The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1934
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P - It Served by tilt United Preta VOL. XXXI—NO. 100 1 . Blythc-vilto D»lly New* Blythcvllls Ccurltr _ Mississippi Valley Leader ulythctllle llentld I5I/YTJIKVH/LK, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, SRI'TIOMBIOH 28 I'W SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS As Lindbergh Went to Testily R OF HELEN EATON is the way Chns. S, Lemons, Ely- il theville furniture • dealer, express- "' eu himself. ""- lelaling the story of tlie futile Blyfiieville and Osceola Mevchanls All Bui Uu- aiiiinoiis for Program { llustness men of Blytheville and Osceola placed their stamp of approval on the Agricultural Adjust- ; incut Administration's colton adjustment program and In particular on the continuance of the . Bankhead act. In a survey made, Thursday by W. w. Darrow,' Southwestern .regional contact representative of the AAA, and J. V. Higlinil, assistant agricultural editor, University of Arkansas college of agriculture, Little Rock ' That business In this county Is ' better this year than In any year | since 1929 was the story repeated "over and over as the interviewers called at random on represents- I live business men. . Some dissatisfaction with the size of the tax-free cation allotment for Mississippi county was expressed. In spite of this however, tlic prospective cotton income thi- year was said to be much largei than In recent years. C'oltoii Increase Is Up Even without benefit payments the 1034 cotton income is cstimat- i eil at. about 50 per cent above 1032, and larger than 1933. Count- Ing benefit payments, the total in come of the county rose from i about SS.rao.OOO in 1933 lo about 58,110,000 in 1033, and an estimated total of about' $9,760,000 this year. • • The 1934 cotton crop of about 125.000' bales will- certainly bring three million or more additional •'dollars''to the county than did the 193,000 bale crop of 1932, ; it was pointed out by Hudson .Wren, Os- !, rCeolat-aBdiiJ.fE.^CritB, Blytheville.,' -"xunljuasemV of Mississippi cotin- ""-•""-'" - '" """"-- —- ••—• - — - Lihd- comity court- before the grand jury. With him is O3l —..- utaici, cxpiL-ss- - Schwartzkopf of the New Jersey state police Behind "Farmers have paid tlle Pair are seen mounted,guards who kept back the crowd -Two a^yVme^ince 1 1920" "'"". < ![l r! "?. " G0ra M ° W LindbK '8 n ' as ne testified, sat Bruno Hauptmnim, suspect have no complaint ' to make,' by : '. - '" 1<1C hi<lna l' in S and slaying, business shows a 50 per cent 'gain I for July, August . and September tins year over.the same period last year," Mr. Lemons said. • Business Is Keller C. P. Ulakemore, manager. Hub bard Hardware Co., Blytheville, said: "Our business shows a 25 i Her cent gain over last year, which ii OF sansn ) Deliiiquen I Taxpayers ifaus Raise $350,000 IQ Sat isly Bondholders ; . ' Jiminie Jones, Betrayed By Cat,-Assessed $150 Liquor Fine |Article by Henry A. Wa!- . ' <;lr seill ' ch m disgust. l ' 0 " c °«" et officers to "stick "CCailiC He Had lo Weekly, was widely Interpreted Jfiise Attomoy Mndild Tofton' tn Cunningham on n chni-ge of lllc- a new rtcnl rcjily io Farmer Pros- his fiiliiiro to fcctt her. Today she gnl possession O f Intoxicating liquor The u. P..c. loan; plus the „,„, 000 to be raised among the delinquent taxpayers, will permit settlement with Ilio bondholders of District fl's $600,000 debt on a bask ol P5 cents on lb ? dollar, of Suh-dh- Irict 3's 51.C75.000 debt on a basis of 75 cents on'the dollar, and of Sub-district 4's $225,000 'debt on n basis of 80 csnts. on the dollar. The bondholders' have agreed lo such a settlement.. Means 1% Tax Saving The resulting reduction In the can be attributed to the cotton adjustment program." "The cotton program - i—a...... unques-1 tlonably has been thc salvation of I the people," declared J. J. Daly, I manager of J. o. Penney and Com-1 Pany at Blytheville. "My : business { "as increased 23 per cent over that! NEW YORK, Sept. 28. lUP)-tn- rm.t i y<!i V r and shovls an M P" v «stlgallon of friends of Bruno R over thoU September this year Hauptnmnn and of indications that <"« the same month last year," he several -persons were involved HI n ii <; . r • I "'* M nt| t»rgh kidnaping proceeded I-.H. Sandefiir, manager of Mead! rapidly today wllh telcril aaents Clothing, .company, Blytheville, 1 and police rounding up „! 1 po«U stated that he had a 40 nor cent ble witnesses tor questioning " Agents and Police Push Search for Accomplices in Lindbergh Case - _.j.. •v.irg HAII4I.IIUIL 1[] ttlC principal amount O f thc 'district'? tlebt and the lower interest rate nnd delayed -maturities or the R r C. loan will permit a drainage ta\ rate in the districts-of nnroxl- mateiy 4ft cents per acre instead of the present rate of approximately 51 per acre. Th C| $350,000 sought from delinquent taxpayers is about 60 per cent of ihe total of b'ack tnvcs du- thp districts, if it, is raised mak- WnS " Ot Slncere ina no<;*ihln *hn i-Q+n* / . ... I^id aKrlculture. '«s pos=ime tnc -settlement-with! the -bondholders, thc delinquent V>roperty,o J iHars..TTi31.- be -fr«'l- fr-ft Inbllity foi*-.Uie remainder of the delinquent laxes and no drnInn B e la-vcs-will be collected from them or other property owners in the districts for thc current year. Owed Large Landowners Approximately Ihrec-fourlhs ol he delinquent drainage tnxevln the dislricts are owed by a small number of large land owners. The balance is distributed among more than a thousand small holders. Efforts are now underway to collect he $.150,000,a,,d men In loud, W ilh .he situation are confident it will be done. Ttie settlement. Ident Hoover's nmgiixlno sortie Jilnst the noose-veil udmlnlslrn- tlon. Wallace did not name the Individuals and organluillaiis. Nor did he delnll Ihe facts upon which he based lib allegations By direct statement or hnpliciillon he said: L—Most congressmen are special pleaders. Colton l.cGlslatlon Ulnckwl ••—A single member of congress last spring blocked legislation to curb cotton speculation. 3.—Lobbyists have close friends in congress who check legislation in committee or on the floor at their behest. i.—One of Ihc five western governors who came to Washington a year ago to demand high price I fixing for farm products probably '" llls '"••*« control dispute. 0.—Special Interests, 5.—Sugar refiner* put newspaper advertising "where. It ..would do the most good" during ..|h f 1933 press urc iroups, nnd news drives put of- fictals on "hot spots". Wallace lold. the United Press he would nol identify the, persons and organizations;- to whom he re- ferrcd. , .. . r . "1 want to promote constructive, houshl, not fo cause personal blt- lonii'ss," lie said. In Hoover K.-IJIJ New Deal NEW YORK, Sept. 2B (UP) his book. "Thc Challenge to — ...—.... n.,,,, u uuucicti, will . , ~ be , Ulc nrst >» Mississippi county Arkansas Revenue ' Com- 1 ' ntier1 »' (! |w providing tor R. P. - ••• • ' ni i it ""' '" ll ' L ' refunding of drain- missioner Chosen by Na- *& district debts. R. p. c . i oai ,, fional Tobacco Group - ent [or a number of other districts have beet, approved but there has been ae.iay in reaching agreements with bondholders. published today, Former Herbert Hoover takes sharp issue with many planks of the nooseycltian N C | V Deal ami characterizes the controversial NRA as n path to complclc cenlriillia- donc on a credit, but' this year shorll/afler'noon 4 '' 3a "" Iel FOlC) ' nol over 35 per cent or it is credit I wrt ' „, ,„ , ' business." , - I ^^ral agents emphasized that . reflected in the ™ a '» wll "»Bly passed it. sale of 50,000 cotton picking sacks' ^^-"^ agents, who were accoin- Ihls rail compared to 35.000 a year P anl «d by New York and New Jer- ago he said. "We arc for the; se >' n° lice ' ?«M Hie innii's name Dankhead Act and Its continuance vvollltl collle fro "' Kllcy. He is a and hope the acreage next year'" "" .will be kept as low as in 1U34," he concluded. Sales Up 50 rtr Cent Leon Sullivan, manager of G R Drickcy Mercantile Company Osccola, reiwrtcd 50 per cent better Business in 1034 thnn in 1933 He HOT SPRINOS, Sept. 28 (UP)-Earl R. Wiseman, Arkansas commissioner of revenue, was elevated lo the chairmanship of Ihc II H National Tobacco Tax associallo:) - Jl S today at'the close of the two-di-.y Ui Ui annual convention. He has served as vicc-clmirmari of Ihe association for the • past R. E. Swann, of Nashvif!e, Tenn., was elected vice-chairman, and T. ,-,. . . ' P. Minus, or Columbia, s. C., was biological Slll'vev named, secretary. 1 •- "m vt-y tion of wealth. . Couched tn phrases which mnk» his views unmistakable, Hoover disagrees with ihc administration'.? monetary policy, assails bureaucracy. demands a free press, rule of . -,~~ |"L.)0, tUHJ UJ mitra.nmcled voting majority a»rt emphasbes the need lor crii leal dissent. >.«n luiuiy. nc cnargcci mat tnc --—a«= -VIUUICK, icacral game . "HIUIIB 10 display proper state had the:' higlirat, tax rates war<ta >. announced here today that 1 s °" " lclr cnrs and lowest assessments in the I e u - s - biological survey has' Tilosc wll ° have paid off arc- United States .and credited recent \ iusl Purchased.45,000 acres of land! Lucilie Tnckclt, Pcrliss Wesson Ja>vs with encbiiraging delinqucu- !" " lc wlllt « river section in Ar-l, JTO " Dc »"ls, Ed Petty Dan-oil cies. - ; . .Kansas to be comvrln'i into n ^ MrLcod, W. w. MrNnii nr,/;«,. County 4-H Club Council Will Meetlere Saturday ThC 4 '" i •u a, tack of u.ii,n ui -, ( council will , . '"""out meet Saturday at the Blytbcville f l Mississippi coun- Woman's Club House The meet . inn will start at 0 a.'m. and wnl '45, Watei 2! Motorists Pay Fines For Defective Light! Twenty-one and bad tuck should consider tho, experience of Jimmlc Jones. I Tllc iiiWInf imrLy of sheriff's) Jinimle, if you don't rt'inombor I 1 '" 1 " 1 "" 6 " ml 1>0 " ec ll(ul miulc °"'i; ,. ,-* i] , T - •',•- '"•" ' lhs nwiwe'd more thnn onco hi l^H^f I" mwovorlng miy hoozc|Verdict Follows HJS Testi- WCC lllterprctCC as Alls- lorjl1 co " rls Ol1 " vml(;l v of, clmrg- "™","| •"i»»'le's South Franklin u „,„ . „. . I LU (1 6 Miib cs bu( hns lmi |]mlMlii ' C | lt(lnnt .dimilclle. .They were about lo give moll)' He Killed Girl •VCl' lO I'lOOVPr '"" nrri........ ,„ ,...,_. ., . nn Ilii^lr <i>[ii-^i. t,. ^it^»...-t •-. _ _ ,._ _ lor Hie fo stile Jlmintc, reported. RELIEF IS STILL I ffl i'edcral Aid for Needy Only Justified by Enier' gency Says Roosevell •WASIUNQTON. 8C|)t. 2(1 (Ul 1 ) — The primary responsibility 'for CDinmnnlly relief needs rests upon the community itself, President liooscvelt said today In nn address before several hundred representatives at the mobilisation for human needs. In reiterating this well denned policy (he president explained that "no thinking or experienced person Insists today Unit tho x responsibility of the community shall be eliminated by passing on tills great and Immune (u S k [ 0 any central body at the scat of federal government." "You' nnd I know," he snid,' "Unit It has been with reluctance and only because we have realized the Imperative need for nddilloiml help Ihut the federal government 'has been compelled [o undertake 'thf task ot supplementing the more normal methods which have been hi use for many generations." Mr. Roosevelt pointed out lluit It was "very definitely our task, yours nnd mine, to sea to It tint shall be Prank Martin, slayer of Helen Spencc Enton In her attempted escape from the slate prison farm for women, who was found not guilty of murder by a jury nt Little Rock last nlgltl. „ winter there Increased vigilance In every locality against the giving of relief except lo (hose who definitely nnd clcnrly need it and "re entitled to it." He asserted that In meeting ths emergency the government was establishing \viih . each passing month a greater' degree of ct'• (iclcncy In (he elimination of many of the evils which ot necessity attended the first efforts. The president spoke from the balcony overlooking th c south grounds of the White House. Stales: Fail to Do Their I'nrl JICa SIM-VPV P|.,,,o n " "" '" Dn Thcl r I'«rt nnn ^ ^ " S Twc »'y-onc motorists, caught in WASHINGTON, Sept. 28 (UP)_ ,000 Acre RefuBC for ^"f ^"^"^ »i3lit "bad ght" Rc ' Ier Mmln ^'^ HB.TV L. , r ^ rt '' lve by 5latc "'S'way patronen Ho l' kins reminded H state'today ltd howl [ |and local officers, paid two dol- " lil1 lhcy h!lvo '»"»« to Provide • ' . (firs cnnh fn TinTt^n !-«„*..__>_.. thcfr "rensonniiip ctm™ i » nt ^«n^r ;eor se Riddick, federal game I. -"• "i J"HU l.«U inrs each lo police yesterday. number of others are still to "" ""'" to ' •I, •• ««•«.* CM;UI.IU[V III Ar- .jkansas to be conwrtcd Into a re- fowl. Riddick said, Is cies. .i. .Kansas lo be coi "We must pay more attention f " g ° for vvatcr to other fields of taxation," he! The purchase, umcncK said, Is said. "I doubt' if the next lcgts-! onl - v one of seven now bcin» nego- lature will go.Into sales lax Icgi-.-; llrllcd ' or '" 'his district "by the lation. I know of no more cquil- l bl<>1 «8icnl survey. He nnd Roy able tax than- that on tobacco." Moo: '<'. Starkvllle, Miss., rcgiona inai on tobacco." •"""'«•-. omrevnie, Miss., regional nsiimplion In' the| dl !' cctor 'or the fifth federal dis- uuiii.-u oiaics l averages 1,000 per '""• recently completed a two year for every man. woman and ' vc <* s l0 "'' of thc district, which rnf TH \Timic ti>iin ?c- A (.-..I -r ^nnmrl<;nc p rA«*uin.._ . • Cigarellc „ United States child. Minns, who is director or Roosevelt n 100 per cent back of thc Agricultural Adjustment Administration," .. . , wo s recor r- >mlil about 3 ^0 P- ". This j the licensing division of t!,e Eomi nAl.tnnnt hnv _____ •«.- r- .. .. ' /~i^. __ u-_ j ........ . - -">n-*i he declared. is a get-together meeting for thc purpose of Organizing the work that must he completed before Achievement Day, elcclton of of- Carolina tax division, said. Present bam! >- ('•"•» k..i.i.n..ii, i.>iij, L-icciion ol 01- our total business for r ' ccr s for the coming" year and to f 1 »*••'">•—• •'-'»"- ess or ihe whole of 1934 will be the larg- cst of any yccr In our history, and stll » truo of all . .--- ...*, *.-<•!iLV is LI»u 01 aj| business in Osceola," stated O. E exchange ideas. An invitation has been sent to each member of the council and : any other members who can come " —. — ,.-...j ut»\.. uLi.iiium> wiiu C31J COniC ig store proprietor. | arc cordially invited. The program There was not a single „,„„,« failure i,, town all year. Improved conditions are bound to bp due very largely to the administration's was planned by Arnold Phillips and Miss Louise Curtwright. The meeting will open with a business ' Tennessee, Arkansas ftliS5]5 sippl, Louisiana antl Ala- consumption Is back nt the record 1930 level after' a slim IOW and 1033. he said. The 45,000 acre tract extends "U° t mltles °" both *& Tot the White river from St. Charlc.s to Benzol, Ark. The land is a narrow strip ivhicii | S () lc f c(! ding ground for millions of ducks and ,, T > "** iti.v>, i-miiiui McLcod, W. w. McNeil, Crafion Brothers company, Bert King, j u. Booker. Claude Cook, Leonard Sampson, I, D. Wade, Roy Cun- 'Ingham. J. R. Sheptrine, W. T. h "ig, Guy McHenry. w. T. Sharp, J. Crump. Bcmie Thomas, Fay McHaney, Mrs, Irene Moiuighan. Rumor has It that Mr. Mckancy friend, W. Lcon"^^!^ deputy, tlll prosecutor, , who for once found! Llsti "S of t)le slates followed a '-'—" ' - careful survey of state, local and federal contributions conducted by Ihc FERA. Keadoption of Present c t ,' T . ., , B'-ouim lor millions of t OChOOl lextS IS Urged, 6 ™^' RWdick cxplafncd. LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 28 (UP)-! n ni j r\ Ii Strong representations were ma<te: ur - PiOyd U. HoWton In n/Mi t \r T.I.^I_-II i , ^ f _ *'.»w«» cotton program," he satd. "Business Is three to four times KIVEII o' aw a, H iia^ 11 !^ 0 !' °T * 5 ' Mr ' form of c »^» ara "«« from each afl 1934 b cml of ,'b tllro "8 ho '"' 1cl »»- The day's activities will 'be farmers h^l b, ? , H !lelcol " 1 *n«;concluded with a social hour, dur- larmerh nati in a riri'pT^ r\fif.n r«- .1. ........ ... . ... ere ma<e to C5ov. J. M. Pntrcll before he en- i tercft a conference of thc state; ,^., u ., tu , Im t-nce 01 tno session which will take most of the' textbook commission Toda u ~ n , i ntr ns Uental UiflCC their "reasonable share" or relief money and must mnkc amends or Hopkins lislcd these states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi' Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma Smith Carolina, Tennessee, Virgin- la, Washington and Wisconsin. In Ihesc slalcs, Hopkins stitd Ihc burden of relief has been borne entirely or in large part by the government. Hopkins hns advised the governors that they will be expected to carry their share.. Hop- fcins said he could hold tack fcd- stalc «»nWbutlon,. - —. .-.-•— ,v t vin.t njuint himself on the paying end of a ;1ne. r ° m , e frOM!a . l1 , books for Uvo raorc -. Howtdif, who has MI attending St. J.ouis Unlvcr-' farmers had In" a decent n w «r »,. i P, o " ,"' " ol "'' 6m ~ Tcxlb «>^ In four aibjcels were I'" i" Ihc cotton." is the way s ,«cl, PI ll ' ,H , , ' mcmbcrs wl)l »"- "P 'or six year adoption. No He- iBroortway. (rnnHn,,.H „., * *™ ,' I" 11 ' t . lc . i >alc ln B»'"cs suggested by the cision on read/union ^.-.H K.A,,-' n. ,, ' —. — ..— ...,j ivn^ (Continued on Page 'tlclwlo In ga different clubs. - . .s nver- S° remOT indicated ^ils 5 ym-:«"y. "as established an office here )f<"' the practice of dentistry. Ill 1 e l )alh >' *«" ">' Droposal. Textbooks In four subjects werel is '» Ihe Lynch building on South cision on rearioptioii had been 1 He Is a nephew of Dr How Urn ' 'reached early ibis afternoon, of O.weola. »"»wn, 40,072 Bales Ginned in County to September 16 Cotton ginned In Mississippi county prior to September 16, 1934, was nearly five times the amount ginned prior to the same date a year ago, It was revealed In a report issued today by Chester Dancliower, of Luxora. Mr. Danchowcr's report shows 40.072 bales, of 193-1 crop cotton ginned In this county prior to September 1C, compared to 8,302 bales ginned prior lo tilt' same dale a year ago. Failure to Work Streets Brings Fines for Nine w Smal r , , ,, . dlroctly under the fines for failure to work mlnistraltve board mnveoad the streets or pay street (axes were (he president, fro municipal court yesterday afternoon. J.imcs Cole was flticd two dollars Others, fined a dollar each, were . »,„„ JUoses Clemmons, negro, was fined sympathizers attacked nnd beat |S10 and given 10 days for peUt r ° ur workers who irled to enter larCCnv. thn nlnnl I Not Guilty SBSTflBILIII JOEnl Danger of Uncoordinated Policy Shifts Eliminated Says Richberg WASIIINOTON, Sepl "8 (UP)-I , ly hc h ° U ^f lo "s positions of I President Roosevelt's new fl;ili-de- nclllrtin 5 Hint of guard at the t iresslon general staff organlzctl for enllar )' wnlh In Little Rock, to ptcndlnif for an ncqulttnl, assa" -d the Arknn-ius pi ton system undei which Mm (In, n lri»,ty serving a lern; foi murdei, was used to ?,uard \vouitiu liriKouers. "I ivoiildn't lime killed that girl," Mnrlln dcdaicd passionately during late jcslcula> by Lawrence C Anton deputy pifliB- culing attoinej, "for nnythliW"ln the world, If f hadn't Imd to 1 wouldn't have tilled hor—' his voice- bi'okc^ wllh emotion—"not If it'd 'meant son lug e\ciy one'of my 21 years." • • Girl N;inlt"i Rrockman The first sensntlotral tcsthtiony of Ihc Irlal was given by Ruth Clark, a convict nt the state Farm for Women, who admitted on cro=s-e\nin- inutlon by the prosecution that she" had testified before the Puliiski grand jurj tlinl V nroeftnmn, former fnrm manager or tlie .instltu- tlon, had bcpn intimate not only with her but will, Helen Snence i Baton. Judge McOchec allowc<l the testimony rcgawltng hcrieU to go into the-record; but overruled the tcatliuony rcgaidlng n,c slain girl- convict. Brockmnn himself k under Indictment In connection with the slaying, for iicrmittlng nn escape conniving at escape, and accessory, before the fact of murder The case, set with Martin's, was delayed by agreement, and will be reset. Under sympathetic questioning by SV. w. Shepherd, defense atloinoy, Martin told of his background on a form In rural Siline county of his education "to the fifth grade" and of his p! L a of guilty to second degree murder of Richard Ranch? for which he was sentenced to 21 J'cnrs In the penitentiary, _.* At the insistence of his attorney he stressed Iho fact that he was af Tucker fnrm only 47 d ajs before he was jnnde a trusty. Subsequently he held larlons positions of trull recovery nctlon org today and nounccd through Director Donald It. 1 Richberg that business is now Insured ngainst sudden unco-or- dinalcd shifts hi New Deal emergency policies. RichlKrg promised there would be no sweeping changes In NRA Price nxing and production control will be considered from the standpoint of individual Industries. !!c said the .organization created by Mr. Roosevelt. yesterday should be considered as a "trial set-up" pending congressional action on the future or emergency agencies expiring during thc next session, In two executive orders f/r. Roosevelt substituted a seven-man board for Gen. Hugh s. Johnson's one-man rule of NRA nnd established over all emergency organizations ihe Industrial emergency committee to fix blue eagle policies and co-ordinate nil anti-depression maneuvers. To the new administrative board Mr. Roosevelt appointed Clay Williams and A. D. Whltcstdr. industrialists; Sidney Hillman nild Leon C. Marshall, labor spokesmen,-mid Walton Hamilton, professor of cnn- Etituttonpl law at Yale university. To these Ihe president added as cx-offlclo member, Blnckwcll Smith NRA legal adviser, and Leon Henderson, its chief economic adviser nnd head of the Research and Planning division. experience. ..„ „„,, „„„„„.„ were brought to the recovery, ad ministration by Johnson. the plant. • --.- — — ....•~ ivwix, before he-was assigned to the stale Farm for Women at Jacksonville as a guard. . His Version of Klllimr Then he was urged to tell,' in iJJs own words, the ofttold story or Helen's escape from tlie fnrm on "the afternoon of July-10. Ills story differed ill but few details from the stories previously told by other' witnesses. He added, however: — ''Captain Brockman told Superintendent atcdman, after we'd been hunting for her that afternoon, that the girl Is armed with a good gun' and we're Inking no chances.'. Mr Stcdman snld, 'I don't blame you'" He described the pursuit the following day nhen reports had conie that the iDgitlve had been seen in the community about eight miles north of the fnrm He told of seeing her walking ahead of them on the lonely road, and ot Ihe nistnic- ' lions he received from Brockinan to flank her through the old field and head her "off. He told of rcacli- mg an openlng-lh the shrubbery lin- ing.thc road Then' "This girl come along," he related. "She come along where I could see her I hollered 'Haiti' She looked around " (He lllustrnta] ,-iow she looked around.) "r said, 'K'lerT throw up your hands The ' she reached" (he pronounced It "rech") "for her gun, "When she done that," ha concluded huskily, "i shot her." WEATHER ARKANSAS — Cloudy, warmer. Saturday cloudy and w.inner'.,!n cast portion. • , Xfemplils and Viclnltv—Probably occasional showers, warmer tonight and Saturday According to the official »eatn*r observer, Samuel P. Korrls, tlie maximum lempcralure yesterd»y/ was 79 degrees and the minimum, 6G degrees, clear. *

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