Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 23, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 23, 1948
Page 3
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Saturday, October 23, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Monday, October 25 The Ladies Auxiliary of the Garrott Memorial Church will meet Monday, Oct. 23 at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Wade Warren, president will be in charge of the meeting. The W.M.S. of the First Baptist church will meet at the church Monday tor a Commumiy Missions program. The'Sunbeams of the First Baptist church will meet at the church •? p.m. Monday. The Junior G.A.'s and Junior R.A.'s of the First Baptist church will meet at the church Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Tuesday, October 26 The Ladies Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist church will meet Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the church on South Elm street. Wednesday, October 27 .a- There will be a dinner, business 'meeting and program of (ho Laymen's League in Fellowship Hall Wednesday. October 27 at the First Christian church. All members of the League are asked to be present. Tuesday, October 26 The Cosmopolitan Club will meet J net-day evening at 7.--I5 at the home of Mrs. Mack Stuart with Mrs. Perry Moses as associate hostess. Mission Study Program "jiven Friday Afternoon The fourth and final chapter of the Mision Study at the First Methodist church was given on Friday afternoon at 2:SO. The program which was presented as a 'Court trial, was presided over bv the president. Mrs. R. L. Broach. The first witness intro'lucerl was Mrs. L. B. Toolcy who gave the carlv history of Porto Rico. The second witness wa.<; Mrs. Stephen Badcr who told what the United States had done lor Porto Rico Mrs g'olnn Toiled was the third witness and told of the work the Church had done in Porto Rico. Mrs Claude Tillery gave the verdict ".filings We M'.iKt Do". ^JN-'Ir:;. 11. L. Broach was in chargr- ol the Devotional lor the afternoon. Coming and Going Miss Wanda Hustles left today for a woe!-: end visit with her sister, Mrs. Truman Humphries and Mr. Humphries and family in -ahrevcjjorl, Louisiana. Mrs. I. L. Piikinton. Miss Elizabeth Piikinton. Mrs. Arch Cannon and -Miss Clarice Cannon loft Friday afternoon for Little Rock whore tney saw Romeo and Juliet Fuciay night. Mr;;. Cannon and Miss Cannon will return to Arka- delphui Saturday for a week end visit wiih Mr. and M'--; Ernest Still and Miss Cvnthia Still who will visit Mr. Singleton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Singleton and Mrs. Lile and Henry. They will return to their home on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. K. G. McRae and Mrs. Eugene White and Mrs. Jack Meek of Bradley have returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McKae and little daughter Kay in Houston. Hospital Notes Josephine Admitted: Mrs. J. J. Ballard, Hot Springs. Discharged: Mrs. George Brasher, Hope. G. W. Womack, Hope. The folowlsini a loNewsoRRDL The following is a list of births in Hempstead county: White M. F. and Edna L. Wilson, Hope, boy, Randall Franklin. Alvin R. and Billie Witherspoon, Hope. boy. Jimmie Ray. Wilbur E. and Hattie Sesson, Hope. boy. Gerald Wayne. Robert L. and Matt'ic L. East- erhng, Hope, boy, Freddie Lile. James D. and Joyce Gardner, Hope, girl. Sue Lynn. Raymond and Margaret L. Huctt, Hope, boy, Ronald Hampton. Glen E. and Relda Hatfield, Hope, girl, Mary Jane. Lawrence and Mary Goin, Hope, boy, Lawrence Thorn;: Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, is spending this 'jyeek end in Liu'o R.;ek vistiing "ier brother Slu;n-t Spragins and saw Romeo and JuJliet nMhe. Robinson Auditorium Friday night. Mrs. L. M. Lile returned Friday night from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Singleton in Bailey. Tennessee. She was accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs. Singleton .. STARTS SUNDAY '•• " .'xS-','' S ? 11«-tll&t-"- C ' (; v.-'j '•• ., : ..i;-';;'-'i ^-nf'^V.'! Y ^' : - Nelly B. and Lucy Coleman, Hope, boy, Kenneth Ross. Gilbert W. and Mattie O'dell, Hope, girl, Mary Jane. ji.ai-1 S. and Doris Rogers. Hope, boy. William Earl. Myron H. and Mary Beth Blake, Hope. boy. Eddy Ernest. Melvin W. and Annie L. Morton. Patrnos, boy, Allen Leon . George and Helen young, Hope, boy. Leonard Chester. Johnnie and Anna McCorkle. Hope, ;<irl. Peggy Lynn. liobert 13. and Lo'is P. Helton, Mil a, Kirl. Pe,ut:y Louise. Ivison C. and Johnie Pritchetl, Einrnet, jjirl, Kay Marie. John U. and Gracie Flowers, boy. Franklin Minions. Utcar H. ynd Pe.qi;y Flowers. >iope, .i£irl, Peggy Ann. Clayburn J. and Minnie Rowc. Hope, boy, Jimmie Bert. James H. and Minnie Toms. Shrevoport, La., girl. Linda Thrc- sea. " Donald E. and Lucy M. Williams, Hope. girl. Gayle. James H. and Marguerite Piikin- ton, Hope, boy, James Harvey. Early V. and Lillian Mclver, Hope, twins, Donald Gale and Ronald Dale. James and Dorothy Otwcll, Fulton, girl, Dora Evelyn. Frank Ira and Geneva Shiver. Hope, girl, Frances Irene. Hubert and Mary Bucrcklin, Hope, girl. Sharon. Coy E. and Dorothy Belts, Hope, girl, Lynda Joy. Press W. and Carrie- Walker, Hope. boy. Thomas Michael. James and Dcnvie McAllister, Hope. boy. James Alfred. Lonard and !\1 acidic Worley. Nashville, girl, Clarency Ann. John and Erma Cox. Hope, boy, Robert Vernon. Eugene and Doris Spicer, Blevins, girl. Carolyn Ann. Non-White Lee E. and Josephine Ogburn, McCaskill, boy. James and Queen Watkins, Hope boy, James Larry. Johnnie and Fannie Loudermilk. Hope, girl. Kichard T. and Nobio P. McClol- lan, Hope. boy. Arthur L. and Mabel Gantt, Hope. girl. Darwin and Margaret Williams, Hope, boy. Eligli and Irene Easter, Hope, boy. Clundie and Lucille Flounce. llopo. girl. Major and Panic Robinson. McNab. girl. Roy and Mario Adams, McNab. girl. Luther and M-\ry Stuart, Hope. girl. Tiilmadgu and Marie White, O/.an, boy. Ihurniiin and Oniia Jacques. Mc- Caskili, girl. 1. V. and Marie Armstrong, McCaskill, boy. Ik-nry L. and Ze.lla \Voodbei-ry, Prescoit, boy. Nathaniel and Charlean Turner, llo|)e, girl. David C. and Annie L. Longin. Hope, boy, G. A. and Clarsie \Vhite. Hope, girl. linbert L. and Ruble Mtilclrow, Hope. boy. ; - ;;ell and Ello Burton, I ; 'idton. «irl. Leedell and Lucy Mae William:;, .Aie.^ij. girl. Pink and Dajsy Fryson, Wash- ingtt.'ii, l>«y. Robert C. and Lenora Gamble. Ox.an. girl. Harden and Edna llaskin, Hope, boy. j Actor Soys Ho HGE Been Drunk There Is One Continued From Page One Hawaiian Islands and Henry Ward Beccher brought the house" clown with his first words on women's suffrage: "Ladies and gcn'J.emen. Man is vastly superior to woman —as man, and woman is vastly superior (o man—as woman- and both of them together arc more than a match for cither of them separately." H is a place where the greatest political and intcllectlual problems of the last century have been freely discussed—slavery, Darwinism. Ma.vism. (lie industrial revolution, women's suffrage, labor unions the New Deal. It is a place where a day laborer can fire questions at a college professor or a Bronx housewife can pick on a distinguished author. The other night 1 was there and heard Dr. Roy K. Marshall, astronomer, discuss "Science. The Endless Frontier." In most places, such a formidable subject might induce sleep. But that night, as the speaker spoke out bluntly for scientific freedom from "political inquisition." the audience whooned howled and whistled. In the crowd were Chinese faces and Negro faces and Irish faces and Jewish faces. There were old men with hearing aids and men who looked like they had just come from the race track; There were red-nosed citizens of the Bowery, students, factory work ers, lawyers, cloak and suit operators and artists who had wan dercd over from Greenwich village. In the question and answer period, a plain little man in heavy glasses arose and asked the speak or, "what lies outside the finite bounds of Einstein?" It was such a big thing to come from such a little man. Did I tell you about the football team the Cooper Union boys used to have? Officially, they put one for five years. They practiced on Sundays, in a vacant lot. They never won a game. They came close once, pushing the ball down to the enemy's two-yard line. But the Cooper Union backfield .;ot excited at this historic mo | menl. It was a question of who | would lake the ball over. They took so much time in the huddle" they were penalized and never did score or win the game. ! In 1936, the student council disbanded the football team but some of the boys kept playing anvway, under different names. "They couldn't even call themselves Cooper Union. That was the year they won their first and only game. Said Fighting Continued From Page One estinc after the deadline of 3 p m (7 a. m. EST) yesterday. Officials said their reports were based on brief messages from observers in the field in the Ncgcv They said they had no details on developments since earlv last night. Dispatches from Cairo quoted Egyptian government officials as saying that four Jewish ships approached the Egyptian-held coastal town ol Majdal after the ceasefire deadline yesterday but were forced Truman Defies Lewis, Stumps Mine Regions By JOSEPH NOLAN United Press Staff Correspondent In a forthright challenge to John L. Lewis. P r e s id ent Truman stumped the coal mining regions jof Pennsylvania today appealing jfor the election of a Oer.'-cratic administration "pledged to the protection of labor's rights." In Scranton. tin. 1 president paid tribute to John Mitchell, first president of Lewis' United Mine! Workers, as a "great labor statesman" and pioneer in the develop merit of collective bargaining. Mr. Truman made no mention of Lewis who recently urged the miners to vote against him on the ground that he is "unfitted" for the White House. While the president staged his one-day cainpaign swing '" through Pennsylvania, Gov. Thomas E. Dewey was nursing a head cold in Albany. N. Y.. and working on speeches for his own windup tour which starts Monday night. In Wilkes-Barre. Mr. Truman appealed for the support of foreign-born citizens on his record on the admission of European dis placed persons. He recalled his original proposal that refugees be admitted to this country "without any discrimination." But he said the Republican Congress passed a bill which "excludes all displaced persons who belong to the Jewish faith, and. . . an unfair proportion of those belonging to the Catholic faith." The president makes n major labor speech tonight in Pittsburgh and then returns to Washington. Tomorrow night he sets out on his final barnstorming trip which includes speeches in Chicago. Cleveland, Boston. New York," Brooklyn and St. Louis. By his man-to-inan bid for the miners' votes, Mr. Truman obvi I ously was hoping he could offset I Lewis' opposition as did the late President Roosevelt in 1940. That year, Lewis endorsed Republican Candida*;: Wendell Willkic. But returns from the mining precincts showed the union members overwhelmingly in favor of FDR. Mr. Truman heaped scorn on the Tafl-Hartley labor law in his Scranton speech. And he warned that it is "only the first step in the long-range strategy of the Republican party to crush organized labor." If the Republicans win the election, he said, "the mean to carry on their anti-labor campaign "under the hypocritical cloak of 'correcting abuse' in our labor laws. They will do it behind the mask of 'national unity.' And, before we know it, they will have us all unified into a depression, the way the Republicans did in 1 JiiJ, Page Three News of the Churches FIRST CHRISTIAN North Main at West Avenue B Win. p. Hardegree, Minister fiMj--Sunday School. We have classes for all ages. We cordially invite you to visit our school if you are iij)l attending any oilier one. , lt'>:;->n—Morning worship. Communion ;md Sermon. The special music will be an anthem bv the choir. --The Little White Church". b--lhc Junior and Senior CVF will inei'i in Fellowship Hall for a social hour. (>:M—Group meeting and lesson lor tin; Junior and Senior CYF. i :HO—K\vning worship. Communion. ,\nd Sermon. The special music will !.,(.. by the choir. "You Cannot Hide From God". Wednesday. 7: HO—There will be a dinner, business meeting. and program of the Laymen's League- in In,.. Fellowship Hall. Thursday, 7:HO—Choir rehearsal. DOROTHY DIX Career of Domesticity The favorite building material of the Moors in Spain was brick, with glazed tiles for decorative effects. to withdraw. The Egyptians charged the Jews attacked Isdud and Majdal after the ceasefire and dropped one bomb on Deir Suneid, in that area SOPHIE KERR Serioliration of screenplay from a novel by Prosper Menmc Copyright, 1948, NEA SERVICE. INC THE STORY: Don Jose, young gaunt officer in a fashionable Spanish regiment, falls victim to the charms of the bewitching gypsy. Carmen. He kills his commanding officer in a sword-fight over her and is forced to flee to a mountain hide-out, where he joins the band of gypsy rogues who are Carmen's associates. He becomes a thief, smuggler and murderer with a price on his head. Victim ol one his stage-coach robberies is a voting dragoon. Sight of the soldier, reminder of his past, enrages him. cliff. with- -YeGi-s XXIV A short distance from the holdup. Carmen rode up silently on her little mule. She dismounted and slyly viewed the proceedings from behind a rock, taking great care that Don Jose might not see her. She watched with a pleased vicarious excitement, moving, noiselessly toward the group. As she drew near. Don Jose 'dragged a handsome shawl from a frightened middle-aged woman. He did not sec Carmen and she. having escaped his notice, could not help goring up to a passenucM ,.,,„ relieving him of his watch and chain. Pablo said. "We have company." Don Jose looked up. and his expression changed when he saw Carmen. He walked to her side. Shi: turned away from the passenger, the- watch dangling in her hand, as he came up to her. "What are you doing here'." Jo.se said in a low voice. Carmen's expression was !ul. "1 was bored. 1 won't sit on my haunches and wail for you, stirring a pot of stew. I've my own woman too long friend." Jose grabbed her shoulder out interest as the men rode in and dismounted. She held her ankles and rocked back and forth, as angrily restless as a caged hawk. She protended not to notice when Don Jose crime onto the scene and stood looking down at her. After a long moment, he said "I am sorry. Carmen." She still rocked back and forth, her face black, with rage. "I am sorry " Jose repeated. Although this was probably the first time in her life anyone had ever bothered to apologize to Carmen about an.vthing, she made no response. Jose went on bitlerlv "Quarreling with my wife in front of people. I had forgotten more about being decent than I thought I had," Carmen suddenly saw her opportunity. She seized upon the new idea of lady-wife. "Yes." she agreed. "H was very humiliating I think you should ask my pardon " "I did." To see: how far tills device would ^.,,v.,.. work, she said, "1 think you should swag- ask my pardon several' times." UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST South Elm Street EltJ. Howard White, Pastor Unity's Gospel Hour—8 a m Sunday School —10 a.m. A. A. Massey, Superintendent. Morning Worship—11 a.m. Services at county jail—1:30 p.m. Baptist Training Course—(i; 30. J.nero will be a special program in the auditorium. Evening worship—7:30. Ladies Auxiliary—a p.m. Tuesday. Prayer meeting and Bible Study — Col) p.m. Wednesda'y. rri c , hoi '' s meeting —7 p.m. Thursday. "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works. Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is."—Heb 11:24-25. The Lord is blessing our services m a wonderful way. Since being on the field here, there have been several additions to the church, ihe Lord .saved a fine young couple last Sunday night at thS close of our regular services. Sunday evening, this couple will be Baptized in our beautiful Baptistry fne public is invited to worship with us at any of our services. FIRST BAPTIST Corner Third and Main Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor 9:30 a.m. —Sunday School, II. F. 1 hrash. Superintendent. 10:o;; —Morning worship with the message by Brother M. T. McGregor, associational missionary from lexarkana. 6:30 p.m. — Training Union. Vance Smiley, Director. 7:30 p.m.—Evening worship with the message by Brother McGregor Monday: ' .2:30 p.m.—The Woman's Missionary Society will meet at the church for a Community Missions program. 4 p.m.— Sunbeams meet at the church; Junior G.A.'s meet at the church and Junior R.A.'s meet at the church. Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.—The Fellowship Hour. The midweek worship for the whole family. FIRST METHODIST West 2nd at Pine Rev. J. E. Cooper, Pastor Church School —9:45 a.m. fAll classes and departments of (he church school will meet regularly). 'Ihere will be no preaching services in our church today. The pastor is attending Annual Conference m Little Rock. Alt members are urged to worship in one of the other churches in Hope Sunday. Youth groups and Wesley Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. One of the strange things about women is that, although they all de.vire and expect to marry, have children and make homes and. p.lihough most of (hem realize (his ambition, tew of them think u worth while to prepare themselves for the life work they plan \o undertake. They don't look upon domesticity as a career foi winch they have to fit themsel- Bobcats Get Continued From Page One good for , : io yards. Loo booted the uprights and Hope led 20-7 at halftime. During Hope and j real show the half period Camden bands put for the fans. Probe of Rep. Thomas Is Indicated Washington. Oct. 23 — (UP) — (Justice department officials said ! today it is "a tossup" whether a federal grand jury now investigat ling Rep. J. Parnell Thomas. R., jN. J.. will act before election ciay. The grand jury began, an inquiry ,,n ., .'" M ' e latt -' yesterday- into charges 011 ll I thai the chairman of " both ves. They wouldn't dream of tak- '^ l **"" «», ^ fans. UnArnerica, VcUvties c mg up any other occupation wiih-! . ] ne I' 1 "}' . ll1 ,'^. Same came on ] r"*™^ " - i ckb-nTks" fn out being trained for it. but thev ' le *»cond ha! kickotf. Britt took plovrs of his concision^ think that running a familv is a " °» hls ou '» 1»- slowly made his pl ^' 3 OI nis <-ongitssion.i sort ot jackleg trade that' anv wa - v lo lho - m lllu ' w >th a sudden .. lllt}rc . w ? ls no mdicali. dumb girl can pull off any previous knowledge perience. . This simple fact, that we ignore so completely, goes a long way towards solving many of the problems over which scientists and social economists and moralists puzzle their heads in vain. For it is at. the bottom of the restlessness and discontent of women. of family -fights, of juvenile delinquency, of divorce, and of the failure of so many men of ability to succeed. uttrst of .speed went ail the way. Lee kicked and Hope led 20 to 7. Canulen never seriously threatened the rest of the way.' It was midway in the fourth per- • ,,,, .- ,, iod before the Bobcats put on tneir c i lio - stlcm final touchdown drive. Hope look over on their own -IS. Sutton and Britt went lo (he Camden 35 but a penalty set the Cats back to the •10. LaGrone heaved to Neal who made a spectacular one-handed catch to give Hope a first on the 2(5. Sutton then tossed to Haminons on the 15 -then circled end the, House committee from cm al office. on just i when the jury would take action. Justice Department officials said the inquiry would be "compara lively long." at least a week or 10 days. One said that it is "a whether all the evidence can be placed before the jury by the end of next week. "That .depends, to a great ex tent, on the attitude of the jury," he said. :. Thomas is up for re-election to-a-' seventh consecutive term in the House on Nov. 2. Even Democrat to go ure over Fail to Prepare This is a sweeping indictment to bring against women for their failure to prepare themselves lor marriage, but it is a just one. For that women are not lacking in brains, or industry, or any of the qualities that it. takes to make a go of any work for which they qualify themselves, is abundantly proved by the number who hold down key positions with big firms, and have achieved fortunes for •themselves as lawyers, or doctors, or merchants, or what not. Women know that they must be experts elsewhere to succeed, but they fee! that they can bungle the wife and mother career as much as they like, and still get away with it. So we have multitudes of women who loaf on the job. All of us know dozens of women who never learn how to cook and who feed their families on poisonous food. We know other dozens otj<' women who keep their husbands noses to the grindstone with their extravagance, and other dozens who are querulous and complain-I'"* 1 ."" ing and who never make the I, virtually slightest effort to be pleasant J °s.ses, two companions to the men who support them. That the failure o! women to be good wives causes more divorces than all the sirens, is a matter of common knowledge. The ancient wheeze about the bride's soggy pies and burnt roasts isn't funn>. It is stark tragedy. Men marry to get comfortable'homes, as well as for love, and when the bridegroom discovers that Angel Face doesn't know anything more about how to run a gas range than she docs about how to manipulate a Flying Fortress, the honeymoon sets. And no one can doubt for an instant that it is the delinquent mothers who are responsible for the delinquent children. It is the mothers who complain about being lied down by their babies: who never have time to talk with their children or play with them: who are never at home when their children come from school; who park their children with their neighbors while they go off to c'muse themselves; who do not make their homes places of good cheer and good comradeship, who bring up the youngsl-,>r<; who fill the police courts and the jails. Being a wife and mother is the most complicated job on earth. What a pity that women don't oflener think it is worth while preparing themselves for it! over. Lee kicked and the score was 33-7. Camden played hard ail the way and threw a 7 and 8 man line against Hope in an effort to stop brill ana Sutton. Ironically enough the Bobcats showed up better in the passing department than Camden. and three of their touchdowns resulted through the air. Camden made 14 first downs to Hope 11; the Panthers threw 13 passes completed ti and had one intercepted; Hope threw 8 completed a; the Bobcats drew 7 penalties for o'a yards; Camden lor 115; the Bobcats gained net yards irom scrimmage to for Camden. one 271 140 By The Associated Press 'Ihe lowly El Dorado Wildcats bounced emphatically back into the stale high school football pic- with a decisive 190 victory the previously undeteatett Bluff Xebras last (Friday* a.m. Jim ' Don fret- Lo.:; Aiiiu-k-.s, Oct. :.'-' — i.-'I'i — j"l-).'uiik. iHM.s', . loud anil ijoihiler- uus." r. -;:d Ihe \Ve!-t Lo.; Angele:- .pnliee 'jlotior ai'lcr Screen Stiir !la.:, i elt \Vall-U'i' \'.'LIS iiri'^oU'd and ', •j»i,'.: eri I ml;, v ! "\',"\'.\ I've been drunk for -~> 'yeurs," R.alio Officer L. L. Krov.'ii : '•"• li-ii Vi r ;il!;i-r, -.'. hn at L'li has :i '$Hil.i.OijU-:i-.M/ar eenU'ia-t at M-(.!-:\l •:-tndiu. ":>iit ihi lady < TK In, a Pa triei-.i l'j\»-iK-:-. !'!.'., Leij'i'.ed en ^-u.-? ' [in.:!!': -:i j'ivn i _'. * i.- ; eel- llr TRuCGLOR "- :' >• •- • ^"-l' • l £ffi' J 5 I oo ill! drink tin.-, whole j:,n full of i P.i-oV. n said he ;,".;! another olii- eer cnas'-o \V.i ;!:,-i ' s l:*-j!l C'..ds!!ae i\Uss. By rni'.-.. ;.t In,- v, he>. !. iu stop. •IK- said si'.e had been driving on UK- wrong sid<- of tin- st ree!. Brov. n said ii.e ncl.-s r<-l:>ti '1 that be had met t'.o yon;;:' v .-i;;;:an at u pris ;i:e parly and that '!h-y iul.-r ! weia to a i,-]' :.n,i "hai: a few i "!l" ..i.'o i,..-i-:-.i ; .e i..-!!i^-'-.-!.t. :mii !!-•; ."U.1,0 i. "''''"'.-'aid'" l-;':.V'n. ^ "Ii" li'.mvi V, il.-.'j'eni \}:-l ''.V,*,:: i':'.'"' ShV: i* n ;'-'- !::•.•'!.. r ot i.! ; .- ;-.., o cni!!;r-':i. neXI Alojuia.v I;j ;..icuu lo tne lii Link '-::,.,' I ,.-. from the oiigers. "I told you '.• matters to me. 1 -• of .Shis." 1 rniLii flamed with anger. "Von me! You wanted no more! 1 not your slave!" She flipped stolen watch at him. "I am •n and nobody tells me what I do as I please!" He- sn.-ilfhed the watch from her hand. "Picking pocket?! My wife, a |H tty thief' Yo:i cheapen your- sh on or i ne ! .Jos'- de Navarro! " shrilly, sliouiin--! lo passcn jors. "That • turned iih i'<h- ni are asham-.-u u! am. j'ind yo-.ir.-elf anuUiei v.'oi r;a: i. You ana your soil on \onr honor!" Siu L:-:pn.-s.sionlfSo. Don Hirnod to tiu- passem; back into th,.- COM eh — all are right, him Don Jose said, "Yr I should." She slanted a look up at feeling that she had him now. "I think you should let me ride out with you again." His face hardened and he threw out his answer. "Never!" Her face hardened, too, and she rose angrily and turned her back to him. "Carmen." She didn't answer. "Carmen, let's go away," lie want lo clear out of away with me. Cai- FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 300 East Second Street Stephen Cook, Pastor Nancy Deal, Director of Education Sunday School —!1:-1.- Miller, Supt. Morning Worship —10:55. Ser- mi.'ii: "The Protestant Reformation". Solo: Mrs. Earl Powell will sing "jn My Father's House are Afany Mansions" by Ward Stevens. A nursery is provided during the morning worship. Vesper Worship -—ii p.m. Sermon: -'Conduct in Conflict' 1 . P.Y.F.—(i: ir> p.m. The color film "Cowboy's Hilchin' Post" will be shown. Young people from Pre.v- cott, Magnolia, and Texarkana have been invited for this film. Bol) Hyatt will have the devotional, and refreshments will be served by Ann Barr, Catherine Cox, and Mr Cook. Choir practice—7 p.m. Tuesday. Praye rand Bible Study, 7 to 7:ia Wednesday. A church home for those away irom home and a welcome to all. countcd out after three of them in conference competition, the Wildcats by virtue of a one conference win over Hot Springs pulled themselves into a tie for third place in the Big :' Six high school conference. lliey also pulled the Zebras, winners of their only other conference game, down to the same level. Fort Smith, with a 2-2 conference record, shares the crowded position. The Pine Bluff-El Dorado game was the only conference contest last night as Little Rock trounced Male High School of Louisville, Ky., 1-6 in an intersectional con test, and Fort Smith took Russe- ville, a Double A team, 31-4. The week-end program left Little Rock and North Little Rock tied for first place in conference standings with two victories and no defeats. North Little Rock pulled even with Little Rock by defeating Hoi Springs in a Thurs day mgnt game. Football scores: Blylheville 14 Subiaco 0. Magnolia 50 Horatio 0. England 13 Sheridan 7, Batesville 7 Searcy 0. Dermott 7 Crossett (i. Lake Village 31 MsOehee 14. Messick Memphis, 50 Jonesboro ic foes concede that the 53-year-old congressman probably will win. A veteran of almost -12 years in the House. Thomas was recently accused by Newspaper Columnist Drew Pearson of placing certain individuals on his congressional- payroll and then pocketing all or part of their salaries. The • em- ployes involved allegedly did not work at all. A group of lawyers, from Thorn- " as' own congressional district asked the Justice Department to look into the charges. ' The grand jury "inquiry is being' 1 conducted by Assistant Attorney Geaneral Alex Campbell, head of the Justice Department's anti-trust division. Campbell refused 'to comment on it. But it was learned that' the statute involved in the Thorn ' as inquiry is the so-called "false ; statements" section of the U. S. code. Under this section, it is a crim inal offense for anyone deliberately to make a false statement on an official matter to any 'agency of the government. Violators arc U able to $10.000 fine and 10 years in prison. i In the Thomas case, the congressman is accused spccificially of representing all the individuals on his payroll as bonafide con- "ressional employes when as. a' matter of fact, they were not. Informed that the grand jury was looking inlo the case, Thomas told the United Press by telephone'from- his Alleandalo, N. J., home/that he had "no comment-'at -this time." (Released by The Bell Inc.) Syndicate, pleaded. "I this. Come men. Now " "When/."' can you g every city every soldk ••i-i exploded. "Where •i!'n the police in your heels Wilh .. - . - -. --very dragoon tin- no ! dor orders lo shoot you on sight." I He ran his hand acro:-.s his eye:,. "I don't know v.hero wo can "go. But I know I am sick to death of all this. 1 have had enough of ii." He took hold of her shoulder;II HO ;n L'L'llllv. and ']. want to live \vithout hiding ine sight ol si 1 want lo >ii talk about fa (railed o!f mi; honor! I spat. Jose re- .•r.s. "Got of von!" , s'e hang [ :':'•. K- said. "if von : ile pleaded wil ! go to Mexico, e ! not like homo, i ! like other pei.ii.il ! She shrus:t;i'-d ; 'I w;;;-i:'t ijnrn I J o s. e 11 o •/ay - -ji,-M lie rh up.-, other po so 11n n g i > decent p;.-i fj!;on men Hi- \ "1 lin'l tllOM.- 10 no:th." .VOL; theie. 1 .' !lOW Vn|| I hel, --\\ .Ulidn't V. ..r. y. e co I JlH FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth & Ferguson Rev. T. I-. Ford, Pastor Sunday School---',):Ti a.m. -Morning worship—U a.m. Voting i'eople'.s Service — (i:'M p. n'n Evangelistic .Service-- 7:30 p.m. Mueouay, 2 p.m. —Ladies; Prayer meeting. Since the Lord has blessed tio with a revival wo won't bo bavin 1 -; the Bible- Study and Choir Prai;"- Lco until it end.--. We are inviting everyone lo come and enjoy the si.rviees with us. Lro. Clement is our evangeli.-..t and we're thanking (Joit lor Him. CARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST North Ferguson fitrtet Eibert Oitcen, Pastor Kock of A'.'.i-s Broadcast irom H;e Church Amiiloriiim. '.' to '.t:'M ,1. m.. ,^iincia\' Sc'hoo! -il' a.m. Giady iiairston. Snjjl. Morning \Vorshiir- II. B.T.C'. • ti: -l-i p. n i. J'-VLnini; \Vo,-.-i ; :p- V:::n. Mo;;i!a\. Auxiliary -^ i-.m. Mr:,. \V;uu: W.irren. ii.-.-.-id.-nl. \, edni.'..o ay, ('•.•;. i.-he;.-. ni'/etin-.: -•'i p.m. Prav'. r -er-.u'' 1 at 7:'-;'.i. You aie invited to v, o: ;:hni with Damage by Shooting Sfars Nothing to Worry About Now York. Oct. 2li --i.l'i— A space ship has a HO-no chance of being drilled bv a shooting star, or mete or — about once eve- ., two years nf flight time. j These calculations are made by |Ci. Grimminger, of the DouglaV, | Aircraft Co., Santa Monica, California, and released today by the ! Journal of Applied Physics. For this rate of risk.' Grimmingor says, tlio ship should be flying at JMOO miles or more above the eaVtli. ! Lower down, the atmosphere j would slow the speed of shooting i stars, or burn them, and reduce I the dangers. I He figures that for ing a flight of only space the chances an against its being hit. These meteors are stone or metal, ran 7. 0. (tie). a ship ,mak- i 20 hours in i 1,000 to one i Catholic High 20 Beebe Prcscott 13 Arkadelphia Helena 20 Wynne 7. Benton 27 Morrilton 0. Warren 2(i Montict-llb 0. Hope ;« Camden 7. Forrest City 20 Mnrianna 13. Foreman 20 Mineral Springs 0. Magnet Cove 2G Lonoke 7 Stuttgart 14 Conway 7. Fort Smith 31 Rusellvillo 6. Fayetteville 33 Bentonville 0. West Memphis H) Truinann 7. Little Rock M Male High (Louisville) 0. Bismarck (i Jacksonville G Mabclvale 31 Danville 7 Bauxite 32 Deaf School 12 Holly Grove 27 DeWitt 0. Newport 13 Brinkley 0. Malvern 20 Gurdon '(i. Kl Dorado 10 Pine Bluff 0. Harrison 27 Sjloam Springs 7 Dumas 2(i Watson Chapel 0. Eudorn 21 Drew Central 0. Clarendon 13 Gillett 0. Augusta 13 McCrory 6. Van Buren 7 Jopliii Mo. Pocahonta.s 33 Rector 0. Christ Advance Move Launched in Little Rock 0. ami ajoull six a day. weighing be I There are, Grimminger ; about six a day, weighing between [ 1100 and 200 pound's, "that through the air to the earth's face. ;. ,.'" These hundred-pounders also are If,.m" not much risk. \};"\ " ( The hits Unit mi-ht ciiill iioies ' |/ v !° P ooine from very small particles.of ' ' ' which many million a day hit the upper atmosphere. Their size is not important, but their speeds average :jl) miles a second, and some go a.s fa.-f as .00 to (JO miles a second. ^Many o! those are so small that f Ii'iminingi-r figures they will rattle off even a thin molai ikin ul a space .-.hip. That sMl lea', es a certain nmn- l.iei that will drill hole:.. Grimminger : ays. the: g the Little Rock Meth conference last night, he out- the four-year program de (Signed "to help hold the world to fa^- 1 - | gether." • SU1 '" ! The first phase to lay the found- lor a permanent program renewed study of faith, rlin said, lo bo followed expansion of both homo ® SAENGER * STARTS SUNDAY 27 WEDNESDAY OCTOBER Shipley-Crews Show Grounds Next to Thrashfs International 'Harvester Store. WORLD'S NEWEST! WORLD'S FINEST BIG SHOW USED FOR BTS 1OOO WONDERS BIGGER-BETTER-fiR*HDER-THAH EVER AN ICUPSINO ttOCH IN THI WORLD'S GREATEST AMUSEMENT INSTITUTION 600 P E OPL E — 130 ARENIC STARS — J50 WILD ANIMALS—IN GREAT 9 CONTINENT MEN AGERIE- 5,000 SEATS— 50 MUSICIANS— NEW FEATURE, 6 FOLD CIRCUS— $300,000 CAPITAL INVESTED. Brlmmlne Over with Innovation* and Wondrous Surprise* and a Myriad of U«» ur««»d«nted Amu. Inc Features from AH String* Land*. POTTER TROUPE 9 07 TH« OREATCar OARKBACK RIDERS IN TH« WORLD 2 FLYING ACTS CHAMPION KOMW* SAULTINtf AKIIIAUCT* OFAMKRICAANDCOM; TINCKTAL KUROPK TWICE DAILY 2&8 P.M. DOORS OPEN 1&7P, '.M. '.M.L PRICES Reserved and Admission Tickets On Sale Circus Day At JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. iiv.'ii v ! n > IK rug to Inspect Hoi- Springs Notional Pork • Coir.;! •• •;• !<>n;,l Kxtelu.iun vi >. lees of tiie l(vel:ii:i:aiun Bureau tu i AJ ic:;ii: :,;. '.-.i.:,!!! ':,:• nec--.-:-;ii y !u U/Liriy it,;l lip- }t:;i;i in ei Jl:--t : 1 ,e t u , jraniil i'niii! While nv>-r ;o tin' Sunti f.'.;u' rice ^m 1 , 1 . i;.,- u re;,. | Such leMsli.tn.'!' v.;,.; introduced .'in the la:-.! .->r-.-:-;u;< ,>i ('u:i.;!\-.-^ by • Senator l-'ulbrinht ilJ-Ail: i bui dieu in Hie Huii.M- l'\:;ij:-j..'ii! v. ho attended l!u- e.inlerelice. :-.:ii'.i he V. oilld inlrir.i-iee l:ie n,, ;i-'::e a^jlli LISTEN TO MONDAY THRU FRIDAY Good Old Time Gospel Singing

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