Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1948
Page 3
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Thursday, October 28, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS octal an Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M.and 4 P. M. Saturday, October 30 Saturday night. October 30 al seven o'clock the Presbyterian iouth Fellowship is planning a Halloween parly for its members and their friends. Costumes will i be in order, though not required. | Mrs. John ITarrie will lead the group in square dancing, and other entertainment is planned brhvoen dances. The Doctor Says: By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written for NEA Service; When translated, poU-neuritis merely moans inflammati'o.i and pain m several nerves. Gotu-ially speaking, the diagnosis of polv neuritis is easy. There is muscular wasting and weakness, pain, tenderness, and inter.'erer.co with feeling on both sides equally. Ihe htlle toes of both fee', both hands, or similar areas of bo.n sides of the limbs are involved. . -. .......,, M u^i ,,v., t I no pain frequently is sevr>re. It :owsnip Hall, Fri- | is burning, continuous, .mcl lasts 29 Irom 7 to 0:30 ' for long periods of time. Thc The Oglcsby Junior High Parent teachers Association will have its m/nimage Sale. Saturday, October 30 in front of Gibson's Book Store on Elm street. Friday, October 29 The Junior Department of the First Christian 'Church Sunday School will have a Masquerade Party at (hi " -- -day, Oetobc All members of this 1,1- partment are urgi-d to attend. Laymen's League fy<f v .ets at Christian Church Thc members of th c Laymen's League of the First Christian Church met in Fellowship Hull Wednesday evening lor the regular business ami dinner meet in •>,"" Following the dinner, Donald 'Moore introduced the guest speaker tor the evening. Prosecuting Attorney James H. Pilkinton who gave . a very intorestinkg talk on "Thc Wheel". Doming and Going Wallace Beene iias returned lo .b U.. Baton Rouge after a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs W. O. Beene Mrs C. D. Lester will return ihursday night alter a visit with Iriends in Magnolia. Mrs. Raymond Jones . and returned brother, Mr. Stroud. Mr and M*rs. Fred McClerkin and Mrs. Will Merrill of Stephens Miss Ollie Tribble and Miss Lolia Tribble of Weatherfurd. Texas _...,_,_ .» J t,,| Q^HOtll-UJll Til tl V DO so severe that a pin can be stuck deep into the skin and tissues of the involved areas without being ielt at all. Causes of Condition Chronic alcoholism can produce ihis condition. Most of the well- Known rnetals, such as mercury, bismuth, arsenic, and lead arc responsible in some cases. Vitamin deficiency diseases, particularly Beriberi, which is a vitamin "B" deliciency, and Pellegra may bo at fault. Polyneuritis sometimes de- yelops from general dietary deficiencies during pregnancy and in the presence of such general diseases as diabetes or pernicious anemia. Infections may also produce poly- ncunlis. Polyneuritis is a frequent symptom of so-called rheumatic injection. It may complicate almost any of the well-known infections and contagious diseases. Severe as the -condition is. its cure depends on determining the cause. If causesd by a vitamin deficiency, for example, the proper treatment is to cure thai error in •the diet. When complicating known infections, spontaneous recovery generally takes place as the. patient improves from the disease responsible. Rest in bed is usually necessary not only because ol the muscular weakness, but also, because the heart may become involved. Serious de- Guernsey School to Hold Hallowe'en Party Thursday A Hallowe'en Carnival party will be held at Guernsey school tonight (Thursday), it svas announced today by Principal Hooten The prc- gram. including the crownin; of the queen, who will be elected al that time, is to be held in the school auditorium. Suggests Way Clubs Green Laseter Tho Green Laseter Home Demonstration Club met Friday October 22 r al Ihe home of Mrs. Odell Luck. There were eleven members and six children present Three new members were: Mrs. Tilman Bearden. Mrs. Clay Miller, and Mrs. O. L. Oglesby with one visitor, Mrs. B. I. Collins. Mrs. Fred Hunt, president, presided at the meeting. Mrs. Luck gave the devo- lional and read a very good prayer, one we should use more often. Thc song of the month was "Faith of our Fathers" and Mrs. Sam England gave a report on how to cook eggs. During the recreational period a game was enjoyed and a surprise package was won by Mrs. Herbert Hartsl'ield. After cold drinks and sandwiches were served, the meeting adjourned. The meeting next month will be held at the home of Mrs..William Butler on Friday, November 2G. were Tuesday^ g ests of Mr and ? eco1 -?.? "^^d. Serious de- Mrs. Raymond Jones i Iormitl ^ can develop if Ihe limbs U ' ' j ai'C not supported by splints, sand- Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: C. E. Formby, Patmos. Mrs. Gordon Smart, Patmos. 4>ischargod: Mrs. James McCuUouyb. Josephine Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sewell. I.c ville, announce the arrival < son on October 27, !!)-!!! Admitted: Mrs. Ray Sewell, Lewisvillc Franklin White, Emme;. Dischargeii: J. W. Ray, Arkndciphia. bags, or oihcr means. Every effort must be made to make the correct diagnosis early and to begin whatever treatment is necessary just as soon as possible. is QUESTION: What vitamin good for constipation? ANSWER: There is no vitamin which has a specific action on this symptom. Other measures are preferable. The size of American farms va- A Lincoln Stronghold Decatur, 111. —{if}— A broad belt in central Illinois is known as the "Lincoln country," because Abraham Lincoln lived there. But the rips for man average of about title is supported by current as 8t? acres in the South through 100 I wel1 as historic facts. A survey acres in New England to about 400 shows that eight relatives of the acres in western wheat growing regions. .,„ ~.. U w w»(-,». V ii_ini.iv^v) wi. me Civil War president still make their homes in Macoii county They are fourth, fifth and sixth cousins. The Hungarian partridge is native to central Europe. II was imported to this country about 50 years ago, and is an ideal game bird because it is able to with- sland droughts and severe winters. Tobacco Heiress Granted a Quick Divorce Reno, Nov., Oct. 28 — UP) — Doris Duke, heiress' to a tobacco fortune which has made her one of the world's wealthiest women, got a quick divorce yesterday from her second husband, Porfirio Rubi- rosa, Dominican Republic diplomat. District Judge William McKnight gave her Ihe decree on grounds of extreme mental cruelty. shortly after the filing of the suit. The 35-year-old Miss Duke, who won restoration of her maiden name, returned here October 24, it was disclosed. She has maintained a home here since she became a resident in 1944 to divorce her first husband, James H, R. Cromwell, whom she married in 1935. "Little things kept building up and-il was just one of those things that didn't work out," she told interviewers at her home after the hearing. She and Rubirosa, she added, are still "quite friendly." "Are you still the richest girl in thc world?" Miss Duke was asked. "No, no don't you think that's corny — that's something you boys have made up? ' she remonstraled. In 194G thc Hillsborough township in New Jersey where.she has a home valued her intangible personal property at $251,471,819. in Palatine .Paris-, Oct. 28 —(/Pi— Britain ntul China -proposed, today that the (United Nations use economic sane jtions to force peace in Palestine. France, Belgium and Canada aii nounccd support and a relia ble source said the United States also would vote for the resolution. Russia and the Soviet Ukraine did not make known their positons. The debate will be resumed to ' morrow in the security council Russia asked for a two-day postponement, but Warren Austin, the American council president, ruled at adjournment today there would be no delay. The council . meets again tomorrow. Israel has rejected orders of the U. N. mediator of Palestine, Ralph Bunche, that her troops withdraw from positioiis won in the Negev desert in a week of battle with t-irypt. Egypt's complaint that | Israel is violating the U. N. cease fire order brought up the issue. Britain. Prance and China have not recognized Israel. The 'United Mates, Russia and many smaller nations have. Six- Alexander Cadogan of Britain offered the council a draft resolution calling for a special committee to "examine urgently" (the action the council might take under article 41, chapter seven of the U. N. charter. That article reads: "The security council may de-l cido what measures not involving! the use of armed force are to be ' employed to give effect to its decisions. and it may call upon the members of the United Nations to apply such measures. These may include complete or partial interruption of economic relations and of rail, sea, air, postal. telegraphic. radio, and other means of communications, and the severance of diplomatic relations." Authoritative sources outside the council said the United Stales will support the British-Chinese resolution. Canada and Belgium an- inouneed they would support it jwhen it is put to a vote i Dr . T. F. Tsiang of China declared stronger measures were nnodod to puforcn the truce in the turbulent Palestine situation. ihe council called today's session to hear Egyptian ' charges that Israel is violating the U N cease fire order on '"the NCHCV front in southern Palestine u M T?^ lph - J ' Bunc »e. acting u. N. Palestine mediator, told tho council the Negev hostilities might wreck the Palestine truce. He said the time has come for "bolder and broader action." Bunche said the language of the counci 's Oct. 19 cease fire order might be considered by some to be nlgs - *''• hc ;ldcied - McMoth to Welcome a Road Plan DOROTHY DIX Marriage Smashers :By LEON HATCH j Little R oc k. Oct. 23 — W — Rid | McMalh said today he is "not ir-' rcvocably committed" to use of ' the state's credit for hiuhwav con-i struction. ' : Ihe Democratic nominee and i apparent next governor said however (hat he is committed if no other wny can be found to build I roads. He (old (ho highway committee of tin- Arkansas Legislative Conn-1 cil that if an alternate method can be found "I want to be the first to hear about it." M c M a t h successfully cam-' paigned for the Democratic nomi-1 nation on a nlntform in which he! advocated additional bond issues for highway construction. Saymt; Arkansas citizens want i the legislature to do something i about the road problems if it! doesn't do anything else. He urged! the committee to make a careful' 1 stl . ld y !)f the highway situation. ! H no preliminary studies are i mode, the 15)49 legislature couldn't • possibly solve tho hiuhwpv s'tnn.l tion in GO days (the length of its ' session) even if if did nothing) else." McMath said. He added that if an initiated act for reorganization of school districts passes at the general election, the need for belter highways will be greater. This is because smaller districts would be consolidated and many puoils would have lo go farther to school McMath-again referred to highways as thc state's "No. 1 problem. He was followed in an appear- j price before the committee by Harry W. Lochner. Chicago high-! way consultant, who discussed the! factors entering into a long-range j road constriction program. the divorce courts out of business by rearing their children to be good husbands and, wives: to take marriage oh tile chin find stand by their obligations, instead of quitting cold on them: to act like intelligent adults and not spoiled brats. There is nothing in the world stranger or more pitiful than '.hat so many parents are bringing up the kind of future husbands and wives they nev'er want their owi- children to marry. (Released by The 'inc. i Bell Syndicate. That mothers-in-law ar . nu'mbcrs of tho honu'-v.'ix-ckirq; CITW. has become such -in nccip'- od belief that probably tho highest matrimonial re-commennatic/'i any youth or maiden could off -r w.-ulil be a certificate thai they arrived in the world via the story exr.i'cs:; and had no female relative, 1 ; whatever. lintortvinately. there are enough mothers-in-law \vhj trouble-makers to justify this ory. '1 here is the possessive m.'tner who cannot bear lo give up her darling little boy to any (<irl. and who harps upon his wife's lault.s until she makes Sunny feel that he has been gypped and taken in by an adventuress. And there is the bossy mother who runs her j daughter's home and who decides S every detail of her life, and leaves to Hi? poor young husband no privileges, except that of paving Ihe bills. ' And there is thc oracle mother- I Washington, Oct. 28 — i/ in-law who always knows best.! Milton H. West of Ttxas And the interfering mother-in-law, 'day at the age of GO. And the motherin-law who worms j West had served in the House famiy secrets out ot sincp Apl .jL, 1933. A Democrat, he succeeded John Nance Garner when the latter became vice presi Slayer of Three ro Undergo Mental Exam Pine .Bluff. Oct. 1!R — i/Pi — A/ mental examination has bneit r t>t* tiered for Harvie Koric 45, Loriokc county farmer charged with {irsit degree murder in the slaying Of his wife and two step-children.. Circuit Judge T. G Padharn or 1 ., dercd thc examination yesterday and scheduled a trial for Ddc. 6.' Hoi-ic is charged with beating his estranged wife. Gertrude, 39.' With' a hammer, at her home just inside; Jefferson county, and setting firri- lo the house in which her two ehil-, dren were sleeping. Congressman of Texas Dies Suddenly —Rep. died to The large and popular quail lamily is represented in America by five distinct genera. This bird is very secretive in all his ways nnd is found in the mountains and desert as well as southern and midwest grasslands. Public Health School Change Proposed Little Rock, Oct. 28 — (fP) — Dr. T. T. Ross, state health officer, said today the Arkansas Public Health Associalion will' be asked at its meeting here neJU month to endorse proposed legislalion lo reorganize local public health systems. Ross said the proposed "basic public health law" already has been approved by the Arkansas Medical Society, the State Board of Health and other groups. • hc ;ldcied ' his OC the order was that and Egypt must withdraw nrn ;°° PS fl ' Om the front before "?» 0tlatl T\ s arc undertaken on other outstanding problems lie said the council had laid down the principle that no ml tary advantage should be gained y T« lth i er , Skl ° duHng tho truce withlf h , as re :> e cted the troops withdrawal provision, declaring cnno f ff Ia8C ,.° f . thc resolutSn called for negotiation on that point _£adogan asserted the council "could not close its eyes to what has happened in southern Palestine." He said if Jewish forces wore permitted to retain positions gained after Oct. 14, "it would be a display of weakness by the couTicil." " I Aubrey S. Eban of Israel told I the council the Egyptian forces' were invaders. He said the British-Chinese draft resolution proposed to "restore its fortune" and added: The second Egyptian invasion of Palestine would carry the banner ol the United Nations." When Egyptian forces first entered Palestine. Eban said, the delegate from Britain "spent most of his time" devising excuses why sanctions should not be used against Egypt. Eban said he' agreed with Bunche that direct negotiations between the Arabs and the Jews should begin immediately. Arabs, however, have always refused to deal directly with Jewish authorities. The Arabs say that would be tacit admission of the existence of a Jewish state. '•-What a wonderful coat! For fall, [usf zip in the lining and you'll never feel the chill. For spring, without the lining, it's light and smart. 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' Big Difference !, 1 . |1U utu, mi the other hand, there i're myriads of good mntners-in- law who mind their own business, who handle their in-laws with tact, and who arc an ever-present help . . . in times of trouble. The differ- lx ' nt tel ' m - cnce between ministering' angels and she-devils is; no greater than that between good mothers-in-law and bad mothers-inlaw. This being true, nothing is stranger in the whole mother and child relationship than that women so seldom realize the kind of moth< rs-in-law they make determines, to a large extent, how their children's marriages turn out. Boys and girls, for instance, know litlle about human nature. They have been in the habit of taking their opinions from Mother, and what she says about their mates still goes with them. Mama either builds up their husbands and wives or pulls them down. Many and many a marriage goes on the skids because Mother knocks the props from under , it. With her fault-finding and-crit-i icisms she makes John dissatisfied with Arabella, or Sally feel that she has thrown herself away on George, and it is all over then except a decree absolute. Nor can anyone doubt that mothers-in-law are first aid to divorce by their helping on every squabble that husbands and wives have and turning every little sparring match into a fight to the death. Being human, every married couple are bound to have their dittcrencc of opinions and go to the mat with them on occasions. II left to themselves, (hey will kiss and make up and forget it..Bui with their respective mothers-in- law taking sides and pitying poor John because his wife is such a bum cook and weeping over Clarissa because the poor darling can't even have a fur coat, thev can smash a marriage into so "many pieces it can never be put to"ether again. Also, mothers-in-law could put Good Town to he Clatworthy, England — Wl~ Thisl village of 120 residents hasn't a, I single telephone. If fire breaks out: or a doctor is needed, a bicyclist 1 takes the message to a neighbor.-, ing town. The village also lackjs; electricity, bus seivice and a postoffice. , Wetfica! Test Proved Thte > Great to Relieve MONTHLY FEMALE PAINS congressman had been suf! Ifering for several months from ilympnoma, a disease of the lymph j glands. He announced some 'time I ago he would retire from Congress next January at the end of his cm- West was a member o: the Ways and Means Committee. Are you troubled by dlatrew of f*• male functional monthly dluturb- nnces? Does this make you suffer from pnln, feel ao nervous, weftk, high-strung—at such time*? Tn*n BO try Lyclln E. Pliikhnm'8 Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms! In a recent medical t««t tblj' proved remarkably helpful to ; woJ&-' en troubled this way. Any drugator*, XXVIII The bull-fighling procession moved through the tunnel that k-d inlo the arena with Lucas walking ;>rro- Kantly at the head. Friends and hangers-on scattered, hurrying up the steps that led to the' grandstand. Carmen slood at Ihe mouth of the tunnel, wav.ing after the matador. "Bring me his ears, Lucas " she called out. When the procession had nearly disappeared, she turned and started toward the steps herself Her lace was alive with anticipation ot the thrills to come. Suddenly she stopped short and the laughter choked in her throat A black cat had run in front of her right over her feet She shrank back, frightened, and crossed her fingers in an automatic sign against bad luck A igure loomed in her path She looked up and there, before her close, close, was Jo<;e Only his feverish eyes betrayed the fact that this battered filthy beggar was the once proud youim dragoon from Navarre After the first shock'of recognition Carmen glanced quieklv around. "What kind of a fool are you to show your face in Cor- dova'' she snapped. "You'll be caught" "Carmen—" his voice was unsteady. "Did you see thai black cal? It means serious trouble every time Jose. If you have any sense' at all you will—" He took her hand. "Carmen let's go home," he implored "No." "Please, Carmen. I can't siaii'l it any longer —waiting, waiting, waiting. Please, Carmen!" With a sick-lout!, wheedling look ami a broad, empty, promising smile, she started to buck away from him. "Tomorrow. Joseitu Maybe 1 will be back tomorrow. \\ait another day, urn- more dav " He followed her. still hanging'on to her hand, his voice unnaturally hoarse and rapid. "It was bi-caust- I struck you, wasn't if You would'l have k-ft ;m >. J know you wouldn't. 1 don't know what made Jin- do it." He tried to smile at her. "I'll be such a good husband —you'll see." His face was workiiu- but Jt found a farced .smile. "Let's go home. Canm.-n." She tried to pull her hand "No." His control beuan "You'll do what I 'tell "I'll do what it pleases me lo Uo." she snapped. "1 always have •diid I always will." She Uvisied her wrist om of his grasp. "And riyht now it pleases me tu watch a bull fiyht and a bull." She turiifd and ran toward steps and Jobe ran alter lies- face wild with jealousy. Lucas, the matador, nu'.v, i-; it'.'" he crk'd. j She uinifd on him furiously. : '/Yes. Yi-s. Now are you .satii- ! fied?" Her woi'ds flayed him. j "And why not ! I like lo laugh I oncu in a whole. What have- I had j to crack, you tu do." with you? Nothing but tears and preaching and long faces. I'm sick ot it. can't you understand? I'm sick of you!" She shoved him savagely. "Now get away and leave mo alone." She tried to move off but he clutched her again, [jutting his arms around her desperately 'Carmen. donf leave me." lie kissed her eyes, her face, her mouth, hungrily, frantically try- 'ng to talk as he kissed her. "I love vou so much. Carmen. You're "I! I have left. I've lost evcrvthin" 1 gave up everything for you hii: it is all right. I'm not sorry." He slid down her body, his amis ti"hl around her knee;; like f.-ltor.-.- "Only don't leave inc. Carmen." •She looked down al him contemptuously. Her lips curled at sight of his tear-stainr-cl faerv 'Like a worm. Cut him in half and he still crawls." A sudden roar of thc- crowd in the arena made her lift her head in excitement. "Ah!" she cried "They've let the bull in." She !?V, S , him away impatiently, "lou'll keep me from seeing ihe fight." She ran up the steps. Jose behind her. He was shouting, almost insane with pain and rage. "You're not going to get away with it. Carmen, not this time you're not. I'll kill you, do you hear? I'll kill you!" Over her shoulder, Carmen called scornfully. "1 used to think vou would. But I don't any more. i cu're not man cnoii<;h." Jose pulled a knife from hi.-.belt, all control gone, his 1'aee in- i sane. Me caught her .shoulder, j whirling her around. "For tin- last ! time, are you cominy. back with ! me?" | She bit al his hand savag.-lv. ! trying to yet loose. "No. no-- no. i no. no." Unable to free herself ' she spat in his face. { In one .swift movement. ,)osc • shipped the knife high over his head, bringing it down furiously ; int" her bosom. ! , From the balcony above them a ' .shut rang out. The" policeman was j a good shut. His bullet found it.- marry. [ Jose held CaiTnen'.s limu bod 1 - • in hi* amis, looking down at her. bewildered that -lie was (lyinj- and so was lie. His voice b'rnke in '.vtaKne;:s. ••[ love you. Carmen, i 1 didn't want to hurt you." j Camieii looked up at him. be- w'lderc.-d too. Her eyes v.vre (lav' with pain ,-,/id le.-ir.-i. "I did/f '•vain lo hurt you ciiln-r. litlle sol die: 1 ." she said v. oi;d"rin :.'l v. He: lids closed and sii-- put he.- J';,r, against hi.-, breasl. They sank back ouid the .slept; together. The policemen, followed bv 1'ab lo, canii- running up, gui::, icaiiy. Hill Ihe yiius were :m k/n:.;e: needed. The black cat came out of the niche in the wall and stalked, de- libei-alely and inevitably as thc dooin it symbolized, across the KlL-pJ. THK END LAST DAY FEATURES 2:33 - 4:38 - 6:43 - 9:00 .'!-•« They Come... on dancing LAST DAY FEATURES 2:43 - 4:48 - 6:53 - 8:58 1 Hi- YEARs >/•?" • -' $#. *•-->*;->, '--••• •'r®^ pi:izE ^ POWELL .< —BLYTH REPHAN'S E. O. M. Here are values at Rephan's you can't-^. afford to miss. Be here early and take advantage of these savings. A large selection of these all wool and part wool sweaters in Coat Styles, Slip Over styles and sleeveless. Solids, plaids and all sizes. VALUES TO 6.95 Childrens Corduroy OVERALLS Sizes 3 to 6 at this close out price of only Childrens Flannel SLEEPERS Sizes 2 to 6 and af.this close out price of Boys Khaki Mens OVERALLS OVERALLS These ore sanforized, and sizes 6 to 16. To close out High vest bock, 4 button, 8 oz. sanforized. 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