Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 29, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 29, 1948
Page 5
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Friday, October "29, 1948 PE, 'A'R-lCAtr* AS Page Fi OZARK IKE By Ray Gotte SIDE GLANCES Bv Galbraith „ COPR. 1MO BY WEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U?'s. PAT. OFF.' Rodio Vocalist Anxwrr to Prrvtnnn Puxxt* 3 Shoyt sleep 4 Electrical unit 5 Succinct 6 Snare 7 East (Fr.) 8 Lees 9 Any 10 Mover's truck HORIZONTAL 1,8 Pictured singer 13 Expungers 14 Embellished 15 Tree fluid 16 Baby's toy 18 Born 19 Tuberculosis (ab.) 20 Snake 21 Tatters 23 Ream (ab.) 24 Individual =•- -<= 25 Health resort 24 Pa P al ca Pe 27 Pasteboard 26 Eagle's nest 27 Feline 28 Exist A C c E i> fc s u M A C B R e A S o N P R 1 t> O N I 1 A M e ~ :" T t E • -' l_ 1 M E U S E ••;•• a E n c= W A 3 e. H E >''; P f\ R A D R S I'-' o R r» cr S P o T C L O T ARTUR H E R E SCHNABEL H O £ = F= V H R F A R S T N A R o T A T P S ,V: : c o A s A ;•.- N 0 T E D .:A 1 D B U L. U W F E L'- 1 1 N T O E* R M 1 S E M A T T B R L., E A O fr R S T p 1= O S 30 Help "I 1 like to go steady with a boy. too—but I'm still looking for one who can do algebra quicker than I can!" CARNIVAL By Dick Turner JJMigP, «3fc«W cQ COPR. 1340 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U, S. PAT. OFF 29 12 months 32 Constellation 33 Narrow inlet 34 Relate 36 Offers 37 Hearing organ 39 Honey gatherer 40 Symbol for cadmium 42 Nuisance 45 Altitude (ab.) 46 Symbol for samarium 48 Art (Latin) 50 Her songs - her audiences 52 Lien 53 Variegated 55 Triers 57 Enchantment 58 Most facile VERTICAL 1 Joke 2 Arabian FUNNY BUSINESS 11 Brain passage 31 Short-napped tellurium 12 Appear fabric 45 On the ocear> 14 Palm leaf 35 Race course 46 Indian 17 Transpose circuit (ab.) 36 Wager 20 Too 38 Drive back 22 Foreign agent .39 Consecrate "' ~ 40 Eccentric wheels 4) Let fall 43 Crafty 44 Symbol for weights 47 Greatest quantity 49Sainte (ab.) 51 Goddess of infatuation 52 Sheltered sidf 54 Lines (ab.) 56 Palm lily , By rtershoergei -'.•;.//,'.;;•// .',/./ •/ "'I'hiil.'l -UJI; I , CO?K.mSOT NE*SERVCCE. INC. T. M. R'G. U. S. PAT. OF/J' I "I hope yoLi don't mind—I'm on a radio treasure hunt program!" I"Here Washington threw a dollar across the Rappahan- " nock-—at present inflation rates it is estimated that dollar !.', would go only nine-sixteenths of the way across!" ' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Bv B^osse. OUT OUR WAY FRECKLES ! YOUR JACKET/ FOR CRYiN' our LOUD.' RIGHT IN THE MOW CAM YOU THINK OF TOUR MIDDLE OF A . STOMACH /~llv/t trnnntrrj / 1 "^ lv -" v '< » v -'rl GUYS SUPPER.' / £f- ^ -r,.irr By J. R, Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Moior Hoople TH' BULL OF TH' WOODS DOW'T LAUGH MUCH-I <3UESS HE AIN'T GOT NO SENSE OF HUMOE •'J j^-,; -;^ / rr-;: ,?iX < />- „* ?.^l^ r^v) ^^%^V^^> ^'^ '^/Cli't '. J6*i'» « i ^5s*i(C' 1 s;^ :i*-r !'^V?iH :i 7i«« %PMIO|H -I yiHiyifes NOT IN THIS CASE.' HE PROMOTED THAT FELLA FROM A SWEEPER BECAUSE HIS SHOP HOBBY WAS FIG.LJR.IK1' OUT MACHINERY--NOW THAT THE GUY 6ET5 PAID FOR IT, HIS HOBBV IS FUMMY PICTURES HE DON'T GET PAID FOR-' SHOULD ME INSTEAD OF CARP IMG AT KV iDEA'i/--— Tms '5MELL.V WESS" 3 AS YOU CALL- IT, IS A FORMULPi THACT \MlLL us so RICH \M& V LL SIX SERVAMT& 3OST WALK: AEOUMD 3 VOL5 ¥; CANJ FRY OrO> BOTU SIDES IFTHW STUFF INlG TURsSS OUT TO 6<= 6ILG&, ^/XVER.T'M GOII^G'TO —'•' INSPIRE VoO To A KIND OF CAREER.-*?.- WELL, DON'T THINK YOU CAN TALK ME OUT OF REPORTING YOU FOR THAT OZARK IKE DEAL' WHEN BUSINESS DISCUSS, STORMY/ CANT LET THE GAG GO THAT FAR.. .I'LL MILES AWAY,.. NICE OF YOU TO ESCORT ME TO THE GAME, TEX... BUT A BIT UNUSUAL FOR LOOK,02ARK CITY/:.. A STILL GOT AN HOUR T' GIT TO TH STADIUM? HE* DOUGH RIGHT AFTER THE . GAMC-f TWO RIVAL FOOTBALL CLUB OWNERS, DON'T YOU THINK? SHO wuz NEIGHBUHLY UF YUH TO GIVE US THIS LIFT, y:;!:^-"-c s --^ : '~. I By Michael O'MaUey & Roiph Lane COUNTING THE R'S AND THE ROBERTS WE HAVE 92 CHANCES. DO WE HAVE TO CALL THEM ALL IN OUR SEARCH FOR A DOCTOR WITH THE NAME OF ROBIN? YES, BUM HAVEN'T GOT ONE WE MAY FIND ONE OF THOSE LISTED AS A yOrx ROBIN. IN ANY CASE/THE DIRECTORY USTS WIVES' NAMES. WE'LL GO ALL OUT FOR A WIFE NAMED VER NO, USSY. YOU RE A PUBLIC STENOGRAPHER-HAVEN'T YOU HEARD OF THE CITY DIRECTORY? COME UP TO MY OFFICE, THEN. WASH TUBBS B) Leslie Turner SWELL 1 HE S GOING- IT'S LftTE, SCROOBVi AMD WE HW/E FAR TO SO 1 . WE'LL USE PENM'S CIXR. BEFORE ITS THEFT IS BROADCAST,., HIDE IT (\T DKVJN, NEf\R THE COTTAG-E WHERE ROLAND BORGOWEO TOOLS. ...TOMORROW I'LL FOLLOW EASY'S IWSTRUCTIONS f^ND LOCWE TWE WHILE NWCK.S (XSOUT LOOKIM' FOE ' Bv Carl .'Anderson ------- DONALD DUCK fly Walt Disney f ANP IF I CATCH YOU V_ PLAYIN' AGAIN .- - ( THERE'LL BE v*y\y p ^- i-rsni ic?i cr / \T, YOU R.E, SUPPOSED T' BE HELPIN' ME CLEAN HOUSE/ 5y V. T, HamSin A« LEY OOP MY &C*M, I O\\, I HE/M2P THAT AWFUL CWLA-- V WJ5TEE AND i... V$$%$1—' POK^BABA! HER ALLEY OOP, YOU BIS V HEY, ROUGHNECK/ J NOW. , X... (\ VMT. I... ^ £ ^A^VOURE^ ^vi< \ ";C4' ; OUaei > ^^v i % By Edqisr Mortii Thimble Theater (UHAT#A PASS ALCME BEHIND THEIR GOAL ' E BALJ-.'/IT , COACH, A PASS FCOAA f^BEP OM OUR '/s- ) f INCH LIME ?? ) THE LEKGTH OF THE FIELD.'/

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