Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 27, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1948
Page 5
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REFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 1280 °11? 3 ^ J Niahts and-Su 119 Edgewood " Notice to Sweet Potato Growers Dig your potatoes now before liJtfi f at 1 d ruirls the Duality. Until further notice we offer you $50.00 per xon for No 1 Portoricaii and Rtdvelvets Which is $1.50 per Bui -or 60 Uje. We furnish the' crates and want you to get them and grade your number o'nts in the field and put them in crates as you pick them up Potatoes that are put iii. storage must be handled without Bruising. We pay $20.00 per ton for culls and rough stuff and pen t care how you bring them In but be sure and oet crates for Number onts and dig them now ae the prices may be iow- er after it rains. E. M. McWilliqats Seed Store Hope, Ark. Wife of Author fo"fce Questioned in Slaying Reno. Nev'.,.'Qct. 2G — I7P)-— Mi's Gwyn Conge f': Stein beck, estranged wife of Novelist John- Steinbeck will, be .summoned to an inquest Thursday in the death of Leonard H. Wolff, 28, authorities said today The body of Wolff, World War II flier and soivpf a wealthy Denver iamily, was .found on -'the dcscn- near here.ealy, Saturday. wilrr'::a bullet wound; in the head. District ay Harold O. Tabor said 'People of the United States Slr-r had lost approximately $80,-1 wood has written some plays rang- New York Oct. 2fi —• Lest we forget I present herewith the outline of a system of slave labor which Harry Hopkins published in the American maga/.inc for December 1942. I have referred to this several times but I doubt that I have ever brought out the true HitJorian rnthlensnoss and contempt for people which Hopkins threatened to impose on the American people. The fact that he suffered a Ion/; time from cancer which finally killed him and doggedly carried on his malevolent schemes until lie was frustrated by victory in the field has been offered as nn endearing fact. It should not endear him to any citizen who has the feeling of and for liberty. It only made Hopkins the more dangerous because he could endure agony to try to convert this nation into a reasonable imitation of Hitler's Germany or Stnlm'a Russia. Ho wrote his plan when lie was living m the White House undoubtedly with the approval of Franklin D. Roosevelt who would have thrown him out if lie had disapproved. The fact that he did not on Hopkins' plot rather liked it. when - been those "interesting the White House lai sne personally thou would be fine if the "government' would tell us a ]] "women as well as men" what jobs we must take at what pay and where we must go to work at those jobs to win the war, Her gang was "the gov- Tech End Named flayer of Week in AlC Loop Little Rock, Oct. 27 — f/Pj— The Arkansas Intercollegiate Cohfe- C ^" St , ar of thc weck " is End ll Morris of Arkansas Tech. He was chosen in the weekly poll coaches conducted by the Asso- of eiated Press "for "his playing last 'i'««U'r, u; Salunlay night when Tech's Won,1 oy , E swamped State Teachers the AIC "Game of the year." Morns blocked a Teachc'rs punt ,"'? Toch 's f'l'St march into goal line and Inter caliphl three passes for 125 yards and two touch- other players received hon- downs. Five arable mention. Thov are- Quarterbacks Delwin Ross o f A. & M. and Cralng Ben•—-is A. & M., End.Shel- ,^ , °l. Littl ° n ° c!j Junior Carl ^ Greenwood, Arkah- -).V 1'ollege. :is lie Ozarks State Fullback" and Iiardravcs College of guard. Lenthe oven comment showed that ho _ „„, Ibis was further shown later JMc.-mor write that they had .having one of " discussions" a ~.<K) ti, __.^ ,.,,.n.. ijuu.iv: and that she personally thought it D;/->I i if-I !-.„ f: ; /• j t ,, ' ^ . 13. Shorwoort , ' -.-,,..,.., „ .,_,, tjluji \\"nftl has edited the "Private Papers" of Harry Hopkins which are sued as another book of midablc shelf of n body-snatchings which Wednesday, October 27, 1948 By Huah fc rullnrton. Jr. New York, Oct. 27 — Iff] — St Thomas College in Minnesota has a •185-pound halfback named Jack Salscheider who, according to reports, is the hottest thing to appear in that chilly state since the invention of aquavit. . . .Jack has been an A State selec tionoftwro been an A 1 State selection for two years. And in. five games this season (up to k altswe )he e had son (up to last week! he had scored 49 points, gained CIO yards in 62 tries and punted 27 times for 1 , y "lj !V S, r ,? g l'.: -Obviously the lad more colle is good but "there Tnaybc'a lot i-c like him hidden on c™.,n en on small e squads. . . The point of this paragraph is that there's no reason to le those guys stay hidden. We'd like to hear about them — and so the Little ^"»<- Au m ? n who All America team Blind Lead Blind This one comes straight from <?i ?• n) ?, ht at tho H 'eh School Stadium the Hope Junior Bobcat te«m bowed to a better-conditioned group of Texarkana Piggies by a 19-0 score, the second defeat handed them by the visitor this season. It- ball gan was a pretty evenly matched game until the Hope lads- be- to tire. Meanwhile the Bobcats were preparing to take on Joe Dildy's Hot ' now is-1 the for-' memoirs and I - - -h are compul-' sory reading for anyone who would like to know what these audacious schemers wore Dlottini.' against the at blackjack a few hours earli- said Mrs. Steinbeck may 000 er. Tabor have been the last person to sec him alive. Coroner Laiiranee Layman said Mrs. Steinbeck accompanied Wolff to a gambling, club- south of Reno nig in quality from good to not so good and Roosevelt took him the White House as one of into his whore he wrote cover his losses. three checks to Later, the coroner added, he took Mrs. Steinbeck home to the guest ranch where she is establishing Nevnda i-esidence Layman termed Wolff's death wound self-inflicted but said the father, Jacob Wolff of Denver, rc- di- L. , to accept the conclusion. 'The dead man was granted a vorce last week from .Sylvia . . Wolff. At the divorce hearing the war veteran gave his assets as $47,700 in securities! Layman said ho planned to summon to the inquest Newell Benningfield. operator of the gambling resort. Deputy sheriffs said Ben- mngfield had attempted to cash at least one of Wolff's cheeks Saturday morning but that the bank refused -because the signature was somewhat Irregular. FIRM INCORPORATES Little Rock, Oct. 20 —(/{•)— Articles of incorporation were filed today for P. D. Storey .and Sons, Inc Arkadeljfiia., ' • , The company was formed to manufacture and .distribute a "pat ented rachot ventilator.". : capital stock was set D. all phrase-makers. On the record of Roosevelt's- speeches as compared with-Winston Churchill's or even with the uncouth frenzies of the •Roy. Gerald L. K. Smith who has been in a gagged historic Sherwood must be these last ten political suppression grading the great ones by his arbitrary standards which doesn't bother to In this article - a very drab operator in the bon mot business However ho came t.o regard him- seJf ns a sort of professor at a desk own he spread before us. published in 1942 Harry Hopkins per ghost wrote: We are mobilizing our fighting men. Now wo must mobolize our civilians. (Mobilize means form into battalions capable of moving quickly.) A selective service for war work at home must distribute our men — and women — power fairly firmly and efficiently. "No American anywhere should! allowed to decide for himself' low much he will do or how much he will give. (Slavery first- then confiscation of savings and proper"We must fight total war under -,-«• • -..u , ---•-. an intersectional affair that would give the Spa boys a lot of prestige if they could upset the Bobcats. Glowing reports from other sections could have the Bobcats really primed for the killing But the boys know Dildy, he used to coach them, and they know he fields a team to win ball games despite all odds and past performances. They also know that games are won on the field and not on pub- Ucity. Captain Sam Westbrook's return to the lineup will help but Wesley Huddleslon, James McCargo and Roger Neal are nursing injuries. b Hope fans are beginning to have a lot of faith in their Bobcats and years I * rorn 50 ° to 1( ?00 will journey to'Hot springs to give them moral- support. • * lomorrow night at ' Mammon's. field the Yerger Tigers will taiigle with an ancient foe, Lincoln High ol Camden in a contest that is expected to be close all the way Yerger will be trying to keep its record clean in state competition Rough work is ahead ior the Tigers today as in all practice sessions this week. . Tickets are now on sale. The game has been called for 8 o'clock and a large crowd is expected American Bowling Congress heacl- finartprs Wl-,^,? n..j-. V I16 -'f« Around the Arkansas Sport Circle By CARL BELL Little Rock Oct. 27 -(/P)- „,. ierest in Arkansas Intercollegiate fnnfnrnnno fnniK^ll :_ V-B'"W. Conference football leaps and The is growing by quarters, of Pontiac, Rudy Jaconette Mich., drew the almost-impossible 5-7-10 split, he dis- ma ly asked the world, "How do I make th.s.". . .The answer came from a pal, Johnny Koprince, Close your eyes and throw " Rudy did just that. The ball ' hit the 5 pin and cut it over to the 10 which bounced off the kickback and rolled across to tip over the 7 S"f m '" u 4« Sports Page Bill McPeak, Pitt end, must , > *• m cuu, must have some sort of a grudge against Indiana U. Bill seldom score! but he s made a touchdown against the Hoosiers in the post'three games es . . .Hearing that Nevada is angling for a place in football conference, coifple of Los Angeles Ex- arniner scribes suggested Pacific two n Th A, (B) The All America. pos- Arnold Say s By FRANK H. BARTHOUMEW Sonoma, Calif., Oct. 26 — (UP) —Russia is attempting a gigantic ?ho ft w ga ) nst ^, ^ nited Stales "nd the Western Allies but is "not l fight ' d ° if want to her bluff • , is called, General H. H. (Hap) Arnold told the United Press today . Ive been away from Washing! ton now for a couple of years and ? ™y be slightly off the beam, but that s my considered opinion " h ' ef ° f the y air , asked what Positive Western Allies might ct step in the present situation. Why not take a motor convoy and push it through the corridor to Berlin," he replied. "Perhaps we 'rom ,. , Incorporators are r Hugh N., and Hal. N. Storey, f •;-. . ', ,, — -*•• *V'H-M *-.f , tin of l-nendship route, Arkadelphia. ^The pulpits, domes and dadoes built in Con- Hith Century with gleam- , of the great mosques jtnnlinoplc during the were often decorated ng ceramic tile. FLOOR SANDING & FINISHING All work Guaranteed. PHONE 89 A. Z. TURNER FOR SALE Surfaced Oak Lumber — $40.00 per Thousand GENERAL BOX COMPANY PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Altphalt Tile • Rubber Tllr ROY ALLISON Phone 280 LET FOY DO IT • Level yards • Dig Post Hole* • Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lot» « Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 10B6 8. Walnut St. government direction with no special favors (such as the airplane trip for Elliott Roosevelt's dog Blaze: or Eleanor's frantic career of flights from the Far Pacific to .London and the political motor- parades for her at home usin" thousands of gallons of gas Ed > We must throw into the war effort every able bodied man and woman. (Not that both Hopkins and Eleanor emphasized their determination to put women into the service of the state under orders. That is the way to break up the family to dissipate the morals of normally decent girls and women and accomplish total moral degeneracy Send the father to Oregon. The mother to a camp outside Savannah. Send the daughter to work for Koine underworld gauleitcr of the I'-d Kelly chapter of the Parly of Humanity in Chicago. Ed.) Consider that in relation to this line: 'loo many Americans have remarked: Well it doesn't mean me. 1 m a .stenographer and loo important to my firm." or "I can't cross the continent to work in a shin- yard." ' Let us assume that your daugh- r is a stenographer in' New York .lopkius was planning to deport her by force it' necessary to a shipyard in Portland. Similarly he was pUumint; to make it impossible for i you to keep your home intact. He | was going to send you as far as he could and your wife- as far as lie could in another direction. And then he wrote this impudent leering parasite: "It does mean you for it isn't Hist talk and it won't blow over -When (the people i through their chosen representatives enact the laws that are necessary workers will go to the spots where they are needed most. No man or woman without good cause will leave a war job for one that pays more None will strike. Through forced savings and taxes spendim 1 will be er \erger High School's Homecom- will get under way Jean Johnson a . ing festivities when Martha the 10th grade class of the Queen Contest ' member of and winner that ended at 10 o'clock this morning m the High School auditorium crowned Queen in a Coro- Ceremony tonight in the Auditorium at 8 will be nation High School o'clock. Her attendants the runner-ups in the contest, will be Gertha l Brown and Vera Simpson. 'I here will be a parade through the down town section tomorrow aUcrnoou at 'i o'clock. , ertha Scoggins, Errhalean Dougas, Marguerite Smith, Rosie Lee . might have learned something n George Patton's technique. If f atton were running the show he ould take it through." Asked what the Russians would ao if an armed Allied convoy did push through to Berlin, Arnold replied — "Not much, if anything " . Arnold, now technically retired and raising white-faced cattle on his Raneno El Fealiz in California's Valley of the Moon, still maintains a " " fflc ; e /t the nearby Hamilton Meld air force installation. "We need today the same courage of conviction we had when we inarched m to Berlin," the white- haired, smooth-faced general said. : . It would be a grave and basic error to let the Communists bluff us out in the present deadlock in Germany. • "They are not ready to fight and e> not want to bound The increase in AIC attendance probably isn't unusual because more paying customers are turning out for all sports events these But who would have thouent -i few years ago that 8500 fans would attend an AIC game as the did the Arkansas Tech- State Teachers scrap at Russellville last Saturday night. Why, ten or 15 years ago that was a big crowd for a Southwest Conference football game University of Arkansas In was capacity before the «azorbaclc stadium was built The turnout at Russellville ceeded the seating capacity ElX . tra bleachers were overflowed and hundreds of onlookers stood on the sidelines and in the aisles. £ ne _press box was crammed, too at the fact, it present in ex- Ar- Gover Differ on Party Lines By LEON HATCH Little Rock, Oct. 26 --f/T'i kansas' retiring governor ;ln j] . kansas' next. governor have taken divergent, paths in the pre-election campaign now closing. Unless a tradition of some 75 years is upset the next /'overnnr will be Sit] MeMath. tho" Democratic nominee. But even if it should bo Charles R. Black, his Republican opponent, the statement still holds. Tho principal difference between Gov. Hen Laney. who is rinishin" out his second term, and McManT of course, has been their toward the national attitud campaign. BfJOADCASTlMO SYSTEM r- and some sports writers covering ~ (-• —. »,u niivi^ij UUV the game couldn't'pet into it. Tech Athletic Director John Tucker admitted the crowd for thc Wonder Boy-Teachers tilt exceedor? exnectations-, but'.added: CXCOeded ."We have realized our need for a larger stadium for' some time and we hope to be able to one before long. And we larger growin press very box. .fast. have must build The interest You probably recall that Lindoll Pearson, the halfback who led Oklahoma to victory ' Christian. Texas over T , . .-- was a member of the University of Arkansas ' souad during the early 1Cl/t < 7 ,-. .-. n mi , •* freshman part of the 1947 season.'Then he'sudcienTy r e 1 turned to his home state The story was that the athlete's father was an Oklahoma State em- ploye and was directed by a "burn izorback^ h cf'3 aVe ' Vat ? hed V ie know he is an-.Afa-America n back O if there ever was one.. But, for two grade""' * mHy n °' makc %* TO™, n fh ' st pl ? co ' All-Americans wlh P - y ?'' e se]c S ic<1 from teams with -great records. The Porkers will just about have to win all their remaining games,.or at least lot v j - ore! good. Secondly, the Since its inception. Governor Laney has been one of Ihe leaders in the States Rights democratic movement. He has contributed nioiicy and lime to the cause. During recent weeks he has been actively stumping — both in and out of Arkansas -- in behalf of the States' Rights nominees. Gov. J .Strom Thurmond of South Carolina [or president and Gov. B'ieldim: Wright of Mississippi for vice president. "" i MeMnth. on the other hand, has! stuck to the "regular" Democratic party line. A MeMath-clomin.nted Democratic state convention chose lector al candidates who if successful at the general election next Tuesday, are expected to cnsi the state's nine votes for President Truman and Senator Bnrklev Moreover, McMath has ' 'said publicly he believes Arkansas will go for the regular Democratic nominees. Since McMath assumed titular control of the Democrafic party in Arkansas as the Democratic nominee tor governor, the stale committee has .forwarded lo the national party a portion of the Hinds realized at the Jackson-Jefferson day dinner here last sprins' The funds had been held up for Wednesday p.m.. Oct. 27 !>:(JO Adventure Parade—M • r >:15 Superman— M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M 0:00 Salon Serenade 0:15 News, Five Star Final (5:25 Today in Sports 0:30 News Comment—M 6:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr.—M 7:00 Can You Tor, This—M 7:30 High Adventure—M 3:00 Gov. Strom Thurmond—M P.:MO Torchlight Cavalcade—M 0:55 Bill Henry. News—M 9:00 To Be Announced !).:'n Oene Cardo'-i Orc.h.— M 9:45 Address bv Sec.-Treas. of A F of L—M '0:00 All 'be News—M 10:15 Jimmv Featherslone's Orch —M 10:30 Buddy Moreno's Orch —M 10:55 Mutual Ncw B —M 11:00 Sign Off Thursday 5:57 Sign Oct. 28 months by inlra-pnrts strife _The funds not sent to the national party headquarters are be-! my used to aid Ron. .7. V/. fri'n- ble in his bid for re-election in Ihe third congressional district again:;;' strong Republican opposition'/ | Governor Lancy and McMath 1 also apparently don't see eye to ! eye on adivisibility of al "least one piece of referenda to be voted on | by Arkansas next Tuesday. I A McMath-sponsorod commiHcc! of the Arkansas Legislative Council 6:00 0:40 (i:55 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 7:55 P>:00 8 : 30 f!:4f> 0:00 9:15 has 10:45 11:00 rnore than one which might .._. lose to nave a roc- be considered U. of A. Athletic- Publicity department isn't &1V .,, K ?nhi ." ear th ? P Qll y h °° many other schools ^are giving their star backs. One school is bombarding news- a giving . - .—,-••.• ,. •"• to coast with circular building UD a player we never heard of before. He hasn't S!", ea J * a ?_ m » c . h gro^d as Scott much is made of i'act should curb the national tendency be in awe of the Russians, an awe amounting almost to fear If pur people will take the time coolly to analyze and does ' not America will be "greatly heartened' Ol course it's easy to lean against the fence rail here in Cal- what Russia does possess militarily, ,u e ac that he has completed all two of the passes he has thrown. But we'll bet he gets some votes on the strength of those circulars. Gene Smith of the' Joncsboro Sun snff S n,^ S J roni< j al ' hat Paragould ?h ^T d4 J tS -,, on1 ^ defeat this year (by Blytheville) by a field goal. 107, Paragould's coach, Sandy Sanford, was an expert in booting three-pointers when he played at £ 1 5 b ?u ma :,S?..? s «'-$S! 1 tted with kicking one the year tide.Unftr : the\ Rose Bowl -..,. /'vv. i . -"""• .- \ ' \ The Con way log Cabin Democrat observed tha other day-that it had been a prophet Ten years ago Harold Hamberg come out in opposition to a| ll:!r> proposed constitutional amendment! 11 which would prohibit 11m Ai-'cinsns legislature hereafter from leyyin" a state tax on real and personal property, committed McMath hasn't publicl himself, but presumably the action of "hi:;" commiHec means his tacit approval. The chief sponsor of the proposed amendment is Governor Laney. Neither Governor Laney nor McMath has made a. particular effort toward electing ernor. Neither have crats. In Arkansas McMath gov- other Demo- it's just as- Democratic sumed that the state nominees are "in." Black, a Corning lumberman, is the only candidate for a sl--'<>v"ide office nominated by the riepubii- cans. In radio speeches and newspaper advertising on behalf of the G. O. P. nominee. The Republicans have stressed thc advantages they say would accrue to Arkansas 'if the state had a strong two-n;irlv system. n. in., On Hillbilly Hoedown Home S'"not Home Bargain Roundup Nev/s. First. Edition Arkansas Plowboys Market Reports Farm Breakfast Program Melody Boys The rievn'.ional Hour Musical Clock News. Coffee Cup Edition Sunrise Serenade Bob Poole's Show—M Bob Poole's Show—M OrLTnn Tnterlud" Cecil Brown—M Faith in Our Time—M Say it With Music—M Passing Parade—M Victor H. Lindlahr—M Gabi-i"! Healtcr's Mailbag —M Lanny Ross—M Kale Smith Speaks—M Kate Smith Sings—M Student Parade Music bv Monroe Wo 5 Self Up passed Lonoke high school REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles OEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7023 (phone collect) If No Answer Dial 3-5770 in Circus Hand Springfield, Mo., Oct. 20 — A coroner s inquest failed yesterday to uncover any evidence on which to file charges in the mysterious death of a 19-year-old circus roustabout. A woman performer and 10 men eniplo>es of Bailey Brothers circus were released a'fter the coroner's jury returned an open verdict in the death of William Pettit Louisville, Ky. ' County prosecutors Wayne T Walker and Clyde Combs said there was "absolutely no evidence on which to file charges." 1'ettit's battered body was found in a circus tin. show arrived here mar, Mo. Dr. Murray who performed an autopsy, said the youth had been "stomped to death" and apparently was the victim ot a fight. Three property gang laborers testified at the inquest they helped •u- boss, Oscar Lloyd Dennis, If) wagon _ Saturday after from La- C. Stone, .... to do and should not should stay in college'lo be trained for war or be inducted at once. Women should remain in college only while they are being trained [or the war effort. I see no reason for wasting lime on such iionessen- tials as Chaucer and Latin. A diploma can only be framed and jhung on a wall. We must use our womanpov.-er to an extent undreamed of. I believe women can man anti-aircrafl guns in all our , coastal cities. Millions (of women) .mot now in job;; mn.vt go to work.' wounds. On the advice of his attorney Uenms declined to testify. elephant ifornia and call the shots what we should do on tho other side of the world I may be 100 per cent wrong. But I did have direct experience with tne Russians under combat conditions throughout the war and to that extent I base my personal opinion and conclusions upon fact "The only American in the postwar world to tell the Russians where to get off and make them like it is MacArthur in Tokyo. "Churchill and Bevin have given Britain an understandable policy with reference to the Communists and have made strong statements tne Russians cannot misunderstand — statements that should appeal to every American as they have to every Britisher. 'We should have an equally clarified policy concerning Russia Our military policy must be of necessity be geared to our foriegn policy. How can we intelligently estimate the needs of our new enforce, our ground forces and our navy if we are not certain as to the foreign policy they will be required to implement. "Time plays with the Russians We have the superior power now Ihey may have it later. In the meantime, it would be folly to let them bridge the gap by bluff alone Hitler pulled that stuff 10 years ago. We should now make certain of our objectives, state them so that neither the Russians, our Alor .our own poeple cun misun- Los Angeles. Oct. 20 — -vcrth (Sonny) \v'i-.-eca ; :urned here hist: ni';ht ani ... .vants to give himself ur -i- California yrulb auinoritv Ihe j The 18-year ok! Wiseen'n-er 16-ye n ,--oldT a d has a lot of !f°L'" 'm' 1 ^'- h - y , rl "" lin " ' greatness ahead of him."' " v.nn.e,. i, came later is common 0 conquest of Con way Democrat story said: "The '" football What _ knowledge. Hal to and •>'—Ells- er re- said ho lo the Thursday p.m., Oct. 28 32:00 News. Home Edition Market Time John Daniel Quartet Polka Interlude Farm Fair Eddy Arnold Show—M Queen for a Dny Golden Hope Chest—TA Heart's Desire—M Movie M"fineo—M Time to Dance : 14!i() Club Swim? Timr ' Thc Voice of the Army. Adventure Parade—M Superman—M Captain Midnight—M Tom Mix—M Rhythm & Reason News. Fivf Ptar Edit ; ~n Today in Sports News Comment—M Fulton j.,;.".'.'^. Jr. Talent Jacknot The Better Half—M Hv G"'-rTnf.'---M Gabriel Henttcr—M Mutual Newsrcel—M Revere All Star Revue—M Thin Man—M To Be Announced ( All the New*—M Jo" RfiehiTi:m's Orch.—M Nnro Morales' Orch.—M Mutual News—M Si cm-Off 12:1,5 12:45 1:00 1:30 2:00 3:00 ?:-. Ui 4: on 4:45 5:00 V 15 5:30 5: •' 5 G:00 fi:25 6:30 7:00 7:30 p.Voo 8:15 !0:30 10:55 M -nn To . - • went to the U A. where be played good ball in sophomore season, and then starred for tho U. S. Naval Academy Cook Appeals for Ruling on Liquor in Little Rock, Oct. 26 —M 1 ;—Arkansas Revenue Commsisioner Ollho A. Cook today asked the supreme court to rule he has authority to prescribe wholesalers through whom distillers may market their whiskey in this state He appealed from Pulaski Chancellor Frank H. Dodge's order enjoining him from interfering with Distillers Corp. the corporation the Brown-Forman Dodge held that . . - derstand, and then firmly enforce Francis Benner un at OI c^ 1 ,Ti a il C aJ?or St sh^he a fe°ifh^ IT" ^ R " SSlailS wil1 " Ot f '^ mornin.. testimony The booking °? a ?L ~ l"moi;row they may if we urevem ] ' (h0tn co » tln »e to create mod- pit-yent orn ai - mec j p O \ver. to Let Us Rebuild Your Old MATTRESS or make your old one into a comfortable irinersprmg. One Day Service "All Work Guaranteed" DAVIS Furniture & Mattress Co. 606 N. Hazel Phone 357 fac- chil- was a routine action to testimony from being relayed oilier witnesses,' officers said. The. circus' entire personnel ap- pro.vimately 2.50—were under arrest for a lime for screening pur- In a stroke hour. striking usuallv clock, murks the the | Women who canniii work in i tunes and shops will care for dren whose mothers are in jiiuni- jlifjn plants. Where there are lu.us- | liij.; shortages workers (without re- igaril fur murals character man- iiiers or race. Kd) will be billeted iiii homes. I "People with spare rooms will jiave tu rent them. Many a social I leader with a bi» house wil) jeume a boarding huuse keeper. '.Nurses who have married and retired must resume their profession Ihe lir;>t move in lliis total war effort is to draft bovs> of 18. The ^ec- ond move should be- to register all women. In every community boards .similar to tlie ration boards | Hopkins regime and the New ana urult \vll be required to select I Do you have to ask? iirst exact 90-Day Stay of Sentence for Nick Cascio ...... .^^^., could distribute any of its brands not under contract through any wholesa'er licensed in Arkansas. The company in its chancery complaint alleged that although no contract existed, Cook had required it to continue to distribute a portion of its products through a wholesaler with whom the company wished to discontinue its relationship. In another appeal today, Harvey Jones, operator of the Jones truck hue, asked the high court to set aside judgments totaling $:iU 000 obtained against him in Crawford Circuit court. . i The Judgments in favor of Myrtle' Ellen Thompson, a resident of, Crawford county, and others grew out of a highway accident near ' Little Rock Oct. 8, 19-17, in which i her mother, Nellie Haxel Thomp-< son, was killed and several other i persons were injured. ! • was n told repor . "My wife, Hetty '/, ot | to clear up the wholt his , with the law. so thai over again on the Sduart 1 ." Wisecarver r.ud his'wife also If! were reunite;! last weekend in has Vegas, Nov., after a short '••.•D.-.,-Uon while he wont job-hunting Sail hake Cjty. California juvenile officers h-iv/. been waiting two y.-ars f,,,- Sonny to return. He ran youth authority can Calif., in July. 191';. Zoe in Nevada ,-ind I ried March 2.5, HM7, He became ward ment with Mrs I-' Utah. He became ware! authority after hi.-; -ment. with Mrs. i The first, with Mrs fredi, came at the agi Yuma marriage wn\s ii" mel Bettv 'h-.'.y v.-ere mar- at St. Ceuriie. of the youth k, Oct. 27 —</h— Dialing ; '.'•'"> Smoothes Trio- 7:30 ildersleeve; i!:30 District fl:l!0 Curtain Time flub Crosby: 7 Mr. Your Seng and Mine. nnieur Hour H Milton Groucho Marx Quiz ••'isliy: in-15 r\T avy rj ay eel Arlm. Louis Denfield. Can You Tup This: 7:30 Thursday Programs: NBQ —- 9 ,a. m. iM-ed Waring. . .CBS—12:30 , P. m. Youu;; D/ic Malone. . .ABC— ~" , ,- i 1|J ! >. "i l^ay Kvser. . .MCS — 8:30"" K.'irdcmfwia. m. Bob Poole. Swords to Plowshares, 1948 London — I.-W—• Workers at Royal Woolwich arsenal — turned out millions of bullet-, ing (he \var- are makiue l." lipstick-holders an carlriu-e machines. AE-ociated Press Conn. — Humberto' 1-2 Havana outpointed 1 Peascatore 131 Naples.' IJufi'alo N. Y. —Billy Fox 174. win, j.-.'? Philadelphia and Ted Lowry diir-117;: New Bedford Mass, drew 10 Detroit—-l.eory Willis 135 De- - <i-oit out pointed Walter Colby 137 Bul'fa.lo 10. workers and direct them. have a tremendous responsibility'|siO-day' stay sentence over [he daily lives of every pur-j his business affairs" son m the community. They will ~ .have to arrange for girls to move be-(from a college in Northampton "Mass, to u nurses training school in San Diego; transfer u doctor from New York io a doctorlesa community in Kansas." Yes'.' Which doctor? The New Little Rock, Oct. 27 — (/[>•, — Nick Cascio, whose fight to evade a three year prison term has last"d a year, has been granted a "to wind up ess at* '' Guverjior L a n e y grunted the stay. Cascio was convicted circuit court Oct. 28 charges of possessing .....^^ tools. I he Arkanssa State Supreme Court upheld the three year sen- en an appeal,2nd later de- Amity Slayer Faces Life Imprisonment- Arkadelphia, Oct. 27 — i.-?i -\ 38-year-old wood cutter faces "a I sentence of life imprisonment fur yesterday | a slaying at Amity the night of last '\q r j7 lasl "l A"" C ' lark Circuit court jury 1947, on, which convicted Dossie Cox, of Kir- burglary tfence aler or the avowed antj-Commu- jnied a rehearing" rust opponent of the Roosevelt-i Cascio appealed' Deal appealed to the U. S prenie court, which refused to view the case. Sure- by fixed that punishment for the latal shooting of Oscar Wheeler M-year-old hotel opcaralor, on an Amit\ street. Cox pleaded sc-lf defense. Circuit Judge Dexter Bush said ne would pronounce fo>-mul tence later this week. USTEN TO MONDAY THRU FRIDAY Good Old Time Gospel Singing

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