The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1934
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ed!)«r»i MISS LOUISE DIXON MRS. RUTH CAMPBELL MRS. BERTHA M. HARRIi MRS. EDNA K. CRABTREG KISS EDNA M. FERGUSON M O D E RIN-H O I <***. ,.,*. .^.^ h „. i.^, ( , jj^ PAGE THREE s '- of it* wom«n f^iw b-eiogENCB tko'iect •uthoritiei on .11 phwm of bom. making Grapes Are In Season. Wliy\oi Use Them? ' * ' "*•*-•* ^^i" 1 ^ r^s/f *\ \ f *^*\** i- ^,i v- **p •* >£3"-v* OF ffiFpflPES Fresh or Cooked -They Are Delicious and Attractive Addition to Menu Dear Friends In Blyllievllle: Autumn fruits are as decorative and useful as the berries and friills of summer; especially is this true or the grape. Washed, chilled until it looks frosty, and served on some of Its own leaves cleanly washed, the bunch of grapes is one of the most beautiful fruits imaginable. It makes a perfect (op finish for tie fruii bowl, or a single, plump bunch laid in each of the Email compotes usually reserved for candy and , mils, • while the large • compote is filled with mixed Iriiils, makes a beauliful table decoration. The Grape In Cookery Grapes are important in cookery too. .They may be made into Icily . Caccording to the directions given in earlier issues), and in jams nnd butlers; they may be made into juice which can be used later for jelly making, for beverages, to ilav desserts and sauces, and like be ries, the seedless varieties of grap are delicious in pie, pudding' ai other cookery. Illustrated is one the newest way.? of milking gir, butter, and here is the recipe for I Wpe Grape Butler . Seven cups, or three pounds si Bar; four and one .half cups or t\\ and one fourth pounds grapes- oi half bottle fruit pcClin. Cook the grapes slowly in ; enameled kettle for twonty-fi minutes, then put through a co ander. place the pulp with i: sugar in an enameled kettle, m well, bring lo full, rolling boilin Stir constantly before and XVH boiing. Boil hard one inlnule. R< move from the heat nnd stir the fruit pectin, pour quickly ii to glasses (makes eleven six-omi glasses). Cover with melled pan ffin at cnce. Grape Catsup Five pints grapes; one qua browji soyar; one pint cider vii egar; two tablespoons allspice; tv tablespoons cinnamon; two table spoons clove;.one. and one half lea spoons rniu*£_thj<ee_JCourtb.s teaspoo cayenne; ;one 'teaspoon salt'."' - r Cook the grapes slowly in an ei ameled kettle until soft about two. iy-flve minutes, put throu" a colander. Add otiier ingredient boil until thick, stirring well fo forty-five minutes, strain; ' th makes one full pint. Delicious o cold meats. Grape Juice . Ten pounds blue grapes; tw pounds sugar; two quarts 'boilin water. Pick over the grapes, r'emovin stems and Iniperfect fruit.' wash Add the boiling water, set over low heat .simmer 'until the skh leave l-je pulp (about one and on fourth hours) then bring to in boiling point, boll five minutes Re move from the neat, pour into clea jelly bag, let drip into a large en aiueled keltic until the pulp is dr> This Is about twelve -hours. Then bring the juice lo the boil Ing point, add sugar, let boil on minute. Pour inlo sterilized bot lies or Jars and seal. If corked dip the corks In paraffin first, thei cover entire cork after it is tightl placed, with scaling wax. Keep ii a cool, dark place. About two an. one half quarts. In Salads The large tokay grapes, or th seedless while varieties are bes ndapled lo salads. Wash Hie grap« pick over for bruised and impcrfec ones, pick from slems ,cut in halve lengthwise. Of If the grapes an small, leave whole. Add to any fruit salad mixture or to a fruit cocktail mixture- fil . halves of -large ripe p-ars or pea clips with halved grapes, dress al wllh French dressing, then to, with fruit Juice mayonnaise. Ilav ail very cold; delicious if alternate. «, *? „ *' PLatc with mo «»«s » c»n ou, .T"? ChCKC: "° "" sccop out the cheese with n roum lm'gi'ilar 11 as CO w P: ^^ " 1C " 1 ° 1 " 1 "' a towl" of "cheese'! 1 DrS'Thc top " both the mayonnaise and tin | U« equal parts of pi- grapes, .small W t s C f celery ai Pie cubes; dress wllh French Orange Pr une Sa7arf 1 package cream cliecsc -2 cup celery finely cut 1-3 cup sweet pickle relish Pew drops tabasco sauce «-alnut kernels. drclcs on lettuce Center every ^^TOS^SS K^ffissriy*,^ sauce have been added, place a call fomla Walnut on each chccsc-stuf filed prune. Serve with French f dressing, mayonnaise or a swectcn- I. ed fruit mayonnaise or a sweetened frtdt salad dressing. Oood iccipc "v. ioi tinie lullci an I fc»j&* olln <le]lc'\cies "_=--J£^^i pnen below, Bridal Party Table Reqaires Meticulous Care in Setting Ilian her sister who went through it all in June. Harvest brings sticli. n wealth of food delicacies that her selection is unlimited. Here are n few menus to serve when It's a sit-down nliair: Menu No. I Chicken Bouillon Lobster Ciitrcts with late Baby Limn Beans In cream Avneado Pear and Orapc Fruit Salad Biscuit Tortoni Uride's Cake CoITce Menu No. II Fruit Cup Filet of Sole, with Asparagus Tips and Hollnmtiilse Sauce Broiled Capon Sweet potatoes in sherry Sauce Spinach and A'liishroom Titubates Frozen Fruit Salad Pecan Ice-box Pudding Coffee Menu No; III Assorted Ilors d'Oeiivres consisting of Caviar canapes Cheese Pulls Slulled Cucumber Rings .iBakcd•-•Mushrooms, filled wllh .Crabuieat • > Oyster Patties ' ; Squabs linked in Milk Shadow Potatoes Stuffed Pepper Cups Salad of Peaches Moulded in Lime Jelly with Cream Cheese Dressing Neapolitan ice Cream •Bride's Ciike , collce Customs vary about cutting and serving the wedding cake. Some peopb do it at the wedding party nnd others distribute to the guests small pieces of both the wedding and brlda's cake in little satin Llcpn.ce .s brought to the bruin .-,,„„ bj b(( , rl , ng „,„,„„ e.vaclinsly placed BY MARY K. I>AGUE NKA Service Staff Writer Here comes the October bride l—rcsos probably, in her favorite M .. °T m whllc - Ancl 'he table ' •- • - - bM| "~* " J *"t— JlSPJf S/IOUW clCflJIl tl'iJlt [*"*7» t\r»cf and the bridesmaifV in their fine silver in the famy at spark' lulinnnru colors and the showers with Ihe best glass I its a e 111(1 HIP lllIlClleOlIK nnrl thn \t-nrl.|i,, n nv. .. :. . J the luncheons and the wedilint feast itself! What fun! Especially n these Informal days when it is icrfcctly all rifiht t o have a simple vedding breakfast or luncheon in- slead of (he more elab.ortile event vhiclt usc<l to make dents in nerves uockctbooks and dige.slions. , ft you want to call the party f or enough in the day, you , V ;il want caudles, but not, oi course, for breakfast or luncheon if Hie room is well-lighted. Set Table Set your table Precisely wilh meticulous SIRS. NANCY ROTE MRS, CEORGE TKURN MRS. EMILY.M. LAUTZ MRS. J. WATSON SHOCKLEY MHS. FRANCES KOBTHCROa Apricot ;iiid Almond Dessert Hen: Arc Directions Thai Will Insure Satisfactory Results Wash (tcllcul,. S |] k unrmonis of. ion, becniiH« dill imd |n-r.splr«llon sliiliis. if allowed lo remain on 1|, 0 I i^e. bi'ccune dlflicult to vemovo. .When washiiiK nmlorlni • for tho "i"! (due, (rsl. an Inronspleiimis joMior or n amnplc by ,«iiieezin B in' iiiM-wnim vvnler fnr live inlnuliv;! or so. for It it's safe In water ii I Is safe with Ihe line modern h!"h I " soaps. Hut (here aro mule- Milch even plain wnlcr In- Jui(.s-<.|(hcr color or llnish 'ivsl not only the material oi u,e B ai- mcnt iijipif. !,,,( ft(so nny mlm . flt . - •••• Also remove buckles Billions or other omcuiienla which' "HKlit he unvvn.ilinble. Many pre.'icnl-iliiy Kiiks, csiiccl- i lcl ' t™»)»)6ii salt; one teaspoon fliie "PUP c fblv'""^ lc '", i l ° fM< * °" nsl ' 1 - I', 1 " 1 " 1 " 1 Onu "'" r U '" S1H)0 " ''l»'on«M ""Illni! «'Mcr bring "We iannon", a^ifwe'll'"' "'""'"' one°or >ll iw,,"f t ' "ol*"' ta!'-'' 1 ' 0 "''' '"°" a !'° W " V ° l ° ' S0 them a lil(| c Iai1 , c bcro| . c ,,",,5,"^ milk; one or two i; 8 g vi'hlles sUft'ly llimUly! 'llcinow'Tran MI. men before wclllDj;, meus- "™lcn; unc luilr cup wnncbed, («• lAdd n small nmn tin nni'». .._ n . .. I.IA..I ...l > _.. . . . ,. ' ^' * v lvl '* nil) It 11 IlllltJ UI-II.MVII (I,-,™,, ™,,l,j,,, .hll.lonsiy I,, „ ,|,,, |llL . um| „„„„,„„,.„ ilcs.'i'rl. Try It lonljlil. | Imlf cup jsiiBiir; one quar- boiler nnd sllr enough lo break. 1'lncc over rapidly scalding lol m ----->. ">-*.«ui., lucid- . ...... ...... mi t f »"i'in.iji.ii| i['c i'< e l lie garment io that It may be ltm '''d nnd couraely chO]>]icd iil-hvlilte- Miciclie.1 lo Ihe con-eel sl^c as it mo "«'s; one cup quick cook"'" Inn tiiplocn. Combine: laplocii, sugiir, sail. cm; lllr ,,,,.1 >.,III. I ' 1 . . . " Siirlnkle n lltiio soap (lakes inlo - "<•• -..u.", .-.mi. i-uu iwsln of the Javalory wash howl * 0}k n>Hl ."'Hk In tup of-,double mul run In warm water, the Imnd n the A ,|,| . - «» *•••*.•! iiv,ii in n 11 nt} j [> ihvoriiii......i .ssrwrmito a : Mc ""', °s tl f rlj ;' wiitcj ', »•"»— l.lm-c tho halved apricots on the J „ °"' fl 1 , 1 " 15 wl h .," V'F 0 ' cgl? ' till) us n iiim.ish. a.rv,.« m,,i.i ... ' "' ' oltl cnrcfully Into Ihe.-..- nmple. Squeeze out thc water thor- ! ouchly utter cadi rinse. Complete add lo 'I'o mnke Ihls unusual cnfeo buy »• Zwieback, Uvcnty-foui, nn.l crush' ' them (two cups nnd two table,.., .Simons); one Imlf cup giamilnted .-• Miisnr: otic teaspoon cinnamon; one half cup melted shortening. , „,, Crush t:ie Zwieback Into fine-. • crumbs. MX wllh the cinnamon ' suifiir. keeping Ihree-fomlhs cup i(, crumh mixture for the (op ol tho<-.- cnkc. Add (lie'incited shoilenlng and blend ti>i;eUier welt. Spread evenly over (he boltoni and sides'"., of n ten-fnch spring form pin piess down (Irmly, Set In u 325 degrees or nioderale, oven for aboul twenty,"! '. nimules lo innke (he cnu firm Tlircc cups collude cheese, Uo " tnl>h'3fXKi]i.<i (laur; one cup cicam; •,.„" two tablespoons lemon Juice; one teaspoon lemon rind grilled' fducVJIi 'BBS. separated; .'one cup giannlnl- ' ed siiRiir; oije cup waloi; ona halt"'" cup blanclicd pistachio mils. ...* . Turn the collage oVesc'Into a large mixing howl, make Binoolh,', i ixisle of Hour and cream. Add rest- '," cheese. Add lemon Juice, ilnd anil ,,. egg yolks and stir mull well blend-"-) , fd. Then jmt llirouxli n sieve Coin- - ' MWr nnd wiilcr Cook until. remulnhu. tanloca , \, B ," "'•" w " wr Cook "'>U1- le,r Cool. ' A "^""».. u "* !*?» «»"r i" » nn,,,. tup us n iiuniisli. Sum's eight. Si lifted Tomalocs nnintnln rich suds throiislioiii '/r' ,„.„,,„, , ,, , • v- v.j n,,,, Ihe wash. If enough soap is not i7«. i , ' '" (llr ''L'iliII)!^s|inons vinegar; |-.l a 8 rcn Sy deposifof L c soap ±±j;"",,f."".,.? ."'I " 1Rlst V^ < '.«'?«»" «tt; .In'sh one of quarter pepper; .'dully Into the - • eheese mixture and lurn Into theT, crust, Sprinkle the'toj) willi tn^ Ml over crumb niixturc nnd the chopped nuts. Hake an hnm nt 3(10 (csrees, moilcuUc oven. Tuin off the heat nnd leave In the oven nn-ni oilier (hour wllliout , opcnlni; (.ho. """''• 'I'en lo twelve t,eivhm , Velvet .Siinngr C'ake ',',*( One half cup Hour; one eighth ensiwoh suit; two cs«v. ilnd of mm lemon; two teaspoons baking now'-der; one foiirlh cup'polnlo slirclr ^ „., lu m i5jil mf *" "....|.^. V...X. ...L-iiia uiilL leilll tO r"*--. A""'I uses up thc soap, j,, s t as so •'" r " lk f" mikl 1)c »"'«^'>«-.,l out to Wther with green poppcTn.b'cd Inlo a'"rcctangui'm- "caU"!™, ''not (TinVi',- r , SU<IS nlc ll ° l mal »--bef n ', C ;" r J' M IX1SaiWC " C SlKC «^^\& IJ''""""'"". ana muymmaS ™"l»d with B tal b«uigl,iK Twh - uincd tills nnlsh mixed with dusl' washing. II'llo llohtlv in i,,.„„,„„„ „....„._, n,i,i ...n.v, n_.._ " . b 'i"y>.l'nn- ft,»d dirt present lends to settle out I " " ^'H to dry garments quick- on Ihe malerinl m blnck specks. Ori'V '" " Sootl current of nir In t h« ''t III11CS Ctllni-lpcq o.'nn^.. l_^l., '.^lift/In Cln,.,,, ...«(«..l^,_ , at limes colorless me nollc-ealile on thc nn finish. '" ' l LS i ™ 1C<l <Ule lo " '•• When suds , m , en( | Vi [)I|( , (] Some nmlerlals wash all i-iglil, lint lend (o strcnk and print while drying. Drying colored fabrics slowly In folds often causes .Mi-enks. Thc inn fades colors nnd j m ,- , . ., ; uu - 1 ' ""» Hi»y«nnnise. •""«« »im n mi, But 1 glitly sprln- *' P"<! "SIlly in tomatoes. Ciamlsh kl «l «'H'h flour. Dnkc nt 300 lie--" .ops wllh green pepper rii, KS nn[ | grccs, mcdmale oven, foi foily mln- ,, I IllCG, 'I'lirn Aiiln «- —1 . . . nddilioiml mayonnaise. Scr\'e ! crisp lettuce. Scrvrs six. Allied .'Raisin' nnd start wnsliing nl'"once Allows white silks." I Hies, ' Turn onto "a' "cake"'rack "to -' cool, (hen remove from Ihe pan Cut ' Inlo rounds and serve with a half of canned apricot, nnd u hi p|)cd crenm on lop of cqch; or withi let" sauce" "'"' cll ° 1>1>ert fnilt ftn <l f nill , lnc , , . least four weeks before Ue ™ 8 * " ore It is to be used dark fruit cake, It is Always n lento tl •»' «>". to fr« decorated- and on l-,not iron colored silks do - —......^ , 0 nn:iy ' nisi through (if Ihe dcsijni sneer fabrics and ( 0 dull to occui' Ci-cm-s iimi 5 colors. j, h ,. ink several clean suds if nn Uirni/.u e, ,. , ., .. ' " I]e ~ .-iiicicn^i, ».^ mi..} me ironed, nl- u[ mmi nrm 'rm- . 101 uauiv soilc<| pieces. IhoiiKh pongees may h c Ironed slices, serve with n es- to a bowl nnd when Vooi, but not nl- lco «l, bent m (he stiffly bunion , , ,- Pm ,*t ,"' "" ; tl! -' BS nll(l raisins, lew! to Pom- into a wet, shnliow mold mid gently hut firmly set In tlic refrlgemtor over itell - . has conlnlncd a button, a ring, I ' )ccl . cci ir Ihc '' UL LA ' ' -- - - - liiicon'nnd I'ofcifa 1-2 Bermitdn onion 1-2 pound bncon cut pieces nnd fried in small 2 hard cooked 1-2 cup cooked peas 3 tablespoons mnyonnnkc 1 (easpaou vinegar Salt and paprika l head of lettuce ,' In n large sa ]nd bowl- Cut thc potatoes in 1-2 inch cub»3 ni;i\L' willl (l riislnrrl omrl-, i i T .» , * * mcji Cilt)C3 • «» W, l S: nud fncbcon't"'""^'^ 11 ^' 1 ''^"' 1 IT. n ^II«_ _. ' ."'VI f ^111. U.H.UII. VlllPUnr nllfl I..... «..:._,_. 'r ri piece of silver , , a 'thimble.' are cllrlv. precision—knives lo the right of the service plate, culling edge toward the plale and the end of the aKw^S'sSsc-SS!. uncheoi. up to G hat it becomes a , m ,^. , No mutter how simple the fare! in or how tew the guests, won will' vant flowers for Ihe bride's lablri , " thc of This frosted, decorated cnkc"is cut by the bride and served first to the bridal parly. If lliere arc many guests it is served to the bridal Party only, in tact. Though soup is not ordinarily a breakfast dish ft mily be'served at the wedding so may an elaborate sweet course. ne respects Ihe October a wider choice of foo:ts Squeeze out as much of liic uarmenl^^t^^^!!^^^! cups - r , " , . "0& jvin.Tf i laid on n slice of HK,: Cllkc Of ainlilfil Olive ami Nut Salad "»-•. sninc slxc. Makes nve or 1 packaje of lemon gel- 5c "''ngs. water. Cool — i:l acid (i cup cliopiwd nuts and yOCWalls. according to nn Eng. cup sluifed olives, sliced, place , <-'-M>crt. are about tin an oblong pan or In individual '" lc " ""toliol can be- q,.n^,, ' .•,. vi ™» : "' "'"I irinjon'hilse Season with thc sa 1. Add lo th f ta«.«e nnd. Bnrnw, vviul'the eg |«ns'anil- paprika The egg! nl finely and the cooked pn<i; J'^bc added to Ihe „,.„, lf ' m , More Cnan 15,312 dogs were rc- ains GOOD names. House Shoes Sixes 3'/j lo S Assorted Colors Saturday 25c len Franklin Store Corner Alain & liroadway When (he miehly mite mands Ills right...Mollier best. She trealj! his howliiv highness to a glass of Green's Pasteurized Milk.. .1'aslcurizttj to relain its purity' and goodness. GREEN'S MILK Rich, Wholesome, .Safe Delivered Twice Daily GREEN'S DAIRY Phone 1515-F2 for Green's Pasteurized Milk HA'n'i:it,s TAII.OHS DKK8S' Sally's PreUy and Sally's Smart . . . .",n I'rosli tooltinjf, liliu wlie'd s(ep|)e(i out of (lie "band-box." Sally lias learned flm economy of invcslin); in personal .•i|ipcnrniicc . . . her m>ar:d)los make ror;nl.->r ii'ip- to Hudson's Tor re- We Arc As i\c;ir In Von as Your Telephone OUH HOUTH MKN \VII,I, (,'ALI. IK YOU WIN, Phone 5:) HUDSON TAILOR SHOP Great Coffee Discovery A e;i-o;U uiiivorsily discovered how fo niiikc "HIS! dclicioiiK coll'ce. "U r c';ir-Hvov" jjives yon UiiK discovoi'y in fhrsc Ijwiulii'nl now I'croolii- lofs. 'IViDle-lesiw!. Dctio- ioiis coll't'o every limp. A|i|:rovcd by 'Good Inslitiite. Wear-Ever Percolators 2 Cl| i> •' <'»i> i> Cup s Cup n cup .95 1 — also a complete line of Wear-Ever Kllchc.nwarc I Hubbard Hardware Co. lilyIhevilie, Ark,

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