Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 29, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 29, 1948
Page 3
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H O Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M, and 4 P. M. Saturday, October 30 Saturday night, October 30, at seven o'clock the Presbyterian Youth Fellowship is planning a Halloween parly for its members arid their friends. Costumes will be in order, though nol required. Mrs. John Harrie will lead the group in square dancing, and other entertainment is planned between dances. ceed Mr. Troyer at Patmos. W. G. Rogers of Tiilsa. Mr. Griffilb. A. V. Murray. Arthur O'Dell all of 'lulsa. Uiek Wise of Whcatley, Ark. . Mills of Ben ton. La. ' Mrs. Troyer will leave their new home in Aela, Sunday School and r;. J Mr. and Friday lor Oklahoma. The Oglesby Junior High Parent ;v Teachers Association will have its -,*Kummagc Sale. Saturday, October 30 in front of Gibson's Book Hlore on Elm street. Saturday, October 30 I'hc Hope Youth Center will have : a Halloween parly Saturday night irom 7:30 lo 10:30 p.m. All members are urged to attend and you will not be required to wear costumes as was previously announced:', Mrs. E. E. Troyer Entertained at Going Away Party Mrs. I.,, u. McCarl.y entertained with a going away party. Monday evening at her home in Patmos tor the pleasure of Mrs. E. E. 'iroyer who left Friday for her home in Ada, Okla. The Halloween motif was carried out in the decorations of the house and refreshments. A dessert plate was served to 30 guests. Mrs. Troyer received many lovely and useful gifts. Monday, November 1 'f, The Woman's Missionary Society of the First Baptist church will meet at the church Monday at 2:30 p.'m. /The Sun-beams of First Baptist church will meet Monday at -1 p.m. at the church. •The Junior G.A.'s and Junior R.A.'s of First Baptist church will iricct at the church, Monday at 5 p'm. , .The Y.W.A. of First Baptist church will meet Monday at U:15 pun. at the church Educational Building. All members are urged to attend. , The Ladies Auxiliary of Garrclt Memorial Baptist church will meet Monday at 2 p.m. Mrs. Wade Warren is president. '•Members of the W.S.C.S. of First Methodist church will have a Day oj Prayer worship service Monday aj. 10 a.m. Lunch will be served . auring the noon hour. •There will be a meeting of the Board of Stewards of First Molh- otlist church Monday at 7:3U p.m. "Members of the Women's Council of First Christian Church will meet in Fellowship Hall to sew lor the Bazaar. Mr. and Mrs. Troyer Honored at Birthday and Going Away Party Mrs. L. G McCarly and Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Bettinglield of Pat- nos were hostesses at a birthday dinner and going away party Tuesday, October 213 complimenting Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Trover who left Friday for their new home in Ada, Okla.' They were presented a lovely gift of table lamps. Dinner was served buffet style to the guests. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Lowcthorpe and Mrs. Herbert Lewallen and daughter. Carolyn rcutrned Thurs'- day night irom Little Hock where they attended the U.D.C. Slate Convention. Ed Balmer of New Orleans was Friday guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Kuggies and family, enroute to Hot Springs. Mi. and Mrs. Oscar Greenberg. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kobertson and son Freddie, will motor to Hot Springs Friday nighi to attend the Hope-Hot Springs ^iui'io. They will be joined in Arkadelnhia by Mr. and' Mrs. Clyde Kubertson. Circles 1 and 2 of the Women's Council of the First Christian Church will have a joint meeting at" the Fellowship Hall of the , church, Monday at 3:30 p.m. Mrs. George Doclds, Mrs. R. L. Ponder and Mrs. B. L. Hetlig will be co- hostesses for the meeting. the JThc Executive Board of First Presbyterian church wiU meet Monday at 2:30 p.m. A special prayer service will be held at- 3 o'clock in observance of the Week of Prayer on "Self Denial, Assemblies, and Home Missions." Homer Fuller, Dorsey Fuller and Gilson ROL-S will attend the Hope- Hot Springs game Friday night. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. J. W. . Mr:-;. S. E. Mrs. Lee £ lluckabeo. Hope. Cox, Patmos. till, Hope. "Circle 5 of the W.S.C.S. of First .Methodist church will meet in tin: liume of Mrs. Angus iJodson with Mrs. Mary Hi'.ium, co-hostess, on Monday night at 7:30 o'clock. ETr E. Troyer Honored a£ Farewell Dinner _I'j. E. Trover was honored a,.farewell dinner at tin: B Hotel, Wednesday evening by members of the Barnsdall Oil Company, to. celebrate his retirement after 3U years with the company. "_A four course dinner was served to approximately 30 present, after which Mr. Troyer was'pre- 1 scnted a wrist watch. ;,\V. M. Lotting 01 Tulsa was the master of ceremonies and introduced the following officials who g'a've short talks: R. W. Shannon of- Earlsboro, Okla.. who will suc- H. Smart arrival of 1U-48. Julin Chester Mr. and Mrs. Gordon of Patmos announce the a daughter, October 28, Admitted: A. R. Arrington, Toxarkana. Tex. Mrs. Frank Simmons, Washington. Ark. Discharged: Mrs. Vada Jones, Hope. C. E. Formy, aPtmos. By WILLIAM E. GILROY, D.D Long ago I outgrew the notion, prevalent in my childhood, that Solomon was "the wisest man that ever lived." That judgment, based upon his wise choice il Kings 3:. : i- lli). and his judgment in the dispute of the two'women over the babe (verses 24-'2~t), had little warrant in relation to the whole record of Solomon "in all his glory." For his reign began with the murder of his half-brother, and the burdens that ho put. upon the people for the building of his palaces and the temple led to the rebellion, following his death, in which the kingdom was divided, with the ultimate destruction of both parts. But, if Solomon departed from his alleged wisdom, the wisdom stands, and the Bible is the wisest book in the world. Its prcception of wisdom is based upon the ex- perincces and observance of men of keen discernment and high integrity. They were philosophers, men of deep thought, but they I were also practical men. They observed the effect of wrong ideas and aims, or of right ideas and aims, upon individuals and the community. They marked the difference between right and wrong as they observed these effects, but they found the roots of righteousness in something deeper than apparent pleasure or pain, profit or loss. When they saw the wicked flourishing and prospering "like a green bay tree," they were unimpressed, because they knew how hollow was the seeming success. Who has not seen the building up of a great fortune by dishonest means iollowcd by the moral and social ruin of the family which it was supposed to bless? If these wise men erred, it was in the reverse matter of too closely associating' outward welfare with right conduct. They failed rightly to appraise the suffering of men for conscience sake, and the involvement of the righteous in the common lot of mankind in experiences of trial, unhappiness, and disaster. It was to correct this error, and to face this age-long problem of suffering, that the Book of Job was written. But in the main it is true that right conduct leads to happiness and welfare, and wrong conduct leads to unhappiness and ruin. The wisdom underlying that generalized observation is justified by unman experience. Moreover, the deep moral foundations of life are manifest in the lact that suffering for conscience sake brings with it a sense ot moral -rectitude and spiritual strength, very different from the No Co'.d Weather \n Sigh?' Over 'Weekend BY WILLIAM IRISH Copyright by William Irish—Dislribiitcd by NEA SERVICE, INC. •• Page Three Nationals Routed Peipin;:. Oct. 29 — (UP» — The | Alanchurian Army of Gcneralis- jsimo Chiang Kai She!; is in full iretreat before Communist forces drivini; it south toward a Dukcr- at the Yellow sea port of iYinukow. mint dispatches said to!day". Nationalist forces have started pulling out of Mukden for a retreat a 10-inilo "hairline cor- Filipino Veterans Demonstrate at U. S. Embassy Manila, Oct.— 29 I.-V) — Two- thousand Filipino guerilla veterans staged a demonstration in front of the United States embassy today demanding payment for service in World War IT. Col. Manuel T. Kikit. command* er of the Filipino guerrilla veterans legion, led the peaceful demonstration. The guerrillas carried placards that read: "America! Yuu have sent billions of dollars to Goarmany and Japan while Filipino guerrillas forgotten." ridor" to Yingkow and responsible I are conveniently sources said the government had -- — — rushed transports to the port to The first ring-neck pheasants haul them out. ] were imported in 1790 by an Eng- Chinese officials and foreign j lishman who married the daughter .—..__.. --~. ._:_:_. i of Benjamin Franklin. consciousness of suffering through sin and folly. Ihe Wisdom of the Bible is not confined to the so-called wisdom literature, but it is in the Bible a a whole; and the wisdom of the Old Testament has its climax am confirmation in the wisdom, of the Nuw. WITH THIS TABLET MADE JUST FOR YOUR CHILD... ED easy to «ivr n7! I Chicago. Oct. 29 —i/l'i—No cold weather is in sinht over the weekend to spoil ihe spell of fair, pleasant weather over tiie Eastern half of the country. The U. S. Weather Bureau said temperatures will be above normal agin toclav from Ihe Mississippi valley to 'the Atlantic coast. Not much change is expected tomorrow and Sunday. Rain fell last night and today in the Western hall' of ,thc country. Falls were reported in parts of the Dakotas. Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma; light rains in the Central Rockies and over a narrow belt in Western Washington and Oregon and isolated .sections of Northern California. Tfinpe'.-aUnvs in the 70s \vere, p reported yesterday in several mid- - J 7 oo great, no detail too small. Scorning to raise hand to the KM'tal himself, possibly under the conviction that it was not fitting or a man to have to knock at the ioor of his own house, he tried he knob, found it unlocked, and :nlered. There was on the inside j the distinctive — and in this aroma a new house has, of freshly planed wood, the astringent turpentine in paint, window putty, several other less identifiable ingredients. A virginal staircase, its newly applied maple varnish protected by a strip of brown wrapping paper running down its center, rose at the back of the hall to the floor above. "Who's that down there?" a woman's voice called hollowly through the empty spaces. He came to the foot of the stairs. "Oh, it's you, Mr. Lou. 'Bout ready for you now, I reckon." The gnarled face of an elderly colored woman, topped by a dust- kerchief tied bandana-stylo, was over the upstairs He took up the" small stiff-backed daguerreotype and looked at it. The subject was not young. She was not beautiful. She could be called attractive. Tivs then was the bargain HR had made with love taking what he could get, in sudden elcsperst; haste, for fear of getting nothing cit all. Paris, Oct. 29 — (UP) — Western delegates to the United Nations expressed fear today that Premier Josef Stalin's denunciation of the west was a signal for Soviet intensification of the East- West cold war. It was feared that Soviet representatives would not only increase their denunciations of the West on the Berlin crisis 'in the United Nations but would step up the tcm- I The sun was bright, the sky was blue, the lime, was May; New Orleans was heaven, and heaven must have been only another New Orleans, it couldn't have been any better. In his bachelor quarters on St. Charles Street, Louis Durand w:',s getting dressed. Not for the firs,, time that day. for the sun was already high and he'd been up and about for hours; but for the greai event of that day. This wasn't just a day, this was the day 01 all days. A day that comes just once to a man, and now had come to him. It had come late, but it had come. It was now. It was today. He wasn't young any more. Others didn't tell him this, lie tolcl himself this. He wasn't old. as men go. But for such a thing as' this, he wasn't too young any more. Thirty-seven. On the wall there was a calendar, the first four leaves peeled back lo bare the fifth. At top center, this was inscribed May. Then on each side of this, in slanted. 0 : .'''^."-iR- 1 ? 1 *' renorlect yesterday in several m W'f *;i;!(i!rSf,^! I Western "cities. Kansas City's ,'?''•*•'<'<'.";'['},' ! '.'.,'• jwas ihe highest, 'file top mark M \:--r ,vBMii-j. I live nalion's weather map was " "" " 'at Brownsville. Tex. You're sure to win... if you register now for FRIDAY, NOV. 5th — Bctv/cen 11-00 and 12:00 Everybody who registers for Hormel Day .can win a valuable prize! No purchase necessary. Don't miss this chance to win some of the tasties; meats and foods you've ever enjoyed! O Just Look Tor This Hormel Day Registration Dak at your favorhc- food store © Fill Out This Card you find there ® Drop the Card in the Slot P; It's as easy as that! Register HOW a} your grocers GEO. A. HORMEL & CO., Austin, Miimssoia po of the cold war throughout the world. Stalin's statement frankly disturbed many delegates and they abandoned what little hope hey had for an early settlement of the ?rlin crisis. His remarks were seen as an obvious categorical rejection of the West's offer earlier this week to settle the Berlin crisis outside the United Nations on the same basis as the neutral resolution vetoed Monday by Russia. Western "delegates likewise abandoned hope that the general assembly might ease the tensions resulting from the deep schisms between East and West, which the more optimistic had considered possible. No UN delegate had any idea of Stalin's motives in making his statement, but all assumed that the Soviet premier had not changed his usual cairn tone for : nothing. Everything Stalin said concerning the "aggressive" policies of the West and alleged plans of the Wesl's leaders to "unleash a new war" has been said time and time again. Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov has been saying the same thing with increasing frequency and intensity at international con! ferences for three years. Soviet ! publications and Radio Moscow 1 hav been blaring similar accusa- 1 lions hour after hour for months. ! The most inipoitant thin 1 .;, ae- i cord inn to the views of Western ; delegates, is that now for the first Jlime'Sialin himself has said them. •j In the eyes of many Westerners 'Stalin has'always been ihe grand- j fatherly member of the Soviet re• Clime. ' Western representative's i have always looked to nun to ! .slre-tch out';, mneleratint! hand when reiii'-'.h. lions delegates, wher- n:l today, weie asking what exactly wa atiie I Stalin wished to con- •oi'id by his words. rts ana- StaHn i-talcmcnl this . radical departure from tsiin pnjceeiiii'e. l! vu all Dt Stalin's ilemeiits. interview.-' tu riue.-liuns you will iii'- ea i.- Suviet UYU year •*-_'it thai • is unrea :-'.li_- the leat ; r.f war. nab!; 111 a t shadow-casting, heavily eurlicued j numerals, the year-date was gra- i tuitously given the beholder: U;>;i. : Below, within their little boxed I squares, the first !!) numeriils ! had been strokeel off with !'."-.(. pencil. About the twentieth, I'll: time in red crayon, a heavy circle a bull's- eve, had been trac.ci Around and around, as though it could not be emphasii'.ed enough. And Irom there on, the numbers were blank; in the future. On the bureau, before which he stood using his hairbrush, lay a pndcet of letters and a daguerreotype. tic put down bis brush, and:, prusing for a 1110111011! in his preparations, took them up one by one ami hurriedly glanced through each. The I'irsi bore the letterhead: "The Friendly Corresi.ond- c-ne-c Society of St. "Louis, IVlo. -an Association for Ladies an,I Gentlemen of High Character." and began in a fine masculine band: Dear Sir: In reply to your inquiry we are please'.! to forward to you the n,-,me and address of one of our member:;, and if you will address yourself to her in person, we feel sure a mutually satisfactory correspondence may be cncjnrjed upon— The noxi was in a.n even hand, this lime fe ear Mr. Uurand: — Y'i's mo"t sincerelv. .•II." The next: . . Sine.-i ei noil: sincere friend. Julia." And then: "Dear Louis: . . . Your sincere Julia." And then: "Louis, dear: . . Your Julia." And linally: "Louis, my beloved: . . . Your own impatient Julia." There was a postscript to this one: "Will the eighteenth never come? i count the hours- for the boat to sail!" peering down guardrail. "How is it up there?" "Coming along." He launched into an unexpected little run that carried him at a sprightly pace up the stairs. "I want to see the bedroom, mainly," he announced, brushing by her. "What bridegroom don't?' she chuckled. He stopped in the doorway, looked back at her rebukingly. "On account of the wallpaper,' 'he took pains to qualify. "You don "I have to 'splain to me, Mr. Lou. I was in this world 'fore you was even born." He went, over to the wall, traced his fingers along it, as though the lowers were taclilc, instead of just visual. "It looks even better up, don't you think " "Right pretty," she agreed. "It was the closest I could get. They had to send all the way to New York for it. See I asked her what her favorite kind was, without telling her why I wanted to know." He tumbled in his pocket, took out a letter, and scanned it carefully. He finally located the passage he wanted, underscored it with his finger. "— and for a bedroom I like. pink, but nol loo bright a pink, with .small blue llowers like forget-me-nots." He refolded the letler triumphantly, cocked his head at the walls. He put them in order again, i Aunt Sarah was giving or.Iy a patted them tenderly, fondly, into perfunctory ear. "I got a pasel of IPS inside coat pocket, the one that I work to do yet. If you'll 'sense me, Mr. Lou. I wish you'd get oul the way." He left the down lo tlu diplomats, who swarmed into this North China stronghold of the government by air, said Gen. Wei Li Huang apparently had no intention of leaving any defenders behind for a rear guard action or "last ditch" stand at Mukden. But six nationalist divisions were and not unpleasant I tn rown into battle to hold the es- case enchanting I cape corridor open against the assaults of superior Communist forces along a 130-mile front. The Communists were reported to have already thrown advance units into a fight to seal Yingkow. These units were reported in action against Chinsi, some SO miles west of Yingkow across the Gulf of Liaotung. Communist Gen. Lin Piao was reported to have sent an ultimatum lo Munkdcn threatening "annihilation" of government defenders who have not left the city by Now. 15. American sources said U. S. Consul Angus Ward and his staff would remain, giving the U. S. official consular connections inside a Chinese Communist area for the first time. U. S. planes now are delivering food and supplies for the American diplomats. The American decision to keep its diplomatic representatives in Munden lent support to the widespread reports there would be r^ battle tor the city. The fall of Mukden would give the Communists a clean sweep in. the campaign that began on V-J Day with their occupation of strategic Manchuria areas. From those bases they spread out over the vast northeast hard, on the heels of the withdrawing of Soviet troops. ; With Mukden and its surrounding territory, the Communists would have absolute control of 40, COO square miles and open the way for establishment of an independ ent government along the lines of a blueprint already drawn up, Military aulhorities here be licved Gen. Lin would follow up his Manchurian successes by throwing the full weight of his armies against North China, with Peiping and Tientsin the first targets. went over to heart. lie took up. ne>w, ih baeked da'~tierreutype at it long and rapliy. was not youni). Slio old woman, certainly. equally certainly no • small stiff- an.'l looked The subject was nol an bill she was inger a girl. ' An'l :: !\!is.; J. lifer feature:; were sharply indented | with the approaching emphases of rllcrnation. There was, an incisive- iness to the mouth that was not yet, but. \voulet be presently, sharpness. There: was a keen appearance to fiiier the eyes that heralded the onset of "My ! sunken creases and constrictions gned about them. Not yet, but present- J{us-|.ly. The groundwork was being j laid. There was a curvature; to the mre that presently woulel be- There was a proin- chin ihat presently a ju'.iin^-otit. beautiful. She could letive. for she was room and went back waiting carriage. To ihe Canal Street Pier," he sighed with blissful anticipation, "to meet the boat from St. Louis." (To Be Continued i caused by functional 'middle-age'! Do you suffer from hot flashes, weak, nervous. Irritable clammy feelings—• due to the functional 'middle-age' polled peculiar to women (38-52 y rs.) ? Then DO try Lydla E.Plnkham'S Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms! It alto has what Doctors call a stomachic tonic effect I E. PINKHAM'S BBSS' Ladies' Specialty Shop Brings you EXTRA SAVINGS DOROTHY DIX Foto! Dear Miss D that it is not. married cuuple in-laws. We are my husband's six months unlil lege and K'Jts a ther say? that l>arr;ain he had :ik:ng what he iid'•]i (i sperate L;citing nothing have us. She seems like, woman. At least I nev an argument with her Uo you think it \ stay with his mother to try lo fine! an ana have theii like a sv.a "i you will thin marriages a! have assisted it is nnthii:-..; Delicate A'. Human living is bound For when rieil. they experimei: taking in ; other, 10 a her. anei FRIDAY and SATURDAY & © One large group of Cotton Print Dresses and Brunch Coats. In Sizes 12to20 EACH Nationally known brands in cotton broadcloth and lace, keeps its shape and yours EACH © © © 30-clenier, 45-guage Nylons. Colors Sunnibrown and Sun Lure PAIR Shop for other items included in this 2 day sale for .. ALL SALES CASH AND FINAL COME SEE Each Ark.

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