Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1948
Page 3
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Tuesday, October 26, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Three Phone 1268 or 1269 Betwesn 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Wednesday, October 27 Then; will be a dinner, business meeting and program of the Laymen's League in .Fellowship Hall Wednesday. October ;!7 at the Pirsi Christian church. All members of I'll- Lea;.;-"' are Hjkerl lo be present. James Pilkinton will bo finest [speaker. .^/.jjir, •• Girl Scout Troop 7 will meet at the Christian Church Wednesday afternoon at':or school. The members are reminded U> brim,' their clothes for iiu- "Clothes for Friendship" bundle. ni.:iipy tor their ? cllol ?J. on proficiency badges, an'r.1 their cameras. Patmos School Carnival Thursday Patmos High School will have its annual Halloween Carnival at the October 27 fcpThc 1 '' Brownie Scout Troop No. r/andcr the direction, of Mrs. Hintdll: -Davis and Mrs. Earl Clifton w.ijl meet Wednesday, October 27 irixmcdiately after school at the Methodist rhurch. \ Thursday, October 28 | The Country Club Bridge Club l will meet Thursday from'10 a.m. >.o 1 p.m. at the Club Mouse with Mrs. Donald Mcore and Mrs. Her- LAST DAY FEATURES i-i 2:53 - 5:01 - 7:09 - 9:17 : '^,O,dd IN A NEW ROLE ... A NUW f ROMANCE ' m bert. Burns hostesses. There will be a Pot Luck luncheon served at noon and all members are urg (.•A to be lion call on lirne. 574-.J or For transporta- 1212-M. Thursday evening, October 'iv< at 7 o'clock. A full program has been arranged. The grand finale will be Ihe crowning of the queen. A good attendance is expected. Blevins PTA DOROTHY D X Coming and Going Hoy Scout Troop No. 90 of the Fin:t Baptist church will meet Thursday, October J3D at tiic church. Floyd K. psborn. new scout master for this newly or- ganised troop will meet with the troop. All boys interested in this meeting are asked lo be present Thursday night it, was announced by CommiUeeman Ben J. Owen. Saturday, October 30 Saturday night, October 30, at seven o'clock the Presbyterian Youth Fellowship is planning a Halloween party for its members and their friends. Costumes will be in order, though not required. Mrs. John Hume will lead the group in square dancing, and other entertainment is planned between dances. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Phippin re- i turned from Dallas. Texas Suni clay night after a week-end visit i with their daughter, Mrs. J. B. Martin and Mr. Martin. While there, they attended the Texas Slate Fair. LAST DAY FEATURES — 2:33 - 4:19 - 6:05 - 7:51 9:37 Harden-Rateliff Marriage Solemnized Mr. and Mr;:. W. T. Harden announce the marriage of their daughter, Norma Jean to Kenneth Rateliff. .son of Mr. and Mrs. Luni Rateliff of this city, at the home of Reverend and Mrs. Howard White, Saturday afternoon' at four o'clock. The single ring ceremony was read by the Reverend Howard White in the presence of relatives and a lew close friends. 'ihe bride wore a suit of brown tweed with brown accessories and her corsage was of yellow chrysanthemums. '.the bride's mother wore, grey with black accessories and a corsage of while chrysanthemums and the bridegroom's mother chose brown w.lii brown accessories and .(go of pink rosebuds. couple are making their al rill! West Division St. Mr. Mrs. Eddie Powell returned Sunday night after spending the day with Mr. and Mrs. David Ferris in Shrevcport and attending the Louisiana State Fair. Misses C'orcne and Pauline Morris, Miss Velma Tabor and Miss Louise Elder left Monday night after a week-end visit with their parents here. They are attending the Southwestern Bible Institute in Waxahachie, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Clifton have returned from a weeks visit in Chicago where Mr. Clifton attended the National Safety Congress and Exposition meeting. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Davis. Mrs. John Ridgdill, Dwight Ridgdill. Mrs. Maude Hamilor spent Sunday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Glen Coker in Glenwood, Ark. Mrs. W. H. Brasher had as guest last week, her nephew, Jim Saxton of Beaumont, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. W, H. Brasher and grandchildren Barbara and Tommy Polk visited relatives in Shrevc- port Saturday and Sunday and attended the State Fair there. Mrs. Marshall Hcndrix returned Sunday night from Little Rock where she visited Mr. Hcndrix this week-end. | Charles Gladden left Saturday i for his home in Cincinnati after a | weeks' visit with relatives and I friends here. He was accompan- j ied to Cincinnati by Miss Ruth Ellen Boswell who will visit her The Doctor Says: By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written for NEA Service Calcium, is one of the most important elements of the body. Chemical combinations uf calcium arc particularly needed by the teeth and bones, but calcium is required also in other purls of the boay. Calcium salts play an important part in the clotting of the blood and in the control of the heart beat. Calcium taken into the body must be in a form which can be easily absorbed and used. Vitamin D helps in the use of calcium by the body and this is gained from sunlight or it can be obtained in prepared form. A hormone produced by one of the internal gJands called the parathyroid is also important. When vitamin D is not present in sufficient quantities, the calcium is not deposited properly and the bones become soft and pliable, producing rickets, bow legs, etc. If the parathyroid glands are removed, Iho amount of calcium in the blood drops rapidly, regardless of the amount- of calcium taken in. This causes a condition called tctany which produces muscular spasms. Too Much is Harmful Too much calcium can be present in the tissues as well as too little. For example, a good deal I of the material deposited in the walls of hardened arteries (arteriosclerosis) consists of calcium. As yet, no way has been found to dissolve or remove excess calcium in the arteries nor is there any method of preventing these deposits. Dairy products supply good quantities of: calcium. Consequently infants and growing children, who need calcium for their rapidly growing bones, get most of their calcium from milk. Additional calcium can be supplied in various tablet or capsule forms. However, although calcium tablets may supply the calcium needed, they will not furnish the other nutritional elements present in such excellent foods as milk and cheese. Wednesday. October 27 The Mobile X-ray unit wi.-l be placed ;it the following point 1 ; in Pro .--cot t on Wednesday: O.an. Lumber company !l a.m". to 10: to Sponsor Carnival Hints to Bridegroom The Blevins P.T.A. will sponsor the Halloween carnival Friday . General Box Company from ! night. October 20 in the High School a. m. 10:1"i a.m. to ll:4f> a.m.. "Gulley Lumber Co. from 1 p m. to '!• f.i p.m.. Courthouse- lawn from 11:30 i oni ' n • lt 7 p.m. to .! p. m . " gymnasium. Buses will run at. 0:4") and doors Th tice ing at Crowning of Ihe Icing and queen will be at 0:30 followed by a one- et play at 1!:4">. The public is in- ii 1 Presbyterian choir will prac- ; ^h j ): at the church Wednesday even- Nluu Says Russia There will bo choir practice at Central 15,-iptist church at 7 n.m. with prayer services at i! o'clock. Th-.' be an officers teachers meeting at First Baptist chiirch at (i:4"> p.m. Prayer service at 7:!i(l and choir practice will follow at 8:1") p.m. The choir of the Methodist church will meet Wednesday evening at the church at 7:30 for practice. Continued tivitics. for it is been consistently From Page One what they taught and thev are being taught today." He added: There will be a mid-week meeting. Wednesday evening at 7:30 at First Christian church-with choir rehearsal following the Bible Study. November 1. 1,048 is the final date that a farmer can secure winter cover crop seed by using their soil building allowance as partial pay rent. Anyone securing pay seeds after this date must cash for their seeds. The AAA" office will remain open all day Sal urda.v, October 30, for this pose. Son." 1 should like to say U !e\vry prospective bridegroom. " i know you think thai just being mar < rii'tl to you is all tin. 1 fun that an. i woman could possibly want, an : thai when you have fed and cloth : ec( your ivitc you have done youi • full duty to her. I "i\ow. he-ing a good provider i: i one of the major virtues in ; ; husband, but it doesn't cover th> ; whole premises, and if you wan i to keep your wife contented yot • must tceci her on white hyacinth j as well as corned beef and cab j bage. Don't think that the love ' making that you did during you days of courtship is going to las ! the balance of her lite. \ ou hav, i got lo keep it up. Before you wer. i married there were plenty of met. , „„ _ . , ., , , . , i who told her how beautiful am Jhe Soviet, they are told, will wonderful she was. You have t. not be safe until the non-Commii-, pinch-hit for all of them from tin. nisi nations have been so reduced ! (jine on, .so don't be sparing will |in strength and numbers that Com-! your flattery immist influence is dominant I" ••Got off on the right foot whei throughout the world, and that, in' you are married The first si> such efforts the Soviet Communist j 'months establishes the man': party is the 'vanguard,' the shock-i status in his family and decide: brigade of the world proletarial'." whether he is going'to be the heai "It is furthermore taught that S of the house, or just the poor sim, this result cannot be achieved by | who pays (he bills. Don't be die peaceful reform, but only by meth-1 lalorial. Don't be tyrannical. Bu od of revolution." | don't let your wife and your wife', mother rule the roost. No wife ha. any respect tor the husband sin can henpeck. Cooperate "Take the trouble to leach youi bride how to be the kind of a wif< you want. You are not marryint is unfair It girl foi Paris, Oci. 20 — i/Pi— The American president of the United Nations Security Council angrily adjourned debate on Palestine today. He closed the session with a statement that the council could w;uu . x ou arc ,. not be lashed into action by Arab!;, mindreader, and it rnarr T es ot hm<i , , • charges of bias. Warren Austin, emergency session There will be a Halloween Garni- cal at the Park Elementary School on Friday evening, beginning at 7 o'clock. For entertainment there will be fishing ponds, fortune telling and the House of Horror. There" will be a parade of costumes and first and second prizes will be awarded to the ones with the mosl be-wilching costumes. The climax of the evenings entertainment will be the coronation of the four oueens from each of going to do the schools which include the Pri- fighting?" the U. S. pur- gate and October president of council, spoke up sharply to close the debate until Thursday after Mahmoud Beay Faw/.i of Egypt pressed for immediate council "action. The council was called into th blame { . J :,.::^ ill! i g 11 0 HI 111 Ue ' c "|not knowing by intuition all of youi l "° i tastes and habits and desires. ibout besides your faults and short omings. And, if she has the re- orin complex, it will give her & hance to take it out on someone .tner than you. Also it will give ;cr something to talk about be- ides how hard she has to work •.nd how troublesome the children lave been. "Snow your wife some apprecia- ,;on. Don't take all oC her work j maKe you comfortable as no ,iore than your due. Don't gobble town a good dinner without a ,-oru of praise. And don't forget o say "thank you." You are your -.-•lie's public. Think how discour- ged you would be if you never ,ot the glad hand after you had .%-orked yourself to dcatn pulling •it a goott performance. "Do osmething every day to .how your wife that you are trying o make her happy, even if it is lothing more than taking her win- low shopping. It is the motive that ;oiints with her. If she knows that /ou would love to give her a mink -'oat, she will cheerfully wear her ast year's jacket. And as long as /ou are interested in holding her land, she will consider it a priv- icgo to work it to the bone for >'OU. "It is cusy to manage a woman L you know how and are willing .o take the trouble." . ;. Released by The Bell Syndicate^ Inc.) II &: hill! l|« ROBERTS Andy DEVINE Presbyterian Youths Meet Sunday Night The. Presbyterian Youth Fellow- i ship liMcl as its guests lasl Sun- | day night young people from the I Preseoit, Magnolia, and Texark- I ana Presbyterian churches;. Games ! were played as the group gathered. I Then everyone assembled in the I ciiurch sanctuary for an inspirational worship service'led by Bob Hyatt, followed -by the religious i iihn "Cowboy's Hitchin' Post". j This picture presents the work of an itinerant preached in New Mexico, showing real people and places plT-t<>i<raHird in natural color. After the movie refreshments weie- served by Ann barr ana Catherine Cox. About sixty young people and their adult advisors were present. 8!eip roHcve distress of MOHTHLY ^ sister. Mrs. Joseph Neumcister Walton, Kentucky. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dozier River Side. Calif, are guests the home of. Pert Reese here. Are you troubled by distress of female functional periodic disturbances? Does tills mnkc you suffer from pain, feel no nervous, tired — ' nt such times? Then DO try Lydln E. Pln'.-.ham's Veire.tn'ole Compound to relieve such symptoms. Pinkham's lias a grand soothing effect oa ona oj woman's viost important organs! ^^^ Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. James Lavcly, Hope. Jack Hartsfield, McCaskill. Lloyd Rogers, McCaskill. Mrs. Win. M. Cantley, Hope. Mrs'. James McCullough, Hope. Discharged: Syble Ann Putman, Hope. Mrs. George L. Steed. Blevins. Mrs. Ben Robinson, Hope. J. B. Johnston, Hope. QUESTION: Could continued use of mineral oil cause pain in the abdomen? ANSWER: Yes. Mineral oil frequently causes waste mailer to pass through the intestines loo rapidly. It may delay absorption of certain vitamins. It it stimulates the intestines to excessive wavelike motions, crampy pains may appear. I rp.ary, Park Elementary. High and Senior High queens. There will be an admission of .five cent? for children and cents for adults. Junior to hear order on the Negev front in Southern Palestine. Fawzi said Egypt had accepted the security council's week-old cease fire order in the Negev. but that fighting there was continuing. "What is the security council about this continued he demanded im- you want your wife lo be a thriftj manager, teach her how to run a budget and pinch pennies. L you want her to be a good cook, , plan menus with her and compli- 0 j mcnt her when she devises a new 111 I dish. "Encourage your wife to have interests outside of the home. That will give her something to think The inner reaches of the Baltic Sea is only about- one per cent ?alt compared "with about 3,6 per cent for the Atlantic. ^o.rellevc'mlser- ies, tub throat, chest and 'back witb. comforting School fee ten patiently. Shipments of supplies to and products from the steel industry accounted last year for 12 per cent of the country's freight bill. Josephine Admitted: Mrs. S. M. .Bristow, Fulton. Discharged: Mrs. A. J. Middlebrooks, mos. Lige Bcardcn, Hope. Mrs. W. P. Campbell, Hope. Pat- By SOPHIE KERR ScriafizotTon of screenplay from a novel by Prosper Mc Copyright, 1948, NEA SERVICE, INC 'THE BiGGLST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" m'l! have the whnli- t'rowil Inlkiu' when you step out in llic-ie gay ,• slioes. Such class, Midi curoful attention to all tin- lillli; ..you'll love 'em! In lots of > mid colora ull j>rii-e<! riylil! In Black Suede and 'alenV Leather "'Where Good Shoes ore Fitted Correctly" XXVI In Cordova, Carmen— even as Pablo said — was having a wonderful lime. Here eyes were fever bright as she whirled in a wild dance. She danced in Ihe main room of Lucas' house, a beauliful house, rich and luxurious. Her hosl sprawled on a couch, watching her. She danced wilh half a do/en young Spaniards, matadors, picadors and other friends of her hosl and she devised her dance to utilize all of her partners— goinH from one lo the olher, flirting, advancing, retreating—first with this one, then with that one. But all the time her attention was centered on Lucas as though she danced for him alone. The music ended with a flourish and Carmen flung her wrists in a final clatter of castanets, then tossed herself in a graceful swirl of skirls and legs inlo Lucas' lap. She threw her arms around him and kissed him on the mouth. In Ihe cave Daneaire played cards with Pablo, who had pulled his bruised body together again. They both glanced up and then away as Don Jose entered. Jose's face looked ravaged by the strain of waiting for Carmen, wondering where she was and what she was doing. Pablo, still very sore from his beating, was pleased i't the exhaustion in Don Jose's j eyes. Daneaire, nodding toward Pablo, said, "You shouldn't have ! kicked him. His nose is broken." Don J'use didn't reply. He stood appraising the two nun. They were tilflhy, unshaven, scutching at lice. Kverything in him rebelled at his association wilh them. He hated them. Daneaire studied his face fhrtwdly. "You don't like lis. do p you? We fill you with tlisyust." i Don Jose 'walked away and |li. aned against a shelf in the wall I of the cave. There were some i odds anci ends lying there which j bt lunged to Carmen—- a comb., a scarf, a piece uf mirror, an old pair of red shoes. Don Jose picked up one of the shoes. It was worn j 1 in the !:hape of her foot, with little I frayed ribbons dangling from _il. I He was looking al il wonderingly | wlu-n he heard the sound of a '• walking horse outsi'le tin- cavo. I Daneaire and Pablo glanced up. i Don Jo.se n.-placed ihe shoe and ' wi-ni quickly tov.'arcl the entrance i as Carmen i:ui:H: in. Shu was ! v/riipped i)i a loj.'g cloak, her man- j Her wary and defiant. ! "Where have > ou been'.'" he de- j. uande.l. ' She didn't answer but walked i Inward the table. regiment of lancers arrived in town today and I saw the posters offering a new reward for your capture. Five thousand duros now!" Pablo listened avidly, his eyes veiled. Carmen continued, "If you're clever, you'll get out of here. There are some people who would like to get their hands on five thousand duros." . "Where have you been?" Jose asked her grimly. "I know a place outside Gibraltar where you could stay. There- are cotton goods coming in from India. You could pick some up and sell them to old Roderigo. He's .still in Gibraltar." She took off her long cloak. Jose repeated his question. "Where have you been?" "I went to the bull fight yesterday and saw a matador ' called Lucas. They say he has an embroidered cape that cost 3000 duros. Imagine that! A cape for 2000 duros. Almost as much as the reward for you." As she moved closer to Don Jose he saw she was wearing a new dress. It was very elaborate and made of .the best quality of silk. "Where did you get that dress?" Carmen realized she had made a mistake. A glimmer moved across her face, niy affair." He struck her sharply face. "Where did you dress?" Stung by the blow, she stared at him in sullen silence. He held her by the shoulders and shook her. "I'll kill you! As heaven is my witness. I'll kill you if you don't tell me." He struck her again. She threw her arms around his neck, trying to stop him with caresses. "Joscito." she panu-d. "Joseilo." She kissed him frantically. He twisted his face away from her. "Who is he? Where did you get it?" Again she tried his neck, crying Joseilo, look huv you!'' Bui his hands throat. "1 know v.'li;jt you are. Whi She struggled •• fied. Finally, she Daneaire canie o\vs and seuaraled Mrs. D. K. Bemis. chairman the Summer Roundup Commiilee of the Prescott Parent Teachers Association announced that 93 children were examined last week by Dr. Jack Harrell, Dr. Clifton Arnold, Dr. J. B. Hcsterly, Miss Fayc Loomis, and Miss Jesse Gordon. They were assisted by Ihe following molhers: Mrs. Harold Lewis. Mrs. Hansel Herring, Mrs. J. R. Bemis. Mrs. Karl King. Jr. These first graders were checked for small pox vaccination and dipth- cria immunization. The PTA expresses sincere appreciation to the doctors .for giving their time in helping secure better health for our children and to the schools and Mrs. Floyd Hubbard who cooperated so graciously. The Health Committee would like to stress the importance of the immunization of these two dreaded diseases since some of the parents failed to give their permission for these immunizations. Earlier. Faris F;i Khouri of Syria told the council thai it seemed in- d'fi'"rcnt lo Arab charges of truce violations. Austin said that "this is a mallei requirm;; study before any action of j ean be taken. The council cannot! be lashed inlo action by charges o'f j " Census report of the Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Washington, D.C. shows that a,.-y,jfi bales of cotton were ginned in Nevada county from Ihe crop ot 1U48 prior to October 1, as compared with 1,175 bales for the crop of 1947. Outside the council, an informed British source said stern United Nations action to secure peace in Palestine is "in the back of many delegates' minds." Sonic delegations, he said are considering action under chapter seven of the U. N. charter. This involves measures for investigation, economic sanctions or even military action. ! Egypt also charged that Israel violated the Middle Easi arms embargo. Arkansas pany. This meeting was one of several that have been held the last five days in which the great Southwestern area of the Wonder State has been introduced to many outstanding business and professional people of the North and East. In charge of the program and featured as principal speaker during this tour was C. Hamilton Moses, President of the Arkansas Power and Light Company. •Miss Jackie Hale, student at Magnolia A. & M. College, Magnolia spent the weekend as me guest 01 her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hale. Miss Hale had as her guest for the weekend Bob Archer student at T.S.U. Denton, Texas. Miss Nancy Cummings, student at Henderson Stale Teachers College, Arkadelphia spent the weekend here as Die guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Cummings. Mr. and Mrs. Layman Dickinson are- spending two weeks in Hot Springs. Judge and Mrs. Dexter Bush of TcxarKana were the guests of relatives in Prescult on Sunday. Miss Berniee Daniel, student at Henderson College. Arkadeiphia, was the week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Daniel. Mrs. Lee Montgomery who is an instructor in the Bodcaw School spent tlie weekend in Pix-scotl. Paul llambright. .-it dcrsun College'. Ari-;ai ot lear j Friday and Satuiday "That's i tuts. Mr. and Mrs. , ! bright. cross the I gel lhal S Blake Crow, medii the University oi -'\i liock spent the v/cci parents, Mr. and Mr: :ldent at llcn- li-lphia spent \'-ilh his par- Kobert Ham- al student at kansas. Little :>-ii'i with hi.s . Ji.-sse Crow. Mrs. Raymond .-on, Michael of the guesls of Mis. C. A. Grai,! Si! •d .. a E. 2nd St. .V SHOE STORE Corbsn Foster Phone 1100 eixed in i i vs. "I'll 1 you do Carmen aid, "! have n 1 .\'i: yuti been . rougifly i.y tin.- beat you black a 'i ;.n.-v.'er uii.-." jeiked herself av. been in to kiss his lace. wildly. "Look, ' l ,v Carmen loves ! went lo her you. 1 know j is it now?" .vilh him. lerri- screa riH.-iJ. •jut of lm- shad- Inei n. Cai J i M.'! . ran lo tin- cave's entrance. SIK- slopped a luuiiu'nl, line 1 . 1 , o::-.- U-> • nli-.'ii glance back al Don Jose, then ran O'.H iulu th : darkn<.-.->.s. Daneaire had to use al! his strength to hold JU;;L- as the sound of galloping huoibeat: lo them. Dun Jose .-', \ cuiiv a nd ',vt looking al'u-r are Fall news! IT'S TIME TO SHINE WITH They're fashion's newest, shapely, stilt • wedgies so right with your new clothes! In black suede with calf trim! Extraordinary quality at this price. LIQUID, WAX SHOE POLISH BLACK BROWN TAN BLUE OXBLOOO about you. 120 pairs of nationally advertised shoes that we are discontinuing. 1 his lot is composed of several styles in calf, scorch grains and kangaroo leather;-,. Colors brown and black. These Shoes Sell Regularly at 12.95 to 14.95 We are closing them out at this low price! On Sale Wednesday Morning, October 27 urns THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS

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