Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 30, 1948
Page 5
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Saturday, October 30, 1948 BLONDIE & IT'S SO GOOD ) TO GET BACK ^ INTO THE PEACE AND QUIET OF > VOUP C-.VN LITTLE HOME ' *'-* t<s GLANCES By Galbraith /r~ x"~ I'M A ,,. fL (LUCKY MAN (\\ -~'Q >J-TO HAVE (ALL THIS t \_ HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARK By Chick Yount> OZARK IKE Page Fiv* COME GET NOUR HAT OUT OF THE i GRAVY . oJic. MOUNX-, !^ COPR. 19',0 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. HEG. U. S. PAT. OFF. Test Anxivcr t» Prrvlnun HORIZONTAL 1,8 Pictured U.S. Air Force test Pilot, Capt. ' "The youngsters certainly have changed since our day, Mrs. Pringle—I'm glad they don't know the things vva used to get arrested forl" CARNJVAL By Dick Turner 14 Snt free 15 Printing mistakes 1C Spoken 17 Aquatic mninmal 19 Mattress cover 20 Neither 21 Repulses 23 Article 24 East Indies (ab.) 25 Exist 26 Bone 28 Eye (Scot.) 29 Contempt 31 Rulers 33 Stuff 34 Owing 35 Scandinavian 37 Finished 40 Laughter sound 41 Senior (ab.) 42 Road (ab.) 43 Sun god 44 Mimic 46 Rascals 51 Tangle 52 Tears 54 Lily genus 55 Prescribed amount 56 Ear inflammation 58 Hand over 60 Most precise 61 Absconders VERTICAL, IHags 2 Epic 3 Wing-shaped 4 Relative (ab.) 5 Note of scale 6 Essential being 7 Ooze 8 Shout 9 Comparative suffix 10 Wile 11 Pace 12 Engraved 13 Mastic brandies 18 An (Scot.) 21 Translates 22 Unites metal S3 Small nails 27 He was first to fly faster than 30 Be obligated 32 Color 35 Palestine plain 36 Large deer 38 Expunger 39 Time markers 45 Heroic 47 Toss 48 Boy's nickname 49 Fashion 50 Pare 51 Stir 53 Sainte (ab.) 55 Plunge 57 Has being 59 Behold! 11 HO SI is 1 4» resn. I!* a x 10 •& II \Z-\\3 3? CQPR. 1MB CY NEA SERVICE. If.'C. t. M. REG.' U. S. PAT. OFF. "Something's got to be done—too many vets developing combat fatigue trying to live in some of these veterans? modern dream .homes!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By B« OSS er FUNNY BUSINESS By Hersfibergev "It's a fittie Halloween prank—-get it?" THEY'RE jusr ORDERING'THE GALS LOOK PLEASED \VITH THEMSELVES/ WH/ WOULDN'T TMEY?THEY'f?e ABOUT TO BLOW "TwiRp Sfc'ASON HIGHER'N A POUND OF DON'T LOOK.' UH, r. MEAM-—WHY B A°™jusr'™ lHe WENU? LET ~ FILET By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE COME ON.' TO HELP >OU TRAIN! VOUR (% WILL POWER, WE ALL A6KEED TO DITCH HALF OF OUR. ICE CREAM COKIES/ <] SURE, BUT \% rj DOM'T GIVE V \ 'EM ALL TO I / OME DOG-- S [ I'LL. WATCH FOR V ANJOTHER HUM&R.V x — DOG/ r ^ WA\T RIGHT THERE — I SEE THREE DOGS.' iTHE-V CAM RUM FASTER HERE THAN VOL) CAN! THERE.' ;^-.g^M^.y ; >^.?tC "T^E MIDDLE MES4 KlhiS, A tH?OP OVER OLt) ^ tOTl4& eov/y/PALftce FOR With Maior Hoopte f««iy'M_1ttf ". LOOK IS AS <// HE'S SO -I ! \& r fl^ ^ r «> >. 30 \X \v. v ^.li (BuT^ WE.STILL i.SNi'T UiS LINING UP V YOU WOULDN'T STOBUV KICK ° FF ' )( SO'CONFIDENT , oTOHiMY... J \ i WAD n^Aou \A/AT^U JIAW t— ^*^=i nMU uc/\Kr% WATCH A\Y K ^~^ IN THERE POft MY WILDCATS/ J WE TEN BEFO' KICKOFF TIME/ VIC FLINT 0v Rav Gott«> |i U ri T fl£. HUNCH ' LIBBY ' LETS START OUR SEARCH THROUGH THE CITV DIRECTO- V/ASH TUBBS OKAY. LET'S HOPE OUt> DR. ROBIN A NAME LIKE CALL FOR DR. IN SURGERY/ DR. ARCHER, VOUR COUSIN IS IN THE VISITORS' trie theater at Riverside Hospital... OF AIL TIMES TO Crttl.'JUST AS I WAS READY TO Michael O'MaHey & Ralph Lane WHAT IS IT, CUDDIES ? YOU SHOULDN'T CALL A1E DURING OPERATING THERE WAS ANY-JM TWINS NE 81 Leslie Turner HENRY AND DOM'T FORGET/" VOU'EE , ... MV BLUWDFR. ( £TDBBORy,,BU'' t BROUGHT OW THIS .-.^•"••B". RACE WITH SWEfNTH. ,--_., HOMEV. (XMDIM-NOT / ^ G1UIMG- UP! TO DISTURB ftT THIS HOUR i BUT I MUST SEE SIR. CEDRIC! BURKE ls T| RED:-,.AND IT'S QUITE SHftUl PREPARE HER A ROOM? FROM INDIPv TILL NEXT WEEK." DONALD DUCK HANDSTAND CONTEST ot-t-he- 5PLAY6ROUND By Corf ."»ndferson / ALLEY OOP • JAWS/ j^OF WW7\V^LW I TAA M! VE^ 5 ^ ^ACE/' PONE/ / V HAPPY: ^l^: PEACE Jl NOW I AIN'T 6O/T A> THINS Sy Walt Disney XtW COOTS By V. T, Hairpin PUPEYE fcttWS^A /^^^ J__~. <0 Thimble Theater :AKI THEOW\, A TI-/AT FAG "XvrQ/ ° ,<^i, ^ M II-AI r M^ »X X^ ^s. V! •*•!•«* AK1D GO / C/^'oX , . / , // ripr IT-// ) r-SfcW H, / x ,x^ ir//>^af l ,)/ V* VAf^/V'l.

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