Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS t , *~ i. • I ' Thursday p.m.,' Nov. 4 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman— M '5:30 Captain. Midnight—M .5.45. Tom Mix-4M-' ' 0:00 Rhythm & Reason 5 : i? News, ^vfc Star i'mal • O.K Today in Sporls • 6:30 News Commlnt—M o.••!.•) Pol (on Lowis., Jr.—M 7:00 What's the Ndmc of That Song—M . 7:30 The Better Half—M V-'i'j H.y Gaidncr—M 8:00 Gabriel UciUler—M 8* I 1 ; Mutual Nrnysrcel—M 8:30 Revere All Star Revue—M A Rich and Flavorsome If Red Continued Prom Page One it defeated the Wallaceiles. In other words, the Democratic Party is ui-ROd of il.s two extremist fac- tionst—the Stales' Rijjhtcvs and the extreme left wingers. And it rforsn't have to take either of them back. Dcwey's final and almost, his i onl.v wisecrack of the campaign, as it closed in Madison Square ] Garden in New York, now sounds : sillier tli.-in evei-. Dewey then pic- i tijres the poor old Democratic 8:55 Bill Henry, Ncws—M 9:00 Thin Man—M 9:30 Bill McCunc's Orch — M 10:00 Al! the Ncws—M 10:15 Mifiuclilo Valdes Orch.—M lO.-.'JO Noro Morales Orch — M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign Off Friday a.m., . Nov. 5 5:57 Sign On 0:00 Hillbilly Hocdown 0:15 Home Sweet Home 6:25 Bargain Roundup 0:30 News. First Edition 0:•lO Arkansas Plowboys (i:55 Market Reports 7:00 Farm Breakfast Program 7:15 Melody Boys 7:30 The Devotional Hour 7:45 Musical Clock 7:55 News, Coffee Cup Edition 8:00 Sunrise Serenade 8:30 Slogan Parade 9:00 Cecil Brown—M 9:15 Faith in Our Time—M 0:30 Nashville Hour 10:00 Passing Parade—M 10:15 Victor H. Lindlahr—M 10:30 Gabriel Hcatter's Mailbaa —M 10:45 Lanny Ross—M 11:00 Kate Smith Speaks—M 11:15 Kate Smith Sings—M 11:30 Luncheon at Sardi's—M 11:45 Luncheon at Sardi's—M Friday p.m., Nov. 5 1<!:00 Ncws, Home Edition 12:10 Market Time 12:15 John Daniel Quartet 12:30 Pollca Interlude 12:35 Farm Fair 12:45 Eddy Arnold Show—M 1:0.0 Queen for a Day 1:30 Golden Hope Chest—M 2:00 Movie Matinee—M 2:30 Ozark Valley Folks—M 3:00 Meet Ihe Band •i.'lo Hup Club •1:00 S whip Time 4:45 America at Sea 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M n:<5 Tom Mix—M C:0() Bobcat Pe-i Rally «M.') News, Five Star Edition 0:25 Today in Sports G:30 Henry J. Taylor—M 6:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:00 Great Scenes from Great Plays—ivi 7:30 Bobr-at Preview ', 7:45 Football game: Hope vs LH i 8:00 Gabriel Hcatter—M i S: 55 Bill Henry, News—M ' 10:00 All the News—M 10:15 Dance Orch.—M 10:30 Henry Jerome's Orch —M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sien-Off Housing Problem Still Unsolved -""-*"-""— " kfe^|«%-^ mmm^^- Lineups for Major Committees or John J. Sol Bloom. Nor- Ham .L. Dawson, 111. JJelaney. N. Y. Foreign Affairs — N. Y. Administration — Mary T ton N. J. ' Commerce — Robert Grosser, O. Judiciary — Enianuel Culler, N. Y. Merchant Marine — Schuvlur O IMand. Va. Service — Tom Murray, ,"| Public Lands — A n d r e w L Washington, Nov. •( — (UP) Hero are the probable chairmen of ,,, v major House and Senate commit-• enn - tee.s when the Democrats lake over Congress. son. Public" Works- tingloii. Miss. Juilcs—Adolph J. Sabalh, 111. Thursday, November 4, K948 Rich Mountain Co-Gp Would Extend Lines Little Rock. Nov. •( — (UP) — The Hit'll Mountain Rural Electric cooperative, which operates / i PolK county, today asi\ed the Arkansas Public 1 Service Commission t'oi authority to extend' its lines into liowaid county. The piojcet would call for Thomas, Kenneth Mc- parly as ; left winy didn't know what its right winy way doing. But the Wallace and Thurmond splinter movements are nuw deader, having been beaten by die Democrats, than they would have. 1 been if the Republicans had won. Under a sweeping GOP victory. Die third and fourth parties might have ESs-SrslfSsiS * •:«£•«%«-1 that he" has Ulin; V vho; ; c ' I it>' P ; >'''i^ "re- too near the same KI-.'.C. as was shown by the popualr vote totals, for any sweeping reforms. Forrestd , <rugi Continued From Pago One i Mr. Truman meant to take post ence over plans. The 10-!;! . Dewey said he only knew one thing about the future. He didn't intend to be a presidential candidate a^ain. For 13 min utcs he answered questions and Senate: Agriculture — Elmer Okla. Appi-o|>riations— Kellar. Tenn. Armed Services — Millard K. 'lydings, Md. ^Banking — Hubert F. Wagner, District of Colulmbia — Olin D Johnston, S. C., or Spessard L Holland, Kla. Executive Expenditures — John L. McClellan, Ark. _ Finance — Walter F. George, G a. Foreign Kealations—Tom C'onnal- ly. Tex. Interior—Joseph C. O'Mahoncv \Vyo. Commerce — Edwin C. Johnson, Colo. Judiciary—Pat MeCarran Ncv Labor—Elbcrt D. Thomas, Utali, or James E. Murray, Mont.. Civil Searvicc—Olin D. Johnston S C., or Herbert U. O'Conor, Md Public Works — Dennis Chavez, Rules—Carl Hayden, Ariz. House: Agriculture — Harold D. Cooley, Appropriations — Clarence Cannon, Mo. Armed Services — Carl Vinson, Ga. Banking—Brent Spencc, Ky District of Columbia — John L McMillan, S. C. Labor—John Lesinksi, Mich. Executive Expenditures — Wil- pationtly answered some questions three or four times. With two hours sleep in the last 2V, Dewey was so tired thai he didn't know what time it was. I "Good morning, gentlemen " he i said as he walked into the press | room promptly at 1 p. m. j Thirteen minutes later h-> said, 'have we reached the bottom of I the barrel?" He smiled all around. "It's been grand being with you boys and girls," he said. There was a lot of sympathy in that room for a man who had been confident that he was going to be .. ._, .._,i. , ,^, 0 •* *> i 1 U 1 U \V [j. *- i i ^. jJi -,,._..- ., Homers. N. Y., or J. Hardin Peter-1 slruclion of !!5 miles of new dis- s«n. l''ia. tvibution lines William M. Whil. . , . Unamerican Activities — John S Wood, Ga. or J. Hardin Peterson, Fla. Veterans' Affairs— John E. Rankin. Miss. Ways and Means — Robert L. Dougnton, N. C. Joint Committees: Atomic Energy — Sen. Brien McMahon, Conn. Hidden Taxes For every dollar the average American citizen pays out knowingly in dollars taxes. ry body excell"..t taxes, he pays out three more unknowlingly in The cheetah of India is credited witii being the swiftest four-footed animal. at a cost of more Ihi-.n $100,000. The .co-op, was praised for ils Polk -c6\lnly. -Service in a hearing today by Frank M. Wilkes, Shrcve- l)orl, La., president, ot Southwestern Gas. Electric Co. Wilkes told the regulatory b the coop "is doing an excell job in a territory . where surveys had shown that such service would not be feasible." He said the coop now, 'was serving about 1,000' customers, although snivel's by his company and Uy the Rural Electrification Adminis- tratior. showed potential customers to be about 250. Wilkes said .that Southwestern had no -objection to the Rich Mountain application. The Public Service Commission look under advisement Southwestern's applicalf ••» for a change in territory placing thy city of Cove under Rich Mountain's jurisdiction. t — .j... ^.... ,v. ...j ""n^unLiueni uiai ne v Kept smiling while photographers | ^resident, but who Hash bulbs popped in his face. " ' ' was proud MEALS TASTE BETTER !&h^';ov^V-Y^;M.wy.-^^.'aT*^^/^P~:;-? WHEN YOU SERVE AT YOUR GROCERS and th U cn compy H'da which Top Radio Pr6grarns Topics Tonight (Thursday!NBC— 7 Aldrich Family; f] Burns and Allen with Al Jolson: 8:30 Dorothy Lamour show: 0:30 Fred Waring Music. CBS—6:15 Jack Smith song: 7:3 0 Mr. Keen Tracing; 8:30 Crime Photographer: 9 James Hilton Playhouse; 9:30 First Nighter, "Death Takes a Taxi." ABC—7 Abbott and Costello 7:30 Ralph Norman Music; 8 Personal Autograph, New time; !) Child's _ wo'-ld. new time. <)| MBS—7 Name of the Song quiz, new time; 7:30 Better Half quiz- 8:30 All Star Revue; 9 Thin Man Drama. Friday Programs: NBC—8:30 a. jn. Clevelandaires CBS-10:30 a. m. Grand Slam. ABC—8 a. m. Breakfast Club; 11 Welcome Travelers. MBS—9:30 a. m. Say It With Music. H the Dixicerats and the Wai- Oenoi-il Tnm aceites had not broken away from thrMn, Aw n, the Democrat c 1'artv Truman's r^ • H victory would have 'been over* i f° rc , el llc T K lhc whelming. In the rash of political |hj!> bccn known post-rnoriiMns that will now break oul, there will probably be many iiir-ietched claims and appraisals. There will probably be many reactionary cha\'es that it was "the New Deal radicals and Communists" that put the Democrats in power again. That's one the average cili/.en will want to eye rather carefully. rs, is Attorney He had a in Texas be- government, and to express a desire to return to it. However, Clark has started several important antitrust proceedings lately and may want to remain on the job to see thorn through, it is said. This is the way the potential absentees shape up: Marshall—As administrator of a bipartisan foreign policy, he refrained from political activity, and! me uemocraiic loiais. uut it must I If y^,,..,.,.. j,, HULUIIUII, ne ana be remembered that the leadership !; P rcslclcnt ai '<-' said to be of dif- ut the AF of L, and CIO and the I ,? nt °P»uons on recent foreign Railwav Ri-nihni-lifinrU- :,u i-.-,i-,n,ii.,. policy matters. , Railway Brotherhoods all repudia ted their Communist elements, and YOU'LL ENJOY SHOPPING HOBBS \ t PfE APPLES Monarch No. 2 can . . Grapefruit Juice 3 no. 2 cans LETTUCE Large Heads 2 Large BEANS Kentucky Wonder Ib. ^ MILK CHOCOLATE HERSHEYS KISSES ' ' 39C U. S. Govt. Inspected CHUCKKQAST Lb. PURE GROUND BEEF LI 4 f\ •9c NO. 1 DRY SALT MEAT Lb. 33c BRISKET STEW Lb. SU.N'NYLAND COLORED OL Musselman', |--J,-j 2 Tf "-y APPLESAUCE cun I/C HOMINY O r KRAUT to,, PINEAPPLE 46 f ,-/ 4 JUICE c«j. /t In ',-4 Ib. STICKS Ib. Frankc's "t 0 BUTTER BREAD leaf I OC 13 oca COFFEE lb. bag ^IZC COOKS KiLL Insect Spray pint DAbH (, r IDL'AI. 2 Tall Cons Phone 266 GRO. & We MKT. Deliver the Commies themselves supported Wallace. There are a couple of slates where this pattern does not fit pcriecU.y. In Illinois the Wallace- I iles had no ehanc-e to vote for their i cll j.»>«lgn lund. candidates because they couldn't gel Ihe Progressive Party on the H must be assumed that policy matters. Forrestal—Pie announced early in i the campaign his desire to remain S outside the contest because of the ' delicate nature of his job. A wealthy man, he made onl.v a token contribution to the Democratic _.,.-ign fund. Krug—An able administrator the Interior chief has made sonic 'cue- i miles among presidential associates ualio;. U must be assumed that !'", - s llmon S presidential associates! they voted Di-mocraiic and were ! v '' no ae ''use him of taking the cam- j responsible for the Republican up- : p;llyn u> ° n S ntl .Y- A year ago, when si-1 in that stair. But in Miehii'an j'' urnol 's that he was to bo fired where llie.v is a well orga.n/.eil I were rampant, Krug asserted he 1 • > I ii . <• ri 11 11 •, i \ •, •, • i-, i It ,i..i,. .,,. I , i . .... i i ,. ' \YlHl 1(1 S!! ;1 v \\ T i 1 IT 1 }i ,\ ,, i.,, .; -i ,.,-, i Labor movement, it was politically, and Dewey carried the state as a n.iuve son. \Vliat .yive Truman his strength wa:-- apparently his elective ehasi- isement of ihe tllllh Congress. Thai was something the voters could understand. AK lor tin' Democrats; having a i "mandate" to carry out any extreme program, that is pure poppycock, as siieb talk always is. The n. suit ol the race was too close lor thai. The majority and minor- would stay with the president throughout tins term. Then he said, he wanted to go into private business. Sawyer—A former Democratic national committee-man from Ohio, Sawyer was named to the cabinet shortly before the campaij-n "ot i underway. Hut his lack of ca'm- ipaign fervor was said to have .disappointed Mr. Truman It is i believed thai he will not be m-ed 'to stay on. lor thai. The maji.-rily and minor-i ' . ' H^i. tf uewey Knew ftHtTrtmgffUfaTimnnfcfcr.r-. a«ar.Ti»».»*,MM.,^nct^.^^^^mj | / I Early He Waj Pure Grape Jam Whita House Condensed Mi'k Evjp';rofcd Milk While House Fcincy Lcnci Graia Sunnyfield Rice JANE PARKER EIGHT O'CLOCK Miid and Mellow Coffee t.'.irvd Enncbed Sandwich Bread Ji.'iiy I'.rltr C^',-).Tif-l-Pecan Breakfast Roils J.ino V.-,rlor Angel Food Cake t-l-:i:i:;3 Sugar Wafers 21-07. 16-02. In | Uy LEO TURNER ! New York, Nov. -I. • • j Dewey made a lot of 'His lii.si appearance a ; lU-utiai caiiiiiflale. Hut : l.i i'il to care. ! He was whipped, lie li.i | milled U two nour.s prev '1 ms was his last meeting v. purlers who li;;il Invct ijik sti iniii lor months trying to n, wnat goes on m me iiuiiU presiueiiUal candidate. lie stood wiln m.-. Hand.- jaciiet jxieKels of the sani'- i-treasleii suit that he h;, v i v, A new Jane Parser creation . . . made of rich, golden baffer and bakod fo perfection. JANE PARKER DONUTS I7c Plain Ccr. Suqarcd Doz. Camay Scap Camay Soap Lava Soap Ivory Flakes Ivory Snow Oxydol Draft Crisco I .. ^ r,. •' '^.^ /.pples /.ppje-s'""" OroiiCj'55 Grapefruit Ci'onber.'ies Cabbage E,n Si; F' L-i 9c I3c 25c 33c 33c 33c 29c P&G Soap Ivory Soap Ivory Soap Ivory Soap Duz Spic & Span Tide dexo Bolcar Coffee Mb. Jir .. B6 3 45c L-;i. BJT Ib-oz. P,.g. I.'). Pkcj. 15c 23c 5 8 33c 25c 4c Carrots k. . ,:t Polatoes Fears V.. •. v Onions T'. i i; Yams H.-..J Lettuce 2 5 3 3 lOc I6c I3c 33c 2lc 33c $1.07 19c 23c 15c Head 25c 13c Yo-.njbloo-j 1 : Purchrr;er,l V/iafpcd V/hole Fryers Cut-Up Fryers D:e:v.-:i and Dr;,v,-n Baking Hens Smoked Bacon Squercs Fancy Dry Sail Dacon Fancy Dry Salt Jowls Mild Wisconsin Cheese Rosefisli Fillets lb. 37c Haddock Fillets lb. 45c Mackerel Fillets !b. 33c H & D Whiting !b. !9c Select Oysters lb. 93c Medium Shrimp lb. 63c Jumbo Shrimp !b. 95c lb. b. 7|3c; lb. lb. 3VJc lb. 35c Ib. 5 c Siiniiyfield . lli.il! ur WhoJi.' Caramel Churns 10c Peanuf Buffe 35C Marsh mallows iu I7c Buffer Kernel Kc. 2 Can !9c

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