Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1948
Page 5
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Thursday, October XO, 1948 Sterope Wins HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS in England Vjrfr Newmarket, england, Oct. 27 (/l v ). —Sterope, a 25 to 1 snot rrkn'ii by an 18-year-old apprentice jockey, gallopcad to victory in !he Lui'i- bndgeshire Stakes today and landed a betting rorlune for his owner, J. 13. Twonley, Tnwnley, a Preston business man whose silks have raced only the last three seasons, won ISO (Hit) . pound f$60,0001 by baching his three-year-old bay colt in one of England's biggest belling coups in 30 years. But the horse and his rifler, Donnis Schoficld. had to survive a foul claim to make 'the victory official. The objection on a eh;! 17,'" of crowding, was lodged by Jockey Charlie Hmirke. who finished second on Koyal Tara, halt' a length behind. Smirke said later t'ne sle\varcls not only overruled his claim that .he was jostled by the winner, but '.'fined me 25 pounds (SlOtli for making a frivolous objection." - Two lenyihs behind 'Koyal Tara. the French-bred Patchouli- and the well-liked Impeccable linished in a <iead heat for third place in the bulky Held of :-;2. Royal Tara, a five-year-old carrying top weight of 120 pounds, and Impeccable started at 100 to «, while Piilchoi.il v was 40 to 1. Huge crowds flocked to historic Newmarket Heath in the crisp autumn sunshine for the classic at a . mile and one-eighth, which ranks as one of British racing's biggest wagering events. . And in a day of sensations — climaxing a Cinderella story for the winning horse, jockey and owner — it lost none of Hie glamor that has gilded its 100-year history. • Townley's killing made the Cam- bridgeshire purse of. :!,OG<! pounds, live shillings ($12.273) look like peanuts. Townlcy purchases Sterope third hand lor an undisclosed price only- last July from Mrs. Sofer Whitburn, who had acquired him as a yearling for 170 guineas (S714). Steropo covered the nine furlongs in l:."j'l 2-r>. A surprise was the failure of Speciality, (he :> to 1 postlimc favorite, to finish in the monev. He wound up 12th. while the 10 to 1 second choice, Explorer, Imisnect eighth. -tjookniiikcrs headed a sigh of relief. A victory by Specially, stable- mate of Ccsarwith Stake's winnei Woodbuin, would have cost them a preltv penny becau.se of wagers coupling the pair in the traditional ";'uU:nin double." '.Ihe Cairibridye.shire also served ,ns the basis for pri/.f.-; in the Irish i Hospital sweepstakes. In Dublin, sweepstakes officials said the holcl- jcrs oi tickets on the two dead heat I horses would split the third-place Wright Brothers' Plane Is Coming Home SS'-ISklAJftHMP**-'-" X VKrnf. nimmii i n ......TIJULM. . . Laney Attacks i's Civil Memphis, Oct. 27 —(/Ti—Gov. Bon Lancy of Arkansas charged here tonight that, adoption of President Truman's civil rights proposals "would mean the breakdown of constitutional government" In a speech delivered at a rally in behalf of Stales Ri»hters Democratic presidential ticket of Govs. J. Strom Thurmond and Feilding | Wright, Lancy declared that Mr. Truman recogni7.es this fact. "Mr. Truman in making the order setting up the committee on civil rights admitted this when he requested thai a civil rights' program be set up, either by 'legislation or otherwise.' " the Arkansas governor said. He added: "The (prcsiciont si committee on civil rights admitted the unconstitutionality of the whole procedure iwhen it said, 'there is nothing in the constitution which in so many words autlhori7.es Ihe national government to protect the civil rights ,ol the American people on a com- Iprehensive basis.' '' Lancy listed several other specific grounds on which he said he Opposed the president's civil riL-hl; | program, probably the deciding (factor in formation of the States ! Rights parly. I "1. Tin- adoption of such a pro- iKrr.m would further centralize our j government. j "'2. It would mean eneourage- imc-nl of the communistic trends in 'America. _ "3. It would result in complete laiiuro as far as accomplishing | anything is concerned. i ''-I. It would mean confusion. j disunity. misunderstanding, de- jstruclion of slates rights bv the Ihompci-ii-.g of personal freedom land liberty, the b-n,-:hh>« of the constitution, the assassination of democracy itself." lie urged his lit;loners lo "-lo some voling. X X X voting for stales rights Voting for the preservation of personal liberty i and freedom . . . Voting for Thur! mond and Wright.'' Charged With -v. . ••-M*x&K i s^4.«&w&%!^&$Z!& , f^Mc^^^/-,, •ei!-'n Assistance Act. to use $1,000- !{!(«).OC'O of its Marshall piau appro ipriation in making loans which an: ! repayable and which will finance I specific industrial recovery pioj- !cc!s. \\hile approximately $'.!.."lOii.OOIt.- OC.i; already has been handed mi' in grains, th" loan |>rogram is be- liind schedule. The A.arsnall plan af'-nrv tf ••• I i scribed ils action as a "move to! | balance the ratio of loans ahti i : grants." j Acting ECA Administrator How-1 nvd Bruce said he did not believe ! the halt in new grants would last i long, or (hat it would affect the) over-all program of providing aid' under the KC'A program." j Yesterday another KOA spokes-; man prccicted that all loans tie-go-i illations now underway would 'lie I [concluded wilMin two weeks. I A loan of about $11(1,000,00 to Ire-; land is "inimineni." he said. i Larger credits to Frence --about! 5170.000,01) -- and the Netherlands.! •[:rorcimately SH.UOO.OOO plus Si3 -( for The Neiherlanus Indies. I are expected to be signed! ; shortly. , ( Bed-Ridden Boy Thankful, lor,. . ,- -«- • •• - "••• np -™"~^""*™™» With the Wright Brothers 1 famous plane, which first ventured into the ai.-ittvH-nvk N r hanging in the background, British Minister of Erticalion George Tomlinson hands the historic craft oack to the U. S. Ihe ceremony took place at the South Kensington Science Museum I ondon where the plane has been on display. It's now headed for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.' South Norwalk. Conn., Oct. 27— (UP)—Russia tried to get U. S. atomic secrets during the war and is trying even harder now. Lt. Gen. Leslie H. Groves disclosed today in an interview with the ! United Press. j "There definitely were Soviet ) attempts to get our atomic secrets I during the war," Ihe retired chief jot' the bomb'-project said, 'and," .he added, "these'.' attempts un- jdoubledly are being pushed with 'redoubled intensity today." Now thai he no longer is connected with the mammoth atomic enterprise which he guided from Us infancy in wartime, Groves consented to discuss on the record mailers on which he lent up to now. EC Hew Marshal! By JIM TKOMASSON Little Rock, Oct. 21 (,n.—Arkansas voters face a "long" ballot in next Tuesday's general election and, the principal reason is that there j European counines unless arc Ihree proposed constitutional jhavo signed Jo;-m agreements. amendments and four proposed I Britain and Iceland now have initialed acts. That means that in addition lo -- - _.. — _.. ._ selecting their choices for public office on a national, state and local level, the electorate must register "yes" or "no" on the seven amend- mcnt and initiated acts proposals. Two amendments and one initiated act have stirred some controversy. They are proposed Amemd- ment No. 41 sponsored by Governor Lancy, which would abolish Eciwardsvillc, 111., Ocl, '2.1 i/P>. —Motions were filed in Madison County Circuit court today to quash indictments charging Robert L. Knetzer and Arthur V. Kramer, bankrupt automobile dealers, with' conspiracy to clel'riuul and obtaining money by a confidence scheme. Arraignment of the two men. accused of swindling prospective customers, was deferred until the motions are heard bv Judge Edward F. Bareis I- riday. Alltorneys tor the defendant:: said they w'ill ... .plead innocent to the charges if Wasningten, Oct. 20 — (,Vi — The |-the motions are denied. Economic Cooperation Administra-1 In a supporting affidavit Knel- uon announced today il will make p'.er said his books and records no new Marshall plan grants to j were "unlawfully sei/.ed" by Ihe countries unless theyjgrand jury that indicted the" men. Only ! His affidavit also stated (hat news- loan papers and radio stations marie "certain false accusations and pro- cuts off Judicial and inflamalory statements |wh:ch I now state prejujudiced the I members of the grand jury against I me." agreements. The action temporarily ^,1,= un,.-new grants, or outrirjht »ifts. of re- I wll:t;h covery ;,id to France. Italy Den- New York, Oct. 27 'UP) — An 11-year-old, boy bcd-riddeh by infantile paralysis thanked the mic.-jcle of ieiovision today lor. proving his ctoa was alive, .Four nights ago Leonard Selman dreamed his 'dog Blackic •w'lif- doad. He way inconsolable. He i efused to believe -his parents' assurances that 'a' voter-' apiarian had u p c r a t e d on L'Uickie but he was coming atom; fine-.- --..-. Hospital rules prohibited animals so Mr. and Mrs-. Heiman couldn't bring the dog \n. He was too weak to bark over Ihe phone, . . ... , ,, . Then the National Foundation lor infantile Paralysis got in touch with Television Station. VvPIX for a private telecast of Blackic. ..... .Last night .a ' television set was installed at the boy's bedside. It lit. up and a' small black dog -looked.' oat at 'Leonard quiv./.ically. "That's all I wanted to. know," said Leonard thankfully. : .Peru's estimated -UI2.2f>» squart miles of territory lie wholly with in the tropics. Confinue Search for Woman W^ Fell From Train 5 . .. ,, , , _ 'm?/*, „,( Hopkinsville. Ky., Oct. "27 —(/P)— Officials here totlny continued their investigation of the reported fall of a .'{-'-year-old woman, .from a moving train near here-.yesterday. Mrs, Huth Cooney, Chicago, was in Stuart Memorial hospital here with a broken left arm and severe tuts and bruises over 1 her 1 head and body. Sheriff Lanice Fiilroll said '.he woman told him - : she wag uushf'd from the Louisville and Nashville's crack Georgian about 10 miles north of here. '•'-' In Allanta. however, £,:•'& N. of- ikials who declined to be quoted, ;aid they believed the wftman fell iccicii-ntally when she opened the >vrpng door. Futrcll said Mrs. Coofiev, en- oute to Atlanta on a vacation, told iim she had taken one drink with i sailor, and marine', both enroute .o Parris Island, S. C., ' A three-year-old son "of. Mrs. -ooney, Robert Cooney, • Jr., con- -inued the train trip to'Atlanta un- Jcr custody of the conductor and .viis met by his gt-andmother, Mrs, Ruth Bush. ' ••••..;.:'• Planetoids or tiny planets were ormed, according lo one theory, >y the explosion of a larger, prim- .tivc planet. mark. Norway. Sweden. Belgium. Ireland, The Netherlands and Tur- The 52-year-old Groves, now .,,_,_ president or Remington Rand, Inc., L» »>~ iv;i_uiu "^i -t_j«.»111. J- , \iim_n w VJLI i vl has been si- legislative authority to levy a state property tax, and proposed These are the for ECA aid on TRIMBLE TO SPEAK Bcrryville, Oct. 27 —i/Pj:it the Third - Hep. District '"""'i-l' ln 1>U ' B ' C - S: ' 10i ' nionths. |before a meeting of the Mississippi me l.nusn ye.-ierciay signed a!Valley Flood Control Association loan ngrctMiient for S.'ilO.GOO.nOO and ! at New Orleans Nov 23 I ated No. 2, to limit local op- initi- Iceland alr-< vice i tii -^ vi it ^- L - - -, -- --- - i .,_ o ._ <iiu jiiv [lion liquor elections to the biennial cited as one example of Soviet iii itercst in American atomic matters !an incident at Hanford, Wash. ! It was in-the early days of the j bomb project when nobody knew i lor sure whether the §2,000,000,000 lundeitaking would pay off. Some- tiling went wrong at Ihe huge Han- lord plant where Plutonium, an j atomic explosive,-'-is made from uranium. '? -• • •-• "Within 24 :hours," Groves said, "Knowledge of Ihe difficulty had I reacned Neaw York, and there was I well-founded suspicion that it was (turned over: ,to -a person 'outside ; Ihn project'." But the difficullv was repaired .null ;jl.]UL/i Uli^l-ltvns to UK. '.INovember general election. School people have opposed proposed Amendment No. 41, contending it would reduce funds for educational purposes. The legislature already has eliminated a properly tax as a source of state income. Next Tuesday, Ihe electorate is to decide whether to make it definite that the general assembly couldn't revive this levy. Governor Lancy. who sponsored the proposal, contends that the stale would get put of the properly lax field, leaving that revenue source lo local governmental units. Discussing it recently, ho said that — -.. ",T .vt..J »v.|Jillll,-LI the Hanford plant went on lo May Carry Four States Little Rock, Oct. 27 M 1 :. — Gov. lion L;:ney of Arkansas believes ilhe States rights Democratic pre-- jidcntial candidate J. Strom fhur- -ir.ond will carry South Carolina. ; Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. ives the states ri."hts 'Ar- he . And ticket a "good chance" in kansas, Texas and Georgia. Laney made these predictions at a news conference, a Jew hours before going to Memphis, when 1 he 'spoke tonight in behalf of the | Stales Rightcrs. Nearly 2.000 planetoids or tiny planets have been catalogued by astronomers. Kentucky Wonder !b. LETTUCE .<&. Heads JL JN ORANGES 'Texas <I? bag <*L CARROTS IS Bunches 2 Large B ne PLAIN ib. 39c COLORED in sticks . Ib. 4'7c E P IT* b«« 6" c-f Sv r- -'"f -r < ncnic rioiiis Or- • MONARCH Moncrcb SPINACH FRUIT FOR SALAD Monarch Red Mo. 2 ir^ f^ ;S con No. 2 Can H'UC Little Andy No. 2 LIMA BEANS can a. i f • i King Loo STICK CANDY pkg. rrankt! s CAKES, CUtAD, ROLLS DON'T FORGET TO SUGISTER FOR HORMif-L DAY Phone 266 GRO. & We MKT. Delivei production of-the "stuff to m;iUc bombs. .—•- j Groves believes ^the Russians pot ihold of "many facts about the jU. o. atomic bomb project during !tne war. ' He so reported lo President Truman. Rut he doubts the Russians knew then how to interpret or what to do with iho secrets they fiol. And ho has not revised his estimate that me bovicts will not be able to m.-nuitacture atomic bombs before 10.-;o at the earliest "H is my belief, based on Rus;Sian actions," Groves said, "that I the- Soviets -- no mailer what in- |tormation they go' before Hiro |sh::na—did not realize U) lhal we jwere close lo'dropping an atomic j bomb and C>> what effect it would |ha>'^ on the war. j "They knew we were in this re- j seavch. I don't know just how , much they knew'. But I don't think ]l.ii-'-y realised how important it : w,->.•;."' - C roves chuckled and said he •o is exempt from the. sweeping ECA decree because she concluded a Sli.SUO.OOO fisheries credit in ti )e .summer. ECA. is obliged under the For- Congre.ssir.an Trimble is a member of the committee on public- works, which has jurisdiction of all matters concerning flood control and liver harbor -development. MEALS TASTE Bff TEK WHEN YOU- ; SERVE --•'- • I - •- ..>••: i'.'-V - J tt'»/.wjS-i-,v'- •,. ... W".- ••'*" BLUE RIBBON' BREAD s AT YOUR ft' i -IF \s rs A is g- n \f GROCERS and C'j.T Y BAKERY , the last legislature .yave schools , more money than was lost lo them j through legislative elimination of j >w was to ..--omo of the re- s', nl back by Russian spies Iho Dak Rid»o. Tei.n.. plant J >UK". e explosive uranium-'':i5 was :;'M>arr:ted l ;v : , tedious nrocess .i-om ni.n-exphisive U-23!!. Tons of inaieruil went to one end: Practi- t': 1 !!'-- no'hint; came out the other. "II a Russian agent uol a report and seal it to Moscow sayinv, thou- .;;iiici.s o( persons were employed in a plant which produced nothing I wonder." Groves said, "how the rewrt was interpreted." -but \'.-'neihei- they knew what to d" with them or not. the Russians C 'M Ket ;i lot of atomic secrels. The bit- secret is how much ato.'nie e.v: plosive — the "critical assembly" has to be bmuyh'. .suddenly to- s.'1'iliiM- for an explosion to "lake place. Groves : | d frankly. "I don't .'••"«w tnat the- Russians .not any !inlo:-mation about the critical as- I don't know that thev the siale property tax. Proposed Initiated Act. No. 2 has been attacked by Ihe Anti-Saloon League and other day forces on the ground that it "would completely destroy local option.' 1 The local option statute, an initi-[ alcd proposal approved in 19!2, I permits local option liquor eloe-1 tions lo be held at any time in anv i governmental subdivision upon pe-1 titions of ].! percent of the qirdi- fied electors. Proposed' Initiated Act. No. 1 would ti.-Tiend thai act to provide jlhal the elections bo held only on Ihc biennial November general ' election clays. ! Proposed conslilntional Amen-l-i menl No. 4(1 also has drawn some ! opposition. It would remove the It 1 ,! mill maximum for school district ; taxes. j After tiie education committee of' the Arkansas Legislative Council. ' which contains AEA members, ex-i pressed oppoMlion to proposi-d amendment No. •!). G(;v. Lam>v i-;- : sued a statemcnl attaek'inu No' -1') '' He criticized tiie AKA and p;-o- j riiclorl that if ?,'o. -i') j s a(!opted. : the state's already low properly j ass'-.-smenls will rleelirie even mo- : - ' and that school tax levies ef more than Hi mill. There has been no noi"d opposi-j lien to ihe other proposals. ! They include: • | Proposed Amendmenl No. H!), to! authorise registration of voters-—' now prohibited (•(inslilutioally—-in i the event the poll lax is abolished. ! Proposed initiated Act. 1 to abol- j ish school districts having le>--'; linn j .'lr)1 school am; chil-.ln-n. IMtt'-rl.v | opposed by James (Undo Macij Mai-Kri'll. L.iitle R,, c l; .shuwman. a | similar proposal was defeated t wu I I years. There has been little or no i ! organized opposition to liiit: year's! proposal. ' , Proposed initiated Act. No. assure the Republican party resented on state air! eounlv lion boards and permit the; lieral 'electiu A" N&tional Favorifa Rich and Flavorful Pork & Beans Cheese Food LIDDY'S Vienna Sausage LIBSY'S Polled Meat LIBDY'S Potied Meat No. ' Wo. No. I9c lOc I6c Chod-O-Bif American LIOBY'S Deviled Ham NO.'/, I9c LIBEY'S Lunch Tongue No .'/ 2 29c SLICED OR HALVES Libby Peaches No . 21/1 33c many distriels would vote i less iniead of j FANCY JONATHAN Apples 2 FANCY DDLICIOUS Apples TEXAS Oranges 8 lb. lb. 25c ISc 39c to C o c o a n u I s Cranberries GREEN Cabbage RUSSET Potatoes GOLDEN Carrots Fresli Sweet Now Crop lb. 5 lb 2 Bu 4c 23c I9c Salad Dressing Sparkle Gelatin Cider Vinegar p^o Prep. Spaghetti A-Jax Cleanser Palmolive Soap Palmolive Soap Crystal White Super Suds Cashmere Bouquet Wesson Oil 8 O'Clock Coffee Red Circle Coffee Bokar Coffee VEL Lg. Pkg. 29C 57c 20c I7c I7c 2lc 9c I3c I7c 33c 23c pi n » 39c 3 lb- 4 I 1C Bog <pl.lt) 2 1-lb. or Bags 85C Mb. jp Bag 40C FAB 1-g. Pig-' 33 C Pkgi. 22 oi. 14 ot. Cans Rsq. Bath Size Ig. Pkg. R.,. Hart not. The!', 1 ."" 1 ; "'''""'ity and a- tK ' dl;> ' , , • I Proposed lint breach of ' rnv ' isr -M S'^IH'P? I,.,- ion (no basis oi separate l'-2.',. tlii-m the purity of .• \Vere Bellini;." And it -ported that two days toii-.ie at.-stnietion of - it.-L-ii the bi^Hfst. if n-curitv breach of ail :uis had secret details ier \jinn\j test at Ala. M. The details mav i.-n ii:4!it, Cli-oves hint- ole lie shouldn't, havi It was a failure to observe sic prineioles of security. Groves had somethin;: ti Hie issue of seeurity vs. : t reeclom. "This is an import:);)! u-i tiireshed out." 1)'- said, i-verybudv act :i.- be ,-ee-- Pcrk Chops PoXOicps' Whole Fryer5 Cut-Up Fryers Young Hens bo teri'Jer, your money back. Price? Ai . . low us A&P can make il, {ine quality right . . . buy "Super-Righi" S-jnrifilc'.-J 79c Cooked Picnics , b . 57c F .,-,•., 69c Salt Bacon , b . 37 C I ..,!,'./ 73c Salt Jowl )b . 35c 77c Wis. Cheese lb . 57c 69c Select Oysters !b . 93c ng with S.A¥EIt CAKE ayers filled with chocolate cusfard ^ Tompi toppsd with rich chocolate fudge <jjy orange icing . . . cjufr ona i oc CirniotiCii or Wh'iii Sw;jjr Jane Parker Donufs Wjr.ti E-irLiu-d Sandwich B r ead coa»«d wi*il Oat, ,' I'.'' •''' '!-''"''-. "' 'y^-' 1 .-."' lip in ! iiin;..e!f u;j aiiuVe 'corr-lilu' - •<, ae-.'i"''e, ll')U:-e ail'l lall'.ed aboUl a Ill.VM- j orilV JJI ], lit,- ,,>• (i,-:,'h ;li :,"',' ,''I' 1 ""'- : ' i:li unprecedelitiy |)ir.'.-i rfu! ; I )i. K S i.nv l::;-.l; h.'r.-e Die ii"'-il 1-. ]|V'. li; !'r'-'" '•><-•>"'-'. luanufactiii-i-d in j impair the .--.eeunly oi' ihi- 'ui',i;.-o :il " J ; i----'! = > v.\-ie \.'.jndtulI.-,._ so li, i lie\-es ) eu i.-l at ion 'deal',! i:- ,.',ih" l n..u [l!"••''!.• v.alch:!:..;. il was a ea.-e <.>]•,lie anlhorily to say what siiall ije >>.-^^-^"%-.'. *\ Ernulsorusd V ''"'" _'„ -•• "*.«« S n o\v d rif t . j to. Cjn $1.13

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