Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 2, 1948
Page 4
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%f* JL JP% 4®$ $g$ HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wumber of Words Up to 15.... 16 to 20 21 to 25 .. .. 86 to 30 31 to 35 ...... 86 to 40 41 to 45 tB to 50 Day ... .45 ... .60 .. .75 ... .90 ... 1.05 .. 1.20 1.35 1.50 3.00 1.50 2 90 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 32.00 13.50 15.00 Eatcs arc for Continuous .„ „. Insertions Only • All Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone For Sale GOOD BOIS'D ARC POSTS AT reasonable prices. See E M McWilliams at McWilliams 'Socd .Store, Hope, Arkansas. 9-1 mo GREEN a^~V^BT'$~ ride, groon pino $1.50 Call at Guntcr Mill. TWO WHEE^TlMliLEiR C. L. Barnes, Phillips on old G7 West. per rick 3r>3t . Addition, l_3t 1939 CHEVROLET excellent condition. West Clh Street. COUPE, IN See it ,-it 015 l-3t FURGESON 022 SEED OATS Gem 96%. Purity 99.5. Call or See Fred Pctre, Spring Hill road Route 1. Phone 2G-W-12 2-Gt PANSY PLANTS. now, buy them Store. 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Prompt and efficient service on all mokes of refrigeration and Qir conditioning systems. We go anywhere cnytirne. BREWSTER RIFRIGERATION SERVICE Phons 1260 »J 1231-J Nights and Sundays 119 Edgewood Hope Ad« Mutt Be In Office Day Before Publication One Three Six One ~ Days Day_s Month .5)0 1.20 1.150 J.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 BRQADCASTIMO SYSTEM Tuesday p.m., Nov. 2 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman—-M Captain Midnight—M Tom Mix—M Rhythm & Reason News, Five- Star Final Today in Sports Election Coverage—M Gabriel HeaUer—M Election Coverage—M Bill Henry, News—M Election Coverage—M Sign Off Wednesday a.m., Nov. 3 5:57 Sign On Hillbilly Hoedown Home Sweet Home Bargain Roundup News, First Edition Arkansas Plowboys Market Reports Farm Breakfast Program Melody Eoys Thc Devotional Hour Musical Clock News, Coffee Cup Edition Sunrise Serenade Bob Poole's Show—M Bob Poole's Show—M Organ Interlude Cecil Brown—M Faith in Our Time—M Mineral Springs Program Blue Barron Presents Passing Parade—M Victor H. Lindlahr—M Gabriel Heatter's Mailbae —M fc Lanny Ross—M Kate Smith Speaks—M Kate Smith Sings—M Student Parade Music by Monroe p.m., Nov. 3 Home Edition Market Time John Daniel Quartet Polka Interlude Farm Fair Eddy Arnold Show—M Queen for a Day Golden Hope Chest—M. Movie Matinee—M Ozark Valley Folks—M Meet the Band 1490 Club Swing Time Here's to Veterans Adventure Parade—M Superman—M Captain Midnight—M Tom Mix—M Salon Serenade News, Five Star Editi-wi Today in Sports News Comment—M Fulton j_,ewis, Jr. Can You Top This—M High Adventure—M Hy Gardner—M Gabriel Hcatler—M Mutual Newsreel—M Family Theatre—M Bill Henry, News—1,1 Manhattan Playhouse—M Shandor's Orch.—M All the News—M Jimmy Feathcrstone's Orch, —M Henry Jerome's Orch.—M Mutual News—M Sign-Off 5:30 5::45 0:00 6:15 6:25 6:30 8:00 8:15 8:55 0:00 11:00 6:00 0:15 0:25 6:30 6:40 6:55 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 7:55 8:00 8:30 8:45 8:55 9:00 9:15 0:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 Wednesday 12:00 News, 12:10 "" 12:15 12:30 12:35 12:45 00 •30 00 30 00 15 00 45 00 5:15 5:30 5:45 0:00 6:15 6:25 6:80 6:45 7:00 7:30 7:fi5 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:55 9:00 0:3(1 10:00 10:15 Fair By Weitbrook Pegler Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate. 10:30 10:55 11:00 Top Radio Programs New York, Nov. 2 — (}|>) — Radio is going all out on election returns tonight. Few if any regular programs are scheduled. This is the schedule when returns start, to continue in each instance until signoff some lime the next morning: MBS —-7:15 to 7:-If) and then !) ADC — 7:-l(). NBC and CBS—li:00. All available commentators w i!J i)e in action to analyse the figures. Tuning tonight: NBC —- (i Jo Stafford Supper Club: G:8(i flection Preview. CUS — ti Beulah Skit; (i::iO Club — G:15 Elmer Davis Coin- And New York. Nov. 1 — It is important that the boys who join the army as draftees for the Roosevelt memorial war with Russia shall eat their spinach, hear no vulgarity but their own and write hcmc once a week. But. it will be very hard to hire good officers if the public continues to hold 1hem all arbitrarily up lo contempt as an incompetent, parasitic class. Soldiering is man's business even when boys are employed. The Union army in the Civil War was younger on the average in the ranks, than the'West Point, football team of today. Stray news-pictures from here and there show that, kids of sixteen and up are still out hunting other kids of sixteen and up with realistic guns and hard ammunition. There is abroad in the United States a propaganda against officers which, with a little more emphasis, might deter the men who are needed most from entering or continuing military careers. A first-class man won't take that kind of abuse or disrepute, when the rale of pay is consi m comparison with ' that of construction workers, the man with the true qualifications for rank must reflect that he is only a peacetime Tommy Atkins himself reproduction, a colonel's S12f> a day regardless of incompetence or reproduction, a colonel's $125 a week after 20 years service is not impressive. This time it will be necessary to start over with the induction of'the new federal government. Big wars have always lowered the average competence, character and reputation of the officers, although 1hey suifcred far less in these particulars in the first world war then llity did in the second one. There were far fewer temporary officers. Woodrow Wilson had a personal code as austere as that of the West Point corps of cadets and of the corps of officers of the army m normal moral conditions. Franklin D. Roosevelt, on thc other hand, debauched not only his own office by his open contempt, for honesty as an institution but every other office from the supreme court to the park service. He reveled in his title of commander-in-chief, but the C-in-C's amily had had their feet in the .rough for years, fattening on the jy-producl of our highest elective MI ice in a way that would have disgusted even Warren G. Hard- ng. He let the air force clique pull Mhott out of the cruel war to bul through a contract for Howard •lughcs and accept from Hughes the equivalent of thousands of dol- ars in feasting and boozing. Un- the 95th and 96th Articles of Key Teeh Back May Be Lost for Season Riisscllville, Nov. 2 — (/T) — Half. back Gene Hall may be lost to the Arkansas Tech football team for the remainder of the season. Coach day. Hall in his night's By Hugh 6. Fuller-ton, Jr. Raymond Burnett said to- suffered a dislocated bone right leg in last Saturday game with Ouachita. By CARL BELL Little Rock, Nov. 2 —f/P)— A now attendance record for home games of the University of Arkansas football team is assured this year. __The Ra/orbacks have attracted 55.000 fans in three games, and with four more home appearances on the schedule it's a cinch they'll better the high of 84.854 set lest fall. are responsible. First Two things memorial stadium here, which' lias a far larger seating capacity than any other plant in the state and is , •- - - 1 •• -~ •.w*.ji.i,i.i} si'c til back is a greater drawing attraction than ever before. A. season-opening breather with Abilene Christian drew 29,000 persons to the Memorial stadium Three more games— with Rice' tulsa and William & Mary—are scheduled in the stadium Ihis season. The fourth home game with Southern Methodist. will match Scott against Doak Walker and is a good bet to jam 20,000 to Pinehurst, N. C., Nov. 2 — Iff 1 ) — A few noses are slightly out of joint around this swank resort, which exists mainly for golf and sleep. . .It seems that after the dates were set for the 4(Uh North and South Open tournament, several outstanding players were diverted to a PGA sponsored event in Hawaii. . . .Its a matter of prestige. . . .Pinehurst, with no profitable galleries and no desire for them, yon't meet the PGA minimum purse of $10,000. . . .So the PGA won't "sponsor" this event. . "After all, this is our 4Glh year. The tournament is older than the PGA." commented one' Pinehurst spokesman. "This is just a vacation for a lot of players; they aren't bothered by crowds and they have a good time." . . .Nevertheless, a lot of thc top tournament stars apparently can do without a vacation. Of the first ten on thc money-winning list this season, the orilv ones here are Johnny Palmer and Clayton Heafner, almost local boys, and big Vic Ghezzi who registers from Englewood, N. J, Wade in the Balance Call it what you like, but the son of North Carolina University's sports publicity man, Jake Wade, is the leading ground gainer at Davidson College. . .Jake Wade, Jr., 143-pound Davidson wingback, has averaged almost eight yards per try from scrimmage and has a fine forward passing record. . . A younger brother is blocking back on the Davidson frosh team. .That 345-pouncls probably explains why young Jake isn't playing for Carolina. Last Word Ted Lyons, who seems a bit unhappy about the way the Chicago White Sox handled his "resignation" as manager, has this to say to home folks in Vinton, La.: "I've never quit a job in my life and had ^ ^^ po 000 customers into Razor'back "stadium | no thought o f quitting this one "as 01 FaycUeville. As many as can get m probably will be .there. If the Rice encounter here Saturday draws as expected (35,000) the 1347 attendance total will be surpassed then. It is a cinch to be lopped by thc time the SMU game is in the books a week later," and two more games will bo left long as the club was down.' Hot Springs Coach Joe Dildy declared the middle of last week that Hope had the best high school football team he had seen in Arkansas since before thc war. The Bobcats dirln t let him down Friday night either. They plastered his Trojans' a warning from Arnold. General Ar- have made charges, the ABC nent. Wednesday program;. NBC — !! a. m. Honeymoon in FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Atphalt Tile • Rubber TIU ROY ALLISON Phone 280 LET FOY DO IT • Level yards « Dig Post Hole* * Plovif Gardens • Cut Vacant Lots • Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1068 8. Walnut 8t War, Elliott could have been court- -nartialed. He defaulted his debts 0 John Hartford and others, which s a triable charge entailing dis- rnissal, and in accepting the favors )f Howard Hughes, he violated hrcct order and eneral II. H. lokl should but he was holding his job "by Roosevelt's whimsical favor. Had 10 made a move. Roosevelt would lave quashed the charges against Elliott and Arnold would have been 'sent to the University of Missouri :is an instructor. Everyone knew this and the enlisted soldier, being no fool and •irmy-wisc, realized that all life was a racket in the army. The outrageous cheapening and inflation ol rank to accommodate Holywood draft dodgers, timid New Ueal lawyers from Harvard Law and thousands of restless white-col- ar bums who were having wife trouble was a calamity to the pres- lige of command. Captains became majors and majors colonels who were absolutely useless for any mhtary duty. But (hey consumed jlho best rations and whiskey, broke (up more than their quota of homes I including, in many cases, their ; <>wn. and occupied quarters according to rank, all to the denial 01 the combat officers and soldiers. . H was. altogether, a disgraceful imposition on the fighters to throw commissions to such sightseers and tomcats. The injury continues now in the morose prejudice against officers. The Roosevelt polities also continues today in the regular services all the'way from the oliice of the secretary of De- lense down through Uie desks "'Inch are known by the esoteric name of echelons. The roll of vie-l ipont ls on lim.s with long and honorable serv-I i'- n) "t °y ice whose- careers were stopped dead because Ihey wouldn't plav politics is the roster of the silent pogrom. One thing is essential if the decency ol rank is to be revived. Men who have the moral quality to pay outward respect to morals good manners and all the attributes of a gentleman which the Roosevelt gang brought into contempt, must In- encouraged. not mocked by ilennu drunkards in the high ranks, the honor code of the mili- , tary academy used to irifki j conduct of many officers Athletic director Ike Tomlinson of Arkansas State commented the other day: "We don't expect to get the best players in the state. They are going to the university, and that's where they belong, but we do want- to get our share of the second and third best athletes in Arkansas " Pasadena, Cal., Nov. 2. —(UP) —Long-smouldering objections to the Big Nine sending its second or third-best football" team to the Rose Bowl broke into, the open today. The Tournament of Roses Association, sponsors of the New Year's day classic, was reported preparing a protest 19 the Pacific which provides ., ----- 0 - ...... an all Arkansas squad is Hendrix, as was the case ten years ago, too. Arkansas Tech has seven-out-of staters,. Ouachita six, Arkansas A and M. :and Little Hock Junior College four each; Magnolia A. and M. three Henderson two; Ozarks three and State Teachers one. Arkansas State College of Jonesboro even has more footballers Irom out of the state than it does from within Arkansas. Forty-five . -. ~ - ^.~~ ot the 73 squad members are from I Coast Conference nine "outside" states. the host school in the annual The only college with an all Ar- Same. The association's executive committee voted to instruct its .football sub-committee to find out why the Big Nine can't change its rules so the championship team comes .West New Year's Day. , As the agreement between the two conferences now stands, no team from the Big Nine can play in the Rose Bowl more than once during the first three years of the live-year contract. Michigan met and defeated Southern California in the last Rose Bowl game and Michigan is leading the Big Nine again. But the Wolverines can't get the bid again even if they go through the season undefeated. The Tournament of Roses Association, interested chiefly • in presenting the most attractive Rice, Porkers About By The Associated Press Both Arkansas and Rice mav be without their best linebackers when they square off in a Southwest Conference football feud -it Little Rock Saturday. The Roorbacks' top defensive fullback, Louie Schaufele, tore a knee ligament in Arkansas' rotrm over Texas A. and M. Bill Hix- regular defensive end a season offen- week, same who was given the starting sive assignment as well last sprained an ankle in the game. Coach John Barnhill said he is not counting on cither to get into the Rice game. At Rice, Joe Watson, nil-conference center last year, is the ques- tionmark. He missed last week's lilt with Texas Teeh because of a leg injury. He was in uniform yesterday but it still is problematical whether he wil play Saturday Second string center Gerald Weathcrly • and quarterback Tobin Kote also have leg injuries but are expected lo be ready to face Arkansas. Rain at Fayetlevillo forced the Razorbacks to limit their practice yesterday to a limbering-up session in the ficldhouse. Barnhill had high praise for the play o f his linemen, who held Texas A. and M to 28 yards on the ground "ivin-* up only three yards in Uie second half. Rice Conch Jess Necly let '•>:- startcrs off with a light drill scrimmaged the reserves. Both teams were (o get down but serious preparation this to afternoon, welcomed o^ lineup of Guard in minor Al Rose of the Camden News points out that a football coach must be versatile these days, and j football following story to prove "~~' " tells it: During the Hendrix-Mapnolia Same, a big Hendrix tackle called time out, walked to the sidelines and called for Coach Ivan Grove'. Grove walked over to the player peered into his mouth and called'' "Pliers!" The coach proceeded to yank a 'ooth which had been knocked loose. card possible, is fearful that the oldest bowl game may lose prestige if it features the second or third-best Midwest team against the Pacific Coast Conference champion, regardless who wins the game. Former Lawyer of E! Dorado Succumbs n El Dorado, Nov. 2 — (UP) — Funeral rites will be held tomorrow for William Elbert Patterson a prominent 70-year-old El Dorado attorney and former judge who died here yesterday. Patterson was born in Camden and attended Henderson-Brown , college at Arkadelphia and Cumi berlancl University. He served as New \ork, Nov. 2 —(/!>)— The mayor of El Dorado from 1905 to olo Notre Dame-Michigan argu- 1907, and as judge of the Kith '••• again with the Irish out a i/lender throe-point margin in the weekly Associated Press poll of football writers. Displacing the Wolverines by a | total of 1,7(J2 points to 1.759, Notre Dame acutally ran behind Michi- m the matter of first place vote* dicial district for one term in 1913. Surviving are his wife, one dauglv ter, three sisters and one brother. Southern " Methodist the return to Brownie Lewis, End Carl Wallace and tackle Joe Etheridge. The Mustangs promise to be in their best condition of the season' when they rneet winless Texas A. and M. at Dallas Saturday Texas and Baylor, who will meet at Waco Saturday, spent yesterday viewing pictures of the other's games. Baylor's Bears came out of their 0-3 conquest of Texas Christian good condition except for bruises and cuts. The Longhorns also are in fairly good shape. Their only casualty is G L uai ; d , Dan "y Wolfe,'who has a shoulder injury which may sideline him Saturday. Coach Blair Cherry said his big problem is thwarting a mental letdown following the Steers' 21-G loss lo SMU ioxas Christian, with an open date coming up Saturday, took things easy yesterday but today were to begin a two-week job o'f getting ready for Texas Last By The Associated Press Salt Lake City — Keith Nuttall, .133, Brignam, Utah, stopped Roscoe Scally, 135, Pasadena, Calif., Chicago— Kid Riviera, 212 St Louis, outpointed O'Dell Riley, 190,' Dallas, Nov. 2 — (.-?) — Although he dropped to second place in total yards gained, Arkansas scampering Clyde Scott <:1.ill leads the Southwest Conference in aver- lage gains. The Olympic hurdler and Porker tailback has run with the ball 7-1 times and piled up 547 yards (or an average of 7.f> yards per carry. His total gain in rushing and passing is 745 yards in 92 plays for an average gain of ".1 yards each. Scott also has played in ony six games. Lincly Berry of Texas Christian eased into first place in ball carrying by getting 91 against Baylor .Saturday to run his total lo 550. However, in seven games, he has carried 127 times and his average is only 4.3.'i yards. Berry also completed half of his; fill passes for 4fi5 yards, or a total gain of 1,035 yards in 215 plays, for an average of 4.H. SMU's Gil Johnson is the passing leader with 44 of GO complete for G54 yards. Second is Paul Campbell of Texas with 30 or '.)!', for 024 yards. In-punting, Doak Walker of SMU has an average of 40.2 per kick, With Ifuev Keencv of Uic^ second with 56.1 and Gordon Long', Arkansas, third with SfJ.O. George Sims, Baylor, has a 25.2 average in punt returns, and Long is second with 20. Walker also is the leading pass receiver, with 10 for 2-48 yards and three touchdowns. Morris Bailey, TCU, has caught 21 passes, bul for only 221 yards, and Arkansas' Ross •Pritchard has caught 14 for four j touchdowns and 2'1G yards. In team offense. Texas has 7, 250 yards in seven games, and SMU is thc top passing outfit with !M2 Arkansas leads the defense with only 1.050-yards allowed in six games. up Tuesday, November 2, 1948 Tigers to Go v«? The Verger High School Tigers, will journey to El Dorado this week end for an all important con- Jetence game with the Booker T.-i Washington High School of that' city. ; The Tigers name out of their 32-0 '. victory with Camden in pretty fair.- shape and will be all out to spoil- El Dorado's Homecoming. Coach; Brooks scouted (he El Dorado' team last Saturday night in North' Little Rock and reporls (hat it, is a very aggressive team and' will outweigh his Tigers considerably. Heavy work is scheduled for the Tigers today and tomorrow with a taperim; off drill scheduled for Thursday. A special bus will carry Yerger fans to El Dorado. All persons interested should contact N. M. Brown, principal. POUPLATION SET Comvay. Nov. 2 (/P>— Conway's population has been announced as 7,011 by a federal census supervisor who completed his work here yesterday. while Texas in seven has given 1,405 yards. One-quarter of the total volume of the nation's printing is normally done in New York state. Here is the Most Important Story of our Generation! Starting in the Arkansas Democrat SUNDAY, NOV. 7th Eisenhower his own Story! e Writes Get your Arkansas Democrat now and don't miss this story. CIGAR STORE Phone 256 V By United Press New York (Eastern Parkway) — Paddy De Marco, 138, Brooklyn, outpointed Bearnie Bernard no Brooklyn, (81. Boston—Joe Rindonc. 101, Boston, outpointed bet Vinci , -\ Rome, N. Y., (10). Providence, R. I. — Charles (Cabby, Lewis, 130, Brooklyn^ IN. Y outpointed Jose (Baby) Jonzalus, 12!',, Meaxico City, (HlT Uolyoko. Mass.—Hay wood Wor- num, 150, Boston, outnointed Ottis Graham, 148, Philadelphia, 18) Washington—Lloyd Gibson ' 179 /-, Cincinnati, was awarded'd sion over Archie Moore SI Louis, (41 —low blow's Baltimore—Sonny Bov West IT- 1 \\ashington, outpointed Jimnfv Carter, L'i4 New York. (10) Oil !l J- 1 liinClijCO iTl? SSC F^lnrnf 111 <-•, i «-"-•-• LI (. . i rn. i' i(j i Ob, 141, ^toekton, Cal., drew with Art Aragon, Kjfi.j;^ Angeles, (in>. Hardy Souls More than 1,000,000 humans and countless land animals live larlher north than 00 dei'rt.,.« north latitude, the latitude Leningrad, and Seward £??^ We have a good selection of choice lots available now — Don't wait — Buy Today — All utilities, will be furnished and the cost included in the price of the lot —• Phone 221 eci- 1-2, of Oslo Alas'k-i' REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7i;:!:j (pn<,iif collect) II No Answer Dial IM)?70 euce the - through"'" ""'• In the liousevelt army it became a professional handicap All things being equal, a decent man makes a better officer than a swine. The swine have bad their so;.son and many a one chinks with the spurious honor of ill-;:ot- li-n medals, if \ V e don't revive morality and protect men of honor, ',ve will not have u mob no better than Roosevelt'.-; picket:-.:. New York. CHS ~- !j : ;j(i 'i'| 1( . 11,,. ABC --n Welcome Lego! Notice I'lny but wave of The South Benders nicked margin on second and third Lef Us Rebuild Your Old or moke your old one into a comfortable innerspring. One Day Service "Ail Work Guaranteed" DAVIS Furniture & Mattress Co. 606 N. Hazel Phone 357 WARNING Ki In the NICHOLS ORDER ' 'hai'.cerv County, Ark. Plaintiff the place ballots. North Carolina, running a stron» third, is a definite threat lo both leaders with :'.ti first place vote< and l,45fi points. Army is the No. 4 team in tlv poll with 1.2-1,9 points after its 4!)-? lump over Virginia Tech. California, the lone Pacific toast team among the nine win still are unbeaten and untied i< fifth with 1.132. ' ' Georgia Tech again is ranked sixth with 1.109. Back of seventh place Peiin with 575 points. ii eighth place is Southern Methodist, whose Doak Walker had a big afternoon in a 21-6 victory ovei Texas. Its points total 482. Missouri holds ninth spot with 3(!3 points and Northwestern inovec into lOlh place with 371 points on the Mi-eniMh of its 21-7 decision over Ohio Slate. Missouri drew five first plact voles and Oklahoma two. Th,^ finislu-d Ifnh with u: Screen Star ia I'rcvliiua Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1,8 Pictured actor 13 Lined 14 Safe 15 Diminutive suffix 16 Rim 18 Dash 19 Duet (music) 20 Accosts 22 Recede 12 Low herb 14 Placed id-.BKCCA CLARK, KT AL „,. _ ,. l)e/(-li(i:int i lie Deteiidcmt, M rs . Walter I.own, Ward Nichoh-, and l-'i-,ie Nichols, his wife. Mr. and M'.- S Howard Nichols are v.'armd to appear i,; this court within thirty dav.s and answer (lie complaint 0 ( the Plaintiff, C. K. Nichoif. Witness my hand and the seal of snid court ibis 11 da> of October Bob Hope Missed the Boat — In Fact the Gatigpfank Too C. E Bv O ('SEAL ) Oct. 12, 1'J. 2(> WKAVEK. iiura Kvans Nuv 2 Clerk D C i>'"V. 1 —U'l -- Bob the boat: in fact, he l ' 1>1 '" ".issL-d 'he gangplank. H,.- was running up a prop gang- o.am; in) tiie iet of his currently ; hooting picture \vheu he fell last J'ruki.v. An injury to bis left ley t.un was considered minor. ^But his physician found a blood, i eloi had iurmed. So now lie's Bob! 'Ordered -to- Bed-by-ihe - Doctor j 7 Grant 8 Myself 9 One-spot 23 Georgia (ab.) 10 Dominate 24 Area measure 11 English poet 25 Pronoun 27 Two (prefix) 28PuflC up 30 Swift 32 Extinct bird 33 Distant 34 Lines of junction 36 Public storehouse 39 Boy's nickname 40 Biblical pronoun 41 Concerning 42 Chemical suffix 43 Penpoint 45 Condiments 50 Winglike part 51 He is a jnovie 53 Chew 54 Cut 65 Vegetation dominance 67 Reprieve 59 Attire 60 Negotiator VERTICAL 1 Supply leathers 2 Ceremony 3 Within (comb, form) 4 Scottish river 5 Sun god 6 Brain passage 21 Feels pain w A T 1 HOW) s a b P A L, M 1 l_ E O rn L. A A a t A L. _|_ A R J p' 1 1 T A O S L. 1 T H A C E b A T 1 N D ; :^i H L E Kj .* R T E A «~ O M K A N WILL ROB! D 0 R 1 D =3 t R e E s 1AM ON R e A M T 0 H Y O LD ••'-:• L. A D R S O S B A Y? H E H O \ F ^-T 1 I 1 T s 1 R o IN F E|R o s T N O S S' E E 1 T F R IM E T S E S S n n R Y" Time to KXAR — MUTUAL i* f-'ulvcn Lewis, Jr. in William L. Shirer if John B. Kennedy "A" Bi!l Cunningham -A- Robert F. Hurleigh i< Henry La CossiU if Fred Van Deventer it Louis 24 Pigmy 26 Roofing 29 Wine cup •31 Age 34 Felt 35 Reviser 37 Courteous 17 Earth goddess 38 Click bee-tie 20 Oils 44 Foundation '1C Era 41 Not (prefix) 48 Vehicle '19 Pitcher 50 Descended 52 Legal matters 54 Watering place 56 Rupees (ab.) 58 Compass point "t •& Bill Henry •& Cecil Brown •rfr Bill Slater •jSr Cedric Foster T*r Rex Miller * David Wells if Albert Warner if Gabriel Heafter Tune fro KXAR MUTUAL with Tune fro KXAfc iTff * yfc ® MUTUAL

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