Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 1, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 1, 1948
Page 6
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^_ PrescoH News Tuesday, November 2 Kf^£ S {, Cy ? n ,. Servlcc Gu 'W of the Methodist church will meet at 7:30 P;"V ' n lhe home of Mrs. H=in- well Grecson with Mis. S T White Jr. co-hostess Sunbeams of the First an church will meet at 3:13 p m - Mrs - The 37 Contract Club will meet 5hJI?*™ > afl «'J° on "I 2 o'clock in the home of Mrs. George Chrisio- \V M s. of First Baptist church 'Vfh 8 "o ld to-Uurdon-ithurs at the Beech Street Baptist hn Aux '!i? r y o f Central Bap- church will meet at 3 p.m. Wednesday, NovernbiTr 3 Th^c will be choir practice Wednesday evening at 7:lb at the Presbyterian church. Wednesday~eVenjng" at 7 o'clock 1 Pir^n 0 S , Tcat =hcr's meeting at tirst. Baptist church, at 7:45 and Hcv. C Ray Hozcndorf and Mrs Hozendorf and son George oH Thursday for Hot Springs .where mey wiJj maJtejhcir home. Rev. Van w. Harrcll and daughter Virginia L 0 u left on Thursday - Mrs. Joe Wray and daughter S? day ln I10C Mr. and Mrs. Jewel Moore o . « ucsts Thursday o and Mrs. Andrew Gordon an " n V , J "r b(C C , hoir Prance at ™i Baptist church at 7 pm and g praycr service ami Bible study dn.,'ni ' Idabel, Oklahoma. Methodist choir will have rhnir practice at thc church at 7^30 p.m. Th " r sday, November 4 W.C.T.U. will have its annul) dup . s , »9« 'Thursday afternoon at ^ Mrs John Vittitow and daiighte V.cki have returned to their horn m Lowisville after spending sev and Mr? k r W i lh ^ hcr paront »- Mr rfrid Mrs. C. A. Grant Sr. S-lc Paul Lambert, who Is sta tioncd in San Diego, Calif spending a months leave with hi- bert°" '• a " _ Mrs. Joe W. Taylor have returned from Hastings, Ok! a where they have been visiting rela riment Station toari ? f V tChie Br , i 8 ht was hostess TO an afternoon bridge narlv 'it The 0 ™, 0 ° n Thul ' sd ay aitenfoon The rooms were lovely with -ir- rangements of dahlias. Inhere "vere two tables of bridge with -the nigh score prize being awarded to Mrs Norman Whitaker Jr. Mrs. Brioht served.a delicious dessert course to guests: Mrs. Allcii Gee, Jr. Mrs S 11 y ancey, Mrs. Cecil Grant, Jr Mrs. Dan Cavanah, Mrs. Thomas Dewoody, Mrs. J. Leland Lavender and Mrs. Norman Whitaker, Inh7 OSS to .the 47 Bridge Club at her home on the Rosston road Thursday afternoon. Colorful fall flowers were Jl Pi , the r° oms arranged for three tables of players. A . dessert course was served to club members: Mrs. Bob Rev- r?i H ^ r? " D * dley Gor don, Mrs. Claude Price, Mrs. Tilman Worth- »8ton,. Mrs. Charlie Scott. Mrs n,,i7'' ^ cM ^ hen> Mrs ' Jimm y Uuke; Mrs. Paul Buchanan, Mrs. Evcrette R. Ward and two guests w/,?;.; n 31 ! 5 ? 1 Herri "g and Mrs. Henry D. Johnson of Rosewell, New Mexico who is the guest of her daughter Mrs. Whitaker. Mrs. J. V. McMahen won thc nigh score prize. Funeral services for Staff Scr- g e fP^ D -C." Fuller, aged 20, were heli Sunday afternoon at Mt Moriah Church at 2:30 p.m. with Rev. Homer Gentry and Hev. Noel Cross conducting the service. Sgt. Fmler entered the services of xhe JJnited States Army in September 1043, trained at Camp Fannm, Texas and served in England; trance, Belgium and Germany. He had received 5 battle stars before his death. He was killed m action with the Ninth Army in Germany on November 24 1944 He is survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Fuller of Rosston, two sisters, Miss Wanda Lee Fuller of North Little Rock and Mrs. Jesse Mac Simpson of Ft. Worth, Texas. Military services were conducted by the Boggess-Dilliard American Legion, Post of Rosston. Those from Prescott who attend- the Associational rally of the Mrs. Ruby Underwood and Miss e ^ OOITlis spent Thursday in Rock and attended thc Arkansas State Nurses' convention. Jim Yancey spent Friday in Longvicw, Texas. ' Gl '!f McCaskilF, Mrs. Saxon r a - n i d M , rs ' G °rdon Banner I-nday afternoon in Hope. Mrs. W. C. Reaves. Mrs. Wari'»U S umi S in ^ s ' Mrs - Vcrnon Fore and Mrs. TE Logan spent. Friday n Little Rock. Mrs. Logan attended the Arkansas State Nurses Convention. T.,^ rS r< Ernust Hestei-ly and Mrs. Jack Cooper spent Friday in Tex* Displaced Poles to Try Again in Arkansas West Memphis, The- first of two d farmb.es, who hope to car" new life for themselves ort' Arkansas plantation, were ulcd to arrive tonight. Brownislaw Baginski, 27 hi« wife and their four children will be 'J} 01 at their train in Memphis bj Mi. and Mrs. Milton Baumann who applied for displaced person nel through the Catholic bishops resettlement program. Tomorrow morning, the Ban maims also will greet Antoni Opil tea, -la, his wile and seven chil Temporarily, one of the families will be housed in a garage apar merit on the Baumann plantation near here. The others will share the Baumann home. The Baginskis and the Opilka& were among 813 displaced persons who arrived in New York Saturday to take up residence in this couix- East to Get Rain , ~ Washington, Nov. 1 — (/!>)— Many voters in the East may get Wet on. their way .to the polls tomorrow JMsewhere the weather outlook is 'generally fair. hC WCathcrbu "The outlolok is for fair weather over the greater portion of the country on election day. Howcvct some rain is expected over the more populous states in the eastern half of the country " Quick relief with MENTHOLATUM Don't give in to head-cold misery-set Moitholattim. Feel Mentholatum's famous combination of menthol, camphor and other fast-acting ingredients help thin out thick mucus, lessen congestion and swelling, soothe smarting nostrils. Soon soreness eases up, head starts to clear, you can breathe again in comfort. 35t and 75t. MENTHOLATUM From where I sit... fy J oe Marsh 'Farming" Versus "Ranching" Talked to some editors who run my column in their papers—in States where there's mostly cattle and sheep raising— about the differences there might be between farming and ranching. &nd they told me: "Joe, UK-re's »o real difference between cattle- pien and fanners. We make our • living from the land like your folks do; we have the same 4-H Clubs and Granges; the .same problems .t)t prices and marketing-. "When it comes to recreation, ,iwe have the eame liking to get to- gether now and then for a barbecue and a friendly glass of beer." And from where I sit, that about tmuis it up. Ranchers may have different names for things or grow different crops. Uut all over America folks who work the land share those common traits of hard work, sober moderation, and good fellowship, whether they're growing cattle for beef, or barley for good American beer and ale. IHUE SOCK Wit. Russia Moves More German Factories .Berlin, Ocf. 30 — (/p, _ The 7?u<- s>an. s have started 1, new wave ol" actory removals in Eastern Germany which indicates they may be preparing withdrawal of tleir nr- upation forces, American i tem" gciice sources said today Ihese sources sairj (he rius-i-mc were not only dlmantllng f ac . ^! "«:^ Simons but also HOPE STAR i i „ Mrs. Roosevelt Calls for Support of Truman New York, Nov. 1 — (/P) heavy "mandate" vote for Pi dent Truman and the rest of Democratic ticket is urged by f, tlcanor Hoosevclt. "I still believe in (he Dcmoci Party and its leadership " ^resident's widow said by tf- •Jcription from Paris last nighth c; 'rnpaign broadcl O P E , ARKANSAS (ABC). Mrs. Roosevelt said Baugh Sets New Record Through Air Now York, Nov. 1 — •(/!')— Berlin has its airlift but the National Football League still has the air — Monday, November 1, 1948 Sammy Baugh. the air general of the , Washington Redskins, has added ul! stakes .rom Gc?many 8Th j2 f '^'•'can-licensed News Dcna reported the Hus E'sfarn r handcc * Com m i4ts f^ t n ; CfCarmany a list of 205 fac- 1940 S l ° b ° dis ™»tl<-'d by June!, Dona said the "secret li-f" in eluded 102 plants to which 'he Ku£ sians already held title. F 0nCy Said lhc Russian into remove these factories ed b" »- gh r t monlhs was support. addn/ fh'??£ ncd Barters' which added that this was "proof that the" rruman "has made his re<fl clear, x x x He has shown d- age, but he needs the peons mandate to help him if he is ed' to be our president." r , . I another passing record to his col- if Si lcction that includes four lifetime Fiffh Armored Division Gets Another Streamer ^Fort Smith, Nov. 1 — (ff>) _ Fifth Armored Division will six battle streamers flying rtn its standard when the unit is ri tivated at Camp Chaffec Nov. j A sixth streamer has Hn awarded to the division for its It- tic record in the Ardennes-AlJ-c campaign during World War III The five other streamers aronr the Normandy. Northern Frair ArriminniT T?u;.~~i i _ , ~ ,' The veteran quarterback gained 446 yards through the air yesterday as he pitched thc Redskins to a 59-21 victory over thc Boston Yanks. Baugh completed 17 of 24 attempts and hurled four touchdown passes in surpassing the former mark of 433 yards, in a single game set by Sid Luckman of the Chicago Bears on Nov. 14, 1943 against the New York Giants. Thc field day enabled Baugh to increase his record lifetime totals in attempts to 2,214; completions to 1,27,'i yards gained by passing to 16,397 and touchdown passes to lob. By winning, team stayed a Europe engagements last war. Deactivated after the during he war, he ..1 uartc « said they inlcl! '6cnce official kn , ow 'ho Russians are now dismantling somo n f hese Soviet plants. It mobnbfv Tioans they are removing S hey call their property, prepara- ory to pulling out of Germany and ,. . . --"•«i.*-u cii-nji inu war np division was ordered into scree rhV ear ™ nd ass igned to Cnp Oe? f C -,oI l 1944 J> 1941 ' was wcnt oversea in . „.._ • • *~ JI^A n powers on VIP spot also to withdraw. Whether they intend to put by June 1, is anybody's however. By that time they , ay come up with still'another disran- & YCl lhiS ° ne may bc T hc the Washington ..----- -—' — - half game behind the Eastern division pace-setting Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles crushed the Pittsburgh Steelers, 34-7. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears and the defending champion Chicago Cardinals remained tied for the Western division lead. The Bears breezed to a 35-14 victory over the Giants and the Cards turned back thc Rams, 27-22, in Los Angeles. In the other National League game, the Detroit Lions upset the Green Bay Packers, 2420. It was the Lions' first victory in six starts. Three games were played in the All-America Conference. In the "big" game the Buffalo Bills downed the Baltimore Colts, 35-17, Activities in the Grade Schools If you'd like to see a circu.s. visit the urst grade of Garland School where you will find a circus tent made ot pasteboard boxes and brown craft paper. The children made some of their animals 01 colored construction paper and other animals and clowns of white construction paper and then colored them. An interesting reading chart accompanied this piece o£ creative work entitled "Our Circus" with animals pasted near the top made by the children. This class also won $1.50 for getting the most rummage for their sale. A play entitled "To Soap or Not To Soap" which stressed that it is better to get together and have a good time on Halloween rather than being destructive was given by Mrs. Ward's class for one-half of the pupils in Garland School, and Mrs. Ozmer's class gave it for the other half of the students. The third grade in Hrookwood to tie the Colts for first place in the Eastern division. The Los Angeles Dons blanked the Brooklyn .Dodgers, 17-0, and the New York Yankees trounced the Chicago Rockets, 42-7, in the other games. FAST RELIEF lor Miseries of Rub on chest, back to case cough, chest tightness, muscla norenccs. So effective. PENETROSRUB 'OPEN (cioeesD/i NOSES Ono whiff | gives grand 1 opened' up*' feeling. PENETROy INHALER School under the direction of Mrs. Elmer Brown, gave a play "Pumpkins Have Fun". The part of the Kitty was played by Caroline Cox, the Owl by Thomas Osborn, the Elves, who wore very attractive costumes made by Mrs. Royce Wciscnbcr- gcr, were Larry Martin and Roycc Weiscnuergcr, Jr. Pumpkins were Jan Robison, Susan Davis, Patricia Stratton, Judy Robins, Ethel Ann Wilkes, and Glcnda Huckabec. Ghosts who make you feel very creepy were Joann Huott, Ruby Fay Dodson, Nadino Morrison, Alma Ruth Martin, Nancy Martin, Vi- oaa Murchison, Ona Thornton Betty Rexroat, Jerry Bush, Wiliam Booth. Ronald Fincher, Butch jraham, Randall Hipp, Worstall Hall, Don Lloyd, Jerry McPherson, Jimmy Porterfield, and Billy Wakefield. . • -, Three who played the part of the children were Ray Duke, Jimmy Allen, and Henry Houston. For quick comforting help for Backache Rheumatic Pains, Getting Up Nights, strong cloudy urine, Irritating passages, Lee Pain/ circles under eyes, ana swollen ankles, due to non-organic and non-systcmlc Kidney and Bladder troubles, try Cyirex. Quick, complete- satisfaction or money back guaranteed. Asle your druggist for Cy>t«x today. Crcomulsion relieves promptly bccauje it goes right to the seat of thc trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden > phlegm and aid nature to soothe and' heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchjal! mucous mcmbranes.Tell your druggist to sell you-a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the coiighl or you are to-have your money back. forCoughs.ChestColds.Bronchitis Need More Than A Mere Surface Application. Toe Itch (Athlete's Foot) is a living fungus which gets into the skin. Misery of tiny cracks or blisters may be its first sign. Often its misery seems to resist treatment. After 3 years of experiment and test. Nash Bros. Drug Company, old and well known Southern Drug product mnn-A ufaclurers, announced their new, scientific Nash's KAYO. Here is whv this product may be of great help to you. First it peels thc outer skin which ordinarily hides this living Fungus of Athlete's Foot. This helps allow the medicines to get in and do their job. So. no matter what you have tried, try the way Nash's Kayo works. A Guarantee Certificate accompanies each bottle of clean, stainless Nash's Kayo. John P. Cox Pharmacy —Advi IT -^ All Democrats Must Support the Democratic Nominees for State, District and County Offices The only candidates for President and Vice President pledged to support .... * (1) States Rights, (2) Local Self Government, (3) Individual Liberties, (4) Personal Freedoms. Mark Your Ballot This Way Read What the Rules of the Democratic Party in Arkansas in effect Jan/1, 1948 Published by authority of the Democratic State Committee Say Sec. 3. Qualifications of Voters in Democratic Primary Elections: (a) Although otherwise legally qualified as an elector, no person shall be permitted to vote, m any Democratic primary election hereafter held in this State: (1) Who is affiliated with, or supports, the Republican Party, or any other political party or organization which is opposed to the principles of the Democratic Party, as set forth in Section 2 .... ARKANSAS * HEADQUARTERS Gov. Ben Laney Chairman Hotel Marion .... Little Rock June P. Wooten Treasurer Amis Guthridge Campaign Director FOR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS (Persons Voted For) (Vote for Nine) V .- : ;*; ' :"*• '•-' '; .' r'- '- '-/T"i :.*-*. r^ V- I f- f-v _ _ i— i-V v io i—/ \ i i—'^/ i-^diiGCi ,V/r>r I f~* K A -f~i.' ; t; ""^ / .'.. r\ (Vlixj. f ii_iN/s i L-IM s i i_ T'r i"\fvji~i i" , L/C i HGCl G i CMKI|/~T / > j cmocrnt 'o n~i oc i c r V ,' . -_. .-•,-•.-_.•; vil i £_, fx£pL;';I/i i-CC-Pi John L. DAGGETT, States Rights.pem. Lamar WILLIAMSON States Rights Qem. A. L. HARAWAY, States RightsfleVn. Harry NEELLY, States Rights Dem. William W. LEIGH, States Rights Dem. C, A. BISHOP, States Rights D'erri. Amis GUTHRIDGE, States Rights'-'Dem. Charles C. WILLEY, States Rights Dem W. W. WHITE, States RIGHTS Dem *, d A p \/ — -7 - >.. j l"i > / V i 's. j LJ C. /" V | \ . vC'O^i V C i V.OL1 i". . -i\A. Adv. I'aiu i, jr by WnoU-n, l.itile Rock. Ark.

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