Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1948 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1948
Page 8
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Paga tight To Ask Extra Money for Marshall Plan By STERLING F. GREEN Washington, Oct. 28 — (/r>j — Foreign aid officials saicl today thoy expect to ask Congress for "nn extra $1,200,000,000 to carry the Mat- shall plan through April," May and June of next year. The $5,055.000,000 appropriation lor European recovery will have been exhausted by the enri of March — 12 months after the program's start — a spokesman !or the Economic Copcralion Administration reported privately. Congress voted the recovery money for 15 months, or until the end of the federal fiscal year next June 30 but give President Truman the power to let ECA use it up in 12 months if necessary. At ECA it was said the president's formal approval of the 12- month schedule may be asked within the next (wo weeks. As early as last August, Mr. Truman said a supplemental appropriation of $1,500 ,000.000 mi«hl be needed for the last three months of the program's lirst phase. The ECA spokesman said the HOPE STAR,HOPE, ARKANSAS new estimate of $ is as dose as the need can be gauged -at tliis minute. In any event, tho prosper.! of further foreign aid outlays, has focused new attention tin the 'attitude of Congress toward '". next year's Marshall plan: appropriation. CA Adminisli ator Paul G, Hoffman has said that, boeauso 'of Europe's marked progress • thus 'far, less money be nnrcled in the second I year of what has been projected as la Jour-year' undertaking. " I A private "weekly report for bus- jmcssrncn. the Marshall plan let- iter. reported today that 04 per- I rent of tho senators and representatives who answered a news lei- iter poll have adopted a "favor- lable" position toward the Marshall plan in the election campaign. ' Sixty-one per cent said they j think next year's regular appropriation .should be $4.0'O'0.000,000 .or jmoio. the news letter said. .Of ;those, eleven .per cent answered i "whatever needed," 15 per cnt ; raid SR.OOC.000,000, eleven'-per cent ($5,000,000,000 and 24 per cent $•},i (iOr;,000,000. The replies ranged ,on down to nothing at all. .„ ! The publication ,noted.' however, |that the replies ' to its 'queslion- maires fa) Represent less than n i majority of the House and Senate (memberships and (b) indicate that I most legislators w'll be sharply I critical of the effect ERP is hav- |ing on high prices in this country if 'they are re-elected. Thursday, October 28, 1948 Damage Suit Against Wealthy Turfman Camdcn. N. J. Oct. 27 — (/!>)— A $2,000 damage suit filed against William G. Hells, New Orleans mil- Ilionaire turfman, was being tried iin U. S. District court today. I The Helis Slock Farms," Jobstown, N. J., is charged with failure to deliver 109 steers and 211 co.ws and heifers in accordance with an oral agreement. Daniel Gottlieb and his three sons contend that Joseph Loper manager of the Ifclis farms agreed to soil him tho cattle a few days before Nov. l.'i, l!Mfi, for $22 400. Gottlieb testified that he already had agreed to resell the cattle to a Lancaster, Pa., cattle dealer. Samuel P. Orlando, counsel for Hdlis, who was not in court yesterday said in an answer to trie Gottlieb petition, that the Gottliebs vvere not entitled to the cattle since nothing was given to bind the bargain at the time of the alleged orn! agreement. A jury of eight women and four men was selected to hear testimony in the case. Fifty-six per cent said they believe the program is contributing to inflation "to a large extent." Wants More Control Over Armed Forces By ELTON C. FAY Washington, Oct. 28 —OTi— Secretary • of Defense Forrcstnl may suggest that Congress give his office firmer control over the three dog contests for n part of the taxpayer's dollar." There was no imrneidate formal comment from Forrcstal's office on the Royall or Bradley nxpres- sions. However, it was learned that the cabinet officer and his legal advisers have been quietly exploring the question of whether tho defense secretary needs something more than just authority to "coordinate" the activities of' the j army, navy and air force. i Royall's comment on the need; -~ ^vi_, *.,,_ Linutj for "unequivocal" direction was. armed services in the unfieci hut j interpreted in some quarters to sometimes quarrelsome military moan that he is plugging anew for I McMoth to 'Feel Out' Tax Setup establishment. an idea first advanced by . the , This possibility stood out today army when the unification bill m the light of two public state- was being drafted in 1945 and •ments by members of Forrestal's l!Hfi. official family— Secretary of the That idea calls for the appoint- £°yail ''L nd Army Chief of rnt-nt of a top chief of the joint Staff" Omar Bradley, pressed their views in speeches. Royall said at Baltimore Both Navy Day -"!' v.,1 11. 1. (.»! tilt; JV^llll. chiefs of staff with full authority to rule on arguments in that body. The joint chiefs of staff consist of the commanders of —-'"" ^«i^t (it. ijii nimui <j \vt: i LIJI -" v:ijiinijciiiut:rs oi the army nave found out where unification Inavy, air force and the chief of is not working" and whore I staff to the president changes are needed. Then he as- The position of chief ot staff to need of unequivoc ROBISON'S MENS DEPT. serted: "There is and authoritative direction command at the top, and must be given by statute." Bradley was more blunt said at Dos Moincs last nipht' "If the armed services arc i,, retain the trust and confidence of tne American people then they must put an end to their dog-eat- He to the president was created at the direction of the late President Roosevelt. Congress stepped carefully around the question of whether it should be continued. The National Security (Unification) Act defines the joint chiefs of staff as the military heads of the three services and the chief of staff to the cormnander-in-chief "if there be Booneville, Oct. 28 — (UP) — Gov. Designate Sid McMath was preparing to move into other sections of the state today in an effort to determine legislative reaction to a new plan for reassessing property in Arkansas. Meeting with northwestern Arkansas members of the House of Representatives here yesterday, tho ' Hot Springs prosecutor revealed a proposal calling for creation of a state appraisal board to assist county assessors in tho evaluation of property. Legislators here believed the plan would work. The proposal, if approved by the 1949 general assembly, is designed to allow the equalization of property assessments without the loss of votes to county assessor. McMath said that under the one." There has been only one so far, Admiral William p. Leahy. And Leahy said at Indianapolic yesterday he expects to give up that job this winter, no matter who is elected president. plan a stale appraisal board — composed of 12 qualified persons- would be created under the tax division of the Public Service Commission. The board's services would be available to any county whose assessor or property owners petitioned tor aid. The agency w6uld not be authorized to enter a county unless requested by the people. Reassessments made by the board would be final unless appealed to chancery court. "I believe this is a good plan." I said McMath. "It is worth consideration." Following the meeting McMath said none of the legislators voiced any objection to his proposed bond issues for a highway construction and improvement program. Rep.-Designate C. C. Davis of Fort Smith said "I have discussed the bond proposal in seven counties and I have yet to find a person who objects to it." After determining that all legislators would probably approve the bond proposal if assured that it would be free of graft, McMath said that all legal work except that of bond approving lawyers would be transacted without extra charge by the attorney general. In other action McMath told the legislators that he hopes to add S-LSOO.OOO to sales tax revenue — chiefly for old-age pensions — by tightening the methods of collection. "That's the only available source of new money for pensions right now. he said. "It will not increase pensions to the national average of $3P per month, but it will greatly relieve the situation." The Democratic nominee for governor also indicated that he would ask the legislature to increase salaries of the state revenue commissioner and heads ^ other departments in order to OD* tain competent men. He has scheduled a similar conference in Jonesboro Nov. 10 and plans two other meetings with legislators in other sections of the state. 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