The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 10
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, PAGE TEN MET! IN A Little Psychology ; Goe. A Long Way in Avoiding Trouble with Men ou Ro Th» following article Is the last of a series UralJnf with Hit; expcrl- roces of a woman writer wlio l»> c»™ one of America's mteralorj- hord*. By MISS I.ESUK SHAW Wriiten lor NEA Service A ftw inonltts ago, I chucked n government Job as emergency'relief worker, and went out on Ihe lilgli- road to discover for myself just why people roam around ihc country looking for jobs, the chances of Janduig one, and the treatment of a- nomad job-liuntcr by his fellow citizens. I sliced myself a neat .cross-section Seam the life In eight states, small towns and large cities. When I had money I traveled on train or bus. In-reverse, I'hltcli- hiked. In-telling my experiences, I am Bsied first—always' "What about Ihc men you met? Didn't you - have trouble?" When.I answer, "Aljnost never," tliere is Incredulous. silence. And yet, It is a fuel that tlie men I have met when I have found myself broke or'stranded have for the most part been helpful. Not that I didn't meet many sharp traders, keen •to capitalize, on a girl's hard luck. I did—and : ga\e tliem a wide berth. Tlie secret of avoiding man trouble lies in knotting how to read them, whom to avoid. The generalization of a souijd psychologist I met recently is. I believe, accurate: ' "A; man won't bother n woman •wlio finds him. distasteful.- That .hurts'his vanity. He wants to Ijc admired, to be desirable. His vim- fty controls his reactions." Show a man he is like grit In your spinach and he will let you severely alone. Unlcbs, of course, ,lie'Is drunk. My experience as a hitch-lilkcr had started off so well that I was over-sanguine. An elderly naval officer offered s lift; even let me drive ills car half of Hie \\ny. Wlicn we parted, you would have thought we had fought through a war together. Old friends He gave he his home address and his married daughter's address in Tampa, \\liere t wus headed. This Is just pic, I told myself.' There's nothing to this hltct^hlk- Ing And promptly accepted the offer of a Imellng mnii sitting by rue at n lunch counter to drive ou that night to Tampa i confess my intuition uas all against him. But I W ai in a glow of warm feeling for my,fellow nmn. Lfilcr I learned to rely on my himcheS, oil t my /nlmnl instinct or whatever \ you call it Tricks of Ihc Road Within the first five minutes I discover llmt he has been drinking, Is already half maudlin. Up goes Steel Rail Goes on Bender (ARK.)?. COURIER. NEWa It's the steel rail, not Hie observer, thai has been on a bender In this case, although one can't be blamed for not crediting one's'eyes. The rail looped the loop when four cars of a speeding New York-hound express Irani were derailed near Bristol, Pa. Two women passengers were slightly Injured. Ihc speedometer, 55, GO, 65. Around uy shoulder his' arm—his hoi breath on my check. We lurch around curves, skirt fences. "You're ,crazy," I shout. "Slow down." Dad tactics. That makes him mad. p v goes the .speedometer. I nrust be shrewd and •conniving. "Great car," 1 call out, as we iail over n bridge, just missing a ttoitc culvert. " ".You're a great kid," he answers. 'Afraid," "Me, When I drive, I make time. You're just an old slow Motion." It works. Afler a few more chal- tiscs, 1 persuade him lo tut me take the wheel. At the first service station, I careen Into the drive- vny, and safety. He drives oir, swearing. That was my most dangerous cx- rleiicc. Once,, to be sure, I water- ilkcd several miles on a small boat, hereby putting myself pretty much it the mercy of the men who owned t. But they didn't even lalk lo inc. Girls who complain or lliclr ler- rible experiences with men do not, us a rule, use their hcnds. Typical—a lovely blonde ol 18 mum>!l Jewel, whom I mel in a bus station 'n Mobile: .Flawless skin and gold;n hair; great grey eyes and provo- •alive lipi. With brains, she could :iave made her fortune In any number of ways. But whatever activity went on behind those lovely :yes could not, by wild exaggeration, be 'called thinking. She; had a lickct to New Orteiiis CHOW The Laying Mash that makes hens lay more eggs at a lower cost per dozen. Ask about today's price! and fifty cents. On her way from n lltlle town .in Alabama for a week. Mired In by fall rains lhat almost wiped out the clay roads. The guest of a procession of traveling men, she had slayed on in a country hotel, Just drilling with the ruin cloiuls. Just u Sponge She was going lo meet Harry a boy friend, in Nen 1 Orleans, nut she was not always enthusiastic about Hurry, she also mourned about Ralph. She hud loved Fijilpli for a year, hadn't seen hl.n for six months. "Why did yon two brcnk im?" 1 asked. "Well," she said thoughtfully, her Brcy eyes shadowed by unbelievable lashes, "the main reason was Hint, his wife came back." So she' drifted along, getting rides, meals, cigarettes, even lodging from her casual knights. Just a sponge. .•But. not'Marlon, another girl ] sharp as a pawn broker, and as amusing us Beatrice Lilile. she entertained the gentlemen who gave her lifts and meals with wisecracks, and assured me thut Unit was Ihe cxlcnl of her entertainment, she had set out for California with S75, had hitched there nnd back with the wallet inlnct. Your true comrade on tlie road Is likely 'to be a person who is broke like yourself. , On n train from Tampa o Mln- ml were some .boys being sent home by tlie .local transient bureau—on 'WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON jReview: God in Hebrew History cluy School (.csson for Sept. * ' • BV WM. K. G 11,110V, I). D. 'Hie review of the quarter's lessons has a significant title, "God In •Hebrew History." God Is In every history, tliough a | s nal ahv-iys easy, particularly In the m tam O f contemporary events, to discern ills '"Hid nnd His Judgments. We are loo apl to think of God as certain Hebrews thought of '«'", as n being who is-on' our side, nnd who chooscg us for Ills special revelations and mcrcl°s wlillc .Ignoring the thought of God thai the truly devout and prophetic-'Hebrews had. What aho prophet saw was, the mnorlance of being on God's side lie knew- that God did not make arbitrary.- choices and arbitrary Judgments, dial the Almighty was not a being subject to vain niid human sentiments, ready to be swayed by man's show of devotion "id «y the obsequiousness of his ritualistic observance. The prophet saw Ood as a bein" or righteousness nnd truth, merciful and just, ready to forgive mid •ccclvc men wlio turned to Him from their slnfulness and'crror but ici'cithclcss unyielding in His Helicons demands on those who bowed 'irreverence with Irreverent hearts. "'hose who gave llieir allegiance . '" C lhc that ' Ite f trulh, when they king who had paw- desired words of uncertain or. deferred.'The prophef saw tlie wicked and ihc unrighteous! nourishing as the green bay tree, while saints suffered want and persecution. • • Bui things were not as they seemed. Iiijusllce and slnfulness had within ihcm . the seeds of ruin and defeat, where the integrity of righteousness, no matter what the condition, was as'a sure foundation of blessedness. We see In these Mne^js, as, well as the mun of t-'ouijee and plaln-spokermess. ,^Fnen, In Ihe last seven lessons of- the quarter, we see the prophets In a new era oj Israel's prosperity appealing to the people to build upon true foundations and urging them to right tr.p wrongs that, mi- nglilcd, have brought every era of prosperity to ruin, : We see Amos 1,1 * flourishing period of the nation's materialism "'"-' for justice urgln« tint re We see: kings devb'ting themselves 1 with high statesmanship to sound coinses and bringing blessedness to •weir siibjecis, and we see, also Kings who turned to their own schemes and their own ambitions overwhelming both themselves and those over whom tlicy professed to rule. We see IJie.striigglo of right, personified in a prophet like Elijah with willfulness and perversion as personified In Ahab and his wife Jo/cbcl. - Wo have the spectacle of • prophets _ln_thclr heroic stature daring to •clear vision lie saw captivity a»d defeat"before a nation weakened in its morale. In Hos'ea the prophet's message emphasizes Hie note of God's-love, and in Micah we have the clear simple expression of religion In terms of justice and mercy and walking humoly before God. It Is these same notes thai'per- slst iti the story of Hezekiah's leading of his people back to God, In Isaiah"s contrast Between false and true worship, and in lib counsel to the nation to avoid entangling alliances and to link Us destiny with the divine character and purpose. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER .zi i -19U Sees Fair 77 Years Straight | England, is fnccd with | ne prob-j'' .PORT CLINTON, o. rupc- lem of raising enoiigh food r m . her , rPC — Judge we. Wlerman. just turned 85, paid his 77th annual consccu- 'o the sandusky County ( ' v « needs, Instead of having a surplus as in the United States, she Is now making 11 detailed survey of half rate tickets. I concealed my experience as it former transient worker. Share Their Food anil Warmth One •brought mo a chocolate bar another an apple from Ihe candy vendor. "Sure you're liot hungry?" (hey asked. "We've got some money that social worker gave us along willi our ticket." Killed in $10 cur's Wreck 1 CONNBAUT, O. (OP) _A few hours niter he had purchased n used automobile for $10, John W MniisllcW, 18, of North Klngsville. was kilted when it plunged off the road. CONNEAUT. O. (UP) - Edwin Wood, hjiuself a twin, grew a triple dnhlla In his flower garden. Convicts Still Bet BOSTON <UP).-Check privileges were taken awny from convicts in Massachusetts state prisons when it was found they used their funds for betting. But, with clgarets, cigars and tobacco being -substituted for currency, the betting goes 01 just;the same.. liquor Store Broke 35 Year Old Dry Spell RED OAK, Iowa mp)_when this "month" 1 ™" St01 '°- OPCnD<1 ' '" er " K years "''** lt '" e '""""""'"I "">« Liquor was voted out by local 'ntury ^ t0 '' C ' hD tllm of t)lc TWIN PALIS, Ida. (UP)—Petty thieves have queer tastes in this town, according to Tourist E. J. Lahey of California. • Someone recently look a suitcase containing his false teeth and 1,000 pennies from his cnr.' Jij rikes Chunged Ills Mind NEW BRITAIN. Conn (TJP>_ John Mlkalnuskas started to make a cheese onielei, but changed his mind when he' cracked ,oren nn CRK and found it contained three yolks He placed It on exhibition in his restaurant window. TOLEDO, O. <m>r_ The late Brand Whilloek, beloved one-time Toedo mayor and former ambassador to Belgium, left an estate "f 5102,314 net value, accord!,* iVIakts llaril Promise PROVO, Utah ,(UP) -School 1 Attendance Officer T. W. Dyclics' 1ms given himself a tough Job. He's tentatively promised that every school .child in his district, will be to school on time everyday during the school yeav. Cash Feed Store WOULD YOUR TIRES YOU IN TIME? GOODYEAR ALL-WEATHER 43%Lonfcer Non- Skid, No Extra'Cost. DOUBLY GUARANTEED 1. Against road hazards. 2. Against defects for .life. Skidding—qaiuc. o/ 5% times more •Occidents than blowouts—becomes more dangerous as winter approaches.' For .(jitidiest stops buy "G-3" Goodyears—proved safest by 8,400 tests. When you must suddenly jam on your brakes, averting an accident often is a matter of inches. Well; stop tests on slippery pavement show; on smooth tires you slide 77% farther, on other new tires you slide 14% to 19% farther than on new "G-3" Goodyear All-Weathers. That's the Goodyear Margin of Safety—a big reason why more people buy Goodyears than any other tire. Since it costs you nothing extra, why not have this margin of safety on your car too? GOODYEAR S P E E DWAY Built with Supfr- tivist Cord^"'^ lifetime guaranteed Goodyear—full oversize—with Center '1'r.ictlon for quick stops and tough thick tread for long mileage. Value you ftct bec;uise Goodyear Dealers sell the most tires — by millions! 30 x 3j{. 1.50 x 20 (.75 - 13 $4.40 $5.20 $5.70 •UO - 21 J.50 - 21 s.00 - 10 $4.95 $5.40 $6.05 NOW! THE NEW TYPE "W GOODYEAR ALL-WEATHER TRUCK BALLOON Designed for fast o'rer-the- hlghway service ou Inicks and trailers. Now 3-011 can cin«t sensational results, rhonc for salesman. Pricw tubject to chanae without mnicc. Stmo'salcs Ta,. If , xlly , MMw Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. BIytHeville, Ark. Phone 633 Quick Road Service Day or ;YiY//jf PHONE 633 TcxacoProduct* The Public Square of Athens a has a double-barreled cannon' built during the Civil War and-'designed to shot two balls'simultane- ously, .with a chnin'connectlng tlie balls. The chain was supposed to inoiv down the .enemy. Read Courier News Want Ads. ,. . jv... ( iiv: Mcui the island with the aid of '22fino tne fair, flrsi as a Ijoy of eight, i volunteer surveyors. Visit the First Annual American Legion DISTRICT FAIR Caruthersville, Mo. Oct. 10-11-12-13-14 Day and Night Running Races-Harness Races 35-Pc. Band Society Horse and Pony Show Exhibits of Poultry, Fruit, Vegetables, Fancy Art, Dairying, Etc. MORSE & KIRSHNER ABSTRACTS City & Faim Properties. Sp»«i»l TlUe Service SHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEW. Notice to Holders of COTTON OPTION CERTIFICATES I am willing to buy from Producers (heir l j ar- licipiilinn Trust Certificates in the 19:iS Cotton I'rodiicurs Pool at twenty points off December New York Futures and pay fash fnr the difference between this purchase prk'c and the, liens against the certificates for advances heretofore made and accrued charges. I reserve the right (o withdraw this offer without notice. Matt Monaghan, Jr., Buyer For McFadden & Gates •%, Halei. &' ISo'wen, Osceola, Ark: I CLAIM THE MOST POWERFUL EXPLOSIONS! MOST FIRING CHARGES SHOOT THE WORKS! CLAIM EVERYTHING! Trie* stunts, as such, may be o*eh. That's *hy the uisc old QH-! oplna, But none bj them serve to portray There's nothing to these monkty-sMnet- Itawjuelt bthan when once they are What you ilwnld hate are flrst-ha,,,! facts Fur to the test in your mro car. From which tojudRe 'h m -f ue i M ,s. Seeing is believing! Test Essolene in your own car.. any way you choose. Observe the results. Then pass judgment. We're content to abide by your decision. \EiioMt Afofw Oilbtfbi cr*nb*ffen,Htt Essolem lo do in {«/] AT REGULAR • GASOUNf PRICE Smoother Performance STANDARD QJ I, COMPANY O Fj

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