomic plants and it also asked $1,000.000 damages from the commission. "continue to believe in Roosevelt ideals." Union County Favors Wage Increases Farm Price in October Below September Little Rock, Nov. 3 (fP)~ Prices received by Arkansas fanners in mid-October were one per cent below those of September, the state : Nov. 3 county apparently favors raising salaries for its elected officials. On basis of incomplete and unofficial . returns, voters in yester- month in which farm product prices dropped and therefore this has been thc loncst period of continued price decline since November, 1944, to February, 1945. Thursday, November 4, 1948 day's general election approved a j county salary act. ; With 22 precincts out of a total j of 35, the vote was 4,592 for the j act and 1,270 against. . , \ The act would raise salaries pt j Imosi elected officials to $5,000; > Deputy clerks and sheriffs would j receive a ?50 a month raise. - , A proposed $125,000 sewerage' bond act was rejected by El Dorado voters. Unofficial but complete* returns showed 1,928 against ami; 1,844 for the act. , Freezing and Canning Horserncati Auckland — (IP)— New .Zealand! The price level of farm products crop reporting service said today is two per cent below that of a year ago and 11 per cent under —, is freezing and canning horseflesh | Stfrt .sale.-iiv.Belgium. The supply of! horses is plentiful' because farmers! arc selling horses as they, buy trac- It was the fourth consecutive'the all-time high of October, 1946. ' tors toido farm workv; eye "Racing is immoral. I'm not going to prance to the altar with any horse that spends all his time Watching people run track. There's more to that." •life than "Well, a horse has to have some fun," snorted War Fever. "Yes. but I expect to marry a real horse—not just a rich clothes- man*" whinnied Sandy Lady ' softly. "Besides it must be terribly expensive to keep la stable if racing humans." "Oh, I have to hire a few plugs to shower and exercise them," said War Fever. "But how about, the feed?" , "They generally run best on beefsteak." "But isn't that expensive, dear?" "Well, it ain't hay." laughed War Fever. • ' . "Please, dear.' said Sandy Lady. "Give up this human racing business. We could live in. clover the rest of our days." ."You forget we owners of racing humans have a big rcsponsi- ility," grumbled War Fever. "Such as — '!"• "Well, we're trying to improve c breed," said the stallion lame- y. Sandy Lady merely gave him. a vithering look and . turned! away. fnr Fever . switched lys tail houghtully. He. realized it would DC a horse on him if he didn't hoof ic mark. This filly wasnlt fooling. "Tell you what I'll do." he said. I'll sell rny stable tomorrow and we'll get married the next day. But if Richard Roc wins I get to keep my stable for a year after the wcd- • ding. Arc you game?" It took only a second for Sandy Lady to make up her mind. "Yes!" Then the bugle blew and the sleek, beautifully trained, two-legged animals trotted slowly to the post. The barriers lifted. "They're off!" the herd in the stands yelled. The two favorites swiftly broke into the lead, close to the rail, a stride apart. "Comcon, Jane : Doe-" neighed Sandy Lady, excitedly. "Come on. Richard Roe!"i neighed War Fever. . Suddenly the filly turned to her stallion friend and snickered: "Isn't it really silly for two., .rownup sensible horses like us to :e here betting on people? You :an bet they'd never . bet on. lorsos." . . "Yes." laughed War Fever indulgently. "People are much too. jmart for that." . And the .two horses put their hooves on the rail and watched the Himan race. ' .' . . . . Moral: It takes a • lotta horse ensc for a man to stay in the run-: ning — any time. QUBCBC RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCEHS DUE TO EXCESS ACID FreoBookTellsofKonieTreatmentliiat Must Help or It Will Cost You Nothing Over three million bottles of tho WIMARO TUBATMKNT have Uceii sold tor roller of aymptomsof distress arising from Stomach and DuodonalU.eors duo to Excess Acid — paor Digestion, Sour or Upset Stomach, Gaulncu, Heartburn, Sleeplessness, ate., duo to Exc«« Add, Sold oi! 1C days' trial! Ask for'"Wlllard'» Message" which tully explains tills troalmont—tree—at BYER'S DRUG STORE WARD & SON McCasklll: McCASKILL DRUG CO. came Euro-' which Red Delegates Amazed a? U. S. Election By The Associated Press Expressions of surprise trom U. N. delegates and pean newspapers, most .of bad-predicted a Dewey victory. Jacob Malik,- •• second -ranking Russian U. N. delegate, said "amazing is the right' word 1 .. Andrei Vishinsky, too, said '.'amazing." A. A. Arutinunian, another Russian delegate. and a member of the .Russian foreign affairs department, told American newsmen the result "really makes little difference because of your bi-partisan foreign policy." Sir Alexander Cadogan, . chief British delegate, said ''I',, think everybody is surprised." ' Other British delegates said thuy were 'bowled over." Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt said urLoyon, France, a Truman victory "would be a very good thing for the United States and for the world." Constantin Tsaldaris, foreign minister of Greece which has been receiving U. S. aid, asked "does it matter who wins?" Brig. Gen, Carolos Romulo, chief Philippines delegate, said the results show the American people UYOH MOIHE F For Hih So-si Draped by a perfectionist, Gay Gibson., Brown or Black in Junior sizes 9 to 17. Price is gentle reminder of the good old dayg. We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps Geo. W. Robison & Co. 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