Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four *"~ Court to rtule T on Jbjnesboro {«" College Plan •?Ci. V lUlc ' Rock - Oct - 2 7 MV- The ^ji Arkansas Supreme Court will be asked to decide whether ;\ plan of Ituislees of Arkansas State College- aaiJoncsboro,. for financing of new pnUaniiu ..residences on the campus i f s.js diithomod by Act G2 of 1947. ' 111'"' suit wa.s filed here tortav SirChdiKofloi- Frank II. Dodge irnmc- f <• flJdtth -upheld (he trustees and n planted an appeal to the Supreme f»c Court ot \cl 82 authorizes Iruslccs of "f> fOmc slate-supported colleges in- i j^dmfi ^Arkansas State, to issue Id7000,-.jn bonds to finance 12 fac- , lt\ dwellings. The bonds wo ild br- •nircd with proceeds of rents of ie iPsidenccs. This point is not in , ispute j;i the lawsuit. , However, as a further guarantee payment the. trustees seek to in HOPE STAR, HOPE, A R K A N S A S j November 1, 1941! is the final ! I dale that a farmer can secure 1 I winter cover crop .seed bv tisinfi i their soil building allowance as I partial pay rent. Anyoiu- .securing! soctis after this dnte must pay ' : cash for (heir seeds. The AAA 01! fico will remain open all day Sat- ' i urday. October 3D. for lhi<; pur- ; i pose. Once-Solid South Not All Sides Are Hopeful of Taking State Thursday, October 28 A Training Union Course will be given at the First Baptist church 'Iliursdny night at 7 o'clock. Friday, October 89 There will be a Halloween Carnival at the Park Elementary School on Friday evening beginning at 7 o'clock. There will be an By CHILES Atlanta. COLEMAN ( * ,,--.-_..-„ ...,,. i» vi o ii>_t; i> 01: v, i\ IU III* i ' " ' r> " v • v/ »_ II.M_ i\ , J IH i E .tide a clause in event of a prob- i admission fee of live Oct. 2!J --(UP i — Tho .South will be far from •'i'-'l'd in Tuesdays presidential ; (-lection. . Jts electoral vote, usually Democratic by default, probab'ly v.'ill be split three ways. Gov. Thomas I'..' Uewev of New ij. >tij> IU ' rr 3le default any surplus from a eviotis- refunding bond fund would V s , -° retire the new bonds. . ,i-w zorl - Jr " attorney for aintif^Qeorge Wells, said the suit <ug!it t<j determine of Act G2 is u-oad enough" to permit such a .-rnmilrnenl. children and ten cents for cents for adults. Tlie real name of the common icktii hawk is red shouldered w-Jv Actually, game and domes- poultry comprise less than 2 r cent of his diet. Monday, November 1 The circle of Ihe Women of Ihe Presbyterian church U.S. will meet Monday afternoon at 2:?,Q at ilu- . !?P nic .. f / f M) ' s - GIIS McCaskill with I Mrs. Walter Hirst co-hostess. j The Missionary Society of the Prcsbylcriaii church will meet I Monday afternoon at 2:W at the ; home of Mrs. N. N. Daniel By JIM THOMASSON : Little Rock. Oct. 28 (/!>, — A,,,. c-nTvi Rc P Avli J' icans might havo of -<-•>' -yin,, Arkansas in the presi dential race this year and ciiUjn > it out from the "solid Democrat -South. aren't enlivened bv P i-oeord of the state's perform•>, '" national elections |JLUO ' m ' 1 " Arkansas is Democratic by ti-,- r cut" 1 -'" 11 '' nrjt since lnc turn'of the toured from supporting 8 the 'oe-rn" cralic presidential eandidlde Th s ••as true even in 1<)28 when sev _:™' 1 Southern stales broke aw"v 'ic-J'si twr/'r "T 1 b< £ U l CUn '' V at ihs -™ P ? r ~° d H <-rbcrt .Hoover in .ita.st two or three Southern states S perhaps more. He thus would become the first GOP presidential candicate since Hervert Hoover m HI28 to crack the Dixie Democratic tradition. ISouth Carolina's Gov. J. Strom .Ihurmond. the Stales High'- can- i dictate lor president, has an apparent lock on four deep South j.stales. He miyli win in others, i J-or President Truman, that de- |plele.s considerably thc backlog of '.Southern electoral votes normally Riven without argument to ever l^rmocratic presidential nominee i Mr. Iruman touched off a South- :crn revolt early last spring ibis civil rights message to The South didn't for How have 'Arkansas? j Teddy Roosevelt has the (i-rcoi-d of any third parly candi- uiate. In HII2, when he was stand- j.'ird bearer for the Bull Moose Re- ipuohcans, the Democratic pereenl- iage dropped to 5!) per cent of the ; total vote. V/codrow Wilson. the :D<-nio(;rat. won, reeeivin" (ill li!!:{ | voles. The other aj ,-„,,- cent v.-as - about eve-nly divedc-d b- l-ve-n . "H! and Williarn Howard Tail =1 i»;t»? Hepublican. Roosevelt re- jceiyerl 21.673 votes. best.' Senator LaFolletle. running as a ssive in 1924, cut quite a in a third party bid for Arkansas vote. He received 13,173 votes. I,, 1920. Eugene V. Deb': (Socialist, was Arkansans. supported by 5,111 , J - St ™m Thurmond's >Hor Wif ' *• Dom °«ats and ;Hemy Wallace's Progressives are counting Arkansas for support in addition to Democratic GOP's Dewey Communisls well in in 1928 | total dwindled President nominee. Truman, and the Thursday, October 28, 194B ' Checks Immigrant Racket Canberra (/P)— The Australian Government plans a new law to halt a racket in steamer fares'to A rl- -*no-i f T;!^;','/ ..-•--- i jJiijt (i j .ic.'^eL m M,ciimi:r Liitvb'ltr receive r3n 10l ; o ^ U "Ti o A V sl ^ lia ' Somu ">' e » ls . ^ chrtr «T 1,1 I-?-, ;,-, in.',.. , i <-'d I'.,uropcan migrants ns much to U.) in 19.32 and j;1; , s ,, !2 f()1 . ., pass;! g e to Australia. Fares usually are under $4?.2. and the agent pockets the difference. The new law, forecast by government officials. will compel all agon's to register with the Immigration Department. to 1G4 in 19.%" fiioy "aren't on the state ballot this year. Oilers can be tamed easily and taught to retrieve ducks, like bird- dogs. s_ sweep over ty years Hoovei but i' - — ~.... i.,. ^ cvei i" Kopublican. Teddy i won 41 per cent of the Jin 1904 when he , Parkd-, the DemocraTi'c ; Master William Allen Gee III was i host to a number of his lilttle jlncnds on Tuesday afternoon at the i home of his maternal grandmother j Mrs. J. A. Yanccy. celebrating his j.second birthday anniversary. ' . .- j .. After thc .gilts' were opened the ' .'' cc °m j Ticndalions ' Jiule' guests enjoyed an afternoon iin S. anti-poll tax ol play. Balloons and Halloween horns were given as favors , After Bill blew out thc candles Jce crcarn ,nnd cake were served to: Charlotle Ann Grant Sharon Kay Dcwoody, Janet Bright, Jan Wray Johnnie Yanccy, Bill j us . jccntrol of the Dcm'ocra'ti'c 1 , Uss, Al J. Daniel, Caroline Daniel, i machinery in the South i oar-y Craig, Sunner Gail Morris, ' T1 ">c Stales Riphters s'hovnd M.- i • •land Tommy .Rpc.. Mrs. W. A. Ham! j Truman off m c ballot.in Alabama! jSic'^ j When he was nominated at ladelphia over Southern protests, I me blatcs Rights party formed I Quickly. There followed bitter 'ind ; complicated intraslate fights for parly 5,, liursday p.m., Oct. 28 •U Adventure Parade—M ) Superman—M 0 Captain Midnight—M •• J lorn Mix—M " 0 Rhythm & Reason 1 News, Five Star Kdit'^o J Today in Sports 0 News Comrrr-rit-—M > Fulton ^ewis, Jr. ) Talent Jackpot ) The Better Half—M Hy Gardner^jyl,'. ." ' ;•;' bright, Mrs. Bill Yancey, Mrs C T. Yancey and Mrs. Allen Gee Sr' i-.ssisted in caring lor tho guests. The W.S.C.S. of the First Meth- I odisl church met at thc church on i Monday morning at 10 in obscrv- 1 mice of the week of Prayer for home missions. The meeting was opened with lnc singing of the song "Strong Son of uocf. followed with.prayer in unison. Mrs. Frank Gilbert presented thc morning worship service on •'Be Still." Following the theme of . .. the. program Mrs. Clarke took over (he party in that stale n! i '" . L 9 ui . siall: », South Carolina and Mississippi. Thc 38 electoral votes of those lour states are con- idered in the bag for Thurmond Ihurmond electors also are on the ballot representing a separate Party in Arkansas. Florida. Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina lenncssce, Texas, Virginia and !""'. '!°';Hieni state, North Dakota. i JUi. Iruman seems safely ahead jin North Carolina. Arkansas, Ken: lucky, and Teannessec. But in Vir- 'ginia and Florida, the Stains' Wilson's Certified. Tendered, Roosevel vote Alton V nominee Whole or Half Wilson's Certified for Republicans marked in LINK SAUSAGE Swiff's Brookfield Pure Pork Links BOLOGNA Brown's Economy Pure. J vote with 28,407 received i;>y.- vole any presi- ;r received in Swift's Skinless Tender. Kroger GroLind SUCED BACON Cudahy's Gold Coin r( -_ .-T — i*i,».,j t prcsi- 220.022. c New Deal sweep, the percentage in tho state ha* a splil in the Den,,. nni . - -.. ; hls y ca »'- Republicans, die antic.patin.g giving Democrats and the "States Rj.rhi _- a run for the moiie lucsday. However. the Whue Righte-s well ! In ISafi. Roosevelt easilv defeal- 'h>-,n' f M ' U ;'" don ' but t! '« Rop, : c.m p,-reen age of the prcsiden- m • \ '? lh ° : slato ''limbod to 18 i pei cent from its W.V>. low | Four years later, Wendell Wilk won 21 per eenf O f the vote Was t ' lected f01 ' ;i - M Mutual --Newsrcel—M . Revere-All Star Revue—M Thin- Man~M - •-.-•To r 'Be; Announced . - All" the'Ne'y.'si-^-M t,e1ch"mah's Orch.—M Morales' Orch.—M il News—M 0 o 10 -> SO 15 JO 15 ^ 30 15 00 'ill .45 .00 :55 •10 15 :30 -35 .00 feffiii 1 On •-••--••-. HW,billy" Hocdown Home "Sweet Home Bargain Roundup News.-irFirsl Edilion Arkansas Plowboys Market Reppins ••".-•• • F/ l ^ n i Bj ' ea Wa'st'"ProiB'j-am i Melody, Boys I TJie Devoiional Hour ) Musical Clock > Ngws,' Coffee'Cup Edition I Su.fti;ise.~Serenade 0 Slogan Parade > Oigan Interlude , '•, 0 Cecil Brown—M J Faith in Our Time—M J Nashville Hour 3 Gabriel Heatter's Mailbag 1 1 mn.v Ross—M 0 K ite Smith Sjjeaks—M J Kate Smith Sings—M J Luncheon at Sardi's—M ^ I uncbeon at Sardi's---M •iday p.m., Oct. 29 • 0 News, Home Edition / Market Time John Daniel Quartet Polka Interlude Farm Fair I ddy Arnold Shew—M Queen for a Day Golden Hope Chest—M He irt's- Desire—M Movie Matinet—M Meet the Bund H8i> Club Swing Time Tom Farley's Dog Tales Adventure Parade—M Superman- M Captain Midnight—M Tom Mix—M Bobcat Pe i Rally News, Five Star Filial loaay in Sports J-Jtiu-y J. Taylor—M Fulton Lewis, Jr.—M Qliat Scenes Irom Grca '- Plays—M Bobcat Preview Football game; Hope vs. Hot Springs Gabriel Heata-r—M Bill Henry. News—M All the News—M Miyuel Tovaldcs Orch.- M Henry Jerome's Orch ---M Mutual Newa—M Sign Off ! the church. | Thc altcrnoon session ! cd with Mrs. Dudley Gordon softly ( Playing "Hark the Herald Anger* i Sing" while silent prayer was of- I 1 ,^ rcci - Alter responsive readings j Mrs. H.-H. McKcnzie gave an in| spiring program on "Lighl and Life jto all Me Brings". Mrs. McKcnzie ! was assislcd by Mrs. Dudley Gor! don, Mrs. Joe Brummett, Mrs P i TV E scarra, Mrs. Floyd Hamm! | Mrs. Hugcne Hale, Mrs. Bob Ynr- I brough, Mrs. J. B. Hcstcrly. Mrs Adam Guihric and Mrs. Frank Gil- I bert. An offertory gift for missions was taken after which thc meet- j mg adjourned wtih responsive ! readings. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Finchcr and j daughter Sue and Anne have rc- ! turned to their homo in Joncsboro i after a visit with Mrs. Fincher's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Cummings. Miss Rebecca Rock has been parents, Mr. Daniel. Daniel of the guest and Mrs. ^surprising anyone too much he \yas open-; could pick up another 10 or 12 in Icnncssee where the three parties arc locked in a close battle , Henry Wallace, the Progressive [Party candidate, is on the ballot in most Southern states. But he 'is not expected to poll more than - or .3 per cent of the vote in any ol them. ' | Here, state-by-state, is the South- lei n presidential outlook- I Georgia—Th« main question is i not who but by how much Mr -Iruman seems likely to win a Plurality, but state law requires a majora.v of the popular vote to name a slate of electors. There will be lots of States' Rights votes m Georgia, fr Mr. Truman lacks -i majority in the four-party race, the whole business goes to the legislature which might divert the state s 12 electoral votes to Thur- iinoncl. Herman Talma'!"e I who will bo elected governor Tues- iday and whose forces dominate :thc legislature, has played the ! middle road between the regular '-Democrats and the States Right-! gc up to 30 per cent H" 03,551 to Roosevelt's PET MILK Pure and Convenient p T:iil St^v fca L-iiii:; k-j, H ljji SMOKED HAMS Sweetheart Tendered Butt, Ib. 59c Shank Holf Ib. SALT MEAT Small, lean square cut sides. WHITING H & G Scaled and Pan Ready. Durin tration, Adminis- vote for MO per ccntage -the Roosevelt the Republican in Arka » s «s '• per eon,.. an incr ,,. ls ,cent. The Democratic p.": declined, obviously Thurmond 13 to 17 per cent, anr Wai ace 2 or 3 per cent, or less '• io"!d.-i — Dewey is an odds-on- ayonte to tnkc £ , ight ,^ s °. votes here. Four parties are on me ballot, and the Stales Ri«M.. votes cut heavily into the normal" " -..-... f (-i.,,,,,,^,.,!!-,. place figures to Little of her N. N. strength. Second oe a close race n .1.1.-7 I\/T rn (t ^ IJ ^<..^vn .L ULil I1HUK' and Mr. Truman. Louisiana — the States Riahts party chums to be the regulYi D-mocratic pary. It expects to win Louisiana's 10 electoral votes Ihe state Democratic central committee first threw Mr. Truman off the ballot, substituting Thurmond .is the Democratic candidate The legislature, in special session put Iruman-Barklcy electors back on i out forbade them to use either Ihe IC^OGS Rich and R MILK Vitninin Full No. 2} Can FOODS FOODS I Mrs. J. M. Douglas and Mr. Ulris I Stevens have returned to their 1 home in Pine Bluff after having i,,.'' been thc guests of Mr. and Mrs R. L. Vandiver. ^.i.^iuib anu me Stales Right- I Ullut l "fm to use either the ers. Wallace is on the Georgia bal- i na 'T "Democrat" or the familiar Jot but Progressive party candi-l ) '°? s ! cr as a l lal ' l . v symbol, (ia.fos for state offices were ruled ! , Arka »sas — although Gov. Ben of! - ' Ija ("-'.v is a Slates Rights leader ! Mrs. A. W. Hudson and Mrs. W. I C. Heaves have returned from For,. Smith where they have been ! visiting. j Mr. and Mrs. Allan Johnston and , son Buzz of Shreveporl, La have 1 been the guests of Mrs. C. F. Pitti man and other relatives. I j Mrs. Bob Cox, Mrs. Jim Yanccv. iMrs. Bill Yancey and Mrs. Clauue i i Cox spent Monday afternoon in i i Hope. ; | It has been announced that Sam | i McHenry and Hobert Whit marsh i ol Prescott are pledges to the Phi Lambda Chi Iralermay at Hen- tierson State Teachers Coi'lege. Arkadelphia. i Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Vittow of i Lewisville are the guests of Mrs. i Viltow's parents, Mr. and Mrs ! C. A. Grant Sr. Ed Cantley of a business visitor Monday. Deanyville was in Preseotl on Top-Radio Programs ,Yo:-k. Oct. ^iJ i, tonight" Politie- . ABC J.; SO— Henry 'W iork. CBS o:OU -- 0,,v. AlU-n ;,;,d an ii Jlson -•S MLI CBS-- AiiC.'- 7 . i'e-elL-cUMi -MBS- ", ieit..-r H;, - m-'^Cu p. ii- Aidrieh ''.-.-s h:30 W. B: -••day. NBC.' ml.v; 7 Ai '.'•is Karlotf Frt-d \Var- .-iio'.•.-: 7:.'«J 'M Crime i:i--s Hilton T.-jL/ii if Qiii/ I;: '-'At |jot: All- Si;, i p- ill. Happy NBC-- ',•',:;>,{>'. ! p. in. ! CBS—10:;ju ]\laJo)K.- : u/i:. Wiiu Gany. Mrs. llervey Jiemis relumed Monday ir<im Little Rock' whore she has been spending several • tlays. She was accompanied to Liltk' Rock by her molher, Mrs. C. W. McKclvey who has been i her guest for the past week. Mrs. J. B, lleslerl.v lias returned from Washington. D.C. where she spent a week visitim;. Mrs. H. K. Rouse remained for a lun- ger visit. Air. and Mrs. Arl Regnicr and .Mrs. A. S. F. Hidgill have as then house guest Mr. A V. K ol Lillle Rock. Friends ol Herbert \Vliilak, regret !u learn that he su painful injuries, cul.s and ljrui 'luesday e\'enni}.', \viu.-n lus e which he was driving near Km Jell the hi-.!hw;iy and .•-iju bridge abutji,,-nl. Mr. Wnilakei v. as the jKuil jn the ear \','liii-!i wa pli-lely demolished. 'He was taken to Cora MRS. FDR VOTES Poiiyhl:<'ei)t;ii:, :\'. Y. l' : - Ml:- Kleanoi- l- eady has voted in li K'ii by aij--.entee buliut ss i-ounty election i>i'.i tuday. She sent tiie ballot liom .'iii-ie she ii attending Hie ali.,!,;: genera! asseli.blv Alabama-With Mr. Truman off ballot. Thurmond as the Dem- jocratic candidate will pet the 11 i electoral voles by a wide margin over Dewey. Gov. James K. Folsom f. a >' s . "-' will challenge legality of the Alabama balloting after the election on basis of ;i i(|.}r, law requiring electors to support their party noinineo. The Alabama Supreme Court declared the 19-15 Jaw unconstimtioiial i ast April in an advisory opinion issued at Folsom s request. Mississippi—The Thurmond electors are the Democrats here, too .Iruniaii-narkley electors are "na- itsonal Democrats" and thc state's |nine electoral votes are considered sure lor 1 Jiurmoiid. Two sets of Dewey electors -race the ballot — Ihe independent or "Lily White" .JH'publicans and the Mississippi „,: "black and tan" Republicans South Carolina— Kight electoral you-.-; KM- Thurmond by a comfortable margin. The slate Demo- 1 eraiic party endorsed and cn'n- paigiifd hard for the states right'-; • tickets. Little organixed campaign i wor,; was dune in behalf of the iniman-Barkley ticket. Vir-inia--A close race between i Iruman and Dewey. with Ihe GOP candidate given a strong chance l<>. lake ihe 11 electoral voles. And Virg.nia may come up with a couple in- three Ilcpuhlican congressmen. The States Rights ticket is estimated to run third in the P'.esidential race, well back Wallace, is expected to get no more than 7">,0()() votes. three-part v Democrats. He] • s High 1 '- •-; < pivs:;len!i;i'' j;.- for ju.-;i til •an ](1-.,;;io Arkansas, nine electoral votes are • strongly claimed for Mr. Truman' ! Advance estimates give him a ma- '•• jonty. The GOP vote, normally i about M per cent, is expocU-d to > oe higher this year and put Dewy ' n second place. " I For Children's Noon Lunches o Delicious Sandwiches KROGER FLOUR ci. 10 Ib. £8201 KS^OGER BREAD Gives G-W?.y Nourishment. m xii u\.- Va<_'a and hi;; li-oin t!i<> Atlantic Io thiuugii '.vhtit is now Slutcs In ihu I530'.s m I >6jt%-ii*~ ^ a Chili and Franks MM VOH HVPOWER PEDRO OK.THE; """ GREEN 6LANT PEAS Large Peas No. 303 High quality, (3 an KROGER PFACHES 'Halves or NCK 1\ Sliced. Can ~ STOKLEY ..- Halves or 'Sliced. ; CLAPI Fine For 1'hc Baby. BERBER'S Strained or -•Chopped. ."GELATINS •'Royal, Assorted Flavors. KROGER TEA A Delicious Special. Blend Tea 'TREET Canned Meat By Armour. PR EM Swift's Canned Meat. Save. •PRUNE Sunsweef, Tender. CRWi X.*' k *t» 0 \^£ \& \ For Daint Pastries Wisconsin Skin. Red ib. )b oc AMERICAN CHEESE Windsor Brand Sliced. ][-, PIMENTO CHEESE Windsor Brand Sliced. iu »c i f" !»L, wis Hoop Cheese U>NS«N DAISIES ib. &c COTTAGE CHEESE Sweet Cream in a Carton. EATMORE OLEO Margarine with a Smooth Texture Ib. Ibs. 16 Ct. Glass 12 02. Can PEANUT BUTTER Krcger Brand, It's Hemcgeni2ed. Glass ..Y "c S Evaporated, Ib. BEANS For Halloween, Orange and Black. PUMPKIN CREAMS For Halloween, Orange and Black. SPANISH NUTS Salted Peanuts, Vacuum Packed BLANCHED NUTS Virginia Peanuts, Vacuum Packed. Ib. 12 02. OZ. Tin 'C 8 oz. Tin All U. S. No. 1 , the finest. Fresh from the treas . . . picked at the peak of juicy-ripe goodness and rushed Io Kroger. Buy a bushel, or a he If, at Kroger iavings! Johnafhan box 3.19 Red Delicious Rome Beauty Cooking Apples 3 Ibs. 25c . 2 Ibs. 29c . Ib. 121/2C 5 Ib. bag 45c Delicious Red Tokays. KRQGER CAN WIN PLUS CASH AND MERCHANDISE StVtl! NATIONAL CONICSIS. 4^5 <Mftr«t "I ^ ,\-> , ' / ' \ Ctv, .,/ && '-'&>?-•$£' -• V- *fe --I "$$«J cV ^ : EARRINGS . VOUtt CHOICE Rhinestone Beautiful, brilliant . BRACELET . . 1 e w e I r y BROOCH FED. TAX. F'OSrAGE, HANDLING iNCLUDtD Send doled c-ncl f.-om Doled CoiTae bag . . . I light or Trench Brand . coupon from Kroger va< for each item. Vacuum 7**^®!^SS^ • **; r- n ^ ,. - r- n>*\ French Brand Stiyer Sods V.'ll: .jllc c,,' '.'I l-\ lipion Tea JlO.ui.u riiiit i'.i; |J|.I a MuiiUi f«.j- uaker Oats Heck Ulth Kul Swan Soap

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