Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1948 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1948
Page 7
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11' J) Thursday, November 4, 1948 "° E BLONDIE By Chick Youn? I'M JUST SETTING ( MV STOMACH BACK \ S- A HALF-HOUR > fcAl MOW-- "X v^ (ARE YOU TRYING ) /"T^T ??4,TO SPOIL YOUR <[ .M9' IT'S JUST FIVE-THIRTX-. r^MA THERE'S STILLAHALF- s~- •> IM ••— ^wrmm /HLJMGf?y- 111 ,-Jj''7 HOUP UNTIL SIDE GLANCES Bv Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner COPR. 1910 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. COPB. 184S BY I.'EA SERVICE. INC.'t. M. tltc. \>. S. PAT. Off p E ' ARKANSAS OZARK IKE Page Seven "Oh, he doesn't fool me with his lectures on lofty ideals— 1 saw him sitting in a bus yesterday; with two old ladies standing!" Whoever the thief is, you've got to give him credit— stealing that clock right under the hawklike eyes of my employes!" FUNNY BUSINESS By Hersnoerget FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blossei rTiS^SSl^^A ^^^SK,-^.^^^^^^^^ '" - x v | SSSSr^V-T--""^ 5 -" - ..--' -"-' '-' *" % .d!5i[|M$) ^^ '/'You're sure you closed the doors? The car fee-is kinda li^ht!" ;,, POPEYE AND LARD HAVE BEEN PERSUADED TO JOIM US FOR DESSERT.' HOW JOLLY OF 1 IF IT GETS STUFFY IM VOU TO YOURSELVeS / HERE We CAN ALWAYS STOP BREATHING/ fe. i 9^ ""^^f'^y" 0 ^^ "(^W^ -f^fi^^. .A "f g)kl THIRD DOCOM, LUMA\OX A6AIM IS SMACKED FOR" NO GAIM!! , PR. PULL PAGE IS SU/VNMONED TO EXPLA.W HE MUST Thimble Theater BuBS^PFI JM.-V^ x.-c 0 . V>' iv -Mv/^/ -i &??&&»&££& St-^»—--vlrt >—-w-^^^w ^— -' - - " -^ A^^^v • .fi I"'-.. K!!.,- i'.-V.!^-, Ifir.liiMlf, Ini., '.'"c-il I ri r lj|i ic.mtil* ~"' '[ OU 1 OUK WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Maior Hoople I / I KWCW, BUT I WHE WHEW VOU MAKE / A FRIED EGO U 5AWWICH DO \ VOU HAVE 1O HAVE > 'EM COOKED I 50 RARE ^ ? y?f \«JRO^s, SLIT TVis WHAT'S %;\ PICTURE i ce OFTME EPOCH IT 'TE5.T&D HOOPUE -^ ^i Sows is. Re/\-oy y/AReuN\e^T\ OUT LIKE- a JACKPOT OF THE FRESH TRAIL. ANDAtTZH THE TRY EXTRA POINT IS BLOCKED... -M.S 02ARK IKE ' /?/fl£S W5 k WILDCAT BENCH V': THROUGH ' _ MINUTES OFSCORK5SS FOOTBALL... OZA/t/f, IN THERE . HAUL. BACK THIS KtCKOFF/ By Michael O'Mallqy S;Ralph Lane r THERE.'THIS VOR. ARCHER, YOUR WIFE THINKS YOU ^ MY/ THIS ANTISEPTIC T ALLOWED ATMOSPHERE WILL BE A BIT kARE PLAYING THE SAME TRICKS ON TO'SMOKE 'AL CORRIDOR MATH OF ME YET/ /MORE HANDY TO \ HER THAT YOU THINK SHE'S PLAY- MARRIAGE WAS S^vsSsI^ it- * »-*i > i f r->m -vi i r- TC^C-iS?* ;^^ TALK IN.GO AHEAD,) ING ON YOU. NEITHER ONE OF HEADING. BOR THE VOU SEEMS 60ILTV TO ME. NtXI sMOdtS JUST THROtkSH LIKE NICE PEOPLE. A MUTUAL MISUNDERSTANDING .COPR. 1940 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REtt. U. S. .PAT. n? WASH TUBES Bl Leslie Turner NO WE COULDN'T FIND REGGIE OH. HODGES'. DID YOU EVER. HEKE. Sip. CEOR.IC OR. UNCLE ROLA.MD MEMTlOW MMO NIXMED RIG^OOM MM.UKE ? . .YES, IMDEED'. X SWELLL DO' f HE W^SO^)EOF \ YOU KWOW THE CfXEETAKEBS \ WHERE HE THEY EMPLOYED IIJ ) LWES ? PRESERUIU& PL^ES OF HISTORICAL INTEREST, SIRCEDRiC RECEMTLY/ THM's QUITE SO^AE MENTIONED BEEIM& I , DISTANCE FROM HEPE, WlW IM,,.LET/V\ESEE,,.I E,NSYL-. PERHAPS WE v. IN £3AD5WOL.D.' \ CAW GET ft BUS IM THE UlLLftGE. o//?/ '-.///. HER.e'5 OUR CHANCE —, TO GET f=VFM.' _ AM..EY OOP Kl'Nfi"(SUZ THINKS A GEI?I<?US F?IVALK BETWEEN PRINCE POKABABA ANP R WILL END IN INTERNATIONAL ^ COMPLICATIONS KOUO £VERT«.NG.' S. I_u 3= vo /y/rr/A/*" &ELOW Ti-r f aj^r/ •** S / &ELOW TH r --, B£LT/ r / 1 ? : ; ' I '. «i: f'' 7&

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