Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 3, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 3, 1948
Page 3
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*'; Wednesday, November 3, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ..; Social and P< _^ Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Page Thrflfl ._. Xuesday, November 2 The V.F.W. Auxiliary will meet -Jvuesday night (tonight) Novem- A?, r 2 at 7: ' ilj at thc "V.F.W. Kut. All members arc urged to be present for this meeting. Wednesday, November 3 The Girl Scout Community Committee will meet Wednesday at 'A 'p.m. at the Hope City Hall All Scouts are urged to be present. , /, November 3 i -H'clc 3 of Ihe Women's Council ;W First Christian Cliurch will meet •Wednesday night at 7:30 in thc home of Mrs. VVm. P. Hardegrcc with Mrs. Eldon Steadman, co-hostess. Mrs. Al Park will be in charge ot the program. .---Gardenia Garden Club will met Wednesday afternoon at 2'30 in the home of Mrs. .Howard Byers with Mr.s. Gib Lewis in charge of Ihe program; Co-hostesses will be M;;s. P. H. Webb . and Mrs. Lon M!5i_,arty. Thursday, November 4 The City Federation of Garden Clubs will meet with Mrs Floyd Crank 1702 South Main Streel Inursday, November 4 at two o clock. selections accompanied by Mrs f <-. McNeill. Saturday, November 6 The brookwood P.T.A. will have a rummage sale Saturday in from 01 the GiDson Book Store on South pm St. Call (iy.-l-J if you wish to have someone pick up your rummage or send the rummage to the school by Friday.' Thursday, November 4 t Thc United Daughters of the Confederacy will meet Thursday November 4 at 2:30 p.m. in the J?T°j? c oi Mrs ' Don Smith with M*. J. W. Strickland, Mrs. Le-.Helms and Mrs. W. T. Franks, co- liostesscs. • The Garland School P.T.A. will Sponsor a barn dance and pie supper at the Fair park Tnursday liight at 7:30 o'clock. The public is invited to attend. Wednesday, November 3 Thc Melhodisl choir will have rehearsal Wednesday night (tonight) at 7:1!) o'clock at thc Miss Pcgtjy Lynne Williams Engagement Made Known Mrs. Edd Williams announces the engagement of her only daughter. Peggy Lynne. to William Graham Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. J._G. Brown of Dallas, Texas. 'I lie marriage will take place in early December in thc Ross Avenue. Baptist church in Dallas. Thc bride-elect graduated from Hope High School and thc St. Paul School 01 Nursing in Dallas and at present is employed in this city. Thc groom-elect graduated from Dallas High School and Southern Methodist University and is employed in Dallas. Medical Auxiliary Meets Tuesday Thc Hempstead County Medical Auxiliary met at the home of Mrs. Elbert Wilkos Tuesday morning. '-the mcet'lng was presided over by Mrs. Jim McKenzie, presidenl, who gave reports and minutes of the Stale Auxiliary and a report on the State Board Meeting held in Little Rock. It was decided (hat the project for the year would be to find girls interested in Nurses Training and help them take advantage of. this purpose as a iund has been set asicle for this work. Mrs. James Branch, gave the program which consisted of clever poems about doctors and their wives. During the social hour, the hostess served coffee and cakes to five members. odist church. Friday, November 5 The National Honor Society, Bob Hyatt, president, announced that Elder-Huckabee Wedding Announced Miss Mae Elder, of Dorscy W. Huckabec. son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Huckabee. 803 Foster Avenue of this city, Saturday evening at six o'clock in the Hope Gospel Tabernacle. The Three impartial judges boards will be judged with three prizes to be given away. The bride was becomingly attired in a two piece suit oi chocolate brown covert with winter white and green accessories. Her t , Dance in honor of the queen and maids Friday, November 5, after the- Hope-Little game. The Lillle Rock visitors will be special guests, il was announced by Martin Pool Jr., president. The Council of Church Women will moet_ at 2:30 p.m. Friday at thc Presbyterian church. Mrs. H. King Wade, of Hot Springs, an outs 1 -.^ iding church woman, will be 'the. 'speaker. She will speak' on "Peace is My Responsibility". This is in observance of World Communion Day and will be observed by the 24 councils in the State. Mrs. Henry Haynes will give the devotional and Ted Jones will sing two Miss Elsie Elder served her sister as maid of honor and she wore a dress of black taffeta with black accessories and a corsage of pink Columbia rosebuds. IJale Hockett of this city was best man. Mr. and Mrs. Huckabec both attended Hope High School and are" employed in this cily. They are making their home at 70U East Division Streel. Coming and Going Corporal Billy L. Richardson of Camp Leiioj' Johnson, New Orleans is visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. t'. Hichardson here. Joseph Aspirin is so pure. 12 tablets JOe; 100 tablets only 45c. Why pay more, or ever accept less than the St. Joseph guarantee of "Aspirin at its best." Buy TODAY — THURSDAY FEATURES 2:00 - 4:15 - 6:33 - 8:15 Filmed Excitingly From The Best-SeHerl \, CHARLES LAUGHTON RELEASED THEU UfJJUD AB1ISJS Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rea spent the week-end in Little Rock visiting friends. Misses Jean Somcrs and Marjoric Gordon of Lubbock, Texas are the guests of Miss Edith Ward. Mr. and Mrs. Arvil Hickman and son spent the weekend with relatives in Bonham, Texas. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Cecil Foster, Snow, Okla. i Mrs. Eric llollis, Patmos. I Discharged: A. J. Huckabee, Hope. Mifs Jov Duekery, Emmett. Mrs. Lee Still and daughter, Hope, Josephine Admitted: • Master Billy Clay Lambert, Emmet. Discharged: Mrs. S. 1VI. Bristow, Hope. Mrs. T. M. Huckabee, Hope. Ed Graves, Blevins. Harlan llonea, Blevuis. First Crossing The Antarctic Circle was crossed for the first lime in history on Jan. 17, 1773, by an expedition led by Captain Cook, according to thc Encyclopedia Britannic a. "Leto" Relieves "Gum" Discomfort You can not look, nor expect to feel your best with irritated "GUMS."—Drufi'jisjl.s refund money if ''LETO'S" fails to satisfy. JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. —Adv. Homer Burke Back Home in Mo. Pac. Police Service Homer Burke, special agent for the Missouri Pacific, was in Hope yesterday, having been transferred from headquarters in Poplar Bluff Mo., to Gurdon. from where he will travel over southwest Arkansas. Mr. Burke, a former night chief ot police for thc City of Hop" is a native of DcAnn, tliis county. 2 Amendments Continued From Page One tution. in the event the poll tax is abolished. Proposed Amendment No. 40 to remove thc present 18 mill limit luom school dish-rets tax levies and permit districts to levy whatever millage is considered necessary. Proposed Initiated Act No. 1 to reorganize school districts having less than 350 enumerated residents of school age. Proposed Initiated Act. No 3 to make naming of county election boards "a direct party responsibility and assuring Republicans of representation of their own choice. Proposed Initiated Act No. 4 to revise the state's workmen'scom- pcnsation laws. Act No. 2 bitterly opposed by tht dry forces who have succeeded in banning legal sale of alcoholic beverages in much of the state under an Initialed Act of 1942 was close throughout the counting. It trailed briefly and then took a small lead on tabulations shortly before midnight, and moved more than 2,000 votes in front later. The Arkansas Education Association, loser two years ago in an effort to initiate an act similar to this year's school district reorgan ization proposal, showed its strength in the vote on three of the initiated measures. The organization sponsored ini tuition of Act No. 1. that act would place all districts in a county, hav ins less than 350 enumerates, into a single county district, but provide time for districts, which would be p.ttected, to consolidate ,or rcor gonize. The AEA also supported Amendment No. 40, which was sub milled to thc 1947 legislature and opposed Amendment No. 41 to re move thc stale property tax from the constitution. The vote also was a setback for Governor Laney, who first locked horns with the AEA in the 1947 legislature. A compromise was reached then, and the stale properly lax abolished by Ihe legislalure. How ever, to prevent future general as semblics from reenacting it, Laney sponsored indication • thc proposed amendment to set up a constitu tional prohibition against a state property tax. When the Arkansas Legislative Council commitlce, which included some AEA members, opposed No. 41, Laney launched an allack on the proposal lo remove the school district tax limitation. No.-4 (for revision of the workmen's Compensation Act) — for 72,022; against 30,612. The wound was higher on the Dewey Not to Run a Third Time New York, Nov. 3 — f/T) — Gov. Thomas E. Dcwey, after conceding defeat, said today he would not consider running for a third time for the presidency. His firm answer, in response to a press conference question. was "No." Only two hours before he had conceded defeat. Ho sent this telegram -o President Truman: "My heartiest contratulations to you on your election and every good wish for a successful administration. I urge all Americans to unite behind you in support of every effort to keep our nation strong and free and establish peace in the world." By error thc telegram was dated Nov. 2. Thc first question popped at the conference was: "What happened?" "I was just as surprised as you are and I gather that is shared by everyone in this room," Dcwey said. Then he was asked whether he believed there had been an error in strategy in the conduct of his campaign. Dewey replied in the negative, and said that he had talked the situation over with his vice-presidential running mate, Gov. Earl Wan-en of California. They agreed they had waged a "clean and con- structlive campaign." He adcd: "We have no regret in the world." In response to a query as to whether he would seek a third term as governor of New York, he said: "I have no such plans." He denied a report he would resign his gubernatorial post, dis- constitutional amendments. With 1124 of 2217 precincts reported,, thc vote was: Proposed Amendment No 30 — For 70,024; against 36,730. No. 40 — for 78,337; against 44,No. 41 — for 43,400; against 77,- tl. No. 39 provides legislative authority,, now prohibited by the constitution, to institute ;\" registration system for Arkansas voters if desired. No. 40 would remove thc present 18-mill maximum tax levy for school districts, allowing districts to vote any millage desired. No. 41. only one of three apparently defeated, would prohibit thc legislature from imposing a state ad valorem propearty tax. (/P)— Constitutional amendments, 936 of 2217 precincts; No. 39, for G6.067, against 29,419; No. 40 for 64,706, against 36,497; No. 41, for 36,318, against 63,476. AP—Initiated acts. 1062 of 2217 precincts: No. 1, for 75,282 against 42,450: No. 2, for 61,303, against 60,517; No. 3, for 73.296, against 38,691; No. 4, for 82,022, against — BY WILLIAM IRISH Copyright by Williom Imh—Dlitributtd by NEA SERVICE. INC. TODAY - THURSDAY 2:32 - 4:37 - 6:42 - 9:00 IH£ WOSI DtSK'MDO TH£ %, * vim JMS im JGU FRANCES McQEA BiCKFORD JOSEPH CAUEIA News Cartoon THE STORY Time, 1880 Place, New Orleans Louis Durand, 37, a well-to-do bachelor, has been co-responding with Miss Julia Russell, whom he has never seen. He has proposed marriage and she has accepted. According to her picture. Miss RuEsell is dark-hairod, strcng- i^atured and no longer yoimci. Durand got.-s down to the dock to meet the boat that is to br'iuj *er from St. Louis. He is dumfounded when an exquisite young blond creature introduces herself as Julia. She explains her littie deceit by saying she ciicl-n'l Want him to fall for just a pretty 'are. They are married and after a gay wedding supper, Durnnd takes his bride to the lavish new home he has built for her. V He lifted her bodily in his arms .She came clear of the ground with a litlle foamy rustle of skirt bottoms. Moving sideward so thai us shoulder might, ward off the -loose-swinging door, he carried her over the sill and in. Then dipped again and set her bach on her feel m a little froth of lacy hems. ' He stopped aside, closed the door, and bolted it. . She was looking around, standing in one plac* but moving her body in a half-circle from there, to take in everything. "Like it?" he asked. He went to a lamp, turned the hltle wheel, heightening its flame to a yellow stalagmite. Then to another, and another, wherever [hey had been left. The walls brightened from dull ivorv to purest white. The newness of everything became doubly conspicuous. 'Line it?" he beamed. Her hands were clasped. an-J elevated upward to height of her lace; held that way in a sort of stylized rhapsody. "Oh, Louis," she breathed. "It's ideal. It's exquisite." "It's yours." he said. She moved her hands out to one side oi her face now. still clasped, and nestled her check against them slantwise. Then across to tic other side, and repealed it there. "Oh. Louis" was all she seeme'l capable of saying. "Oh. Louis." -Ihey moved around then on a brief tour, from room to room, and he showed her the parlor, the dining room, the other.-,. And for each r«oin she had an expiring "Oh, Louis." until at last, it seemed breath had left her altogether, and she could only sigh "Oh." | They came back to the hall at i fast, and he said tomewhat dif| lidcntly that lie would lock up. ! "Will you be able to find our i room?" lie added, as she tun.cd I toward Ihe .stairs 1 . "Or shall I | come up with you?" ! She dropped her eves' fur a j moment before his. "1 think 1 | shall know it." she said chastely. | He placed one of the smaller i lamps in her hands. "Better take j this with you to make sure. She (probably left lights up there, but I she i:i:iv jiol have." With the light brought close to her like that, raying upward into her face from the glowing core held at .about the height of hoi- heart, there was to him something madonna-like about her countenance. She was like some irrepressibly beautiful image in an old cathedral of Europe come to life before the eyes of a single devotee, rewarded for his faith A miracle of love. She rose a step. She rose another. An angel leaving the earthly plane, but turned backward in regretful farewell. "Goodby for a lillle while," he murmured soflly. "For a lillle while," she breathed. Then she turned. The spell was broken. She was just a woman in an evening gown, going up a stair. Thc graceful back-draperies of the most beautiful costume-style in a hundred years gently i.m- dulaled with her climb. Her free hand trailed the banister. "Keep an eye out for the wallpaper," he said. "That will tell you." • She turned inquiringly, with a look of incomprehension. "How's that?" "I meant, you'll know it by the wallpaper, when you come to it." "Oh," she said docilely, but as though she still didn't fully understand. She reached thc top of the stairs and went aver their lip, shrinking down toward the floor now as she went on, until her shoulders, then her head, were gone. The ceiling-halo cast by her lamp receded past his ken, down that same illusory incline. He went in to the parlor, first, and then the other downstairs rooms, latching each window that had not already been latched trying those that had, flinging out the drapes and drawing them sleekly together over each one. Then at last blotting out each welcoming lamp, room by room. The last lamp of all went out, and he moved slowly up the ghost- stairs in the dark, that was already a familiar dark to him though he'd been in this house less than half an hour. He found his way toward their own door, in the equal darkness of the upper hall, but guided now by the thread of light stretched taut across its sill. He stopped a moment, and he stood there. Then he knocked, in a sort o! playlul formality. | She must have sensed his mood. j by the tc-iior of the knock alone. 'There was an aiit-wering playful note in her own voice. "Who knocks?" she inquired I with mock gravity. "Your husband " "Oh? What does he say?" " 'May I come in?' " I "Tell him he may." • "Who is it invites me to?" I ^ The answer was almhost inau- I dibit-, but line-voiced as it was, it i reached his heart. ' "Yuur wife." i i'i'o LV ColitalUedt Sen. McClcHan Gives Credit to Truman Little Rock Nov. 3 — i/D Senator McClellan (D-Ark) said here today that "naturally I'm very happy over thc Democratic victory." He said "President Truman won an uphill fight largely by Ihc character of the campnigtv he made, and is personally entitled to a full measure of credit." McClellan often has opposed TvUnian on legislative proposals. DOROTHY DIX Old Man's Fliriatiousness Conway Man Killed in Car Accident Conway. Nov. 3 — M') — Jeptha B. Mayhew, 4,1, Conway. was injured fatally early today when his car overturned near Palarm creek on the Little Uock-Conway highway. Mayhew, a navy veteran with 21 years service, was attending Arkansas State Teachers college here under the GI Bill of Rights. Ho is survived by his widow and a brother, Earl Mayhew, postmaster at nearby Greenbrier. 13 Feared Lost ira P&ane Crash London, Nov. 3 — —A U. S. Air Force Superfortress crashed in murky weather near Manchester today, apparently killing the three officers and 10 enlisted men aooard. Thc big bomber, one of the fleet stationed in Britain since last summer when the Bolin crisis became acute was reported to have hit a high hill and burned. TeSepbone Wage Demands to Be Worked Out Galvcslon, Tex., Nov. 2 —(7Pi— Final wage demands in behalf of 52,000 employes of thc Southwestern Boll Telephone Co. are expected to be worked out at a union meeting underway here this week. The wane offer is being prepared by the bargaining committee of the telephone company and the committee has gone into executive session during the division's weeklong convention here. missing it as "pure fiction." He said he had no immedite plans "beyond today." "I am going back to Albany and get some sleep for a change," he said. "As for political plans, I have no plans," he said. The conference was held in thc same mezzanine room in thc hotel fRooseveU .where four years ago he conceded defeat to Franklin D. Roosevelt. A newman asked, "Do you think it is essential that we continue the bi-partisan foreign policy?" : Dcwey said he thought it was "most essential that we do." "The past week-end." Dewey added, "was one of the blackest in the recent history of the world." He did not amplify this. On the future of the Republican party, he said "a difference of one- half per cent in three or four states would have made a different result, so I think that leaves the question wide open." Asked his opinion of the future of the Progressive party, he laughed and said, "not much." Dear Miss Dix: After reading the problem -about rniddleaged husbands having affairs with young nil 1 !.--. I am moved to tell you how I solved it. My husband, who IK well past ill), was having an affair with a young waitress and 1 found on!, about 1!. I didn't reproach him. cry over | it nor make any fuss. Instead | I would say to my'luisband: "Lot's go oat. tonight at (he restaurant where your Girl Friend works. She is so pretty and young I like to look at her." Or if. we had company at home and I couldn't st"p out. I'd say to the others: "Be sure to go (o thc restaurant where Miss So-and-So works. She is my husband's Girl Friend and is EO nice and attractive." And so on and so on. 1 simply fed him up with flattery ot this girl, and I guess at last it soured on his stomach. Anyway, it cured him and everything is fine with us now. L. L. Answer: Thanks for the recipe for curing an old man's flirtatiousness. I am sure it will prove efficacious in almost every case, for elderly men's attacks of romance are-seldom fatal. At about his age Grandpa is apt. to have a little touch of wanderlust and think he would like to step out with some girl young enough to.be his granddaughter, but nothing serious happens if Grandma is smart enough to throw roses instead of brickbats at the affair. Sense of Humor Needed The trouble with elderly wives is that they lack a sense of humor. They think their husbands should act their age. So when they see their rheumatic Johns capering around like kids, they take 'it seriously and dissolve'in tears and reproaches—which is a fatal mistake, for it causes Grandpa to feel devilish and that he must be a wow among thc girls. He even gets a kick out of knowing ho makes Grandma iealous. But the real play would be for Grandma to just laught it off and say that Grandpa always was a lady-killer, and to invite the little gold-digger to a parly. Dear Dorothy Dix: Is it possible to be in love with three men at once? I seem to be in just that preu^r.mcnt. One man is a soldier, one is a jack-of-all trades and the last is a prize- fighter. I seem to love all three of thorn. Please tell me what to do. I seem to be all mixed up. R. H. C. Answer: I should think you would feel like a custard pie. fill mixed up in three romances. Not being acquainted with any of the fascinating gentlemen with whom you are in near-love, I cannot help you much about your choice: but it. seems to roc that each of them has his points. The soldier is always attractive to women because brass buttons certainly do something to a m?.n that make him almost hypnotic and irresistible to a girl, so that's that. The jack-of-all-trades would fill a long-felt want in every wife's life, for it would be fine to have a husband who could fix the plumbing and repair the leaks in the roof and hang pictures and do all the thousand odd jobs that most wives have to nag their husbands into doing. As to the prize fighter. I am a little dubious. He might be too handy with his fists when the dinner was mean and thc bills too high. But you never can tell how a man is going to turn out as a husband. You simply have to pay your money and take your choice. Dear Dorofhy Dix: Is it true that the reason that most of the marriages that turn into divorces or failures is because most of the couples arc failures before marriage? CURIOUS Answer: Probably. For thc thing that makes a marriage a failure or success is the kind of people who marry. An man or woman of intelligence, good principles and self-control will make a success of marriage. It is the selfish and neurotic people who fill the divorce courts. (Released by Thc Bell Syndicate. Inc.) Looks at Progress Chalk. England — i/n— The Rev. A. W. W. Bowman quipped in his parish magazine: "A new dance .is being introduced in which one step is forward and then two backward. Probably it goes with thet latest song 'Civilization.' " Huge WAA Sole ^ of Walnut Ridge Base Nov. 10 Dallas, Tex.. Nov. 2 — W) A S250.000 clearance sale of surplus goods at the Walnut Hidge, Ark., marine air field will Be held Nov. 10. the War Assets Administration office here announced today. The sale, one of the WAA's largest closing operations in the Southwest, will mark the end of disposal activities at thc field. Aiiport property ana related government- owned materials have been awarded to thc city of Walnut Ridge for operating a municipal airport. Merchandise to be offered at the public sale includes electrical supplies, automotive equipment, hand tools, industrial machinery, warehouse handling equipment, wood and metal working machines, office furniture and equipment and other items. > Help relieve distress of MONTHLY, iMALE Arc you troubled by distress of female functional periodic disturbances? Does this make you euffor from pain, feel so nervous, tired— nt such times? Then oo try Lvdla B. Plnkham'a Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. Plnkham'a bus a craud soothing effect on one of woman's most important organs! FINE FOR: Burns Chafe Minor- Cuts Scratches nay OH THIS HAME 3332 0 0 00 0 000 00 000 00 000 00 000 00 000 00 000 00 000 00 000 00 000 00 000 00 00 strengthen : S B t t We have popular styles that youngsters love! Bring in your child...he will be carefully fitted. NATIONAUY ADVERTISED in life, This Week, Coail Huu:tkecpii'B, Parents' other leading publications. We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps " The Leading Department Store" HOPE NASHVILLE WEATHER LOTION or $1.00 •*, Creamy, fragrant liquid for your hands! Leaves soft smoothness ; ; : with never a greasy or sticky feel., .dries so quickly..; and a little goes a long; long way! Malted Time CW/ EWIS-McLARTY, Inc. Phone 944 Hope, Ark. STARTING THURSDAY and will continue daily until all Dresses in this group are sold out. Choose your Winter Dress wardrobe from quality at low prices. You will find ail wanted materials, such as dressy crepes, wools, and gaberdines. Sizes for all, Women, Miss and Jrs. Priced from 10.98 to 29.98. "ATTEND THIS SALE" You Save Exactly "ONE-HALF' of the Original Price! 'COME -•"St*E Ma **"

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