Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1948
Page 5
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Tuesday, October 26, 1948 BLONDIE HOPE STAR, HOPK, ARKANSAS Page Fiv« AT NIGHT VWHEN ITS TIME ? GO TO .BED I'M MOtSLEEPX BUT IN THE MORNING JWHEN ITS TIME TO GET UP I CAM'T OPEN MV EVES GLANCES By Galbraith <^ <*$&'' !) COP/I. ii.48 ov MEA SERVICE, ne. r. M. REO. u.' s. PAT. OFF. ' Your wife says her club has gone on another buyers' strike, and here's a list of things for you to pick up on . . the way hpme!" ; CARNIVAL By Dick Turner ""It's the power company, Roscoe! They say if you don't pay the bill they're going to turivoff the electric blanket!" fRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser OU _T OUR WAY By J. R. Williams By Chick Younj OZARK IKE I'VE GOT IT/, I'LL. QUIT My JOS \MTH ,TWE OTHERS COMPANV i AND GET A JOB AS 'J ANIGHT WATCHMAN ) >3 ^_ f — x IT NVAS ^—x fJUST A THOUGHT •£> \\ Hoosier Governor An«\vcr fo Previous Pu;r;r.le , HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured . governor 11 Chest of drawers 12 Eats away 14 Poem 15 Signify 18 Anger 19 Scent 21 Descendants 3 French article 4 Cushion 5 Colors C Obtains 7 Exist 8 Preposition 9 Reviser 10 Calm 11 Help up 13 Dries JOHN C. VIRDEN teHEie^ss ^eWs.%- 25 Cicatrices 41 Three-toed 30 Divided sloth 31 Straightens 42 Steamship 16 Negative reply 32 Type of (ab.) •>r,r>,,,,i 17 Atop carriage 43 Drove Z2 Brain passage 20 Glowing 34 Declaims 46 Seine •23 Biblical word 22 Slanted 35 Singing voices 47 Indian weight 25 Rock .letters 36 Sugared 50 Note of scale 26 Exchange 24 Leads 40 Staffs 52 Verso (ab.) 27 Worries ' • • '• '• 28 Medical suffix 29 Boy's . nickname 30 Dinner course 33 Tumults 37 Designs 38 Twist 39 Raveled ' linen 40 Reckless 44 Mentally sound 45 He governs (ab.) 46 Sounds 48 Pedal digit , 49 Annoyed 51 Turn back 53 Fits 54 Slag VEKT1CAL 1 Vessel part 2 Interstice FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberget Com. I44J tY NtA SIRVICE. INC. T. M. HEO. U. S. PAT Off 'My winter's supply of coal cost so much I'm going to gild it before 1 burn it!" YOU KMOW, I WHATTA Lf.RD, THIS / YOU THINK I'M TRYING To DO? / VOU GOT A LOOSE TOOTH IK) TH'. BACK OF YOUR MOUTH, AM' VOU'VE BEEN JIGGLIM' IT A LOT--HAVEWT POGGOWE \ TH' GOSS1P5.' I WHO'S BEENJ ,/ HERE? THE EVlDcNJCE OUR BOARDING HOUSE -•- •--'-- With Maior Hoople USUALLY WHEM HE'S Mf HE'S STILLTGYlMSl IF I'M LATE HOGGING ^&TO "fHROVi IN5 Trie H X T£LL M.V HEAVJV fUs TUB, H& AT LEAST I?CLUTCH OM AM OUT WITH tue FIRST -reN VERSES OF ."% ALL Mis INJS FOR A 6UV TO . ,.. SHE LL S.ET ME OUT tne ceocK.V? OhiTHe To COOL 's •s.o auier He MOST B& 8v Rav Gotte ...IF'N AH JES'HAONT SLIPPED OFF MAH BOOTS IN THAT MOVIE SHOW/ AW, DINAH, YUH ONLY DID WHUT COMES NATCHULLY TO ALL GALS IN THEM PLACES. 1 ;,. VIC FLINT ...AN' BESIDES/? IS AIN'T TH', FUS'TIME AH BEEN A BUSTED, ^ SO AH KNOW JUS' WHUT WE GOTTA WHAT DID YOU MEAN BY THAT CRACK ABOUT ME PLAYING /" WHY, VIC, ..CUPID, WXH?J7 YOU'RE THE ONE 'TO BRINGTHIS-ROBIN' AND V6RA BACK TOGETHER AGAIN/THEY IOOK TOO NICE TO v WIND UP IN A 01 vVORCE COURT Hftt ..WASH. TUB us IN THE tiRSI PiACC, WAVING COPIO IVWtON'r EARN A\E ANY DOUGH TO KEEP YOU SUPPLIED WITH POPCORN— By Michael O'Mo!Hey,& Ro.ioh Lane AND IN THE- SSCON6 X" PtACE, 1 DON'T KNOW WHO ) RCeiN AND VEB4ARE--NOT / EVEN THEIR NAME r I. REC. U. 8. PAT. 6FF, VOUR. NOKLB.-IT'S HUfJTi/ 3UST PENNY'. THAT THOfr- • SPfcAlM HENRY BI Leslie Turner BLAZES, THAT'S GREKTI WITH No TIME TO .LOSE, WE'RE WOW OfO FOOT IM AM ISOLATED SPOT, MILES FROM TOWlO... AMD VOU UMA6UE TO WALK, 1 . DONALD DUCK By Cart Anderson ' 1 i , £• /? A &IS\ Sy Walt Disney ALLEY OOP m^^K/i m^mf^W^ ^p*#? s ^?^^. ^^J^i^^ /a-jJCi ) /' BOOTS By V. T. Hamlin -~ "• ' ". i' •*********^~**u^. T***. *\ 4 ; WORW.V HOOO ? POPEYE >s THE "HALP ENDS, it DOESN'T LOOK SO GOOD OURSIDE o THEIBSIDE 23 ,.IEV HAVE A SUQHT'VWE WILL BB OkiAV 7F ED6G ON US, BUTjl HE DON'T WANT '~ '~ LUMMOX HAS ~ "~ ' FINISHED HIS • nun jg/H£_gAMD COMES OKr^iE FlSLD | J THE PfeU 7~C~Cir7^ x^a, -^^O ^v£52y T ONE . '--•"VJ^l- 1 J^^j^-^SB** 51 ' Cnpr. !?;», Kjnj fciiuio i S)fijki!t'. lu . WoiUI i^liit ifyt.tj *^ ^"^f^g' **.

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