Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 30, 1948
Page 3
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Saturday, October 30, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. afurday,' October 30 ISsf/rday night, October 30. al Even o'clock the Presbyterian louth Fellowship is planning a |fll)oween party for its members nd their friends. Costumes will in order, though not, re-quired. Jtrs. Johr Harrio will lead the J'Oup in square dancing, and other |ltcrtainrucut is planned between ances. biurday;- October 30 (the Hope Youth Center v/ill have i'Hallowecii parly Saturday ni;;:it 7:30 to JO: 3D p.m. All rncm- 2rs™ire urged to attend and you liil not bo required to wear cos- imes as was previously annoiiac- londay, November 1 iThe Woman':: Missionary Society I the First Baptist church will Icct at the church Monday at 2:31) •The Sunbeams of First Baptist (lurch will meet Monday at -1 p.m. the church. io Junior G.A.'s and Junior I.A.'s ol First Baptist church will jeet al the church, Monday at 5 iThc Y.W.A. of First Baptist iurch will mec:t Monday at 0:15 Im. at the cluiren Kciucalionai Iiildin;;. All member:; are urged to llcnd. J. B. Smith was honored \vitii a P'lik and blue shcnver Riven by triends at the home of Mrs. Lo'e ii. The honoree was .1 number of lovely Kills, lic-freshmeni:,- were served by the hostess as : :,;;leil by Mrs. .Joe Smith and Mi..;. G, C. Jarvi:;. The Koesls were enterla'Med with a Uim;o game and those; receiving pri/.es \vt>re lUrs. C. T. Rollings', Mr:;. Floyd L (JL ,. Mrs. J. K. Pre<;- cott. Mrs. A. II. Jionea, Mrs. Kosco \Villiams. Mi-i-. Ciauclio White. Mrs. Hollis Dillard. firs. O. L. Morman and Mrs. Darrcl u ;li -t. Out of town guests v.ore Mr.-:. Ralph Williams and Mi;-. Darrei liar!, of Camdon. also Mrs. Kaybuin Smith of Shreve- porl, La. Bruce-Sims Weclci'incj Announced Mr. and Mrs. Henry V. Bruce of this city announce the marriage of their eldest daughter, AHa O'Deil to Jimmy diaries Sims of Detroit, Michigan. The weddin;: was solemnised in Detroit, on October 2U. ^ Miss Bruce was graduated from limmet High School and has made her home in Detroit for the past six years. After a weddiny trip to Canada and Niagara Fall.-;, they will make; their home in Detroit where the groom is employed. IThc Ladies Auxiliary of Garret! lemoria! Baptist church will meet i«iy at 2 p.m. Mrs. Wade War- In \75 president. iMcmbcrs of the V/.S.C.S. of First jcthodist church will have a Day Prayer worship service Monday 10 a.m. Lunch will be served ring tile noon hour. |Thcrc v.-ill be a meeting of the jard of Stewards of First Meth- Ilist church Monday at 7:o'0 p.m. •Members of the Women's Couii|1 of First Christian Church \vill lee* in Fellov/ship Hall to sew |r we Bazaar. ICircles 1 and 2 of the Women's Inincil of the First Christian |iurch will have a joint. meeting the Fellowship Hall of the i Iiurch, Monday at 3:31) p.m. Mrs. ' |--org;e Uodcls. Mrs. K. L. Ponder •id Mrs. B. L. UeUig will be co- listesses for the meeting. IThe Executi\-e Board of the lirst Presbyterian chin en will Monday at 2:30 p.m. A spe- vill be held -. . --- ---'ance of the leek of Prayer on "Self Denial, lisemblies, and Home Missions. 1 ' I Coming ond Going Mrs. W. J. O'Brien of Shreveport is (he gnes tof Mr. and Mr. Thomas F. McLariy. Miss Von ice Lovolady of Lexington. Kentucky arrived Friday night lor a week-end visit with Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Hanegan. Mr. and iUr.s. Hoy Arnold of Sniackovcr are visiting relatives and friends in Hope and Czari this week-end. Mis:; Effie Hyatt of Henrlrjx College. Cunu-ay. attended the Hope- Hot Sr.rlngs game in Hot Springs Frjda.v mghl enrouto to her hoine here. Marshal! I-lendri:-: of l.lMlo Rock is visiting Mi'.-:. Heiidrix this weekend. eei monuay at z:30 p. aljj^orayer service w'il 3 o'clock in observa Circle a of the W.S.C.S. of First letiiodist church v.-ill meet in the jime of Mrs. Angus Dodson with Irs. Mary Homm, co-ho^U-:-:;. on pnday night at 7:30 o'clock. liesday, November 2 IThc Hempstead Couniv Medical Jjxiliary will meet Tuesday morn- f>.\. 10 o'clock at the liome of fcClbort Wilkes. |rs. J. B. Smith snored at Shower |On Thursday, October 2fl, Mr: Hospital Notes Branch iUr. and Mrs. Lee II. Still of Hope announce, the arrival ol a daughter on October i), 19-13. Julia Chester Admittod: T. L. Phillips, Blevin.s. Shirley Neil V/illi.-. Hope. Discharged: Jack HartsrieUI, McCaskill. Josephine Admitted: M.rs. T. M. Iluckabee. Hope. Mrs. -I. R. Stover. _-U,huo\vn. Mr.--. The,.;. Aaru.i. Hope. Discharged: Mr:;. Ly;m Browning and little daughter. Mary Leo, Hope. Franklin White, Emmet. SWINGING.RINGING... nOMANCING / /fife? PLUS — -"Marshal of Reno' STARTS SUNDAY BUD LOU I ft i A4EETS 11 1 Ikl If S 1 il If ¥ If F 11 KJ% M KVi lr=-k S <d M >ii bfi 1 1 [gj? i! Msi L £!%; With © DracisSa © Losr3 Choe^cy © Belci Lisgosi TODAY BY WILLIAM ^ by William Irish—Diiltibulcd by NEA SERVICE, IHC. DOROTHY DIX Good Husbands? 'Dead End Kids 1 Booked on Narctic Charge Hollywood. Oct. 29 — </T'i — Actor Henry Hunt,-. Hall. 2K, one-time "Dead Knd Kid," and Heart Mclxer 34. who identified liimself as a producer were doimi a little nocturnal ,, - rrt ;,.. f ;,, ti 11- * i i i rf .ms lamiiv. tun::sn i uaiutimei. d, Sing m Hall s backyard, officers | spni[ , s llis ' cvon i, 1{ , s by hii | own fin ,. '-' I side, and that his wife should be Detectives M. C. Jacobsen and | on her knees thanking God for her Ben Arrcdimdo said Hall came up I luck in getting him. But the pos- with four tobacco cans and they I session ol a good conduct card just popped out front behind a tree. ' The otfu-er;; reported the cans contained Marijuana which they valued at nbout S200. Hall and Mclzor were booked today on suspicion of violating the state narcotics act. Mclzcr was re- What makes a man a good husband'.' The average man thinks he is a good husband if he supports his family. doesn't philander. on n writ of habeas corpus. Mrs. Pink Honea viistcd her daughter. Mrs. Clyde Harris of Arkadclphia the past week-end.,Mrs. Ollic Husky of Prcscolt has been visiting Mrs. Stella Stewart the past week. Mrs. W. W. Gorham and children, Donald Ray and Tyrone spent the weekend with Mrs. Gorham's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mayton of Patmos. Harold Stevens is visiting Iricnds . Chicago this week. Miss Ann Bright of Bastrop. Louisiana has been visiting Miss Nelda Fern Bright. Mr. and Mrs. John Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Foster and John Lylc spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Foster and Sharon of Texarkana. Ralph Earl Hampton of El Dorado spent the week-end with his mother, Mrs. Mae Hampton. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zumwalt and Glendcn. Eld. W. H. Stingley and Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Tippitt attended the Annual Baptist Association in Mineral Springs the past week-end. Her small mouth curved in a winsome smile, me, do you, Mr. Durand?" she asked. 'You don't know THE STORY Time, 1880 Place, New Orleans Louis Durand, 37, a bachelor, has been corresponding with Miss Julia Russell, whom he has never seen. He has proposed marriage and she has accepted. Accord-ing to her picture, Miss Russell is dark-haired, strong- featured and no longer young. Durand goes down to the dock to meet the boat that is vo bring her from St. Louis. II The river was empty, the sky was clear. Both were mirorrcd in his anxious, waiting eyes. Then a little twirl of smudge appeared. It came from where there seemed to be no liver, only an embankment: it seemed to hover over dry land, for it was around a turn the river made, before straightening to flow toward New Orleans and the pier. And those assembled on it. He stood there waiting, others like himself: about him. ~Sornc so ; razea close their elbows all but him. Strangers, men he did not know, had never seen before, would never see again, drawn together for a moment by the arrival of a boat. The smoke climbed now. was black is, a roustabout " Durand's heart But it meant a | V V. -J^. * 1 H.ll_ I | L ILJ II \\ILII l.t ] I J niches in two long even beneath it, and beneath •oaiifinc;^ E?rijK;sttv**i:r Wi —*»w» Jr .st.- ) . V ;, i:i v : v-J45:ct?j;a i ara J^Z^frt mm^yfl^m -^^•f--3.«r, v;- vfri. \ f ss - ; r r \ fi^'J'^z**' e*^ 5 *-*!^ "j?^) // r^/^vxit^i L X^«t«Kli--fX.sr-tfS m ',y!is > *-48feffii 41i J/.-u OWLQi'A It.l^LS MID /MmWIlE GF ' C'J«'.1-K!|,:3 • COSUrtf- high in the sky, like dingy ostrich plumes massed together. Under its profusion a black that W"s solid substance, a slender cone, began to rise; a smokestack. Then a second. "There she :;houted. .'There she is lokl him softlj'. j di.'lerenl she. j The .smokestack, like a blunted j knne .slicing through tlie earth, j cleared the embankment and came ! out upon the open water bed. A j lawny superstructure, that seemed to be indented with a myriad liny rows, w;is - - that, only a thin line at this distance, \\-as the ungainly black hull. The paddies were Koiiiy. slats turning the wheel and iell, shaking off spray into Ihe lurgicl brown water below that they kept beating upon. j She made the turn and grew | larger, prow forward. She was j liie-si/.ed now, coursing down on i tlie pier as it she meant to smash j ii asiinuur. A shrill falsetto wail. ! intinilely mournlul, like the cry | ol a lost soul in lormenl. kniied I Irom her. and a plume- of white circled the smokestack and van- j ished to Ihe rear. The City ol New ; Orleans, out of Si. Louis three | days before, was back home again i at. its namesake-port, its n.olher- 'haven. sleeve. "No one else?" The officer turned and relayed the question upward toward the deck in booming hand-cupped shout. "Anyone else'.'" Another of the ship's company, perhaps the captain, came to tlie rail and peered down overside. "All ashore," he called down. It was like a knell. Durand seemed to find himself alone, in a pool of sudden silence,, following it; though all about him there was as much noise going on as ever. But for him, silence. Stunning finality. He waited, hoping against hope No one else. Only baggage, the inanimate dregs of the cargo. And at last not even that. He turned aside at last and drifted back along the pier-length and off it to the solid ground beyond, and on a little 'while. His face stiffly averted, as if there were greater pain to be found on one side of him than on the other, though that was not equal all around. And when hu stopped, he didn't know it, nor why he had just when he did. Nor what reason he had for lingering on there at all. The boat had nothing for him, the river had nothing for him. There was nothing there for him. There or anywhere else, now. Tears tilled his eyes, and though there was no one near him, no ono to notice, he slowly lowered his head to keep them from bein" delected. Mr. and Mrs. Al Thompson and Allene spent the week-end visiting Nadine Bin-ham and Rebecca Ann Thompson of Little Rock. of itself doesn't entitle a man to a membership into the Ancient and Honorable Order of Good Husbands. A man's middle name may be Joseph. He may be so upright that he leans backwards. He may never even cast a glance at a glamour girl. He may feed his wife on filet mignon and swathe, her in mink coats and yet be a worse husband than a drunkard, or a no- account loafer, or a woman-chaser. It takes more things than just being a meal ticket to make a man a good husband. First of all it requires that he shall have a talent tor the career before he espouses it, for a man who has no natural aptitude for domesticity can no more be a good husband than a toite deaf man can be an opera singer. Hence before a man takes a woman's lite into his hands he should ask himself: Will a wife cure me of the drink habit? Will marriage keep me from philandcr- \Vill it turn me into a fire- sitter? And if the answer is then for mercy's sake he The .m.trlelV is a • closfe" feJativd of the Russian sable. Once plentiful, It is found now only in th8, heavily timbered regions of America. Peru, although wholly within the tropics, has three distinct climatic j /ones due to the influence of latitude, altitude, prevailing winds and ocean currents. "Saved my Life A God-send for GAS-HEARTBURN" \VtK-n c-xrof? frtnmnrli nrltl r:\upes pnlnfnt, miflwat- tntritas, sutir Ktonmrti and Heartburn, doctor*imwUy ppiw*fllm ctte ffiwt«*t-«rttMff rnfxllrint'3 Known for #ympu>mftilcrrlli*r—rawnrinraLlkethoeeln BcH-ftna Tablets. No l!\i;»Uve. lirll-nna brtnjm comfort In a jiffy or return !Mt tto to us for dotitite money ti&cfc. @ BELt-ANS for Acid indigestion 25$* NO, Mrs. Glady Bright and Nelda spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Bright of Sutton. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Callin of Camden spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Milcrd Stewart and Martha. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Todd of Mt. Pleasant, Texas were Monday guests in the home of Jim Thomas and Bculah. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Nelson, Mr. and. Mrs. J. J. Bruce and Mr. and Mrs. J. R, Mcaders attended the Annual Methodist Conference in Little Rock the past week-end. Mrs. P. C. Stevens Jr. and Mrs. M. L. Nelson visited Rev. and Mrs. Charles Greeson and mother of Magnolia Tuesday. Mrs. Cobb of Ashdown has been visiting her brother, Dr. J. E. Gentry. The Methodist church has a new pastor, Reverend L. C. Gatlin. Rev. Core has been transferred to ,..,,.. H Bearden. Rev. R. W. Core made uue, u was,., j ;l ,- e well speech to the school in assembly Wednesday morning. Hooker Mr. and Mrs. R. F. visiting Mr. and Mrs. wait and family. Carl are Zuin- Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown. Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Nesbitt and Mr. I and. Mrs. R. C. Stevens went on a tour of the northern part oC the State Sunday. should stay a bachelor. Some men are born for marriage and others are not, and every man should find out before marriage to which class he belongs, and stay in it. / Build Partnership To be a good husband a mar. should make marriage a partnership in reality, as it is in theory. He should talk over his business r.Uairs with his wife and let her share in all of his hopes and plans and ambitions, and make her feel that the success of the firm is just as much dependent upon her as it is upon him. No man should ever humiliate his wife by making her ask tor the money that she has earned a hundred times over by her services in the home. A good husband tries to understand hs wile and to find out the why of her funny little ways, and that enables him to walk high, wide and handsome around most of her peculiarities, instead of barging into them and having a light over them. To be a good husband a man has to also be a good diplomat. He does not attempt to correct his wife's faults by showing her that she is in the wrong. He does it by praising her virtues. If she is a nagger, he closes her mouth by telling her that she has a Mona Lisa smile. If she is a poor housekeeper, he brags on her cooking until she has to justify it by becoming a cordon-bleu. And he saves on millinery and dross-makers' bills by expatiating on how beautiful she looks in her old hat and dress. To be a good husband a man must be pleasant to live with.- He musi make as much effort to keep himself sold to his wife as lie would to any man who was his best customer or client. He should make her feel that he was always trying to do something to make her happy, even if it were no more than bringing her a ten-cent bunch of flowers, or paying her a compliment on her new hair-do. He- would know that the average wife who does her own housework and baby-tending has a pretty dull time of it, and he would try to be entertaining and amusing at home, instead of just a stuffed shirt. These are a few things that are the earmarks of the good husband. It isn't an easy job or a soft snap to be one, but it pays. There was the light touch of a hand upon his .shoulder. No exacting weight, no compulsive stroke; velvety and gossamer as the alighting of a butterfly. li is head came np slowly. Then equally slowly he turned it' towai-l the .side irorn which the lunch had come. A figure swept around before him, as on a turntable, pivoting to claim the center of his eyes; though it was ho and not the background that had shifted. of l.o- , in ac- i.Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Daily Bread Continued From Page One Js not simply an outpouring American money. Jt i;; a start ward European recovery which the end. Europe will have to complish. I The loreseeable future holds little I hope of a full-scale trade revival between western Europe and thej, Soviet-controlled countries. For all their troubles and deficiencies, the latter at least seem to be or- Bobcats Have Continued From Page One cats out of the first place spot they had shared with Little Rock and into a .second place tie with the Zebras. Both now have conference records of two wins and one [loss. 101 Dorado essayed the gianl- ller role again last night. but could do no better than a fi-ti tie with the Little Rock Tigers. The ganixed for international commerce I The first pasenger off was a man, ^tridiny, .sample cases in both hit, hands, some business traveler in haste to leave. A woman next. more slowly, picking her way wilh care. Gray-haired and spectacled: not she. Another woman next. Not ^lie again: her husband a ; tcp behind her. guiding her with hand to her elbow. An ijiiuv family ne:;t. Then more men, two or ihr th--m in .succession this time. Faces j ci>n\'t nliona! ju.-l pale ci]iher:: in liim. quickly I imijn;:..- npun pa.-.sed over. Then ;, \'.-iimrm. am" for a moiiienl— ."No. not ; he : ilitl'er- enl ^^es. a iiiliere.'ji ne-SL 1 . L nl lac-.'. .\ sirariger's L-url glance. JIH ling hi.s, then quickly refubijing il. Another i:ian. Anitiii.'i' \-. inn- me up to the turn ol Uurand's siioulder. Her face held an exquisite beauty he had never belore seen, the beauty ol porcelain, but without its cold stillness, and a crumpled ro.s-j peial ot a -nioiuh. She was no more lhan in her early twenties, and though her ti/.e miuht have lent her added youth, tin; illusion had very little to subtract from ti.e reality. Her .-.kin was that of a yiuni.f, girl, and her i. yes were llv: innocent, trustful ' a c-hil-.l. binding than danger.-.. Also a request for iurthcr military assurances from Washington seems to be asking a good deal. American billions an- already at hand to help reslore Knrope'.s economic health. Billions more uould probably be available in a military emergency. Hut in the meantime it seen.:-; only fair that the American people should ask of Kurune in return that the tree governments there are really serious in their talk o! economic and Deration. An-1 when it conic Britain, by her siren and inlhlencc, is tin 1 four times in inference play, took on Hope, powerful double A learn of District • Seven, and absorbed another beat- |inu, 41-(I. i The Texarkana -l.~i Prescott fi. Catholic Hinii I'.l Newport Snbiaco lit Jone.sboro 6'. Cabot :il I.onoke (I. f'lonld IM Whit" Hall U. Bentonville -11 llulsville STARTS Qy l 'o'^ KOiifi - :UM svis - Kosiki ArjiiUft SUNDAY Ji^Mimiimmmmm^mM Foil and Winter Careful fitting detail gives slim youthfulness to shorter, slightly fuller figures. Each with lengthening vertical effects. STYLED RIGHT . . . PRICED RIGHT. Marce' SUITS These lovely suits in superchah gabardine, worsted sharkskin woolen dress maker crepe. Greys, blacks, wines and greens. Half sizes 12* to 22*. $41 and. . $52 To add a touch of color SCARFS Iu9 %itf iT\ i\ I hJ Squares or rectangles in all the new wanted colors. Take your. pick. and 3.50 00 Get Ruffled! in a lace-limned slip by w,, ho ever said ladies don't get ruffled, wasn't thinking of Full, '48! You'll be rutlled and Ion; it... einco lace and embroidery ruffle* make Artemis' wonderful Figure-Perfect lines still lovelier. White ot blue .. Bur-Mil rayou crepe} 32 to 40 and 32S to 383. 5,95 CHAS. COMPANY

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