Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1948 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1948
Page 11
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f Page Twelve" HOPS STAR, HOP1, ARKANJ AS Thursday, October 28, 1948 OZARK IKE By Chick Youna 4 HAWL.WHATTA f GAQf... AND WHEN STORMY DISCOVERS AND I'lW WARNING YOU, T£X TINHORN... THUMB, uo YO STUFF/...WE GOTTA BE THERE IN TIME PER TH' KICKOFF; IF HE DOESN'T SHOW UP FOR OUR GAME WITH YOUR BEQ PARDON, MISS KNIGHT.,. YOU SAY OZARK IKE HASN'T / REPORTED TO THE WILDCATS T^ OAGWOCQ WILL YOU F THE SHELF IN ', IT'S FIXED-) i WHOEVER THAT WILL BE •r'S HEARD OF A FOUR DOLLARS )( WIFE PAVING HER HUSBAND TO DO ODD SHE'S BOUGHT A TERRORS TOMORROW, ILL SING MY HEAD OFF TO THE FOOTBALL COMMISSIONER/,.. AND FURTHERMORE... ml', HALFBACK WHO A/NT HALFBACKIU' THIS SEASON... WILL HAVE TO JOBS AROUND HOUSE r SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith COPR. 1810 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. WEG. U. S. PAT. DFr. Noted Pianist (o Previous Po«tle "He srnelled that hamburger and onions I just fried and v he wouldn't settle for milk!" CARNIVAL By Dick Turner , COM. 18M 6V NtA 86BVICE, INC. T. M. fiEO. V. 8, MT. OFfc | HORIZONTAL j 1,6 Pictured I famous pianist 14 Stop 15 Gratification 10 Arrived 17 Needy 18 Crimean river 19 Compass point 20 Dish-maker 22 Cover 23 Accomplish 24 Bachelor of Arts (ab.) 25 Atop 27 Symbol for neon 28 Come in 30 Citadel 32 Girl's name 33 Consumed 34 Rapidity 36 Seethes 39 Abraham's home 40 Pronoun 41 Boy's nickname 42 Preposition 43 Wire measure 45 Bedding 50 Indian 51 Continent 53 Elliptical 54 Poker stake 55 He is also 57 Named 58 Dcriders 60 Scents VERTICAL 1 Agree 2 Cause 3 Domesticated 4 Employ 5 Concerning 6 Place .#• 7 Coagulate 8 In this place 9 Symbol for sodium 10 Man's name 11 Papal edict 12 Stoat 13 Commander 17 Italian river 20 Processions 21 Turns 0 A H N T E D b 0 L> b A l_ e E E s b T K b 1 N 1 u E E T A H A V h T t Vr' ;'"•;, M e N u ,'••; U ir 1 N K R n h C U H IN r V ~ G = A IN U T DR FREDERIC BANTIN R o 1 ti A N » S T 1 H P L. b= /N K £ H N K£ S A U l_ ^{' S? R A B H A H \« V E N '.i' S'-> U H C 1 ft H ^ R E S A L fc M A R e A 1 R E R 1 S fl 1 A F> 1 F? O W F N S 24 Moisten 26 He is a — artist 29 Cravat 31 Tiny 34 Shrubs 35 Jail 37 Concern 38 Horses 44 Fruit 46 Stockings 47 Always 48 Hearing organs ' 49 Thallium (symbol) 50 To 52 Mimic 54 Help 56 Either . 57 Company (ab.) 14 HO m 15 %•"** ' ***%£* 18 VI -iss 18 sss 3t ?1 FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger "Troubled?" 1 I i, I'm sorry, sir, but as consolation for missing cur ftCkpot question, may we present you with this ten years' supply of headache tablets?" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser TiMED IT JUST RIGHT.' T WILL YOU LOOK -, A ( A SW(kLL T FOR6ET. IT'S JUST / WHO'S MERE , JUME '• ) TOWN • ' DOMT . HAPpy COINCIDENCE/ THAT'S SWEET IS FRECKLES HOME? yes, /JUST MA'AM, THIS I TELL. IS MORE IMPORTANT OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms VOU DID IpPHFNO WONDER I THAT "SMjl WAS FLOPPINV JM VORESELF - )|j/ AROUND AM 1 \tfflft TUEMINJ 1 OVER IM " OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Maior Hooplo NOW, SODY.' 1 A SADDLE k KEEP ME AWAKE-- ACNuifl! X -^>~-^^=>4^\ ... * THE MIDWl&HT OIL. f:'"* , •--'• ;'^' L'\M5> ARE You ~A Ail)CTL)R.E. THAT'LL "THE BClD&'S CAK& FRONA. FALLlMS &V IT virm 35 POUMDS OF AIR ? DOhi'T TELL OST 1 ^ (?AME _ - , LET US GOeSS.'/ tOlMCOl^POOPS/ T'LL SAV IT'S ft VOL) AREMT RUFFA ME\M SOFT \\ LlK >e> «<sa DRINJK THAT -cSSST ALSO \MILL. ^Sf^^^ ESAD/ "S-V THIS \MILL ee AtOD GRAMV r <^\\^> STUPe^3DOUS, ST SMELLS A j LITTLE £6HELLAC - By Michael O'Mallcy & Ralph Lane I GET IT/ WE MAKE A LIST OF EVERY-; ONE WHOSE FIRST NAME IS ROBIN BUT, VIC, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW YOUR \ ', * NOW THAT I THINK OF IT, MY VISITOR'S HANDS WERE UKE A SURGEON'S. EVERYTHING SEEMS TO ADD UP TO DOCTOR, t 6IVE ME YOUR PHONE Jj> BOOK, LIBBY. ~/^ ® WOULD-BE CLIENT'S LAST NAME.' = USE THE YEUOW SECTION AND LO UNDER "PHYSICIANS ) SURGEONS EITHER OF WHOSE FIR5T "WO INITIALS WE CAN* Af-FORD TO MISS ANYf BETf WASH TUBES Bl Leslie Turner EVIER.yTHIMGS 6OME ftGAIMSf US SO FAR, EASY...OUR LUCK'S. BOUND TO CHANGE SOON I I CLOUTS MMi MR. SMEATH UPS M? ACTS RIGHT NW2STV WOT 2 7 X MEMO IVE 3UST' _ . * / fM<7x-/-\\ient:r-i t:*. e> til/-« DISCOVERED EKSV'S- SLIGHT BUT COSTLY" MISTAKE! HE C&M LOOK FOR"REGGIE"TILL DOOMS \\ DW/...BUT WE'LL HPMB \\ ROLAND'S BOX &V j • \\TOMORROW NIGHT! < 1 V vV, FIWI>"eEGGIE'"fxNDILy l AFOOT! By Carl Anderson -TLTLR DONALD DUCK 6y Walt Disney SORKV...IT'S BECAUSE WE WERE SO MAD AT YOU OKAV...HERE \ HELLO, DMCA OONALP.., YOU'LL HAVE T' BRING OUR BOOKS OVER T'SCHOOL.,. VVE FORGOT N EM/ CAN'T YOU REMEMBER ANYTHING? YOUR MEMORV/ ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamiin „ IOOKS LIKE \ YE5, BUT T . TH'CEITTEES \V.17ULPN'T BET NEVER MIND THAT...LETS GET &\CK TO THAT / BUT LCOK, BUSINESS OF Y0U filVIN' PRESENTS T<? OOOU*. (3IVENJJ5.UP.' I IF IT HADN'T By cdgur Martin 'XQO'b'W H\V\ \ Thimble Theater r£M£ IT ro IRSIDE QUICK- KICKS ON SECOND DOWN .'( •AMD LUMMOX LETS THE BALL LINE M EOLL OUT ON OURSIDE'S -

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