Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 2, 1948
Page 6
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Sfx ' Slayer of Nurse Adjudged Sane to Go to Trio! Little Rock. Nov. 1 —<,r,— Tommy Edwin Black, charged with raping and murdering a veterans hospital nurse, hns been adiudwed sdne by the Arkansas State Hospital authorities. Hospital Supt. George \V Jackson, has announced that the- 23- year-old Little Rock machanic is able to stand trial. No date has boon •=«' Tor the trial. Black is accused of ravishiiip and slaying Betty Jane McCall, a nursing official at Ft. Roots Hospital North Little Rock, on a blind date Sept. 23. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Prescott News Tuesday, November 2 WcsJeyan Service Guild of the Methodist church will meet at 7-30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Hartwell Gree.son with Mrs. S. T. White Jr. co-hostess. Wednesday, November 3 There 'will be choir practice Wednesday evening at 7:15 at the Presbyterian church. Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock there will be a Teacher's meeting fll First Baptist church, prayer 1 * 9 ****?"W»**c. We Make It Our Business To Save You Money On We control (he quality of Town Clad suits right from the loom! We insist ou all wool worsteds. We demand hand tailoring where it counts. Every suit is made to our own strict standards. That's how w<' save you money. Prove it to yourself. Try to match Town Clad quality at Penney 's low price! "Keg. U.S. Pat. service at 7:45 and choir practice at 8:30. There will be choir practice at Central Baptist church at 7 p.in and pr ay i! I- service and Bible study at B. Methodist choir will have choir practice at the church at 7:130 p.m. Wednesday Bridge Club will meet at 2:3D p.m. in the home of Mrs. II. H. McKen/ic. The Tschaikovsky Merry Go Hound Junior Music Club will meet Wednesday in the home of Miss Shelba Jean Williams. Thursday, November 4 W.C.T.U. will have its annual clues tea Thursday afternoon at 2'30 in the home of Mrs. J. W Teeter with Mrs. J. B. Hestcrly, Mrs Hunter Scott and Mrs. Herbert Regan, co-hostesses. Farmers in Nevada county arc invited and urged to attend the forestry Study Day at Crossclt Arkansas Experiment Station, Thursday November 4. Tour of the forest will start at 0 a.m. and continue through 3 p.m. with an hour ou for lunch. A meeting of school teachers of Nevada county was held Wodncs-' day afternoon in Park Elmcnlary bchool in Prescott. Basil Munn County Supervisor of Public schools, presided. The purpose of the meeting was to organize a county-wide organization of school teachers. All white teachers arc eligible. The following officers were elec- Presidcnt, Basil Munn: vice- president, Curtis Easlcy, superintendent of Lanoburg school; secretary- treasurer, Mrs. Floyd Hubbard. A. B. Worthington, director of nudgct and school finance state department of education gave an informative talk on "Future Prospects of Financial Support for Schools". An extension class was also organized for a course in English to ; be taught by an instructor from Henderson College, Arkadelphia The Nevada County School Masters Club had a meeting and elected the following officers: President, L. O. Hazel of Willis vil'le- vice-president, W. P. Mash of Gale- secretary-treasurer. Harman Russell, vocational and agricultural on record as instructor of Calc. The Club went ,„, , i^uju as favoring Amendment No. 40 and opposing Amendment No. 41. Prescott School Band was one of fifty-three bands to participate in the Louisiana State Fair in Shrevcport Saturday. Forty'five members of the band attended and wore accompanied by their director, R. E. Lindblad and Miss Ida lyson and Mrs. Howard Lusby. Among those from Prescott who attended the Prescott-Tcxarkana football game in Texarkana Friday night were: Misses Rita Mac McCaskill, Sally Lou Pyler, Elizabeth Lambert, Ida Rae Hamilton Ann Hart, Mary Agnes A very, Jean Mun, Barbara Home, Bobby Lois Box, Mary Jo Anderson, Maudie Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hall Mr. and Mrs, George Easley and daughter Mary Frances, Mr and Mrs. Gordon Danncr, Mr. Burlcy and son Doug, Mr. and Mrs. G C. Berry and daughter Mary Dr and Mrs. Jack Harrell, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bright, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dewoody, Pat Wren, Irl Hubbard, Sammy Duncler, S-lc Paul Lambert, Granville Johnson, Jimmy Monk, Kenneth Beaverctte Joe Wren and Iva Tyson. October meeting of the Center Home Demonstration club met at the school building. In the absence Joke Backfires Not So Funny Anymore Detroit, Nov. 1 — IJP)— It fiecmod like a good gag at the time but Alphonsus Harper of Highland Park, said it wasn't a bit funny any more. He told Detroit police that an acquaintance tried to borrow a dollar from him on the East Side early today. Harper reached in his pocket and handed the man a $1,000 bill, according to his complaint. "It was a joke," detectives quoted him. "J thought it would be funny to give him the grand and then watch him faint." But the friend did not faint. He ran. And he held onto the $1,000 bill, according to Harper. Detectives are looking for him. State Woman Wins Salute on Broadcast Paragoud, Nov. 1 — (;?)— ^ Northeast Arkansas woman who opened her home to four motherless boys won a salute today on a national radio program ("Tell Your Neighbor" over MBS) Mrs. Bill Whillington not only was given praise, but was given a kitchen stove and cabinet. The woman who nominated Mrs Whittington, Mrs. Harry D: Hurt, Route One, Paragould, also won a prize Two of the four boys Mrs. Whit- Ungton has reared are seniors in high school. The third is a junior and the fourth is in grade school. Powerful Lighthouse The most powerful coastal lighthouse in the United States is at Nave-sink, south of Now York harbor. H is 24G feet above sea level and is visible 22 miles at sea BY WILLIAM IRSSH Diitnbuted by NEA SERVICE THE STORY Time, 1880 Place, New Orleans Louis Durand, 37, a well-to-do bachelor, has been corresponding with Miss Julia Russell, whom he has never seen. He has proposed marriage and she has accepted. According to her picture, Miss Rusell is dark-haired, strong- featured — — — and no longer young, i , ,* ~~ -- —•• vv vi.v, uua\j, Durand goes down to the c-vck to ... !r . ," ow Pronounce you man and on the jeweler's part. It balks won't go on. He tries a second, a third time, clasping her hand tighter. Still it resists. Quickly she flick.s her finger past her lips, returns it to htm. edge moistened. The ring goes on, ebbs down it now to the base of the secretary, roll call was nr Ce~*~u "V '""'"^'"-^'y awKwarci- omitted and the club joined in it K r iln ^ cr measurement was round table discussion of" a Hallo'! ' ar ±L b £ » *l» n >..J™"ed. at the vve'cn party to be given' Friday night, October 27 at the community P O n 1 n r center. After final plans were complet- party, Miss Nolen ed for the , oen i-Iomc Demonstration Agent, demonstrated basket weaving. Several members were- interested in making baskets and voted that the next regular meeting be an all day affair at the homo of Mrs. A P Jones for the purpose of making baskets. The luncheon will be in the form of Pot Luck. After the business session the hostess, Mrs. Ed Clark served delicious home made pie and cold drinks. The club adjourned until the next meeting, November 19. Mrs. S. O. Logan returned Sunday from Dallas, Texas where she has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Steele Moore and children Sammy and Eskridge Ruth for the past week. She was accompanied home by Miss Lillie Butcher who will be the guest of her mother Mrs. Thad Butcher for several days. Mrs. Ben Hutloy of Clovis New Mexico is the guest of Mr. 'and Mrs. Clyde Hesterly. Mrs. Hatley is the former Miss Ruth Nichols of Prescott. Mrs. R. L. Lowdermik has returned to her home in Idabel, Oklahoma after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Gordon/ Dr. and Mrs.. O. G. Hirst had as their weekend guests Colonel and Mrs. Durand Somers of Biloxi, Mississippi. Mrs. Ernest Cox motored to Little Rock on Saturday. She was acompanied home by Mrs. John Barrow Jr. and son John Harley who will'spend two weeks as the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cox. "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" Extra Reinforcements for Extra Hard Wear! A STAR BRAND SHOE It's the unseen, inner strength that holds their shape; makes them wear longer... your extra value in Star Brand SCAMPEROOS. A correct fit assured ... so Important to growing feet! According to Si/.e 'Where Good Shoes ore Fined Correctly" FAMILY SHOE STORE 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 1100 a~ "•" v.«»»i j i. w Liit; u ui*i\ tu meet the boat that is to bring her from St. Louis. He is duinfounded when an exquisite young blond creature Introduces herself as Julia. She explains her little deceit by saying she didn't want him to fall for just a pretty face. IV Five persons gathered in a solemn little conclave about the pulpit, .tour facing it, the fifth speak- ng low. The first two of the four side by side; the second two flank- ng them. "And do you, Jolia Russell, take .his man, Louis Durand, to be vour awful wedded husband—" "To cleave to, forsaking all others— "To love, honor and obey— 'lor better or for worse— I'or richer or for poorer— In sickness and in health— "Until death do ye part?" Silence. Then like a tiny bell, no bigger a " a thimble in all the vastness of that church, but clear and sil- 'cr-pure— "I do." "Now the ring, please. Place it ipon the bride's finger." Durand reaches behind him. The best man produces it, puts it in his blindly questing hand. Durand jrmgs it to the tapered point of her finger. : There is a momentary awkward- , ' pl £ c ? t ? nd sent enclosed in Bu . 1 thcrc must ha ve been wife." Antoirtc's, rushing, all alight toward its nightly rendezvous with midnight; glittering, glowing, mirrored; crowded with celebrants singing with laughter, sizzling with champagne; sparkling with half-a- thousand jeweled gas flames all over its ceilings and walls, in bowers of crystal; the gayest and best-known restaurant on this side o£ the ocean; the soul of Paris springing enchanted from the Delta mud. The wedding table stretched lengthwise along one entire aide of the room. He was in suitable evening garb now, and a quick trip to a dress- shop (first at her mention, but then at his insistence) before coming on here had changed her from her costume of arrival to a glorious creation of shimmering white satin, gardenias in her hair and at her throat. On the third finger ol her left hand the new gold wedding-band; on the fourth, a solitaire diamond, a husband's wcd- wing gift to his wife, token of an engagement contract fulfilled. whispers to her. "It's Retting on to twelve." "Yes. One more dance together first. Ask them to play again. And then we'll lose oursefvcs, without coming back to the table." The house was empty, waiting. Waiting to begin its history, whicii lor a House, is that o[ its occupants. Oil lamps hud been left lighted, one to a room, by soine- j one. most likely Aunt Sarah be- 1 lore leaving, tueir little ' beaded llames, safe within glass chimneys, winking just high enough to disperse the darkness and cast an ainbor glow. The same blend of wood shavings, paint, and putty spiced with a clash of floor varnish, was siill in evidence, but to a far lesser degree now, for carpets had been laid over the raw lloors, drapes hung athwart the window casings. Someone had brought flowers into the parlor. A clock had been wound up and started on its course. Everything was ready. A house, waiting for a man and his wife to come and claim it. The resonant, cuplike sound' of a horse's hoofs drew near in the silliness outside, came to a halt on a double down-beat. Axles creaked with a shift of weight, then settled again. A human tongue clicked professionally, then the hoofs recommenced, thinned away into silence once more. There was a slight scrape o£ leather on paving stone, a mischievous little whisper, like a secret told by one foot to another. And her eyes, any new wearer's, stray over and over to these new adornments. But whether they go more often to the third finger or to the fourth, who is to detect and who is to say? Flowers, wine, friendly laughing faces, toasts and wishes of well- being. The beginning of two lives. Or rather, the ending of two, the beginning of one. A moment afterward key turned in the outside of the dooi They stood there .revealed in the opening, Durand and she. Limned amber by the light before them in the house, framed by a panel of night sky sanded with stars behind them and over their heads. They were motionless, as oblivious ot what lay before them as of what lay behind them. Face turned to meet face, his arms about her, her hands on his shoulders. Nothing moved, neither they nor the stars at their back nor the opcn-doorcd house waiting to receive them. It was one of those moments never to be captured for, either in the knotting or 'Shall we sliu away now he The kiss at the threshold of marriage. (To Be Continued) Tuesday, November 2, 1948 Ignored Robber • Finally Gives Up Attempt Chicago, Nov. 1 —l/PI—Hallo:- we'cn. s/iooks, goblins and the the like were loo much competition—for a robber at Jacob- 'i' son's South Side Tavern. The robber told Felix Casey the 73-year-old bartender, to hand over the money. Casoy lolic: him ov'er. He looked like the booby-pri/c winner at a costume party. Casey ignored him. The gunman flashed his pistol at the customers. They wouldn't mind either. No one realized he meant business—until he gave up and ran out of the door—empty- '•> handed. 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X*; Jor ?-i~ —Bonnefrox Dresses listed below: Q MONEY ORDER Style #7'W2 #r-»5s:i jfV-t'Jt't if74ai» it 7-1 2 5 i?74ttO #7-127 #7-12» TOTAL Quantity Size 1st Color Choice 2nd Color Choice ' ~ .._.. NAME ADDRESS #7424-Navy, copen, rud, oqua polka dot. «7429-Same style in blue, pink, yellow floral. Both button dowf! front; Lasfex chirred tides. Size's In' to 20. |.\m\ !%n i i _ - _ _ j "We Clothe the Family for Less" Stores in CITY STATE Hope, Prescott, Nashville, Magnolia I .<•*,

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