Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1948
Page 2
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Page f Wo HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, October 26, 1948 The .Atlantic ocean is a shade fiopl-e salty ihah the -average for all oceans, being 3.G per cent salt. A Great Relief for Acid Indigestion, Stomach Distress A corrected stomach condition will .cause you to feel Comfortable immediately. Yes, this fact has been lime- iested and proved by Doctors. So why wait when there is no need to Continually carry a lump in your ^Stomach and feel miserable after «very meal. An appetizing portion of SSS Tonic before meals docs wonders for the stomach. This famous medicine 'tpntnins no soda or other alkalizers, 'which usually retard digestion. Instead, SSS Tonic with its highly potent ingredients works to tone-up the Stomach so it may release its own digestive juice < (hydrochloric acid) to break-up food for body use and tissue repair. • SSS Tonic has helped hundreds of thousands of people, without any organic trouble or focal infection, to really feel better, more vigorous, better.abl& to enjoy living. . Take nonfl'less than this efTec- tively-provea medicine to relieve your misery. Take SSS to tone-up your stomach, whet the appetite, tmlld-up blood strength! Get SSS Tonic from any Drug Store today, Take Only The Best British Get Huge Loan From U.S. , Washington, Oct. 2") --'/fl— The Economic Cirjpei otion Administration today loaned 5310.000,000 to Britain. The money is to be used for purchase of itu.iusln.il machinery, equipment and materials as I part of the European Recovery effort. The agri-omenl was .signed by American and British officials at the export-import bank of Washington, which administer. 1 ! ECA I loans. { It calls for interest at 2 1-2 per (cent a year payable semi-annually i starting in l!)f)2. Britain is obli- ' gated io begin repaying the loan in 195(5 in semi-annual installments. The installments will run until inf',3. or for 3, r > year. 1 ;. The sum represents the amount of Marshall plan aid which is available to Britain on a loan basis in the first nine months of ECA operation in other words until the end of this year. It is the first major credit granted under the recovery program, although negotiations on loans have been in progress for .months with eight other countries and one small loan -- a $2,300,000 nsherlen credit (to Iceland — was announced in the summer. The total of loans under negotiation, ECA has announced, exceeds $800,000.000. That includes the Brit- jish credit. j Congress, when approving ECA, directed that $1,000,000 of the S/i.O.Ofj.m'O.OO initial appropriation must be put into loans rather than i be used lor Krauts. j The loans agreement with Brit|ain provides that interest and principal payments may be deferred if necessary after discussions. University Head Wants a State Nursing School Little Rock. Oct. 2fi —W 1 )— Dr. Lewis Webster Jones, president of the University of Arkansas, expressed hopes today that a regional school of nursing might be located in Arkansas. Speaking at a meeting here of the Association of Tax Supported Institutions of the state, Dr. Jones outlined a proposed regional educational, system. He said a regional school for veterinarians might be set up in Georgia under the program. Leagislative ratification would be necessary before the plan could be operative in Arkansas, Dr. Jones said. 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We've got them •• — and at jnutJi less than you'd expect to pay. In two pretty-stay-at-home styles. With waist-whittling half belts . . . full, full bkirts. Five pastels. 12-20. Also, e,xtr«i sizes, 40-46, in four pastels, at the same price. «Re». U. £. P*i. Off. fl-nlv Only ,. Knit Slips today our trm- . cu fit, ope mch hem. 6 ironing colovs . 32 .42 CASH-CARRY IT-YOU Tomorrow will be "Circus Day" in Hope and children of all ages will greet the' first and only "Big Show" to exhibit here this year. Bright and early tomorrow morn- is GO cents,'taxes included. The downtown sale of reserved and general admission tickets for both the afternoon and night performances will be located tomor- the great King Bros. 3 ring j row — Circus Day — at the Cox Circus -will come rolling into Hope i Drus store, for patrons who wish and sot up its tented city including! to avoid the crowds at the show .the mammoth big top on the Ship-j grounds. * 'ley-Crews show grounds adjacent i Now on its 29th annual tour King to the Thrash International Harvester store on Highway 67 where two performances will be staged afternoon and night at 3 and 8 p. m. Main entrance gates to the big 5 continent menagerie will open at 1 and 7 p. m. to permit inspection of the traveling zoological exhibit, herd of elephants and Society Horse Fair. School children with special cou- oons will be admitted for half the usual admission price for kids — 35 cents, all taxes included — at the 3 p. m. afternoon show only. The regular kids admission price Bros. 3 rinst Circus is the worlds largest, finest and greatest motorized tented amusement enterprise and is presented in three rings, elevated stages, and hippodrome with a galaxy of 150 talented international circus and arenic stars, a heard of performing elephants, daring aerilists; twenty funny clowns; trained Liberty horses, dos; ponies and monkeys, and many all star feature acts as well as a Frontier Dodeo Wild West starring the popular movie stars of western pictures Charles and Jewel Poplin. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Oct. 2G — (/P)— Cotton futures declined here today under long liquidation and hedge selling. Closing prices were steady, five cents to 80 cents a blae lower. Dec high 31.2H — low 31.04 — close 31.07-08 Men high 31.20 — low 31.08 — close 31.10 May hish 30.93 — low 30.83 — close 30.83-84 Jlv hieh 29.67 — low 29,fiO — close 29.59-B Men high 27.48 — low 27.41 27.44-45 B-bid. Hope Star close NEW YORK COTTON New York, Oct. 26 —f/! 1 )— Cotton futures were irregular today, v.'ith liquidation in nearby December the main feature. Memphis interests were credited to selling 5,100 bales of Deceamvber against the purchase of a similar amount in march futures. There was some talk among traders of fairlv substantial tenders of cotton on first notice dav for the December delivery. Offerings were absorbed throuch mill buying and short covering. The situation in export cotton was unchanged, with various in- "uinos in (ho market from eoun- ECA credits. Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 10, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star buildinn 212-2U South Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Ptul H. Janes, Managing Editor George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager Entered as second class matter at thi Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press, (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable Ir Advance): By city carrier per. week 20c per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller, ant LaFayette counties, 54.50 cer year; else where $8.50. Officials to Continued From Page One Clerks—Cecil Cox, Brooks Shults; Sheriff—Sam Weaver. McNab: Judges— John H. Cannon. Wilber Williams, H.-R. Haley; Alternates— Bob Hester, G. B. Hester; Clerks—Mrs. Mary Spates, Mrs. Floyd Rnley; Sheriff— C. P. Knigton. Saratoga: Judges— D. R. Newman, A. H. Holland, Fred McJunkins; Alternates— B. D. Stanton, Walter Gathrlght; Clerks— Clarn Dillard, Ralph Clayton; Sheriff — W. W. Hughes. Columbus: Judges— C. R. White R. F. Caidwell, L. K. Boyce; Alternates—Dannie Hamilton, Clyde Reed: Clerks— C. W. Wilson. Tommy McCorklc; Sheriff— F. O. Middlebrooks. Cross Roads: Judges— C. E Boyce, E. R. Calhoun. W. C. Thompson; Alternates— D. E. Goodlett, H. M. Rosenbaum: Clerks — Wade Gilbert, J. F. Shearer; Sheriff—C. J. Edwards. Washington: Judges— W. B. Nelson, M. C. Parsons, Sanford Dud- nry; Alternates— A. M. Hulspy. Melson Frazier; Clerks — John Vclvin, W. H. Ettter; Sheriff —A. T. Beck. Ozan: Judges— C. D. Ball, J. S. Crane, O. R. Green; Alternates— Rush Jones, O. C. Robins; Clerks -J. T. Srnead, Truman H. Hill; Sheriff— L. J. Robins. Jaka Jones: Judges— H. E. Sutton, Royal Stroud, D. M. Worthy; Alternates— T. A. Smith. Freeman Crider; Clerks—Elbe.rt Bain," Joe Morton; Sheriff—J. F. Willis. .' DeAnn: Judges— J. N. Arnold. W! H. Burke, W. G. Clark; . Alienates— C. G. Critchlow, D; M. Samuels; Clerks— Monroe Samuels, R. B..'Arnold; Sheriff— J. C. Timberlake. Piney Grove: Judges—L. A. Allwhite, Marvin Boyd. Otis Breed: Alternates— Ralph Crider, Jim Faulkner; Clerks— Jim White, Carl Vickers: Sheriff —W. B. Wilson. Baird's Chapel: Judges— A. R. Avery, Walker Chambless, E. E. Avery; Alternates—- E. L. Willis, Thurman McSweeney; Clerks — Clyde Cummings, J. C. Cox, Jr. Sheriff—Allen Brown, Blevins: Judges—.Eugene Stephens, T. L. Phillips, Roy Foster; Alternates— J. V. . Hampton, Cy Honea; Clerks—Ira Hendrix. W H. Slingley; Sheriff— I. H. Beauchamp. Deanvville: Judges—W. .R. Campbell, J. L. Cannon. W. E. Lowe; Alternates— Roy Phillips, M. A. Sewell; Clerks—Zack Stone, J. E. Ward: Sheriff— J. E. Woodson. McCasklll: Judges— J. S. Bittick, C. M. Bradley. W. R. Fielding; . Alternates— W. -W. Folsom, John Gaines: Clerks— J. O. Harris. W. D. Hood; Sheriff — R. E. Kidd. Absentees: Judges —r Dale Jones, oy Anderson. Dorsey .McRae. Sr.; lerks—- Syd McMatn, Henry -Taynes. .. , Friendship: Judges — Horace ielding, A. J. Folsom. F. E. Mc- 3rayer; Alternates— Odis Ward~aw, Archie Hicks: Clerks— L,es- :er Wardlow, .Cecil Hicks; Sheriff —Clifford Gorha'm. . . Blnaen: .-Judges—.Orvelle Westfall, T. A. Sanford.'.Carl Ross.; Alternates— Clyde Owens, J. A. O'Bryant; Clerks— Clvde I.eslie, Coy Hutson: Sheriff— C. "M. Hipp. Belton: Judges— W. E. Davis, Creath EJev, J. L, FAey: Alternates —G. A. Morrow, W. M. Rhodes; Clerks James Leslie, J. A. Peters; Sheriff—John Tinsley. Goodlett: Judges— Verdo Tollett, E. M. Stuart, Roy Reed; Alternates—• Floyd • Matthews, Lee Lyons; Clerks— C. V. Hine's. Robert Goodlett; Sheriff—Ford Hanna. Thurmond Continued From Page One Governor Thurmond wound up lis first day's plane tour of the state in Little Kock last night with a blistering attack on President Truman's proposed Fair Employment Practices Commission. Speaking in a state wide broadcast Thurmond charged . that an FEPC law "would be carried out by a national police force, already being trained" by President Tru- ;m. "This means," he declared, "you would be hounded by federal police whom you never saw before and who neither know nor care what your problems are." In charging that Truman, Gov. Thomas E. Dewey and Henry Wallace all endorse the FEPC proposal, the states right candidate aid a vote for any one of the three is aVote for x x x x a piece of legislation which is the first plan in the Communist platform." In calling on "those who believe in representative American democracy to rise up and say so," Governor Thurmond said there is no middle ground. "Either you are willing to sell your birthrights for the sake of blind party loyalty or x x x x cast out the influences Which have taken over the party." He insisted that he was an advocate of the two-party system and at the same time charged his three major opponehts with "having dared to insult" the people of Arkansas "by proposing that you give up your right.to handle your and orderliness existing throughout the hall in every \yay at ?1I times. 7. The self-discipline the students practice at all times, particularly when it is necessary for the librarian to be out of the hall. ' . Q. The method in which students respond to requests, to favors, and to ' restrictions from the office, from teachers, and from the librar- other rub acts faster in own affairs." ""Thurmond was to have been interviewed over radio station. KLRA last night but transmission wires were damaged. The South Carolina governor is scheduled to speak at a student's, rally dt 8 p. m. at the Universitj of Arkansas in Fayettcville. 27 WEDNESDAY OCTOBER Shipley-Crews Show Grounds Next to Thrash's International Harvester Store. WORLD'S F8 WEST to relieve coughs-aching muscles USED FOR ITS 1000 WONDERS BIG6ER-BETTER-6RAHDER-THAH EVER AH CCLII>$INO IPOCH IN MOULD'S GREATEff AMUSEMENT INSTITUTION «'00 PEOPLE — 150 AfcENIC STARS — «50 V/ILD ANI- MAUS— IN GREAT 5 CONTINENT MENAGERIE— 5,000 SEATS— SO MUSICIANS— NEVC FEATURE, 6 FOLD CIRCUS— J500.000 CAPITAL INVESTED. Brimming Over with Innovatieno and Wondrous Surprise* and B Myriad of Un* pro»od«nted Amazing Features from All Stronga Lands. P07TER TROUPE 9 OF THE OREATXST ' BAREBACK niDKRS . IN TUB WORI.D 2 FLYING ACTS CHAMPION OOMCR- SAULTIHQ ABB1AUBT8 Of AMERICA AND COM- TINSMTAL CUnOpS TWICE DAILY 2&8 P.M. S^cfl DOORS OPEN 1 & 7 P.M. .—„" ' ,, Reserved and Admission Tickets On Sale Circus Day At JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. Motional Advertising Representative — Vknnsos DoiJies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn Sterick Building; Chicaoo, 400 North Mich igan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madistt Ave.; Detroit, Mich.. 2842 W. Gram Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg M"w Orleans. 722 Union St. Member of the Associated Press: Ttv t Associated Press is entitled exclusively 1. Motion rpt'ii'os declined into now i ' rie llse for republication of all the loco. |'""' urouii'l for the riav in !;il« I j<-1r;ilinfs on increased hedge sell-' liiu' "nd !if|iiid. - iljot) in iif'rby Doc-i l pi'lurcs flowed unr'hiin!.'"d 1o 55 ['•mis a hale lower than the prcvi- jrr-s close. 1 . !!><• hjgh 31.28 — low 31.10 — last ! "K14 off 11 jMch high. 31.21 — low 31.3 — la-t M;iv hi ph.30.97 — low 30.815 — close S0.;i5-!>,0 off 2-3 Jlv high 29.C!) — low 29 G — last 2!).<il-fi2 unch-off 1 Oct high 27.52 — low 27.45 — last 27.45 off 3 Dec hiuh 27.?ft — low 27.28 — last 27.24N off 4 Middling soot 31.7J.N off 11. No-nominal. lews printed in this newspaper, as well ill AP n<--ws dispatches Honor System Continued From Page One books, magazines, newspapers, etc. 4. The m'anner in which all tables are left at the end of each period —all library material being returned to proper place on the shelves in an orderly manner and all waste paper put into containers. 5. Courtesy and respect shown others at all times, (i. The atmosphere of quiet study Look up "THEATERS" in the Yellow Pages* *The YELLOW PAGES also tell who buys, sells, rents, repairs. % POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Oct. 20 — I.'IV- Live poultry: fowl firm, balance steady; receipts 2(i trucks, no cars; roasters Hl-lifi young heavvq ducks 3fi old heavy ducks 32 light ducks 23. Butler weak receipts 473,152; prices 1 1-4 to 2 cents lower; 03 score AA GO 1-2; 92 A GO !)() R flu 89 C 58: cars: 90 B GO «9 C 5!!. Eggs firm, rceeits 7..'i:-!4 n rices unchanged to two cents higher; U. S. o.\lras 70 per cent an;! tin G6-GH; 60-011.9 per cent 60. Doily Rreocl Continued From Page One from its principal sources of rub ber. tin and several other vita necessities of manufacture. With that lesson in mind the countrj is now beginning to stockpile cor tain strategic materials not founc here against another possible emergency. But it would seem equally necessary that the country should think about a stockpile ol scientific knowledge, which is the raw material of America's vaunted genius for adaptation and production. Another war might cut us off from that raw material as surely as the last war cut us off from tin and natural rubber.. New research laboratories would not mean that this country v.'as "war rnongering." They might be esentials of national defense, to be sure. But they could also serve simultaneously as centers of knowledge to improve the health and comfort of all mankind when a stable peace is finally achieved. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK ... , „ beef cows 16.50-18.50; canners and National Stoekvards. 111., Oct. 26) cutters 1200-1600 medium and |— (/Pi—Hogs. 9.300. market steady: good bulls 19.50-21.25; vealers to 2:i lower than Monday's aver-j steady to 1.00 higher; choice show- jape with weights over 1,'iO Ihs Dr.'---j j n « advance at 34.50- 30; o.oogotod to and am- VMIII iitTi^m:-. uvei jo,j irs f M (,.--,j n g advance at 34.30- 3U; O.OOgO ing mostly steady ton and hulh|j n o advance at 34.50-35.50 good good and choice lf,n.270 Ihs b:> •- choice 28.00-34.50; common i rows iind_ j.'ilts 25.75: some eai'ly | mediumv 17.00-27.0. *r;l'r",' JGO-'ivil ^^''^''-n 'i')'''"-')'^'' Sheep, 3,500; market open riri''>M "in " in i-'j "' n','-' •> .1,'-,,'" i steady: early sales good u,.^ fVor "m.- 4(1 11^ ,•!..•„ "TiV")-' U'hoice woolskins largely 23.50-24.- n'octlv ^475 dov-n o-er 40 lb^ 5U: fevv '• )loico "Pwartl to 24.715 to The flight-streamed new Studehaker Land Cruiser . . . I t'lacemem buv.'rs took AND PROVISION Chicago. Oct. 2ti — i.-l'i — Profit " ' '--" '••" i - l • l. JlleU'-'O. LJCl. -IJ — l.'i 1 I 1UIH steady little :n-tmn on slaiighte;-! .-iishing" -lov.'ard the close of today's I accounts: butcher yein-l'iuis ''"">',:Board'uf Ti'adc .session reduced j.'ind bulls oui-niiig Mvauv; metliuin ; ,-,1'iees si;Jii>jwhat. after a farily :to jioi'-d heifers and mixed ve.n'l- ri i L . ;ll .iy advance. Wheat advanced i ni.«s 2.'i.1)0-27.1)D: reunion ,-irui.ir,d ' o!1 commercial buying, bolstered :lie,'l cow.s IG.nO-!;:. i; eaniKrs :,nd,i,v reports of storage during Sep] 18.00-20.0; common and Jiicdiiun | teml)L-r. 'poitcd .--ciiools di,;cLi.ssed the eon. 1 Coi ' n alK ' soybeans advanced on icational need of the people of Ai - ; reports thai tne commodity credit 'kans'is in<i hov school pn'.'.'rairs i-'orporat-ion was enterlaimuu oilers ' might" b'e coordinated' at v7-,rio'.i'< ; {o1 ' export. Reports that Holland ''-•t'tie instilutiors » :aaa purchased 5oO,000 bushc-is ot i" V)r Nolan Irbv. president of Ar- ' soybeans overnight, brought on ili.'m--':is State Teachers Cnllc'.'e ls!ll »'t covering. Com bookings on ic'on'wa'v. 'and Horaee Thomps«Jn, ' a to-"rrhv basis were placed at livvi'idi'i.! of Aik;,iu:>,, A. and M..'-OO.nd'j oushels. ! Mnijtici-llo. agi'teci that unless t-du-; The 1'irit trade in Seaptc-mber special, extra-long-wheelbase Studebaker Land Cruiser is a. standout in looks. It's finished and appointed to a new degree of perfection! It's tops among fine cars in gas mileage. Its low-swung clean-lined structure is free from burdensome excess bulk. Top value in a top quality car, this Land Cruiser is just one of the dramatically different postwar Studebakers. New Champions! New Commanders! Convertibles, sedans, coupes! 113 West Third St. Phone 838 Studebaker ... I-ln-at by fur wiili a postwar

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