Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 1, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 1, 1948
Page 4
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Page four C1ASS Number . Words , . 16 fo 20 21 to 25 2(3 to 30 31 to 33 86 to 40 41 to 45 40 to SO : One Day .45 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 •1.35 1.50 Be In Ott!c« Day Before Publication Three Sbc .One D ?£ 9 D . a y? Month •4.5( 0.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.30 2.50 3:00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 TS^j ---- -•"« w.Vl/ tJ.Ul/ Rates are for Continuous o v wot Taken Over the Phone GOOD BOlS'D ARC POSTS AT reasonable prices. Sne E M Me Williams at McWiliinm'c a « i ^^td^l^^-if^Jmo BARRED ROCK FRYERS. NICE ' ? nu each - nor > West Gth Phone 906-W. 2G-Gt BROADCASTING SYSTEM Monday p.m., Nov. 1 OAK WOOD, green pine SI.50 ner rirk" at Gunter Mill. ' 30.3^ TWO WHEEL TKAILElTirouSE nr n «r S ' P ' lil ''P s Addition, -i ni -- ^ ' * i "iSt 1939 'CHEVROLET excellent condition th Street. CO~uFiT Sec U n>l Salesman Wanted of at --- -DEALER WANTED -----. Oood opportunity in City Hope or next County. Write ™J rco - Hnwjqlgh's, Dept. Ark -30.), Memphis, Tenn. i-3t 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 G:00 0:15 0:25 C:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 •7:45 Broad- WE BUY, SELL /all makes t 'W. H. West, • Street, Phone skansas. 8:00 8: IS 8:30 8:55 9:00 9:30 !):45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:55 VI-no North Hainilton 1226-W., Hope, AT- 1-lmo HAVE YOUR PIANO .'.TUNErf .preserve tone, quaJhy'ahd -value! Call Claud Taylor, Phone 707-.J " >';••. '_ _ 26-Gt LET US'RENOVATE YoUi~"oLB mattress, or make it into a new innerspring. One day service in town. Bright Mattress Company Phone 030-J-2 :00 15 6:25 C:30 0:40 G:55 7:00 :15 •7:30 2- 3- R O O M UNFURNISHED .apartments, near Schooley's Store. Phone 38-F-ll. Mrs. .! E 'Sehooley. il-ii UNFURNISHED APARTMENT utilities paid. 90G East 3rd, Phone .._. Ul - 20-Gt 4 ROOM HOUSE • -NEAR School. Now available. Weaver. HIGH C. E. 29-31 ONE «, ROOM HOUSE WITH bath. 1002 East 2nd street Carl Bruner. Phone 843. ' 30-31 Wonted fro Buy 1 3 'ROW MJDDLEBVRSTERToJlT . F-20-or F-30 Farmall tractor. Write Johnnie Thompson, Star Route, Washington. Arkansas • 30-31 i sHikers' Trails :More than 574 miles of foot trails for hikers and mountain cumbers are maintained in Hie Adirondack forest preserve by the state of New York. • 'In 194G, New York state resi- .*io«, had an aggregate income 'of $22,895,000,000. LOST Saturday niyht. Tan Rat Terrier with black face. Answers to "Tlnsie." Was wearing harness. Reward. Phone'287 or 1092-W nights. Adventure Parade—M Superman—M Captain Midnight—M Tom Mix—M Salon Serenade News, Five Star Edition Today in Sports Henry J. Taylor—M Fulton Lev/is, Jr. The Falcon—M To Eo Announced -Republican Comrn cast—M Gabriel Heatter—M Mutual Ncwsreel—M Mystery Playhouse—M Bill Henry, New;?—M fishing & Hunting Club—?. To Be Announced The Voters Speak—M All the News—M Stan Patton's Orch,—M Michael Zarron's Oreh.—M Mutual News—M - Sign-Off Tuesday a.m., Nov. 2 5:57 Sign On Hillbilly Hocdown Homo Sweet Home Bargain Roundup News, First Edition Arkansas Plowboys Market Reports Fprm Breaktast Program Melody Eoys The Devotional Hour Musical Clock News, Co/fee Cup Edition Sunrise Serenade Slogan Parade '^rgan Interlude Cctjl Brown—M X'.aith ™ Our Time—M BIcvins l-Tograiri Passing Parade-M Victor H^.Lipc]] am ._ M Gabriel Heatt^ s Mailbag Lanny Ross—M Kate Smith Speaks— to. Kate Smith Sings—M Student Parade . -„ Music by Monroe Tuesday p.m., Nov. 2 12:00 News, Home Edition 12:10 : Market Time 12:15 .John Daniel Quartet 12:30 .Polka Interlude Farm .Fair Eddy Arnold Show- Queen for a Day Golden Hope Chest- Movie Matinee—M •Ozark Valley Folks Time to Dance 1490 Club Swini? Time Social Security Day by Day Adventure Parade—M Superman—M Captain Midnight^-M Tom Mix—M Rhythm & Reason News, Five Star Final Today in Sports ' i Election Coverage—M Gabriel Heatter—M Election Coverage—M' Bill Henry, News—M Election Coverage—M Sign Off University Shoots Continue Winning Ways Fayettevillc, Nov. 1 — f/rj — The University of Arkansas freshmen football team still boasts aperfec" The Shoals posted their third straight victory of the "..-"on ad their ninth straight over a tv o year span by walloping the OH-, loma A. and M. yom-linp 54-V it I-ort Smith Saturday night. Jt -touchdown runs of G4 vards hv nil f t"'° i" ld 72 by Jim Rhine- tttack. l " Powerful Shoat Little Rock, Nov. l .ARKANSAS Bobcats!® Get Little Rock to 34 Teams in Nation Still Unbeaten four lave top 1 , {Jl ,jj loft t ., Hope Bobeals in District 7-AA but the local' iac' mist defeat Smackovcr there r r ' 'ho croJn 2 1 A 8C . t a , clear titlc "<- c/own. A win by Smackov vould give the oil city hoys a n, outage victory as they play o in the district th tou 8:00 8:'iO 8 : 55 8:00 9:15 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:35 12:45 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:15 4:00 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:15 6:25 6:30 8:00 8:15 8:55 9:00 11:00 - > V, (.< I I | 11 I J\l • _,„, •• <iln .today—.and by n Xs SKn,^ - ,r% 2 ; -ln h " p'Wcofe cSctV ™ rf&n ?Z« il.st place vote, nine for - -—*. place vote, etc Doth Hope and Class " ville ed by Points ten fo Pine t00k The Zebra -M -M. —M Rock, to fourth! bohind-^th^vi^'XS "^ ^^ W ^ S ^^ ndo C p thC ;% Bi « Six teams.' E™ Rock m ' th and North Lit »o Ranked eighth and ninth twc more Seventh District AA ag- . ...atjnns, Smackover and C'im Ion Van Buren, District One AA cador . got the tenth spot. Hcres the way they anked. with total points :o votes in parentheses) Hope (14), ir,o. Blytheviile (2), 1^9 Pine Bluff 127 Little Rock 111' El Dorado, 70. Fort Smith, (il. North Little Hock, 44 Smackover, 33. Camdon, 29. Van Buren 20. lhat they will be plentv •ps indicated last Friday 'hen the Bucks defeated Camdc 'u/1 -V" lhe Pa »lher field. While the Bobcats were runnii wer Hot Springs 41-0 last vvc< hey were also crippling two k, lien in the starting lineup. BurJc oulton is nursing a hip injury th kept him out of half of the gan at Hot Springs and Starting Tacl- •lamcs McCargo, re-injured a lH •inat has been giving him trotib all year. Although Sutton mi come around in time this Frid-* night il is not likely that McCarl will be ready. 1 ' will be sorely missj Hope tangles with Litt) , current favorite in the Bl ,_.--, at Hammons Stadium. T? iigers have only one carjy-scasj loss to Blytheviile to marr th* record. The powerful visitors at improving with every game art excel in defense. They opcrx irom a T that has managed o score in every garnc . The garb will bo tops in schoolboy circl's I 1 riday night. r Here are the statistics on 1st week's Hope-Hot Springs conte" ! - Hnr!! mi ? a ,?'~ Scoring touchdown'! rjopfc, Button, Hnddleston (2) lA- werc . Orone ; Boarden, Britt. Points 'aft/r ^ -" .'touchdown: Hope, Lee (5).. Fhit downs; Hope, 9; Hot Springs Hope 5, for a total of fe v York. Nov. i—....—Thirty- college football teams still the right combinations going , •-, ;l \' c . l . ln , bo aten and untied Much should be a record for this ate date in the season. Only four teams were knocked lout of the select circle during the weekend. The victims were East- rn Washington, Texas Mines, Eau jCture (Wis.l and Jacksonville (Ala.) State Teachers. Among the perfect 33 are nine major outfits, California, Army Michigan, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech. North Carolina. Pennsylvania, Clemson and Nevada. The all-winning teams, 'Missouri Valley College and Washington University of St. Louis each has won six games. Chicago, Nov. 1 —(/PI— Trade winds were blowing on the Chicago baseball front today, but it was lard to tell which way and how trong. Both the Cubs, who reportedly are dangling First Baseman Kd'- die Waitkus and Catcher Clyde McCullough as barter-bait, and the White Sox, whose most salable player presumvably is Infielder Don Kolloway, held executive huddles aimed at bolstering their last-place finishers. Owner Horace Stoneham and Manager Leo Durocher of the New York Giants dropped in at Wrigley Field yesterday to see the football "iant's get trimmed by the Chicago Bears, 35-14. and also to chat baseball business with the Cubs. If they offered Catcher Walker 1 .". & ""^ >-""-^"- «• First Sacker Johnny IH°" you fathered th; lev rrnf tnc veteran southern Still Favored ooper and Mize for an opening bid, cold shoulder from Ar- were (first 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (i. 7. K. 0. 10.' Others receiving votes- Piri ...nild 25, nusscllvlllc Si.' Nash"ville 19, Malvern 8 Warren fivn C-athoic High four,' Lake Vi are 7'co. Bauxite two, Benton one -.^. -nuiju ;,>. lor a totaJ nr .T ----- -~ — *_jwn,. AV.-^H, wim uiuy Hot Springs, 7 for a totll ? n ° f l cf u? t and most of ils toughest arris P,,n(?. «„„„ -j <•...! foes behind, still is in n fnunvohlo ' Dallas, Tex amazing r ' " Texas • this ,-j/eek Conference fan ; . -5 i to do a" Nov. 1 -,/P)- The - u --J VV 1 1^ j i J.I Penalties: yards; oi: 80 yards. Punt's: 'Hope','3"for - a , •average of 47 yards; Hot Sprints J for an average of 20 yards. Kick- oils, i-iope, 7 tor an average of 13 yards; Hot Springs, 1 for an average of 35 yards.' Passes: Hope attempted, 12; completed, 4 for <Ln? ta / of 49 yards, had 3 intercepted; Hot Springs, attempted 7, completed 1, for a total of 21 yards, had 4 intercepted. Fumbles: Hope, i- Hot Springs 0. Penetra lions within 20-yard line: Hope Hot Springs 0. Net yards by . Hope 143; Hot Springs, 5C Substitutions—Hope: Nix, En«Jand, Neal, Beasley, Watson, Mar"- tmdale, Gunter, Bruner, Tabor K a M, rol \ e / , Loc> • Harris, Miller,' Keith, Hockett, Sutton District 7-AA seasonal and lercnce standings: l Seasonal Standings; Team .yj [_ ?°ffR.v.r';"v.'^.-.-.v.v.-.-,v.-.—.- § 9 Smackover ! 3 3 Texarkana 3 5 Fordyce l G Conference •V FLOOR SANDING & FINISHING All work Guaranteed. PHONE 89 A.Z.TURNER FORSALE Surfaced Oak Lumber — $40.00 per Thousand GENERAL BOX COMPANY PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS During The Winter Months LONG RANGE SHOOTING GALLERY Located at 117 South Main Across from the Rialto Theatre." Top Radio Programs New York, Nov. 1 —(.'I')—- On the air tonight: _ NBC—(i Perry Conio Supper Club; 7 Cavalcade Drama "Tin.' Blue Cockade;" 7:30 Howard Barlow Concert; I! Contented Concert CBS-0 Beiilah Skit 7 Inner Sanctum; 7:1)0 Godfrey Talent oc'-iuts; !l My Friend Irma. ,- r, C "~ 7 r '"«l™ MaeHae and ICd- aie Bracken in "lioberta;" II Mu- tlu- Ni«? k> "" ° s ' sei ' ; fi: ' ; ° Stiirs '" MBS—G:.... Dinner Dale; 7 The I'"li'oil; I!:30 New Time for Mvs- Cl'ul uyhuus '' ; !) Fish "'"-I Hunt waiting dumpty Wayed. But a tie with State is the only flaw on the Bei record. Last week they crossed lit, the expert again, squeezing by icxas Christian, C-3. Southern Methodist took a bi« 'l A" 01 ' 10 ' Smackover Southwest Texarkana straight con- beat Texas ' step toward a second lerenec title when il 21-6. Arkansas handed Texas A and M. its seventh straight lickinr . and Rice bounced back into the win t-oliu-nn on a 14-7 decision over Texas Tech. Baylor staged another last-minute line stand to win. Texas Christian got to the one-yard line but couldn I score. The Bears came Irom behind again, too This was the third straight con- erence victory for Baylor, the oest record lhe school has had in a long, long time. II left the Bears lied at lhe top of the loop standings with Southern Methodist Despite having the only unbeaten record in the conference, Baylor 3 1 Standings: 2 2 ......'.'. I 1 0 con- Pc£. i.qoo .500 .375 .143 1.000 .067 .333 .333 .000 Fort Camden Fordyce . Next week's schedule: Smith at Texarkana; Camden at Magnolia; El Dorado at Fordyce; 'Little Rock at Hope; Nashville at Smackover. Start Practice WE HAVE .... Seed Oats, Austrian Winter Peas, Winter Hairy Vetch, Winter Rye Grass, Seed Rye, Wheat, Barley and Joe Youmans Flower Bulbs. We Honor AAA Orders MONTS SEED STORE Hope, Arkansas - ^i!ed #« - NB ,° - " f "'"^ " ffi »^ ''"" B-^if: a* >^r ^ "-- -F -" --'>-e^ '""•* rpc B -J.vVi 'H 1 , 11 .^ '" Mt -' loa - v - • • But l^'.vlor ran into lhe vime .VIST In 'Preview!::""!; T: n U , A " ; ^"r" 1 ^, : ' « " ' " H * Mi«iss P i Al'p' , uvawi ''« t)l ' Returns State. Arkansas and Texas Chril- 'in.'-^n -p i i/ 1 ', '"' 1!l ' e:ll ^'-'st Club; tian. H might be a little unreisoi foV" DMV. ^"r\ ' "•?-• Q V een ;ll n° V C ' X ' 1Ct ' t thei " " "bo Joi a Ua>, A.I,, Johnson Family. ! Doak walker, who boosted his Point total t,, 70 points .against lexas, and Gilbert Johnson 'were the two main reasons .Southern Methodist walked all over Texas lhe offensive power these two can' M'nerate is fearsome. They make the Mustangs a one-sided favorite over iexas A. and M. Arkansas' bruising fullback U-oii Campbell, and the great •-' Srolt worked behind a (crime last Saturday. As good a 'finance this week should FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Asphalt Tile • Rubber TIU ROY ALLISON Phone 280 LET FOY DO IT « Level yards • D( 0 Post Hole» » Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lots • Also custom work. MAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1068 8. Walnut fit REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS ond CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7023 i phone collect) If No Answer Dial 3-5770 A ami M.'s losing streak now stretches to Ion games. The Apgies lu.sl lhe last three tills of lhe 1947 .season and have dropped all seven starts this vear Dan Towlcr Js Nation's Top Grid Scorer REFRIGERATION SERVICE IS our business. Prompt Opd efficient service on all rnakes of refrigeration and OK conditioning systems. We gp anywhere anytime. • BREWSTER IEFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 1260 Hope Let Us Rebuild Your Old MATTRESS or make your old one into o comfortable Innerspring. One Day Service "All Work Guaranteed" DAVIS Furniture & Mattress Co. 606-N. Hazel Phone 357 Tuwl Nov. 1 Hid York, '• lalenleil IK lldiHVII.-i ;ui(| ulle ( week to maintain '•>!•'. the nation's eoll -'I'.-; \\itii it" ]>oinl.s. ".Ii 'i'l-e.-li o| HaiUA'er ilntl.) Dan eiTer- d two point s k-aii 1'ooUial! Fayetteville., Nov. 1 — (ff>) —Has kelball practice gets under way at the University of Arkansas today with a shorter but faster team in premise for the Ra/orbacks Missing from the 1948-49 squad are (hose two skyscraping point- makers who have been the keys to porker fortunes for so lonV George Kok and Al Williams Both' graduated last spring. But Coauh Gene Lambert still has nine lettermen as a nucleus imis some promising sophomores and transfers. l.etlermen are Captain Paul Coleman. Co-Capt. Ken Kcurns Jim Calhearl. Johnny Campbell' l).lino Adams, Roxie Rankin, Mike behumclivk, Clifford Morton and Gerald Mudspeth. AnioiiH the sophs and transfers are Roberl Ambler, Texarkana- fi'.y Parks, Kl Dorado; Norman nee, Mansfield; Bob William- killings, Montana; James West Aliens; Virgil Wallace, Manila-' uene Irimble. Bremerton, Wash' .John Borgsmillur, Murphrysboro' ill.; Hruce Fra/ier, Hot Springs-' Joe Sisk. Blue Eye, Mo.; Salem Cook Grand Rapids, Mich. Jim Montgomery, Grand Rapids- Mar vni Slendel, St. Louis, Mo.; John KM-BUSOI, Beebe, and Tomnn- iuurrey, Jonesboro. Sumo of the cagers are members 'i lhe Ka/orbaek football squad »i'J will not be available for b ;i " Kelball until the end of the grid The Ra/orback basketeers wil open (heir season against the Phil li.ps ()(> Oilers. National AAU eham- IIHUIS at Bartlesville, Okla., Nov -J. Iheir lirsl home game will bo jmainst ukahoma City University I'll 1 . 1. afler which they will JM; oil a barnstorming tour of the east By CARL BELL Little Rock, Nov. 1 — (VP) kansas Tech's Wonder Boys can be thankful of one thing as they lick their wounds from Saturday nijiht's beating by Ouachita. They may consider themselves fortunate that Ouachita didn't reach its peak early in the season. If the Tigers had played earlier as they did in thoroughly spanking Tech 21-13 here, they would be in first place in the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference f o o t b a 11 championship race — the spot the coaches set aside for them before the season began. But Ouachita got off to a poor start, losing its first two loop engagements. And as a result. Tech, with only foes behind, still is in a favorable position and favored to cart off first prize for the fourth straight year. Today surprising Arkansas A. and M. is perched on the top rung but Tech can regain the drivers' seat by beating the Aggies at Monticello Saturday night in this week's most important game. A. and M. was tied by State Teachers 7-7 last -week. Thus the conference was deprived of its last aH.winning record. Actually more teams than the Aggies and Tech still are in the running including Ouachita. Only three teams have lost three or more games,'and they are the only ones you can say don't have a chance at the title in the closest race in years. Trade Winds Blowing on Baseball Front _By Huqh 8. Fullvrtan. Jt. they got Manager Durham, N. C.. Nov. 1 — (,1>) — It was during a barbering session after the Duke-Georgia Tech game I Saturday that someone remarked ' Ull: 1 Il ' pc11 «>-'bsti1.ution rule is ruining lootball, someUiin;. will have to be done about it." . . .That brought down the house because everyone agreed. Georgia Tech isn't lho worst offender when it comes to substituting so often that the fans are completely bewildered. But Bobby Dock! used at least in different backs against Duke and sometimes changed quarterbacks with every play. It was more confusing because his two alternating signal callers wear numbers 33 and ?.B r clui ' in g thc course of the conversa- that several of coaches arc harley Grimm of the Cubs, who told reporters: "I'm definitely not interested in ooper or Mize. and I don't believe the Giants will trade anybody else." Washington, Nov. 1 (UP)— Sen. Arthur H. Vandenberg will not enter the cabinet as Secretary of State if the Republican parly elects a president, it was learned today. Vandcnberg definitely has taken himself out of Cabinet consideration, the United Press was informed. He is chairman of the ready to initiate a move to limit substitutions in some way. The Eyes Have It Bill Bontlcy. one of the south's better football officials, has a theory that a wisecrack, now and then makes it a lot easier to handle a game. The kids don't get fighting mad if you keep them laughing. . .Currently Bill is chuckling over an incident in a recent game when a player rushed up to him asking: Did you see that? Did you see how he's holding me on' every Play?". .. Bcntloy squinted a little, and replied: "Come a little closer, son, I can't even sec you.'' Four Die in Arkansas Weekend vio- By The Associated Press At least four persons died lently in Arkansas over the weekend, and the year's traffic fatality toll climbed to 321. Frank Pollack, 74, •. was killed when he stepped from behind a parked automobile into the path of another vehicle at Alma Sunday Ten-year-old Carl Bradford, bioan, Dallas, Tex., was injured fatally when he fell from a moving truck near Arkadephia Saturday A 17-year-old hot rod race driver Phihp Gilbert, died in a Fort Smith hospital Saturday of injuries suffered in a smashup Friday night. A knife fight near El Dorado resulted in the death of Uless Ferguson, 30, o£ near El Dorado Saturday night. Another man was arrested for investigation. Next Congress to Be Asked for Bigger Guard Washington, Nov. 1 —(UP)—The next Congress will be asked to boost the authorized strength of the National Guard by 100 000 men and put all its units on a war- ready basis, it was learned today Guard officials said they will ask that the authorized strength be in- eased from the present 341,000 to 441,000. This would require special appropriations for armories and equipment. ' Wl lin-l-l. iJHJ IS LllcUillliUl Ul UlC Senate Foreign Relations commit-|. e * as tee and co-author of the bi-partisan foreign policy. Sources close to Vandenberg made it clear that he will continue as his party's most powerful spokesman in Congress on foreign policy matters, rcgardles ot tomorrow' election result. It is known that Vandenbcrg's decision is based in major part on the momentous foreign policy decision that must be made 'early next year—how far should the U. S. go in re-arming Europe and to what extent should it underwrite her security. , There had been increasing speculation in closing weeks of the political campaign that if .Republicans capture the White House tomorrow but lose their -Senate majority, Vandenba'rg might leave Congress for. the No. 1 post. , The speculation was based on a belief that the 04-year-old Michigan Senator might welcome such a ratio control of the Unfamiliar Language Almost every hockey fan knows that a "rink rat" is a kid who hangs around an arena, hoping for a chance to get in a few minutes on the ice. . .But Jim Hendy, U. S. Hockey League president.' found that the expression isn't known in a game on a Texas - went into overtime, it. was found the men who resurface the ice had gone home, looking for someone to do the job. Hendy asked the arena manager: "Isn't there anyone who'll do the job'.' Don't you have any rink rats?'' The manager spread his hands about a foot apart, "Sure, we have lots of them, about so long," he responded. Khan of-India, ,.,.! omocjac contro -of the Senate cost him the chairmanship Of fors Vacation Hollywood, Nov. 1 •— (UP) —• Film Actress Rita Hayworth rind Aly Kahn, son of the wealths- At'a cabinet Khan of India, left by plane'today for Mexico City to be "gone for a couple of weeks." Names of the two have been linked romantically since last sum- mpr but they made no comment --.._ _„„_ ».-,,, <.in_ \-J»tl>illtUJl^Ill[J ol his Foreign Relations committee and post: as president pro of the Seriate. But Varidenborg, his associates say, has rejected such a suggestion with even more emphasis "than he used in turning aside suggestions that he throw his hat in the ring for the Republican presidential nomination at the Philadelphia convention last June. His dicision apparently cleared the way for the almost certain appointment of John Foster Dulles as Secretary of State. ...^- .jtii, tiiuj. ijjtjuu- jiu cuiunienl about their future plans. Miss Hayworth's divorce from Orson Weailos Vienna. Nor. 'l —(UPl— American and Austriatvauthorities m* vcstigaled today the death of American Marshall Plan official Irving Ro.«s.'n-ho was reijortcrl of'- ficially to have been "most bru|- tally murdered" by four Russiaii soldiers. . i U. S. authorities said no forma! protest would be made to the Russians until all facts conccrniriff the incident 'had been oblninc-4 from witnesses. , They said the slaying occurred shortly after midnight Saturday at Iir/.ersdorf. a Soviet-occupied suburb of Vienna. ' Ross, a special assistant to William H. Giblin, chief of the EcJ- onomic Cooperation Administration mission to Austria, was allegedly abducted by the Russians. bayonoV ten and beaten to death. A femalr companion, Anna Sulkenina, was reported to have been thrown unconscious from the car by the soldiers. \ The official report of the incident from American and Austrian offV cals is as follows: • Ross and Miss Sulkenina were driving near the edge of the British and Soviet sectors of Vienng about midnight when they were slopped by a Russian jeep can-jv- inrr the soldiers. Two Russians with guns drawn stepped to the car. brutally beat Ross on the head with gun butts and forced him to drive in the direction of Soviet headquarters aj. Baden, the girl said. On'the wav. Ross and the gir-1 offered resistance.- While the Snviet jeep with two soldiers followed the American car. the two Russians in Ross' car "contitu'our.ly beat Ross and throw the unconscious girl out of the moving car." . •;'• Sunday morning' Austrian police found the Ross ear near a pond at Inzerstiorf. The ignition wires and four wheels were gone. Ross was seated behind the wheel with his skull smashed. "His brain was smeared over both doors of the car, apparently as a result of enormous brutal blows with the rifle butts." — The girl was .found by Austrian nolice some time around 3 a. n5. Sunday. She was taken to a hospital for treatment -of "critical wounds she sustained from the hands of the "Russian soldiers-.-" Sunday afternoon she reeained consciousness and gave, officials details of the incident. Radio Producer Man Thrown From Train Identified ^ Fayetteville, Nov. 1 — (/p) —Two Tuba, Okla., sisters have ' identi- ncd a body discovered on a mountainside near here as that of their GO-year-old brother, missing from his- home for five months. The body of Walter P. Rivers Tulsa County hospital worker, was found near here Saturday. Sheriff Bruce Crider said he apparently had been hanged. The two sisters, Mrs. W. N Francis of near Tulsa and Mrs Frank E. Hedge (1421! S Carolina) rulsa. lold the sheriff here yesterday that their brother was last seen when he stepped from an automobile in downtown Tulsa, May .A coroner's jury said the man "came to his death at the hands of person or persons unknown." Anmver to I'revloux I'uule ea tempore l cl ° e . s not become final until Nov. 10 while the prince has a wife in India. The actress signed the Pan American Airlines flight register as "Margarita Welles"," her legal name, while the prince signed as "Aly Khan." Seeking to escape photographers Khan hurried to the plane's restroom to wait there until they departed. The two mot on a vacation in I'ranee several months ago. He came here about three weeks ago but the publicity-shy prince did not appear in public with miss Hayworth until a week ago when they attended a night club together Neither would comment then on a possible marriage. Heavy Fog 'Hits Hurts Berlin, Nov. 1 —-{/PI— A heavy fog over the Frankfurt area crippled the airline -carrying supplies into blockaded Berlin 'today. American planes stopped coming in at Tompolhof airfield at midnight and log kept all but a few planes out"i>f service 11 hours later. Shuttle planes from bases in the British /one were arriving at the RAF's^G')tO'j field in Berlin, however. There was an interruption due to fog there too. but full sery- ice was resumed after about foijr hours. HOKIZONTAL 1,8 Pictured radio director and producer 14 Property transferee 15 Girl's name 16 Beverage 3 Prevaricator 4 French article 5 Indiana (ab.) 6 Airship 7 Intend 8 Scottish sheepfolds 9 Aged 17 Hung in folds 10 Soul (Egypt) 19 Soak /lax 11 Forefather 20 Civil wrong 12 Heavy blow 22 Individuals 13 Seines ?3 Belongs to her I 8 Hebrew letter 33 Worm C R O N S S M R Kl H e H O C W A p 1 T 1 A l_ A H O e • Z< t p c R R L !*.• R O S S E L A R fvj E R .s :!;;; s P s a 5j s F h P A 5 Y p 1... { . CApr CHARLES TEhGER c A T Aj M O t H_ R L K F? •>-; S U E R S 1 O A R Tj ^w O N •) ~1 p n A 1 IT" Ci' R n \f? M n F T C Tr D !?" R A S K p A K f t S n f\ T E^ S 29 Deep hole 31 Hops'kiln 32 Observe Football By The Associated Press Sunday £;mia Clara 2(1 San Francisco !.',' Vincent -JG St. Francis U'a'i 0. "isl and ,11111)1! mi-uuy Ki'^er blooiii Geui- i'o v.- of Columbia. ol Souther)! Melho- Talbloom of Wy,,- eiil <.|, scuriiit; ^iireey .Salto raise Uloir iKiint total, uu- ims 72, Walker and Tal- 7U eaeli. Thoniab. Oklahoma still Kips the bij.; Seven .<b pi)liil;> and Art Ua leads !h,- ]\! i.,s K-ienue V. ilh -12. fonl'ereiiee u'ilh louue.s of \Vicli- ! .i) i V;<Hev Coo- n j l.uru,-; ^;i St. Ambrose Dayton 7 Xavier 0. Late Saturday Scores Southwestern (Rasi 20 Norlh- '•Mern Okla lAiva) 7 1-Jelhel -13 Mcl'hersun (j. Kirkovill,.. i M O , 7 U'arreMsburj; iVortheasierii Okla 'JO South- v. v^u-ni Tech U. Si. Honaventure 21 St. Louis 0. Jjayiur ii Texas Christian 3 Arii-una 33 Arizona Stuic l J i.-jiipe> 21. ; Hurdin-Simmons 27 Texas Mine-si -'7 (tiei. | Paris <Te>:> Jc -17 Murray Oklu I A;:»:u- ; ; 13. Ouaeiiita 21 Arkansas Tech 13. 24 Symbol for rubidium 26 Cerium (symbol) 27 Calyx leaf 30 Got up 34 Golf term 35 Quantities of medicine 36 Consumed 37 Ceremonies 38 Road (ab.) 39 Half-em 40 Touches lightly 43 Filth 47 Geraint's wife 51 Man's name 52 Western festivities 54 Siouan Indian 55 Envoy 57 Awakener 59,60 He is a . producer of • plays VERTICAL 1 Electrical unit 2 Hewn (comb. 21 Investigators 40 Part of hand 23 Demigoddess 41 On the ocean 25 Coalesce 42 Labels 26 Scheme 43 Accomplisher 27 Compass point 44 Heredity unit 28 Guide's high 45 Measure of note paper 46 English conservative 48 Proboscis 49 Roman road 50 Flat-bottomed boat 52 Route (ab.) 53 Distress signal 56 Near 58 Note in Guide's scale PLAN TO BUILD YOURS BEVERLY HILLS We have a good selection of choice lots available now —• Don't wait Buy Today — All utilities will be furnished and the cost included in the price of the lot — Phone 221 LISTEN TO MONDAY THRU FRIDAY f 5 Good Old Time Gospel Slinging

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