Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1948
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication timber of One Three Six One . words Day Days Days Month Op to 15 ... .45 18 to 20 ....:. .60 21 to 25 .. :.• .75 SB to SO ...... .90 81 to 35 1.05 SB to 40 1.20 41 to 45 ..,.r;;1.35 46 to 50 ...'.V1.50 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.90 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Rates are for Continuous .„ ._„ Insertions Only '? All Want Ads Cash in .Advance 1 Not Taken Over the Phone Sole GOOD- BOIS'D ARC POSTS AT reasonable prices. See E. M. Mc- WiUiarns at McWfiliams Seed ^ Store,; Hope, Arkansas. 9-1 mo GREEN OAK- Wo6rTT:Too~PK r R nek. green pine $1.50 per rir-k Call at Guntcr Mill. .-jo-St TWO WHEEL 'T¥AILKllTlOUSK C. L. Barnes, Phillips Addition, onold 67. West. ... l-3t 1939 CHEVR67]ET~Hcol7pK~N excellent condition. Sec.'it" at 815 West Gth Street. ; l-3t FURGE3ON f)22~ "sJEEIVOATS~ Gem 96%, Purity, BO.a.'.Cal! or See Fred Petre, Spring-Hill road. Route 1, Phone 26-W-12. : 2-fit PANSY PLANTS. ~"sET~'TirEM now, buy them aJU«M6rfis Seco Store. MILE FROM on highway (!7. p ' .• 2-3t TURKEYS. FANCY~CORN~FElT Six months old November 10 12 to 35 Ibs. Call Dr. Alexander Phone 18 or 808-W. 2-Ot 1947 SPECIAL DE LUxFTDOOH Plymouth, with radio, heater and spot light. Low mileage. Phone iOol-J-4 after 4 p.m. 2-3 1 MY HOME"~ONE ~ city limits. East Phone 1154-W-3, p"." O.' C "BOX'' 29?! Joe D. Brown. 3_3l 13 ACRES JOINING PRESCOTT Airport on Highway 67. Inquire Rosewood Shoppe, 3 miles South ol Prescolt, Arkansas on Hiph- way 57. 3'.o( FIVE ROOM MODERN TfoUslF Venetian blinds, floor furnace. attic tan. good neighborhood, on East 15th Street. Buy and move in. Price reduced to $1,500 cash, balance $3,350 payable $28 per month. This is a real buy. Floyd Portcrfield & Son. 4l;u 1946 CHEVHOliET l"i»i"Tolf TRUCK Good condition, bargain for cash. . With or without dump body. Can be seen at Cross Service Station. 4-6t WE BUY, SELL AND REPAIR all makes of Sowing machine's. W. H. West, 215 North Hamilton .Street, Phono 122G-W., Hope Ar- .J^!l SaS '__ M:r '° LET US TJENOVATE"YOUR OLD mattress, or make it into a new innerrau-imr. One day service in town. Brit/hf. MaUrcis Company Phone 930-J-2. ]-'.)\v - _ '_'_ j Thursdoy, November 4, 1948 By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, W4.7 By King Features Syndicate. Now York, Nov. 2 — The show is over, but the clown stays in character until we |,ull off his pantaloons and maul Iho low-coin- i cdy nose off his fac-e to reveal the I sinister sneak under the make-up. Kim is fun, but it i>- an unroason- VETERAN WITH WELDING AND r ,' ;;tl ' ai " "» 'he patriot's sense S07nn mechanic' c.\-peric-nr-o vanl-i •'? 1 " llnot ' to hand him a vice pre:;On-the-Job Training as Meclr.njo" '/ '•' , w '"' a '-'onceal-: ri capacity £« i .1 . _ , 1 *'*,.. f i l i v , I /-i ». mrrii,,,.^! ....i i .. . i Steady worker, Phone 1112-W-i. 2-3t HAVE YOUR l.»:ANCr~FurCED" preserve tone, duality and value' Call Claud Taylor, Phono 707-.T 3-31 SPECIAL XMAS ¥ATl?s"''~FOn magazines. Give a Gift that lasts a year. Order now to avoid the rush. Chas. R.eynerson. Phono 28 Nights, 3fi»-W City Hall. 4-1 mo for infatuation ;'ii:l clande.'.-tini- nonsense such UK Bubble-Head Wallace had shown to Roosevelt, Hopkins. Kd Flynn and the others who put the fortunes of their crook"d polili- On By CARL BELL Associated Press Sports Editor Two Chips AA powers wll be out this weekend to add further i n - dignitos to Arkansas' highest schoolboy football classification — the Big- Six or Triple A division. ,„„,,.,-, The Hope Bobcats, ranked as cal parly above the very life of lh"| lll( - Bale's No. 1 learn in Ihe Ar- counlry. ' kansas Democrat's weekly poll of night of Ocf 27 ... lilflr, l<:n: ,"- :lu '' s ' wi!l l!J y lheil ' Perfect Yerger High School Tigers sharpened up their ground and air attack in a long practice session yesterday afternoon as thry prepared Last Night '8'pjrt a «^i » s se the night of Oct. 27. a little piece trickled into the International News in New York which said that once again the (uioslion had been put to Bubblehead whether he ord on the line against Six leader. Little Rock, tomorrow night. And Blylhoville's Chicks. rec- the Big at Hope ""1'"I"'" l dic! or tii(:ln ' t write the goofy"•'uri'i already have taken measure CALL US FOR FUnNITIJR> .! tors to Ni'-'h 01 "- 1 ' Hoericii "and LlU1 ° Hock ' w'" seek to add ^•: I. I.MI 1 UlliVMUKIi, n |h ril . in,.,,,,),,,. ,,r ,,,.. r..._ ,._ _._ Sf:ili- /if AT,,,HI, Little Rock Oil repair, refinish, and upholster- m«: Mrs. C. J. Barnes, Phone 31G-.T after 4 p.m. 4.31 to Buy 3 POW MIDPLEBTTRSTKn ToTff F-20 or F-30 Write Johnni Farmall tractor. Thompson. Star . Route, Washington. Arkansas Los* YEARLINGS ABOUT 1'A Jersey heifer Last TWO years old. 1 brown and 1 red whiteface s'eor .seen on highway 2!), ' nnar Anthony Mill or ivar Hinlon's Dairy on Spring Hill road Reward. Finder call E. R. Brown. 3-41 WHITE AND' "BLACK SETTER nv-.Ie, about. .1 year old. Wearing to Nicholas Hoericii and i other inniatcri of the fun-factory on Riverside Drive. This time, G'-illa- had Wallace, so-called because in his childhood an aunt of his was a burn judge of character. deviaU-d iroin the old answer that he never discussed any matters with We si- brook Pegler, a man of great charm, il anyone should ask vou or any stooge theieof. instead' Mortimer Sncrd whipped a strand of slaver off his chin his sleeve and answered: who of the the 'orw night, wonthor tin mselver, for their important' con- ! '™ tli| V4'. . the Hope Bobcats will i lerencc clash wilh Booker T Wash- > ' y 1lK '"' llnal '"'me game of Ihr inglon High School of El Dorado ,-,....in El Dorado tomorrow night Willie Palmer, stellar wingback perlormer might be unable to make the trip because of a serious case of tonsilitis. The loss of Palmer would be felt considerably since several capable backs are nursin™ bruises and injuries. A large number of fans are ex- New York', Nov. 'I — (/!•') gia Tech's engineers, past IT at designing football razzlo dazv.le, are concr-nirr.tiiu; tin's season 'on nice simple stone \,va!l:;, also ef ih/. season before the largest crowd <" ridil '" n variety. in local football hi.slory. Win I Th( ' lnl( ' sl statistic;;, released lo- lose or draw it has been a wonder-i'-' a - v '-- v l '"' National Collegiate fut year for Hope and for lueal ! ^ 1illi: ' 1 ir Bureau. show they're By The Associated Press Oakland. Calif. — Maxie Docusen. 134, New G.'lcans, outpointed (.John t.,. Davis, 133, Richmond; iC'alif. 10. Phoenix, Ariz. — , Jean Mougin, 1-2. Paris. France, outpointed :•)]] Thomas, 132,. Los Angeles, 10. doin; off l Tho the best job in peeled to follow the team to E Dorado. The fame will start at a o'clock. nope, nope, public thinkers pay no attention to such poppycock."' By poppycock, he meant the goofy letters calling Roerich master, ' running on insanely about the need of purifying fires to redeem mankind and speculating on the kind of government, that would rule the Unit— States when the Mahalma got en in. "Even if I said I didn't write the letters, Westbrook Pegler wouldn't old collar of "JEEP". Call S. 13. Ward, Jr Phono uT)2-W. Howard. <J-3t con- - - - - >--, . --- - i m,. Bubble ho ad answers^ name tinuccl, the first time he has been right since he entered public life. scalp of North hitler's field. North Litlle Rock is tied with Pine Bluff for second place in the red hot Big Six title chase, which will marl-: time this weekend with all members playing outsiders. | Hope, with an extremely well' balanced team and two Kreat touchdown threats in Tommy 'Britt and Buddy Sutton, has won eight straighl games to set the pace in the Seventh District and will be lavorcd over the Tigers, currently ranked No. 4 ' " Blythrville, Little Rock, Nov. 4 — (UP) Both coaches were blue in the stale. . which already sewed up the third District crown, likewise is undefeated moaning and today as the Rice Owls prepared to move into Little Rock AA but was tied by Pine Bluff. The Chicks are ranked only Hope. North Little Rock is in the seventh slot of the statewide rankings. Another Bijr Six-Double A feud of. interest will be provided by Foi-t Smith's Smith's visit to Grizzlies Porkers' L _ -- - -~ Texarkana. | Fort Smith's Grizzlies are in the running in the Big Six, while Then lapsing off into his normal T^a'se. W^'" ^ *' •stale, he added: "What's the use | been an intense rivalry since has the For Rent 2- 3- R O O M UNFUHNISJJED apartments, near Sehooloy's Store; Phone 38-F-ll. Mrs. J E • Schooley. ll-tj ONE, 6 ROOM HOUSE WITH bath. 1002 East 2nd street. Carl Brunerv Phone 843. 30-3t THREE apartnieht, private bath. No Children or pets. Miss Lilh'c Mid- dlcbrooks, Phone 3(!4. 2-3t 3 ROOM UNFURNISHED APART- ment. -.214 East Second Street - _•_•• 2-3t 2 ROOM FURNISHED DOWN-" stairs apartment. 418 South Elm ,3-31 RAWLEIGH DEALER WANTED at once. Good opportunity in City of Hope or next County. Write at pnce. Rawleigh's, Depl. Ark 041-105, Memphis, Tenn. i-3t For Lovely Home-Grown CHRYSANTHEMUMS See us. Va mile East of Hope On Highway 4 Gentry - Butler Florists Phone 1194-W1 We Deliver FLOOR SANDING & FINISHING , All work Guaranteed. PHONE 89 A.Z.TURNER L me mem of the Week New York, Nov. A — f/P)—-A 21- vear-old Northern youth who went South to plav football is this week's I college football lineman of the week. Al Derogatis, a 215-pound senior from Newark, N. J., who plays tackle for Duke University, won 'n the weekly ,. f • ,..,,,„., ,.,,,.. U.-IL; i-'v.,. M iui niLL-iise rivalry since the of commenting on such picayune j twc^ teams .bared Ihe cha^pic^ ship hay-mow I'- MU:I -' llic .matters?" Bubble-head, an old alumnus, probably do°>s think il a picayune mailer that, a man who once stood within a heart-beat of presidency in wartime didn't answer the challem.'e to his sanity thai has been flung al nun a thousand limes in losque tours as the Krc didate. I keep galhei did got to- of the old Arkansas Confer- in 1945 and never gether for a playoff. El Doi-ado, which hit its stride too late to have a look-in on the Hig Six race, will visit Big Six cellarite Hot Springs "will try to break a long losing streak |lor their Saturday game with Ar- Ikansas in War Memorial Stadium J he Owls will make the trip from Houston by plane tomorrow In Houston, Coach Jess 'Neely declared thai his squad will have lo play good football "lo slay in the same stadium with the Razorbacks." Al Fayelloville Coach John Bainhill declared that his squad looked "a bit ragged" in yesterday's two-hour scrimmage. Observers expected a good game with both teams gunning. for a win. Neely praised the Arkansas line and said "any line that can hold Texas A. and M. lo 28 yards on KI mii.iK m nis gro- in ftuuiaco, which has fallen s the Kremlin's can- Us lol'tv Double-A perch of |a«o. Pine Bluff will be ho thcring information I vV;u 'ren. fumble and his com- A quick lookout at the rac the ground .must be tough." He also announced plans lo use Fullback Bobby Lanlrip as a line- Forclyce j Juries to all-conference Joe Watson and Lettcrman Gerald Wealherly. Meanwhile. Barnhill was hoping that Louis Schauffle, his lincback- f'ans. The Bobcats have knocked off i T'" 10 Tech eight straighl opponents hi finei nt 1 -' le vnl '' " f •'' 1itl - 1 '-' heller' thanlfiame. Isahion and gel their stiffest. tesl! one . varcl 1 )01 ' lrv in a heavy Little Rock currently leading the Big cats have permitid eonly 25 completions for 2"3 yards in six games. In punting. North Carolina is tops with 3(! •kick.'! averaging -•13.2 yards. V. M. I. is second and Santa Clara third, In total defense Arkansas ranks eighth, giving up 170.7 yards' per to chit' eleven. Six loop. Hope is plagued with injuries Starling tackle James McCargo j. ; definitely out probably for the rest Mitchell LaGrone injury, Don Duffjc The team's overall defensive j ability has held its six opponents! to 795 yards in 321 play.-,, about 2 1-2 yards per play. Trie Engineers also have given up the lowest number of points this season 21. Florida, Tulane and Duke each scored seven points. of the season, has an ankle injury, Don uunie • 3 ^"^- 1 - 1 ••^•v'-" \ju\ also has a bruised ankle and Buddy i For the season Georgia Tech has button has yet lo fully recover from 'allowed its rivals IS 1 .! i-2 yards per suffered at Hot j game. It's also the best team against ground plays, giving up an man is vital hip Springs. Every bruise Hope . is vital to the nuije eleven which cannot, boasl a slriii" of experienced reserves. Little Rock also reports several injuries but their reserve depth has been Ihe most important factor in making the ligers one of the top loams in Arkansas every year. Local fans and coaches are hopeful of a dry field as 'the Bobcats' fleet backs can perform under dry conditions. Hope's main offens via the ground while Little can strike swiftly both ground and in the air Superintendent James H. Jones said loclay thai all reserve seat's f' VC ?n ee " sokl ' Thel '° a i'c of 1014 reserve seats, including season seats sold locally and an additional 344 made possibl placing- chairs in box seats east side of the field. Although the game is important loams" Ihf^ Sta " dp ° int l01 ' bolh is Rock on the average of 4!i yards per game. The best defensive performances of. last weekend, however, were turned in by the Ponnsylvania and j Minnesota lines. Penn 'held Washington and Lee to a net total of I minus ?A yards on the ground. Minnesota tossed Indiana for a minus 23 yards. These efforts landed Penn in second place and Minnesota in third place in rushing defense. North Carolina is second to Tech in total defense with Army a close third. Northwestern recaptured the top Here is the Most Important Story of our Generation! .Starting in the Arkansas Democrat 1 «'• SUNDAY, NOV. 7th? : Geniera8'; Eisenhower ',' Writes his own Story! ' "CR11SA Get your Arkansas Democrat now and don't miss this story. QGAR STORE Phone 256 9 'l ta- in on by the from a year host to Regarded by many as one of'thai ]i Duke's best linemen since Freddie in it. 1 letter Crawford in 1933, Derogatis 'took the laurels for his play against Georgia Tech. Although handicapped by a bad knee, he blocked a Tech punt that set up Duke's only score. The complete list of linemen nominated this week: | Ends—O'Quinn, Wake Forest. Smith, Idaho. Brondnax, Georgia loch. Wirnberly, Louisiana Stale. Weincr. North Carolina. Schwart/.- kopf Texas. Blakely. Southern Methodist, McPeak, Pitt. Tackles—Derogat is. Duke. Kay, Iowa. Sandusky, Villanova. Mes'e- roll, Tennessee. Allen. Duke, Walters, Brown. Loynd, Cornell. Tinsley, Baylor. Lunney, Arkansas Guards — Tomasi, Michigan, Mciscnheimer, Oklahoma A & M 1'ischer. Noire Dame. Centers—Monroe, Kansas. Cri- ban Denver. Pierik, Cornell. Eubank, Texas Christian up More than 540,000 business firms are active in New York state. Leges! Notice cited just the other day the ,. . 1'iat Roosevelt' wrote to Louis L. Horch, the grand exalted nougat of the nut-house on the drive, hoping thai Louie would be able lo drag his lamasery out of debt and complications. Now I find that, the cult was doing a big business importing art, free of duty and selling il al prices higher than an Englishman's pants. They rang up $113,fiC5 in a sale of two days at the Anderson galleries, in Now York, in March, 1930, and those figures may help you understand the passionate ;mp<Hile for culture that Louie got. about .that time. In December, 1032, the chief of the division of enforcement of the customs laws notified a man in New York who had squealed on Ihe bunch al the jossery that he was awarded $127 for his information An informer gets 25 per cent of the amount recovered so this would indicate that, the I'overnment collect- A quick lookout at races chainpipnship and playoff ber Lig Six— Little Rock leads, North Little Rock, Pine Bluff and l.'oit Smith close behind and races for berths: with handed Hone h er from Litlle Rock, would be able to take the field. "Schaufele's knee along and there is a is coming chance that I . . - .jere 12 years ag'JT"" i . A rousing pep rally is planned in downtown Hope tonight from 6' : to / p.m. at Hope City Hall. It's homecoming- for ibc Bobcats and Miss Elheli-ne White will be crowned queen in ceremonies at the school al. 2:30 p.m. Friday. Her in Ihe running. District One —Van still clinched the AA Burcn has crown. Siloani he may bo able lo play Saturday maids are Peggy Marie and at least against SMU next """ ~ ~ week," Barnhill said. a chance to share the A title District Two— Batesville Newport are lied in and Class A Poca FOR SALE Surfaced Oak Lumber — $40.00 per Thousand GENERAL BOX COMPANY PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS During The Winter Months LONG RANGE SHOOTING GALLERY Located at 117 South Main Across from the Rialio Theatre. WE HAVE.... Seed Oats, Austrian Winter Peas, Winter Hairy Vetch, Winter Rye Grass, Seed Rye, Wheat, Barley and Joe Youmans Flower Bulbs. We Honor AAA Orders MONTS SEED STORE . ..Hope, Arkansas NOTICE OF RESOLUTION TO VACATE ALLEY Notice is hereby given thai on November 2, 10-1H, the Cilv Council oi Hope. Arkansas, passed a reso- )u ion vacating that, part of the alley in Block -t-1. City of Hope, Which is situated belweeu Lots 10 and 11, of said Block -1-1; that pursuant to said resolution an at'rec- ment betwe. n Ihe City and the adjacent properly owners was filed in the office of the Circuii Clerk and IJceorder of Henmslead County on November U, HMli, (he effect ol said agreement being Ui abandon the above described properly as an alley. Any owner of rjropert.v in the vicinity of this alley who feels aggrieved by such action must file a pelilion wilh Ihe Circuit Clerk within thirty CiOi dava or be forever burred. MRS. CHAS. P. KI'lYNUKSON CITY Cl.KUK gross fig- represent smart art in ed only $500. However, uies do not faithfully |taxable amounls. Seme •politician seems to have got some licks on the revenue act to Permit these uncommercial esthetes to keep it all in many classi- lications of their merchandise whereas a man importing canaries iMickoo clocks and camembert pay;-: a (errible price, in duties. | we gel more anil more nu7//]"d 'in about the :;iraii"o li.-ishfuhu'S'- 'tint ' " v 'lurch has develnnc-1 'since [' bei'im to ask him ^ne.stion.s. The c,-( seem;; to have his lon,"iie That is a dramatic change, when we remember lh.-,t be once courted pnb- icity and k(-))t his press iu'enls hontas leads the Class B. race but three other loams are in the'run- District Three— the AA champion. Marked Tree are the Class and Class B. records. won AA laurels. Waldron and Mena District Four— Russellvilk- has won AA laurels. Waldron and Mena wjth perfect records. :n-n cniti,,,. is ParagonM and unbeaten atoo lass A ladder. West Memphis Hamburg- still boast perfect he pace ... _ Dardanelle lead in in ct records, are setting 1 Class A. Hartford and n- i •• i T^."~ •" " 1e -^ division. District Five— Malvern has sewed up at least a tie for first place, with Catholic High and Ben- Ion having mathematical chances sharing the crown in Class A and Magne;t Cove are un- of Bauxite The couch promised to slow down his practice session today — and to substitute limbering-up exercises and signal drill for rough and tumble scrimmage tomorrow The squad will leave for Little Rock by bus tomorrow night. A near-capacity crowd was anticipated for the game. Nilla Dean Compton. _ lll .- llllu i ' •fe mll . y Jo Wilson, Belly Murphy, Neaiia MuIIins, Mallio Mae Robinson, Barbara Jo Simmons Mary Lou Moore,' Mary Ellen Downs, Arlhadale Hefner, Loretla James, Marietta Downs and Sue Green. A brief pre-game ceremony will be held at 7:45 p.m. in joir Loops is Record 0 a si 0 a We!3 YosrS! ECncx Hcus Manhattan Shirts . . Alligator Raincoats Jarman Shoos . . . . Interwoven Seeks . . earn: like GUV J R L5ME-UP — E. CiippCTc:-Cif{- Sui^s . . T. Esquire Socks G. Swank Jewelry . . . '(or Tcx-Son Boys Wear G. Jayson Pajamas . . , . L. T. . L. E. L. H. R. H. , F. B. McGregor Sports Wear-Quarterback MEN 7 ! FOR LiTTLE MEN TOO! On the Depot Connor Hope, Ark. The Philander Smith College football team .of Little Rock, Ar- . play a football here with . Campbelf game of Columbus. O., Nov. 4- — (/PI— A total of (S3,705,091 persons, an increase of 2,374,710 over 1947 saw America's GO professional base- pall leagues in action this The major loops —the National George M. Tr American 11,1 ps drew 20,943,345 9,793,027 and the defeated in Class B District. Six— Helena leads in (-lass A, but Brinkley and Stuttgart are close behind. Elaine has won lour straighl in Class B for Ihe i onlv unblemished slate. District Seven—Hope is out front Hie Double-A division. Smark- •>'er, only half a game behind, sliil ias a chance. Nashville undefeated »»' "'Hied, is the Class A. pace•" 1I "" followed by once- bcalon Foreman leads Ihe B - — . - - - - —, «- * .v. <,.., ivjn s the minors. Stadium. leagues The Philander Smith team has i tractcd 4 „ - - mu a good Accord and there are about I Paid admission for the cuits totalled 40,949.02;; announced the 58 FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM A«phalt Tile * Rubber Til* ROY ALLISON , Phone 280 LET FOY DO IT * Level yards • Dig Post Holes » Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lots • Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 8. Walnut St. f find that bad; in March, IHo'l a re|.orfei- on our team interviewed I'rank j'. C.raves, the ci.nnnissiou- '•r ol education of the state of New ici'k. at his oitice in Albany i.n the js'.'bject of 11, e Koerick museum ;l ?,. '!'"' ""' larn.-isi-ry was kim\vn ollieially. Mr. Graves was told i'hat the Hoericii cult h;is I a |)r<)K|;ec-(u:: containing a |inenl by him in praise tivitics. lint our jnurr when Mr. (Jraves ' was thr- activijies included ,tii-i- and leaching of IK I ism. Hindui.sm, occiiltism. Ipliy. animal magnetism. ; •"id numerology. In- .said'- ••[ ^m-. did not kno\v that that is what was given lo. I cerlainlv wmilrl not ai-nrove ;ui\-tbini'. that' has to do with Hinduism or cubism 1 )rid • ; "PI>used that it was a perlecitv '•t'sueclabli- in.sitiition. 1 do not yet ' l 'l that it stand-; for the.-" Ihim's ml 1 shall i-erlainlv invi-sliiiali- il Magnolia. race 1'istrict Eight— Wan-on has (•I'nched at least a lie for the A title with Eudora and Crossed still in the riinnhiK Lake Village and Jiii-on loj! the B teams. l '".' 1 ' games this week include unsi.net games indicated in parens: All games Friday nigln un •vi otherwise indicated): ^priiigdale at Fayetleville (1AA) Van Buren at Huntsville Walnut liidge at Batesville New|)orl at Paragould HeJen.-i al Jonesboro Alarion at West Mephis (,'iB) Harrisbui'K al Elaine Mornlioi, at Paissellvillem •'Da at Booneville (4A) Hans at C'larksville (4A) Con way at Bcnton (Thiirs) Ark. Ueaf School at Miss 1 School nine players from Hope on the Icam. Included among the Hope players is Ralph "Wild Man" Palmore, star fullback at Yerger last yea r. Tickets for the game will cost $.78 in advance and $.92 at the gate tor students and children; S:l,04 i'i advance and SI.2.? at gate for adults. Tickets will go on "ale Saturday at noon at the follow)));-' places: Stewart's Jewelry Store'' Jack's Newsstand, Hick's Funeral Home, Hick's Confectionery and Yerger High School. Nazi Admifrs Arranging Rommel's Deaih Thus anee the minor ... but overall mark was ],.'-jnr> 91 n -, last year's record of 41,5Hi,7:i(i the minors shattered attend- : records for the third slraighl j Paid attendances iricludin post-season playoffs: Class AAA: American Association :i.o!)S.7f!t) International •> •>,[•> M.'i: Pacific Coast ;i:i(i;i,772. " "' .1 n'il|'5' s . A ^ : Sc '»thern Association ^.<ilj..'i<,l).' iexas i'.^Ho.OJ.'i. Class A: Central ( Xi 4!):;,7i',9, i,HM l1 :'"- V, 1 ,' 1 '' 1 ' 713 ' Sfn "o Atlantic l,Uol,.-,3u: Western l,OyG,;-j22 • Class C: Cotton States Vvcstern Associalion fi9S 7!)i) Class D: K-0 417,722.' ' S< Slate SlU.lfM. -Ma.Oh'O, PLAN TO BUILD TOURS BEVERLY HILLS Wo have a good selection of choice lols availaJTle now — Don't wail- Guy Today — furnished and Deaf jViagncl Cove al Holly Grove J'orret-t Cily al Stuttgart (CA) (_amden at Magnolia' I DeQucen 'J 7 ^ )lnackuve1 ' 1'resci 'lo at Crossett (i!A) Central i:; (Illii ' Long Drivers sn N. C. REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on all rnakes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 1260 or 1231-J Nights and Sundays 119 Edgewoad Hope REMOVED FREE Within -3D Miles DEAD HORSKS, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7t;2:i ) phone collect) If No Answer Ui;,.l H-:i770 Let Us Rcbisild Your Old MATTRESS or moke your old one into a comfortable innerspring. One Day Service "All Work Guaranteed" Furniture & Mattress Co. 606 N. Haze! Phone 357 t Jlre at Star Cilv Washington, Nov. 1 — (UP) •—A fornu-r Nazi general confessed to American investigators that he arranged the murder of Field Marshal Kominel on Hitler's orders, a new army book on war crimes said today. The new volume is the last, of a series on "Nazi Conspiracy and Agression." Nazi General Wilhelm Keitcl the records show, branded as a lie the official German announcement that Rommel committed suicide. By Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr.' Pinehursl, N. C.. Nov. 4 — (,V> ~-\ " There was the greatest mixture ! man who hasn't any st.\ r lc of golf and politics you ever heard tainly know where 'that around the Pinehurst Country Club ; going.". . .C'osgrovc yeslerday. . .With tournament play ly: "Bobby, liiat's rained out. the golfers sal around : pi-os say about _jand discussed the presidential elec-' i- e _jtion and a somewhat conlroversi- jal arlicle on PGA politics in Bol. Pofice Search for Escaped Convict Little Hock, Nov. 3 — Stale police and sheriff's reported today they believed JNegro convict who escaped" tile stale hospital ' Komewhere" j,, ••I drivers lurefroiu todas ; "ui South o|.e'n jlfarlow's paper. "Golf World,", as resumed lodav a iTl'.ey didn'l have much to sav ioi <jf r;.in. Ipnblication about the situation the Professional Golfers Association because that organization has a "gag" rule, but it wasn't hard to gather Ihe impression thai a lot of them aivn'i too happy about the George Sehnciler ad- il-ruund scores -,,,(1 conis (J,ick ihuhert Midi., and San-mv \Mnto Snlplun- Spriiu-s "' popular choice's "> ll 'i' the title. ' iKd Dudley-. I'-rilay's nostponemcnt i niinislraiion. -"" Teal of Char- id amateur .Julius ''port. Conn lijii Chai-iotle Ind f 've 1.layers ong them ]),.. Jim lijnu'sa of Bobl)le Hubby with an By l.ocl odd :m '• for Breathiny does not u se liis lunus under water. The are kept elosed. and liie the L-ntnc- body serves the '->t a "ill. Bobby e, the South goliinu .stylt-. lot ol tournament pri/e money out of this country. . .Bui you can still gel an argument as 'to whether he's a good golfer. . . .During the last Mid-Pines tournament, Locke toured the course with Frank Cosgrove, a resort operator whose U-ft-handed shuts are notable forj'-ou an amazing slice. . .After watching ;has ihis simple Los-rove shoot the first loin- holes'' • - in par, Locke remarked: "For a One-minute Sports Page /1'al'-. in tliis sector is that . ^Carolina and Georgia Tech ; most sure to clash' in tlv in'Bowl game New Year's Dav. And one enthusiast suggests sending Carolina's offensive learn tln-r" : 'iid tiie di'i'i-nsivv team in anolh'"- b<uv! . . . Ho\v abou; ihe subs" i laude Harmon v/on'l talk aiviut British gnlf gallories l,ecaus- '--|i (Uiesn'l cio golf anv food h;-n- or ln Britain.". . .Bui his :;ik-'i'v i s iiuirc than siui-u-sli-.-e. . .Davo Ash'- ''••v. a :-ub I'lillbac-lc at J\Ji.-:so!iri h-m i-' 1 "- of the ivost envied jobs amim.'l the scliool. He's a model for a ofe iirawm:; class at Stephons College Women. Li. os Dots All, Brothers Mike Korich. a deal' bowler from Angeles who recently rolled ;. of strings in the "700 class explanation: "I'm' lucky. I don't have to listen to advice like Ihe other boys uu." NIGHT 7:4 vs. 149 OM YBOK D1IIL <&?. / iiffei.V \

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