Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 3, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 3, 1948
Page 4
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Poga Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Ada Must Be In Office Day Before Public atlon Number of One Three Six One —— — •Words Day Days Days Month Up to 15 .... 16 to 20 21 to 25 .. .. 26 to 30 31 10 35 86 to 40 to 45 .45 .60 .75 ,. .90 . 1.05 . 1.20 1.35 46 to 50 1.50 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.30 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 0.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Rates arc for Continuous Insertions Only • All Want Ads Cash in Advance ••• Not Taken Over the Phone For Sole GOOD BOIS'D ARC POSTS AT reasonable prices. See E. M. Mo Williams at McWilliams Store, Hope, Arkansas. Sped 9-1 mo GREEN OAK WOOD. .52.00 PER riek, grcon pine SI.50 per rick- Call at Guntcr Mill. 30-31 TWO WHEEL~TlRATE^irii : OUsiEl C. L. Barnes, Phillips Addition on old 67 West. l-3t 1939 CHEVROLET COUPE7~I N excellent condition. See it at 815 West 6th Street. 1.3t For Renf 2- 3- R O O M UNFURNISHED apnrtmonls, near Sehooloy's Store. Phono 38-F-ll. Mrs. ,1 E Schoolcy. ' n_ti ONE o uoou both. 1002 East 2nd street. Brunei-, Phone 843. THKEE ROOM " apartment, private bath children or pets. Miss Lillie oiebrooks. Phone 3C-I. Carl 30.31 No Mid- 2-31 3 ROOM UNFURNISHED APART- mcnt. 214 East Second Street. 2-3t 2 ROOM staa-s apartment. 41 South Eltn. 3-3t Salesman Wanted FURGESON 922 SEED OATS Gem 96%. Purity 99.5. Call or See Fred Petre, Spring Hill road, Route 1, Phono 2G-W-12. 2-Oi PANSY PLANTS. SET THEM now, buy them at Monts Seeo 2-St Store. TURKEYS. FANCY CORN FED Six months old November 10 12 to 35 Ibs. Call Dr. Alexander Phone 18 or 808-W. 2-Gt 1947 SPECIAL DE LUxF4~DO Plymouth, with radio, heater and spot light. .Low 10B1-J-4 after 4 mileage, p.m. MY HOME city limits. Phone 2-3t ONE MILE FROM Phone 1154-W-3, Joe D. Brown. East on highway G7. P. O. Box' 297. 3-31 13 ACRES JOINING PRESCOTT Airport on Highway 67. Inquire Rosewood Shoppc, 3 miles South ol Prescolt, Arkansas on Highway 67. 3. 3l Notice WE BUY, SELL AND REPAIR all makes of Sewing machines. W. H. West, 215 North Hamilton Street, Phone 1226-W., Hope Arkansas, i-ljno LET US RENOVATE YOUR OLD mattress, or make it into a new innerspring. One day service in town. Bright Mattress Company Phone 930-J-2. ].2w VETERAN WITH some mechanic experience wants On-the-Job Training as Mechanic. Steady worker, Phone 1112-W-l. 2-31. HAVE YOUR 1.IIANO TUNED, preserve tone, quality and value. Gall Clau'd Taylor, Phone 707-.T . • • 3-31 Wanted to Buy 3 ROW MIDDLEBURSTErTrolFlT F-20 or F-30 Farmnll tractor. Write Johnnie Thompson, Star Route, Washington. Arkansas B0-3t Lost TWO YEARLINGS ABOUT IV- years old, 1 brown Jersey heifer and 1 ,rod white-face steer. Last seen on highway 29, near Anthony Mill or near Hinton's Dairy on Spring Hill road. Reward. Finder call E. R. Brown. 3-4t For Love'ly Home-Grown CHRYSANTHEMUMS See us. % mile East of Hope On Highway 4 Gentry - Butler Florists Phone 1194-W1 We Deliver FLOOR SANDING & FINISHING All work Guaranteed. PHONE 89 A. Z. TURNER RAWLEIGH DEALER WANTED at once. Good opportunity in City Hope or next County. Write ?J?B C -» Rawlci «h's, Bept. Ark -105, Memphis, Tcnri. l-3t oi. Kirkpatrick Named AIC Player of Week Little I?ock, Nov. 3 —Ml — Paul Kirkpatrick, Ouachila's do-evcry- thing hnlfback, was named today as the Arkansas Intercollegiate conference's "star of the week." Kirkpalrick was selected in the Associated Press" weekly poll of coaches for his .outstanding all- around performances in' the I lifers' surprising but thorough conquest of Arkansas Tech last Saturday night. A very close runner-up for the honor was Jack Simpson, Tech halfback, who played brilliantly in the same game. Kirkpatrick, 170-pound, six-foot- one product of Bonlon, Ark scored Ouachita's first touchdown by taking a pass; from Sam Bailey and going some nifty .side-setp- ping. His line-plunging kept the J.igcr offense firecl-up throughout and his fine blocking paved the way for runs by other bocks. The versatile halfback punted By Weitbrook Peglor Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate. us? has ter- campaign for a 38-yard lense did" a .10 the line. Simpson's noticed by scored both average, and on do- New York, Nov. 2 - Slowly but JHt'si.slibly the ghastly truth is dawning that Franklin T). Hoosc- vel betrayed the United States and built up the enemy who is now making it necessary for this nation to spend its way into bank- niptcy feeding rmd organizing western Europe so that western Europe will serve as a battle-line in the coming Roosevelt memorial \var. It is useless to protend that our government, oven the Truman government, does not foresee and expect that war. Otherwise we would have no reason to draft soldiers and to resume, as we have the production of war male-rials under government procurement contracts. Who else threatens Strangely. Governor Dowey failed lo .stale the facts of this nUo situation in his speeches. He may Xeel that it would be bad politics to do so because Americans are supposed to be sentimental and some might turn on him for speakin" ill ol a man who died so recently. There is no hard and fast rule fixing the time limit, but a decent interval is respected by common consent in most case:;, Roosevelt's political heirs have enjoyed a benefit from this false decency and the people have suffered detriment because Roosevoll's terrible guilt and the inevitability of the Russian war are the only issues of the campaign which are worth while The silly, mischievous prattle of Preset cm Truman is mere diversion. jt.uue s Rights, precious and essen- iliaj. to-the preservation of the internal design of our government, are mere cjuibbles. They will not matter m such a war will us into panic and and then will ship so that ous enemy agents in Now York- I and keep order and prevent feath- erbeddmg all over. Neither Dcwey nor Truman has even mentioned the one awful ling that terrifies every America who had hoped when Second World h^'l 'VII s .,?"".? to !?<• a »?wcd to go tifaal BROADCASTING SYSTEM superb job of backing fonts probably were more of the fans. He of Tech's touchdowns, throw anarchy at first bring us a dictator- we may slay traitor- Weclncsday p.m., Nov. 3 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:1!) Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M !3:45 Tom Mix—M 6:00 Salon Serenade (3:15 News, Five Star 6:25 Today in Sports 6:30 News Comment—M B:45 Fulton j_,cwis, Jr. 7:00 Cnn You Top This—M 7:30 High Adventure—M 7: S3 Ily Gardner—M 8:00 Gabriel Hcattcr—M 8:115 Mutual Newsracl—M 8:30 .Family Theatre—M 8:55 Hill Henry, News—M 0:00 Manhattan Playhouse—M 0:30 Shandor's Orch.—M 10:00 All the News—M 10:15 Jimrny Featherstone's Orch —M 10:30 Honry Jerome's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M n-nn sien-ow Thursday 5:57 Sign «:00 U:15 6:25 6:30 6:40 0:55 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 7:55 8:00 Wednesday, November 3, 1948 Wednesday, November 3 There will be choir practice Wednesday evening at 7:15 at the Presbyterian church. Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock there will be a Teacher's meeting at First Baptist church, prayer service at 7:45 and choir practice There will be Central Baptist choir practice at church at 7 p.m. and prayer service and Bible study at, 8. Methodist choir will Have choir practice at the church at 7:30 p.m. The Session of the church will meet at Presbyterian 7 p.m. Rev. Harvey M. Redford is conducting a Crusade Evangelistic mooting at the local Christian church each night through Sunday at 7:30 'o'clock. Thursday, November 4 W.C.T.U. will have its annual dues tea Thursday afternoon at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. J. W. Teeter with Mrs. J. B. Hesterly, Mrs Hunter Scott and Mrs. Herbert Regan, co-hostesses. back to the one on a one-yard plunge andthe other on a 7<!-yard dash through a aroken field. He personally " accounted for 107 ot Tech's 135 yards jy rushing. Other players mentioned for star of the week 1 'honors: Tackle -Tarry jrchc, Arkansas State End Gary Leatberwood, Arkansas A. and M.; End Charlie Roffine ollege of the Oza-rks; Halfback Tohn Hcstir, ..Little .Bock Junior Allege, and: Fullback Spear Titsworth, Ouachita. Fights Lost Houston, Tex. —Eddie Lamarr L 7.i, Oklahoma Citv, outpointed Dolph uijano, 175, El Paso la New York (Park Arena) — - A1 w "in, 105 1-2, New York, stopped AI I; isher, 150 1-2, Ncaw York, 0 FighHnq Breaks Out in Section of Korea Seoul, Nov. 3 — (UPV Tom South Korea said fighting of unspecified iroken ' ' ind military policemen at Taeg'u 100 miles southeast of Seaoul. ' ' Official sources minimized clashes, saying they — Reports today that - scope has out between Korean troops the ' I FOR SALE Surfaced Oak Lumber — $40.00 per Thousand GENERAL BOX COMPANY PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS During The Winter Months LONG RANGE SHOOTING GALLERY Located at 117 South Main Across from the Rialto Theatre. WE HAVE Seed Oats, Austrian Winter Peas, Winter Hairy Vetch, Winter Rye Grass, Seed Rye, Wheat, Barley and Joe Youmans Flower Bulbs. We Honor AAA Orders MONTS SEED STORE Hope, Arkansas Seoul newspapers published extras claiming that all business was suspended in Taogu and that all communications except radio were cut American military headquarters i;iid the clashes started on the Taegu military rifle range yester- li'.V. An army sergeant major, re- iistnifi arrest. on unspecified ;harges. shot a military police- Anothor report said there were listiirb.-mfc-s at Namwoii, between Seoul and the Southern port of Yosu, but there were no details. Yosu recently was captured and held for more than a week by rebellious Korean constabulary troops. FILCHOCK HONOREtO~ 'I'oronio, Nov. 3 — (,/p, — Frank IM chock barred from pro football in the United States. was;,,, awarded the Imperial Oil Trophy u t'Hlav as the outstanding player inibi, the Ontario rugby football union. . Activities, is to Ihe benefit Kiemlm of course. So -- go peaceful enjoyment of m a country of such abundance an comlort as the world never saw before. Imman is afraid to mention the subject of war. First no had to consider the danger of hastening Russia's attack, which he is no more able to "time" than anyone else. Second, be knew that Roosevelt's guilt would be'dragged out the minute he dared make an ssue o! the causes of the situation with Russia. Roosevelt's guilty encouragement of the Communist penetration of our government as revealed committee on Un-American of the ,. . --• -- .^^. kjvj are tho confusion, the instability and inefficiency which afflict our commerce and industry, all caused by Communists in Roosevelt's totalitarian union rackets. This sabotage has been caused either directly through their own agents or by s . tU P', d ' old-line union bosses of the 1 in'< iV , T n" Who are "^rally and ntellectually unfit for any positions of power. All this is accorcl- »ig to the great Communist plan to cripple us. Benjamn Gitlow, who in his day occupied every important post in the American Communist parly the first of our famous backslid bolos is one of the best authorities on this Roosevelt submission His authority can not be doubted' and lie has now written his second book on the peril. He seems to be trviiv lo make amends. It j s too bad he had them to make. "Three events," says Gitlow in Whole of Their Ihe U. S. political in tile economic th , this new book, "The f r • ' H ii " Olu ;, in \ ( , 0lh r'' th( thll ' d r- i' MIHU ui mi; iniornation; Held ol diplomacy established then as a factor in the poltical. soeia •'"••' economic affairs of tin of FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Aunhalt Tile • Rubber Tll«. ROY ALLISON Phone 280 LET FOY DO IT • Level yards • Dig Post Holes • Plow Gardens * Cut Vacant Lota • Also custom work, HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 8. Walnut St. nd try. "American Communism owes its rise to prominence to the election ot Roosevelt in !<);«, to the ur»an- i/.ation of the Committee of Incius- Organizalion in 1035, ( o u,., recognition of the Soviet Union by the United States in 1933 "Though Roosevelt's New Deal Program and organization rank* •st in immediate importance lo e growth of Communism in the -.Hted Stales. Hie organi/aliun of the CIO from the Communist stand- Point is much more basic and of lasting importance to the move- m, even though the or;>ani,-a- with Rooseyelt's >ver have taken Place, the recognition of the Soviet Union facilitated Soviet and Comintern (International Communist conspiracy) peneiration of the Uniteo. Stales. It opened wide (indoors tor the infiltration 1,1 the government by Communists ami Uieir satellites drawn from a crowing army of fellow-travellers " On the subject of Hoo.sevelt's l ippant, all-wise betrayal of ,,, nJh ' (i J^' 1 " .'inrl of Weste,,, l linstendom at Teheran and Yalta ni ins conferences with Stalin. Gitlow writes only as all other author- Hies and students of these misdeeds have written. r- Koosevell's defenders have dared try to justify his conduct or miii- galc his guilt. Truman just ignores a.m., Nov. 4 On Hillbilly Hoedown Home Sweet Home Bargain Roundup News, First Edition Arkansas Plowboys Market Reports Farm Breakfast Program Melody Eoys The Devotional Hour Musical Clock News, Coffee Cup Edition Sunrise Serenade 8:30 Bob Poole's Show—M 8:45 Bob Poolc's Show—M 8:5;-) Organ Interlude 0:00 Cecil Brown—M 9:15 Faith in Our Time—M .0:30 Washington Hour 9:45 Airlane Melodies 10:00 Passing Parade—M 10:15 Victor H. Lindlahr—M 10:30 Gabriel Heatter's Mailbae —M 10:45 Lanny Ross—M 11:00 Kate Smith Speaks—M 11:15 Kate Smith Sings—M 11:30 Student Parade 11:45 Music by Monroe Thursday p.m., Nov. 4 12:00 News, Plome Edition 12:10 Market Time 12:15 John Daniel Quartet 12:30 Polka Interlude 12:35 Farm Fair 12:45 Eddy Arnold Show—M 1:00 Queen for a Day 1:30 Golden Hope Chest—JV 2:00 Movie Matinee—M 2:30 Ozark Valley Folks—M 3:00 .Time to Dance 3:15 1490 Club 4:00 Swinp Time ? 4:45 The Voice of the Army o:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M 6:00 Rhythm & Reason 6:15 . News, Five Star Final ,6:25 Today in Sports 6:30 News Comment—M 6:4.1 Fulton Lewis, Jr —M 7:00 What's the Name of Song—M 7:30 The Better Half—M 7:55 Hy Gardner—M 8:00 Gabriel Header—M 8:15 Mutual Newsreel—M 0:30 Revere All Star Revue- 8:55 Bill Henry, News—M 9:00 Thin Man—M !l:30 Bill McCuno's Orch —M 10:00 All the News—M 1(!:15 Miguelito Valdes Orch —M Hi:3fl Noro Morales Orch —M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign Off Farmers in Nevada county arc invited and urged to attend the Forestry Study Day at Crossctt Arkansas Experiment Station, .Thursday, November 4. Tour of.the forest will start at 9 a.m. and continue through 3 p.m. with an hour off for lunch. That -M A tea in honor of the Rev. W. R Burks and Mrs. Burks and the Rev.' E. D. Galloway, district superintendent of the Prescott district and Mrs. Galloway was held Sunday irom 3 to 5 p.m. in the Methodist church parlors. A profusion oi fall flowers made a colorful background for the parlors. Charles Thomas, president of the Board ot Stewards, introduced the guests to members of the receivin" line who were Rev. and Mrs. Gallo°way, Rev. and Mrs. Burks, Williard Burks, Jr., Dimple Burks, Mrs. J B. Hesterly, president of W S C S and Mrs. J. W. Teeter, president of ^Wesleyan Service Guild. The tea table was covered with a cutwork linen cloth and the cen- tralarrangement was of pink roses in a silver bowl flanked with burning pink tapers in silver holders. The table appointments were of silver. Mrs. E. J. Smith and Mrs. D. S Jordan presided at the silver service and Mrs. Sam Taylor White Jr. served the cake. One hundred guests called during the appointed hours. Miss Frances Thrasher, chairman of the Publicity committee appointed to work with the Chamber of Commerce on the Nevada County Day program which will bo given in. Little Rock, on Friday, November 26 at the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the Marion Hotel, announced that the Hubbard-Easley company has started production of the surprise souvenirs which will be presented to leading businessmen of Little Rock at this luncheon and the first one was delivered to the Chamber of Commerce. The souvenirs are made of Nevada county timber and the publicity committee feels sure that it is something that each of the businessmen will be proud to have on his desk. The publicity committee is composed of Miss • Frances Thrasher, Mrs. Hess Gordon, Miss Virginia Ann Magness of Emmet and Mrs. Don Cavanah. "sp 4 Top 3 rams I' 1 )—Listen- 8 Duffy Attorney; Tav- 9:30 New York, Nov. hit; Tonight: NBC—(i Blondie- ern; 0:30 District Curtain Time. CBS—7 Mr. Chameleon 7:30 Dr Christian; !.!:30 Jimmy Melton o ,i^'~ 7 Tho Hom ' ut Amateurs: o'^O^r'cdi^^ilso'n D " 1B Cr ° 8by AJIIS—7 Can You Top This High Adventun ter. 8:30 The women of the Presbyterian church U.S. met Monday afternoon it 2:30 in the home of Mrs. Guss McCaskill with Mrs. Walter Hirst co-hostess. The meeting was opened with prayer by the Home Mission secretary, Mrs. T. E. Logan. The president, Mrs. S. O. Logan conducted the business session. Minutes of the last meeting were read by the secretary, Mrs. Allen Gee Sr. Mrs. D. L. McRae Sr. gave the treasurer's report in the absence of Mrs. Mary Montgomery. Reports of general officers and cause secretaries were .tiled. Mrs. W. G. Bensberg presented the program on "The Four Gospels" She also gave the survey article on "A Moving Purpose and a Fruitful Plan." ling, and Everett Rav Ward .h ou SC \ lssing lhe Possibility of the Chamber of Commerce again sponsoring a Trades Day Program it was the opinion of those present that if a majority of merchants were in favor of again participating in this type of a Trades Day program, the Chamber of Commerce would sponsor the project. The Arkansas Association of Commercial Organization Executives will meet in Little Rock Saturday morning, November 6 to discuss plans for the forthcmoin" annual meeting which will be held in January in a city to be decided on at Saturday's meeting. Attending from Prescott will be R T i Murry. president, of Prescott Chamber of Commerce, and J. A Craip Jr., Manager of the Chamber of Commerce. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Priest and sons Danny and Larry and Mr and Mrs. Ed Berry of Houston' Texas spent a part of last week as guests of Mr. and Mrs. D W Durham. Miss Florence Trovillion of Benton was tin- weekend guest of Mr and Mrs. Watson Trevillion. Bro. parcl Shcppard and Mrs. Shop- First Christian i u, - ..... ~— m,, church of Arkadelphia visited' the Prescolt Christian church Monday night and showed slides of the origin and history of the Christian Church. Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Gordon left bunday lor Roanoke, Alabama where they will spend the week as the guests of Mrs. Gordon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Sledge. Mrs. Jim Yancey has returned trom Tunica, Miss, whore she has been the guest of her son Bill She was accompanied by Mrs Bill Yancey to Tunica. Senators Named Senators Elected By The Associated Press (x designates re-election) Alabama John J. Sparkman (D-x) Arkansas John L. Mclellan (D-x) Colorado Edwin C. Johnson (tV)x) Georgia Richard B. Russell (D-x) Illinois Paul H. Douglas (D) lowas Guy M. Gillette (D) Kansas Andrew F. Schocppol (R) Louisiana Allen J. E'lloncler (D-x) Maine Margaret Chase Smith (R) Minnesota Hubert M. Humphrey (D). Mississippi James O. Eastland (D-x) Nebraska Kcnonth S. Wherry (R-x) New Hampshire Styles Bridges (R-x) New Jersey Robert C. Hcndrickson (R) North Carolina J. Melville Broughton (D) Oklahoma Robert S. Kqrr (D) Oregon Guy Gordon (R-x) Rhode Island Theordore F. Green (D-x) South Carolina Burnet R. Maybnnk (D-x) South Dakota Karl E. MMundt (R) McGehee Seeking fo Move Desho County Seafr ' McGehee. Nov. 2 —(UP)— presidential race may be of primary importance in most; United Stales towns today but in McGeHee Ark., it takes a back seat. The folks here are interested in onp thing, moving the county seat ot Desha Cnunt.y from Arkansas City tO ( McGehee. The move was approved by Comity Judge Erwin and appears on the | Desha ballot, today. It was attempted because of the dwindling population in Arkansas City and the boom which has shot, Mcf-^i- Hoe's population to more thSfn 5,000. Arkansas City, located on the. Mississippi river, became the county sent in. 1C79 when steamboat traffic was at its .heaviest. However, during the past decade, river traffic ha;; dwindled, the, ferry for railroad cars has beerf withdrawn and the population ol Arkansas Cilyihas dwindled from' its once 2,000 .to approximately I,-.* 000. ' •, ' * During the same time Mc has become the trade center '.„>$» Southeast Arkansas and its popu lation now tops r>.000. And already!." the citizens have- set aside a blocks' of land as a courthouse site and have offered the use of their city hall in the meantime. Tennessee KeFauver (D) Johnson (D) Estes Texas Lyndon B. Virginia A Willis Robertson West Virginia Matthew M. Necly CD) Wyoming Lester C. Hunt (D) (D-x) . P. D. Whitaker spent last week in Memphis on business. McMath (D-x) Bowlos Carvel Bob Reynolds attended the funeral services for his grandmother. Mrs A. D. Reynolds in Fort Smith on Sunday. He was accompanied by his mother. Mrs. R. W. Reynolds ol Conway and Miss Virginia Reynolds of Forest City. Governors Elected (x) denotes reelection. Arkansas — Sidney S. (Di. Colorado — Lee Knous Connecticut — Chester (D) Delaware — Elbert N (D) Florida — Fuller Warren (D) Georgia — Herman Talmadgc Illinois — Adlai Stevenson (D) Iowa — William S. Beardsley Kansas — Frank Carlson (R-x) Maine — Frederick G. Pavne Baby with Outside Liver Survives* London —(,<Vl— A girl, born with; liver and intestines outside her' 1 body, has made an "uneventful rc-«' covcry" from ;iu operation—car-;' ricd out" two hours after birth—;' I to put these organs in their n*«r-*| ma I place. Two London doctors, , B.S.S. Acharya and R. W. Bur-|i slcm. reported Ihe case in the.' "British Medical Journal." TheyO said they believed the child "was" the youngest to bo anesthetized'' I successfully with cyclopropane." Miss Mary Sue Haynie of Ben- 'R> . 'Elected Sept. 13). ton spent the lather, Earle weekend Haynie. with her Mrs. Brooks Norfleet and daughter of Forrest City are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Whitaker. Jack Stivers, student at A & M ollego, Magnolia, spent the week end with his mother, Mrs B C Stivers. Missouri — Forrest Smith (D) (D Norlh Carolina — W. Kerr Scott Ohio — Frank J. Lauschc (D) Oregon — Duuglas McKay (R) Rhode Island — John O. Pastorc (D-x) South Dakota — Next eason REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkuna Rendering Plant Dial 3-V023 (phone collect) If No Answer Dial 3-5770 Dewoy has been same out ol a f; cally had consideration iTocodile feelings of R idoiaturs. Ucwe.y should J'.ued these tragic truths way so iliat ihe issues clear on the day when Programs: f^.V"". 1 ' ;'• m - v >'ords and Music, t ( bh— 12:-1,1 p. m. Guiding Lit/lit AHC-10 a. m. Kay Kyscr ^ MLS—Hilji^m. Passing Parade. Favorites Not- Doing So Well in North Carolina Pirn-hurst. N. C., Nov. 3 — (UP) — Ihe players who were sunnosed to run away with the pri/.i's h-icl the. | Plenty of ground to make up today as the annual North and South Open gull tournament moved into Hie -svcoiKi round with veteran Chick larbert and unknowns C.lenn leal and Julius B (l ,- O s in 1 Iront. lOach of the three peacemakers iniM a loiir-under-par (ill in (he uo- inmg round yesterday over the PuH-lun-st County Club course as ihe big-namers ran into and dropped behind. ACt<.-r an exchange from the Sunshine Basket the hostesses scr- K'.'.'O Family Thea- vec ' n delicious dessert course to Mrs. T. C. McRae Jr., Mrs. D L McRae, Mrs. S. O. Logan, Mrs. 1. E. Logan, Mrs. T. M. Gemis Mrs. R B, Hardey, Mrs. W. R' White, Mrs. R. P. Hainby. Mrs' Norman Whitaker, Mrs. Allen Gee Si., Mrs. J. I. McCartney, Mrs. W. G. Bensberg, Mrs. Henry Moore Mrs. E. L. Cass. tl trouble and The Chamber of Commerce announced today that representatives of the Retail Merchants and Retail Grocers Committee and the Board ot Directors met last Tuesday afternoon at 1:15 in the Chamber ol Commerce building with J. W. Avery of the National Trades Day Association. Following are those who attended: Gus McCas- kul, treasurer who presided at the meeting, J. V. Fore, Jimmie Nicholas, Bob Yarbrouyh, and Dan Pitt"] an , of the Board of Directors Ihe following Retail Committee members present were Martin Gutlme, Carl Dalrymple. Thell TG. Cline, Dcwey Strip- Reno, Nev., Nov. 2 — (UP) — Stan Heath, who has -gained almost a mile this season with his phenomenal passing arm, will throw for dough," next season. Heath, the six-foot quarterback or the sensational undefeated Ne- ,'ada football team, has another year of eligibility at Nevada but ie said he will give that up for a fat paycheck. I figure that I'll have about as 3ood a season this year as I'll ever have and after thinking it out i m sure it's the right thing Tr'.i Pigskin wizard said. Heath s "good season" includes setting a now national collegiate •ecord for passing. Last Saturday ie played only 11 minutes as Nevada showed Oklahoma City University 79-13 and passed for 3''7 2L ds - That gave him a total of ,C4j yards in six games to eclipse no. full season record Davey O'Brien of Texas n 1938. O'Brien's record •157 yards. And Heath still has throe games to go as Nevada plays Santa Clara I-resno State and Wichita. Heath is even better than his record indicates beat-use Coach Joe Sheeketsky plays him only about half of each game. I sometimes wonder how many yards he would gain if I lot him pay GO minutes of each game," Sheetketski said. The All-Arnerican candidate is modest about his achievements Remember there arc 10 guys on this team," Heath I hoy do all the work All I throw the ball " George T. —Gordon Mickelson (R-x) Tennessee —Gordon Brownin { U ) I Texas — Beauford H. Jester CD- Utah'. — J/Bracken Lee 'R) Vermont — Ernest W. ' Gibson (R-x) West Virginia — Okey L Patteson (D) Wisconsin — Oscar Rennebohm (R -x). The four-eyed fish (Anablops) of bouth America has a double set of eyes for vision above and below the water. Here is the Most Important Story of our Generation! Starting in the Arkansas Democrat SUNDAY, NOV. 7t.h General! Eisenhower Writes his own Story! Get your Arkansas Democrat now and don't miss this story. CIGAR STORE Phone 256 set by Christian was 1,- other said, do is Quake Fails to Damage Big Hoover Dam Las Vegas, Nov., Nov 3 _r/p, An earthquake momentarily interrupted power at Hoover dan but C T C ? "? ,F°P«-ty Damage Rocks fell into canyons above and below the dam and litiered highways. There were landslides on i'ortilication mountain, northeast of the dam j n Arizona , J; ra 'Vi H ; Werner, chief of the Lckc Mead seismological survi v said yesterdays tremor was the heaviest in history j n tin's ^re- REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on all makes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTE& . REFRIGERATION SERVICE . Phone 1280 OJ1231-J Nights and Sundays 119 Edgewood Hope Let Us Rebuild Your Old MATTRESS or make your old one into a comfortable innerspring. One Day Service Work Guaranteed" 'All DAVIS Furniture & Mattress Co. 606 N. Hazel Phone 357 llarbei-t of Detroit carded a 3-1-34 (IVH /'"•'V. ;m ! "»"^»r from M;inl'.;cporl. Conn., while Teal of j 'arlut.e. N. C., had :tr,. 3 ^ Ol ^ '"••- ,he pace was veteran n Heafiu r uf Charlotte, came slammin' Sammy ' '"ah"™ Sl " Ijlu "' Springs, ,,r Hie tool-days by top- was the 7;> posted by national Open Champion rsham of OakmoiU, p a ., National ' Open Manero of Green- PLAN TO BUILD YOURS BEVERLY HILLS We have a good selection of choice lots available now — Don't wait Buy Today — All utilises will be furnished and the cost included in the price of the lot — Phone 221 r HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured mystery authority, William . 6 He produces dramas 11 Vegetable 13 Shallow channel 14 Indian 15 Bacchanals' cry VERTICAL 1 Flat-bottomed boat 2 Tops of heads 3 Satiric 4 Before •5 Universal language 6 Sun god 7 Era 8 Medicine • 21 Stutter (i Pinehurst, N. 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