The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER. 28.-19S4 FBI) UPTURN IN (Conllmicd from 1'iige one) lips, Hlytlicvllle Ford agent and president, of the chamber of commerce, expressed himself on (lie A/\A codon program. "There Ls no quest tun wlial tlic program has C'jne Tor business. Our sales for 1031 up to' September 27 were $201,450 compared with $100,537 Ihe first, nine months ot 193U. We are fur the Biinfchcad Act and its continuance," lie said. Favor Ifcinklifiid. Act A. G. Shibley, wholesale yroei'r of Blyllievillc reported business up . at lenst 35 per cent In 1934 over 1033 and thought, il due to the cotton program. "If you starve the \ farmer you kill the tree's roots," he said. "The Banklicad Acl should be continued because everybody Bains when cotton is ksjjt steady In price." "If the Biinkhcad Act is aban- rtoliiTd we arc Wowed up" in the (ARK.) C6UHIBR ; Album Reveal^Recent Pages From Bmno Haiiptmann's Life Story I •! T »'••' I ..^_ .- l J FJV1 Supply Company, Blyllievllle He -- • -- -- ••••• ""«"«i m ui< lold of benefits of Ihe, program lo|™ 1!i0m """""V- ™s picture was inscribed, "Taken at John's biilli the farmer customers, and mentioned ii 50 per cent Increase in his own business, as well as better collections. J. W. Sliouse, of ShoiiEc-UlUc Chevrolet company, Blythevllle pointed out dial sales arc better (nan in either 1033 or 1932, and that used cars are moving rapidly -Improvement in my business is due to the increased price of cot- Ion." is the statement made by Pal O'Biyant, Biylhcville Jeweler. He- pair business doubled In 1934 over 1033 and sales have held their own he said. ' G. G. Hubbard, of Hubbard Furniture company, said there is no question about local business recovery being due lo Die cotton program. "We are mostly concerned over possible abandonment of the Bankhcad Act. It certainly should be made permanent," he said. "We made live to six times as much money in 1033 as in 1032. and business is 35 per cent, better in 1934 in 1933. Of course, 1032 was a very poor year," he concluded. "There (s no need for us lo let cotton drop to \ cents when the Government can stabilize the price ill a decent level," declared O. O. t.-nife'ston, plantation owner and Sinner of Biylhcville, Route 1. He is also a member of tlie county Bank-head Act allotment committee. "The South has everything at slake in this program, and it must tie continued," lie said. . Improved day , party". Is the man al the left h, front Bruno Ilauplmaiin'' Henry Unrig and Isador Fisch are al left in upper row It Unino Hanplmtu'm obeyed, the Injunction on ili; sign iilmve his head at Ml. Whitney, Calif., lie undoubtedly will be cleared of charges he faces. His wife is beside him, B. A.'Lynch, president, Farmers 10. Today's Markets ,York Cotton Closing Stock Prices 1'lioto.s fro,,, NBA; (e) 1834, News .Syndicate Co. . , , Dank & Trust, Co.. Blythevllle, explained that collections have been teller since the fall of 1933, as well as business in general. Mi- Lynch advocate's a long-time program of good land use. "I am for the program strong, in spite of some of its drawbacks," he asserted. However, Ivfr. Lynch believes lliai, if more feed is grown, cotton acreage will automatically regulate SEW YORK. Sept. 28 (UP'- Colton closed steady. open high low close Oc,t 1240 1240 1225 1228 Dec 12SO 1250 1231 1238 •""1 1253 1253 1242 1242 Mar 1261 1'2G2 1252 1252 May 12CB 1267 1258 1258 J»l 1271 1211 1262 1263 Snots closed quiet at 1255, off 10. 'New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 28 (UP)— Liquidation [torn Ihc Jong side and more hedge selling drove cotton futures, doivn 50 cents a bale lo- day, adding "further" (o tin; losses of the .past two weeks. Traders appeared t Oi be unfavorably impressed by the government'!; determination to unload some of its pool cotton. open high low close Oct 1241 1241 1232 1234 Bee 1251 1251 1240 1240 Jan . 1250 1250 1243 1243 Mar '..... 1261 1261 1250 1250 .. 12C8 1268 1258 1258 Jill ..... 1214 1214 1262 1262 Spots closed steady at 1270, off it.velf. "The cotlon program has cer- lainly helped business and we lire tickled lo death because business is the best il has been since 1929 and is from 40 to 50 per cent ahead of what it was last year," Ii. H. Kirby, of Ihe Kirby drug stores, of Blylheville, said when questioned as to the extent of the business pick-up. "Collections are two to one better than they were this time last year," L. G. Briley of Ihe Lce- Coppcdgc Motor Co., agents for Pqntiac mid Buick cars and Hie International Harvester Co., said, rarm Implement sales in 1934 fliow a big increase over previous years, he reported. He added that their used cnrs are going good and ere almost sold out. T. J. Burke, of Burke Hardware Co, Blythcville said" "I am opposed to ploiring tin cotton and killing little pigs for I believe it i.i unconstitutional." He , was the only business man interviewed who was opposed to the AAA farm program. He explained that it was the opposite taught. what hi . had beeri fflfa adopts aT&ate . gin, siege of York' foum. Gem 1 W. K. RICHJIOND & CO VS AFTERNOON COTTON LETTEK NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 28—There was no change in the cotton market's performance'today and prices continued to drift slowly downward after a quiet opening. New- lows for the movement were posted again near the close, which showed losses averaging 10 points 'Ih e trend toward larger crop ideas was emphasized by two pri- 0,667.000 tales, ,-m increase of 252,MO for ili c month, while the other gave probable production as 3,230 000, or 450,000-tales above the Seu- tember estimate from the same source. TThere was n a particular demand for contracts at any time, and mod- Mate Jlquidatlon laloiif with -the "sual hedging sales was sufficient to work prices gradually lower The amount of cotton to be sold ay the government pool when bids are opened on October 3, remained an unsettling influence, although it « generally assumed that the pool will replace these sales by purchase of contracts. ,,i'l civs °L thc day faiied "> [u >-n sh any buying stimulus and spec- ulalivc Interest continued at a low ebb. Liverpool cabled sentiment here was inclined to become bearish with predictions made trial the release of pool cotton on this side would tend to weaken the basis and that indications poinled lo a larger increase in Brazilian acreage in the coming season. The weather over tlic belt generally favored picking and ginning and another week of thc same kind will find the hams tin its final stages in many sections. NEW YORK. Sept, 28 (UP) — Marked strength In silve issues with gains ranging to morci"" wind-up of September deliveries to- in thill section are reported lo bi> was <,..|mi In h,,. n,,ii,,, o, , , morrow audio await the president's'below earl ycxneclnlloiw country fain ','i »«o,tV » m , '" ca by radio siwecli scheduled /or Sunday bookings were estimated ni Uiiono nri'iv. n , . . ., ° nichl Arnt.ii.i iiniuin i' i , ,' j" ( -i-unii o yeni'; ilic- Ih-st four ,,„ '. , niw , bushels rye and 7«.- months of in:i4 showed n consider The nrlepcndcnt weakness in rye. IH™ <">-« were sold lo go out. ;able over h" lori C,,~ resnltliiir from selling by houses IVorlsloiis were lower oil comiiifs-1 _______ with northwest connections, aited-i""" ho>l; * sellhu; espL-dnlly .Jmiu-] A Oenmin has Invenleil a ii,«i» ItK'r'y 'i}«l. while housex iisaln'iliiil. when .sqnern'd i £O IUI 1 I . -•"•"•"VJV VVJ"l!l.\**LVIL:>, till •cr and gold I'd w .' lc "t. moclui'iitely. during Ing to more i morning:. Little change was sh „.-- „...„ .- ., , - „- ..... Jliown "<•'«•' "'« tet buyers. than four points was Ihe main ln " >e basis for cosh wheat In Ihe feature today in a dull stock Iccnl market, with offerings small, market. ' Nearby deliveries of corn were oil ., I fractionally but thu May gained an be Heavers cut trees down lo n dm: core and let (be wlnil do Ihc rest; il would lie dungerous for them to ......mi. , ..~... UJ M tnn.'iit-jj m luni \vcre oji ^n. mm itH mi. 1 uLIICI no inc rest; In London Ihe silver price 1053 ,^" Ctlonn " y bul llli! Wn V gained an it would lie dungerous for Ihom to to ri new high since lale 192D ' gm1 ' neL Tllis market, like wheatjmmw completely through ttie IITO accompanied by a cones pond ing } ra ^ ralhcr easily influenced and n; trunk, rise In New York to a hieh sinr,. " k of ""'-'rest was apparent. Ai rise In New York to a high since early. 1020. U. s. government buying in London wns considered partly responsible. A. T. and T ni Anaconda Copper -..,-;.. ' 11 3,4 Bethlehem Steel 28 1-2 Chrysler ;. 33 t _ 2 Cities Service-.: 17-3 Coca Cola 13] General ElcotrJc ...' 18 1-2 General Motors 20 3-3 International, Harvester 30 Montgomery Ward ,-..... 26 5-8 New York Central 22 1-2 I'ackprd '3 7-(J Phillips' Petroleum ...-./ 15 s-u Radio Corp :...' 5.7.0 Simmons Beds ]Q St. Lom's-Snn Francisco , 1 3-4 Standard of N. J 43 ]_•> Texas op ., ;;;; 2 ' 3 " U. S. Steel • 33 j. B U. S. Smelting ::...'.]'. 115 , Chicago Wheat open liigh |qw close 1043-2 1043-4 104 1045-8 103.1-4 104 1031-8 1035-8 lack of interest was apparent. I'n'VnTff 1 f?!",*,' 80 "?' """' W " S lo Ihe cflcct that hiskniB is under way, but ihe grain was not of much ana tspo'seil to the air, ignlics and or stmlhu! |\res. Lindberghs Explored Oklahoma Bat Cave down by plane trouble Accompanied by his wife anr- ul Allkens, farmer, and Mre. Alt- kens, nnd Mcno Sclioctibncli, Wood- «nrd iiewspavcrman, the colonel rarrlcrt tho-tlashllBlil and led t|,,. way through the limestone and iiliiv ciiverii to sco wlmt he could Iliul A cave-In slopped tho party • Women v». Men Auto Driven StiU PHILAOELPHIA'. CUP) —^T b t otcrnnl (Hicstion-can Women drive" atilomoblles belter than men— may never be solved • ' , , tv Matliomatlclans of -tho Keyslp»« ' Automobile Club, set, 04 -to 'solve IMS perplexing ' problem: - Tniy found: -,-j Foiiilcen men driven involv^i in «"lo accklcnla compared 'With "one woman. < - 'Hiicc lime;, as many male O per- »loii to one of the feminine «x, "lit— there WILS somo 18,000000 miles dilvon ansually by 30,000,000 drivers lo bo computed. ] Women Prefer This Laxative '."""•' ..... Iflbuin In Imrtn lnt"J>.nl ly tji.wln,, me,,, [„!<, a\i <nl'm: Uuii giving • mot» tuturi mil conol*li l Ion ,!,.,.l. „„ (,,„!, „, i,l| t "."^.i, l-«,ii • ,nt n , „„,.!„, , | t ,,,j' !a «»<<tciu niuliilv iireKnbiil br phnl.ltnl II f°"JJ I "? ''f 1 " 1 "* '» "C»t ItOIHtcIl 01 •tl.l. p.!.,- I. J. ni , ( , ou , ^, ,., t, lt o.i Kk«M< .ni m r ihm. Ckn lotDilnn for c FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE • ii^^nj^^ »'ir,r-• ."Msfcisa Now l., K ,,( f d ,it Soutlitiisl C'aruer Walnut Knd Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDU'rtlllMi, l'rii|>flc(or All makes ,,f rebuilt Ty,«,,ll m , M ,||,, B Machine, SiMfakuht iu-l'arls—IliblHins I'lioiu 71 ' Sep Dee Sep Dec Chicago^Corn open high !ow close ™ .78 1-4 .77 5-8 18 1-4 78 1-2 -78 7-8 78 1-8 78 3-4 W. f. RICHMOND & CO.'S CHICAGO. sept. ' 28 fc -Whcat moved listlessly. w ilhin a narrow limit today amt on light volume, net changes being confined to minor fractions on the downside The relative firmness at Liverpool was JBnored as was mosl routine news mere was some local and commission house selling early on the overnight political developments at Washington, but no material pressure. On ail sides the disposition was shown to go slow pending the Use Shiblcy's Wonder and Old Trail Flour A. G. SHIBLEY Wholesale Grocer Phoiie 777 At Night—Sanday-Anrlfme For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service PhiUips Motor Co. LOCUST i\T I&th. /T.Lbui/.rviO. PLCNTY OFPARKING SPACE THREC BLOCKS FROM THE CWTEfi OF WHDLEJALE . DISTRICT FIVE MINUTES FROMTHE JHOPPJNG CCNT« AS TO PRICE... . BOOM WITH PRIVATE.TU8 AND SHCWER BATH'. FROM T) r rove to yourself •• in the one best way the big advantages of KNEE -ACTION t/w, jf Start out in a Knee-Action Chevrolet ami drive, it as yon would •Irivc your own car-over ihe same roails, ii;i Uic 8«mc hills, and ihrongli the same traffic. •Suclra-test, will convince yon thai Chevrolet , Knte-Aclion is a praclical, common-sense tea- juire tlmi smooths ,,nt hail roads and makw fgfxxl roads kucr. ]|, »-;|| a | 50 show vot. ivliy jClievrolet owners .arc so well please,! will, i ihc smooth, economical Chevrolet engine, ihc safely of cable-controlled ' brakes, aiid "tl^* 1 rooiiiinesa of Chevrolet bodies by Fisher."' Chevrolet cordially iiivitea you to vitit your' nearest Chevrolet dealer and make the Owner-' ship Tcst-confldeut that the Kn««.Actionj Chevrolet Mil win your approval on^hon^t-' merit alone. CHEVROLET MOTOR CO., DETROIT, Mlf H. i Comfort C'Ss!To!*l'j toio dtlimsl pries onj . ' ' ' 0. Af..(.C. ttrms. A General Molars Vaf 'ONE RIDE LS VVORT/H /A TH-OUSAND SHOUSE-LITTLE CHE VROLET CO.

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