The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLtTHEVILLji, (A*k.)' COUBMR NEWS SHE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NBWB , O. R. BABCOOK. Kltor . , H, W. BADOB. Adwmssa* 601* NtUcttuU Advertising i«pn.r*nt»tlve«: Artuuu OtiUlM, Inc., N;W York, Chicago, Oeifvlt, St, touli, INUlM, K»MM City, Published Every Afternoon mccul Simaay. Entered ns record vises mutter »t (lie post oftlcc nt Biylhcvlllo, Ar- feinsnK. under mi ot Congress, OC- tolwr 6, 19H, Derveil ov tin unites Prut SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier m me Civ or Wvutovulo, !8o p«r TF'**'!? or Ifi fiO per year tn advance. By ra»l! within R radius ot 60 mile*, »3.00 per jcat, »i.5U ior »lx mtmlbi, B5c tor H-ree month*; 1y mall In postal ZOUPS two to fix, Inclusive, W-50 per year, In /ones seven and eight, »10.00 pK'i' yc« r , payable In idvance. Horror of a Disaster Is Lost in Distance No more impressive examples of the relative cfl'cc'l of distance upon llio )m- mau emotions can be had, Ihnn those afforded by three reccnl disiislurs which cost a lolal of nearly 3,000 lives. To Amcric.'in;', the OHU lliat slruck home with moist telling cfl'ucl WHS the burning of (ho Morro Citsllc just oil' the New Jersey coast. Kirc at sen is perhaps the most horrible form of death human beings are called upon to . face, and here was a case where .137 men and women were burned or drowned as the final episode of a gay holiday cruise and within only a few hours of home. ' The event struck horror into the hearts of all of us. H.was so close and its victims were so familiar lo us. Yell within the same month two , much more hear trending tragedies havo occurred, and it is doubtful whether .either got more that), casual recognition iii our homes. ! * * .' • " In one case, a inighi.y typhoon swept out of the Pacific and over Osaka, Japan,: and hurled nearly 2,000 men, women and children to their deaths. It toifl up buildings and homes, and left more than 5,000 homeless and destitute. In the other case, an explosion seal• ed the opening to ,a coal mine near Wrexham, Wales, and doomed 260 ^n'iners,to jrdaath by lire and asphvxia- tion. Here were accidents far more ilis- astrous "than the MOITO Castle lire, but because of their distances from ns ' they Eccrned so unreal and intangible. It is hard fcr us to realize the gravity and dread consequences 'of these liis- taut disasters. Men, women and chil- . dren deprived of their homos; families torn apart; wives, sons and daughters left nionining and alone; thousands without fuither means of support. ••***' M the same time (he Lindbergh case breaks again, a suspect is arrested and the whole story of the flil- at kidnaping of more than two years ago is revived. So gripping was that tragedy and so beloved its principal characters that it. has become the chief topic of dibcusbion in most homes oC the country. But while we arc so engrossed in our own affairs, we seem to lose regard for those of distant peoples, and the farther these peoples are from us, the less do they f|(Tecl us, Perhaps that is'on]y human for it would seem a sovry task to take the • whole world's disasters nipially lo heart. —Bruce Cation. Football Tonignl Coach Carney Leslie's high school football team will gel. its lirst lest to- mylit in a game which may or may not prove a serious obstacle in the march of tlio (/'hickasaw.s lo lite high place in Arkansas gridiron circles which is coveted for (hem by .sponsors of the current "new deal" in local high school athletics. We are told by those who pretend to know that if the high -school team does not make an outstanding record this .season it will not be for lack of competent direction. Laslie, they say, knows his stuff and knows how to leach it, and while his squad is not overly rich in boys of weight and experience it is, or soon will be, well drilled in the fundamentals of play. Pretty much the same situation teems to exist at Osceola. Our secret agents in that city report that despite an unusual .shortage of natural material a smart and fast moving team has been developed. The visitors will be under a weight handicap at Haley Field tonight, but the same thing was true when they defeated Keiser by three touchdowns last week. Weight is seldom the whole story in a football game anyway and if the Oscco- liuis can make up for the lack of it with a fast open game the result will be a break for the siwctators if not for the homo team. Suspicious Delay Kvf.ry lover of good sportsmanship might have had some' degree of sympathy for Captain T. 0. M. Sop- with in his protest of a foul on the part of his opponent in the international yacht races oil' Newport. Somehow or other, the am"enitics so aptly defined by the ancient comics, Alphonse and Gaston, are required under the racing rules, when the commander of an overtaking vessel—in this case the Rainbow—suddenly is confronted with a determination on tlje part of the leading boat, the Endeavour, not to be overtaken. Quite ixjs- sibly, Comnioilih'B Vaiiilorbill should have bowed himself away to permit Captain Supwith to luff into Hie wind ahead. . But what lost the Britisher both Uic decision and the sports-loving American's sympathy was (he fact thai he took three hours to plough through the rules for cause of protest, before flying the red flag. In America, he should know, protcstaiila yell lirst ;tncl find the cause later. ' FRID'AY,' SKPTEMBfeR"'28, 1 seem to attract frlcwishlps, not romance. —Jean Hnrlow. SIDEQLANCES 3y George Clark "When I wrote them that I thought a family reunion would be fine, If we held it at one of (heir homes this time, they just dropped the whole idea." THIS CURIOUS WORLD *?™ i OUT OUR WAY " / OH-H-H-H/ WHAT A ^ / HOW THAT KID -( klM HAHDLe A 1 SOFT T'MATO f \ AM 1 HIM _A _RUUNIM; TOO/ lliB Bv Williams HE DID KJOT THROW IT/ I THREW IT'— BUT I CAN RUM TMf\N t CAi-J . . - - - - , A MONGREL DOG, ^BNS f 35 A DAV FOR HIS /MAS7ER ^-3 X'PLAVlNG XOX PARTS IN/VlOVING CrUBES/ REAL TRAINED FOXES EARN ONLY A THIRD AS AAUCH.C ' O 13}* BV ftlASLHVICl.l ONE HUNDRED YEARS A&O THERE WERE BUT /-fO SM/££T OF RAILROAD IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES. TURTLES WILL LIVE LOOSER. Our OF WATER, IP PLACED ON THEIR. ' OTHERWISE, THE WEIGHT OF THE SHELL- COMPRESSES THEIR (NmUNAL ORGANS, Tiie great auks could fly. in the early days of their history, but, their abits changed so that flying was no longer tieccssiiry in their Sglc for existence, and their wings became useless. Then mini uvndcd their homeland in the fni- north. Thousands were slain ally, and on Juno 3, 1841, the two last survivors were killed. NEXT: How many species nf birds did Admiral Peary fintl ncslins within 150 miles of tlie North Pole? CH CLUB GIRL nr,nr, TODAY' MOOTS KAEHlmN. IS. <lu,,. -Ilk HL'KI' LUNU. .WI..I., (,. • tractor, Wktn h« r«c».l« fr'lpr- l*», fl°~\l\»f to • »*•«' f. r k ( , l»t*r, *fc'e *»(•• (• work !•'• tfe- The Editor'• Letter fox HUM <•*. ..I write. M>mk» MU mm* tmrm <••»... «r»r« Ik.i k< k» mttm klll« IB • aoKrkMl mcellimt. . Bo«U mtli* DVXI» PEJVWAV, ICIVUM, »r«.lct, ..4 ,*,i,ll, • rOMlicnl. She li i» lurr «rt<k JlfMlft >M4 Jrnlotii al ktButllMl KAV CI1JI,E.I,YCFOIIU. Uuuo •<•!• • lob In m kook • ture HH4 got* home to lire Im ucAtr to keif met vtremtt • Ma- ker to wnrry him Hnd flaitllr »m« »*rr». O. ckrlciMiK Our (hey Ku rur • ".-,1k IK it, rug. i:i,, a[1 la hndlr hurl invlBB ker (row • reeklr» driver. MM. naeham recrlrri new* thai lae !»•• a vrhmljit ticket IH • Infferr. MOW <JO ON WITH THE .STUnr CHAPTER XUV I* 1 Verity won, salil Miss Florida, awed, the lottery ticket would tw worth (ometiilng "jn the neighborhood" of S150.000. "Not that 1 think there's » slight chnnce. even, of his winning," Mrs. Raeburn. put in with a smile. She had a wire from some totally unknown people at Bay Shore, Long Island, who wanted to buy a half slitire in her Interest for 51500. U all teemed faintly preposterous. Tlie lickct, Just as it stood, had already nelletl them $3500. The old shingled house was electric with expectation lliese days. Old friends droiijicd in to congratulate Iho Hiielmrna. Hoots' mother fairly glowed. She' liad lost years. it seemed, with Uic stroke of luck which haul befallen tlifni. Denis came over lo.cougrnlultite them and lie nnd Boots Imd a few unsatisfactory moments together alone in tho living room wliiie ilie girl's mother was called to Ihe tele- phoao. 'What are their plans?" She smiled, shrugging. '"They're trying lo rent Hie house. Mother snya she will have a fling on the J3550 no maltor what comes. She »aiits to go to California. We've had people, streaming through all week, telling us what's wrong with the holts*. U'a a very humbling experience." He was stariug ut her oildiv intently. "What on earth's Ihe matter?" "Sorry. 1 didn't mean to be rude. Bo yon know you've'grown up to bo a very grant! young woman these dajs?" ..''.• She flushed. "Must :: you always poke fun al me;" *But I'm not. I'm deadly serl- cns." Hla dark brows were drawn logclher. lie was so close to her that she. could see tho nervous pulse beating In his lean brown throat. She longed to say, "Why can't we really be friends? Why must there always bo this armed truce between us?" But she was silent. "Book going well?" Ho threw up his band In a characteristic, impatient gesture. "Uot- ten. Haven't had an Idea for weeks. I'm going to seed." "Wby do you stay on here Iheii?" E!IO questioned boldly. "OJi, I'm cpujforlaMe. Besides—" "Besides what?" . ', Ills durk «ye» narrowed, laughing at. lier. "Oh, uplblngl" | * * * ' VfRS. I1AKBUHN came hack It; theu, flushed and voluble, and the girl w«s left will) tliai oiidly unsatisfied, restless feeling. Denis went »way presently, saying he had work to finish.-and Boots occiiiiloJ herself ahoiit Hie house, finding smatl, unimportant lliluga to do. It ivas a nilW. raluy sin-lng Saturday. Sho turned out a bureau drawer, ushered two maiden ladies through tlie house, listening 10 tbclr polite comments on the size of closets nnd storerooms. She washed out bomtj organdie cuffs and mended a blouse anil read spasmodically some nr&et she had been saving. Uut every, thing these days reminded her ol Deuls. Kvery budding tree and newspaper clipping and rotogravure picture made her think of him —something lie had said or done or written about. Thus life wcnl on will: Us pace only slightly altered by the family's change In fortune, tint fiimlly there dawned a blowy March morning when ihe great news nf the win- nlng horse was Hashed over the wire, lioots saw it in newspaper headlines over a man's shoulder iii the subway: "Verily Wins." Sho canshi her bre.ilh. at first unbelieving. Tills—this wua surely tlio most extraordinary tiling thai bad ever happened to anyone! It meant freedom, security, tor all of them for tlio rest of Iheir lives. If It hail happened n feiv years ago how different things might have been! She might have met Dents on n different busts, ffe might have come to know her well before he'd ever seen Kny. Hhe algbeil. . . . "vVlitifit wrong with you?" Frances Lliiwtreyo wunlcil to know. "I shuuld UiinU you'd l:e throwing your hal iip in tlie air." ! "Oil, 1 am! It's too marvelous. ' ccrlalu it is true." No more worrying tihntit bills noiv! No more shabby hals for her mother-or frayed slicels anil pillow cases on the wide. Hal old-fashldncd beds. Theru would be little luxuries for her parents. litlio pleasures lo smooth over Illness and approaching age. Tiiero would bo fresh lluwcrs and lltlle jars of Ifoney :l uil Jam on Ihc breakfast liihic. There would bo scented soups and lialh salts by her mother's tub. "Il's n lireali al lust." Boots (old Frances. "I'd given up bcllavliig'in luck tint here it is—im our necks at last." Y I "On your necks la lishl!" Frances crowed. "Wish it would laud {that way un mine." , keep pinching myself to make IB bought frees!u and jonquils al the florist's shop in ll.t si;i- lion nrcnde flint nlglit. She added a box of grapes. \Vliei) she slipped into the empty scat on Iho 5:^5 aim saw Denis sluring al her from ncrosa the way-, ills lightened. "Celebrating?" "I'll say! I didn't liuvc (imc to buy n but. though. On every (m- (wrlant occasion in a wonian's life she requires a new bat." "This one is all risbt." There was something warm and Intimate In the gaze be bent upon her. "Tliia old thing?" Hho touched llio brim ot tho btowu slraw dis : p aragingly. "Very sood looking hat." j "You're telling me?" Slis f e |( silly, felt Itght-beuiied and school "jb. Denis had not seen her In this mood before. : : , "Coins down lo see Ed lonlgjii?" "No. He doesn't eipect me. Tlie nidlngs and HarrlECE. hie cousins, are driving out. Wby?", "Just thought you mlslit waul a htlch." 'Oh. why wasn't I going?" fill* Ihoiiglit. "Just lo have Hie drive with him would Ire happiness enough!" "1 ought to work, anyway." lie hail rammed bis bands In l)l.i pockets and was staring out ol His window moodily. "Mablorson hail mo scheduled for llio miring listj and I fell down un him." 'Ob, Denis, yon didn't!" Klic '.vns (runkly fibockcd. "Yep." "I think that's terrible." "Don't rub It in," lie said. glover- Ing. "Oil, I didn't mean to. Hut you remember the things tlio clitics said about the other. They were all BO strong for It and I hal Times man said you jusl :ibout bad every, thing. ..." "I'm up a Mlml iillcy. Hint's what." Denis gloomed. "1 seem to' have lost my grip." "At your age," sbi! said simply,/ '. earnestly, "thal's the shccrcsi nun- '' sense." "Lot you knotv aljoiil it!" • • • CJHti flushed and was silent, llo gave her gloved band a conlri'.e pat. "Sorry. Didn't mean lo be rude. I'm off my feed." "Yes, I can.see that." Sbe slarcd straight ahead, svink- Ing back the teurs. Why do we have lo By out nl each other like tbis. liko two litiilly behaved children? she nsked herself. "Smile-, do!" lie licsgei] In what for Denis whs a positively n.lijcct tone. She rewarded him wltjrau April flash tn which half dried Icars and merriment were oihlly bicniled. "You're the worst ciOGfpalcli, •^^JGSUVi, 1 never know ivlt'eti 'you're'golils to sn;i|i at jin." ; "I'm a liear-aiitl-ymt'rc aji a'hgel," do conceded. ".Vow is-cverytulug Jill right again?" "I guess so." T!:« train jos^'cil alotis. full qf homuKoir.g coiniiiulcrs. Never. llioiiBln Hoots, liad Hie sky seemed bluer, tlie budding grass more deli. cately green. The whole world bud 1 ijlnze of nevi-nesj upon it. D;ul3 liatl bis car at the slntion nnd druix- her home. Helping her jont, li£ i.cld l,rr'.hand an Instant | longer .tlKin MSU;'aSsetutely necea- I sary'. • •.•;..'. >t •• "I'm forgiven?" '•: ; J*i;". "Of course!" "Glad of that. It's somctiiins I'll want lo remember." She was piu- zled Ijy the look he gave her. driving away. She gave herself n'llul'o shrike at her rauclfuluess. One niiglil Eilmust ihiiik she'd never sea him again the way bo behaved. She'd almost forgotten the mar. veloits news about Um sweepstakes. Now she made up for Ibis by rushing into tlie. house and flinging herself upon the excilcd trio. "Darlings. Isn'l It too wonderful?" And yet—and yet—if Denis had been angry with her the news would have lost IU Ihrill. would have gone complelely flat. (To Be Continued) i i'(~| 4 Austria's First Ship Since War Takes to High Seas ANCONA, Italy. (UP)— For the rlnc' consists of a 3,700-ton tramp , rechristenect the "Wlen." Her new steamer purcliasecl by an Austrian I cap tain is Austrian, but some ol company from Yugoslavia. While • ,.,„ ,, „„, sailed under the Yugoslavian nag ' 8 """* , • the steamer was known as the "Ytir- i The Wrong Philosophy To [he crtitor:) j I wlsli lo assure Mr. .fahn^B. Dtiycr that no one In Mississippi colinly stands higher in Uic estimation of tlie people, including myself, lliiiu he. We appreciate his vigorous disapproval of corrupt politics In this county. My criticism ot Mr. Driver and many other good men, : including our congressmen and senators wi-.o are our iwlitical leaders.' have .stood for a certain philosophy of government which would Inevitably end in graft and corruption. 1 presume that Mr. Driver has voted cither ll'c Democrat or Republican ticket all his life. These Uvo parlies arc but the right and left wing of the same philosophical bird and changing from one parly to the other doesn't change the nature of the bird in Ihc least, Nowwt!3l is Hits philosophy? Namely, vent. Interest, and prollt, bonds. 1 mortgages, monopoly of Industry and commerce, lanti and natural resources all summed up 111 tile one word "greed.' 1 This pollc.y has resulted in a few families controlling; ihe living of the masses, and lives as well.and through lack of knowledge and statesmanship ol our law makers and leading cltlzjns just like Mr. Driver. This has all been dons In a perfectly legal ••.•>y. All along any wave of prosperity was quick to IK sslztd upon by whatever parly was In p:\ver as ev- idj)nce ol Hislr management ol tlie .aflaii's 01 slatft in.ths. psopls's la-. (crest. NO», if it is logici foi the OTTR T?r,ARTlT]VP TTHTKl? two Brand old parlies to claim the ULUl iiUAiVUlINLr IJ.UUoJcj glory of prosperous times, It Is also logical for them to benr the blame for adversities. So men of my political philosophy charge our present day leaders. through lock ol statesmanship with being responsible for the country's sad plight. , i Tlie factories are owned by a lev. the land k owned by a few. Men can't work oil Ilia laud or In factories wllhOAit tr.c consent of Ihc .owners or .bosses. Getting a Job then is man's greatest concern. A Job secured, the boss or owner must be pleased—his Individual' inclinations become siibstrvlenl to the boss. So general has Ihls .become that nearly every man wfco now works Is working under a boss. The pow- e'r to hire and Tire controls men's lives, and this is the power that we claim rules men's lives through fear and not reason'. -' Politicians -arc seeking reelection and fear to <ifTend their ronstUu- , cuts, prcatjr.rrs don'l. preach . the i. things |l would .do t!'e .most good' to nreacli sometimes for fear of oflendlng the best paying members, and Mr. • Driver -and./ other well meaning leaders mid stalesmen haye unknowingly and unintentionally, by supporting-ton long Ihc'wrong philosophy. ol government. permRr led the country to Its present, state of sf'cf. • W.' M. TUCKER. •Blyllisvtllc, Ark. By Alien? The man of "few words,"' Calvin j Coolldge, had tt working vocauu-. lary ot 27.000 words; the average' American, with .only a grade school educetloii,, t«M lew than 2000. - -i LIS EN, L/\RQ TUB / I'VE GOT^7, YOU GET IT TR\CK i'fA W1LUM6TO LET YOU vO R)R I ILL UP A 'BON VOYAGE "B/Y5KFT K5RYOUK1 WELL ~-LET US 'REPAID TO MY "DEN—BUT WWSTS CN-: HOLD L TOT5. A PtW , BULLY "BOY WE "OLL fs v_

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