Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 25, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 25, 1948
Page 3
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Monday, October 25, 1948 H 0 Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Tuesday, October 26 The Ladies Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist church will meet Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at 'the church on South Elm street. Wednesday, October 27 There will be a dinner, business meeting and program of the Laymen's League in Fellowship Hull Wednesday, October 27 at the Firsi Christian church. All members of the League aix- asked lo be present. ornoon at 4 o'clock. Col'lee, accompanied Reynerson. Miss Colleen by Mrs. Alva was the guest vocalist. ednesday, October 27 The Brownie Scout Troop No. 1 under the direction of Mrs. Hinton Davis and Mrs. Earl Clifton will meet Wednesday. October 27 immediately after school at the Methodist church. Gilbert Griffin Honored at Halloween Dance Mr. and Mrs. David Griffin en- tcilained with a Halloween Dance complimenting their son, Gilbert, who was celebrating his 12th birthday. Salur-lay evennm Irorn 7 till 10 o'clock, at the V.F.V/. Hut. The Halloween motif was carried out in the decorations of the Hut. Games and dancing were enjoyed by all. Mr. and Mrs. Griffin were assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Gib Lewis in serving a sandwish plate with hot chocolate to fifty guests. Thursday, October 28 The Country Club Bridge will meet Thursday from 10 to 1 p.m. at, the Club House Mrs. Donald Moore and Mrs. li?rt Burns hostesses. There vx a Pot Luck luncheon served at noon and all members are urged to be on time. For transportation call 574-J or 1212-M. Club a. m. with Iler- will Tuesday, October 26 The Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday evening at 7:•15 at the home of Mrs. Mack Stuart with Mrs. Perry Moses as associate hostess. Hope Couple Pledged to Honor Association Oklahoma University officials have announced that a Hope couple. Mr. and Mi's. Tommy .lobe, have been invited to become members of National Honorary Geological Fraternity and Sorority. Membership in the organization is based solely on scholastic rating, requiring a "B" average in all subjects. Mr. Jobc will become a member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, for men and Mrs. .lobe has been pledged to Chi Upsiion. for women. Both are natives of Hope. Dear Miss Uix: The man I am I married to now is my second i husband and 1 am his second wife. | lie has a boy 13 years old. I have I :wi'u children. We are a \i-ry | happy and harmonious family, and what I want to bring out is second mar both Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jones and Mr. and Mrs. C. Cook motored to Shrevcporl Sunday and attended the Louisiana Slate Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Russell. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crosnoe and daughter, Ann, attended the Louisiana State Fair in Shreveport Sunday. Beat-Edwards Wedding Announced aJVIi.ss "Nevatvne Best, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Best of Apple Springs, Texas, became the bride of Doyle Wm. Edwards, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Edwards 'o£ Fulton. Ark. in a candlelight ceremony at the home of the Reverend Brooks Ramsey, pastor of the First Baptist, church of Galena Park. Texas. The vows wore exchanged in a beautiful single ring ceremony Saturday. October 16 at 7:31) o'clock in the presence of the immediate families and ciose friends. iCVj'fhe bride was lovely in a slate Vjlue crepe dress with black accessories. She carried a white Bible and her flowers were of white •carnations. Her only ornament was •a single strand o! pearls, gift o; the groom. 'The couple's only attendants ..were Mrs. Hoyt Campbell, sis, tcr- of the bride and Merlin Cox, ',:bi'othcr-in-law of the groom. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ruggles and foils spent Sunday with their daughter Lucille in Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Reaves and Mirses Alary Lou and Ruby Sue Cornelius motored to Shreveport Sunday morning and attended the Louisiana Slate Fair . Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Churchwell and sons Raymond and Ctirlis and Miss Wanda Ruggles returned Sunday night alter a week-end visit in Shrevcporl, with Mr. and Mrs. Truman Humphries and attending the Louisiana State Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schreck returned to their home in Dallas Sunday after a visit with Mr. and The Doctor By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written for NBA Service Repeated attacks of bronchitis, chronic sinus infection, or almost any other long-lasting or frequently recurring disease of the breathing syslcirj .can ^"csiilt in a distressing gqiidil^h:.,chilled bron- chieclasis. ;I|i : .bro'iichieslasis the small pockets in -.the lungs which are normally^fill^q'/with air when a person breaches are broken down, dilate'^).', ,- Hj'id fJl'ed with mucus fluid ,-or' ; . oilier semi-solid male-rial. The. , h a'rea5 , which are affected ai;e'. cqm'rvfonly '. described as looking like.a./bj-'ineh' of grapes. Chronic, cdiigh,.'^'SjUally with the bringing up .of a-'f'a^rly .heavy mucus sputum! Vs.cjmOilimes. having a foul odor, is .^porn'mon.' The diagnosis depends,.on-,'special examinations, inducting 1 an X.-ray film. A remarkable ..instrument, called a bronehoscopev by which the dilated pockets can be seen, is helpful. Can Be .Fatal «. A >>' ', Bronchiijaizisis' liftt&rtercs with health and*'ablily, lo work and it can produce ^Uafcerous ,complica j • . i ''*' j jf la _ iTA •: A .*. _i_ ... . i ..i i- Pane Three DOROTHY DIX Happy Second Marriage a case like ours? MRS, B. G. Answer: Thanks for your letter. It is an oasis in an ocean of tears, fur we see so much matrimonial t\ v ,( | misery all about us, and the air ''<:-I is so'filled with the sound of the first ^i"ls ,., n(1 that it pj c . | COUplf inile _>lace alive, and of of Mrs. Mrs. Homer Dorsey Fuller and Fuller. Mr. and i long-cont ' of what Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Crosnoe and daughter, Ann of Burbank. California are guests of Mr. Crosnoe's sister. IVJrs. Frank Russell and Mr. Russell. Miss day in After a v.edding trip, the couple j lives and friends, will make their home at 11)04 First St., Galena Park. Texas. Ma.xine Powell spent Hot Springs visiting Sun- rela- •Jfunior Music Club Gi"Min Broadcast Sunday " Miss Roberta Howard, Miss Betty Murphy, ivliss Ann Adams. iiMiss" Charlotte Ann Hobbs, Miss ,-Norma Jean Franks and Miss .Ann Barr, members of the Junior •Music Club were presented in the Music Club Broadcast Sunday alt- Births Warrent Officer and Mrs. Paul B. Holt of 1100 Park Drive announce the arrival of a son, Paul Malcomn. on Thursday, October '2\ at Citty Hospital in'Nashville, Ark. Communiques DEPENDABLE . Favorite of millions. The world':; lories; seller at lUc. Demand : : ASPEREN HEW! ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN It's orange f 1 a v o r e d — sweetened to child';; Uistc! Easy to give, ensy to take. DO tablets 35c. TODAY e TUESDAY Everett R. Pickering, ex-aviation machinist's mate, first class, USN, son of.Mr. and Mrs. E. A., Pickering of Route 4, Hope. Ark., j and husband of Mrs. Doris Pickering, of Alameda, Calif., has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Air Medal and Gold Stars in lieu of his second and third Aii Medals, by Secretary of the Navy John L. Sullivan, for the President. Pickering earned his awards for "heroism and extraordinary achievement as a piano captain with Patrol Squardon 13 during long- range combat patrols over hostile areas of the Central Pacific from March to June, 19-1*1." Pickering served six years in the Navy and is presently employed as an aviation mechanic by the Naval Air Station, Aiameua, Calf. lions anel cv^i ^atli.-: if,t! should be prevented "if at all possible. Since it can come from so niany different causes, a person 'who has tinned cough, regardless is producing it, ought to ! try to get at the trouble early before bronehiedtasis has had chance to set-in.' 1 - 11 ' l; " The first'iilep 'in treatment is te see if the condition which pro duced the bronchicctasis is stil active and to attack the underlying cause. The medical Irealmcnt of bron chiectasis has not been very sue ccssuil, at least until recently Lately, however, there have bee some reports on the use of peni cillin —usually given by the inha ing method—which offers some hope to people with bronchicctasis, at least if it is not too far advanced Penicillin is not a cure-all for bronchieclasis, however. The other method of treatment which is satisfactory for many is surgery. The part of the lung affected with bronchiectasis can be removed by surgery pretty suc- Inspircil bv ;i Himlu bines a tailored smoke-colon- matching color. Uancs (i; jet in;; carbon, ouu- silk tafi't-tu seim-iorivul ch-e-ss, ris;h; . dress" fashion, loft, com- gold-embroidered siik of the Mad. s'.ripos on lii<> bolero of the shimmer- l''ul!. ankle-length skirt is also striped in black. te Area hev Wanna Sing With the Boys Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. S. B. Anderson. Rt. •!, Hope Discharged: Mrs. William Stultz, I.ewisville. Mrs. Eugene O'Stcen and bab\ boy, Hope. Sipes; Reporter, Mary Alice Duna- Chicago, Oct. 23 — (UP1— A dense white fog shrouded five Mid-Western states today, slow ing traffic and causing an ail force plane to crash with a loss of three lives. Iowa. Southern Wiscoecaancmfv, The fog covered parts of Iowa, Southern Wisconsin, all of Illinois, and Indiana, and part of Ohio. All air travel was stopper! at Chicago's Municipal airport at 10:30 last night. Other fields in this area also ceased opera lions. Visibility was reported beiow a quarter of a mile. An air force C-47 crashed on a landing at Chanute Field, 111 while trying to land (.luring the fog. Three crewmen weiv killed and 10 passengers injured. A ground fog yesterday wa blamed for the death of Georg Linis, 20, when his light plane crashed in a farmer's field near Effingham, 111. cessfully. For those who are i unfortunate enough to have dc- i veioped an advanced type of bron- chiectasis, surgery is probably the only good hope of restoring health. jfWXf O*^ j,, <f ?>H 4 1^ "•ArwA IA V, After the election of officers, Mrs. Lorraine Blackwood, Home .Demonstration Agent gave out manuals and. record sheets, members discussed what demonstration they would like for their next meeting. The demonstration for the November meeting will be ck monstrate weaving with a handloom. QUESTION: Could I have a goiter if the metabolism test shows The negative? ANSWER: A toxic goiter is usu- aly associated with a raised metabolism test such as plus 25. There- are exceptions. Also there are other types of goiter which will show a normal test. **•• ^»y * S f\ W City Docket Joe Nathan Harris, assault and battery, plea of guilty, fined S10. ,loe Nathan Harris, resisting ar- jres.t. plea of guilty, fined SIIK). i Florene Slinson. sale of beer, 1 forfeited S50 cash bond. The following forfeited a $10 i cash bond on a charge of drunkenness: Dcward Russell, Buddy Finn. Buck Brown Augusta Nelson. Charlie Young. Harvey Lester. Howard Lamb. Frank Keel, Lloyd McFadden. Stntc Docket Calvin Moore, reckless driving, forfeited $:>.=> cash bond. Spencer Credit, reckless driving, plea guilty, fined $23. Chas. Chastine. speeding, forfeited S3 cash bond. Creed MeVay. overload, forfeited S-fi cash bond, suspended during good behavior. C. L. Eastman, overlengfh, forfeited $10 cash bond. Willie Woolen, Robert Farmer, Ralph Taylor. J. W. Litton, overload, forfeited 923 cash bond. Jim Stuart, aggravated assault, rteited 330 cash bond. W. J. Royston, possesing untax- d intoxicating liquor, forfeited S50 ;ish bond. Sam Gamble, disturbing peace, ir'eitcd $10 cash bond. Clifton Formby, drunkenness, lea guilty, fined $10. Clifton Formby. petition foi icace bond, dismissed on motion 'ros. Attorney. J. M. Thomas, possessing intox ;:ating liquor for sale, tried, found lot guilty. Theo Williams, arson, examina- ion waived, held to Grand Jury. Jond fixed at $230. Betty Cornelius, Abortion, exam- nation waived, Held to Grand Jury. Bond fixed at $230. I to expect tl ! mates. The of Mule- orp is heartening to hear of one •,vho have brought' love, common sense and philosophy to solving the problems of second marriages and amalgamating two different sets of children. Experience Helps Second marriages are often hap- pie-r than first marriages', because the high contracting parties have brought to them age and experience, and'they know enough not the impossible of their husband is wise to the ways of women and has learned when to walk softly and when to put down his loot, and read the riot act. The woman, if she has any gumption at all, has found out by trial and error that you cnn cajole a man into doing almost r-.nything, but you can't Jorce him an ir.c.h. So she does her bossing; u.ider cover ^o skihuOly that'he never 1 knows that he is* being led around by the nose. But when there are two sets of children, the prdblcm of how lo keep the peace is more difficult. For jealousy is apt to set in, and he grandparents on both sides are ikely to take a hand in the fight. So it takes a woman who is a dip- omat to win over the little rebels ind keep everything on an even. teel. Congratulations to you on the job ,'ou have accomplished. These four Chicagoans want to sing with the barber shop c|i.uirtett, but the boys won't let them. So, they're suing in Superior Court lo end "discrimination by men against women in barber shop quartets." They are,-left lo right, Marilyn Hughes, Patricia Vance, Kit Camper and Nancy Omick- . , we\ jyer SOPHIE KERR iofiration of screenplay from a novel by Prosper Mcrimee By Frank Simmons of Washington, Arkansas has recently been elected scoutmaster of troop 5!), it is announced by troop committee chairman W/H. Etter. J. M..May who has served the troop as scoutmaster cotiuuously for fourteen years will continue to serve as assistant scoutmaster, Mr. Efter said. Other seouters serving on the troop committee are Finis Johnson. M. C. Parsons. H. L. Pinegar, S, Dudncy and Henry Sanders. Troop :i!) has reregistered recently and added four new members. Scoutmasters Simmons and May helped present the first the district Wednesday Dear Miss Dix: I am a woman 4i! years old. Was married 24 years and am now a widow. A man 35 years old, who is an old friend and has just gotten out of the service, wants me to marry him. He says he has loved mo tor years, but as long as I was happily married he never interfered, but now that I am free he wants mp to become his wife, I tell him that he is too young for me and that he -should marry one of the pretty young girls who would be only too glad to get him. He has a wonderful business position and a beautiful car and would make a good husband for anyone, but I still feel that ho would be doing wrong by marrying me when there are so many young girls around. What do you think? • MA.RY Answer: Well, of course, 13 years difference in age. is something to consider when the woman is the elder, but I don't think that it need to be an insuperable bar. Personality, character and disposition arc to be considered as well as calendar age, and it may be that in reality your frinecl is as old as you are. Anyway, a . man of. ,35 is adult. He knows what he wants in a wife, and if he has loved you silently and secretly lor many years, he will not . change' arid grow tired of you, as a boy might. Also, every man who went through the war aged years .for every month that he faced its horror;:. So i'f you love this young man, go ahead and marry him and don't worry about the young girls. It isn't your business to provide them with husbands. demonstrations at table in Hope Josephine Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Browning, filfi \V. nth St., Hope, announce the arrival of a daughter on October •2'i, 1D-18. Air. and Mrs. Robert S. O'Neal, 621'^ W. Ave. C. Hope, announce the arrival of a daughter on October 2fi. ID-IB. Admitted: Mrs. Thomas 11. Aaron, Hope. Algie Aaron, Hope. Holland Powell, Patmos. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. 'Mrs mos. Li; W. P. Campbell, Hope. Robert S. O'Neal. Hope. Lynn Browniir. 1 ,, Hope. A. J. Midellebruoks, Pal- Beardeii, Hope. Furiously, the footman sci mi bled down from his perch on tin carriage. Carmen slid from th: back of the mule, stooped and picked up a stone, ready lor e mi bat, when the passeng;. 1 !' of the carriage, wondering at the di.1' and commotion, stuck his l 1 ^ ul It was Lucas, the matador, lie was surprised and delighted as h shouted, "Carmen!" Carmen looked startled, then amazed. The stone fell from hand and she threw her ; Discharged: Algie Aaron, wide in a "Lucas! " 'I he mule back of the rode into at the bull "Carmen, whore- have you iJi e Cordova hasn't seen you months." "Well, 1 have been a little bu few killing:-, a wi-'.klin., there. Ann what about Clubs Baker The Bake-r Home- Demon.Ural ion i Club met at tin- home of Mrs. Roy Baker on Friday, October !J. with 10 old members, 2 visitors. 5 children and one now nu-niber, Mrs. J. L. McCullough. The meeting was called to order by the president. The son- of the month was sun:;. Tin- devotional was read by Mrs. Roy Gates. Ro'J call was answered with what 1 did to in- cri-a:;e club i-'irullmc-nt. Discus..ion was k-cl by Mrs. T. 1 un plan:-: to (.'oiiiii'.unily surprise nackage luouyl Pae-kaj-.e was won by Baker, 'flu- rec. i-ati<'ii won by Mrs. L. .). Pin t .us ! e! iVMlli U--11U- v.'e'1 --• the hn.sU 1 :-.;. The nv.'elil , ii.ihnod ; Civvd. Novi t XXV Daneaire and Pablo removed from their pockets the valuables they had taken , from the stagecoach passengers -and piled them on a blanket. The furious voices of Carmen and- -Don Jose could be heard from inside the cave. The words were undistinguithable but the yelling left no doubt as to the ferocity of..their quarrel. Pablo gave a thin-smile of pleasure as he listened. Dancairc''said, "Dog and wolf. It's beginning. jiMsVaK I said. Dog and wolf."-.He '".pcerM into the dark cave 1 . 1 : 1 ' ..-'i 1 ' '•'••'• Againsl 'the far - wall Carmen stood in the firelight, shouting, "I knew you would--'bo soft! I said it! Take your conscience and make some other woman a present of it. f tell you I waul none of it!" She lurnod her back on him. Jose look her .by the shoulders and spun her around'to face him. "You would • do v.'ull to borrow part of my conscience." His fury was ' so> real that her own anger .died.'/.She.'' slid her arms around:, his,; meek. "You wouldn't love-lime: nearly so much if 1 had a conscience. Joseiln. H is sufficient 'excusis- just to say I am a gypsy." She-.kissed him leas- ingly. "And -J.ddin't know right from wrong." . i/Wilh her lips against his) tace, .Carmen said, "Tell me what 03!'right. Joseilo. What is wrong?" She kissed him again, talking against his mouth. "Is this wrong, little soldier?" He clutched her in his arms, de-feat ed. Daneaire- and Pablo noticed that j lire burned t the shunting from inside the cave 1 j through an nln nin i. I'Y-nwu-k i had ceased abruptly. There wis I Jeisc .-.loiuTie-d at U First Aid j a long silence during which Pablo | ing out at liu HJ-UI. Tlu 1 ! looked toward the cave, ihe smile j weary i:y>-.-.. it 00 cents. I disappearing from his face, hi:; | Pablo wa-, a ii'.ll Mrs. Itos 1 I eyes fullen. I watched him :- t liri:-., 1 wa's 'Daneaire laughed ai him. "What j whe-n she went 1 Ji'lici- i is the matter. oYrk as a W. Weis, Jr., New committcewoman, possible appointee. There has been almost no specu latiiai on a possible appointee for seel clary uf labor. Significantly, however, the only labor figure of any stature in the Diwey camp has been William L. A'U'Fetridgo. general president of llv. 1 International Union of Building Service Employes. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Arc you going thru the functional 'mlctdle-age' period peculiar .to women (311-52 yrs.)? Does thla make youi sxifTcr from hot Jlnshea, foot BO ner-' vou.1, hl|.',h-struiig, tired? Then DP try Lydln E. rinkham'a Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms! I'lukham's Compound also hus what Doctors call a stomachic tonlo effect! LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S COM?O A U B ND Lucas. A here and you?" "Also a few killings, but n weddings. But many hours thin! ing of you, my Carmen. Wher are you going?" T was on my way in'.o C'ordo 1 for some provision;-:." "But it is well known that 1 the To clienteli-'." he sai music aii'l dancing and and little niL-morie.s." Quick relief with WIENTHOLATUWI Don't give in to head-cold misery— net Menlbolattirn. Feel Mentholutum's famous combination of menthol, camphor and other fast-acting ingredients help thin out thick mucus, lessen congestion and swelling, soothe smarting nostrils. Soon soreness eases up, head starts to clear, you cnn breathe again hi. conijort. 35(i and 75(f. -j'' ii '^{ t '^' :- ^Vl.A ; ; .Kj^sJ^'.v-i,^ -'•' -'-•i^-?^';--...-.-^^-^'^-*. 6 " """'•'--•"•-•^^/^tr: After e grouji was si-pa iiu : ling with Mr the girls ir.e't-'tin; 1 , McCaskil 5 — i/Tl— Re- today that ports circulated Go'.-. Thomas K. Dewtiy is going to study possible cabinet appointments in anticipation of a victory Copyright, 1948, NEA SERVICE, INC Ui v i s udi ^av 111 mh '..•---including John Fo.stei -• foreign affairs adviser — is I'lain ol a cabinet post in the cut of a Uenublican victory. But the names of Dulles and W ->ti in ( M ,d\ thai, no Dulles. | Charles nalional .[.-.-dilation about the previously had ecu- | oll B'.'il. (.•(..iinniis- Yo x -t ilc banks, i c _,o ~,ip is that Bell mi:'ht be tli I i d( lal Re \ i n \ iIh new lo u ( i M on of C-nomy added to that SOOTHES IRRITATED LISTEN TO him. amused enjoy listening to their qi'.ai 1 . u{ you can't .stand to to their sile'iiccs. can you MONDAY THRU FRIDAY Good Old Time Gospel Singing

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